13 February 2016

Chor 6 and Aunt's Birthday!

Today is the 6th day of Chinese New Year and another week it's gonna be the end of new year! Last minute plans for today. Wanted to bring the puppies to the vet but they are closed till Sunday! My poor pups, their skin is so sensitive! I am not free next week on wards to bring them, guess my sister would need to do it. Wanted to attend the meet up but end up I can't, due to sudden incoming guest. Glad they came either. 

I guess mum's cooking is always the best, in fact, my mum cooks really well. I love her chicken rice! I think she is able to beat the hawker stalls around with her skills! Too bad she can't do any business related to food. Otherwise, it would be really good! Second round ! =D

The cousins and aunt came late today. Hate some fun with the credit card monopoly. Played till it's almost 3.30AM! How nice if the game turned out to be real, we are all millionaires. 

When we are all in deep concentration with the game. It has been long since I played the monopoly. We managed to continue our game, though we are forced to stop in the middle yesterday!

Meanwhile, we manage to celebrate my aunt's birthday as well ! A surprise after for so long. 

The family portrait. Don't guess which is me. =P. Since it's home, I did not really dressed up. 

That's the end of the day. One more day till work resumes. Need to face the reality pretty soon. Have been sleeping so late these few days. Need to fix my biological clock!

HAPPY CHOR 6 guys! 

12 February 2016

Chor Five

Yesterday is more like a family bonding day! Had BBQ at my aunt's place along with her nice bunch of friends and the best part I get to see my cute nephews! So adorable! They grown up so much already! Able to speak so well now. Kids grow so fast! Feel like my age is catching up. Just realise my aunt and mum has quite a number of friends that have settled down in overseas or have something to do with overseas. So envious. When is it gonna be my turn? Stop saying I am still young, I am not already. It's time to catch things up now. 

We had a live band at home at least. Awesome performance from my uncle and aunt !

Look at this little boy, aren't he just adorable? He speaks so well now. Big eyes but shy with camera! He doesn't want a selfie with me so I was forced to candid this picture of him, at least. Forgot to take some picture of his brother too. =3

Was having some family bonding aka monopoly game when I need to leave to fetch the aunties back home. awwww man. So hard to get the cousins around. Once a year, always. Maybe next year would be my last too. "Hopefully".

I am happy with the compliments, but I am not gonna stop just there. I still have lots more to go. The goal is by March 2016 and I need to achieve it. I am old and I need to get it succeed the least.


11 February 2016

Chor Sei

So fast, it's already the forth day of Chinese New Year. In case you do not know, Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days but usually we do visits during the first week since people would start work already on the second week.. Basically, this year we can't really celebrate. Hopefully next year it would be merrier. Also, hope to be the last Chinese New Year that I would be in Malaysia! WOOTS! Fingers crossed. 

First time updating my blog on the exact day during the daylight. I usually do it at night but yeah, nothing much that I have done yesterday except at night we went for a stroll in the middle of the night and came back late. Drank too much of energy drink that I can't really sleep though. Thanks to bunch of scumbags who don't sleep at night, not considerate as usual, making noise like no one businesses. Lucky I have no work, otherwise. Screw this scum bitch. 

Having BBQ at the aunt house for dinner. Looking forward and apparently there will be many aunties coming. Oh well. Should be fun right? Remember, I prefer the older and more mature talks that's why I have older friends more than younger ones. I don't really like listening to immature talks. Senseless, but at times could be fun though to mend with the generation. 

10 February 2016

Chor Sam

I always update my blog then next day after my day went by. What I did yesterday? Nothing much though. No guest, no visiting. Just went out a while. Facebook flood with family pictures, big ones. So happy to scroll over to see those pictures. Maybe we should get one big family picture too. Never had one, I realised. Should have  though. Looks merrier. I try to get one from tomorrow's BBQ! 

What am I gonna do today? I am not sure either. It's the waiting period that kills, but one achieved, it would be great. So patience and hard work, all it is. Work smart too. I am starting to revise for my TOPIK exam this April. It's exam year for 2016 and hopefully it's aboard year for 2017! MORE HUAT AH!! Goals! 

I am starting to feel a little sore throat now. Too much of junks! Not good not good. I am getting a few international readers lately. If you would like to understand the Malaysian culture, feel free to ask me anything! Pardon my terrible English. Correct me if I said it wrong so that I can learn :)


9 February 2016

Chor Yi of CNY

Today would be the Day 2 of CNY. Usually we are busy for the past three days. Gotten my red packets for the day yesterday! Nephew and nieces came for a visit. It has been some time since I seen them and  they are so grown up now! Basically, teenagers! I am feeling so old now. Our age gap is like 12 years cycle! Those days! Time passes really fast ei. Age year by year! 

Chinese New Year is all about eat and eat. I have been eating since the eve. This is so not good. My effort would be drained off just like that if I keep eating. Hopefully today onwards there's no more excuses except on Thursday, BBQ. GRRR ~ A week would pass really fast. I should enjoy to the fullest! 

The traffic is so much better during this festive. No jam, less crowded. Unlike the usual times. It's the best time to hang out during this week! Smooth! 

Post in advance for CHOR YI!


8 February 2016

Happy Chinese New Year of 2016, Chor Yat

This 2016 is a blessed year of Monkey! Wishing everyone a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! I had an awesome reunion dinner today. Hope you guys did as well. My Facebook timeline is full with food images! So blessing to see those pictures. Merry. Lots of fireworks tonight. Sadly, it's not up to a year yet. We need to keep the respect till at least a year to celebrate. It's okay..

I am sure lots of family going for visiting by today, the least for the whole week. Not for me this year. Maybe next year onwards. :) I will have much lesser red packets this year. I feel it's okay too, a break for my mum. A rest year instead. This year coincidently, a break year I guess. Slow and steady. I am sure everything would be good.

I just let it off for two days and it's a disaster. Despite CNY, I guess I am resuming strictly tomorrow onwards! Can't afford to ruin my results! Fighting! 

BLESSED 2016!  

7 February 2016


I watched the local movie today which I don't usually do. It has a great symbol of morality in humanity and unity. Our country do not have that now, sadly. That points out our great success in the past with unity. I don't think that would happen in any near future now. That's why I did not give any hope in staying here in the future. It's pretty a good movie if you're a football fan. It's based on true event, touching moments. 

It's New Year Eve! Also, the reunion dinner tonight. Time passes really fast and some things that we need to go through in life. This is am moment I am always looking forward to when my dad is around, merry and laughters. 


6 February 2016

Karma and Patience?

There's this jerk that pissed me off once I got back. In fact, not the first time but multiple times. This time, it's off my limit and taught me one thing as well? WHY THE FUCK I WANNA WASTE MY ANGER AND LUCK ON WORTHLESS PEOPLE LIKE THIS? WHY THE FUCK DID I JUST DO THAT? At least, I learnt something today, that I should pay attention for a better me. I really need to write this out to release my anger, regardless. The only way that I can express myself. 

I am not someone that's really patience and I am someone that's quite often impatient. My mum has this luck that she always need to give out instead of receiving, always being taking advantage of and bullied mentally by others and even by my own younger siblings. Sometimes, makes me feel if they are connected to this family. Why do  I say so? I think I mentioned before, before and during the days my dad was sick and up in heaven. Even after all this, they are still not awake and treat the older like a piece of trash/dirt. Trouble and trouble after another. Continuously and frequently. If it's not financially, but physically troubling someone that's not young as she is anymore. Not cleaning their own mess is one common thing, but there's no sense of humanity with these people. They treat friends in higher priority that the family, not appreciating the older has done for them. NOT AT ALL. Why did I said that again? There's NO CHANGES to their ATTITUDE AT ALL. In fact,WORST. I know my parents are upset that we do not get along well. But when you're in two different world, from heaven and hell, how are we able to attach well? I am considering myself improved in sense of patience compared to last time. I avoid myself from talking to them and close an eye as much as I could to avoid the anger, no matter HOW MUCH I HATED THEM TREATING MY MUM AND MY SISTER THIS WAY. As advice, anger will bring away my luck. Let KARMA get them. but WHEN?! How long us three, need to suffer with these people? I feel so bad at times, wondering for so much goods that my mum has poured, why did she presented with these two kinds of being? Did she deserved so? There's so much to say that I can't say. I can only keep them and patiently wait for the time to come. I wanna end my love ones miserable time with the odds. 

What's even worse, different kind of friends are brought back home and some times late at time. I can tell you, most of them has no ETHIC AT ALL. NONE AT ALL, pretty thick skin of their own, in fact the same kind of them. For such, we actually packed some snacks for the three of us but end of the scumbags ate them without asking. WITHOUT NO SENSE OF COURTESY? 

Let's give an scenario that just happened, before we went out for our CNY preparation, told her to take care the two puppies that she and her so called boy bff brought back, "but showed no responsible of taking of these cute pups AT ALL". (End of the two older sisters and the mum took the responsiblity to take care though we are tired and busy and GUESS WHAT, THESE PEOPLE ACTUALLY HAVE TIME FOR THEIR DOTA GAME BUT NO TIME FOR THE PUPPY!!!!!) The best part, when we were back, the pup's place in still in a mess, even in the house. in and out. That, kills my patient, and even answered back with her thickest skin when I sounded her. LIKE SHE DID A BIG THING FOR ONCE IN TAKING CARE THE PUPPIES! SHOULD I BE IMPRESSIVE OR WHAT? OR TOUCHED? The snacks we bought happened right after this. There's many reasons to my impatience towards these two beings. I don't treat all people these way. I am not perfect myself, but I am wanting to change for a better and today rang me up another round, hopefully the final. 

Sometimes, I would wondered, if all their generations are so, why some of their friends are not so? Why just MINE? I don't think my mum deserved these beings, but she has got no choice. I have. 

In another bright prospective, they became my inspiration to work harder and smarter to bring my mum and more countable sister with me away from them, away from the country, away from this trouble. I really hope it will be a success. I just want the people who deserved to start enjoying their live peacefully. I have already treated, there's only three of us unofficially for some time but after today, I am sure of it, the decision made. I will try my best to succeed it. 

It's a long post today and I hope this would be the last for 2016 and onwards. The change I need to make and the plan I need to succeed it. 

5 February 2016

Registered for TOPIK I

I have finally decided to test my Korean level. Registered for the exam on April ! Am I ready for the exam? It's to ready to decide. At least, I am giving myself a motivation to study for the exam now. Hopefully I am able to score well! Fighting! 

I keep reminding myself the do's and don't's lately, to be cautious. Next week since, it's a big festive, I am gonna let loose a little. Stressed but don't wanna spoilt the merry mood. So yeah. 

Isn't he cute? Park Yoochun's brother Parl Yoohwan! I think both of them is as cute! But yeah, keeping my spirit up high and positive for 2016!. 

4 February 2016

Careful they said.

Guess this year will not be a smooth year for me but that doesn't bring my spirit down! Cause upcoming years would be even better I believe! I am always reminding myself to be careful with my speech of myself outside and turned out to be true. Need to speak less of myself outside, to be cautious. People are dangerous outside and I am particularly more prone to this this year. So yeah. Pretend, and silent. Becareful with people especially at work and new people that I am always been meeting lately. Just for a language exchange should be fine, not so much about myself. Need to learn so. 

Coincidently, this year is just preparation and next year is just to carry out the plans. So yeah, it's highly chances I will be staying till end of the year. Good time to finish out my planing in detail. Probably need to start meeting up the counsellor after my TOPIK in April to guide me more about the further studies in Germany. I guess I need to cool myself down and be patient. Too rush with myself. Also, stop spending money! How am I gonna save up if this keep goes on! So yeah! STOP! Cautious with everything I do. For now, preparation for TOPIK exam. Later that, Chinese exam and masters preparation. Step by step. 

Another day and I am off the whole week for Lunar Year! Hurray! It has been some time since I am off for such a long holiday! Looking forward. After Lunar Year, I will be really busy already. Oh well, life. There's up and downs. Hope the downs gonna end pretty soon. Positive!