30 May 2016

Belgium Waffle

Catch up with bunch of friends yesterday. It feels good. Bunch of high school friends, look at how time passed so fast. Everyone is at that age where we are all thinking really far ahead. I feel I really aged a lot. I should have researched the place before going there, it's really not a good place for a catch up at all besides the Mcdonald there. Afternoon would be a good time though. Maybe I will drop by this weekend, if I have some time. 

While waiting for my friend, I dropped by at an opened cafe, Life Tree. From the outside, the place looks nice. So I decided to drop by to have a look. I never want to order a drink since it's famous for coffee. I can't drink coffee, my body just can't digest it well. So I decided to order a Belgium waffle instead, regretted it. It's quite a big portion and I really do not want to finish it if it's not because of the price. Aside the decoration, the ice cream is just simple inlike Bookmark's. The waffle is just soso. I don't think I would drop by here anymore. I am looking forward to try the other two cafes there. 

Oh it's the Monday blue and it's school holiday as well. I wish there's work holiday as well. My last week, my last shot! Let's do it! 

29 May 2016

Art Coffee - Bookmark Cafe

Yesterday was a hectic day! Basically went out for the whole day! I woke up early for class, half day gone. Back home, went out with mum for shopping  since it's sales. Great, I spent so much yesterday that I need to fast next month as well. Freaking great. Damn freaking great, back home a while, get myself ready and off to some chit chat session with le friend. Went to Beary Pottery Studio Cafe but their water was cut off, there's limited of order on the menu, I guess they can understand why we left without ordering anything. Hop to Bookmark Cafe, coffees were quite promising with the arts. The pancakes were quite okay as well. Not great but quite okay. 

They are cute aren't they? There are so many cafes around Taman Connaught now! There weren't any during my time man! Now there's like five cafes there! I am so envious with the students there now, guess I would hang out there pretty often as well since it's not far from my place! I need to try out the rest of the 4 cafes since I tried 1 out of 5 of it! I am really outdated now, sadly. 

Weekend is scary for me as I can't hold it. With le mum and friends definitely some gained. I can't. I need to try to achieve my exact target this week! Fingers crossed. 

28 May 2016

Seafood Day

Oh well, yesterday was a pre-celebration for my sister's birthday! So mum cooked lobster, crabs and clams! Basically, there's no greens but just seafoods! It has been so long with ate so good. Really so long, ever since.... I have a few pictures, but this is the best to be posted out. It's so delicious though! There's one more kind of crab that my mum cooked, the Marmite kind. And the lobster was garlic flavour. Best meal of the year. 

I can guess the personality after almost a month, oh well. I guess I just have to accept it and go with the flow. I am feeling a little tension these days. Trying to keep myself calm as much as possible. 

Class later in the morning, it has been some time! I have not been attending class for half a month! There's much to catch up now! 

I wanna hang out tonight but friends are either working or celebrating occasions. TT

27 May 2016

TOPIK I Results.

I was supposed to check my TOPIK 1 results yesterday was the traffic was so heavy that the page has been loading for hours. I am still not able to check my results yet. I am feeling so anxious right now! I really need to know my results! And yet, it's not letting me to check. How can it be so jam! Damn it.

I was suppose to meet my friend, but she can't make it last minute and I wore so nice just to meet her. HAHA! Oh well. I had a big ulcer on my mouth anyway, I can't really talk or eat much well. It hurts a lot! I never had such a big ulcer for so long! Touch wood, hopefully no more in future. The pain made me became blur for the whole day and a little pissed off. I hate the feeling. 

May is coming to an end and June is coming, this is so scary! Time passes so fast that it's already mid-year. I have been working for the same company for the past 1 year plus! I broke the record but still long way more to go! I can bear with this and move on till early 2017! I can do this! Patience is the key! The bright future is coming soon! Fighting! 

I am happy to receive a message from my Korean friend that is now in UK! He still remembers that I like UK a lot. Updated me his whereabouts and the place, aww so nice of him! I really miss UK. I wanna go back there some day. He's gonna be there for two years and I am so envious. I wish I had a career like him. But of course a price to pay. He works his ass off to earn what he has now. I mean, it's worth it though. I wish I can as well. The field is the problem I would say. I am so envious. When is it my turn to make people envious instead. 

26 May 2016

Finished! HSK 4 preparation!

I am finally done with my Chinese books and now I am ready to start my HSK 4 past year papers! This is so nerve wrecking! It has been so long since I purchased this book but have yet to use it. Look hard even with a glimpse but hell yeah, I would probably take the exam on August. Don't wanna rush the exam. Wanna score well. Oh gosh, today is my TOPIK 1 result! I am only able to view it after 3PM, I am feeling really nervous with my scores. I wanna know how much I got badly! I hope it's not bad! Fingers crossed. 

Okay, I need to stop revealing so much about myself again. To be on the safe spot, I do not know how is the person like yet, this could be dangerous! I need to be really cautious man. I am so careless again, spilling out nonsense. Leave it to be suspicious! Oh please. Speak less about yourself. More on work okay? Grr. hate being a lady. Talk too much. ==

That's all for today. Gonna meet up my ex-colleagues again tonight with probably another batch! It has been so long and hope I did not shocked then with my new look. 


25 May 2016

Blood Donation Day

Yesterday was my blood donation day! I have been wanting to do this for some time! This is only my second time doing so, hopefully I am able to donate more in future. I think it's a good thing that I can donate and hopefully to save life. I studied this major myself, so yeah, I know how important blood is. My test was fine before the donation, apparently after the blood donation, my hand swell and my blood pressure was low. I did feel a little dizzy and nausea at that moment, but it wasn't quite serious. They were worried and kept looking up after me. Even get the doctor consultant to see if I am fit to take off, but really, I feel warm with the service there. Nice nurses! 

I am feeling confused now, I do not know how to judge. Hard to and not wanting to anymore. I am scared that I would do it the wrong way. Shake away all the bad thoughts. Don't forget the karma man. It's not a joke when it comes. 

I am so close to what I want to achieve. A week more to it and hopefully that's it. Little bit more to go! I can do this! Getting more healthy soon! I need too already! 

24 May 2016

Frustration and sleepy.

I really hating this. So much of problem. One thing finished settled, and another one arise. What in the world is this? I did not have enough sleep. I can't sleep well these days which I do not know why though. Especially yesterday. I don't wanna explain what happened. It's not pleasant. 

I have nothing to update for the day. 


23 May 2016

Bingsu Day ~

Yesterday was a Bingsu day! Ate two rounds of Bingsu at two different places! First thing first, fetch my mum and her friends to their gathering, me and my sister head to SS15 for lunch. Thought of having simple lunch, found some Korean restaurant and it became the Korean food day! I saw this restaurant name in the web before, Kimchiharu. There's variety of foods but I think it's just the pancakes are nice. The rest was just normal as of the price. It wasn't pricey but quite reasonable. They even have a guest house above, looks pretty nice. Even Subang now has so many Korean restaurants, I am confused a little if I am in Malaysia or in Korea, or sometimes, in Bangladesh. Oh well, multi-racial country. I don't understand why Koreans like here. The opposite for us though. 

After lunch we went for Bingsu at the OWL:S CAFE. I think they have one of the nicest bingsu in town. The price is not that pricey and it's nice! Thumbs up! I have tried all the bingsu introduced in Klang Valley. I definitely would recommend this place. Sorry missed out some pictures. Will take some the next time I am there, will definitely be a second time! :) After the bingsu cafe, we went to a pet cafe at PJ, Clawset Cafe! OMG, I have the best day of my life to be able to see a Corgi! So freaking cute and chubby! I wanted to take some pictures but it keeps moving around and hard for me to take a picture! But hell yeah, she's so adorable! I wanna have one badly! On my way in, there's a baby Husky! OMG! Effin cute! I can't resists but stopped right away and played with it, he's still a puppy! OMGOMG! TOO CUTE! I forgot about the owner if he's okay if I touched him. Sorry! He's way TOO CUTE that I forgot everything else around me! Nothing melts my heart better than dogs. Wanna impressed me, can just get me a cute dog! 

After fetching my mum back, we went for a second round of bingsu at Seoul Bing cafe at Genting Klang. But it was quite disappointed and expensive as well. Probably wouldnt be there anymore. End up having out dinner there as well. The food wasn't really good as well, sadly. Pricey too. Gosh, I spent a lot today! Guess I need to stay in next month onwards! I said that last month but I kept spending as well. But it's over the budget already! I NEED TO STOP SPENDING! PLEASE SAFE MONEY JERICA!!!! OVERSEAS REMEMBER! SAVE!

According to my Korean friend, from the look it doesn't look nice though. HAHA!

22 May 2016

The Tour, The Meet Up

I slept in yesterday! Like finally a great big rest after a whole week. Guess I have enough energy now to resume my classes next week! Getting busy real soon! I wanna start my work out too with a new plan since I have got good advices from my ex-colleague! I can't wait to try it out. Again, I have no time to finish my workbook which I supposed to by this week! DAMN IT! 

I was in dilemma whether if I wanna attend the meet up today but end up I did though. I skipped the Central Market Tour and just continued with the dinner meet up and AKU CAFE, art gallery cafe, pretty good environment but a little warm. Soothing environment though and quiet, price is good as well but quite hard to find for first timer. The only picture I took. It's near Petaling Street, right behind Mandarin Pacific Hotel. 

Well, I am not as active as I use to after many activities, maybe due to my diet and lack of exercise. I think I really should and must start the plan next month to gain back my cycle! It's getting worst and worst. Really need to put this in concern, otherwise. 

Later in the afternoon, would need to fetch my mum to her meet up. The least, my mum need to hang out to spend some time too. So I thought might as well, I hang out around there. So yeah, let's see how instead. 

21 May 2016

The Night Out - Karaoke!

Finally after for some time, I am finally able to go for a karaoke session. Sang with my sister and we have just nice time to sing more of the songs we wanna sing! I am losing my voice now and having a little sore throat but feeling satisfied. We did not book though so we had to wait for half an hour so we decided to drop by Starbucks for a drink. The new Berry flavour, a little sweet but not bad. They are having some promotion right now. 

Oh well, ironically, lunch time was the farewell for current colleague, and dinner time with ex-colleague, on the same day. I have been eating a lot today since the whole day. I wanna achieve my goal earlier, next week but.... this is not working well already! Persistent! I need to. It has been fun and nice to catch with the old mates. My girl's talk colleague. What about me? It's a dude now, I am just curious. 

I need to stop eating, otherwise I can't achieve it by next wee! OH HELP! I still have little more to go. I mentioned I wanna exercise since last month but I really need to consider to exercise regularly from next weekend onwards. I really need to loose a few more before starting. Oh please! 

I am so sleepy typing this blog actually. but I still did. My eyes are closing but yea. Life goes on! FIGHTING!