31 October 2007

iiish ;(

my results sucking every single day.
3 more papers to go. omgg. i cant take it anym0re.
streess man taking results.
have to studyyy everytime. =/="
nrxt year SPM .. ohs

30 October 2007

results. =.="

wuhuhu, teacher is giving out results.
so de super scaryyy lor. add maths . =.="

oh boy, i m so freaking sad and disappointed with sighhh~
her words is so mean.
i no longer define her as a friend anymore.
its getting further every single day.
i try to make things better . but you dont seems to appriciate it ?
sigh ~ where is de old you ? de day v have dun together.
or is it my mistake ? my tots towards you has change.
i wonder if i m thinking de ryte things.
you rejecting everything of mine.
what i shoud do ?
should i let it be ?
i let faith do it. wen it comes. i comes.
wen it goes it goes.
i have done my best.
i wanna learn to be independent. everything is up to me and my interest but not to follow frens. dey go. u go.
like that better stae at home sleep lar.
u also got brain what. xD.
everyone like that perhaps. i sometimes like that too.
but depends on whaT . o.O

what goes around comes around.
i faced it . i shall not avoid it =)

29 October 2007

day clean

i begin to wonder whats everyone doing at home lately
since exam is over. i bet many is studying.
i really out of de mood lately.
due to maths results. i m stil wtf.
packed my room and study room.
spend some time.
opened bio . planned to study . but my brain doesnt seems like doing iit.
my guessing is so freaking ryte. i knew my maths result will b dis suck.
iish. and wat wil de rest results be ? sigh.
i dont wan anymore sucking results ler.

freakinq moody.
i m wish i like those smart brats.
get A1 every single damn subjs.
hardworking like them
every sinlge minute studying.
i nid that ryte now.
next year SPM.
down now. woudln meant u down all de time.
i work hard. work smart. i get de aiim.
why give up ? i will not. !!!!!!!!
i fight till de end ?
i m stupid ? not smart ? not hardworking enough ?
i m gona aim to de max.
i dont give a damn on what ppl think about me.
i aim for de best for SPM.
not to be over confident but still have it. !

28 October 2007


edited my skiin babes =)
my songs so suite my blog.
dunch cry if i type something sad kay. =p

lots of loves.
KOREANS rox. =)


de SLAD today was officially damn freaking bored.
no cute guys. argh, just one from st. john. sit behind our skol.
malay guy . not bad lar. quite cute. his fren looks like a shorter version of HONG HENG ! xD . more good looking as well. xD.
talk a lot during de journey with wei suet, len wei and lv.
neway, its quite okay after all.
v got free breakfast after de ceremony. so ate it at skol.
de sk sbs was having jamuan. de table was jointed so long with lots of FOOD !
i took all my books back from de locker.
and i saw my maths result paper.
WTF. its not a happy mark. was a freaking saD damn marks.
its ony maths moreoveer. why is it my counting subjs so lame ?
add maths ? physic ? dis 3 subjs. T.T
i nid to back up on my counting subjs man.
ohkay, shut de damn sad topic and go to de next.

went to paragon point with mum.
accompanied her for a lil shopping.
bought a DVD player from a kinda cute salesman and frenly too.
he seems to get a long talking with my mum . haha.
his chindian ? . ur.h mix chinese indian.
i tot hes malay. cus he look like one ! . i even bet with my mum.
wanna go back de time my mum asked him.
as last he said hes not MALAY ! ishh. =p.
hes from SMK PANDAN INDAH. ~ . 18 or 19 i guess.
planned to be a police. wish him good luck as well =).
such a waste for cute guy like him.
shud further up his studies and more hardworking.
get better results. for de 1st time i saw a mix chinese indian cute.
my skol ? uhh. hahaa. no comment =p

went back , i straight away sleep. exhausted kay.
woke up den continue my TSGS book 15. my last book.
while reading. i felt like posting my experience at GENTING .
maybe if my entry got in . it will be nice with my name stated on it .=)
i will think bout it soon. and ya. de battleground show.
animator and virus -x one on de battle. was at last virus -x out. shit. my cute guy. cant c him ad. animator 2nd time in de battle. xD.
i just feel de group nothing interesting. alwis popping and beat.
not much hip hop, breakdance or mayb shuffle ?
so yeng, dance more yeng mar. =)

i think thats all for my today entry. ciaoo. =p


27 October 2007


strawberies !
nice hor !
so pale !
de left guy leng jai ! ahhaa. he seems cacat in dis pic lol!
animator ! yayyyyyyy~!

TS ~

this is super great i cant key in de pics. wth. =x.
grrrrr . damn iitt. i key in 2m0r0 ! =).
and ya. today was super fun.
those whom make it . me as well. ee von .
vinutha. cheryl. yeng jye. elvira. and theresa.
v reached there . bought stuffs for de bday gurls.
choosing was taking our time . =p.
den v went GASOLINE . celebrate there.

while de rest stayed there . me and vinutha bought de cake at secret recipe.
wuhuhu. espensive betul. RM 65 kay !
den v just kept there 1st wen wan it den take it.
dey ate. wait for cheryl. wen she reach.
me, vinutha and ee von wen to take de cake.
de cake was nice weyhhh. xD.
den called de gasoline guy help us light de candle. he so cute - haha.
den called de DJ played bday song for us as vinutha take in de cake.
v sang bday song. and guess wht others dat v dont noe sang too ! ahhahaa.
nice arr ! . den dey clap also. do wuwuwu sound . xD
and ya de guys sitting opposite us was damn cute posing .
wearing white. =). he joined de fun too. hahaa.
v gave de cake to de DJ and a guy. he like duno how to say lar.
say something wen v asked de DJ to put de song.
so give lorrr. de whole gang cant finish de cake. sho v gave quarter of de cake to de gasoline workers. secret recipe kay. dey shud enjoyed itt. hahaaa..

later that . v went for bowling !
played 2 rounds ! hoho. !
wen i wanna find de ryte bowling ball.
I SAW CHOON TINGG ! and his ganggg. !
hahaaa. CHENG YONG ! CHIAM KIN YEW ! NEOH ! and a few more i gueses.
dey played de mini football theree .! SPM eyhh ! xD xD
tot wanna say hi wann ! but hilang ad ! sigh sighhhhhhhhhhhh ~
after bowling v went hang kai a while lorr.
quite tired ad so went back.
saw many ppls too. form 5 and 4 . a lot lor.

sorry for no pics lar. i cant upload . upload it some other time kay ! ~
yeahh !

26 October 2007

n o n a m e

okay. this is so GREAT physics results and chemis was just okay.
o m g . ii wanna SCREAM. shiit dis timee.
i been busted diis time i think.
ah. dun care. dont even wanna bother bout itt. hoho.
i love C and J .

lots of ppl bday cominggg. =)
i wanna pk buying presentt. =.="
2 month before xmas. pfft. haha.
i wanna celebrate with fwenx.

25 October 2007

funny. =x

hoho. nothing to do today again. as usual.
bored to death at class.
animation period changed to longer period ad.
i dont consider its long too. no timmee. not easy aS well

hoho. =) lazy to blog more.
today v played out ai ling and pui yee
siu douu. lol

24 October 2007

results. T.T

omggg. results. i got half bio and bi ad. shit la. suckies ler !
bio p2 cant even imagine de marks ! T.T
all almost below 20. omgg. i scare i m one of demm larrr.
damn scarryy ler.

she pissed me offf today . =x

23 October 2007


terrible experience today.
omgg. freak de hell out of me.
no mood to describe more.

22 October 2007


i love white recently. =).
jay jay jay !
yun ho yun ho yun ho !
jae jong jae jong jae jong !
matsu jun matsu jun matsu jun !
oguri shun oguri shun oguri shun !
odagiri odagiri odagiri !

jeong hoon jeong hoon jeong hoon ! =)
toro toro toro
2many to list =p

skols startingg.

skol is starting 2m0ro !
omggoshh , so fast man.
hols comingg too =.="

21 October 2007


i have been tagged by cp. =x

1. Tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover
2.Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag 8 other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.

Points about the special 'him' :

1. Hes cool.
2. Hes not smart neither stupid.
3. Hes friendly.
4. Hes cute.
5. Hes tall.
6. Hes funny.
7. Hes talented.
8. Hes good looking.

Lastly, i like him. =p

battle ground. yeng =x

tuition today,
last day at last for add maths.
good bye ah singg.
gonna miss you . miss your teaching.
jokes. lecture. whoa.
or mayb i shall be back on de miiddle year?
or early month ? .

back after tuition. as usual.
guided my siblings. exam around de corner.
my job as mine over early.
parents went out. grandma came. hoho.
ate dominos. ! den watched transformer ! .
i din , dey did. i think i m gona watched tonite. xD.
let dem enjoyed first . den me =).

i m onlining now . updating my blogg. SPM around de corner
i dont feel let care much stuffs at skol besides my studies.
at home. i do both jobs. daughter. sister and a student.
i love study . *grgh.* i must ! haha.
achieve my ambition ? hey , i m not like those smart arse kay
i nid to be freaking damn hardworking to score de best.
my add maths and physic sux de most though.
sho i niid work smart and hard ! . i dont really give a damn on wat
teacher, student, PREFECTS, frens , juniors. talk de back of me.
i like de way i are. studies studies.
dey can talk what de heck dey wanna talk.
but its my life. its my right.
humans life is always like that. find something bad to talk more den good.
human human. justice ? just throw de damn word away.
i wonder who invent dis word. i dont find any justice anyway.
and i m really really really super super super wonder how shoe shine ppl do what dey do ?
its seems dat dey are so good in itt huh ? . i m not dat type. oh god.
well, skols happening now. its really consider as small matter . cus when u re outside de world, things are worst den dis. so just pretend i din c. din hear. HATE ? oh, ignore. bitch is always a bitch . shoe shine bitch for higher position, frens, boys, plenty man .
the world niids balance kay. all kinds of ppls exist. so accept de fact of life.
u re just in high skol now.

i just now that frenster has age limits to play ?
under 12 cant play? cut ehuh ? haha.
i read dis at someones profile.
what he said was cute. freaking cute. haha. just for above 13. =.=

oh ya, i watched de battle ground today.
my fav group was de animator , freestyle, and a few more.
de dances was damn cool ! lots of LOVE LETTER dance.
popping, animation. wow. cool man ! .
and ya, yesterday i watched yun ho's dancing video.
omgg. kills mee. so damn yengg ! and hero ! freaking cuteeee3e~ !
i likes yun ho's style and jae jong's looks. haaha.
de rest was okay too.

i m myself. i am who i am. my style my life ?
what de heck u care?
i live de way i am.
happy with what i am.

asking for advise?
listen, take it or ignore.
hate it ? SHUT UP ! .
u dont have de right if u re de one whos asking for it.
dont give advise if u urself cant even help urself
buy a mirror and face it.
soory for harshess . just pissed with it.

20 October 2007

add maths tuition ! =p

back to add maths tuition. 2moro ish my last day =D.
i m gona miss ah singg man.
i m gona miss de whole place too.
everyone i noe.
yao yuan choi kin =)

i heard 2m0r0 at sungei wang
theres jay chou event.
i wanna go but so late.
i think cant ler.
parents going out pak toh somemore.
lagi cant go le. haha .
nvmm lor. other timme baaa. xD

i wonder whoes reading my blogg . hmpph.

19 October 2007

fong lik san .

omgg its fong lik san !
cute dou ! lol

make me wanna.

jay is so jay ! hot cute. cool ! hahaha.
hes latest album jay on de run calender is out.
jay oh jay. talented guy whom i freaking admire.
hes so freaking jay. and hes always JAY !

tutiitioon teacher =X

i been guiding my sis and bro de whole dayy.
sien sienn. =p
but kinda fun gehh.
teaching demm. =)


18 October 2007

TS ~

went TS todayy . hoho
it chia pei .
watched resident evil.
met so many ppl.
met gurveer and de gf and de gang.
met nataneal. wathing ,movie also.
b4 movie went gasoline . saw margaret and yon pengg.
after movie . went to bowliong centre a while to take a look met dem again.
met FOO twice today. that a dayy =D.

den went sungei wang. saw marcus sia, sook mun and another two.
i duno de name. soriie.
den reached tthere find show phon and kj.
ahaha. funny fuinny. but i also wan work ! =)
kj so cute arrRR !
n den saw de green shirt pandan indah guy, forgot his name
his freaking piano damn geng,
grade 5 ! omgg ! unbelievablee mann.
i wanna duet competition withh him ! arghhhh =p
sure damn yengg .! hahahaa.
he told me miss ho ( ex-piano teacher ) getting married !
omgg. though not me. i m happy to hear that !
really congrats !
andd de small world is. hes same teacher with me ! =="

hes really talented. ailing not bad huh ! hahahaa.

went back. tired. not bad dayy =)

17 October 2007


its rainingg. =D =D.
omiigoshh. vinutha confirm followed by those "peoples"
i hope shes alrite !
stae brave gurl !
i m alwis here supporting you !
i hop to receive good news 2nite. =)

its been unlucky. sigh.
be caution next time during hotel =x
taking pics during nite at lake
thats de worst thing to do
dont ever take pic at nite !


16 October 2007

misses =)

days has passed. i really miss you guys.
i wanna hang out agaiin.
i wanna go outt with ya all agaiin.
2m0r0 i will be in TS .
wathing duno wat movie yet.
just me and chia pei.
so de little ppl.
v pak toh meh. ish ish.
i wann jay , ahahaa.

okay. lets discuss bout something.
everything is not copy paste but hand type with my life and opinions and tots.
love and like is totaly diferent.
love is a feeling that put all ur heart to him/her =)
u willing to do anything or whatever to make him/her happy.
thinking of she/ he everyday. miss she/he.
cant forget. wanna hold/hug. share ur feelings.
like is just a feeling that u admire him/her.
u dun really willing to sacrifies.like it can b any1 or how many.

talking bout dis.
my love is to JAY CHOU ! honestly . haha.
i yet nv love a guy. not now. but future maybE !
but i really love jay. i dun really care de gaps between us. =D
i like ? theres a lot. plenty lu. =S.
cus it not serious. xD

double posteach day. siiao weyhh. =p

hes not gay

after so many gueesings.
thinkings.i now shall say .
hes not a GAY ! hahahaa.
hes normal . hoho.


wee wang wangg. just over my piano lesson for hours.
ganti classs. so longg.
its getting tougher . hoho.
i wanna skip gred 7 after 6.i wanna sit grade 8 after SPM.
i must make itt. i wanna b a part time piano teacher.

y is he so understandable ?
cant he just be gentle ?
be a type of caring person
which i can hug whenener i feel sad and lonely.
why cant he be de one i share my feelings and problems with ?
sigh sigh sometimes / i really like mat sa leh.
more open and caring.

15 October 2007

boredsome to death

okay. this is great. i can even post double triple post a day.
its confirmed i m freaking bored.
i wana go outt. sticked at home really kills me.
online de whole day is no way. doesnt helps me.
still bored. i rather exam. x.x

i was thinking.
i dont ask for more
i dont go down for more
i am happy for what i am and what i having now.
why ask for more?
why wanna stress up for higher position ?
i m happy for who i am now.
as what i said. i dont wanna asked for more.
asked for more wouldn help you but worst"sen" you.
always happy on what you are.

SPM is around de corner. oh wtf. so fast .
i am gona be seventeen in anoter 2 months.
holy shit. i m getting older every single.
i am no more a baby gurl.
focusing on studies ? hoho.
i shud have doned dats long time ago.
its SPM kay. no more PMR .
i m a big big girl in a big big world. =.="
oh crap ! i have grown upp ! time just flew dat fastt
all those memmories i hve. just swept awayy. o.O
i dont wanna growwn uppp. hmphh.

i have been crapping.
shitshit. haha.
cut de crap.
and btw. JAYS ;S LATEST album cominng outt !
looking forwadd ! i am so gona buy ! hahahahaa
ciaoo =)

sherry bday party !

2m0r00. on de channel i m wathingg !

so cute so cutee ! awwww.

dey blieve in ghost too. =)) high 5*

went to sherry bday party just now . just came backk.
all present was me eevon . siew teng. pei yi. yeng jye.
played water balloon.
alll wet like syte. haha. =p went there around 12.15
back at 5.15 . =)
i enjoyed.
and nice hs ! xD

14 October 2007

boringg !

i m gona rott .

borinngg @.@

boringg. nothing to do.
i wanna go outt ! i wana watch moviie !
sienn arr.
but many hswork need to do. xD
iishhh =(

13 October 2007

new new new =)

i register wretch ! skype ! yeahh !

add me at skype.


visit yaa !! =)

no voice =x

out of voice out of voice. x.x
shout to much during genting. lols !
nothing to update.
miss my genting trip .dats all =)

12 October 2007

genting pics ! hoho.

our shoes ! ahahaha. !

thats de nitee den shwu ling tricked me ! hmph !

de cute clown i was talkingg ! ddamn cuteeee !

at fersis wheel !

same place !

pooi mun and mee . =)

just woke up !

de uncle that brought us to genting. and eevon . so called daugther ! LOL

with mei yan's black jacket ! =)

during outdoor theeme park !

taken at motion master with de glasees ! ahhaa

elvira me and mei yan during antique car !

me at antique caR ! =)

genting triip.

freakingg fun triip ! ahhh. dun wanna come backk ! x.x
let mi talk bout my tripp. den i post de pictures. hahaa.
from de begiining till de endd kayy.
i m wiling to type long todayy.
those who went for de trip was 13 of us.
let mi list out.

well. me, ee von, mei yan and elvira went by taxi to genting.
so were de rest but diferent time. as de rest has chinese examm.
i went to mei yan's hs at around 11.45pm.
waited til 12.00 for de taxi uncle to come.ehehe. went around mei yan's hs to look around.
her room . nicee ! quuen bed ! whoaa. nicenice ! haha. den uncle reached d !
v go into de car. nobody wanna sit in front. at last . mei yan sit infront.
our trip is like 1 and de half hours.
talk and play in de car.
jokeeee. make fuun. ;p. fuun !

reached genting around uhhh. 2.00 i shall say,
checked in. ee von was de 2nd holder name bsides de uncl.e
and dat was de time . secrets been revealed !
ahaha. de uncle and mei yan's dad from ulu klang.
and not mistaken noe my DAD ! siaoo man,
such a small world!. hes damn nice and frenly. and concern as well.
v stayed at GENTING HOTEL. 5 stars hotel. kay.
v had bath tub. shower. big tv with astro. 2 Queen bed.
wow. is like freaking nice! . ahaa. v enjoyed in de room waiting for shwu ling as shes coming with her parents. den finnaly saw her forget de guy name
haha. quite cute. den v al l buyed de all park ticket.
played roller coster for 2 times! haha.
den finally de rest arrive ! our day begins !!!!

v brought dem to first world hotel. v stayed at diferent hotel.
b4 going in . as usual. did what v shud.
me and mei yan. help out.
dey kept thier lugage den v begin our day.
bought de tickets for everyone.
den v went to our first gameee. de ship !
v separated to 2 sides ! ahhaa.
shout like hell man !!! ahhaa. damn niceeeee!
2nd game was de cup if i m not mistaken,
i sat with mei yan in de cup.
ee von, pooi mun and elvira in another cup.
dat cupp.i m not gona play anymore
make me dizzy, ! after that v payed de mini roller coaster/
ahha. shout for nothingg ! LOL !
den later that v played de sungei rejang thingie.
v cant find ! sesat weyhh! ahhahaa.
but den as last found larr.r i was de 1st 1 to go with mei yan.den shwu ling pui yee
elvira pooi mun. theresa yeng jye. den so on .
ahhaa,. so syok man !
i almost got wett ! . thx for shwu lings cap my hair save.
i wore her cap for de whole day ! hahaha.
she borrowed my jacket as well. during de game.
after de game was ee von's turn to borrow as her jacket got wet ! xD
after de sungei rejang . v went de mine train ! haha
fun agaiin ! den den . v went de flying chair !
sit 2 times berturut2.cus no ppl ma.
ahahhaa. syok agaiin !

and here. v got separated, me pooi mun cheryl and vee vien played de roller coster.
de rest went to play de go kart !
tot wanna play de 2nd round . end up rainingg.
cant play pulak.
at last separate me elvira and mei yan.
v went motion master. ahhaa. quite nice lar ! =).
den playe de antique car . 3 times ! hahaha
no1 kay ! . de 3rd time with yeng jye theresa eevon and pooi mun !
den suddelny shwu ling called.
said . faster come. v play flying coster ! LOL
but den end up cannot played !
de time v wanna go up is de funniest !
as de rain getiing . heavier. dey run la of course.
den suddenly mei yan shoout ! BIG LIZARD ! den later de rest shout ! LOL!
every1 laugh ! hahaaaaaa. damn funnyYY !

at last. played indoor. roller coster was de 1st choice.
played many round. den bumper car. freaking fun.
den motion master again. every1 together dis time.
ahahahaa. v played till like 12.00am.
den go backk.
as last every1 tired ! lol.
me eevon elvira and mei yan went back to our hotel.
soak our feet in de bath tub. den suddenly shwuling called.
jerica jerica. uhh. i forgot what she said !
but SHE TRICKED MEE !! i wanna kill her !!! =.==!!!!!
v so syok chit chat den . heard door bell ringg.
den i said " no la. tv wan "
again de bell.
ee von said. " i think next door wan lar.
mei yan said. " agaiin meh !"
and AGAIN !
ahhaa. dis time ee von go c
n OMG ., de whole gang came iiin ! WTH . ahhaa.
like partyy kayy ! freaking niceee! v chit chat. exchange musiic.
at last around 2.00am all went back.
make dem call us wen dey rich back thier hotel ! . ahaha.
dun make us worry maaa =)

den den. funny thing iss.
lvra talk wen sleeping damn scary kay ! .
i was like hu de heck talking ? lol.
den around 6am i woke up and went to toilet.
i forgot to close de door.
den as mei yan and lvra went to toilet.
de next morningg dey asked.
y is the bathroom door opened wen i closed ad?
lol . scare sendiri ! den i say me larrR! aiyoo ! =.=""
v ate. den de rest of de gang came with thier baggs. hahaaa.
later that. our turn to checked out. hoho.
and here. v played with de clown ! hahaa.
4 of dem. mei yan and ee von keep kacau dem ! ;p
de tall clown damn cutee larRRR ! awww =)
den later that. i went bowling with mei yan.
den come dis pooi mun, ai ling , vinutha. ee von. elvira.
de rest went shopping, vinutha win for de GAME !!! T.T
after playing we went to de food court to eat.
ee von lvra went arcade. pui yee pooi mun and ai ling went shoppping.
and vinutha also. me and mei yaan. went to c de time for de bus.
and den sun bin walk walk till leg tired den seat.
saw theres and yeng jye pulak ! lol
both of us went to buy chocolate. den bought baskin robins b4 go back !
as last every1 kumpul . and go back.
in de bus. v paling bising ! LOL. but fun !
and i forgot to tell that. our 1st nite dinner . v ate sushi
and guess what. v ate till rm100. OMG ! ahaha.

i gona post de pic later ! hehe.
it was a fun trippp ! =))
ciaoo. !

10 October 2007

genting triip

2m0r0 is de dayyy. =) yeahh/ finally.
exam over too.
i had packed. but stil wanna recheck laterr .
woww. so fastt.

i m freaking tired todayy.
tired til i headahce.
not enough sleep perhaps.
i shall sleep as much as i can 2nite.
2m0r0 going mei yan hs.
den her uncle fetch us to genting.
staying genting hotel.
huhu. hop it wil b a fun dayyy.

i m tired to blog about it anym0re. sigh.

9 October 2007


exam overr. but not officially overrr . XDxD.
alaahhh. consider jeee. xD

gentingg triipp. oh mann.
how how ?

i hate you i hate you
de way u talk
u telling me
all of dem.
i hate itt. x.x


8 October 2007


=.=. sej classs bloody bored.
tot wana go physic.
up to 3 receive emergency from mum.
rush back.
fakirng moddy now.
feel like wana punch some1.

shut up bitch ! damn asrewhole bitchh !

7 October 2007

i m lostt . ;p

ii m lostt.
i m closer .
i m further.
i cant understand you.
u have changed.
i cant say its good or bad.
i wanna tell you.
bad my words dun seems to come out from my mouth.
i like de way u are last time.
can i have back the last time you ?
i miss de old you.
i really do.
seems that teenage life really affects frenships.
dis is like i guess.
all sort of stuuffs havent around you.
i once stres. i m over with it.
exams is over.
stress up again end of dis year.
i realise u re not such a fun person.
i hate wen u being selfish. self concern.
being a damn nerd.
i know its hard for you to change.
nethier m i . i m not perfect too.
but i dont wan our relationship to be futher.
i dont what i m thinking about you.
why are u like this ?
i got moody with you.
i lost de fun. i dont wanna feel like this. pls.
can we last ?
past few days i been thinking
thinking hard.
i wanna enjoy with you,
not nerding with you.

lomg time updatee.

its been a time for my updatee.
a week i guess.
examm kayy. haha.
de whole exam was ok and ko as welll.
add maths. =.=
hateeeeeeeeeee ! . and physic as well.
chemis and physic totally from past year Qs .
damn chunnn =). add maths p2 was better den p1
hop i score good grades dis timee. =D. stil have 2 more papers.
bio p3 and est 2 . no mood to studyy.
i shall study 2m0r0.
talking bout tomorow. i got sej kelas tambahan. 9am.
siao eyh. wake up so early. x.x
i went TS las fridayy. so call semi - MERDEKA .
so v just hanging out.
went gasoline at TS.not bad.
and meet FOO and JOSEPH ? is it ? ahaha. i guess so.
de environment was. uhhh.
i prefer sungei wang's/ haha.
waitress more lengg . xDxD.
full eyhhh. almost ler. saw lots of f5s.
saw wai mun and her bro. saw many cute guyss . hohoh.
ahahaa. damn nice lerrr. xD. after gasoline went to sungei wangg.
look for sherry bday. seems nothing suitable. and super expensive.

i miss my blogg. there super lots of stuffs i would like to blogg. xD.
i love jay chou . hahaa. every1 noes. =p.
i cut my hair. and its like totally shiit.
so called self cut. shit man. gona leave long again. and cut again.
bloody disaster. z.z

i see no diference in thse pics haha. c real life. sucks.

lets talk bout musiics. yeah =)
jay's musiic totally cool. love dis composin.
i finaly bought his movie. ! yeah. i watched de makingg.
freaking funny.and jay was cutee! awww .=))) hes de onee .=)))
fang wen san. damn good composer. for lyrics.
beautiful gurl by sean kingston. amazing song
marron 5 wonder duno what ad. nice!.
jay chou. bu neng shuo de mi mi .
fang yi chen.'s song.
tvfxq. rising sun.
evenenese - sweet sacrifies.
jay chou feat jolin - bu la ge guang chang.
tank - zhuan si tian shi.
fahrenheit - chao xi huan ni.
chris brown - wall to wall
fergie - fergalicious ( changed to "fuckalicious". great mind . =.= ) =p.
justin - what goes around
rob thomas
i dislike wang lee hom nowdays.
duno yyyy.

okay. i think thats all for my updatee. =). early good lucks to all SPM candidates. yeah !