31 May 2007

update ; update ; update .

hoho. lets update wat i din update. mon punyer new teacher . agakk baguss larr.
MR RAJ ? hes not bad newayy . i m taking his bio n chemis.
i think phy i wil b taking de mr syed due 2 de timetable . sobsob. nvmm . dun wanna hav so many day of tuition. i might stt0p. bm tuition as well. sigh.
if can i hav 2 stop all. hoho. newayy. de mon phy teacher damn sien lar.
tot can take de. but. cannot take. no good. T.T.

de next dat v went bowling after kelas tambahan . reali a sudden decision.
last minute. hoh0. i din bring en0ugh cash. so borrowed frens.
lvra n pm went wit jee ken 's gang for de pirate of carribean movie.
mi cp n ee von n her sis .
went for bowling..
met chiam kin yew. abigail. yee jin. chun sien .neoh . at bowling. n also form 2 gals.
not 2 forget met loy kuan tai n ho lup fai also . =.=".
y alwis meet dem at bowling centre ? no other places gah? pui yee came de same time as dem .
hoho. play wit dem also . tot wanna go bak. at last teman pui yee.
de next lane was de form2 gal.s i noe lar kuan tai very cuteee.
i noe lar u all wanna noe him . lols. pui yee intro intro . haha.
after dat v went back lor.
dat 2 fella went toilet. den v 3 took thier file
lol. i tot he din find us. end up 2day lup fai told mi dat dey 2 finding us at TS . CAn call mar !
aiyo00 . zha d00uuu. at last gav him back 2daee lurr.

i watch pirates of carribean 3 2daee ! dammn nice weii de effect of de sh00ww ! no regrets watching dis 3 hours moviie ! nice nice ! haha. johnny depp yeng yenng GGG! GRRRR~~! haha.
relii weyhh . orland0 not bad also . hahaa. i like johnny depp in dat show since part 1 de !
ahha. weird kann ? i like him . =.=". if his my father ? waaaa. dun dream ! haha.
hes age is jus nice 2 b my father . ! =p.

dats all for de update . sayonara. i m watcin hana kimi n gokusen now ! haha.

29 May 2007

tired. tuition

tuitioon siienn.
lazy update
nothing special happen .

28 May 2007

yesterdae's partyy = )

yesterdae was sis partyy. many sbs cant make it.
but it was fun . =) zee weii came . sherry came.
chia pei . theresa. lvra. esther. lee. wong. .wee etcetc.
all came. thx fur cuming .appreciate it.
for those whom i din invite . sorry . mayb cus i forgot.
went t0 zee wei hs 2 have a visit
quite a nice hs . nice piano , nice guitar. ^^

all totally end at 11.30 ^^
watch scary moviie too. exchanged dvds. !
u lazy 2update m0re .ciao

26 May 2007

grrr~ missiinq hiim

2daee. ii g0ner make miinee engliish diferent .

g0shiie. ii m so diviine wiirt fahrenheitt n dans00n. hes freakiinq h0t.
damn iinl0ve wirt demm. dey r de type 0f guy i m interested.
how ii wiish smk SBS have such a cute n cool guyy .i m their freak .
HANA KIMI was a spectacular taiwan movie.
iii dunch wanna miiss iit. siince theres 4 guys i m in divine in dat sh0w . =D. inlove in love !! ~~~ awwwww ~~~

wo aii niie . zhi ni mei gan jue tau er yii. wo cao xi huan ni . wo cao xiang ni. zhi ai ni Y ~. ha0 ai nie Y ~. wo xiang gao xu ni wo ai ni.
dan xi wo bu gan. WO BU GAN ~ !. wo ze nen zai zhe ni zhiang wo de gan jue. tui pu chi. xi wang gen ni cuo yi ge hau peng you ye ke yi Y ~.\

ming tian jiu holiday le . wu zun de promo tour. wo zen de hou xiang qu. dan xi. wo ye yi ding yao pang mang mama ar. wo cao xi huan ta ne .
WU ZUNNNNNNNNNNNNN~! mei guan xi ba. you yuan de hua . gai tian le ba . ^^ .

i fedd upp . i giff up on it. n i dun wana care anym0re .
i use too it.
everytiing to b done in last minute. wtf.
such a phathetic idiot. put your damn face on miirrror lar.
wan fat hou oso go far away from mi lar. tut u.
dun make mi dislike you even deeeper larr. i try 2 control
u make it deeper. i dun wanna caRE anym0ree!

24 May 2007


hoho. wat shaal i update ?
siien ?

b0red ? !
de gamee . din noe marcus noe i play too .
. hak sei ngor wen he ask mii . =D.
i m playing . but not now larrr . =)
dis friday or 2m0r0 ! ^^.

since u al say like very nice . den i try playy ba ! ahaha.

SPM pun boleh main ! geng geng ! =).
i main jugaa aaaaa. ^^

k lur . ciao

23 May 2007

razazu classs

razazu class not bad larrr .
english zhaa zehh. get along wit him d sure can understand de larrr . * positive positive * =D
but den i jus try physic . din try chemistry.
jus ai ling n chia pei n ming ern tryy =)
i go gantii BM. saw ngee ming n his gang .
talk a lot in class huh.

b4 dat meet holland chicken. =.=".
wanna start mi huh ?! xD.cut hair jj0rrrR ! wakakkaas. so shortt ! ngek ngek !

2daee was de lass subj ! ahhahhaa.
i can on9 DD D ! yooyoyooyy !

22 May 2007

one m0re paper tuu g00. weee =p

one paper to go n i m done wit my mid year eXAmMM ! yoyoyo !
ahahs.cant wait can waiitt ! huhu. BIO paper one 2m0r0 !
i havent start rivising yet. umm. duhh. duno how many time i read ad !
hop 2 remember everything ! hoho. muss lurrR !paper 3 2dayee. damnn hard weiii . duno can pass a not larRR ! can can ! ++ mar ! haha.

where i wanna goo ?
what i wanna do ?
wat time i wanna sleep ?
wat show i wanna watch ?
what i wanna play ?
who i wanna go out wit ?
how many time i wana go our ?
when i wana go out ?
how long i wanna do dis ?
when m i gona stop myself for listing dis questions ? =.="

answers all in my mind ^^. i got everything dat i wanna do . huhu.
i m trying for razazu n de new teacher class ! 2m0r0 2m0r0 ! ^ ^
as i remmeber sum1 told mi subash is not gona teach anym0re next year ?
is it truee ? i wanna noe larR ! if not i nid 2 decide whether 2 go his new centre a not ! dong dong . haha. subash storyy. reali amazing
wat he did m0re amazing
cant blieve de principal told us de st0ryy. sigh sigh . din noe he so siu hei .

dats all f0r update . coming soon for the next one . =D

19 May 2007


T.T subash resignnedd ! damn iittt. how can he resign now ?
i m use to wit his teaching lar. he quite cause of small thing . =.=". cus duno wat word de meh meh yuk say. haha. say sorry dun wan. principal go to his hs oso mm choi. ke liann . he opened his center at duno careefour there. jalan pee road. so faR!
i cant go larrr. how larr myy sn subjj. seii larr. T.T.

wan go razazu but dey say no good. wan go universal. but mahal.
summore duno good a not . huhu. so try de new ganti teacher for subash 1st lar. n den hor. kung sick. 1 week MC. another teacher ganti. indian guy . can understand cantonese. =.=. wen he came out from de math class. i was like. aiks ? y diferent teacher de ? in cantonese. he say. waT ? mi arR? in cantonese. omgg. scare mii .i look at him for seconds. *ngong jor * . lool. de say . errr. nothing. den de indian gurl tel mi. its replacement teacher. =.=. hak sei nng0rr mann.

sejjj ! all islam stuffs. phew~. study chinese stuuffs more nice lorr. more interesting . atually man bu cuo de lar. hee. sei holand chicken play wit my hair . GRR~. i din noe. nono. i agak2 ad. haha
harry potter study quite good. huhu, . he din noe bout subash stuffs. =.=". thanks to mi . i tell him . hahahahaha. *bangga*

i saww him 2dayy. runing here n there. aww. so yeng . + he got BB 2day. duududud. i love xiao feng ? u now him ?? his de one hu act in AEC 7.00 weekdays. damn yeng weii. my next singaporean ! hahahaha. =p

till here. ciiaoo.

13 May 2007


tiRED ! headache.
i niiidd too read BIO laTERRX!
ohh b00ix.

12 May 2007

examm =.+"

exam exam . T.T
so long din on9 ! now oni can update blogg .^^
bm paper was ok lor. not easy n not dificult.
bi leh. was ok too.
de hardest was add maths.
maths ok leee . sej 2dayyy . eseii T.T.
no commentt . i crap de whole damn esay.
2moro eSTT 2. whooshhh. =p

tuition 2daye. suddeny . fever. ee von also . she mus hav spread de sickness to mi . =.="
during sej it got hootterr .fiish . mann .
i suudently feel de font i m using not bad ! haha. nice wen typing .
feel like typing m0re . =p ee von ate HOOLLAND CHICKEN 2day. haha
KFC la. den pui yee say shes eating herself. zhadou.i din noe show phoon head so big!
ahhahahhaha ! blog mi during maths . *heng*. haha. he jee ken pak ming keep laughing non -stop. duno laugh what until so high. lol. math learn new chapp ! not bad larr. quite easyy . ^^

goshh . help . its getting worse. i reali hate xx ad. xx is reali pissing mii off.
xx 's character. damn bitchy la weii. damn [bitch] . GRRRRRRRR~!

5 May 2007

pasar malam =)

jus came back from pasar malam.
exhausted =.=".
straight away after tuition went there .
try 2 imagine h0w tired v r . huhu.
saw ex skol mate.
ahha. leng jai ad wo0rx ! hahasx.
btw. there was mi chia pei theresa n lvra. ^^

i jus bought a few things n a haunted sk0l DVD.
ate my dinner there too.
pan mee =)). aahaha. drank kickapoo. =) keke.
not bad lar.
oh yaa . saw kor shin wit dot dot dot too. if not mistaken.
i walk till my leg pain arr.
3 hours walking . =.=". gengg =)
i nid 2 studyy sejarah 2m0r0 ! GRRR ~!
2nite maths n add maths.
duno got time a not lehh.
so late ad.
sigh. =) . u noe lar. how geng is my maths. sobsob

tuition . din go bm. cus ganti ad.
went KFC . chat chat den go dinamik buy book.
wanted 2 buy karangan . but cant find one g00d one . sigh .
den jus bought an english book.
later dat den ciaoo lor.
harry potter say bye bye too mi if i m not mistaken lar
so mah say byebye lor!
chehh. suddenly so gud or i m jus dreaming ?

ok lar. zhan hei lar. gud lar harry potter . =) *ehem*

exam 2notheer 2dayes ! huhu.
gud luck 2 every1 n mostly myself ! ^ ^.
kays den. ciaoo/x

3 May 2007

mo0dyy ;)

gRRR ~ damn moody
i freaking missing my darlingg matsumoto junn .haha.
wth. i shudn noe him . darm miss hiim now =))
u noe de 9.30 show ?de lawyer gehh.
de samuell yut lei yut leng jaii :LARRR!
he damn caring in dat show lor ++ cute
if i m de gurl i wil fall in love wit him every single dayy .
awww =)), if there is . theres no such thin as divorcy. huhu

ii m waiting for hana yori dongu. i wanna watch JUN !
he damn leng jaii . grrrrr ~ okay. stop stop.
i keep talking bout him,
cus i deeply in love wit hiim . x.X

dun wori. JAY CHOU is still in. haha.
he wil nv out . =)
guy artist in my list will nv out =))

i dun count on normal guys cus iduno y too
wanna noe y ?
askk mi .
writing here is not easy /

2 May 2007

examm. T.T

exam 0n 7th of MAY ! MON .!


1 May 2007

finnally watched finish GOKUSEN =)

fiinnnally , i m done wit gokusen .
reali a nice show . sad too. touching .
how i wish theres a teacher as good as
YANKUMI sigh. theres no such thing.
cant think bout it eitheir .

exam is around de corner.
goshh, damn faz. thought i finish studied 4 subj ,
i m stiill worried.
wen u read . its ok . but wen cums 2 doing . dats wayy off. u can reali do anym0re.
especialyy add maths. tourtuting subj. seems to b easy,
went cums 2 exercises . almost every ques u nid 2 refer.
my surver in my class .
ahaha. truue weii =) . not all lar. but sum geng geh. noe noe lah .

ii wana go ouut larrrrrrrrrrrrrr ="(.
but have to studyy. i dont care . after exam i go out puas2 . HEH!
sick of studying .

dats all . ciaoo .