20 September 2017

My Weekend

Well, I was quite busy with my last weekend as well. I slept quite late on the day before cause of the worries and got my graduation to change the glass finally and got my car for a wash as well, like finally.  Once I am done, got ready and went for a movie with bae though. This time we watched Japanese movie, it has been some time and it's not so nice though. We wanted to watch The Mimic but we were too late for it, so ended up watching this. Let's see the show synopsis here, don't read if you do not want to have a spoiler. It has been some time since I seen Hideaki in a movie! But his appearance wasn't really many in the movie, sadly. As usual, the typical Japanese kind of movie, no wonder I don't watch Japanese movies in the cinema, just not my type. I wanna watch the Korean one instead though. There are a few movies I missed as well actually. I can't it online still, guess I have to wait for some time and there's more movies next week as well. I think I need to save money not spend though. 

Children go missing in a town and the adults around the missing children die suspiciously. An internet rumor spreads that any adult that meets a returned child will die 3 days later.
Local newspaper reporter Shunya Ezaki (Daiki Arioka) begins to investigate the mysterious deaths. Meanwhile, Shunya Ezaki’s girlfriend Nahomi Harada (Mugi Kadowaki) works at a kindergarten school. A boy's mother does not pick him up at the school and Nahomi Harada takes him with her.
A man (Hideaki Takizawa) then appears and the boy under Nahomi’s care soon goes missing.

After the movie we are supposed to go for a badminton but it was too late so we just walked around and went for a short drink with his friends though. I didn't really drink much and hope that this would be my last round of beer, I don't want to drink so much alcohol anymore and if there's anymore occasion like this, I would just drink cider, slowly, that's it and I also hope that night would be the last night I doing the bad habit, by now I should be at the STOP of my bad habit as promised, I need to and I must! I got a new batch of dramas last weekend after double checking the list and finished it on the spot as well that night. I rushed the retrieving whenever I am home and done with my stuffs. I should hang out less since I am so tight in budget, I should just concentrate on my retrieve. I should stay in more often these days not till next month, till I settle my debt with my mum and my claim stuffs. I am gonna be really busy till next month. Hopefully towards end of the year there would be lesser event though, that's what I heard so far. Fingers crossed. Had been hectic these days. I need to chase for my career to be a better future! Working hard on my health as well! So much to do in 2017 and 2018 onwards as well since I am building my career! GRRR! Fighting yohh!
After the drinking session, went to mamak to have some drink. It's never a place that I could hang out and I am really not familiar with the drinks they called, till now. I am sorry though. I can't believe how these people could eat at this time for supper and not worry about gaining weight. I would be dead worry. After this session we all went back though, there's not much to chat and I have been hanging out with the younger ones lately. Not much to learn. Hopefully by end of the year I can resume my meetups actively though. After finishing the stuffs I am supposed to do! Heads up yoh! Keep the promise. I missing my trip in Singapore already. Have been really busy lately. I wanna text him less these day as well, especially at night and weekend. I said I wanna speak less about my problems to him but I blabbed to him last weekend. Hopefully the last time I would do that, like I made a promise to speak less of problems of mine to him. Don't wanna bring the negatives, just want him to know less about myself. Just feel so, to be save. I wanna miss with the adults more these days. I still enjoy the story of the experienced. Miss those days. It's gonna come back soon since year end is coming soon and I am rushing on it!

19 September 2017

My Off Day

I basically slept really late during my off day as well and woke up quite early to fetch my sister to her college for exam. I can't sleep so ended up rushing my retrieving though, fruitful I would say during my off day, so I went to meet my bae for lunch since I am at nearby though. Once I reached home, my mum asked me if I want to fetch my sister back from college after exam, I am like I just got back wei? Anyway, that day should marked my last day really official one. I marked my calender as the first day the next day, I need to breakthrough this and no more wasting and breaking the promise, I can't afford to do so anymore. I am at verge of danger, it's gonna be two years if I don't stop and I do not want that to happen, it needs to stop by now! By this moment already. And I am trying hard to finish my retrieve as fast as I could as well, I am having an off day within two days so hopefully to stay up late again to finish them. Fingers crossed. I missed my trip in Singapore already. I wish and wish I would have a career like them, work has been busy lately. I have no time to update at work lately, working hard and smart hopefully. My manager is not gonna be in for the next next two weeks so I would need to work things out quickly this week! I have more videos to upload still. Let's do it now. These place is just awesome though. I enjoyed my time here and hope to be back again, sometimes you don't and can't judge a book by it's cover. 



My goals from this moment onwards, I need to succeed it within a month, things that I am forbidden to do :-


PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH ALREADY. I am getting old from day by day, need to be aware of all these at the soonest. Otherwise it would be too late, wake up already~!!!


18 September 2017

Math Calculation

I actually did a math calculation after the Singapore trip and I am really stressed and tensed later that, cause it's really expensive and it's more than my entitled travel expenses, I am praying hard that all my claims during the trip will be approved cause I can't afford it, like seriously. I got so stressed that I can't sleep that night, so I just do my retrieve, I am gonna do so from now till then to finish it by next month, it's gonna be busy till next early year! Cause I am currently building my career now. Time passes so fast, it's my time to shine now, it's gonna be a tough year ahead to build it but I am ready for it. I am starting to get really concert about my health, which I should long time ago. I am on the resume of the STOP now as well. Gonna loose 1-2 more KG before starting my official healthy diet plan next month, moreover I am very tight financially still till next month's salary. I really need to spend wise and go out lesser! I need to settle my final debt with my mum after this month's salary in and I am clear, while the rest of my expenses in Singapore, I would settle it after settling with my claims, I won't use my monthly salary at all, I can't at all. I need to manage myself well, oh well, that should be my hobby and interest though. I don't want the same time to happen with credit cards, I am really sensitive with this word. So yeah, don't be so negative, be more positive that everything would be solved! You will learn through this process and me more mature and wise! Career and family and health up to go! I am rocking this on, probably I am too tired during the weekend and can't sort my feelings out well! I can't always be like this ! 

I have lots of cleanings to do during end of the year, by then I should be done with my retrieving, everything just need to happen at the right time though. Some things happen for a reason, be brave and smart to embrace it. Take it as a good lesson to learn. Be reasonable. I am gonna be the little old self me, keeping to myself. Not speaking so much about myself anymore. I don't wanna speak so much about my negative problems anymore. It's not so  good to always talk about it as well. Keep it to myself or to this blog. Still the best place to rant about my problems and then find way to solve it, not complain about it. Wise and professionals don't complain, they find ways to solve the problem and improve. I wanna practise and change to be so. Be wise and mature and professional. At the same time, have to take care of myself well as well. I wanna speak less of problems but more to happy moment. Be more positive, as much as possible, that would be better for my life and myself to cope with this battle! I am all hype, trying to keep myself strong and up high in spirit! I can make it and will go through this very moment well! Fighting! 



These are the few clips that I took when I was in Singapore, I love this place though. There's not much place to visit in Singapore though but this place is good. I wanna be there again though. I have more videos, gonna post it from time to time to lighten up my mood and cheer myself up, you know it has always been the not so positive me, I wanna change for the good. So yeah, I need to find stuffs that motivate myself! It's good to do so and not continue to be negative. They said I am still young and still have lots of time to start building my career but I don't feel so, I wanna achieve my career young, cause you will never know what the future holds and what will happen, I wanna achieve things as fast as I could so that I can provide my mum as early as possible. Cause I only left her now. I hope my dad can see it from there as well, I wish one day I could have said I have made it finally and I am glad that I did not gave up and continued to fight this through. I wanna said this one day. I managed to say this verse after my education life and towards my career now I hope to say this again with great proud and passion with my work up high in the organisation. I am looking forward. Writing this often to inspire myself. I wanna do well and be someone in future. The place I am seems to be a good place to start with, to inspire myself. I can do it! I will make it! Need to repeat this often! 


17 September 2017

Singapore Final Day

Well, the last day of my trip was pretty rush though. Didn't know that the room service was actually charged to the room though. Oh well, not often I have this kind of opportunity, so now I know and I have a price to pay now. So yeah, I checked out early for the day. It was raining heavily and there's was an accident at the opposite road though, so the journey was a little long for my last day. I went back to office, had a short training and settled some stuffs. Went for my last lunch with the bunch and during my days in Singapore, I actually realised the guys there are not bad though. Some guys in the company looks not bad as well! I only know that toward the end of my bill it's gonna be pain in the ass! I have so much to claim! I am not sure where to start and go about. This is so crazy and I am feeling a little tensed now though. Gonna sort out my claims by this weekend though. They still have not clarify with me though and yet I have so much to claim! I need to settle this soon! Anyway, back to the trip, after the lunch, back to office, the manager thought me some brief stuffs and send me off, like time passes really fast though! So yeah, took some grabcar to airport, it wasn't a long journey though. I checked in, it was much easier in the airport here. Walked around since my flight was delayed, wanted to eat some ice cream before I leave though but ended up eating some gummy instead. There's no ice cream there. So checked my emails while there's still some time and by the time I reached home, it's almost night, went out dinner with my sister and packed my stuffs, everything is basically done. Just waiting for my clothes to dry. After some thoughts, I think I am gonna separate my claim though or one shot, I am not quite sure yet though. I have travels the following week, so probably let's see how it goes. I am gonna need to settle lots of stuffs next week claims and works! 

So yeah, since I am back to my home country now, time to resume my STOP thing and also my retrieves, back to the busy life again. I think I am gonna settle my claims thing on Monday since I am off, cause I am sure I am gonna be busy with work on Tuesday onwards. So I am gonna sleep late these days to finish of my retrieve! There's so much to do and I need to settle a lot of things. Time is so little, I need more time. I need to work hard and smart to be in that position and learn well! I can do this, I can cope! I can and I can! This is gonna work well! I need to settle my claims especially. There's so much to cope, I am feeling a little tensed and stressed ever since I am back, knowing that month end is coming and I have two more bills to settle, phone and my insurance plan since my saving plans and car loan has already been deducted. I can't wait for this month's salary already. I really hope by next month, everything would be back on track, I feel so tight now. I am feeling sad. I am so envious with these people, doing so well. I know, by this age they should be but I wish I can be faster a step than them. It's gonna be a stressful year for me. I am ready for it! Bring it on! 


16 September 2017

Singapore Day 4

My second last day in Singapore was pretty good as well though, fulls schedule training day though but it wasn't enough for me since I have more to ask. I had only a short break for lunch during brunch time and training till 4PM. Wait, basically only an hour rest and training again till dinner time. I really like the environment here, the people here. I felt really warm here though, I finally get to understand the organisation here. These people get to travel pretty often as well and there's quite some amount of empty spot, I hope after a year I can move about within the office there so that's why I need to excel myself! It's gonna be stress but it's gonna be worth it if I get the opportunity! I even saw my sales country manager here as well! Apparently lots of my colleagues are here as well. I guess this job is pretty cool, people get to travel around the world. I am so envious and hope my turn is coming soon, this is something that I am looking for actually, so yeah, looking forward further for my career in this company! I really do, fingers crossed. The dinner with them was nice as well. The food was good though but not as good as my place's. We had a second round after the dinner though. Get to listen to many good stories of theirs, these people can talk ad hang around really well! I am feeling blessed at the moment! I think this place is nice, a good start. I am fighting for my best to be here now, gonna strive for the better ! 

After the drinking session, I packed some stuffs back to hotel for late night snack, I tried their nasi lemak burger, nothing special but still okay though. It's not so happening here as compared to my place, though am in the city but most places are really closed by the time am on the way back home. I feel like the living expenses here is not that expensive at my place if you earn the living here. Of course put aside the property and car here are expensive, I find the rest is okay though, pretty reasonable. It's convenient here as well! So yeah, it's the opposite way. I wanna find some opportunity here soon. Time to prove and show myself. This place really inspired me a lot! Converting the money here to my place is freaking a lot. A good place to start my career! Oh please! Every lady in this company here looks good as well though. I am envious! I wanna live and have a career like them. Work up high yoh! 

Its weekend already! Time passes so fast and it's the end of my Singapore trip, I didn't expect to be this fun. Otherwise I could have booked a longer stay here. Out of my expectation totally though. too bad, I booked the later flight! But I have got nothing to do so yeah I basically went to the places I wanted to go. So Singapore trip ticked! Where next? I wanna travel under the company to somewhere far! They get to travel to Western countries! So nice! I feel motivated to listen to their experiences. They have so much of good experience. I wanna be like them too! Gonna talk about my last day, the least I have something to blog about. I have a short week next week as well, more time to retrieve my songs. Need to do it whole day or night! I need to rush them since I delayed a week. Lots of things and songs that I could have done! Pfftt! It's gonna be a busy week next week as well! Don't think about it yet. Hmmmm.


15 September 2017

Singapore Trip 3

Day 3 of my trip was pretty packed with training as well. Had a short section with my manager this morning and was busy  compiling the venue for my event to send to my boss. Finally I managed to send to him but apparently he is out of office till end of this week again, not sure if he seen my email but this has been quite urgent already though. Lunch out almost everyday with them though. The food is pretty much the same as my country, there's nothing new to try though. I like the coffee machines here better though! Long lunch again. A short training after lunch, there's so much to do though, I need to write out my notes again, my systems are not done again as usual. I was quite stressed out and tensed today maybe because I wasn't quite well till after lunch. I have still yet more to do and ask my manager on that day though I rushed what's important and wrapped up for my last full day in Singapore, I need to ask everything I need to know and clarify everything though my schedule was quite pack from noon till evening as well. There's team dinner as well, gonna talk more about it tomorrow! I am looking forward to write more about it too! 

I went back quite on time today to travel to Garden by the bay, I prefer view venues than shopping though. I ate some stuffs and rushed to this place, I was afraid it would be too late. It's not hard to travel with MRT here though, convenient and reasonable. I think the living expenses here is not that expensive, aside from their property and hire purchase part but the rest is okay to me, in fact it's more expensive in my country. I think it's the other way, way better here to discourage people to own my cars, cause the traffic here is not that bad like my country, like crazy and it's a big place enough ! Duh! But the place is really nice, smaller than I expected though, otherwise I would have dropped by at somewhere else and didn't realised my card is a temporary topped up, should have went but nahh, everything is expensive for me, nothing much I can claim though. Maybe next time, it's not a big place here and there's many tourist though. Lots of picture for today's post! This place is nice to relax your mind! I gotta say this place I am loving it though, it's near Marina Bay where I always only managed to pass by. I am gonna post more videos for tomorrow, there's quite a few though. Don't wanna be overwhelmed with pictures for today's post. 

I admit that this place did cure my frustration and mood though. It's to have a walk of my own at times. I am independent and yes, I don't know it to him. I only show him the weak side, you know what to do when you're with whom. This is life man. I managed to keep myself on track with my songs and daily tasks though. Gonna just transfer them once I am back home and continue to rush my retrieve when I am back as well. gonna plan for my one day replacement and settle my claims next week. I am getting busier and busier from time to time though. Good thing? Yea I would say, to improve myself. I had a lot of thoughts while walking around this place. I saw there's many Westerners here too. I wanna be like them, like a professional working in overseas. I really want to. This is a good start, I am struggling but not giving up to be better and to be like them, business trip, overseas work. I just enjoy travelling around for work. I have this coming through, I hope more opportunity to come. Be smart, wise and positive, you can do it always believe you can and you will. I am already on the track, hopefully halfway is coming soon. This one year is a very crucial year for me, in terms of career and health. It's not just about business trip or stress, but it's also a good time short getaway. I never thought it would be this place but I am thankful for this experience. Thank you, I will appreciate it and improve myself for a better future! 


14 September 2017

Singapore Trip 2

Well, gonna talk about my Singapore business trip Day 2! It has been good so far though. Better than I expected. Day 2 was a little packed as I had a morning meeting, rushed my stuff but ended it was postponed, wasted my time! I have more important stuffs to do! It's so much easier to be close to them to work with them. GRRR! I wish I was based here. Then training for the whole evening and my humble manager share some stuffs about places to go around but I guess I am only able to pick one place to go, I prefer sight seeing than shopping though. Moreover everything here is expensive for me! I am already pressured enough spending here. Feeling really tensed and stress, limit my spending since I did not bring much cash as well. Feeling sad though, I think it's a good opportunity here as well, can consider myself working here. Met my old friend here after work as well, I was late since my wifi suddenly did not work well in the office, he brought me around to eat, spend me. Not bad though. Didn't realised we known each other for some time. Time passes really fast though and the place is really small though. One end to another end is only an hour plus unlike at my place it could take hours though. Earning the income here could be good but not for long term though. It could be boring though. Not much place to hang out. Hmmm. Maybe I am living in a city that is convenient I guess that's why I feel nice at the moment. I wanna travel one more places and gonna do some research. I had an enjoyable dessert as well! Feeling thankful though. 

I feel inspired coming to this trip actually, to work even harder and better. I need to do well, I wanna to be based here. or even better in other Western countries. There's so many different cultures here, Thailand, Korean, China, India and so on. How did these people get into these places cause I want to as well. Even Malaysian turned PRs are here as well! I am feeling envious, really do. I feel like I am already on the right track. Feeling hyped and positive about here at the moment and I hope it's correct. Fingers crossed. Office here is much nicer than my current one, though it's a little far from city but it's nice, for a short term to earn money. I am considering here now, like what the hell? I used to dislike this place though from my first job experience. I have one day left, leaving tomorrow already and I am quite worried about my credit card bill already. Must be pilling up, gosh! Just a few nights and this is crazy enough ad. I need to earn more money, like seriously. 

I had a good experience and hope to have more good experience with my new workplace. Feeling optimistic. Work hard and smart! Let's excel in my work!


13 September 2017

Singapore Trip

Well, travelled to Singapore for a training since Monday, alone. It's a good experience though. I took the Grabcar to the airport, thankfully there's people at that time to send me, stupid thing is the person's waze has some problem so I had to wake up my mum to drop me where he is. I am in hurry and scared that I am late so yea, had to do so. I only slept for two hours after packing my stuffs. Woke up and straight away headed to the airport. Checked in my bag and sat a few hours waiting for my flight. Looking at people having good life travelling around for leisure while I travel for work. I love business travel, I feel professional but I also like to travel for leisure too. I love to travel. I also hope that I have more work like this and apparently and hope it really is, this job is close to it. I wanna excel really, even more when I touched down the office here and the place. I feel emotional and excited at the same time that I finally had the chance to have a business travel. My first one and I really hope that I have more to come, not just to Singapore but to more places that I would like to go. The sad part is, I am alone though. When I touched down office, I was amazed. The place is really nice and it would be a place that I would stay long to work for. The benefits are good and people are friendly. How does these foreigner got the job there? I am really curious! I wanna be like them too, traveling around and being professional, envious! So that's why I need to work hard to excel within a year! The company here is really  big and relax. KL office is not that bad too but I would prefer environment like here more. Mixture of multiracial people from overseas. I am worried and scared. I am struggling to cope but I keep reminding and telling myself that I can do this, I will make it. I will be as professional as them, I can do it. I will be, the youngest to do well I hope. You can do this and you will make it! One thing about here, everything is so expensive!! I dare not to purchase much thing at all. The local currency is also bad, that's why I only set myself a limit to prove it, I am getting old and I need to do it well! PERFORM! I HOPE THAT I AM ALREADY ON THE RIGHT TRACK! 

Packed with training schedules for two days though, I am also busy with my own stuffs that I need to handle within this week. I need to settle everything by this week since next week is also a long weekend and the big event is coming up as well. Gosh, I just joined in and there's such a big event tender to me to join as well. GRRRR. Never mind, it's a good experience. I don' wanna be envious anymore, I wanna be someone that people would be envious of. One year is my limit to prove myself. Work and wise beyond it. I keep pushing myself. I need to. I need to walk a lot after work as well to look around my place. Apparently there's quite a few places to look around here though. I walked half way the first day and I went back to hotel cause I was too tired, continue my journey again the next few days . I just like to explore new places. I just need to look around despite whether a not I am buying anything. The currency here is really strong. I never like this place though but never thought my chance would start from here. A good start, accept it with a big heart. 

I have lots to do once I am back, especially with my retrieving! I missed out for five days, imagine how much I could have done within a week. I am gonna make use of the public holidays next week to do it! It's gonna be sleepless nights again. I just wanna rush be and be fast in schedule cause I wanna do more things in 2017. I wanna rest too, staring at the computer for too long and also missed out too many meet ups. Not persistent with my cleaning anymore cause I am too concentrate on my retrieving. Wanna get back everything on track by December. I wanna increase my value at the same time fighting with my work so I wanna brush up my two languages, Mandarin and Korean. Hopefully by 2019 I can take up German or Japanese! I wanna fight for my salary after a year, so yeah. Time to stress up myself and develop and improve myself to be a better and successful person in my career. My health needs to be perpendicular as well, in good condition. Working hard and doing well, so far so good and it needs to be till the end. TILL THE END SUCCESS! BE STRONG AND DETERMINED! 


12 September 2017

Catch Up with Friends

Last Sunday was also a meaningful day for me as I had a good catch up time with my old friends. I slept right away once I am back from sisha, wanted to wake up early to settle some stuffs but I kept snooze the phone to wake up a little earlier but ended up my friend postponed the meeting time. The least I get to finish my drama list that I missed. I am gonna be away just for a week, I am just already panic with my daily routines! pfftt. I still can't forget my daily blog update though. So yeah, when the time was up, I went to Bangsar Village to meet up with my old Korea friend, it has been some time and I love this place the second as well but it's always jam. Maybe I should hang out often here as well. Okay, I just prefer high end places because I prefer places that has more Westerner people. I would say for now as from my experience to these places, people are more civilise I would say, more EQ to put at it, everyone speaks English like I do the least. They have many nice restaurants and cafes too! I get to see many nice cars as well, but the parking and traffic is the pain in the ass though! I had mashed potato at our favourite place, the three little pigs and a wolf if I remember the name of the place right, it has nice food though but I prefer to try at different places though. It has been some time since I meet up with my oppa! We had so much to talk about and he has so much to tell. It really has been some time, it's good to know that he's doing good in work or love life too! :) At least I still have a Korean friend that I still manage to keep in touch with and still here though. I miss my old Korean gang though. I miss hanging out with them so much. I felt like everything happened at the right time and I appreciated the experience I had with them, the memories whether it's good or bad, I treasure it, they were meaningful to me. A good one I would say. Time passes really fast. It's gonna be end of the year soon yoh! I had to rush to another appointment with my another friend after some chat with him, we had more to talk about actually. As usual, it was a spend from my dear OPPA! Thank you! :) 

Rushed home so that my friend could give me a ride to our next destination, it's just around our housing area thankfully. I wanted to try the cafe for some time. There's another one I wanna try around my house as well. Hopefully soon enough I am able to try again. We spoke for really long hours in the cafe though! We have this chemistry that we can chat about anything, I finally able to meet here and finally able to open up my dad's story to her, not sure if she believe it but I felt like I can tell her. I felt like we have similiar attitude, I almost explode telling my story but the least I am able to hold it. She is experiencing some similiar difficulties as well. I can understand how it goes, probably mine would be worst, but I have passed through mine, mature and change for the good. She's a nice person and I hope to keep in touch with her for a long term. She is venturing something different now. I can relate to her stress trying to be better in terms of career for her family. I can totally feel her. That's why, I am willing to share so much with her. Not like we are able to meet so much though. Feeling and chemistry is important though. I hope this is genuine enough. Some people just come to your life for some reason, appreciate it yoh! Once in a lifetime, this cafe has special drinks though. I wanted to try their black sesame latte but it was finished! Must be nice ! So I ordered sweet potato instead, it's quite sweet though but the taste is unique! I think I like this place better than the precious one! Thumbs up, the food looks nice as well but quite pricey though I would say. We chatted so long that we didn't realised how fast time passed! I had to rush but to meet my bae later that as well before I leave for Singapore that day~ 

We went all the way to Publika to attend the Bon Adori though, my first event and there were many people though, I thought it was quite big, but ended up quite small though. Most people wore the Japanese kimono, looking nice and decent though. There were ice cream and nice food sold though, if he wasn't there, I am sure that I would had the ice cream! I missed it too bad. Publika wasn't a place that's always crowded with people but that day it was though! At the same time, tried to find some restaurant to do some research on my event, there's not many suitable place to do though. I managed to get a new one in Solaris Mont Kiara instead. Gonna do lots of email catch up today or tomorrow though after my training since I managed to finish my drama, I can try to finish to finalise the hotels and event venue by this week so that I can have a peaceful long weekend again this week and the following week. I have many events coming up though. Till the second week of October the least and hope lesser events later that, I need a break man! I hope early years do not have much events as well! GRRRR! Why do they have so many events though! I have so much to catch up still! My training finally after a month that I have been lost, gonna blog about it more the next few days. I am gonna be back soon!


11 September 2017

The Movie IT and outing!

Last Friday once I got back from work, I got myself ready and had some dinner and rushed to watch movie with my aunts and cousin. Basically I was out for the whole day though. It was a tiring day and I wasn't quite well actually though. Cause I get to see my little nephews though, they are so adorable! He plays the piano so well, I think we got closer now! :) I am feeling pleasant though. It's more hard to get closer with the younger want though. He is too shy and pampered. Anyway, we watched IT the movie. It's basically not bad though the movie has just mostly bunch of kids. They are good at acting and the kids are cute! Here's a short fact about the movie. The story is adapted from Stephen King's and I love his books! It's not easy to get a collection of his best stories but this is good though! Thumbs up and no regrets watching it! I am on track with the latest movies! There's more nice movies next week though!  

It is a 2017 American supernatural horror film based on Stephen King's 1986 novel of the same name. Produced by New Line Cinema, KatzSmith Productions, Lin Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures,[5] it is intended to be the first installment in a planned duology. The novel was previously adapted into a 1990 miniseries.[6] The film tells the story of seven children in Derry, Maine, who are terrorized by the eponymous being, only to face their own personal demons in the process.[7][8]
The film is directed by Andy Muschietti and written by Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga, and Gary Dauberman.[5][9] Jaeden Lieberher and Bill Skarsgård star as Bill Denbrough[10] and Pennywise the Dancing Clown, respectively, with Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen JacobsJack Dylan Grazer, Nicholas Hamilton, and Jackson Robert Scott in supporting roles.[10][5]
Shot in Southern Ontarioprincipal photography began in the Riverdale neighbourhood of Toronto on June 27, 2016, and ended on September 21, 2016.[11][12] Other Ontario locations included Port Hope and Oshawa.[13][14][15]
It premiered in Los Angeles on September 5, 2017 and was released in the United States on September 8, 2017.[16][17] The film has grossed $76 million worldwide and received positive reviews, with critics praising the acting, direction and faithfulness to the novel, and many calling it one of the best King adaptations.[18]

Well, after I reached home, I did some of my songs till quite late though but continue again the next day the whole day till almost night before I head out. I will try my best to finish one alphabet category so when I am back I just need to move to a new alphabet. I hope I can make it in time though. I have yet to pack for my stuffs for today's trip to Singapore and my flight is in the morning. I would be dead tired when I reached there since I only have just a little time of sleep and I am still awake. I need to wake up in a few hours time to get ready for my flight. What a hectic day and I am looking forward actually. My training schedule is packed for the whole week and I need to rush a few stuffs as well. The least I have one replacement leave to use and I can use it for a trip though. Let's see how it goes since I have lots to do at work! But I made it for the weekend and hope to make it till the end, the STOP habit, rushing for my retrieve and so. I am keeping it up still despite I am busy. I should be cleared with my appointment with friends now. Should be more free once I am back. I need to clear lots of stuffs especially my songs! Trying to finish it my end of October though. So that I would use some of November just to sort it out. I wanna take a month break from everything before 2018! The study and lay low year, depending on how my readings gonna be for the year which I would do readings more of the years to see and progress depending on it. Keeping myself positive regardless. It's a new week, I am looking forward! 

Went for a date with bae for the night, I suggested Solaris Mont Kiara and it was a bad idea though. There's not many cafe anymore and it was crowded with people. There's quite a few that's has been closed down, it's not easy to find parking outside as well. I guess I am not gonna suggest there for our date anymore. Maybe somewhere else nearer and not to high end. Not suitable for us though. I should decide according to the situation and party. Just wanna try out, will never know though. I wanna try more new places. Maybe should try out Kuchai Lama/Klang Lama or OUG. I will googled up some for our next outing next time. Let's see how it goes. He's nice enough to tolerate and keep his promise despite he is tired and drove the whole day. I feel bad. I didn't want to talk much during it, cause I kept reminiscence my memories when I was there. I started to talk a lot when we changed location somewhere near his place again. I manage to do some shisha and totally regretted it, not gonna do it anymore. I feel awful after doing the whole thing. the same feeling I had when I did the whole thing in Penang with my friends. No more anymore and no more beers too, it's not good for health and body shape! I have lack of interest with these lately, and guess that I lost interest really fast though! He rushed to send me back worried that I would vomit. HAHA! I thought of finishing the remaining when I am back but I was KOed and I slept till the next day! Update more about the next day for tomorrow's post! and about Singapore the rest of the week! :)