31 March 2007

running =\(

ran 3 n de half rounds 2dae. =.=", so tired. summ0re hav 2 run again 2m0r0 . T.T.
sure tireed de
2m0r0 watching movie . weee =p . watch haunted skol le. ^^.

2dae tuition as usual. lots of nice thin happeen. hav 2 confirm de "xx" by next week wei ! den perfect ! =p

30 March 2007

stae backk

stay back a while for de undian things.
i vote for hu as a head prefect ?
nahh. not gonna tell here. ask mi if u wan =))
part of u hu read might have noe. or guess correct .

things getting better. but i dun feel comfortable anym0re.
feel like avoiding. but cant. known so long. cants jus vanish like dat.
wil nv let dat happen . =). not guud= ) n no matter wat.
jus less of mixing 2gether. n talking. since de distance is far. though 1 of it is near. but well. no choice. too long. =D. too long ~ =D .

i fount my lovely orange bag ad ! thank god ! =) thx to de cleaner dat pass 2 aizudin . ! thx a lot ! god bless ya ! muaxx! i got back all my stuffs. ! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =p. thx for ee von comfort. =) chehhwahh. haha.

29 March 2007

bagg l00st. ;'(

wth. my sis left my bag at her skol . or so called been stolen. =.=". argh. hearrt siick weii . my orange baggg. i wan it bak ! i curse dat arse hole wun hav gud life if dun gif bak mi ! hehh !

28 March 2007

suckie day

shes no longer to be trusted anym0re. i m confuse. i m not sure 2 trust her or not.
argh. y dis thing happen ? duudud =p. ign0re na. concentrate on studies. =)) .

2day ? al play bingo again during physics. =.=". play until syok ad. =p. den finsih hw ad. report havent finish ! oopps. nvm ba. borrow any1 hu fnish ad de. hehe.

i duno wat 2 write liao . ciao

27 March 2007

fun =) funny =x sux =d

ghost storiee damn syok 2daee. yasmin damn good in telling ghost storiie. every1 scared of her storie. lols. yeng jye n lvra duno y shout. den every1 larii. =D. damn funny n scaryy weii. de way yasmin tell n react. omgg. damn nice. ==)). den started wit many ghost story pulak. =p. during chemistry, all play bingo wit calculator =.=" but anyway fun =(. i m starting 2 love my class. i forget everythin . bout fake jay harry potter. ijus realise i dun even care bout fake jay. hes nuthing to mi. not important as well . =p

ahh . god. dat bitch reali making mi piissed wirt her. argh. wat ever. forget bout dat facker. make mi fann oni ='(. wana care or not if up 2 X. fed up ad. dun wana bother ad. 2 many thins 2 care n handle. plus her ? i dun gif a damn bout it.

huhu. 2dae photo shooting i sit agaiin ! weee =p. haha. every year oso sit nicenice =) . 2m0r0 pbsm photo shooting weii . =) naib pengerusi. heee. dududuud =D. siaoos. k lar . dats alll.

26 March 2007

bored. sien .

bored day =) sien =) nuthin to do =) oni can study =( sigh

noe a new leng jai net fren. haha.
i remmeber ur full name la
c ! . i remmember . heh.

25 March 2007

tiired ;;

after add maths tuition at universal. went 2 martin straight aways. so tired. cant stop no rest. even weekend got tuition. sigh. wat a dayy. next week . lots of photo shooting 2 take . ^^ PBSM ASTRONOMI n class picture. nice . =)) hmm

let mi c if i got anything school work to do . =)
BM - - no work
bi - no work
add math - no work
math - no work
chemistry - no work
physic - report - ( half way )
biology - report - halfway
EST - presentation - waiting for shwu ling on9 2 send mi
pmoral - project . havent start. nid 2 pass up on june or mei ?
pjk - no work =.='

tuitiion n revision =(
bm - no work
bi - no work
maths - revison = finish up chap math dat finish studied
add maths = revision = revison n tuition -
- chemistry - finisih revise wat teached
biology - same thing
physics- same ting

overall - skol i jus got pmoral project n est work to do.
tuition . jus add maths i nid 2 do de work
n revison - i nid 2 revise maths add maths n perdagangan .

at least i list out . i feel better. =)

welll- i think dats all.

24 March 2007

hate her ; pissed off ;

argh god. damn piissed wit her . F****.
damn it . feel like slapping her 2dae. iidiot.
i dun wanna say it . but i m jus damn bloody piissed .
i dun wanna mixed much wit her anymore.
guess wat dey say its right. i try not too anym0re . make sure even ! GRRR~!

forget bout dat damn thin lar. de treasure hunt thingie oso make me fan ad. cannot ganti add math tuition. shoooot . if dun hav marks for co-curiculum. den i quite. if got. den i think i hav 2 skip add maths tuition . but i dun wan ler! hav 2 ask AH SENG wat he gona teach next week .soob. sigh. mus make sure by 2m0r0 ler ! so sorie mei yan if i cant join . reali soriieeeeeeeeeeee =)

den . aih. zhong zi . fan lar dis week n next week. so many thin 2 think. n den report blum siap. project moral oso havent start. est presentation oso havent finish. gosh. so many thin 2 do man . duno how i survive.
2m0r0 after tuition reali mus finish every report ad. den start moral thingies ad. !

dats all peeps ! ciaoos.

23 March 2007

rain rain rain. hujan hujan hujan

keep raining these few days . i think cus of CAP GOH MEII =)
morning rain . evening rain. nite rain . phew ~! cold

argh. tuition 2m0r0. lazy 2 goo ler. ADD MATH tuition rumah blum siap ! oops. =p. malas 2 do lar. so hard de ! mus crack my head 2 do! . even chemistry oso i think til headache leh! goshh.. chemistry formulae stuff so hard ! mus do lots of exercise. ! ^^ . hop 2 pass add maths for mid term . i mean all subj if can .

huuu =D. i think dats all. sayo nara.

22 March 2007

reports . T.T

lots of reports to do. =.=".
so many experiment 2dae. quite fun =)
BIO wit shwu ling's group. de most succesful experiment group. hee.
Physic wit theresa's group. damn nice. funny n fun.

awww =). suddenly think of past went pass by SK .taman muda. i miss dat skol . miss my younger times. miis every enjoyable day i hav. miss de day wit frens. de fun time. de hapy times. T.T. i reali miss all of dem ! xiang hui dao guo qu ~! how nice if i m allowed too. sigh.

next and for all. i m done wit my storyy =).

21 March 2007

tired =) sleepy =z

so tired 2daee =.='/ stupid wheather . make every1 in class . sleepy.
every1 look bz 2daye. dudu, n suddenly every1 so hardworking.
wat a weird day? lols

2m0r0 koko . =S. wat shall i feel ? astronomi stuff havent doo. sumtimes i jus think dat ZZZ. not a good person. lend a hand oso wun die wans lar. at least XXX got tell u / remind you 2 do wat mar . aihs. duno wat ppl thinking sumtimes. theres 1 in a milion hu think positive in dis world. T.T

n one m0re thing. i jus feel dat OOO is lying mi . sumtimes i dun reali trust OOO. sigh. lie for wat le ? i jus wanna noe de truth. duno means duno lar. no nid say noe wan mar.later terbocor ad lagi malu . though i dun mind as sum ppl like 2 d0 day. syok sendiri la tuuu. =p

20 March 2007

1st day of sk0l =)

GRRRR~! hate sk0l ! back too it agaiinq. =.="
got called tu bring those new form one students 2 thier class. quite fun . get 2 noe parents. sumtimes i jus like whu i m . =) though not alwiz. once in a blue moon.

2dae was sherry last skol at smksbs. leaving too sri cempaka. T.T. gona miss her =D. an empty space again bside mi . sad sad ! gueess i wan pooi mun 2 sit bside mi if she wans. =p. dun wan ? den nvm lor. i can let my bag sit there gehh. no big deal. after all my bagg oso can sit. =')

after recess. all lesson teacher suxx. duno wat de heck dey teaching. semakin dengar . semakin blur. wen can my class get better teacher ? seems de oni teacher i like n listen too went teaching is pn AZHANA! sumtimes i like her teaching . =) better den de rest as well. worth n not wasting time listen wit. ^^

subash dun wanna teach next year ad ! ARGHHHHHHH! dun go plss! i nid you next year! SPM weii ! dun leave lar ! i duno where else to go ad ! SUBASHH ! u cant go awayy ! after my year oni go lar! I CRY WAN AR ! stupuiak XXXX gang lar. make more dirty jokes lar. u c now ! SUBASH dun wanna teach ad! :'(

sighh. dats al!

18 March 2007

sickk. fluu. =\\(

argh.. fluuu . sanfuu weii. tak de pill ad more worst. feel so heavy.
like wanna sleep. cannot ! 2m0r0 i hav 2 go 2 sk0l gah! i mus recover ! ^^ .

so faz skol wanna start ad. =p. wat shud i feel ? happy ? or "oh shoot, sk0l wana start ad " ? sighh*. time passes damn faz. mid year exam cumin another a month . =(. i m not reali ready yet . especially add maths. torturing mii. hard 2 undeerstand but sumtimes quite fun . pheww~! form 4 reali suffers. but i can stand ! ^^

i think dats all i wanna write bout. i m not well. so make it short. ciaoo.

pasar malam + ts. [ din go ] =.="

pasar malam !! ate fish ball mee. diblanja oleh CHIA PEI den bought sum stuffs. jalan2 den balik. went wit chia pei, lvra n ai ling. went 2 ai ling hs b4 go 2 pasar malam. nice hs =)). saw my cousin jeffrey n jonathan in pasar malam . den saw vysnavi. =.=" .

yesterday tuition from 9am too 6.00 . whole day tuition siaoo. ! i starting 2 dislike HARRY POTTER n de GREEN SHIRT GUY ! argHH. talk bout us lar. wth. wonder wat de heck dey talkk. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR~!
nvm. i dun care. i dun even wanna noe bout him ad. forget forget ! dududududuud =p

2day pooi mun , lvra, chia pei, jee ken, show phon, gan, n vincent all went 2 ts skate . i din go. no mood 2 go. not feeling well as well. but hu cares ? i m not de vip oso. moreover i go oso dey got de main reason de. i noe . i wouldn wan 2 say. dey find it easy if i go cus i got XXXX. not money. ok ? lols. i m not dat richh ler.! reli sad wen think bout it. sigh. hu noes? i reali nid "you" 2 listen my problems. i got no1 2 tell too. aihs. guess.i jus hab 2 keep it all 2 myself. ^^

wat i did 2day ? i studied biologi n maths. ^^ ciaoo =p

16 March 2007

GRRR ~ ! pissed !


b0red =) tired =(

jus woke up from naping . =.=' at last i can hav 2 peaceful sleep. n enough too. =)). 2m0r0 nid 2 go tuition from 9.00am too 6.00pm summ0re. omg. whole day tuiition. can pengsann weii. ='(

gonna studyy later. haha. mus study ad. dis long holidays. i din study at alll. went out de whole day or either tuition de whole day. later i got add math tuition summ0re. waa. den sat another add math tuition den might b goin out. grrr. duno wan go 2 de skating in sungei wang a not . lazy go. lols. summ0re sk0l gona start ad. bt de ticket price damn cheap weii. so make mi confuse liaoo. T.T

form four . hmm. so faz ryyte ? i can stil remmeber de time i standard one. noe can u imagine. i m form 4 ad ? oh boy =). i wanna grow younger bakk. turn back timme ! i miss those days. =D. small small cute cute. hahas.

uhh. i think dats all ba. ciaoo.s

15 March 2007

GRRR ~ ! pissed !


tuition 2dae =)

oh b00y =) harry potter. i m starting 2 missing him . ='( wen i wrote dis. came a song BECAUSE I AM A GIRL . damn nice song. its a korean song. meaning full .sad. spectacular mv. i jus love dat song n mv. reali t0ching. de first time i watch . i almost cried. gosh. if u noe y . u wil do de same thins. told hu understand de reason. congrats n tankieq. theres oni 1 % of dis maniacs in dis world hu understand ! so fren ! ur mine ! =D.

i shoudnt hav known de harry potter. i shoudn hav gone 2 de skating trip yesterday. it makes mi like him even m0re. gosh . cute =)). de time he fall n grab mi . make mi realise he is cute. i wish i hav known him earlier. not now. T.T. y my sk0l dun hav such a cute n innocent guy ? nahh. dun think bout it. hes from . XXXX skol. cant reveal. later u guys noe. i wil b end of de world. he was shy 2dae. dun even there 2 look at us. i tot of saying hi. but hes shy. so wat i wanna do ? . lol.s n dat so lou jee ken go n ask him stupid question. wtfish. i duno whether he perasan a not. but goshh. hate JEE KEN ! wanna kiill n strangle him ad ! but arghh. hu cares.

after subash chemistry class. he went bakk. he might b cuming 2m0r0 as well. for physics. i was standing behind him . =)) . cus i wana go take coupon for fri sej class tambahan. den wen i came down . he was standing at de staircase. GOD =(. i pass by damn near 2 him . tot mayb sumting interesting wil happen . but didnt seems too. lol. lalalallalala =p
hes study type tu mii . not like those notyy type of boy. dat attracts mii. =) i marked his physic paper at tuition b4. his writing damn neat. n nice. i can c his smart. =). in de second class as i noe. =). hes cuteeEEE!

shit de whole 2day bout him. ='(

dududuud =p

tuition later ! weee =p. can c harry potter .ahaha. hop he remmeber miie =)). den say hi ! ^^

14 March 2007

Skatinq triip ! =p

oh good =) skating trip 2dae was super fun den de 1st skating trip ! saw fake HARRY POTTER ! damn cute! =p b4 dat. those hu go wit us =)) . SHUW LING . YENG JYE . JAMIE . SHUN PENG. CHIA PEI . MI . CHIA HUI . YAN XIN . YENG JYE 's SIS . ! v all went there by lrt tu PLAZA RAKYAT .den sit bus 10 tu SUNWAY PIRAMID ! skating ! here v cum ! =p.

reach there ! go makan LONG JONES.! while buying. OMG ! saww HARRY POOTTER ! WTH! =D. he ate de same thins tuu. =)) . yuan lai yeng jye ;s sis noe him . ahha. same sk0l ! =((. later dat v went in skating ring ! . by de time show phoon , jee ken n pooi mun ad rreaching. de rest went skate ad. oni waiting for dem. HOW GOOD M I U NOE ! lols. show phon get us 2 ties his shoe laces. =.=". nvm. siince was his first time. den v skateEE! hahaha.

skate half way d. de duno wat. wana clear up de skating ring. den v rest lor. heres de pic i take during resting. =))

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

din take much pic during de skating de time =)). den finally harry potter went in tu de skating ring. yeng jye's go kacau him wit us. haha! he so scare ! he hold de sides till shiver! so cute! went wanna go out. duno for wat d. he was behind mi. den duno y suddenly fo 2 de front . he fell down ! he wanted 2 grab chia pei 2 get up . but den fall agaiin . den grab mi pulak . =p. mi kan baiikk. wth. damn cute . =D. u shud hav seen de incident ! lols.

during skating . stupiak jee ken make mi fall ! hehhh! =p. show phon oso ! iish. wanna make mi fall but sama2 fall ! wakakkaa. push m0re lar huh ! ullululu =p. overall damn syok larr. ! can forget 2daes event ! after skating bout few hours. v finally giff up. leg damn paiin . cannot tahan ad. haha. so v go out makan KFC lor. den de harry potter oso go out ! wakkakaka! damn you yuan ! =p. after eating. here sum pics .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

our group pics !

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

in chia pei 's dad caR!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

my gloves. =))

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

new glove ! cus i tot my glove lost. but finally fouund it ! T.T

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

old gloove. =) not nice . new wan nicer . =p

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

my ticket! wil keep as a rememberance forever !

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

13 March 2007

12 March 2007

pian0e exam 0ver !

finalyy. i end my GRADE 5 piano exam ! YAY!!!!!. over ! i hop i pass dis timee .! PLS ! no m0re careless. i double check dis time ! nono.triple check ! lol.i so scare 2 pass up my paper. til de exam 5 mintues wana over oni i pass upp. =))

2m0ro goin skating ! haha. finally . but soriie ler jun jie. cant meet u . =(. if u can go skating .de story is diferent. but u cant . sum other time .
hop its fun ! hop 2 c HARRY POTTER ! lols. ayaya! waaa. if reali den . ehemm. noe lar ! =D.

din make it 2 tuition 2day. suddenly. but gona go dis weD ! heee. though cannot c HP but duhh ~ . nvm. not dat important. ;;( subash m0re important ! =p .

overall nuthin happen. wait for 2m0r0s update !

piano exam 2m0r0 . =.="

g00shh. so faz. 2m0r0 piano exam ! arghh =)). i m READY ! Yeaa! ~~
revise again 2m0r0 morning . yayaya! haha. dun CARELESS erR! mus score GOOD MARKS ! ^^

g0na sleep early 2daee! wake up early 2m0roo ! weeee =p.

11 March 2007


lululu =p. i went for UNIVERSAL add maths.! not bad de teaching =)) but speaking in cantonese . =.=". lucky i faham. if not . i bazir my duiit. lols. aneway for iits kinda better den aspirasi. met so many ppl. but not all i noe lar of cuss . =(

si CHEE YONG !sit in front mi oso tak perasan ! T.T. until half way class pandang belakang oni saw mii .! sobsobss. saayy i nv call him. how 2 call ar. his gf there ! lols. leng luii woor =)). overall de class was fun n great. i understand wat he teached. soo no REGRETS!

later that i rush 2 cempaka station ! ee von waiting for mi . de go 2 martin tuition pulak. makan 1st . den go tuition. almost late. but lucky JEE KEN cop place for us. if not hav 2 sit de terasing chair. sux lar. not table 2 write. for de first time i sat paling inside. ! tak biasa. n de tall big guy in front of mi blocking my damn view ! argh. cannot c ! n summ0re so damn freaking h0t ! damn air cond din work ! Fish. ~! make mi hot for de whole SUBASH class.! HENG HENG HENG ~!

well. den . dats all i guess. skating trip i nid de confirmatiionn ler.! plss HURRY ! i nid a day 2 choose. =)

10 March 2007

tuition =p

sk0l. din do much stuffs. b0red. if i hav known . i woudnt cum 2 sk0l ler. ! wasting tiime . piano exam next week . havent mem0rise. gonna do it laytaa. =p mus sc0re distinction, dis time . or even merit. no m0re careless!

tuition was tired. argh. i cant tahan during bm lesson. den maths. sat wit an sbu guyy . =.=". toot of siiting wit . HARRY POTTER .! lol.s damn cute weii 2daee. SEJ class. he sat in front of miie.! not exactly in front lar. 1 sit beside. haha. means his GREEN SHIRT fren sit in front mi lor. oso not bad de. =p. heard dey were saying bout skating . =D . as i might go too. heex. awwww =xx

iits 1 week ad.. ! arghh. shud i sayy ? dududuudud . tell mi plss. ! i feel bad if i do dat. T.T
next week damn bz. n tuitiion time all cannot make sure. arghh. how how ? waiting for shwu ling's answer. but most proparly i wil gantin tuition at MONDAY after my piano exam. and on friday. i wanna go for de class tambahann . ^^ SEJ gehh. 4 hours? =.=". so long . summ0re after that got summ0re class. waaa. siaoo ler!

sigh. i think dats all !

9 March 2007

m00dy =)

suddenly feel like posting twice for 2dae. argh.
suddenly feel every1 surround mi has changed.
m0re 2 wat sense? umm. i been notyy now! haha. de older i m . ngek ngek. u get it . but noty has de limit . i not that over limit kay ! lots of thins happen dis year. now n den. but i so far enjoying my form 4 life. but soon. i m not goin 2 enjoy. ='(

finally revise my piano exam. not so worie. umm. 2m0r0 wh0le day tuition . =.=". wat de f ? y so bz dis year ? even holidae oso so bz. dun dey hav time for mi 2 rest? T.T. i m gona stressed up one day. FAIL my f*ing add maths. iits jus chap 1 n i FAILED ! FISHY ! i mus pass for mid year! gosh. hop s00 ! not hop. its MUST ! mus study lar tuu ! =D.

damn sien lar weii. on9 oso semakin nuthin 2 d0 ad. sigh. frenster ubtul sien. now bl0g! den later on9 game ! weee =p. not so b0red as well. i wana play o2jam.! i wana play audition. ! so many game i m gona play. my sis tengah dling ! heeeeeeeeeeeee. can play after dl ad!

try not 2 get int0 trouble dis time ! arghhhhhhhhhh.! =p. not dis time. anytime. mus b seng mokk! alert wit my surroundings. YEA! dududuud =p. i m BORED! i stil havent upload my pics in my hp. lazy 1 do day. later lar. malas! =p

8 March 2007


lalalalala =p. found sum members for de JAYS FC ad !

omg . new teachers . all ok lar. =.=' everythin changeee. errxx! i wan bak my previous PHYSICS teacheR! lucky ADD MATH teacher din change. if not. hehhh. duno wat wil happen 2 my add maths. ! BIO . i wish 2 change teacher . =( . i thought BIO suppose 2 be ENGLISH . its seems shes teachin in MALAY . i dun understandd. plss!

duuh~ stop bout teachers. koko damn bout 2dae. wana change lar! FISH ! =p. lots of fishy word dis few days huh ! notyy every0ne! =D. BORED BORED but mus STUDY STUDY STUDY ! lols! JERICA MUST STUDYY HARD ! cannot alwiz on9 d !

dats all =). ciao

7 March 2007

arghh. quit F1. =.=

i quuit F1 d. de whole group as well. planned 2 make JAYS FANSCLUB .! ^^. planned by mi MEI YAN EE VON SHWU LING POOI MUN . for details contact uss !hees.

iits official club. well. not registered by SONY BMG lar of cus. jus a fansclub by group of us . if members reach tu. 20 ++ members. den v wil start doin shirts n cards. wit 15++ members. fees is required. bout how much is it ? v wil inform later. v wil hav shirts specialy design by 5 of us for dis JAYS FANSCLUB . den will hav member card tuu. gathering also. ^^. for details. contact either 5 of us yaa . =))


5 March 2007


argh. 2daee. F1 stuffs not yet start. gona diee ! tiime ish runniing 0ut=)) pissedd. dun0 h0w 2 start !.

duh~ finally accecpted. duno i m doin de ryte thin or not !

4 March 2007

MORAL project -

yoooo. =p . 2daee moral project was fun. v did paintiing. but pics i lazy 2 keey inn so. sorii larr. haha. key in next timee . huuu =p. play wit paint pulakkk. =D. hu start first har har ? i kena pulakk. iiishhhh. den take pic pic. aihs. i feel fun 2day wit all my frens. lurvin my frenz. ! ^^. dey rox!

after dat . v went tuition den. sat teksi there. hahas. eat at KFC. wanted tu eat at RESTOREN SEK YUEN but scare not nice tu eat 0r expensive. so din eat lor. at KFC . met Debaan whole gang . argh. met amirah n syakila tu. sat wit dem. den later that dey left. huhu. left mi alone waiting for them tu cum up wit my food. so many ppls wei. =.=".bising summ0re. after KFC leh . v went DINAMIK bookshop. finally bought sum reference book . ^.^. i can start studying properly now. haha. reali heavy carrying those books ! i m confirm wirt perdagangan as well ! i m taking it for SPM peepxz!

awww. my blog getting longer. more thins 2 write . xD. dududud =p.during tuition. chemistry? hahas. sat wit chia pei as usual. dis time v book 3 rows. waa. big gang . as well hav 2 books for 3 rows again next week. sat wit ming ern . T.T. i was hoping leng jaii. lols. a lot of new comers oso ! hahas. shwu ling n mei yaannn! but jus BIO class. T.T. argh. nvm lar hor. =D. jee ken damn geng ad worr. all de while geng lar. btw. de wh0le lesson i cant reali concentrate . cus half way. i fever . head damn paiiin. fishhh ler! hohohoh. den after tuition raiin . at LRT v took a big group of picc. lululu =p. pooi mun started caliing de person work there 2 take our pic . v like . OMG . eevery1 is looking at us . as if v were sam pat .but hu carres. v from SINGAPORE .duno MSIIA!hahaha!but fun ler!

i feel my self having fun 2dae. even noe . i m dizzy. stop here den =))

3 March 2007

hulahu =p

2dae. skol ? uhhhh. okok ler. get my exam results. =.=
i pass my add maths. thank godd. ! maths . results. lots of careless mistakes. ishh.! =p

tutiion. awwww. saw HARRY POTTER nama samaran. haha. duno wats his real name. named by duno hu . ELVIRA or CHIA PEI guaa. =D . semakin hari semakin cuteee. ! i m gona change my FAKE JAY to HARRY POTTER .! lols. i forgot his name not duno his name . xD. if not mistaken his from KASTURI tuu . n den now same again . MARTIN .! ><. oh ya. another 1 ! but hes diferent time from miie. hes de late class . ussless i go late class den i can c him . i called him . fake XX. haha. cannot sayy. =p. but den fake HARRY POTTER more cute !wat the ? din noe can invent so many fake artist ! lols.

*sigh*. i feel like i m losing my "likes" towards him . but sumtimes. i feel like i stil likes him .arghhh. wats my feeling ? did i like him or stil i like him ? T.T. i feel like telling him that i like him . but nahh. dun wann. =.=". phewww~? shall i tell ? hmm. since my feelings not confirm. i m not gonna tell . haha. blerkkk =p. if de time is right. i m g0na tell him sumting .whether hes surprise a not . well. he wil i think ? !! haha. hop not lor.

i m sick of being a prefect ad. doing good stuuffs that no1 ever notice. arghh. fed upp. those hu din do neen notice. fiish lar. all blind ad. jus because leng den choose lar. talk a lot choose lar. might as well dun choose . sai heiii. a little mistake . as de whole world noes. do good stuffs not even a dust noes bout its. FISHHH! tuuuuuuuuuuuuttt. reali pisssed lar. sum0re. all de prefect teachers are leaving . T.T. is SBS that sux ? i wana change skol. but thins would let mi tuu. sigh. nvm den. i stay on wit sbs. not a bad skol 2 mi after all.

searching for gud add maths tuition was reali hard ! but i think. i wil stil stay on wit ASPIRASI 's add maths . less student better consentration. price reasonable. teaching not bad. might b taking or consider trial a month at universal as everyone says there gud. buts its 50 buxx.! for 2 hours. not bad ar ? hmmm. *

PRICESS HOUR ( gong ) rooxxX! so yenngg ar JOO JEE HOON ~! KIMG JEUNG HOON so cuteeeeee! awwwwwwwww~!!! . FREAKING l0ve dat sh0w ! first was SILENCE now is these show ! damnn nice weiii .! xD mus watch mus watch. i watch wit vee vien's CD. but 8 tv oso got do at 8.30 pm. weekdays. mus watch ohh. ^^

2 March 2007


goshh . finaly , my examination jus overr. duuuhh ~~
ADD MATHS was suuxx. not time 2 finish . so many dun0 h0w tu do. =.=
FAIL lar add maths ! no hope . need m0re excersise ad. if not . i cant surviveee. JERICA. ! REVISION ! =D

2daye wwas BIO n PHYSIC. not bad lar . but . all de laz question duno hwo 2 doo . lol. i nv read de organelle thins . heees. i din read cum out . i read d nv cum 0ut . iishh. reali gek sei. talking bout add maths. reali want tu cryy ad. in all my exam. i alwiz finish it . but dis time. arghhhh~! how can i ? ! T.T

wat happen ? hmm. WED topic wwas hott . =D. 1 big group chatting behind in de class. lols. talk bout wat? =p. budak under 18 SG cannot noe. lol.s talk until balik. reali nice. haha. erh erh . new student ! so many weii ! 2 from sungai besi at class 4 B. one from MBS is class 4 K. n another i jus recently or consider jus now noe daat my class got 1 new malay gurll. she came since tuesday. i din even notice her existance till sum1 tell mi 2dayy. =.=' .

my form lots ppl cuming . n lots of dem wanna leave. i wanna leave tuu . but . aihs. ii wanna go SRI CEMPAKA !! arghh! =XXXXXXXXXXXXX
SRI GARDEN oso can lar. =p.my sk0l. *sigh* . wat u think of smk sbs ? tagg mii tell mi bout itt.

dats all ppls. ciaoos