4 September 2015


I just realised I did a huge mistake yesterday but it was too late to realise. I wanted to ignore it but I feel I need to confess the mistake. Whether they will scold me or punish me, I really do not know but I really didn't meant to overlook that mistake. I even send to them for checking, even so, they overlook it as well. Too dependable. In fact, can't only depend on a one stand person who has so much to do to proofread only. I am wondering now. Today will determine everything. Wishing all the best to myself. Feeling stressed and nervous at the same time.

I tried out the fake tattoo that I bought! looking nice though. pretty like it. feel like getting a permanent one instead! I tried out the other day, but the tattoo failed. Guess it was too small so stick. but this time it's awesome! debating if I should get a permanent though. I do not know when suddenly this urge came. Actually for some time though. I feel it's cool to have a tattoo but not too many of course. It will look hideous. but as for Jay Park, I feel it looks cool on him for some reason. 

There's so many new idols who debut lately. I can't even catch up anymore. Keeping myself with my old idols. At least, they average age is close to mine. New idols are too young now. Feeling old at the same time though. Wonder how long will my kpop craze last. It has been quite long. Never thought this fever would last this long though. Hope it will last longer than ever!

Wish me ALL THE BEST TODAY, please. 

3 September 2015


If I can predict future, I would like to retreat that wish that I have said. but it's all too late for everything now. impossible to even turn things back. I didn't know people would be this scum bag and selfish. If I would have know, I would have.... No point saying it now. It's too late for anything. Just need to bare with it and ignore it. Wait, I started using it. Great, naturally. 

Well, my long awaited Mandarin class is this weekend. Would be 3 hours long! I am taking the 8 classes a month. I would be packed busy soon revising and revising for two languages. My Korean, how should I improve man? I still feel suck at my grammar! Taking class is too expensive neither. That's sad. 

I really hope next year would be a really good one. This year was really a challenging year that most of us have been through. I hope brighter year is coming ahead. I know it will. It will. Be positive and patience! 

Yeap, I woke up extra early for an hour. Why? As refer on first paragraph. Disgusting humans that I don't even want to look upon. Regrets.

2 September 2015

Day 2

Day 1 was quite okay and it's Day 2 now. Please be successful till the end of the day. A dream come true for once at least.. I feel so moody this few days. PMS probably. Stress about career and myself, as always. Sometime that is not hard to achieve if I have a strong will myself. My posts get shorter and shorter day by day. I guess if I write everyday, I have not much things to say right? 

Hopefully tomorrow there 's no more excuses like today but I doubt since boss offered a threat. I am so dead though. Oh why? Cause finally I have a colleague. I don't know what to say and I am not gonna say more cause I don't know who I am dealing with everyday yet. Let's be more cautious and careful. You will never know. Blogging early for the day.

Within this two months the last, let's do it. reminding myself everyday and I need to make it! Caught in the rain just a while but soaking wet and I already having slight fever. I need to admit I am getting old. During those high school days, I use to walk under the rain often but standing strong for the rest of the day or should I say the world is so polluted these days that the rain is so toxic? Probably. 

HUAT year coming ahh! POSITIVE! PATIENCE! Succeed before 2015! In fact before November. Before Christmas! Woots! 


1 September 2015

The first Day of September

Right. Today is already the first day of the new month. Tick tock tick tock. Another month has passed which means 2016 is coming soon! Need to make use the remaining time I have now. Time is precious!

Running Man hasn't been as interesting as it use to be. I never really watch it for a very long time. I use to laugh like mad and watch it all without skipping but now, I skipped a lot unless there is special guest or something. I miss the old games and casts. They are more funnier compared to now. I was hoping they can bring back the old games though. More exciting and fun! 

I actually finished my drama list. But I piled them up again after I found a new website. How amazing is that. I am challenging shows without subs now. That even piled up my shows. Hope to finish them by this week! was suppose to start my revision this week. excuse for just 4 days aite!

Wonder when should I launch my business. This week? or after the 7th month? hmmm. 

31 August 2015

Feeling Moody

It's definitely my PMS. I am always feeling so severely moody during this period. Well, session ended early yesterday though. Family member went of for country support later that. I wanted to join to but not so convenient to do so though. Morally supporting here. 

Tomorrow is the first day of September. Marks the official starting point of my promise that I need to achieve. Feeling nervous yet excited. I really hope this time it would be for real. Missed for many years, can't anymore. I feel like going out but I can't, sadly. Just want to have a chat though. 

I had a friend that has the same trouble with me that I experienced. I managed to advise and help as much as I could. I hope his sister manage to pull it through. She needs too cause she's young and bright! 

I try not to think about work when I am home, but it would flash in my mind at times. I need to stop it and enjoy my holiday! Looking at people's profile travelling around, wish I can too, freely. I want to earn more money! Need to look out a good day to begin it! Need to finish what I should too.

Stay happy, Be positive and SMILE. 

30 August 2015

The Family Day

Yeap, It's the family bonding day again and here we are at my home for some Karaoke session. This time, we have slightly more members joining too.. Loving this moment before I get busy. 

I feel so tired today. I slept enough. Probably because I slept late? Been sleeping odd hours lately. So unhealthy. Anyway, watched Sinister 2 yesterday with le cousins. The movie was okay just felt like the movie is repeated from Sinister 1 itself. So predictable scenes and not to exciting. Just the sound effect that scares you. that's it. Just when we decided to watch at Cheras Central, cousin mentioned that the place is haunted. I was like seriously? I really didn't know though. That's creepy!

It's already the 30th. Oh gosh, time. Also, it's the second day of Yellow Clean day. So supportive our Malaysians! Proud of you guys! :) Even our ex prime minister came to support! Thumbs up. Hopes for the better change for the country, that is. 

Lasagna, salad, fried rice and fruit punch for today's meal. Can't wait for this amazing feast from the good cooks. I can't cook myself. In fact, I am such at it badly. I like to eat but I hate to cook. Find it really troublesome though. 

Some people has really thick skin. Speak of words that don't know where they stand. that's really embarrassing and annoying. 

29 August 2015

The Truth

At times, I still think of the truth. Wonder which is genuine and which is not. The solution to it, most of them were right but when comes to the truth of it, I am a bit confused. I really wonder what happened. What caused everything to happen. I just wanna know the reason. That's all I can ask for. 

I don't really wanna talk about it anymore. It feel sad and pity. We did not had much time together. So much I wish I could have done with him and I wish to do with him. to show him. Faithed, they said that I have to accept. He has gone to a better place, without stress and burden and lighter. I still miss you from time to time.

Another few more days to September, and then comes to year end which means my birthday is coming. Another aging year. Feeling old and sad! Watching vampire show makes me feel like living in immortality. 

Finally get to summarise the supplier for the T-Shirt! Don't need to travel so far for it. Now, let's finish the headband. I need to find time for this in future! Hardwork and work smart = SUCCESS! I need to learn that! 

It's gonna be a stressful life next week onwards. gonna be really really busy but exciting hopefully!

Happy Weekend guys! 

28 August 2015

My long weekend

Finally, I have my long weekend but still busy with doing research on things. oh well, wanna do good must be hardworking! Fighting! I was so sleepy yesterday to continue what I should. I feel so awesome now for finally had some enough sleep. Next Monday onwards marks the official day of my starting point. Friends all succeeded it and I should too. Otherwise, how to meet each other one day? Two months are only my time I have and that's it. Let's get the will strong to do it!

Weekend is the only enjoyment I have now. Let's do things right for this round! No regrets! Just be patient and control! 

Anyway, it's already the official day of Hungry Ghost Festival. During those days in high school, this period, we will sit in a circle as a group and tell ghost stories. Those days were awesome. I miss my study life a lot since that I am working now. Time passed so fast and I always say this. I just can't accept the fact cause I am getting older and older day by day and my mum aged day by day. This is sad. Can human be immortal?

I am great sensitive when in people's argument, they bad mouth my family for no proper and solid reason, especially my parents. Don't let me know myself, otherwise I  will shoot you till you cry. Doesn't mean I respect human, you guys have the right to do so. Respect is to earn! I only will shoot people if only I have facts to do so. I won't shoot for no reason making myself a fool. That's my only warning. Don't abuse my family with words, action or physically. I will protect this family, regardless. 

Stay safe everything. Try to avoid late night outings and curse during your outing. Don't say so much nonsense for this time period, in fact should be the whole time. 

27 August 2015


Patience not to say anything about it no matter how much I hate it. Oh well, it's the last day of work for the month of AUGUST! I am so happy with my 4 days off straight! It has been so long since I applied so! Next month is a happy month. So many holidays and I have my replacement leaves! I shall apply next week onwards as planned! I feel I have so little time after work like in split second it's already 1AM. Scary man. Time passes so god damn fast! 

Actually I feel quite fed up with my current job. Being the only person in the company so fast is fine but... I don't know. This is not it but I have to stay on for some time at least. My resume.... The culture is a little weird, in fact funny at times. I am almost invisible to other department. This is so sad. Ethics? I am not quite sure. 

Micky yoochun is leaving to the army pretty soon! Gosh, we all have to wait for two years to see him. Gonna miss him. One of the first few idols that I fell for! <3 a="" candidate="" definitely="" font="" hubby="" nbsp="">


26 August 2015


Just yesterday suddenly I think of him. I always keep myself busy and tired not to think about it. but at times it's just possible to flash back those memories.. I always wonder when I will have the opportunity to pursue my study in the UK in future. I wanna settle down there but it seems hard for non-EU, unless you're extraordinary. but I don't seem to be, sadly. Anyhow, I just wish to get out of this country and live in a better place and I hope one day, I am able too. My lecturer from University here, doing so well with his masters and life in USA studying masters. I am envious. He's an awesome lecturer. because of him, I score A++ for my calculus and algebra subjects. Anything to do with calculation. I use to fail add maths badly in school but to get an A++ in University really surprises me. Guess a good lecturer is really important! Even accounts! It's hard to find a good lecturer these days, especially when you are in Malaysia. 

I enjoy studying, though it's stress. I get to meet lots of different people, even more ever since I started working. Almost two years of working, my life has been a rollercoster and I hope next year on wards everything goes really bombastically well! 

Okay, something I need to achieve long time ago. Let's begin shall we?