25 February 2007

7 Day of CNY =))

went time squre 2dayy. heex =D
can sayy fuun baa ^^
n b4 dat . my frens came tu my hss ler!
those hu came MY HS N TS

my mum nid 2 trips 2 fetch us tu cempaka station. rreach ts ad. half wan watch THE PROsTEGE . half dun wan . but at last. sbs geng separate wit us. v go wit ex-skolmates. b4 go for de movie. v went for bowling. WONG again de highest mark ! ishh . haha. den later go for a movie lorr. not bad lar .at least better den dat day v watch de SEED OF DARKNESS . but de show more on drugs. =.= . DANIEL WU damn yeng in dat show ler ! haha.

after movie leh. v went for dinner . dat time . lvra n esther go bak d. dat time left MI CHIA PEI WONG KENG HONG MARCUS n LEO . v ate at duno wat kopitiam shop. while eating . tiba2 got 3 AQUA came n sit de next table. =.=. all laugh. cannot wat. lols. damn funny ler dey all. keep laughing. especialy WONG . paling nice view. directly in front. lol. too bad JASON not here. =D . laugh until make mi laugh also . ><.

later dat. v go bak lorr. marcus n leo went down 2 pandan indah station. as de rest cempaka station. ^^. i can consider have my enjoyable day. ^^

23 February 2007

* walalla *

huhu. =p n0t goinq sk0l 2m0r0. ^_^
soriie. but no ch0ice. if not i wil go 2. cuz jus til 12.00
so short . X.X

*sigh*. SAT is de DAY ! las day 2 enjoy for CNY ! weeee =p.
mus enjoy til mati-matian ! *ZZZ*

i lazy 2 wriite m0re. =p. i wil make mi write on SAT . ^__^

5th day of CNY =)

absent 2daee =) din go tu sk0l
shud i go tu skol 2m0r0 ? =.=. tell mii .
i dun feel like goinq. my class. if i go . i think i m de oni chinese hus goin. T.T so go jor like lonely. no1 peii mii .

all no naughty dun wan goo. me wan guaii. but no1 peii . lols. =p
nvm . if i can wake up . den go lor. if cannot geh wahh . jiu bu yao goo lor. bijakk kannn . wakakkaa.

my angpau . ngekk =p. havent stop receiving. hop 2 get m0re m0re m0re!! *greedyy* haha. exam next week weii . =p. i din study at all. *CRAP* i m gona FAIL . nono. wun wun . =p. mus pass.fail no go0d! ^^
JERICA MUS SCORE FLYING COLOURS .! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee =p *siaoo*

dats all nuthin 2 write . =p

22 February 2007

lulululu =p

yooooooooo=p not goin skol =D
bz wit my relatives , pai nian.
prepare for SAT ;s visitors.
30 ppls been invited . but not all can make it.
hop not HALF OF IT cant make itt.
packing my roon is de IMPORTANT thinq.

while packing . i was thinkinq a lot. =))
suddenly i was of friendship. where can i find a true friendship that helps you no matter what;s your problem is. ?
or exactly i have one already ? *sigh* did i ?
i found 1. but cant predict de early stage of it . u wil never noe till summore reali bad happen to you. thier true faces . u wil noe.
dun ever judge humans by iits looks. n de first time u met dem dat faz.
APPEARANCE wil never b de truth.
no matter how good looking its that fella. it wil never tell u that his inside heart is good. anyone agreee ? =D.
nahh =)) i m not that prefect too . hee.
no one is prefect in these world.
if anyone tell mi there is. i CHOP thier head OFF .!

thats all peepz ! update soon . =))

4th day on CNY =))

lulululu =p iits ad de 4th day. 2m0r0 got sk0l . but not g0innq. =P
fri . hmm. stil thinking wana go a n00t?
mayb no . or yes. neway. i dun think so i m goinqq.

i been invited tu SHERRY n POOI MUN hs. but
duno wen my dad wwana goo.
goinq tu CHIA PEI hs tuu . =D ang pauuu !!! haha.
i havent stop getting angpauu . de day havent ennddd. ! ngekkk =((

PRINCCES HOUR roxx! i jus watched de first episod yesterday!
so nice weii ! de 2 guys so leng jaii . yeng ! diaoo ! weee =p
de gurll leh. no comment. =D . funny tuu. nicenice! mus burn de show !
hehe. next show isshh. hmm.
fei lun hai show arr!
i m waiting .! waiting for that show .! "CANT WAIT "

neway. i think dats all for 2daes p0stt.
update more laterr n sum other time. =))

thx fur readiinq . ^ ^

21 February 2007

another bl0gg fur 2daee =))

llalalala =p new post for 2daee. nono. another post. =D
wentt tu grandmaa hss.
den alll aunty uncle came my hss GAMBLEE .
syok la gamble.
i tak gamble . i budak baikk. =))

*sigh*. i m here. updating my blog while dey playing cards
sunddenly i was thinking bout him . *GRIN*
exactly why i like him ?
he dont even care bout mii. ~~
sms oso din bother . apatah lagi msn. T.T
liking him was easy . but not too . but kind of hardd. not reali but. i noe i can do it. ^^

forget bout that. not important for this age anewayy. =))
stay wit de REAL n ORIGINAL JAY ZHOU ! =)
awww. how i wish ?
ehh . crapp. i m dreaming .
JERICA choo . ! STOP dreaming .!
studyyy studyy studyyy ! exam cuming arr.! lol.

20 February 2007

3 rd day of CNY =)

de 3rd day of CNY =) . time passees damnn fazz. iits been a while i
did not update my bl0gg. well =(. updating n0w.
angpauuss. ! haha. cant wait til de end of CNY n count de amount i gott . =D

i m gona keep dis angpau money myself for JAY ZHOU 's concert ! weeeeeeeeeee =p
muss go dis timee.
dis feww dayss. digg 0ut all JAY 's old album musiic 2 liistenn.
*awww* . reali nicee. i shud hav like him wen he start his first album .
i reali admire him . reali a amazing composer.
i wish i were like him . pianoo. *sigh*.
lots of my fren asking WHY JERICA LIKE JAY SO MUCH ?
why why why ?
my answer =PP cuz hes talented. his compose nice songs. he sings well.
he kind of cool sumtimes. n cute tuu . =DD.
every show he acted . i wun miss it ! i wil make sure i watch it no matter how bz m i or how boring is de show iss ! .

finally i got back my MP4 . jus dled all my music in yesterday.
aww. MP4 back by my siide. =)) . relatives came yesterday tuu.
so far theres oni 1 relative came. T.T.
wish for m0re ! but my parents dun sseems tu wish more as dey hav tu gif out many angpaus!
xD. ngekngek. we syok syok ambil angpau. dey syok syok bagi angpau. lols ;p

i m havin an invitation tu my hs dis SAT 24 FEBRUARY 2oo7.
at 12.30 pm.
those hus invited pls gif mi ur answer as soom as possible.
those hu din get invited my also cum. my braiin cant st0re dat many pppl..
u wanna cum along ? jus inform mi at de tagboard there. i 24 hours check . ^^