27 November 2015


Feeling tired already. Continously during the weekends I might need to wake up early though. I would be dead tired next week. So much activities to do lately. This is so exciting though. I am off for today! Today would be a bliss! :) 

My Korean friend who's back in Korea now would go for a UK working holiday visa next mid-year. I am so envious with their passports. Unlike Malaysian's which is so limited to only 2 countries, Australia and New Zealand. That's so sad though. 

I wanna study Masters maybe, hopefully in 2-3 years time in Germany. I hope that I am able to work there after graduated. Hope all this plans works. I need to be ready to face the stress again. Oh boy. 

26 November 2015

Busy and busy

So much activity these days. Have been really busy to catch thing up. I need more time and holiday. Time is so little. And continuously ticking. It's so scary. 

Isn't he hot? He looks exactly like his brother. Obviously you know who. I feels he's cuter even. Park Yoo Hwan! Loves. 

25 November 2015

All Kinds

I am really meeting all kinds of people this time round though I managed to stay slightly longer than the previous ones. This is really scary and frustrating. At first I thought was alright, but I didn't really expect that it would be slow and not so alert with things around. This is getting frustrating already. But yea, they said patience I need to be to succeed. Well, I need to practise from this then though it's hard. Practise makes perfect I guess. 

This habit is really bad, I need to make sure that I do not do it next month. Oh please, make it work by next week and I do not need to. Really hope too though. 

24 November 2015

Did I took the right step?

I just wanna have a good close friend to hang out, a foreigner. I really hope this time it will be worth taking the chance. He looks friendly externally but I am not sure internally. I hope so actually. Sigh. BIG SIGH. Don't wanna put high hopes. 

Anyways, I am starting to feel a little danger lately. Patience and cautious I need to be now. Keep myself shut about myself and my stories. Don't want any deep shit anymore. Phobia. 

23 November 2015


I seriously hate being controlled and question about my daily routines all the time. Even when I am out late, I hate when there's annoying questions threw at me. Why so late you're not back home yet? What are you doing? Who are you with? Even my MUM don't question me like this! Who are you to ask me these questions?! I am starting to feel really annoyed, really. I tried to be as positive as possible but this is a little overboard though. If it's the old me, I would have shoot back a sarcastic reply, but now, PATIENCE, they said I need to be. I am trying my very best to work on that, aite? Do me good. 

Just a day I let it loose, I feel like a gigantic already. This is so insane. Back to the stressful routine, supposingly it would be a great result last week but yeah, it's all ruined. My last shot for this week now. Oh please work this time. It's gonna be end of the year already! TT 

Last week of November, scary! 

22 November 2015


I finally get to have some chat with the hosts. They are friendly and nice! :) They knew I wanna hang out a little, so are they. We manage to have some bonding together! Some pool, darts and some chatting session. Finally get to know them a little more. I get to practise my Korean as well at times. Feeling happy. It's a great time to know people now. I will do my best. I had so much fun today. Feeling awesome. :)

Hopefully to know more awesome people in future. Why every time I met someone awesome, they are leaving soon? Thankfully, he would be back. :P A great chance. Hope we did get a good impression with one another. 

Anyong !! 

21 November 2015


I think the meeting has been my regular thing every week. I get to know so many different people from different places and I am really enjoying it though. I get to know lots of Japanese lately! But today the Japanese people that I get to know is a little bit more interesting! From comedian and to cute Japanese! haha! Okay, I admit when I walked in to the food court he did caught my attention! I was expecting him to come, he was on the phone quite long before coming in. and the best part, he's alone in Malaysia. Time to know some friend! :) 

Another round today. Hopefully as awesome too. Looking forward. Feeling good today as well. Maybe I should take up Japanese already. There's so many people around for me to practise with. I was expecting to practise Korean though. Sigh. Hopefully I can meet more Koreans in future meetings. Really need to practise my conversation and make use of it too. 

The last week of November is approaching. Time flies really fast. This is really sad. December is around the corner. I am already feeling old. Oh gosh. I got to know it's sensitive for the Japanese to ask their age directly. Shouldn't have ask those them just now. Feeling rude. :( 

20 November 2015

Off Day

Finally I am gonna have my off day today! I am gonna have long weekend as usual This feels awesome. I can replace my class on Friday and have a free weekend! Feels good. It's raining so heavily now! Such a good time to sleep. Rain during the night is way better during the day. Oh, I feel sleepy already.

So nice to hear that my friend in the UK there, manage to work in a local company in London as a non-EU. It's not easy to land a job here. I am so envious. That's why I wanna pursue masters, in future hopefully. I have been longing to study masters and settle down in overseas. How nice if I am rich, there's so many things I can do as someone that is not so smart in person, sadly. 

I am feeling less bothered by now, and I am becoming shopaholic lately. Money keep slowing out and this is really bad, I should stop surfing online shops anymore. I need to save up yoh!

19 November 2015


I have been sleeping really late lately! This is so unhealthy and plus my diet. This is so not good. Hopefully I can gain back a healthy life style by next month onwards! woots! Work, finally gonna settle up some things. I can finally focus on the website soon. After so much hectic. What a life. My leave season is starting! Last day of work for the week. Woots woots. What's my plan for Christmas? Will I have a date? :P

I am extremely sleepy now actually, I am suppose to sleep. I need to already.


18 November 2015

Wang Chuan Yi, Kingone

Well, I slept late watching Wang Chuan Yi's latest drama! It wasn't my attention cause I did not except the drama to be intense. All I can say that he can really act, two thumbs up! He may aged a little but he's still looking good as ever. He was my childhood idol and now he still is. I guess I have fall for him for almost 10 years now. Tick tock tick tock. Look at how time passed. I am old now. Wait, we are old now. 

He still look so good right? He's one of my favourite in Comic Boyz. Another one would be Figaro Zheng, whom not so active right now. Those days.

Though I am so into KPOP now, I still remember my roots, the C-POP. I do recall at times though. Sweet.