31 July 2007

resultss =XXXXXXXXX

oh mann. results. i passed my add maths. huhu. C .
at least better den E ryte ! hahaha
maths maths. A2 ! =)) . hoho.
noor ain mengamuk 2dayy. fuioyohh . asked us to orall by
2mor00x. =.=

eyyhh. cant tahaan with DOT ad laaa.
how how how ? i porefer TUT more den DOT ad .
i feel irritate with dot. duno y. these days. act cute.
lagii. iishh. no comment. x.x
hate hate. oh man, what shall i doo ? i cant avoid dot.

de 2nd last day of july . gonna say byebye soon.
gona say hi to august soon. hihi.

30 July 2007

29 July 2007


im in love wit him =)

seminarr =)

yooo. =) 2day skol. xzam sejjarahh =).

okayy laa. den est. huhu. after skol den went seminar.

btw its half semi MERDEKAA ! cause end havent come yet.

so its stil semi. :D. seminar chemis 2day r0x. my ehem went too. =) but

to bad not available. haha. JK la. lvra's wilson came. haha. with his yellow fren.

register . . makan den seminar ! y0000 =). so coldd weyhh. . kah yung me chia pei n lv

were there. =) after seminar went petaling street hang kai . hoho. ate hot plate ricce? xD uh ya. went back bout 8 like dat so late. x.x

now let's talk bout wat i miss. how long i din post ? haha.

examm laa. cannot post lor. these days.

ppl around me changing. irriatates. suxx.

omgg. i cant really stand it anymore.

act cute ? act nice? wtf. so fake laa. slowly every1 is changing,

espacially in love. to many bitches surrounding mee.

ohh goshh. i just hav keep my mouth shut ad.

to dangerous . not safe. no1 is save now.

i think its all bout here den. =) x.x

hapi bday clement ! form 5 J okay.
weyh,u tipu me i sure belasah u wan ar.

26 July 2007

grrr. add maths n bioo

iish. my add maths . was just okayy =)
bio sux. i jus prefer dey come out all chapter . x.x
2m0r0 chemis. i dont hop it sux.

dats all . chheers. :)

23 July 2007

finally =)

finally . i left graphs to go. phew =)
will do that in skol .
exammm . x.x

22 July 2007

add maths project .x

exam ish arounnd de corner.
damn , i havent studyy yet.
just a bit of biology and add maths.
iwill study after my add maths. huhu.-)

soo. ciaoo . add amths proj awaiting me . =(

21 July 2007

shotting for pendidikan =)

shooting for de pendidikan de whole dayy . fuii~
miss class weyhh. but never study. so its okayy. =)

n de make up fella. put so much cream on my hairr
ishh. so hardd . steevee. =.=" . sit there like dungu de wh0le day
sienn betull =)

den later that went to tuition =)
maths. almost late weyhh.
no . i meant late ad. just 5 minutes kayy . xD
met vincent at LRT . late also . he sengaja. i m not . heee =p
sama2 late laa. den came itt. fulamak cop so in for me.
ahh. sat with jee ken instead. xD. so good teach me.
tak kedekut ilmu ! THANK YOU CHICKEN ! ahhaa.
den later that sejarah classs. after salihah teach.
ask de students questions.
omgg. lucky tak kenaa. phewwW~.
monkey stjohn boy. kuan tai. lup fai all kenaa.
whahahhaa. alwiz also kena de laa. =p.
luckyy USS !

den after sejarah went backk lor.
sambil tunggu lrt saw kok liangg.
wakaka. talk talk . damn funny.
den tiba2 saw KENNY ! fuiyoohhh.
came towards kok liang . den lrt came.
den den pui yee tiba2 run to uss. =.="
mentah2 la. all tok crap in de lrt. XD.
din noe kenny also crap de.
ahahhaa. not bad not bad . xD
eyyhh. hu say cannot drink at lrt .
de picture sign there show those paper cups wit straws like
those from macdonald maa.
mine is tin lehh. so much diferent. so why cannot ? suee u ! xD
kenny . kononnya good boyy . kononnya semangat patrotismee. ish ish . =p

neway. dats all happen todayy . =)


19 July 2007

siick x

wth. i m sick. sore thoart. + flu .
omgg. paiin like hell. x.x
absent 2daee. head felt heavy wen i woke upp. =((
every1 ish sick. n now . include mee . grrrr ~
add math. doink doink. XD

i mus b cheer full weyh.
sad cannot get well soon .
kan kan ? =D
next week exam. n yet . i havent touch a single thing.
huhu. i m so DEAD ;;)

16 July 2007

HARRY POTTER and de order of phoniex

i watched harry potter 2dayy. =)) at TS
not bad lar de show.
quite bored. ending is de best. dats all xD
daniel was not that cute to me .
stil prefer malfroy. =))))
de kissing part x.x. weird . haha
de previous wan ish better.
den later that tuition. physic.
sleepy pulakk . =(

anywayy. its nothing laa.
hahas. ciaoo

15 July 2007

merentas desa =)

woke up early for merentas desa =))
chia pei's helper. for F1 ^^. no nid run .
while waiting i fall asleep. xD.
reach there quite early. like theres no1 there.
waited for de rest to come. xD
asked de boys to help to carry de tables to de padang.
JEE KEN n SHOW PHOON. for helpingg uss. TQTQ ! haha.
those hu aviod. ehem. no comment.

de running start at. 8.00 i think . many things happen.
duno where to put de shop . =.="
de rest went looking for unbrella . teacher.
i wait there jagaing alone.
den shan huayy keith all pass by.

KEITH : Later i pengsan. come and save me ar.
ME : uhhh. if i m there. xD

DEN. finnaly fuad reach. shop changed beside de other 2 shops.
not bad laa de bisness.
n den i hate de jelly promotion thing,
stupiak ee von. iish . x.x
denn. haha. i pull everyone belii.
i cant remember whether i said this to clement or john .

ME : come buyy laaa. =)
Clement : i wan water. got water a not ??
ME : no worr. finish ad larrr.
Clement : huh ? dennn.
ME : but jelly larr.
Clement : dun wan. i wan water. thirstyy.
ME : buy jelly larr. also de same mar. got juice. juice is also water watt. xD
Clement : =.="

anywayy. lots of helpers too. Xd.
thx thxx
de drink palinggg byk belii. but yet so little. xD.
den den . de photo thing.
i din really c.
but i took de photos. haha.
lots of ppl bought marcus wan.
i took choon ting. cheng yong.
shan huay. chee weii.
sumore others laa.
sure good business de laa =)) =p

today, was quite funn laaar.. hee.
no regrets goingg. ciaooo ' no pic sorry

14 July 2007

lalala =p actiinq

actingg arr. but no skrip de. hahaha.
for de duno wat pendidikan thing,
watever laaa. =p. next week tues and wed . =.="
malas laaa. everyday stay backk. siennnn.

nothing much happen at skol 2dayy.
siighh. so many things happen around me. x.x
reallly fann,
i dun wana be de middle person .
i dont wanna listen anymore.
i dont wan it to be spoilt.
i dont wan to loose both.
what i shaall do ?
who shud i tell ?
who shud i share it ?
when ? i really nid someone suitable to share with.
i m keeping all to myself. no1 to tell
really hard.
n yet.i havent give answer to him.
i duno what to asnwer. i really duno . I DUNO AR!

lifee. what a lifeee.

13 July 2007


just wanna keep my blog alive.
heeyyy ~. tired dis few days
duty getting sux every single dayy. duno yy.
lots of things to be done.
starting add maths proj.
hop to finish it soon.
oral bm was okay.
i been asked jus one question. thank god.
newaay. stil okay. lar. now 2nd oral pulakk. ish.

i m going TS to buy de tickets 2m0r0.
harry potter. huhu.
hop its not full laa. ^^.
if full den ? sigh lorr. hop its not.
buying sat's time. 3.30pm !
gtg laa.
sien. ciaoo

10 July 2007

mood suckiee weyh dis morningg.
jaga 4 K . iish. talk talk talk like duno wat. =.="
den pulak i yang kena. wth. x.x
i baru je tukar duty tiba2. ish ish. takpe.
innoncent. takpayah takut. =D.

huhu. after recess lesson damn funny. !
everyone playing. stick paper behind your back. lols.
yeng jye de 1st one hu kena. tak tau . v laugh like hell
also she duno . omgg. laugh till i cryyyyyyyyy.
damn funny. shud have seen what dey wrote.
den spread to other class. swttt.damn syok. lvra punn.

k lar. till gere ,ciao

8 July 2007

cacat tuition on sun . PHYSIC. iish
wastime. i meant. malas. xD.
malass la. i wan rest laa. =p

sigh. this year. full of problems.
frenship. results. exams. proj. presentations. love . -.-"
omgg. its like. so manyy .x.x
for studies . its okay lar. i can handle. i like being bz. duno y .
dats me. haha.
frenship ? happen once. lost faith on it ad.
i dont hop for it anym0re. puiii ~ xD.
love? so not me. definitely wont happen. i dont hop for it .
faithh . lalallalalala =p.
gooshh . i feel many ppl around me in de love mood ~
its like. WTH. oh yaa. form 4. here cums de age where every1
going to de early stage of adult. so not surprise love mood happens ?
duh ~ . ahha. biasa lar. teenage life. i m mature ? wakakka. jkjk.
hey. i willing to listen kayy. i m a good listener. xD
got any problem ? just look for me. i m willing to listen.
n try my very bez to help. anytimee. =D.
in love. frenship. study ? what eva kayy.
i m there. boy gal ? pondan ? gay ? les ? ahh. watevaa.
i m willing. xD. i mean help OKAY ! remember ? uhh. shit i forgot wat i wanna write. swwt. ahh. nvm.

hhuhu. 2m0r0 skol . wtf. so fastt. xD
gtg laa. ciaoo . studyy weyhh. heee. ciaoo

no add math tuition. =.)

no add math tuition today.
at last theres a day . i dont need to attend any tuition
gosh. i miss this dayss. last year. =)
tuition just 2 days a week.
dis year like 5 days a week. really siaoo . xD
tiring ar . i wan go out . i wan enjoyy.
next year worst still. but mayb weekends no tutiion.
at least. hop dey dn change de time next year. x.x

sighh. i wan watch transformer. ! all my fren say dat show nice.
shoudnt have watch de movie ALONE dat dayy. AHHH ~!
regrett ar.. not really. but . still transformer in cinema better.
oh yaa. HARRY POTTER is coming out !
i wanna watch on de dat release . but but
skol dayy . unless i skip skol ! wakkakakaka.
no la .
cannot guaii luii cannot skip de. but stil i 100% watching gehh.
its jus wen oni. ^^.
anyone interested in joining ? haha.
tagg mi if wanna join. i wanna book ticket. cause dat show sure full de. huhu . ~gengg .

i changed my point of view tru him ad. T.T
i duno what i shal think bout hiim .
hard to understand him . weird guyy.
its like. hes anything. really hard. really weird
well. dun bother bout it.
eyyhh ~ i found my cup of tea ad .
hahaha. but den damn hard to c him ~
and i just notice. JASON's MBS fren .
look like KENNY KWAN ! haha. eye big big .
dark dark. cute cute ! whoaaa. look alike weyh. haha.
must noe hiim ad. =P

HAPI BDAY CHOON TING .! if i m rytee. haha

k lar. up till here kayy. tagg mi yyaa. ciaoo

5 July 2007

PBSM trip

de trip was okayy =)
just came back from de trip lor.
but can say boringg x.x
sleepy during ceramah . =.="
my eyes keep wan wana close.

2dayy BIO presentation. tak puas hati larr. T.T
i wanna do agaiin. theres not enough explanation.
but teacher say de power point was nice
thx to creative ee von . heh ! ~i oso got help to do de arr
haha.she decorate lorr. =)

den den. ummm. oral BM 2m0r0. ahhhh ~
i m readdy larr. but stil scare lar sometimes.
biasa lar . human kaan. hehe. oh ya.
saw jason's cute dark fren from MBS de. xD.
quite cutee larrr. xx.

till here. ciaoo ~

4 July 2007

sleepy =d

i m so sleepy 2dayy after english class.
sleptt. so nice =) sk0l 2day was ok
forgot to bring bio presentation.
sorry guys =) de pendrive is ad in my pencil box.
so its gurantee bring. =D.

tuition chemisstry. must bring text book ad. =xx.
omgg. dat confucian guy stayy near my hss.
tak sangkaa weii. reallyy swttt.
wen i saw his card like "taman bukit teratai no. 24 1/7 "
oh wait ? not my area meh ?
oh ya. my area. =.=".
dont ask me y i can remmeber de address. x.x
near my hss weiii . hahaha.
no wonder saw him at pasar malamm dat dayy .
near sangattt. aahhaha. oh. cut de crappp. Xp

hoho. 2m0r0 i m going for PBSM ibu pejabat.
i dont wanna go actually. but terpaksa larr.
what to doo. =x.
nvmm i goo. i good gurll lei gehh. *ehem*
up til here .ciaoo.
tagg mii =)

oh ya !


3 July 2007

liiivee =".((

=p=p. sk0l 2dayy. wh0le day been talking bout yesterday's trip. =.="
must stop talking ad. xD.
siaoo weii . x.x

sometimes i just really why ppls are so selfish ?
i mean. certain u can. but come u can just lend a hand ryte ?
a lil tingS ? isit dat hard ?
i myself selfish too. but depends on what.
must noe how 2 diferentiate good or bad went selfish.
lend a little hand wun diee lar.
helpfull a bit lar. x.x
u giff m0re. u get m0re.
u giff less . u get less.
willing to help with sincere hearrt. not because of force too.
cause if u do. u sux. sorry to say that but yaa.
hard to find some one dats really helpfull. huu~

really feeling weird wit sum ppls dis few days.
all change. well. so do i .
i noe i changed in wat sense. more too . terus-terang dis days. =p m i ?
theres m0re. dun wanna listt it outt . =x=x.
sum chii . haha.
its just datt. some might changed to better person .
but some change to WORSE !
cant tahan larrr. yerrr ~.
try to act cute is another damn ting i hate.
act innocent. with de stupid chararcter. wth.
got mirror at home a not ?
theres feww. its really obvious in a diferent way.
i can see it. i duno i m de oni 1 hu c it or wat.
i just like seeing ppls character.
dats how u detect their atttitudes. i noe every1s i m kind of close too.
some really iirritate mee. GRRR~ bitch !

i like dis . i make it myself.

i have lost the meaning of friendship.
i no longer noe de defination of friendship.
i am lost. no longer trust others around.
i will be myself.
hu i m . what i m . ^^

2 July 2007

TS. alone =)

went ts 2dayy. till like 7.00 pm . =.="

skip tuition pulak . ~ x.x

watched alone.

those hu went .


7 of uss. =)).

dat show arr. not bad larrrr. some part scaryy lor.

later that . v went bowling centre.

all played except mee. =D.

malas to play . sien j00r.

heres de pic i took.
enjoyablee. btw. theres a big gang. but separateed.
b4 de movie. me n pm, vincent, chi onn, jei sern,
sit at macdonald discussing wat to doo. =.=
lazy to update more. ciaoo ~

1 July 2007

add maths tuition. =s

learn new chap today . =)
satistic. ok lar.
not hard not easy. =p
din go out 2dayy.
din go skol as well .
2m0r0 . shud i go TS ? x.x
i duno .
all not confirm .
so do i .
2day is de last day of june
2m0r0 is de new month
new new new new !
everythin changed ! hoho.