2 July 2016

Ramadhan Buffet at Parkroyal Hotel

Oh well, yesterday was our ramadhan company dinner at the Parkroyal hotel Hows the food? Wasn't that good or bad. Just normal I would say. Most of the food are spicy and there's not much vegetables. Mostly meats. But the ice creams are cool, probably my favourite. The waffles and pancake is horrible. I mean not nice. I am a big fan but this is not good really. Overall the place is just soso. 

Thanks to this buffet I almost gained two KG! Damn it and now I need to shed it off again! All my effort just drained off. Later today it's gonna be food hunting again. I am so stress now. Oh boy. This is so stress! Eating has been so stress. I am already so close to my goal. Remember this month is the last month?!

I feel so emo lately which I do not know why, probably the lack of sleep maybe? I mean, I don't know why. I have been thinking too much lately. About my future mostly and how to sort things out, how and how. I wish life could be better soon. It's so stress and sad thinking about it. Sometimes, I miss my dad. A man in the house that we could depend on, now we have no one. That's why I always like to mix around mature friends. I wish I had a older brother or sister. Sigh. 

Need to bring my car for a wash and fuel later in the morning. Gosh. What a hectic day. I would be out the whole day instead. This is epic though. I need to wake up early. Hopefully tomorrow I can sleep in a little. 

1 July 2016

First Day of July !

Oh wow, it's already the first day of July, look at how time passed! This is really scary though! I am already in the second half of 2016! I am feeling happy cause I am really close to my goal now! I really hope to fully achieve it by this month! Finally, after for so many years! I need to get back my healthy way soon. Otherwise, I would be bold! PFTT! July last shot! 

I am really looking forward with Saturday but trying not to be too much, otherwise the disappointment would be high as well. So yeah, let's lay low! 

Nothing much to say for the first day, just that I will have a company dinner tonight! GREAT! A day before my big day.


30 June 2016

Last Day of June - The Fool of Myself.

I have made myself a fool again. Feel like a crap now, probably shouldn't boast about it too much, so yeah. Probably end up with disappointment. Not gonna put any high hopes anymore since I can't break through the wall of these people and this is the second time already. I am tired of it. Just be normal and natural. That's it I give up already. Probably just now my luck. Adios. Sad. Just live with it.

Finally attend the last class for Chinese till further notice. Hopefully to be able to finish the book by end of July and get my relatives and friends to mark them. Let's give it a through. Hopefully I can finish the 6 books by early next year and also to finish the exam till HSK 5! Woots, along with Korean as well. Hopefully by end of the year I can start with Japanese language and German probably. See how it goes.

I feel like a crap yesterday during the meeting, like "Why the fuck am I doing here, wasting my time? Why am I so fucked up here?". Yeah, fuck it with patience man. I have 8-9 months more to go. I am using this time to do a good plan, hopefully it turns out good man. So sick of it and tired as well. 2015 has been not so good, please hopefully the future would be really good. 

I am not doing it anymore. Retiring from it. No, retreat from it. I can sort of guess how they are like ad. Though I hope it's wrong though. Gosh. pftt.

29 June 2016

Second Last Day of June

It's already the second last day of June! Time passes really fast. I am so close ad. Hope tomorrow is it! I will achieve it ! Feeling thankful though. Lately I have been thinking too much, way too much. So much of misses. I try to keep myself occupied so that I would not think too much. Happy thinking about next week, I am only gonna work for one and a half day! A long holiday. Should plan a short trip instead though! Let faith do the plan. Don't wanna overdo it. 

I wish... but I know... it's only me who's thinking so much. It's nothing. Oh well, I think it's normal at this age. Okay, stop it, don't wanna talk about this topic. I dislike it.

I am able to control my feelings better now even when I came across about it or need to talk about it. It's hard at first, but as time goes by, I am only able to talk about it. I am really thankful those who sincerely helped. I just feel like expressing again how grateful I am, I really can't imagine how 2015 was. I never thought I could go through it but I did. I have gone through the most overwhelming period of my life. From, friends, family and career. 

The good is coming soon. It will. 

28 June 2016

Tick Tock

Finally the current mode is back, I really hope today I will not do it again but let's see the results for later today before deciding. I am feeling really envious these days, in fact all the time. Especially since last Saturday. My friends are mostly older than me, cause I prefer to mix with people that's more mature. I don't really like things that are childish though I am still a little childish though, I feel so. I like listening to their experience. Especially for someone that has achieved most of their career. Thumbs up. Wonder why I am born here. I really hate the fact. Working hard and thinking hard of ways to move out from this place.

I am really close to my results now. I hope this week would be it. June is coming to an end, July is coming. The second half year, I wish I will achieve my target the fullest by July. I am already so close, like 1-2 more, please don't ruined it. Please. I have worked so hard for this results, 8 months. I don't wanna wash it away just like that.

I really hope the plans on weekend works. They are the only people relax with. I feel stress free. I don't know, I can sort of be myself, I guess. I am tired of putting a mask around me, acting strong and mature. I am human too, I am tired at times, I wanna to be a female too though I think being a man is way off more convenient. 

27 June 2016

Well Spent Weekend

My weekend is so occupied this week! Another round of karaoke session with le high school friend  than dinner with another high school friend. Finally some bingsu from Namoo in the Park! I saw another Bingsu Cafe as well, need to try it next week! Can't wait! It's not so great or maybe we ordered the wrong one. Oh well. No more second time that is. 

A whole week of work this week and I will have a long break next weekend. Like finally after for so long! I wanna save up my leaves towards end of the year, wanna have long weekends. So probably would take in starting August! HMPHH.

Finally I have new friend to practise Korean with! This would be so awesome. Hopefully comfortably and genuinely as well.  woots. 

26 June 2016

Korean Meet Up At Last!

Oh well, finally some awesome meet up after last years! Awesome people came yesterday after for so long. Never been this crazy for a very long time! This is fun though. Meet up at some place I don't think meet ups are usually held. Meet all kind of people, then dinner at Ampang Korean town! Crazy dinner I shall say. Hosts were drunk and like pfftt, nonsense stories came up. This is like so weird. After the dinner, we went to a short Korean karaoke session! It was quite okay but I just realised I miss out my part for this session. Damn, the dinner was expensive thanks to the alcohols and I practically din eat much! Whatever, no more another time. I din manage to take some nice pictures but manage to met some nice oppas! Finally! 

After the karaoke session, went for a chat session with the oppa! Never expect to be invited but thankful man. Chatted for like two hours at some cafe nearby my area? Many people were looking, maybe cause we look different there. Outstand the crowd. HAHA.

My first day was a success, Let's keep it through! I have stronger motivation now! woots! 

25 June 2016

The will, the challenge. DAY 1

This current method is not working anymore. I need to use back the old method that I use to do, I am not sure what's and hows the result gonna be, will it be as quick as the current one, I am gonna try today onwards for two weeks, see if there's any decrease. I need to be strict on it! This is about to test my will, resistance and how strong I am now. Except for 1 of July, since I will have a buffet. I will try to use my current method for the particular day but if it doesn't work, I need to revert to my old method that is, probably a sign I should stop after 8 months. Not good. Now, I need to train my resistance, it's gonna be hard but I need to stay strong and achieve my target fully next month. The least, by this week. Oh please. 

These are my favourite ladies and they are my motivations! Let's rock it! July my last shot to my exact target before shaping, so close yet so far! I need to achieve it! Fighting! I don't wanna be envious anymore. I am so tired of it, I am actually really tired doing what I do now but now, I need to revert my method, my tiredness would be lesson but my mentality and internally would be challenge. Wish me luck guys for a month the least. Hopefully it would be a success. 

Today would be my outing day, it has been some time since I went to meet ups. Been busy or occupied to attend one. Just got this feeling to attend. I wanted to wear a little tighter today but guess I can't show since yesterday was epic fail. Sigh. Sad. The least, motivates me back to my old method, probably not as risk as my current one. Save money as well. HAHA! 

24 June 2016


It will come true. 





23 June 2016

Old Method

Yesterday was an awesome off day. I get to sleep more than my usual days without worries. Managed to finish all 9 lessons within a day yesterday. Gonna do some intermediate reading now. Hopefully by July I will be able to finish my soft copy study from Talk to me in Korean. Will print some hard copies as well if needed. August will be hard copies once again, from the centre and the one I printed from the website. Hopefully it will be on schedule. Fine for my languages but now it's something else that I need to worry right now. 

I happily almost achieve goal for almost half a year, because of this, I am neglecting and started to gain 2KG. Yes, I am so regretting it right now. I wanna use back the old method today onwards. It's getting bad lately and it's not easy and hurt nowadays. I wanna stop it, challenge with my desire. I wanna overcome it and I hope today would be it. I need to make it. I was suppose to make this month as the achievable month but seems like I need a month more. I hope July would be it, achieved that is. Wanna fight this battle! PRAYS! :(

Today is gonna be a really tiring day since I am gonna replace my 3 hours class and finish off the class next Thursday. Probably will be tuition free for RAYA! Finally some rest from languages! But yeah, would need to get ready for my HSK exam, which I am not even an inch to ready mode. This is sad. I am concentrating too much on Korean at home and Chinese outside. This is not promising at all. Not at all. 

I received a tragic news last few days and actually I am still in quite a shock mode still. I would need to re-flash back some memories, the very first time I started to learn driving and getting prepare with license and everything. There's one auntie at the counter that in-charges with everything, for me, basically from head to toe till I get my license. Well, that's quite some time, honestly, I never really see her later that nor met her anywhere, don't really remember her face but I remember her existence since all my siblings were handled but this friendly person. She passed away tragically in a car accident while crossing the road to the other side to catch a taxi. Apparently, it was a hit and run. I am not sure with the details but it's really sad to hear the news. She was just about to bring her brother's lunch and this happened. I heard that she was a very nice person. But why? She takes care of her brother whom is paralysed. RIP Miss Ong. 

Life is so unexpected whether if you are a good person or a bad person. Appreciate every little bits of life. There's so many unpleasant news since 2015. I wish there will be more good news when 2016 comes. Please.