29 August 2016

Fat Week

It's gonna be a really fat week since I am going to Penang for a trip and Penang is all about eating and eating. I am so dead though. Even yesterday I let it go already. I have been eating a little heavy. I have got no choice but to let go a little this week for the trip otherwise it won't be fun though. I am gonna be so stress after this week! I hope I don't gained much after the trip otherwise it would be so tension that I need to loose back everything again. This is so tiring though. I really wanna loose more not gain!

I slept at 6AM yesterday and woke up at 11AM just to message my boss to approve my holiday for this trip. I have already told him beforehand so yeah, hope it's fine though. Then slept back and woke up at 12PM to get ready for a meet up. At least, I have some time to finish revise my homework/notes so that I do not need to rush during then night. The meet up yesterday was quite okay though, surprisingly. Met new cliche. I might attend more often after today though. Had a light dinner with the awesome people and had a cup of Starbucks. Head home. 

Packed my stuffs for Penang and probably need to buy some stuffs. I haven't even do the research yet, I should do it already. I need to finish my notes as well. Gosh so much to do and rush. 

28 August 2016

The Weekend

Oh well, as usual the weekend is well spent. Was busy the whole afternoon. Finally get to finish my work and got it checked. I was hoping that my last minute leave will be approved though. I wanna have a short get away. I think I need it lately though. I hope the boss will approve it anyway since I have already informed in advance last week though. Oh well, fingers crossed. 

Went all the way to Bangsar's pub for a drink and yesterday night I just feel like drinking so I drank a little. I feel like drinking more but I stopped instead. I should have maybe. Tonight after I finish revising my notes? Let's see how it goes. I will need to drop a message to my boss later. Nerve wrecking though. 

The environment was quite okay but it's a little noisy though and really crowded. As usual I do not really like too crowded place so we actually switched to another place. Less crowd but still noisy. This kind of places. 

Nothing much to say. Just wanna finish my work ASAP. 

27 August 2016

No More

Well, due to my passport problem, actually I didn't see this coming though, I can't travel to South Korea anymore next month. This is so sad but it's also because it's too sudden though. So yeah, I would still renew my passport by this week since I would be busy next month onwards. I will find some time to do it then. I heard it's gonna be packed with people though. I hope I can do it within a day or half at least, I don't wanna stay there long, I hate long queue and waiting period. 

OMG, another two more and I am still not there yet for the pass whole week, I failed today, I was suppose to do all liquid but did not make it during the night. I am gonna do it again today and please be full day! I need to achieve by next week with just two more though. I CAN DO THIS! Yesterday was a little the moody day, maybe it's because I am really tired though, trying to finish my grammar listing to proceed to memorise the vocabs and too much of thinking, whether I should or should not, I would save some money though. 

That's it for today, it's just these few days I am moody and I have been caught, that's really amazing though. I salute! 


26 August 2016

Deep Shit

I even have this though of putting the next week as the last week of my bad habit to fully achieved it. I drank so much drinks today that it fluctuated my results now. I totally cutting on it hopefully on the bad habit and was hoping to just do it once or thrice a week which means next week would be the last, I can't do it continuously now, I am 100% sure of it now. My results is dangerous now. I am going strict today and the weekend to loose back. Wondering why do I need to torture myself. I have already changed all my wallpapers to Hyuna as inspiration! Even for my both phones! I need to do it ! I wanna achieve it by next week. I said I wanna do tone up for a long time, this is it, this is the time.

I am not putting really high hopes, but I feel I really need a break if the plan is real but I somehow doubt though. Yes, I am a very doubtful person, to be save and to avoid myself from being disappointed, that's it. I am scared of the feeling already. Been through it, therefore makes me more cautious now. Fingers crossed. I am gonna be so busy for the next two months. So many friends have been calling me out, it's so hard to fill up my time now, never a weekend I would be home. I want to find a weekend that I can be home at least to rest, but I need to work next month onwards. So basically, it's all about earn money and no rest. wish me luck people. 

I have been really emotionally lately, miss my dad. Worried about my carrier and my weight as always. House financial, sometime tells me that September would be it, everything would be settled. It will be right? Let's all be positive right? I am mentally stressed and physically exhausted. Worried this and that, genuine or not, will or will not. Just wanna let go everything, have everything, and go for a holiday to relax my mind. But financially doesn't permit the wish now. Working hard chasing the dream, I will make it soon like the others I admired. 

I wanna rewind time, change things and have a better life. I wish I can. I wish I am not dreaming, I wish I am dreaming at times too. My life has been a roller coaster, a really exciting one. 

25 August 2016

Little bit more to GO

I have little bit more to go, two more to go. Omg, I really hope by next week, I have already achieved it. This is so nerve wrecking, it worked last two days more than the original but today it stays the original, I just wanna stop the bad habit entirely. It's gonna be a year soon. I can't exceed a year. I am so dead. So close yet so far. I NEED TO SUCCEED IT!

It's gonna be September next week. Time passes so fast and this is so scary! I am not ready for 2017 yet! I smell that the honeymoon is over already. Time to catch up with the plans, the time is up. I have so much to do and begin and to fight the battle. It's time to get up high. 

I just wish I can have one night good sleep. Without dream, without waking up in the middle of the night to go to the washroom. Waking up during intervals makes me tired during the next day, really. 

I really can't understand Korean at all. I can't break through their well ! It's so hard to know really exactly what are they thinking actually! 

24 August 2016

On Schedule

Oh well, I am finally on schedule with my Korean study, in fact in advance though, even took out all my textbooks to list out the grammars for my essay writing. Left with the final vocab listings! My grammar homeworks are getting harder so yeah, I need to revise correctly more often. 

I can sort of guess the type of person and action though, good or bad I dare not say, in fact I do not want to say either. I mean, to be safe just need to be cautious with everything. This is life man, all kinds of beings. 

It's gonna be a busy weekend again. Meditation has been, well not really my kind of thing, for the sake of mum, let's finish it till the end. 

23 August 2016

In A Hurry

I was suppose to finish my homework yesterday, but yeah, I was too sleepy to continue which is maybe it's because I did not have much sleep for nights and the exhaustion from driving. Too much concentration needed when you're sleepy driving. It's dangerous I know but yeah, that's the least I can do for them, for what's my interest. There's so much to think and do lately and I just keep need to rush. I just wanna finish the work by today's lunch. So I can finish the remaining from TTMIK and get my work checked on Thursday! :) There's so much to rush! :( I am feeling a little tension about the next two weeks since nothing is confirmed and I would need it by this week. Not putting high hopes. It's fine wether it would be or it would not be. I am good and fine. Cause there's so much to do next month onwards though.

I try to stay in as much as possible during the weekdays till end of the month. Since I would be halting my Korean class next month, I can take some time to do Chinese at the same time finish the remaining listing for Korean and begin the soft copy studies and essay writing. I think by end of October or November the study thing should be stable by then. Besides I have many applications to do by October. awwww, take it easy man and correctly. 

I need to achieve by next month and hopefully by next week is the best. I am feeling so emotional as usual though. I hate when I am feeling so, probably too much to think of. 

What a life. I wish it's getting good for real. 

22 August 2016

Melaka Day Trip

Oh pffff slept for only two hours and went for my replacement class yesterday morning. Don't need to frustrated over my transport and time for the weekdays replacement. My final class on next weekend and I am done for this semester, probably will resume on November? See how it goes next month. So much to do though.

After my class, prepare myself and went to Melaka for a day trip but we actually reached there quite late in the afternoon though. Walked around a little at Jonker street and dropped by hard rock cafe for a drink then head for dinner at a famous restaurant my mum recommend. Food was quite okay but quite expensive though. We did henna finally at Jonker street all the way from Melaka, the price is almost the same as in KL so yeah. Mine would be the red one, another one is not from me. but I kinda like the black one better, oh well, he's more expensive than mine, so yeah, that explains. 

It's really fun to hang out with them but, too much of spending and eating makes me really stress and time as well. We meet so often though. I need more time to revise my Korean actually so I am till end of the month expect weekend this week. Hopefully to finish my homework and the balance of the sylllabus from TTMIK before grammar listing next week. Hopefully quicker than planned. That would be better.

Time to shed what I gained last weekend. Tension tension. 

21 August 2016

I don't wanna screw up again

Oh gosh, I need to wake up early for class again later in the morning. Just got back from a day out. Class was long today and I need to replace a two hour class later today to finish up my final class next weekend. In 3 more hours I need to wake up and I am still updating my blog here. I am so not ready for class but at least I have already finished my work for today!  I was so worried that I couldn't make it.

Okay, I had a little meal yesterday and probably for today as well, I am feeling stress already. This is really killing my results. I really wanna achieve by this week since I am so close at it now. Oh please! It's almost here.

Manage to find a Korean pub here but I heard it's not so good place to hang out though. No one drink alcohol but juices in a bistro. How ironic is that, the reason for being need to drive home. But the waitress is cute! =3 Feel like hanging out here more often. GRRRR. 

I am still thinking if I wanna go to South Korea for the next two weeks, with everything is provided, this is the stress part. I am in dilemma and feel pressured actually. HELP. Need to use a lot of day leave and probably need to postpone my part time work but I really wanna go! :(

20 August 2016

Rest for me

My weekdays and weekends has been really packed since last months, I sleep later and later each day to finish my study. Some times I would stay out till late night and work the next day or attend classes. My progress for Korean language may improved, but my Chinese reading and writing is still not improving at all. I only have time for Chinese when I am at work or taking public transports, my weekend is so packed now, even weekdays sometimes. What's more, I will be more busy next month onwards since I have to work on weekends now. Let's see how it goes after two months before my scholarship application. 

Yesterday I took an MC, wasn't really feeling quite well when I woke up, I just need a rest I told myself. I rest the whole day, all charged up for the day and manage to catch my dinner with my family. I am pretty much fine now. 

I have been spending a lot lately, since last month. I hope when I start working on weekends, there will be less spending and more savings since I have no more time to hang out. No wonder, I have been told that I spend a lot. My results has been slow as well but please, not too much otherwise I can't achieve it next week which I need to. Take it slow and fast at the same time. 

I need to hang out less. I will keep gaining weight and spending my savings! GRRRR!