30 November 2007








tesco cheras , leisure mall, pandan kapital , paragon point , pheww ~

went out de whole day today.
1st stop was tesco cheras.
bought some nail polish, bracelet, and chains.
eye rings as well. =).
bought donuts too. nicee oww .=x

later that went leisure mall.
erm, din really buy anything.
just walk aroundd.
later that went, pandan kapital .
lagi not much things.
all sell hps nii.
getting less and less stuffs.

last stop was paragon point.
erm, bought ps2 games. den nothing lorr.
so siien de. walk de whole dayy. =xxx
finally backk homee . =))

29 November 2007

TS ~

went TS ttoday. with Chia Pei ni.
at lrt . saw ee von . haha but run awayyy =p
dun wan her C ! =ppp.
where so nice . go c BF ;arrr.

reach there. buy tickets.
watched THE LAST BREATH. a korean show.
shit. not nice. dun understand de storyline at all.
cinema noisy with those voices like kononnya scaryy .
iisihh ~

after movie , went sungei wang. look for lvra like hours. iiishh.
at last met HER. =dddddddd. with a leng jaiii frenn huh.
din c pooi mun. absent.

den went back TS . went gasoline yam cha.
sienn dou. i drank grape shake ! yeahhhh =)

newya nothing much happen lar. ciaoo lor

28 November 2007

yamamoto yusuke


so kawaiii !

so chunn

so cool !

OMGG. ! i paid attention to him at hana kimi !
and here he is ! i love him . haahaha. so cuteE !
he acted in se7en ainai songs mv. so yeng giler.
i semakin lum japanese guy , habis habis. lol.
hes also capricon dude. omgg. same same !
his bday 2 days b4 JAYS ! omgomg. hahaha.
hes 180 cm ! omgomg. lol. but look short to me. =D
unlike zheng yuan chang my another hubby =xxx
so tall. 188cm. ! he went to KOREA aRRR!
jealous sei ngor larr..

one litre of tears

one litre of tears. recommanded show.
nice sh0w. touched my heart a l0t .
i cried watching that show. de gurl,
really has de courage. admire her !
though she has sickness she nv giff upp. !
so why such ordinary person shud gif up on something ?
yeaa. some scene kinda boring.
but for me . every scene of de show brings a meaning to me.

honestly to be said, i hate ppl who commit suicide.
its an excuse to me.
kill his/herself cus of love?
stresS ? family ?
dey just dont appreciate life.
even though if u got sickness, . cherish everything u left. not ur LIFE !
yea, mayb can accept it, no1 do. its destiny. what can u do nethier change it ?
just face it and continue to be brave.

i wanna study,
no, i must study. lol.
but i m lazy.
so wth i gona doo to make myself study better. ?

27 November 2007


i m gona quit piano after my Grade 6 examm .
wana concentrate on my studies 1st. sigh.

wil still continue after SPM.
SURE WILL ! i love piano . aww~

today is 8-enewss 1000 show!
CONGRATS eyhh ! daniel lee, huang jun yuen, gary and other more were there
gary de tallest. de rest wass .SHORTTIEE ! haha .jk la.
garyy memang tall wann gehh. =p no offence.


26 November 2007

studyy !

i havent touch hws. omgg.
dun wana touch even.
finish revise chap that din teach for chemis and bio ad.
left physic.
revise sej, bm , bi and maths ad.
next target is add maths and phyisc.
and maths again.
talk jer. later duno got do a not wan lar. =(

packed us today.
clean and mop de floor for mum. =.="
so sien.
no show to wacth tim
and yeah . i finish watching hana kimi japanese version ad.
niceeeeeeeeeeeeee ~ ! i like de guy can c ppls aura !
so cuteeeeeeeeee! chun giler !
more chun den oguri shun ! hahaa. his name ? dno ARRRR!

gona watch de next show later . !

25 November 2007

penang pics.

view from gurney hotel at nite. ( with flash )

without flash

view at TAmbun during lunch.


Xmas tree at Gurney Plaza.

accessories dat i bougth. ^^

Gurney Hotel Lobby.

Taken at lobby.

with sis jacket . =)

saw this monitor lizard while walking back from bukit bendera. =.="

zac efron face gone at QUEENSBAY MALL

penang tripp

i m back from penang ! freaking tiring man.
de 3 days 2 nites trip was quite fun . =)
de 1st day. umm , what did i did ?
nothing much apparently.
met up with my penang fren.
shes damn pretty ad. haha.
btu din get to take her pic laa. shud have kann ?
reach there around 4 like that. den went out at 6 to meet her upp
at GURNEY PLAZA. talk while walking ';; nv meet for 4 years ad.
lei wah leh. den she came over to my hotel for a chit chat.
chat till 10,30 pm. her parents came too BADD ! T.T

the next day, planned to go Kek Lok Si. but too bad. its under construction.
so went bukit bendera.
worst thing. boought de tickets ad. but end up . cannot go.
too many ppl . waited like hours. wtf ryte.
fed up so ciao lor.
den wen to QUEENSBAY MALL. deplace was nice ! .
better de KL punyer TS. ! got ice skating ring ARR! super bigg. and bside ocean sumore . its something like 1 utama. like de PJ site.
den walk till sien ad . dad fetched us to Gurney Plaza again which me , mum and sis for shopping. as dad brought younger sis and bro for swimming.
bought lots of accesories. den met my penang fren again. with her mum.
talk a bitt. tot wana meet up again during dinner but . too bad. dey bz.
sho v went to Gurney Street for DINNER !
so many shops ! ppls ! AND BEGGERS ! =.="
i hardly can find any leng jai there lar.
i saw oni 2 or 3. too baddd . ryte in front of me.
de hair . so nice.e so yengg.
den went back hotel. my sis and younger sis mula not feeling well.

packed stuffs. and went back lur.
went to TAMBUN for lunch. saw one leng jai lar. wearing capp.
ahahhaa. quite yengg. and den later that.
younger bro not feeling well plakk. ish ish.

de percentage of leng lui is more den jai . =p.
gurls and guys at penang are fair and slimm.
but de pairing to me . uhmm, not so nice.
no offence. but hor. a bit weird lor.
and penang ppls dressing is better de KL !
its truee =)

and pics. ? upload it after dis post. =x


24 November 2007

penang now

at penang now
onlining here
update everything after i m back 2m0r0 kayy

stephanie , i tell u de info bout de puppies wen i m back KL kayy ^^

22 November 2007

puppies for sale :




yeahh ! =)

i m heading to penang 2m0r0
and will be back on SAT .
times passes really fast man
its 2m0r0 !
sho i will not be updating my blog from 2m0r0 till SAT . i guess.
sighh ~ gona miss blogging for 3 days .s ! =p

packed my stuffs today.
everyone of us nid to bring individual bags .
haha. good lar. can bring my own stuffs.
just nid to carry de bag myself oni mar . =x.
i brought many clothes. about 6 or 7 . hehe.
and 3 or 4 long pants.
many kan . ~ in case mar.
brought my new cap too ! yeahhh ~
next week mayb going CAMERON ar.
what the.
den de following start tuition ady.
i cannot go hang kai with ffrens wan
nono . can can .
aahha . still got tues, wed, thrus. de rest i m not available oni mar . =p

i think dats all lur . =p.
ciaoo =

21 November 2007

one more day to penang. =)

yeah. going penang in a day more. huhu
finaly can travel. ~ though its not outstatiion
but at least . i get to go out. =)

today is tuesday
and nothing happen much today.
sho ?
ciaoo early peeps.

20 November 2007


shi nian shi yi zhong bing
find dis song !
i damn like this song.
haha. =p


sis fren came. both sis =)).
mine ? uhh. *coft coft* all bz.

de ultimate victory show is damn funny.
that jacky ar. really ar. =D like to kacau ppl.
but overall de show not bad lar.
i m HANA KIMI japanese version FAN ! yeah !
any1 watched yet ? super nice. super lot of leng jai. =p

my fav actor inside. =) oguri shun.
i like two more new guy.
de one can see ghost and de one plays soccer. CHUN giler !
and fuunny .! =x

well, i m going penang this thrus. have to eady all my stuffs ad.
gona meet oenang fren there.
wonder how she looks like .
sure damn leng lui ad geh.. hmphh~

19 November 2007


ii am superb SAD and depressed.
STUDY iish de onii thiing ii niid t0 d0 n0w
ii wanna be as good as the 0thers. =(.

I M S0 STRESS though SPM is not here yet.
i havent start studying.
wtf. i m worried now. =xxxxxxxxxxxx


i dont ask f0r more.
u ask for it u get it
2m0r0 my sis inviting frens over.
so i just invite my frens.
though i noe mosst of dem cant make it.
nahh ~ oni 1 or 2 will come though i invite at least more den 5.
sigh~ just invite lar. dun wan sat mong .=p.
at least i got baa =)

tired tired. lazy to do HWS. grrrrrrrr~

sighh. went ?

help mum cook today.
and watched hana kimi japanese version too.
super nice ! and lots super lots of leng jai ! omggg.
de japanese version more leng jai.
almost every single guy is leng jai =p=p=p=p.
i m gona watch more ! yeahh !
den watch 1 litres of tears ! weeeeeeeeeeeeee =p

hws hws.
i havent finish .
sigh. ciaoo

18 November 2007

mushroom farm =)

i went to a mushroom farm today. its my dad's fren's fathers farm.
its sort of kampung with de farm. lots of growing natures. it was an enjoyable day =)
i dont my spending my retirement at countryside. =x.

dragon fruit ! nice kan ?

a tree ? i duno wat it calls.

my bro is typically as tall as de coconut tree =.="

coconut tree

dragon ruit

mushroom kept in a container waiting for it to change colour

again, dragon fruit.

i taken dis cow pic. hahhaa !


de factory


it was a long trip though, from evening till nite.
its located near PD. honestly, i never been PD in my life.
wth. shud goo. =p. cuti2 msiia mar !

dats all - ciaoo

17 November 2007

e zuo ju =)

E Zuo Ju Lyrics - Wang Lan Yin

Wo Zao Bu Dao Gen Hao De Yuan Ying
Qu Zhu Dang Zhe Yi Qie De Qing Yi
Zhe Gan Jue Tai Qi Yi
Wo Bao Qian Bu Neng Shuo Ming
Wo XIang XIng Zhe Ai QIng De Ding Yi
Qi Ji Hui Fa Sheng Ye Bu Yi Ding
Feng Wen Ruo De Qing Xi
Ye Xu Piao Lai Hao Xiao Xi

Yi Qie Xing Xian
You Dian Mao Xian
Qing Gao Shu Wo Zhen Me Zou Dao Zhong Dian
Mei You Ren Liao Jie
Mei You Ren Xiang Wo He Mo Shen Ren De Ai Lian

Wo Xiang Wo Hui Kai Shi Xiang Lian Ni
Ke Shi Wo Gan Gan Cai Yu Jian Ni
Wo Huai Yi
Zhe Qi Yu Zhi Shi Ge E Zuo Ju
Wo Xiang Wo Yi Man Man Xi Huan Ni
Yin Wei Wo Yong You Ai Qing De Yong Qi
Wo Ren Xing
Tou Ru Ni Gei De E Zuo Ju
Ni Gei De E Zuo Ju

Wo Zao Bu Dao Gen Hao De Yuan Ying
Qu Zhu Dang Zhe Yi Qie De Qing Yi
Zhe Gan Jue Tai Qi Yi
Wo Bao Qian Bu Neng Shuo Ming

Wo XIang XIng Zhe Ai QIng De Ding Yi
Qi Ji Hui Fa Sheng Ye Bu Yi Ding
Feng Wen Ruo De Qing Xi
Ye Xu Piao Lai Hao Xiao Xi

Wo Cai Fa Xian
Ni Heng Yao Yan
Qing Rang Wo Zai Qiao Qiao Ni De Shuang Yan
Mei You Ren Liao Jie
Mei You Ren Xiang Wo He Mo Sheng Ren De AI Lian

Wo Xiang Wo Hui Kai Shi Xiang Lian Ni
Ke Shi Wo Gan Gan Cai Yu Jian Ni
Wo Huai Yi
Zhe Qi Yu Zhi Shi Ge E Zuo Ju
Wo Xiang Wo Yi Man Man Xi Huan Ni
Yin Wei Wo Yong You Ai Qing De Yong Qi
Wo Ren Xing
Tou Ru Ni Gei De E Zuo Ju
Ni Gei De E Zuo Ju


meii yan hs `

yeah ~ update update =)

zheng yuan chang ! omg omgomg. hes mine =p

i love dis drink . especialy de purple wann .~

okayy . i just came back from mei yan hs today. it was superb fun,
actually i din planned to stay. but den like eevery1 also staying suddenly.
iish ~ hahhaa. i reach there like 5.00 . fetch ee von, siew teng and theresa at ee von hs . =) reached there like super early.
den pooi mun reach. shwu ling de palingg lewatt. after our BBQ oni come ! hmphh.

de BBQ was fun . theres prawns, sotongs, chicken wings, lamb and marshmallows. and even chocolate syrup. i brought de small marsh. too small dat mei yan bought a bigger wan,. =p hehe. v BBQ till like 10.00 ++ sambil chit chat , listen musiic and joke. fun fun fun =)). den later that. went in de hs lor. den oni shwu ling reach. ish ish . =x. dey all played de WII sports till syok sendiri. v sleep de superb late lor. no i meaant super early. around 5.30am oni v slept. super de geng. v chat ar. watched ghost videos. listen musiic. play games.
drink fruit jice till like super full. lol. de chit chat thing between me, mei yan , eevon and shwu ling was like superb nice and chi kek. hahaa.

de next day, mei yan's dad brought us to ampang for breakfast. den finally , ee von fetch me and shwu ling back home . =). after that plak, went out with mum to fetch my siblings back. i was so freaking sleepy and tired. sleep got oni 4 hours. =.=". after come back, take a bath, den i straight away sleep till i forget dinner. haha. fine =) . and now i m posting dis memories. and sharing pictures. =). miss de dayy .

mei yan and shwu ling . during breakfast.

ee von . dont wana take picc =xxxx

mei yann ! spend us makan todayy.

pooi mun . ish. dun wana take pic also.

from left top : me shwu ling ee von and siew teng.

tau take wan =pp .

tau take also =p hehe

shwu lingg ` ,. during breakfast .


yeng jye .

de drink is super nice. =)) . i drank a lot.

shwu ling =)

yeng jye and theresa.

siew teng . singing. =xxx so bising.

sleep sleep

it was a great day. i am going to my dad's fren farm 2m0r0 . yeahh ! =)

15 November 2007


i m doing my hws. gosh.
i stiill got chemis and phy and bi .
moral and bio folio. wth. a lot !

nothing to update todayy .
ciaoo ~

14 November 2007


PANAS . i am PANAS . lol.
onono . ahahaha. =p
sk0ls 0ff. hws nid to be d0ned.
tuition tiime nid to be arranged.
what a lamo liife.

HOT . no sense of meaning.
blogging. dont you think its pretty fun ?
i wanna change blog skin , but cant find de ryte 1 yet.

HWS. english hws. for those who dis get or what. if i got puan G's email ad. i will post here.
if its neccessary. so up to da te. =p
so de plenty of HWS nid to be doned ar..

BOREDSOME. theres no medicine to cure. what i wana study for future?
i wana be anything with medinice. =) i tot of becoming a doctor.
it started with a kiss. inspired me a lot. makes me feel like studying for a higher degree?
but can i ? nothing is impossible if u dont give up, work hard and smart.
i cant be lazy anymore. i wana study . but not in malaysia after SPM.
i dont wana stae here. duno de reason. sigh. i just hope to achieve iit

hohooh ~

de rainb0w is freaking nice . in real life.

my mum saw dis rainb0w and asked us to took dis pic ! nice kan !

and while fliiping my sis sbu's skol magazine book . i saw this !
and dis person who likes jay has de same name as LOW CHEE FAI !
ahahahaaahaa !

he drew this pic. nice kan ? talented betul .


and ya, anouncement. my dog gave birth to 7 puppies last week. so cute !

okay. i freaking like doggies and puppies kay. lol.
ohya. today is my offically end of 2007 skoling day. weee= p for now.
next year . torturing year. wuwuwuwuuw SPM ! my darling ! =.="
today rain like shiit. so heavy.
and after skol me , THERESA , YENG JYE , CHIA PEI and POOI MUN went MARTIN to register for DEC form 5 classs.den went to yuong kwong for lunch. so lil ppl.
SPM weyhh ~ good luck again to all SPM candidates !
i can never stop wishing you guys.
my last day meeting u guys.
and especially TUT ~ . lol.
i was having my amazing morning in de bus.
was hearing MY FM . listening to JJ songs.
den i was wondering how nice if WO BU PEI is on .
den fine lor. so long advertisement also dun hav.
den wanna sleep geh. SUDDENLY ! aiks ? dis song. so familiar wan !
and guesss waht ? itS WO BU PEI ! i was like ? WHAT DE SHIT ? lol
my dream came true. and today was de last day for me to see him. sigh.
i was finding . den suddenly. poped he was ryte in front of me . smiling sweetly.
my heart melted. hahaa =p. JK. hes getting more yeng ~ =)
dats al for my update perhaps. HAPPY HOLIDAYS !