31 March 2008

yes. i m worrie.

piano exam is next week.
i m worrie.
i wan merit.
i wan de best.
i dont have proper time to practise.
pian00.` <>

i m gona spare more time f0r my piano dis 2 weeks.
i dont give a damn for others yet.
and its results week also.
oh shoot, its freaking shoot.
after that . i wana take exam for my license.
as soon as possible.
dont wana dragg it ad.

changeed my blog skin .
nice nice ? =p


30 March 2008

my lil bro . =)

me in jay's FC t-shirt. =).sorry its too late to post.
but nah, stil post. =p

camewore with my lil bro. cute meh? ;p
cute la .
alwis praiising himself. ish.

exam officilaly over.

intervensi 1 officially over.
but i still take a break.
SPM is nearer.
oral next week.
piano exam next next week. =(
wth kan.
so many things to do .
dont wana talk bout results.
add maths sux to de max.
and smksbs pengetua finally bersara.
o.O .
hav to start study ad.
hav to practise piano.
now no mood.
wana rest a while.

29 March 2008

tagged by mei mei /.

Instructions : Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 12 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
= hurm, at age 25 + ? wahahhaa. dun wana married so fast.

2. If you have the chance, what would you probably say to your beloved one?
= i love you ! <33

3.If you were to be stranded on a desert island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you?
= chia pei, eevon meiyan ! .

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
= taiwan, jay's room . <33

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
= 10 A1s in SPM.

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
= duh ? no ?

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
= my family.

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
= i keep, gif my parents and spend it ! wahahhaaa.

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
= i dont think so

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
= cantik
= pandai
= frenly.

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
= smart, pretty, patient?

12.Which type of person do you hate the most?
= backstabbers. fake arse wholes.

13. What is your ambition?
= i dun0 ? wtf.

14. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
= ego, show off.

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
= studies, family and jay chou.

16.Are you a shopaholic or not?
= kinda ?

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you be?
= smarterr.

18. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
= people i m trusted.

19.Honestly, do you think life is fair?
= NO. not at all.

20. what type of gurl/guy u like ? ( mine )
= handsome, cute, caring. good. not play. =p

tagg .

1. ee von .
2 chia pei
3. evena
4. eunice
5. ji yang
6. joveis
7. queenie
8. vanessa
9. victoria
10. win loon
11. phui yuk
12. cheryl

27 March 2008

for first and the last . once and f0r all.

this will be de last and first once and for all . =).
trust myself and my ability.
i can do it.
( i h0p sh0 )

t0day was physic paper,
it was hard.
i screw de paper badly.
and dis paper is not de oni 1.
sej results given to us today also.
0mg. so fast. results sux.

and later chemis at universal will be my last day .
going f0r martin razazu. :)
i ho0pe hes okay.
if n0t, my chem end of de world. =(
celebrate farewell with tham and others later.
wahahahahhaa. xP

0mg, his smile melts my heart.
i am happy and excited to see him.
i m deedply inl0ve with him.
no1 ever make me feel dis way but him . <33>

26 March 2008

exam mode.

2m0r0 semi final papper.
my doomed subj. pehuhuh .`

23 March 2008

jay chou. hiim.`

suddely fell like expressing my love to my guy. lol. ;p
yet to be . wahahahaa.

isn he cutee? just adorable ?

isn he just cool ?

he's miine.

ii l0ve hiis smiile.

hes H0T !

i felt inlove with mr zhou jie luan . since i am form 1.
till was like form 3 . i super duper fell inlove with him.
i bought everything about him.
i support his original albums.
whatever as long as listed JAY CHOU.
its worth t0 me as you may seem.
cus i love him . =D

some may wonder why i love him so much.
its just de way i felt for him.
hes cool, talented cute,
i wish to know him though i cant be with him.
frens ? bro ? <33.>
i just dont care.
i dont mind if hes huncdback or anything.
cus hes JAY .
hes all i wann . <>
i m having jay fever . lol.
its all de while . if u re same class as me
you will noe. almost de whole form 5 noes i m super fan of JAY.
even juniors. =) . cus i m obvious ? ahaha. kinda.

lastly, i will never stop loving him.
wo ai nie
i love you.
je taime.
saya cinta padamu.
wa ai le.

22 March 2008


shes emo now. and yes i admit.
i am now.
i duno what i am feeling.
damn iit. about studies?
yeah. i memang damn frus about it ad.
i happy to have good bio, add maths and maths tuition teachers.
love you guys man.
i really glad to have you guys.

secondly. nah, deres no secondly.
i m just to worried about studies.
mayb SPM is around de corner.
and yet, now i duno what course shud i take.
seeing every1 scoring such good resultss.
i just wish i am dem . =(.
i wan A ! can i ?

oh yes. deres few .
cy, kj , bio teacher. dis 3 fellas. :D.
i feel weird . :P.

oh yes, i m starting to miss you.
starting to think of you.
oh yes, i admit i like you already.
but why you ?
cause you re nice ? cute ?

what a life with so many blardy obstacles.
make me stress.
okay. i must study ad.
not to think other than tuition, SPM honey and just study.
no shoppings, no movies, no guys no film stars.
only study. and JAY oof course.
remmeber cant like witout him ? wahaha. <33

lately ppls around me.
i got nothing to say.
she iirritates me.
shes unhelpful often.
she change much.
shes no longer her.
i m lazy and too tired to dislike or hating a person.

i nid a break. i really d0.
my brain keep functioning 24 hours.
i wana score de best.
and i wan rest?
what i shoud do ?

i have wondered if he ever view my blog.
read sometimes.
i m eager t0 noe. =).
cus if deres chance . v still can be frens.
i have thrown history t0 de dustbins . :)

lastly, thx for sharing.
early gratitudes. will thank again after exam.
would like to thank . ngee ming ! hes d best ! .
thomas ! :) . chia pei , pooi mun, ee von, alyn, evena and everyone who was kind for sharing ! you re guys rrocks ! muahhs. <33.>
god bless ya and me during SPM ! .
tell me if i miss out your name.
sharing means caring.
selfish brings aimless. dont be .

thx thx thx and thx again.
thx to all teachers.
okay ? what is happening to me ?
SPM is not here yet. ;D.
over excited. fine.
i sstop.


finnaly back from tuition.
i just realise.
i m freaking tired.
after skol to tuition.
till 10pm. . 0h g0d.
i m super exhausted and frus. :(

waited for every1 to chao.
den finaly.
i get to ask alvin siah bout kerjaya.
he explain to me.
but. apparently.
what i wanna study .
doesnt pay a bright future.
i duno what i wanna study noww. i blardy frusss.
tomorrow hes gona tell me more. :D.
and yahh ! i borrowed his phone.
chun giler ppic in dere . hahahahhaa.
phone canggih pon. elehh :P.
i was like nervous giler . cus my dad CIAO ad !!!
look here dere.
den finally called mum. dad came again .
i was like phew`` . cus he waited too long. =.=

thx SIR ! ALVIN SIAH . =).

exam exam.
oh god.
such in rush.
and i din really study.
doomed ryte? T.T

21 March 2008

what i wana study.

what i wana study.
its my choice.
my interest.
and what i like.
i strictly will not follow what 0thers like.

shud i study
biomedical ?
medical ?
or biochem ?

after SPM , i m gona do proper and total research on
what i wan to study.
now, i just wana concentrate on SPM .
and score de best.
dont wana make myself so stress. :)

20 March 2008

happy and sad tots. :) :(

having de happy and sad tots.
sej exam today was suckie.
at first call us do 2 structure and 1 esei.
den finish pass up ad . after few mins to ending.
ask us to finish all Qs . v was like WTH . all ?
kononnya , tambah masa. =.=".

after koko , paling teruk wan.
get called out kerana lewat. WTf.
bladrdy fishy.

after koko, ryte away to tuition.
i was tired and sleepy.
but yet . what to do . :) rajin marr. hehe.
and OMGG.
here comes de happy tots. !

i finally talk to him HIM him HIM him !
OMGG ! hes cutee.
i hop he remmebers mee.
to many things happen dis week.
first, i met de person i like.
and now i talk to de person i like. =))),

what a dayy. and exam mode is still on . :D

16 March 2008


checked de ns thingie ad for de 2nd badge
din get. :)
but stil got 1st badge.
omgg. hop i din get lah. ; D
waste of timee.

today bio teacher chunn . =).
semakin chun . ;P.
so pink.
kononnya nak wacth movie after teaching uss.
wuiseh, so syok .
us leh. must study for Spm . :(.
sigh sigh..

and . today have to wake up early .
chaoss. :)

15 March 2008

too many things to complete

to many things to d0.
sej read like mad.
too many things to remember
and its just form 4
try to imagine if its with form 5.
mati teruss.

bio later got exam also.
iish. i havent read.
dont feel like reading also .

14 March 2008

i m worried too .

after asking everyone's secret of scoring such good results.
i myself very worry bout SPM. . :(.
many advises.
understanding is more important den memorising.
study now..
too many tuition also no use.
during SPM . study late late. sure can remember de. :D .
xD. i take all de advises.

omg . so fake. . lol . ;p

btw, posted pics during seminar and while i am on my driving lesson .

seminar slide.

driving lesson ! i m on de stereng. yeah yeah

so many kancils

awww. me ? :) b4 seminar.

saw my doggie . so cute


seminar !

seminar !


driving lesson . lesson 3

today is de 3rd lesson of my driving lesson . :)
so fast kan.
another 3 lesson i can sit for de exam ad.
i like watt? so fast?
i m not readyy.
ask me to sit on april.
wth, i cukup many exam ad,
skol exam, piano exam and driving exam ?
oh no,
i take later. stress now. :(

i nid to study ad. chaoo ~

13 March 2008

maths class.

i spend 2 hours alone after morning maths,
waiting for de afternoon maths,
so lonely.
sigh ~`
read my bio . around 3 chaps i can finish . o.O

finally maths cvlass.
still have to sit and wait.
45 mins oni class start.
saw ngee ming. ;),
at first sit bside me de.
den pm or cp change de sitt.
he sibukk go out ask akaunn.. swwt betull.
lup fai plak sit bside me chit chat. :).

after maths tuition,
right away my piano lesson.
teacher says my pieces and scales not bad.
but i m not satisfied,
i wan merit instead of pass.
of cus if i pass its ad good enough lahh.
i m gona stop piano after grade 6 exam.
too many things to do ad.
though i stop piano class dis year,
i will not giv up piano .
continue bak after SPM.
cus PIANO my liife.
i cant live without it.
its part of my option too. :D.
gambateh !
i can do itt !

heard dat SPM results dis year not so good.
marking scheme raise higher ad.
omg. i hop dis year wouldn lahh.
stress you noe.
and i dont wana regret. :(.
so must studyy .


12 March 2008


piano exam another 3 weeks.
and i m not ready.
i m super worryy now.

11 March 2008

add maths . physic . :)

tuition de whole day .
tiringg. :(
nothing special happen todayy,
sienn day.
physic class full today,
teacher very cute today.

dats all . hehe.

10 March 2008

seminar ADD MATHS .

todays seminar add maths was at University Malaya.
most of us attended for de seminar.
it was fun and funny.
if its a tuition. its de best class.
and i have have to admit that. UM's environment sucks.
not a college life to me.
a lot of old buildings and equipments.
UCSI better . :).

lasterd for like 4 hours.
sleepy. and yet morning i went very early for physic class.
sleepy giler. and de dewas was super coldd.
andd yahh . met ex-skolmates.
omgg. its been a time ! =D.
sorry . i forgot her name. but she rememberED mine.
farah. haha. cant blieve i finally remmebered.
there was others too.
but forgot thier name. hehe.

well, de seminar overall was okay lah `.
saw many ppl.


9 March 2008

everything settle for tuition.

gosh. finally settleed.

2m0r0 going for physic extra class and den go for UM seminar.
MON - physic and add maths extra class
Tues - kerja amal and english tuition if can make it.
WED - piano lesson and chemis tuition.
FRI - whole day tuition till nite. :(
SAT - free :)

still a bz week. what to do . form 5 kan.
who ask me form 5. o.O
moral proj have to start do jor. T.T

8 March 2008

blardy bz

blardy many things to do.
no rest after recovering.
oh shoot.,give me a break lahh.

2nd drving lesson today.
learnt de hill part.
not easy.
mati enjin 3 times. hehe.
i noe i zhaa.
first timerrr maaahhh.

7 March 2008

Electiion tomorrow. ;S

election tomorrow. xD.
everyone is having holiday .
oh yeah yeah.
but my holiday is busy. T.T

i schedule my timetable.

FRI - driving lesson, bio tuition
SAT - maths tuition
sun - add maths seminar
mon - add maths and physic extra class
tues - english tuition
wed - mayb going for moral proj thing. and chemis tuition at nite
thrus & fri - as usual tuition.
SAT - FREE . finally.
sun - free finally.

dun have a freaking proper resting day.
holiday also no time to study. wth T.T
exam how ?!

6 March 2008


2 days fever finally recovering now.
wen is it gona fully recover?
cant even have prope r meal . ;(

skip 2 days skol eveen.
and tuition. :(
for the first time i have such a terrible fever for past duno how many years.
iishh. no more .

hws gona pile up on my desk.
awkward to see that. ><

3 March 2008

driving lesson two

ii m going f0r driving lesson later .:(
malas to goo lahh. o.O

ii m reading twilight.
nice book.
edward seems to be very good looking.
how nice hes real liife. ;D.
sure super leng jai. <33

2 March 2008

a painful day.

dis is my 378 post.
i just realise i post dat much . :).
i woke late today.
since its de oni day i can wake up late.
my whole body ache. =(.
tot of practising my piano.
but my head is too heavy to do so . :S.

piano exam is on after April 7 . i hop its later than that .
yes, i m worried.
finding my best to find every single time to practise.
hop i pass . hop i score good grades.

just dont wana waster de money for de exam.
its not cheap.

today de 1st day of MARCH.
so fast time passes.
jay's concert over a week ad.
how nice if it will never end just like dat.
i miss jay chou .

1 March 2008

jay chou concert :) pictures.

now, i just get to upload his pics.
but kinda blur. soriie. hand shaking. and not dat near to jay.
just take a look at him . how cute. :). *pengsan*
videos cant upload duno why.
i try again later.

i m gona tell de beginning of de story till de end.
me and mei yan reach there like 5.00 ++.
so many ppl reach ad. wen reach dere its like v are de oni 1 wearing de FC cloth . =.=
den slowly walk. man man c got ppl same FC wit uss . =D.
walk around c if got anytime to buy while my.fm DJs promoting duno wat jay chou thing.
berlambak ppl line up for de rock zone place.
v no nid . :).
number seated. *bangga*. hehe.
den line up to buy jay merchadise. :).
den eat duno wat japanese food before gather with the jay2u FC .
around 6.00+. gathering time.
saw cheryl and duno de other gurls name . hehe.
and den i saw CHEE YONg. working for galaxy, which means he get to c jay for free !
grrr, i wana kil him.
v kumpul dere til like 7.30 +. denn oni go in.
while waiting de time, tv times reporter wana interview me and mei yan.
but she bla ad. den left me.

REPORTER : can in interview you about you and your phone ? its just a short while oni,
ME : huh ?
( hes taking out de camera. ). and i ran wayy. lol.
REPORTER : why so scard . ( laugh ) =.="

finaly, i get to go in . :). my heart beat extremely fast.
cant blieve i m in stadum merdeka.
meeting jay chou . =D
many ppl . many leng jais.
but since it was jay chou 's day.
all de leng jai in like invisible to me. although just in front of me.
its like de JAY is the best one . =DDD. hahahhaa.
de beginning of de concert was hot.
he started with huang jin jia.
den wu shuang. and so on.
de beat at de concert was super LOUD.
like your heart wana beat out. :) but fuun and rock.
v sang along with jay.
i sing and shouted til i out of voice.
nan quan mama came. :). i duno de names.
but i like de guy in nan quan mama battle de piano with jay chou . :)
so cute and shyy. awww ;
and and and . v stand up aand dance like a disco party wen he sang sushine boy.
cus he asked us to . =D. v stand from ground to the chair, too high ad. =XXX
dance till forgoteen i was holding a camera recording. lols.
omgg. and i realise i really freaking love jay chou.
shouted his name and anchors.
he played 4 instruments.
piano, guitar , drum and gu zheng . amazing . i really admire his skills.
damn perfect. :)

de whole thing ended like 11.30 +. while waiting for part of de fanz ciao,
saw phun zai xian . =.=".
so blur . xD. he bought many stuffs arrr . gek sei,
i shud have bought many too . but too bad din bring enough cash.

and choon ting ar. sorry lah. not enough cash to buy u a ticket dat day. i just have for 40 bux. + mei yan up till rm 100 oni. duno where to get de de other more. xD.
but u make itt. :). welcome jay fanz .

i reached home like 12.50am . have my supper.
high till i forgotten to take my dinner. =D.
i enjoyed de whole day.
never regret spending half of thousand over jay chou.
for its worth it cus i love him . :).
i miss his concerrt already. the next time i buy . i m gona buy VVIP. yeah !

and de next dat terpaksa wake up early for BM kls tambahan. =(