29 September 2007

examm week. =.="

its been a time for my update... hoho.
examm kayy. cant updatee .
its like my blogg really outdatee.
i wanna change skinnn after diiss . !

i miss himm badlyy ;p;p

22 September 2007

not ative geh?

why am i so not active in blog past few days ?
mayb exam around the corner. ? xD. haha.
i guess so. i wil active back after exam kayy.
ediit my skiin and music. i dont have de time now.
damn freakiinqqq bzz with studies.
finally studied biology, chemistry .uhh. kinda i shall say.
now stuying sejj. hop to finish it by 2dayy.
cus 2m0ro i wanna studyy phyysicc !
and nite. i wanna studyy BM pulakk. ! yeahhh =)
confi confi . haha. not too confii punnn.

k den.till here.

19 September 2007


i lost hope on you ever since de incident happened.
disappointment had stayed in my heart.
i cant take it aways until now.
can u take it awayy ?

17 September 2007

awww .

hooo. heavyy raiin todayyy. b4 i wanna go martiin . =x.
nothing to update.

16 September 2007

exammmm . x.x

exam is around de corner peeps. oh shooot.
damn fasttt .

went bm todayyy. late 5 minutes weyh.
no leng jai wan . got la. onii onee. hahahaa.
saww jee kenn and pak mingg. reserve place for uss pulakk.
waakakka. =p/
den after tuition went main block payy fees. i mean just seminar fees lar.\
so many ppl. den saw ho lup faii. =)). hes wearing my favourite colour shirt !
omgggg. i damn love that colourr. i myself dont have and he gott. omg omg.
i damn love PURPLE damn like kayyy. den payy fees 2gether laa. dman hard to understand dis lup fai lar. duno what hes thinking and doingg. i really wonder. =(

cant wait for de genting trip. yeah =)

15 September 2007

jie kou

now singing jie kou = ) nice song.
nothing interesting thing happen 2dayy.
mei yan lost rm 5oo++ suspect kai xin stole itt.
well. duno laa. oni god noes.

14 September 2007


damn sick 2dayy.
let gold fish pissesd our class todayy.
pohww. damn itt. kena marah puasss2
lvraaa lagii yenngg.
tengg douu. =p

13 September 2007

12 September 2007

Prefect niitex.

yoo. just back from de prefect nite.
it was awesome. haha. enjoyablee. =). no regrets goingg.
and evveryone were damn pretty on the nite.
and not to forget de guys. there were handsome and cool kay.
whole event start at 7.30 like that and end at 11.15pm . estimate laa.
i went back around 11.10pm.

well . de first thing v did was. a speech by duno whoe ad.
den eathing fistt. food not bad huh,. got pizza, sate, jelly, smashed potatoes.nugget. cake. junks. soft drinks. etcetc. i love de smashed potatoes. =). and de jelly was not bad laaa.
drinks as usual. later that was perfomances. it was quite boring . but well.
dey done theier best =). den den. was de singing part.
en. nik , nawawi and khairol require to sing . lol. out of tune betull =p.
sang kenangan terindah again. alwis that song. not sien wan meh. haha.
later was GAME ! de best scene i can tell you.
de first game was musical chair. de best and funniest gamee !
teachers joined us played too.
loga, khari, nawawi, liena, shukri, de new teachers. sporting gila lar all de teachers.
and damn FUNNY ! i laugh like HELL ! . omggg. espeacially khairi, nik, nawawi and another teaacher forgot his name but his de winner . =.=".
gengg. one of de final round he push nawai to de floor using his butt. LOL !.
and soon keon and de unknown teacher name was de finilist. at last teacher won.
i wonder de prize i bought is suitable for hiim ! wahhhaha. dun care. =D

den later that was poison box. also damn funny. marcus shake his butt damn good =PPPP.
he arr. he and aliaa won de 2 prizes i bought. i wonder hu get which colour, theres pink and green. and coincidence its a pair. haha. good laa. din expect . den after that was wat wat who is the longets ? orange group won. this game. damn chunn. hahaa. all took out everthing belonings.
moneyy. wallet. handphone. etcetc xD,funny tooo.
heyy, din noe debban body so yengg? go for gym ? =p.

anewayy it was a nice event i had. de prizes everything hop it suites dem.

i m waitinngg tooo. LOVE YOU

9 September 2007

went everywhere.

wth. i went everywhere to buy de damn hamper. and de cheapest i get is rm80.
and de most reasonable. so feel like taking home. haha. so nice. i m tired.

yeah ! . he replied my message. i didnt expect . waahaha
i damn like JAY CHOU . how how . i manage to make GAN one of jay chou fan also.
waaaha. thx to mee . i havent buy his soundtrack ar. i wanna buy his movie first. den soundtrack. i love de secret song. i m gona play it everydae till i remmeber it. ! yeah =)
its a nice song. but not easy nor difficult. just get me into emotional. i will cry gahh. haha. jk. often played all de soundtrack in the show. nice ar. heyy.i got piano exam practical. yet i still playing his songs. seii lar dis timee. hahaa. pratice both at de same time ba =D .

damn. i got lots of things to complete. i nid to finish dadah proj by dis week la. how now lar ?
i duno whats its ryte . i wanted to ask teacher. but shes not in de room lasr frii.
damn ittt. i wanna finish it fast larr, so i can study peacefully. oh mann. exam is comingg. i m so doom. n i dont wan to . =.="

nothing i shall say . ciaoo.

8 September 2007

dadah project.

chosen to do dadah project. xixi.
sho many thing to do arh.
anime competition. hop to get iin lerhs.
de dadah hop to finish in time.
tak sangka harry potter or either holland chicken remember my name ?
whoa. not bad huh. haha.
i wonder whats wrong with dem ? sighh.
miss de old dem. where are they ? hoho.

gosh. damn pissed off todayy. remind me de damn past. damn lar.

7 September 2007

went jj ! yeahh !

wohohooh. went JJ 2dayy. with lvra. ee von . pooi mun. yar fen. and and. another. sorie.
forgot your name yeahh ! xD. bought for de prefect stuffs . cant tell whats that later tak syok ad. hahaa.
neway. it was quite fun laa. enjoyable. ee von's kononnya kai gor look for her.
from sayfol international skol weyh. love dat skol man !
but de price ish damn freaking nice too.
omgggg. i wan to go dat sk0l ARGH !

neway . went back around 4.30pm. uhh. lazy to type more. tired ler. ciaoo.

6 September 2007

dont jugde a book by its cover

no1 seems to understand de pharse dont judge a book by its cover.
perfectly no1. even teachers ? whoa. damn it. x.x
hate ppl like this. is appearance that important ?
looks dont judge everything.

why theres still girls like boys surrounding dem ? fat hou.
so manyy. dont noe whether de gurls realise or just faking around.
and why why why ?
i wonder if shes sincere to be my frens. or just a fren to noe my probmles. den ciaoo ? blur. damn bloody blur. world with all kinds of ppl.

f1 ppls ciao to n9 ad. good luck dudes !

5 September 2007

yeahh. our blogg.

weeee =p.
our blogg weyhh.
must go visit kay


update blogg skin dis weekends. hoho.

2 September 2007

phew `

de way u are. wuuuuu~
i admire chopin lately. mayb cus of jay cchou 's show lately.
beethoven mozart . bla bla . amazing composers.
wish i m like dem. compose songs since 6 years old.
siao man. so young. i m sixteen nw. n i cant compose any songs yet. wth.
just now how to play thier masterpiece. oh. i nid to compose ad.
hahaa . hey. jay chou is a great composer too. heex. love every song he compose.

exam around de corner. iish. just started bio oni. damn fast wey.
after exam i go syok puas2. ! yeah ! den study back again for spm de following year.
sighh. alwis studying. can i have a break ?

i been moody lately. why why why? i dont love anyone.
i m crazyy . =.="

de 1st day of SEPTEMBER ! yeah !

1 September 2007


yoo. its merdeka ppl ! yeahhh =).
whole day at home. pityy me.
syok sendiri. xD