27 February 2008

jay chou concert merchandise.

let me blog about what i bought for jays merchandise during concert before i go to the concert part. cus it will be damn freaking long. =D.
i spend about RM 120 on that day. + de ticker. RM415.80 .
altogether i spend RM535.80 on jay chou .
proved how much i love him. ;p

i will post about the concert after dis merchandise things kay.
dont worry. i noe u guys excited wana c. lol.
but take long time to upload those pics and videos lahh. :S.
lot ppl asked me why din update yet wan ??
so sorry for de delayy. i very bzz. =(((.

its a bag. super nice. :)

de browser for buying jays merchandise.

i so wanna buy dis set. BUT its RM 300 ++.
sakit hati see ppl buy den opened in front of you . :@

item one. : jay patung i wanted to buy. but but duno why din buy . xD

item 2 : the shirts freaking nice! wanted to buy . but mahal. =:(

files that i bought during de concert. :) tak sampai hati nak guna also. hehe

i love this file. so cute ! .

JAY WORLD TOUR . :) 23rd FEB 2008.

nice kan nice kan =D

yeng kan yeng kan ? :)

de doll pic took from de bag i bought . so cute ! SINGAPORE


MALAYSIA . chun . =D


will be my picture soon . :P

i bought his world tour album . :) de theme is purple . my fav colour ! omgomgomg. =D

de lovely bag.







awww =x

yeah yeah :). havent watch yet. =(

thats all so far for de items i bought.
i miss the concert already. =(.
i miss jay chou deeply too.
wait for my updation about de concert yah ! :)

24 February 2008

23 February 2008

jay chou . world tour 2008

jay chou worrld tour concert 2008 is today.
at Stadium Merdeka .
i got Seat G no.10 at block A .
i hop de seat is okay. =)) .


frustration + exciment.

yes , i m frus. with de prefect certificate
din go for camp ? u might not get ur certificate.
mentioned by pengetua.
i was like WTF ?
if really cant go wat to do ? u think v wat ? like you so free ar?
i gave letter ad. and i dont care.
i really cant make it.
if i dont get my certificate. i m gonna call up my parents.
i m not gonna waste my whole fucking 4 years being a prefect for nothing.
not just to vanished just like dat.
just for one damn reason "cant go for prefect camp"
no certificate. is it against de law in skol ?
i have clean record all along okay.
i alwis attend all prefects camp dey arranged.
never skip metting. on time for roll call.
unless i m absent , yesi would accept it.
but just a camp dat i loose my prefect certificate?
i m not gonna let it go. seriously. i m pretty pissed off.

and prefect teacher call us not to woorrird. saying shes trying to threatened us.
but hey? shes not a simple headmistress dat u think.
i just hope what shukri say is right. if not. hes so DEAD.
and he also say perform well in ur duties in skol ?
i was like wat? v done our blardy best. just dat u done realise.
just realise those who shoe shine.
so what the hell ? i m still worried. just hop to get my certificate.
this is even more frus den SPM!

tomorrow is the day.
my hubby is coming.
i m gona see him.
oh wth, i m excited.
i just got my tix dis evening.
i was like ? OMG . tis now . or never.
jay chou. i m coming ! =))
i just hope evthing goes ryte.
everything has been planned since its planned since early of jan..

i m so sorry.
just for those who read my blog . will shut ur mouth.
and keep tis to youself and me.
if dis spread to de olderlis..
i m so gona curse ur SPM. / PMR. having de worst results.
and not gona succed in life . i say it and i mean it.
dun screw things up if its none of ur business.

21 February 2008


blardy headache.
blardy bz.

jay hubby's concert coming. =).
i cant waitt.

i fallen for you again.
why is it so ? =(

19 February 2008

12th day if CNY

its coming to an end.
yesterday was yesterday
time passes damn fast.
i nid to memorise oral. =(
so fastt ler.
piano exam around de corner.
on april
nid toi practise ad.
i miss yesterday.

wed go show phon hs !
yay. !
last day of CNY at his hs ! =p

18 February 2008

CNY party

CNY party just over.
it was okay lah.
let me list who came.
pei chin, wong , sheau nie, wee, denise, thomas wong, zee wei, show phon, jee ken, chia pei, theresa, yj, ee von, ai ling, pui yee and pooi mun .
v gambled. =))). my luck was bad at first. but getting better with show phon;s heelp !
hahaa. played thomas ajar punya game.
i think i played b4. cus i sounds familiar.
he and zee wei damn hak. hahaha. lost a lot ! .
played till very long loh.
den after dat . part of dem went back ad.

den, fetched thomas back home.
at duno wat segar jaya. =.="
nice hs. around like 9.00 reached home.
show phon, jee ken cp and pm just finished watch jeepers creepers 2 !
haha. dey say scary too.
den v chit chat ! =))
sum sii. den tiba2 to horror.
babi jee ken keep scare us say got ppl knock de door outside.
ishh !.

de whole day was enjoyable. =)
it alwis doo . love to have friends dat is fun .

bro and fren

sis playing chess

orang gila eevon ! weeee= p

leng lui tsu tsen !

leng jai thomas !

leng lui duno de name ! =.= lol

de party ! =)

wong and pei chin !

de 2 sakai ! show phon and jee ken !

syok sendiri with de mic ! =D

stupiak eevon . sot ad

shu ping wit my puppy.

denise avoiding ! =D . and half of thomas.


gambling time ! =P

cousin's dog . so cutee !

wee and denise. XD

old fren, sheau ni !

denise with puppy.

my cute puppy !. =)

ciaoo xD/

17 February 2008

what a liife.

tomorrow is de day.
de CNY party.
invited quite a no. of dem.
but de thing now is.
what shall i do ? =.="
besides gamble ? o.O

its really omg.
i freaking love him . JAY CHOU.
why so ? . cus i really do.
hes de man i love.
de man i m willing to do anything .
i love dis guy here.
i really hard to love a guy which u couldn get.
and his an artist.
hes not perfect nethier handsome.
but he alwis looks cute, cool and nice to mee.
when u love a person.
u will alwis think de good sights of him.
he loves him mum and i do.
he cares for his mum and i do.
he loves music and i do.
he loves instruments and i do.
hes capricon baby, and i m de babe.
hes a horse and i m too.
having de same month bday.
oh yah, dis guy really make me fall inlove with him.
yes, i admire many actors , good looking wans.
i shall say , deres many . uncountable.
but he JAY CHOU, de oni one melts my heart.
i felt exciment wen i c him on tv.
i feel exciment went i hear his songs at radio.
i wonder if would ever faint or cry during his conert.
i wish to touch his during concert.
making my rm 400+ ticket worth.
i hope de day will be my best history.
meeting jay chou is one of my toplist in my wishlist,

conclusion : I LOVE JAY CHOU JIE LUN

i miss him lately.
i m confuse.
i feel hate and like.
its better not to see him.
but sometimes i feel like i do.
avoiding de fact was a big mistake.
liking him was even more wrong.
i can feel de pain in urs.
yes i really do.
if time let it be, i choose not to start de history at de first place.

its a long time relationship.
i really no longer understand you.
i m seeing the opposite you.
a drastic change in you.
are you really you?
i miss the old you sometimes.
wishing that u will come back.

time really make us change.
just that v dont realise it.
yes i admit i wana be as pretty as others.
as smart as others.
but i dont have de effort and time yet.
if u re a true fren, physical is not a problem.
great looks dont assure you a better person.
but seems most humans in dis world. dont really care de fact.

i shud say 2008 is indeed not a easy year
its a taff year for me.
i felt stress often.
but id didn stop me from doing wat i wish too.
i noe its too late.
but i m catching up with it.
making SPM a speactacular partner in live.
i dont dislike study, but i feel its hard.
i m not smart.
but i m working on it.
i m not preetty. but i try my best.
i m not perfect but i change.

guys most sweet talks alwis bullshitting.
sorry. no offence. but certain HIM. yes.
dey are. cant avoid de fact in guys.

Sports Day of 2008

today was SMKSBS sports day.
starts at 8am and end at 1.00pm.
half of de smksbs students came oni. =.=
but okay lah todayy.
chatted with evena . =)
many interesting stories to share.

saw many ex-form5 .
talk to kok liang, john parakash, hong heng .
saw yu yi, fifi, yuen cheng, marcus sia, ji jian and etc.
some i forgot thier names. =D.

emarald last place again . wth ~
but kawad kaki 1st place again.
berturut2 eyhh. deres de oni thing can bangga


1st place - AMETHYST
2nd place - Saphirre.
3rd place - TOPAZ and RUBY
5th place - EMERALD

owh. xD. terrbile kan.
last yer 3rd ranking tauu . now
back to last again . sat pai .
din get to take pics.
no proper camera. sowiieee. =DDD

16 February 2008

9th day of cinema.

its de 9th day.
another 6 days . its de end of official CNY . :)
time passes really fast huh.
tomorrow having sports day. =D.
i tgh rajin pegii nii . hehe.

jay's concert around the corner.
cant wait to go. =PPPP.

15 February 2008


tonite praying Tian Gong . cannot sleep again . =(
but i wana join the fun too . xd.
hehe . tommorrow sukan raptai de whole day.
actually dont feel like going too .
but nvm laahh. guaii . =).

sigh =(.
i cant deny it .
i still like you.
i cant deny it too.
that i freaking love you.
oh jie luan . =P.


i m single but not available . ;p
just for jay. hahahaha!

13 February 2008

6th day on cny.

skol reopened today.
i m tired.
my maths 2 book lost ad.
duno how borrowed. T.T

dun wan borrow book to ppl ad ar.
oral english next week eyh. =.=

i miss JAY HUBBY. <33

am i avoiding de fact?

12 February 2008

5th day of CNY

its coming to and end.
i went to TS today.
with chia pei.
watched KUNGFU DUNK .
jay blardy cutee.

de show was funny and cool.
chen bo lin yeng drunker.
baron chen handsome newcomer.
de rest comedians.=p
i feel de show rawrws =DD.
love jay hubby.cant wait de DVD to release.
i m so gona buyyyyy . ;);)

wanted to watched CJ7.
but ended up sold de tickets.
cus to late.
so after kungfu dunk went to eat at sushi.
and walk around at s.wang like hours.
den came back to TS for a drink at gasoline.
oh ya, met keith n others at s.wang.

so far, i thinks dats all for todays trip.
skol starting tomorrow.
skol sickening life again . =(.
oral nid to be done.
ciao peepz.

10 February 2008

dinner at grandma hs

almost like every dinner dis few days free. =.="
whole family came.
it was fun.
what i love about family tradition is .
visiting among each other.
its really a fun tradition and of cus a happy one. =).
every member of family gather for a dinner..
chit chat but happy tots and funs.
i was like awwww =). listening to my parents with aunties talking.

taking out old pictures to look.
pictures of my last time grandpa and ma look.
both looking great weyh. i tell u .
my grandpa so leng jai.
my uncle auntie and mum
leng dou . but dat was last time. ;p

cousins laughing each other with last time baby pics.
prasing me cute wen i m baby. wahahhaa. TQTQ.
i admit i m cute wen i was young.
now more leng . :P chehhh ~

and now. family members gaather at my hs gambling.
what a happy and fun surrounding.
its really important i shall say to keep dis chinese tradition.
if not, its no longer practise among chinese custom.
and dats a shame.

yeha. pics.