31 August 2007

merdeka celebration

4 damar acted in 2dayes drama.
theres 4 scenes.
i acted in scenes 1 and 2 .
i din get 2 talk in scene 1 . sad nyer. din get de mic. too bad. sighh.
scene 2. ok laa. at least de audience like de overall perfomances. =)
it was funny . xD. overall its okay. xD. yeahh .

all stayted at class after drama. tired. fuii ~ . f1 lepas kereta 2dayye.
din really c . siien. mei yan wen back early. swimming competition i think.
wow. many things happen. but yet really fun to me. planned to go gasoline.
but din make itt. well. nvm denn.

i really tired 2daye. computer just came back from reformat. whoaa ~
everyyhing i save gonee. sad sad. =(.
have 2 save agaiin,. xixi.
suan le baa. what to doo. sigh



29 August 2007


omgg. 2dayyee, laugh de hell out of me,
after recess until balikk. !
haha. de drama. yasmin damn funny kay !
de drug addict ! xD. wahahhaa.
laugh till stomachace. ! =p

weee =p . exam coming.


27 August 2007

sko0l iish startiing.

okay dis is damn great skol is starting 2m0ro.
time passes really fast .
n i alsmost forgot drama practice for national day.sigh
exam coming yet havent study. amazing dis time exam.
such a rush . RUSH HOUR ! iish.

26 August 2007

new hairstylee

i m finding for new hair styles. ;)
any introx ?
if doo. pls tell me.
cus i m out of idea. yeahh !

25 August 2007

my eyes ;p

i miss jay chou , ;p. i lurve hiim .

oh boy, y m i so moody 2dayee. ? whats happening ?
can i skip skol ? y is it time passes so fast ? skol is starting next mon
exam is around de corner. sigh. its de finals. i just to over my exam fast !
so i m FREE ! butt . damn its SPM ! its freakinq fast dont u think ?

i miss a lot memories. lots !
i miss de day wen i m stuying in penangs.
comes a sweet gurl who bcame my close fren.
miss her. still v keep in touch ;))
de days v spend together. shes preetyy ! haha
i miss de days during prmary 6. those memories
with keng hong. pei chin, jason. wong. low. li kar. jamie. wee. denise.
any1 i miss out ? sorrie if i doo. happpy times
after upsr. whoa. miss itt ler. .
i also miss my life in form 1 2 3 .
times passes really fast. i m getting old.
nice memories passes really fasttt. can i return to de past ?
still i prefer those memories. nowadays. so many ppl change.
so called teenager life huh. yeahh. what to do ?

okay. i been blogging enough. tag mi at de tagboard !
yeah. !

moody .

moodyy. i dont noe what shall i think
or sayy. i love music. =p.

24 August 2007

bu neng shuo de mi mi . <33

okayy. damn blogger. type so long ad. den say cannot send . damn.
have 2 type my nice day agaiin .ishh.
bu neng shuo de mi mi definitely a briliant and spectacular movie !
touching ! heartss =)). sad. and funny. almost cried. ee von and lvra cried xD.
its worth watching. worth buying de DVD ! yeah ! =x. better den curse of the golden flower. 100 % . and jay is a great pianist. ! damn good i tell u . de nan quan mama guy alsoo . damn good. admire dem weyhh ! damn good arr ! x.x

beforre that. v wanted to go for bowling but ended up eik keong and vincent playing. v gals went sungei wangg. went gasoline. de cute guy serve damn cute eyhh. ! i called honeydew shake ! yeahh =) nice.
v played truue. every1 reveal their secrets. xD neng shuo de mi mi , haha,
den wwn a drink came. he said something. but v like HUH ? what drink ?
he asked de cute guy . he take up de cup smelled. n said yea. orange .
v like SWT . like dat also can a.r @.@.he damn cute lehh. cant pronouce english properlyy. xD, after that went back lor.

after moovie duno do wat. sho went backk .= )

23 August 2007

rush hour.

wattched rush hour weyh.
ahaha. damn funny ar. ! jackie chan. and chris tucker .! yeahh !
loove dat sh0ww. leh =)). 2m0r0 i m gona watch secret !
hop its not full ar ! =X.


i din goo sunwayy. sad nyerrr. my movie RUSH HOUR cannot watch also

sobsob. wats happening 2dayy ?

heyy. i found bu neng shuo de mi mi score ad !

yeahh ! =D jay jay jay !

2m0r0 watching de show ! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =p.

cant waiit. i wanna watch !

22 August 2007


hmmm. did i went out past few days ?
mon . went tuition. uhhh. met MONKEY haha.
after and before going tuition. met many leng jais. =)
2day also.
eyh . i tersalah naik kren ar 2dayy.
ternaik sri petaling. =.=". but nice also ey.. haha. something different.

went petaling street with mum 2dayyee. as usual she wanna buy her stuuffs.
wen reach de crystal shop. remind me of.
de cute korean guy i met. chuun weyhhh. =)). too bad oni c him once.
terserempak so many "guai" lou . haha.
mat sa leh guys damn hoot =)
korean guys kyoot =)
japanese guys cool =)
taiwanese guys diaoo =)
hong kongnese okok la =)
malaysian guys no comment yet =)
loves koreans . chunn xD

tiramisuu. feel like eatingg. s0 long din eatt j0rrr .
not goingq to sunway lagoon ad. sobsob. nvmm. thrus going TS ! yeahh!
watching jay's ;atest moviee ! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =p

okay. compliments now.
freakinq pissed off with de farking genting hotel thing.
have to pay for nothing.
not going but yet nid to payy. wth ?
as though everything is last minute.
pissed man. pissed. good person.
damn good. yeah. sux.


20 August 2007

no physiic

yeahh . no physiic. he went for a holiday. =)
yet. really bored lar. bsides hws study and on9 ?
what can i doo ? sighh.

umms. 2m0r0 tuition. yeah.
i duno what i shall say.
emmx. post another 1 if i made it =)

19 August 2007

my favourite songs.

listen . n sinng =)

ii m siickk.

ii m siick once i woke up dis morningg.
stomachache. feel like vomiitiing.. san fuu eyh.
lucky ganti tuition ad. if not. have to skipp . =(
heard cp say. ah sing class 2day half way no electric ! LOL!

hws . doing iit. doingg itt. JAYS movie.
heard lots of ppl say nice sho i m watching ! 100 %.
haha. my jayy .weee =p.

i m confuse what u re thinking . can u pls tell me ?
i dont wanna confuse . pls.

18 August 2007

jay's latest moviie. bu neng suo de mimi

the show has been release last thrus 16 August 2007.
i wil be wathing next WED. yoooo =). cant wait eyhh.
JAY JAY JAY ! heard that . if dis show din get good sambutan. den jay give
up directory ler. NO PLS ! support jay all a long kayy ! muah.

first of all. skol . teachers been giving out hws. =.="
pile of dem. espcially physiic. a lot man ! and ya. not to forget
moral's correcction folio. siaoo weyh. i tot holidays suppose to be enjoy kan.
ish ish , bagi hw pulakk, dah la bzz. x.x

let;s talk bout tuition. saw harry potter. but din c holand chicken.
there must be something happen between them. sigh.
dono why. pui yee and him fen sou le. dey like uhh no frens now geh ?
harry potter din noe hes dat type of person. all kind of ppls in this world huh. =(
i miss the last time holland chicken. cheerfull. happy go lucky kinda guy .
funny. i really miss him. now . things change. seems pretty dull. dont know why.
might as well just keep quiet.

form 4 lifee yaa. memang punn. k den. till here . ciaos.


17 August 2007

loosiing hooppe.

i finally realise ur true face. u gott .
sooryy to say . it doesn seems really good impression to me.
u have show urself. and i see it.
i tot u were a good fren. but. i got no words. to describe.

i have been reading past few weeks.
2 weeks i shall say..
finished 6 books.
and i m posting longer everyday.
feel like blogging my feelings . tensing iit. =) yeah.
cause i got noone to tell with.
i m damn down now . after listeing words from you.
i din noe. n i dun wana noe now. u make me sad.
just so sad. dont you now ?
reading has been better. improve my english though.
avoid problems.

why is it you keep copying my words ? ahh. nvm mind =).
give more . get more. lols. i feel wen u re mixing de person
too much . u will just get influence. truu ewryh =)

i dont noe you anymore.
wheres de old you ?
i miss de old you.

de times v spend de time together.
laugh 2gether.
u seems to change a lot.
if u cant accept de who m i as a fren,
theres a mistake. y i can ? u not you ?
i noe theres been consequences.
but if u re a good fren. this kind of problem wonldn happen.
i m easy going kind of person kay.
its just that i m stress up dis year.
assignments to do.
all those crap.
v all stress up .not oni me. dats y thing happen .
i just dont wan it to happen.
i learn a lot by reading de last book.
that i just bought at JJ . with cp dat day.

i m just fed up bother things between me and you.
y this things happen ?
it shoudn happen.
its not dat v just knew each other . its been a time.
2 years ? 4 ? 1 ? few months ?
its still kay. if u got problems. or whoever my frens are.
share with me .
i m willing to spare half of my heart with you .
i willing to help with my sincere heart . ^^

m i dat too easy going type of person till ppl take advantages ?

path. my path. just hop things getting better. but not worse as well.

cheers ppl ! love yahs ;))


sketch . hoho. 4 Damar have to present on MERDEKA DAY.
i act with mei yan change character.
suppose to be police. ahh. nvm . ^^

lazy to type more. ciaoo

16 August 2007

skol day. bz with reports.

though theres no teacher de whole day. every1 is bzing with thier physic reports. =.=". really. every1 doing iit. really . bz . =D.
den after sk0ol i gantii ad maths.
class not sho packked ad. bt stil quite many ppl.
chairs tambah oni 3 chairs. i feel 2dayy class better. duno y =).
i absorb what teacher teach easilyy. =))). lots of jokes 2dayy.
wasted 10 minutes. though intime. haha . laugh a lott . x.x
as usual he gave HW ~ ! . hoho.

later that. i went back home ? =). yeah. niid to do physic presentation.
y is there so many things to do ? yet time is sho little. and short. sighh.
time passes freakiing fast till you dont even notice.
i miss my past. my sweet ones. my best lifee. love demm.
sometimes just wish to go back time. HUI DAO GUO QU . haha.
yeah =). watching jay movie. haunted hs. jay another movie's soon.
future watching. =p. all this good memories. i shall just treasure it.
keep it. and never loose it . it happens once in a lifetime.
though theres taff times. and unhappy momment.
i willl not keep dem . burden my stress . ? ryte ? . but some things i just cant stop itt, i m sorry . once happen . i cant turn it back anymore.
though things getting better but i dont seems to like you de way i do last time with you. i m really sorry. i wonder whats ur tots ?. really.
i wonder i back stab me or anyting.
as i can c. u dont seems to like me.i duno . i shall not noe.
keep it urself. think. .u re de oni 1. sighhhh .

i dont like you anymore. dont miss understood. plss.
i just hate that. try to imagine u re de one on my side.
what will u fell as well ? just think before u even do something.

u give more. u get more.
for those whose. self fish.
practic tis. u wont regret. =) ciaoo

15 August 2007


iits nothing going tutiion alone ? =D
nvmm. ^^ . hard tho find mr/ms nice kay.
so going tuition alone is just normal n fine .
i m use to iiit ^^.

curse in my heart. cross heart, cross faith.
i dont give a damnn. studyy . concentrate.
complete my works.

heart youuu .

14 August 2007

sk0l daee.

skol day huh. nothing happen as well .
teacher often not coming in to class.
i spend my time reading 4 books ad. whoa.
obesses with books ad. i miss out 3 harry potter's books.
wana collect demm. yo. must buy . =) just wana read from de
begining till de end. =) cool storyy . n book too.

2dayy skol. drama. shwu ling's group damn funny.
espcialy theresa and shwu ling. comedian in 4 D . =D . hoho.i love 4 D !
gurls class rox. privacyy all ours. =p. no guys to bother. yeahh ~

and why everyone is so deperado dis year ? is guys so important as well for part of our love life? u re sixteen. still siixteen. plenty of time kay.
let it comes natural not unnatural. unatural really lames it u notice.
well, some ppl really dont realise as well. n . iisit nice snatching ppl stuuffs? ideas ? opinions ? oh boy. get ur own way pls. stop being faker. suxx kay. n yeaaa . dont like de way i m ? just say pls. dont talk behind my back or just hate me thought v r frens for so called long ? i m not small gas. and thats what shud a fren be. sometimes i really wonder
what u re saying true sincere or just boasting ? wel. u re urself. u noe.
i admit i m not a perfect person. i dont expect everyting perfect stuffs from you. cause myself dont. its just diferent ppl have diferent opinions. i wont bend urs. i just accept. this de fact of life. if u cant stand it . dont survive in ur work life. u will die as well. thougt u re just in high skol now. dont u realise ? okay. i crapping all de way. as u may think. ahh nvm . just 2 fill up my gap in my blog. =).

dats all for 2days blogg =! no offence kay those who terasa =p.
dont mean any lar. just saying what my thoughts are.
n wanna noe what u think of my tots ? kan kan ? =D

13 August 2007


yooyoyo. haha. b4 i go to tuition.
hu kena for NS ? sayyy laa . lol

12 August 2007

enjoy life :)

prakash's advise. haha. enjoy liife while still can .
so giving me an idea to blog bout liife. haha. =D. thx dude.

enjoy every second of your liife while u still have it .
i m leaving a side my other so callled "problems" aside.
n just concentrate my studies n life. y wanna waste time on things
dat i consider not uhh? watever. =D. just fed up to bother anymore.

NS ! who gott ? tell me yaa. i wanna noe . haha. my turn next year la weyhh.
get or din get also de same de la . to mee laa. =).sometimes hop not to get. =x

my relationship with ya is getting further ? omiigosh. y all dis damn things
alwis happen in high skool ? dont u think its a bit non mature ?
well. no offence kay. i mean. ok la. normal this things happen , kan high skol ?
=.=". ya high skol. SPM around de corner. shoot man. tiime passes damn fast.
dis year. every single year. i m getting older. OLD ! .fui ~. fastt.

i think dats all kay, use to think of what shall i blogg. but comes t0 blogging it. i alwiz forgot. duno y =)

11 August 2007

tuition. fan seii ar.

tuition ar. time arrangement. fan seii lor. let mi list out . what day i m free n not ! x.x

start froom 18 aug to 26 aug.

SAT - no add maths. ganti on next wed. ( free )
SUN - no physic. teacher outstation. ( free )
MON - chemistry , biology and sejarah .
TUES - The salt thing from mr raj at 11 am . later that . ( half day free )
WED - umm. electrolysis thing. at 11am. den add maths.
THRUS - no tuition. ( free )
FRI - bm , maths.
SAT - no tuition . gantin on wed ad.
SUN - no phyisc guaa =)

so my free day ish. sat, sun, tues ( half day), thrus , sat and sun again .
bz on monday, wednesday and friday.
monday - 3 subjects.
tues - morning seminar.
wed . 1 seminar. 1 subj.
fri - 2 subjs.

total days tutiion at martin = 4 day.
total subj = 6 .

so misson complete. haha. i so worried , i left out part of it.
so holidays NO weekends FREE peeppz ! haha. and also thrus ! wakakka.
de rest taken. at not 2 forget. tues half day free . haahaha.
okay okay. dont wan fan ad. settle jorr. kayy. settle. xD. ciaoo . =p

9 August 2007

8 August 2007


nothing happen in skol 2dayy . in sk0l .just uhhh. nothingg =)
so little ppl come 2dayy. 2day spm trial was chinese. yesterday was moral.

sighh. i really wonder. y is she keep snatching every single damn thing i take or do ? iisit dat saticfing ? i take dat u took also. what i say . u might b saying de same thing. who i m close with .u trying to do so. whats wrong with you dude? dont u have ur own style ? irriate laa. making me dislike. but i dun wanna , pls.

dont think hus it anyway. its you . u think its you or felt its you. its definitely you. ciao


6 August 2007


going tuition later. b4 dat. update my blog to stay alive . XD

i found dis while surfing. kinda interesting though.

- there not fake tru making frens. nv talk de back of you. fren with de sincere heart. cares bout you . not selfish . tihnks of you. nv left you out. keeps her promise ( i hate ffk brats. arseholes man ) .

NON - GOOD FRENS ( + my opinon )
talk behind your back . irritiates you. left you out. selfish . wins againts you . etc cant think of now.

De types of human i hate. X.X
- act cute. talk cute . which fail. mis interpret my meaning. and boasting to oother ppl which not i meant. ( idoit dong ). selfish ! act dat like you but dont like. talk behind you back. flirt. fat hau. hey ppeeeps. talking bout what i been truu kay. =D. dis is my life. life is life. haha. more ? uhhh. say dey r not lala but dey are. heyy. i dun hate lala alrite. just dun denied if u are obviously are. shows u re lame to b 1. admit it y scared ?
its not againts de law or wat. i think dats all so far. =p. update more on my next blogg kay .


5 August 2007

paranomal =) taboos at midnite. hoho.

The taboos at midnite.

i just type in de most believes kay. =)

Outing at nite 5 stars
reason : weak bazi attracts ghost. cuz weak .

burning hell papers at undesigned locatios. 5 stars
reason : attracted by de hellpapers burnt.

Hainging out clothes at nite.
reason : if the ghosts like ur cloths , den dey wil wear dem n leave ador.

Calling names
Reason : at nite. dont call names at nite. avoid ghost remembering ur name.

Leaning againts de wall .
reason : ghost like to lean on de wall to rest. lean on de wall can easily be possesd. !watch out !

do not pad on others shoulders o0n de road
reason : to long to type. asked me lar. hahahaa .

positioninng the slppers neatly by de side of de bed
reason : will arouse de curiosity of de ghost and leading dem to ransack de bed.

Taboos in HOTEL: !

1. the last room at de corridor must be avoided.
2. Do not open drawers immediately after entering de room.
3. When sleeping , recommandeed to on de lights.
4. If acute discomfort is experienced, change room immediate.
5. knock de door b4 entering de room .den mention such words dat " i am lodging in 2nite, pls excuse me " ,

Taboos for women at nite ! x.x

1. Do not go toilet at midnite at somewhere else
2. After 12, do not stare at de window.
3. if u see any1 burning anything at de side of de road. avoid seeing it. might get possed.
4. Lunar month, stay at home by 6pm.
5. Refrain de game of spirit .
6. Do not answers doors by midnite.
7. Do not excited sseeeing a handsome man at midnite.
8 . think filthier things which ghost dislike if happens to go out at nite.

Tabboos in words.

1. "i am going 2 die soon" - will be found dead de next day .

2. " my name is XXX " , avoid answer de Q wen being asked in de middle of de nite.
it so happen to a china guy which answers de Q wen hes climbing a mountain at nite alone.
de next day. hes found dead with no reason .

3. "Come to bed with me ." - u might not wan 2 sleep with a lady ghost which kiills.

4. " I am not scared of ghost" - asked me for de story. to long 2 type . haha .xD

Taboos at de mid 7th lunar month

1. Stay at home
2. Avoid dark corners
3. Do not call names at midnites
4. Do not answers calls of names at midnite.
5. Refrain from flashing the torchlight
6. Do not pad on other's shoulders.
7. Always say excuse me

safety on de hungry ghost month festival.=D

went ee von hs =)

went to ee von's hs for drama practice. xD.
nice larr. ate pizza. den soft drinks.
lots of megazines weyhh.=)
i tell you. sure enjoy at ee von 's hs de ! so cozy n comfartable.
air-cond everywhere. whoaa. syokk la. o.O

den den . went pandan kapital photostat .
saw zheng nam . =.=
wit his family. 3 bros 1 sis . not bad not bad .
den den. no more liao lor.
dats all v did . watch our drama on monday ! =)

ciiao. i start 2 feel part of my words has became part of her words.
copy ass ! iish. x.x gif ur own life with it lar ! y wanna copy ppl style ?
shows dats ur lame.

4 August 2007

exhausted ;(

ii m exhausted. AHH~. nid 2 present to skol 2m0r0. x.x
i dun wan. damn teacher . forced us to cum. iish. idiot la.
dah laa . choose all those. no comment punyer orrg.
now wanna force ppl go. bukannya ader post or wat. fishh la.

i damn tired u noe . SAT also nid to go skol . T.T
i wan my damn rest. no peace la.
hols also canot rest. tuition je. ohh mann.

i duno what i m thinkingg, ciao.
u talk me . u sux. so pissed off.

3 August 2007

jaya jusco =)

hoho. just came back from JJ ! =))
just bought 2 books ler. walk to JJ like hell .
so hot mann . ! saw choon ting cheng yong ju wee on de way to maluri
station. fuiyoh , so syok eating sengkuang. =). tak belanja pun /=(

din make it to walk with zee weii. some other time baa. =)
shout my name in front of thomas. syok la. iish. X.X
pm worst still. shout like duno wat my name to his fren.
dammn fishh laa . T.T. grrrr```

tiring. tiring. sang de whole day 2day at skol .
wat wat patriotik la. den act. whoa. ssiaoo weyhh. but quite fun laa.
edwin tiang bendera so fuunnny ! haahhaa . get award from teacher summore ! xD. 4 Damar won for acting . ! wohohohoho ! . *clap*clap*
i stil duno wana go skol 2moro a not le. =S.


2 August 2007


i lost hop on frenships.
lostt. i duno what to say, nor what to do.
why such thing happen ?
i no longer noe hus de fren.
i no longer found some1 dats trustable.
i tot u were the one. but now.
no longer have the feeling. isit dat nice talking at the back of some1 ?
what i meant the person who talks is your own fren ?
how do you feel ? . pissed ryte. really disapppoint.
if u just dislike, voice out. dont talk at the back.
thats whats a friends? sometime my talking do sharp to the point.
but it u are a fren. i dont think it pointed. i try to keep my sharpness.
but things doesnt seems to get well. i keep quiet. dont wan trouble to come by. i m stressed up with my study life.
talk whatever u wan . the person who feel bad will be you yourself.
i m done with. i wil shut my mouth and let you talk.
i let conquer everything in comunication. .

disappoinment. i no longer define u as de person whom u really are.
i missed the old you . where are you ?
i m down to c u like dis. why so happen ?
do u have de sincere heart to be a fren with me ? do you ?
questions alwis playing on my mind.

ciaoo =) . mwarhs. CHEERS ;)

nothinnq to dooo

theres nothing to do in skol. T.T.
teacher never come in .
no koko.
did noting. damn sien weyhh.
i dont wana go 2 skol 2m0r0 larrrr.
he camee =). but din c him . haha . nvmmm .

i m been left behind . sighh. what to do.
i wil be alone. =((.
end year exam migt be next month! doomeed !

1 August 2007

freakishly sleeppy

hampir tidor during chemistry, tak tahan man
eyes so heavy, keep wan wanna close.
2moro drama. hoho.
oral de ar.
next week bi . yooooo ~