30 June 2007


i suddenly think of those sweet past. aww . really miss dem . =.)
let me list out part of it

form 1
sat beside de person that i admire. so nice =)

form 2 .
same thing. sat beside de person i admire during sports day. *
so leng jaii ~ . so cute ~ . he jus ran for emerald ! o,O

form 3 .
this happen during end year.
but i can really talk bout it.
cause its obvious. haha. de nicest was watching JAY CHOU movie on 29th DEC .
i rememeber de date cause its just after a day after my PMR results.

form 4
went TS wit 2 fellas. not de person i like.
but still consider de sweetest memory.
in haunted adventure.
on WED . date i forgot.
2nd JUNE if i m not mistaken.
i really miss that day. that was de last n first nice memory
just hop it wil happen againq. T.T

memory is alwiz a memory.
can never go back.
but can alwis keep.
n remember . =)
i wil remember dem as well. ^^

hip to have a fanatic year of 2oo7. cherrs :)

26 June 2007

lots of presentation. pff.

lots of presentation need to be done. =XXXXX
i found new one =)
he so leng jaii cute n cool.
not frenly as well .
ahha. frrom MBS . LCH .
ahah guess la guess la =p

25 June 2007

siienx. sunday. tuition. =D

i dislike sunday tuition. i wanna rest.
n de physic time is hanging.
3.45 =.=' if its 2.30 also ok lar.
dat time worr. waste time leh.
everyday tuition . T.T
wo hen leii arr~

finally change blog skin ?
nice ar ?
comment plss ~ tagg mii !

24 June 2007

fann ~

why is it so fan ?
add maths. GRR ~
so hard. nono . easy. =.=
i wanna score add maths. ! sigh. nid m0re exercise as well.
understand. do ah sing hws. MUST MUST MUST !
talk easy la. do not easy lehh.

add maths proj. omgg. siao weii
chemistry n bio persentation.
bm oral. physic. report and exam correction
i m gona go crazyy ! x.x
so many things to do.
life for form4 wil never easy.
struggle to live. to score. for de best. for goof. T.T

i aim for de best. and i nid to do for de best.
can i ?

23 June 2007

hana yori dongo.

i just finish my hana yori dango.
so inlove wit oguri shun n matsumoto jun. ! =)
so yeng n cute .
i hop i can be de gal in that show.
so nice weii.
surround by leng jais =p.
ssigh sigh... ~

2dayy tuition. cant concentrate sej .
sleepy n headache.
i think i gave up on her completely n things surround me which happens.
i m tired to bother anym0re.
i wana concentrate on studies.
i dont care anym0re.
i m to tired for all dis crap.
studies is part of mye life now . =D

i m getting down. sad. which to understand XXX.
i wanna noe XXX. i admire XXX.
just to b close fren but nothing special.
let faith be.

report card dayy ~

my mum came sharp 9 am weii.
early a bit laa.
weee =p . went back early. haha.
anywayy. dats all for now . =p

22 June 2007

report card dayy ~

she sux

hateness tru her wil never end.
wil nv go back. but de same.
hate her for that.
why do dis world has such ppl ?

cut that it off. dont wanna spoilt for it. hoho.
results. report card 2m0r0. =D
GRRR~ i hate itt. ~ result day. where u re parents come
to take de result.
wth. where dey noe how bad u r . huhu.
life of form 4 reallly sux.
hws piling up. projects.
presentations. orals. omggg~ banyak nyer. ~
gilaa la weyhh.

suckieee arr ~

21 June 2007

fed up.

y make jealousy spoilt de frenship ?
goshh. these type of pers0n. really unmature.
sorry to say . ya .
moreover. if its a guy. i bet its worst still.
cause of guy frenship further .
is that so worth it ?
i really dont understand . or u wun really understand.
sigh. what a world of all kinds of ppl.s

this is life. i stil living, going on with life.
no matter what happens.i wil not gif up.
i wil not care what ppl talking at de back
as long i dont do it,
ppl can talk . v cant stop. let it be.
i trust myself. i b myself.
i wil m0re careful wen making frens next time.
this year life . has awaken me lots of things bout ppl around me
i understand. i m alert. i just feel its to early for me. thats all.

20 June 2007

sleepy. tired. love you .

sleepy. n tired.
life meaningless without you. duduudd =p

19 June 2007

fail 2 farking subjs.

wtf . i fail physic. ! fail 2 subj as well . =.="
de 2 subj i hate i fail. wth.
i must learn to love dem
i wil not gif upp ~ .
down once. wouldn tell u that u wil down de next time !
i dun wanna fail for end year.
i pass i blja makan !



18 June 2007

watched - fantastic 4 .

weee =p went to wacthed fantastic 4 .
not bad ar de show . johnny so cute + cool ~ !
saw jee ken n GAN wei ~
haha. i was wondering hus calling my name.
tiba2 saw jee ken siao siao waving. =p.

after dat show. went bowling centre. met dem there too.
remind me of th0se times. huhu. xD.
bought pm's present at TS too.
nice shirt nia ~ ^^

later that went tuition. ~
physic. teacher cute 2dayy . haha.
dats all den . bye ~

17 June 2007

MBS / VI carnival DAY

went t0 MBS n VI carnival 2day.
after add maths tuition.
stop by at MBS first. den went VI.
bought rm5 coupon ( shared with chia pei ).
t0t of going haunted house. dim chi.
close add. xixi. whatt lar~.
den duno what to do wit de rm 5 .!
so went bought fried rice. 2 drinks . n pudding,
honestly. both skol i went really mahal lar de things !
saw choon ting and cheng yong.
playing basketball. =.=". besides that.
dats a guy playing wit dem damn familiar.
not mistaken is ex-primary skolmate.
saw yee jin also. gave her a free drink. cause pm dun wanna drink .
later that .stop by a while 2 c dem play. sien . so went VI.

fui~. once step in VI. oh man. i love de skol environment. ~! nice weyhh !
but lots of malays n hindus. MBS m0re chinese.
the games n things there nicer . de haunted hs. i went in . for rm 5. T.T
not scaryy de. ! chia pei keep pulling my shirt. den comes pm pulak.
habis ditarik. dark ooni wart ?=.=", ya. btw . de nice part was crawling dat part. dats all.
haha. de other guy sum0re say go back go back .dead end . =.=".
if i dun say go there. sure habis. cause de person there gif sign.
tak syok la tuu. oni heads tiba2 put down. not challenging enough larr.
after that. walk around lor.
so BOBO LIM ! so preetty ad. saw a few ex-skolmate too la. sum din change
saw ze wei at VI too. =D. saw virginie also. lots of ppl lar.
saw jason lee cute fren at MBS also .! ahhahas. but duno de name.
after spending all de rm5 . planned to go back.
BUT heavy rain ! yet still walk larr.
my pants . all wet like shit. T.T

overall both skol has thier nice stuffs lar.
i wouldn say its not fun nor not nice.
both skol oso nice. ^^

16 June 2007

world most results. wtf.

ohh ! i got back my damn add maths n physsic results .
i fail got mye farking add math. wtf wtf.
fail damn bad ! physic almost fail. ! T.T
i was expected dis 2 subj 2 fail . n yet rreally fail.
i hate dis 2 subj.
now i goona learn to LOVE them. =.="

2m0r0. mbs / VI . duno which to go. n which 2 go 1st and wat time wanna go.
cause got add maths tuition 2m0r0.
duno wanna skip or not.
waiting for answers.
hop de answer is positive. x.x

fark add maths. fail . wth !

sorry for de language. cause i damn pissed off with my marks.

15 June 2007


i m gona change my blogspot layouts .
wen i got dhe tiime ~

14 June 2007

thing better

thing getting better. phew ~
got my results. =D
shitt. i dont like it weyhh. ~
2mm0r0 physic.
sei kang ~
really mampus. duno can pass a not tiime.
add maths. pehuhuhu~ . i couldn imagine my marks.
dont even want too .

13 June 2007


friendship. i have forgotten de meaning of it.
i dont noe wat is fren anym0re.
there no place i can stay wit my problems.
sad. disappointment. theres no0ne suitable.
i m sorry.

a fren whom i suppose to b good.
turn out to be a person that i hate deeply.
i dont want it to happen.
but it seems to be deeper. cant go back anym0re.
i have never been hating a person dat deep bef0re.
i tryy not too but. i m really sorry.
i wont treat u diferent as anyone. same. but de mood is no longer there anym0re.
i hold my feelings. nv release it.
but dont make mi. once release. regretness is there.
you are no longer honest to me anym0re.
i dont blame you kay.

i just realise a ladies jealousy is really high . ~
jealousy its not a good thing as well .
one thing i dont like. wel not only mi. everyone as well.
talk behind your back. i bet u experince it . same here.
i wouldn stop you from talking cause its ur mouth n its normal for nowaydays ppl.
even myself talk . but dont gif a simply damn jugdement wen u duno but just guessing.
wth. isit that nice ? i m fed up of my surrounding. i duno whats happening. n i m lazy 2 noe anym0re. i dont wan any trouble. just to b m0re carefull from now onwards.
ppls now all kinds. precautions first for safety =D

goshh. wen i got all dis sad things. i do not noe hu to tell but to blog it.
i feel better sometimes. everyone has thier sytle.
thx fur those hu read and understand me.

12 June 2007

1st semester . sk0l daeE ~

sk0l life backk .
mahh 1st dayy . for de 2nd semester of sk0l
got 4 papers result 2day .
not complete btw. suckiee ~ .
blog blog blog weii ~.
moral project. havent finish . hoho.
sei mou ~ sei kang ~ x.x

m00d no good . ciaoo ~

11 June 2007

sko0l reopeningg . suux~

sk0l is starting . wth.
i dont wanna get back 2 sk0l lifee agaiin ~


ffrreeaakkiingg sTRESS ~
many things to complete . GRR ~
i hate form4 life. sux. holiday ?
it doesnt seems a holiday to me
hang out ? i even tot of going back early. wtf
i want a peacefully hanging out day.
though on WED i reali enjoyed.
but it was just one day. ONE DAMN DAY !
n even dat. its limited . hell !

10 June 2007

hoho. ~

lululluu =p. i m gona fnish d lur my moral proj.
but just draft ler .~ wanna let teacher check dis mon . ~
den change change lor ~

nothing to update ~
ciaoo. love MATSUMOTO JUN


9 June 2007

moody ~

wo hau moodyy arrR ~
ze me la wo ?
wo hau xing ren xi da
hau xing gen ta xuu ~
arghhh. hau xiang taa ~

ce me ban ? ><

8 June 2007

dong dong. went ah sing class 2 ganti . malay class
so cacat ah sing spoke in bm. x.x
i think i m to use to add maths in cantonese ad.
ahha more fun =) dun wanna go on thrusday anym0re . huhu.
saw palvinder ! ex-skolmate. and logan =). long time no c ! nv change nethier.

hoho. dats all Y ~ cia00


GRR~ recovering . hoho .

7 June 2007

i enjoed ~ fun . xixi

tuition at 9.00 am 2day till 11.00 am. woke up damn early for de tuition.
lazy 2 wake upp . T.T . reach there saw kuan tai ~. alone. fren havent come.
white shirt again . xixi. his eye damn red.
after tuitiion went to pudu wit my mum.
n dats was de last minute suddenly to skip add math tuitiion n go TS .
now dat make us 2 go for de malay class 2m0r0 . huhu,
nvm. take a try ~

reach TS . planned 2 watch shrek 3 . de line was like damn longg ~
den saw show phon n his gf.
call him buy for us.
while waiting at bowling centre. receive a message from show phon saying
it was full ! i was like OMG ? sherk 3 wor ? so many ppl watch meh ?
nvm .den v sit . tot wan play bowling. but 2 ppl worr ~.
den go to check de cinema list c got wat show ~
tak sangka . want 2 go out also terMET loy kuan tai n ho lup fai .! =.=".
hop lup fai keep saying to mi


line dat time was not reali clear. terpaksa go out of de bowling centre 2 talk .
den . suddenly pui yee call . xixi.
dey 2 which suppose 2 b de main character . dun wana pick up de phone ~
i jadi org perantaraan pulakk..
den tarik lup fai 2 listen. kuan tai keep running .~
den end up .all go sungei wang 2 meet dem .
on de way 2 sungei wang !
damn nice part. v meet KEITH NICHOLAS CAI XIAN ! hoho ,
keith damn yeng.
keith was pointing at mi
den i look at de fellow . y keep pointing at mi wan ?
haha . den say hi lor . NICHOLAS say hi weei ~. haha.

funny funny . kuan taii duno how 2 cross road. he stand in de middle of de road. swt ~
ahaha. n den de car horned. xixi. 3 of us laugh . =D reach there ad. lup fai talk crapp ~ =D
say nv cum sungei wang b4 lar. bla bla bla.
reach at de skating ring ad lehh. dey dun wanna go in . but pooi mun n pui yee keep wan dem 2 o in . paksa mai us ! x.x end upp . 4 of us went 2 haunted adventure . !
sit there discuss . den finally masuk. haha!
lup fai gave extra rm10 ! haha. i took it . ! end up i forgot whether i gave him a not .~
inside. wohooho. chia pei keep tarik thier shirt. i do wat. dey do wat. x.x neway, it was nice n fun though ~

after de haunted thing. v walk around sungei wang lor. talk crap arr. xixi.
c stuffs. ~ gosh it was like dream come true ~. din expect ~ m0re fun de going out wit fake jay !
i mean ya its true ! lup fai hes like easy going type of person. not siu hei type lor.
so fun lor !. den waited pui yee came out . walk back 2 TS 2gether.
pui yee nid 2 go back ,
but me n chia pei dun wana go back yet ~ so since kuan tai n lup fai going back martin 2 get back thier stuffs. dey teman her lor ~
v go back bowling center. n chia pei ate her mdonald thing.
ahaha. den went wanna go out from TS saw ming hoe n kian wee ~
de whole gang came TS ! . din saw dem gehh .!
den wen reach lrt station ad saw kuan tai alone !.
he was looking for lup fai ~.
i think lup fai went back 2 Ts look for us guaa ~
den de day mah end like dat lor ~
so faz ler . xixi

kuan tai spread his red eye to mi arrrrrrrrrrr! . i both eyes oso kena wei !GRRRRR~
ciaoo !

6 June 2007

bowling , haunted hs ~.

went time square.
human hu went ish mi chia pei yee hang and lvra. ~
met ju wee n her bf. duno de name ~ . haha. den ?
umm. no m0re ad guaaaxx.
planned 2 watch shrek 3 gehh. but den full j0r ! x.x GRR ~ cannot watch errr. T.T
ate at mary brown . hoho. de discuss where to goo ~.
wanted to IMAX de. but den no suitable show 2 watch ~ .
den lvra suggest go haunted adventure at sungei wang .

reach there d . lvra suddenly dun wan goo ~. swwt
but den end up go also .~ haha.
not bad larr. better de genting highlands. de wh0le journey i laugh like hell instead of shouting. !
omggg~ laugh until stomachache. haha.
lvra n chia pei. x.x =DDDDDDDD~
shout til no voice sum0re so sl0w. keep tarik yee hang.
aihs. yee hang pityy you . habis baju tarik sampai koyak by dem. ! LOL.
oh yaa. theres 2 boys played also .
younger i think . cause dey look like to me ~.
de younger boy . cute weyhh ~. theres a human ghost tried 2 scare him . den he shout n grab mie ~ so cuteeE ARR~ lil boi boi . =.=".

after dat den 3 of us san wit yee hang. he went low yat. v went back 2 ts. i nid 2 buy 4 leaf clover for my mum . ~ finally found 1. den went for bowling.
goDD~ saww ho lup fai n loy kuan tai weyhh ! ~ xoxoxo
its like everytime v go there sure c dem de. !
dey sit there relaxing ~. lols. kuan tai eating sum0re. so cute ~.
v played lor. den half way . an idioit ask us 2 buy socks. wth. rm2 sum0re.
jus a pair of damn socks. GRRR ~ . den lup fai came . ~
ask YY ~~. waaa . dat time i hengg weii ~.
haha. den kuan tai oso cum lor ~.
wen v played finish . almost lar.
lup fai ask us wanna play a not ~.
den mah say yes lar. dim chi . de price mahal d . though v hav de MBF card. or student card.
xixi. cannot play ~ . den v went back lor ~
b4 dat. v used kuan tai's MBF card. damn cheap wei.
n de card is his ! envy envy arrR~. i oso wan arr.
din noe he has english name PRINCE. cute name for him ~ haha.

finally ~. v went back . hoho.
nid 2 finish up my hw. n start my proj d ! .

5 June 2007

grr ~

hoho . ngek~ .
skol is starting ~ hooh.
another week. next week . =.=".
so fazZ ~ . . dun wanna go sk0l ler
i havent finish my moral proj. havent start as well . :'(

2m0r0 going time square wathing SHREK 3 ~ ! haha.
hop it turn up okayy. ~

lazy for m0re update . cia0

2 June 2007

hoho. pictures

hahahaa ~ u n0w hu ~

our skating trip ~ hoho. thres more pics. lazy 2 upload. haha

1 June 2007

leii ~

hooh. i just realise i post 80++ post. al0t huh ?
nah. i think theres others who p0st m0re den i d0 .
i dont update everydaee. if i do . i think it wil b 100++.

ii m reli tired of mye liife. siick of iit. loaded wirt hws.
projs. have 2 studdyy cause of de left outs. damn.
not easy. its early stage of my difficulty.
n ii wiill not giive up n0 matter h0w hard it gives.
i m jealous to c other ppls scoring better results den i m .
yes i do. i admit . i study . not serious dis time.
duno y. but i m gona make sure i m in de future.
if i dont. i wil regret. i m getting serious dis few days.
n i hop 2 maintain it. going out or not going out to.
doesnt seems important to me .
i jus feel like finish everything that i nid 2 finish up.
n i m worried. it wil stress up.
well. i d0nt mind stress up . if it helps.
yes. i do relax. often as well . n now . i nid 2 built up.
no m0re relaxing dat often .
i do studyy. but m0re extra hard.
i learn 2 love sejarah . well . i reali like it for now . hop not 2 change.
add maths. struggling 2 work it n aim A .
goshh. exactly what m i thinkking ? *frus*

i m been thinking lately.
whats my ambition. everyone has one. yea. well i hav .
i love doing things. anything wit sn. bussiness. ? musiic ?
computerise? i got all these interest.
i wonder. i aim for de best. so i nid 2 do de best though it wil never
b easy as u thought. i m thinkking to far lately.
or mayb its 2 early ? i dont any suitable dats suite my mood at my age.
it there is . all of dem are all seniors.
i found a fren that has de same interest that i have.
hmm? =D.

i nid 2 stop thinking all dis as wel . n jus studyy ! .
n WIL ! envyy you arreee. so young go collegee j0rr.
haha. ciaoo lorrx.