30 April 2007

studyyeee =)

jus studied chemistryy. gona finish ad . ^ ^.
huhu, i suddenly so inlove wit arashi group.
i think cus of motsumoto jun . haha.
he damn cute ARRRRRRRR! damn damn damn cute!
u shud hav c his younger age pics. so girlish n cuteE !

later hav 2 continue study agaiinq, ?GRRR!.
i feeel hot lar. no mood studyy. 2m0r0 tuition summ0re. =.="
sieen dou lar. alwiz tuition gehh. sigh. learn 2 love exam!
hehe gambateh! " FIGHT ON , OH " LOLXX.
i like dis phrase. from GOKUSEN show. haha.
Theresa make mi addicted 2 japanese ad! sei mou ! haha.
nvm nvm all along i like but now super like.

newayy. i gtg duduudud. studyyyyy !

29 April 2007

inl0ve wit matsum0to jun ! ARASHII~!

their webb


wee wang wang =)

wee wang wang =) . haha.
2daee. add mathss.
damnn hard arr.
de logg thin .
everything also log log.
omgg. siaoo weii . ah sing damn badd lar.
call ee von name.
keep chat ppl geh, suii ah siingg. =p

later dat went to martin for subash class. den leii lar.
whole day tuition. physic cant concentrate ler! X.X
tuition nuthin interesting happen lar.
i jus notice a cute guy in subash class.
next target wei. =p.
b4 dat there was 1. theresa's fren if i m not mistaken.
but wen look close . not dat cute after al. =p. haha
but still he consider ok =)).
heard from ai ling hes bad bad ! haha.fuuny storyy larr.
tak sangka hes like dat punyer orangg N.N.

after tuition nuting lor. went bak home ler.
den den . i on9 a while .
studyy chemistryy.
pheww~. at last. i studied 2 subj ad ! phewwWWWWWWWWW~.
2m0r0 2 m0re subj ! den i can concentrate on add maths n maths! weeee =p

lululu= p . i think dats all for 2daee.


keyboard sot liao
cannot type long

28 April 2007

yuichi ? =d.

feell like blogginq twice. m00d of blogging usually cums at nite 2 mi =).

heyy chia peii.! thought dat japanese guy is not leng jai.
duno y i feel like looking at him n wana noe him. =.=".
seems like u and len wei de same thing ! haha. i m not de oni 1 as well ! =p

goshh, tuiition 2daee. damn sleep. bm class i fall asleep. cant tahan weii.
den slowy i dun feel good . den holland chicken so weird 2dae. he gif a weird feeling 2 mi
like his not a good bf. duhh~. haha. duno yy. jus a not gudd feeling.
its jus a feeling of mine. u guys dun nid 2 follow. =D. mayb its wrong leh.
hu noes he good leh. lols. *ehem*. harry potter. everytime i c him . i feel like hes hak yan zhang lar! duno y de! yerr. hes worst den holland chicken lar! ish ish. tak sangka. sigh.

2dae. my main character absent from skol. 2bad. but din bother oso. whole day is class
chit chat .shuang till . waaa. but bored lorr. haha. clement lonely 2daee. fren din cum. pity pityy.
ahha. den duno y start 2 draw de duno wat cawaii group . swtt dou lar. i m in de pic
summ0re. GRR~!!. haha. but cute larr. like itt baa. =)

i think dats all my posting for now . =) ciaoo.

tired =) sleepy =z

sleepyy. ! tiredDD! ~~~ GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR~!
mus studyee j00rr. mus mus. T.T.

nuting 2 write ARR.! damn moody now. dun0 yy. =.="

26 April 2007

argGH, damn english class.

arghh. stupiakk englishh. teacher din cum . exam summ0re.
do finish cannot go bak early . fiish. waste my damn time there.
iishh. shud hav listen holland chicken dat shudnt cum. sobsob
fiine. anggap saye r tgh enjoy class. =.="

2day sk0l whole day at library. siien dou la.
add maths do until tou tong lor.
almost every questions oso not sure de.
seii lor add maths.
duno can pass a not lar . sigh. sigh.
studyyy ~!

2m0r0 holidayy! weee =p. oh ya . roller skate. i duno want go a not ler. ! err.x
exam cuming woor. wan go a not leh ?
my leg havent fully recover summ0re.
i reali duno ler.
how how ?
shud go ?
or de opposite ? sigh.

25 April 2007

duduud =p. yesterday came a japanese guy in our skol !
exchange student.
ok lar.
yeng lar but not leng jaii =)
i wana noe him ler . hes in 4 A . ! y not 4 D ? lols. well. duh ~ my class all gals. how 2 cum in lar ?

lots of human like 2 crowded around him . how 38 is msiian iss.
never seen japanese b4. =.=". 38383838383. =p. wanna get his email if he has =) hu noes he got leng jai fren . wakaka. btw. hes 17.
living wit his foster family. sit bus home n sk0l . i guess. says msiia is nice but hot. says msiian gals r shyy. =.='.

exams cuming . i havent stil study yet. stil on9 here update blog summ0re. JERICA STUDYY !

22 April 2007

lalalala =p

lalala =p. short wan. ah sing class 2daee. nice =).
subash too.
nuthin 2 update 2daee. exam cumingqq. ~ ! studyyye jerica studyye.

21 April 2007


dududu =p. wat i shall write ? i din update b0ut roller skate last saterdaee. duhh ~ . malas lar .
hmm ? 2daee. damn heavy raiin =.='.
harry potter obviously likes yeng jye. reali obvious. m0re den holland chicken ! even hes better de harry p0tter. chuan brad !

summ0re. ? ummm. fever lor half way tuition . ke lian de wo. T.T.
chia pei lor . cuen de fever 2 mi. summ0re tap raiiin 2dayy, damn syok lar ! lols.
long time nv try ad. sigh. love those days.

i dun l0ve him anym0re. =p.

15 April 2007

tuitionnq . siienq.

argh. tuition de wh0le dayy. =.=". leii mann.
lucky de whole day teacher funny de.
if not during class sure fall asleep . pheww~
add maths funny . sn subj also funny. ! =D

2dae. nuthing special happen ler. 2m0r0 go TS !!! weeee =p
celebrate cp n aling bday ! same bday date ma ! damn nice
marcus also ! haha. damn you yuan lor.
mine same as oomegaa jerry yan n tvfxq xiahh.
as i noe. mei yan same as JAY CHOU ! yerr. so nice ler !

14 April 2007

absent fr0m sk0ell =//(

i was absent 2daee =)). hees.
heard dat my class human not many. oni 4 chinese came.
de rest malays. =.=". how noti ish 3 D punyer budakk . =D

so many cant make it dis SUN . i think hav 2 tunda too mon at pandan mewah MACD ~!
wuwuwuwuwu =p. sad nyer. faster confirm ppeepxx! =p. nid answers la weii .
sigh. all ffk de everytime. iish T.T.

2dae tuition. hmm. okok la. but during bm . i m sleepy. den maths. listen mp4. syok =)).
sej. manage 2 concentrate. love dat teacher hu teaches mi ! . she rox. ! haha.
damn funny too. finally every1 realise de truth. holland chicken is interested to pui yee n harry potter is interested wit yeng jye. ohh boii =) nv play wit my prediction. n consider it as ee von 's too. dun runaway from ours ! =p. pooi mun n ai ling. haha! u guys lostTT ! our mate for 2 weeks ! . yeahhh =). bowling winner. i wun forget u nid 2 spend us makan ! haha. LOY KUAN TAI ! . de 1 hu lose too. lvra n chia peii . iremember u 2 ! cant escape ! =p. make same day as lkt spend us .! ^ ^. one shot . !

puhuuu . i think dats all . ciao

13 April 2007

fedd upp ;((

heyy =)x. thinx gotten worse. T.T. wtf.
shes rejecting wat all de heck v say.
wanna solve it . shes makinq it worse. tut her.
she wana lose dis frenship fine .
screw her up !. =p. i wanna concentrate on my studies
i dun wanna make myself fan.
n i noe. i m not goinq 2 lose frenship dat last for 10 yearS!
i m gonna keep it as treasure! i m not gona lose it cus of dat idiot !
jus pretend i nv noe her b4 !
she crap another damn tiime. fish her up .
theres been sum1 poking around my back dis few days.
keep sneezing,
gurantee its her ! awww. watever. talk til she FULL!
i dun wanna care anym0re. she make mi til de last stage. cant stand it anym0re.
every1 has de limits. n mine . its de maximum ad.
she had ad shown her true colours.
shud hav listen 2 lvra laz 2 years.
thins wun happen dis way if i jus listen.
but wat i wanna do ? thins jus happen like dat.
every life has every obstacles.
i m 2 mature for dis . =D.
n i finally realise shes not dat mature all i tot along.
jealousy reali kiills ! last of all i m reali disappointed wit her as i consider her as fren all along.

all my tots. jus wanna release it out,cus i got no1 2 tell wit =''(.

12 April 2007

chheer 2oo7 !

chher was ok =)) all rox. same tu 4 D ~ !
5 G wann . cool .!
5 A wan so cute ! =) de rest was ok la ~

fan le dis few days. lots of things happen. sigh. sux.
i try 2 bother. n it seems doesnt work ad.
i dun wana bother anym0re.

i m confuse. i duno hu 2 trust anym0re. =p.
i feel depressed. sad. confuse. n frus
can you make mi calm ? feel like cry out !
but doesnt seemns 2 cum out.
feel like telling sum1.
no dat is ryte for mi 2 tell .
sigh sigh. y all dis happening 2 mi ?
i jus notice . making frenz wit gal reali mafan.
all dis kind of thin happen. not 2 say all gurls. but certain k ?
even making frens wit boys much more even relaxeR!

i wonder hu so bz body cap sau in our gang proble. dun let mi noe hus dat. i SANG u properly ! idiot. so bzbody. fisher!

damn bad mood la ! XXX

7 April 2007

bowling =)

wen for bowling 2dae. after skol . skip bm tuition. wit pui yee. chia pei . pooi mun . ee von . yeng jye n lvra . ++ ho lup fai . n loi kuan tai . =).

bowling bowling . funny. haha keep kacau demm . cannnot playy. wakaka. play part for dem oso. wakaka. hpf shirt let mi tarik so nice. lkt cannot tariik. 2 tiight j00r. =.="haha.
hmm. overall ok na . not bad la. nuthin much 2 sayy le.


5 April 2007

treasure hunt =)

treasure hunt was fun . =) but tiring.
reached there about 7.20. comp start at 8.30.
i alomost fell wen starting line . =.=". de gurl bside mi la ! iish.

first stop was. kl sentral. de question all so hard ! den was. kl cc. bukit nanas. bukit bintang . n so on. de last stop was time square. at last! monorail was de worst ! so manyy ppl as its working tiime. all packed wit humans, ! in monorail. ! arghh. i been surrounded by tall participants! =.=' i m like yer, duno wat . so short. all boys summore. no where 2 lean . lean against dem ! ahaha. dammn nice =p plus mei yan so tall sumore! honestly 2 b say. all smeell stinks. i cant breathh man. i hav 2 face up oni can breath! XD. i oni theres one time in monorail. i sit wit a leng jai. damn close. in de tresure hunt oso de as i remmeber ! he gav is answer too. =). i tertarik wit one guy ler during de treasure hunt ! hes above 18 ar ! i tot of knowing him ! omg . so leng jaii =). but no chance. nvmm ba ! ahaha. so many kasturi ppl ! aihs. miis dem ! =p/

after de game was perfomance. speeches. all lucky draw n prizes din get. T.T. damn nice lor de prizes. ! i wan ar ! but den. after all dat. mi mei yan lvra. ++ shwu ling. ee von. yeng jye n theresa . go hang kai . all take neoprint pic. but mei yan gtg on dat time. too bad .! during dat time. dmn fuuny. haha. pic hard 2 fit all of us ! wanna c ar ? i lazy 2 post lar. later la ! =D. den. v hang kai. i damn tired damn time. dun reli hav de mood 2 walk oso. jus follow dem . wondering around. saw kat's gang. =.=' all berdua-duaan. x.x

den no more lor.
dat day.
bout dis week . lots of thins happen ler.
after dat incident , i reali gif up on her lor.
i dun wana care anym0re ad.