3 August 2015

Light Sleeper

I am a light sleeper. I am easily awake when there's little sound and I dislike that fact. As ethics and maturity, it's common sense that if you want to cook or open the fridge in the middle of the night/morning, you should be cautious cause of course there's people who are still sleeping. but this is not it, open and close and making noises like it's a normal afternoon/morning. Consideration? I am really speechless. I don't wanna talk more anymore cause I am really tired now..

It's Monday. Long way to go. I have got nothing to read or revise during my public transport ride. I need to google some Chinese study already. Otherwise I would be bored during the ride. It's not possible for me to do listening during train ride? o.O

No holiday till end of the month. Oh man, this is bored. I was told that there will be new people joining. I wonder. 

I am getting lazy and I think I should not and need to get things done already!


2 August 2015

Outing with LE Family!

Today was well spent! Had BBQ with family at home. We initially planned to have dessert at Solaris Mont Kiara but ended up at Oasis Damansara. Quite a good place for a drink but a little quiet. Maybe cause it's still a new place. 

 The waffles was just soso but the beverages were quite pricey. Later on we decide to go for a karaoke session! Never done it before with such a big group of family. Had a great time! It's so early in the morning now, updating my blog. Suppose to start my TOPIK yesterday too and the plan. Guess today would be the day. It must! It's already August! 

Time well spent.

Good night and good morning everyon! 

31 July 2015

The Last Day of July 2015!

Today is the last day of July 2015! Time passes so fast! It's already August soon. Instead of minus-ing, I am maintaining?! WTF? Tick Tock Tick Tock. I have got not much time. Need to really start it fully. Otherwise, I will regret it. 

It's weekend already! So excited! Finally can rest but there's only holiday till end of the month. :( Next month has more holidays! :) Can't wait either.

I have not much happening today. Gonna update about UK part 2 and South Korea trip soon!

29 July 2015

Serious Start.

Okay, July is coming to an end. I need to seriously start the plan. It's gonna be end of the year soon! oh gosh! time is so scary! Anyway, I managed to wrap up my Korean study for this month. I wanna start revising TOPIK, really hoping to take the exam next year. I wanna start study Chinese myself too since the fees are expensive. Let's see what I can search for the studies. Hopefully, something useful and informative. 

Two more days to weekend. I felt this week really dreadful. I wanna take a break for the whole week. PMS makes me feel not perfectly well. But this is not the excuse. I need to get this started! Let's try for a week and see the results? I mean like seriously. 

I really feel like going out this weekend but I am refraining myself cause I spent too much this month! oh gosh. Can someone spend me? :P I still miss Big Bang concert and at this moment, I miss my father too. Maybe that brought up to my mood swings this week? 

Why did I fell for him? Sometimes I really wonder, why not like TOP, Taeyang or other idols? Maybe I like composers, and coincidentally, he's a composer and an idol too!  I have always admire people who compose. Cause I love music too and dreamt of becoming a composer. G-Dragon's style of composing and arranging his music is so similar to taste of music! He's really a music genius. Besides him, Sinsadong Tiger and Brave Sound are close ones too! Lately, Hanbi caught my attention too. His composition is so similar to G-Dragon's! Oh boy. I definitely love YG's composers! I wanna work there someday to learn. 

That ends the post of the day. <3 font="">

28 July 2015

Mood Swing

I am very very bad mood today. For the first time, my PMS got me.  I never been this mood swing before. I don't quite feel well too, I should say. For the sake of finishing it, I am here. I wonder what am I doing this for. These few days, all kinds have been playing on my mind. I need to do something about my life. I can't work for people for the rest of my life especially with typical local companies. It's just really bad. I read an article from jobstreet about why people don't like their jobs and some of them are really true. I guess every where here is just the same. Sad to know... but I still believe that I will be able to find  the dream one day! 

I wanna have a day to relax my mind, so much to think. I wanna have a break to sort things out. So much that's happening that I just want a day to relax. That's why I always keeping myself with something to do to avoid myself from thinking so much. What's nice to do around KL?

Don't know why, but I always have the thought of opening a cafe. Just a dessert cafe not those cater with food. But over here, is it advisable to do so? That's a long way to go for me to open one. Settle down in overseas already seems impossible :( 

Lately I have been wondering why I am so inlove with Kwon Jiyong? Out of so many idols in the industry. I think I would faint if I meet him in person face to face. Just watching their concert had got me excited, I wonder how would it be like meeting him in person. Will this dream ever come true? 

I want this week to end faster. 

27 July 2015

Monday Blue ~

Blog early in the morning? Haha. yeap that's it.
The first time to blog before I go to work. I really don't feel like going to work today. but I have got no choice. Regardless on how waste of time it gonna be, I need my wages to survive. That's how life is here. If I am given the opportunity to leave, oh hell yeah I will. Hopefully one day. 

So fast it's the last week of July and August is coming soon! which means Hungry Ghost Festival is coming soon and I think I am gonna reduce my night outing especially with the what kind of world it is now. Better be safe than sorry. and am starting my plan this week as well. Let's hope it works this time! Don't wanna stop the excitement. 

Oh, after a month of revising my textbooks, next whole month, I need to revise my test papers. Hopefully to take the exam next year April. Sad  thing, I have not much friends to practice the language with aside pen pals and to myself. It's not progressing fast. :( 

I wanna start some Chinese reading and writing learning too. Hopefully self learn works. wanna give it a try cause it's harder than Korean. Wanna learn Japanese after master these two languages! Oh when is that gonna happen. Greeds over language. 

It's gonna be my sixth month working in this company. and another half year or more to go to decide. Fighting!

26 July 2015

Korean Dinner!

Oh well, a day has passed. Big Bang has already reached homeland and I missed them already. The concert was really awesome! After the concert, instead I have aftermath about when I am gonna achieve my career like them. Their career might be though and tiring but when you are doing something you like, all these are nothing. I wish mine will come as early as them too. I really need to do something about my life, really. I need to find a way. 

Teenage these days are unlike our days. Rebellious, disrespectful, self centered, inmature, full of themselves and so on. You know, the typical teenage. I have been a teenage myself too but I never been almost all of these stages as my mum said. I always wonder why people behave so? What the world has turned into? 

Tomorrow I am gonna try the new plan as full. Wonder how it gonna work and I am so curious already. Wish me luck! 

Had dinner with the family! Korean Bbq and dessert! 


Food is better than Ampang but a little far from my place. 

It's Monday blue tomorrow! :(


Yes, I eventually went to Big Bang's MADE Concert 2015 Day 2 last minute! I can't resists the temptation. Something urged me to go and I need to and hell yeah, it may be the most expensive concert that I have ever went but it's really an AWESOME and the most WORTH going concert that I have ever went! 

I reached two hours early in hopes to see any merchandise to buy. Collect our tickets before hunting.

As usual, there's always were people who dressed weirdly. Lots of youngsters and older peoples. For the first time, there's many MALE fans! That's really nice to see! As usual, the event management has the worst organising every. Oh well, don't wanna talk about it cause my seats were nice.

The concert did not really start at 6pm, probably 15 mins later. But ended after more than 2 hours! So it's practically worth it! They sang all their upcoming MADE album songs! From M, A to 
D! E is coming up next month! They sang all my favourite songs! BANG BANG BANG, We Like to Party, BAE BAE, Loser, Sober, If You, Stupid Liar, Bad Boy, Haru Haru, Lies, Tonight, Fantastic Baby, Good Boy and their solo songs, Daesung's Wings of Love if I am not mistaken, Seungri's Strong Baby and Let's Talk About Love, Top's Doom Dada, Taeyang's Eyes, Nose & Lips (I was hoping he sang Ringa Linga), G-Dragon sang Crooked and one more of his rap song. The whole concert was totally awesome. Sang along and even stand up to hype the concert ! I took some pictures but weren't clear. In fact, the videos are more clear. I am just gonna post some up here. 

I am gonna post up some videos but I am afraid of the copyright thing so I am gonna just upload 1 :) and it took me some time to even upload a video


I have lots of videos and pictures but I don't think I can upload most of them here. We weren't allowed to bring any camera in so I was depending on my phone and thank god, the quality was still quite okay! They spoke quite good English among most KPOP idols I met. Various age range fans who went as well as genders. I am a proud VIP! I was about to loose my voice and I am so tired for the excitement just now. I wish I can get more closer to them like face to face. I think They are the only idols that I really want to get close it among all. Sigh, just one day. TOP is freaking good looking, like seriously! and GD! GD GD GD GD GD GD GD! Even refreshing back my memories of the concert about him makes me scream and smile like a mad fella! I think I can't sleep tonight. I am not sure if I am gonna have an aftermath later this. At the moment, I only had a little. The worth aftermath I had was Super Junior and especially BEAST! Cause it was too close, close enough to touch them. If I was this close with Big Bang, I am not sure if I am gonna faint. 

I never regret this choice though it's pricey. Might never know when is the next time, cause they are aging and we are too. They are going to the army soon. Next time? I don't know. Maybe the next time, I wanna attend their South Korea concert! Might be even more awesome cause won't be much of stupid rules and regulations and please do not expose your six packs. HAHAHA! 

Definitely a memorable day. 

24 July 2015

Big Bang's Concert Day 1

Today is Big Bang's Concert MADE in Malaysia Day 1 and I am unable to attend. Why? Cause the tickets are too expensive? In fact, the most expensive in history. It's the best time for organiser to take advantage cause it's BIG BANG! Everyone would go! Honestly, BADLY, I really want to go but I am unwilling to put out the money cause I felt it's not worth it. It's not like for a life thing, one time go and that's it. The price is not reasonable, really, no matter how badly I wanna go. YES! I AM A BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG X INFINITY FAN OF BIG BANG and especially G-DRAGON! The man of my life and not being able to attend their concert is really devastating. The other time they came, I was not in Malaysia and the London one was expensive for me. Now that they come, the tickets are expensive. Guess I have no destiny with Big Bang. SAD and DISAPPOINTED! I wish I knew more people to sponsor me to attend. My mum did offer to purchase the 400-500 seat but nah, it's too expensive too. My mum knows am an epic fan :) But I am not gonna let her spend something that's not worth the price. Probably, it's just me. Not lucky enough with Big Bang. That's it. Can just dream. :( 

Yesterday, relative spent my mum and us for dinner, my mum's bday treat! The food were quite okay. I think it has been something nice since I ate like this with family. Moderate speed, not stress and enjoyable. I prefer to eat this way, instead of rushing to get the food as if the food will run away. This is how we enjoy food as a family or with others :)

I don't actually double check what I wrote. I type fast. Everything that come across my mind while typing so please pardon my grammatical error, spelling mistakes or misused words. ^^

Yesterday, I took some time to read my old posts from my blog. Gosh, my posts were so childish. Those days. Time passes so fast. If I would have continue blogging since I started, I guess it would be more than 10K  posts! Some posts were really absurd too. hahahaha! Can't believe I wrote that posts and some events I don't even remember they actually happened! Those good times. Maybe I should have blog when I was in UK. Memories would be more fresh. Too and.

Anyway, it's TGIF! Relaxing weekend that would be. :)


23 July 2015

Wantan Couple & Plan Begins

Today would be the first day of my plan! Praying hard it will work till the end! I have been longing for this goal and it will need to work. Went for late groceries yesterday and my last feast. Not many choice of fruits i notice or vegetables that I like. If my refrigerator has more place, I would have bought more. :( 

This morning me and my mum met a dumb fcuk driver near our place. We were on the left lane, slowed down, stopped, trying to turn to the left as usual and this wantan couple suddenly stopped from her speeding a while before turning her way with hand gestures. Me and my mum were like? What did we do? You guys are old enough and drove a pretty okay car but with this EQ and manners? Seriously? What has this world turned into? Wait, I should rephrase, what have our country people turned into?? That's such a disgrace to know. You're lucky that we have our EQ good enough than stopping your car due to that. If it's not us, I don't think you're that lucky anymore or maybe knowing who we are you did that, there's possibility. If you guys have offsprings, I am really sorry for them. Don't worry, I won't hunt you down just because you live near my place. You will definitely get back what you have done. I am sure. Let's be patient. The world is fair in matter of time. Not all older people deserve respect, especially with this one. Respect is to earned but sometimes, we have got no choice due to age status. I have always hated it here but these people really makes you hate this place even more. What am I in this place with these people? 

I wish I will have the opportunity to leave this place and go for a better place. It's not getting better at all.