30 April 2008

taylor college.

i wana go taylor college.
asking wil for his guides. =).
ppls !
teman me go taylor college .

think week i m totally down.
mayb cus of de parking thing.
sorry if anything i said have offennded you guys.
in class. anywhere.
i just have my bad mood lately.
exams are coming.
i havent finish studying.
hop you guys understand kay.

i try to smile even more kay =)
thank you friends.
thank you for listening my problems.
thank you for being dere when i am sad and down and stress.
all my frens rawrs ~

not any close frens of mine i ignore. =)

still sad.

today i am moody during skol hours.
i try to have my fake smile =)
every guys in A and B classs.
approach me and asked.
jerica jerica.
how how ? driving exam ? pass ah?
me : no ahh . fail parking ah . can let me hit you ah?! =.="

everyone aspect me to pass for de exam.
but but . blardy careless.
i m gona make sure i pass de next exam.
got ppl blanjaa. =p.
edwin passs jor.
kah yung failed on de hill.
and jun chong and canny having thier exam tomorrow.
thier sure pass wan ler.

diagnostic exam next week.
i m gona less on9 for 3 weeks . nid to revise for coming exam.
and right away after my exam
gona resit for my driving exam.
must pass dis time ! =D.

i have fake smile today.
but u re even faker today.
i duno whether u duno.
or u re just pretending dat u duno .
i dont wana give a damn anymore. .
make me disappointed and SAD.
dislike you .

29 April 2008

sad . depressed . anger.

today driving was tiring.
i failed parking.
wtf . ryte.
i m damn pissed and sad.
on de spot i really feel like hitting some1.
how can i fail de most easy part ?
instead of passing de hardest one.

came back and rush to tuition.
i was super disappointed and sad.
and yet i nid to show a cheerful face.
and even sadder cus i went for tuition today.
plus my disapoointment.

i duno wat to say.
but i feel de anger.
i m very angry and sad.
why i fail ?
and why dis things happen ?
i let natural holds iit.
i dont wana bother much anymore.
even sadder.
i hate you.
not first time.
but many times.
cus . dis is important.
i m very very very sad.
all hard times happened at once.
do you noe how sad i feltT?
i ifelt like cryiing.
try to hate you but i cant. =(

27 April 2008

yellow peoples. =)
today is SAT.
and i whole day out since de moment i woke up.
what the heck ryte.
i noe. freaking tired. cant get t0 rest.

first of alll , i went to UCSI open day.
my mum came with me.
and my cousin and his mum brought us dere.
since he was studyting dere currently. =)
de skol was nice. many leng jais.
no lahh. hahaa. facilities nice also okay.
and and many chinese . negros as well.
i have decided to study biotechnology.
and called my cousin to bring me to de music too in UCSI.
de piano room . i love dat place.
if i m confirm study dere.
de place will be my place. hahahaa . =p .
de skol is quite book and superb nice. xD. more to college life.. not like UM. old building.

later dat rush back for my driving lesson.
my last lesson.
and my official exam is on monday. =).
i am ready , yes iam.
i must be confident.
slow and steady keeps everyting save. =D.
dont nervous JERICA.

later dat again, rush back for my tuitiion.
till like 7,30 . den straight away go out to have my dinner.
and inow. i just come back around 9.30 pm.
deres not a single gap for me to rest . =(
now finally. but its just a while oni also .
i nid to revise lah. =x.

and finaly heres some pic i took during driving.
and camewore with my granny spec. =P

omg so granny.

spotted dis leng jai . while waiting for my mum in de car. hahahaha =p

driving lesson. while waiting for my turn for parking. today was damn freaking hot.

de pics was during pc fair. =)

and finally i got my piano results ad.
i got MERIT !
omggg. i din expect.
i tot i will just get pass. cus i felt dat i played terribly on dat day. =x

26 April 2008

sleepy and tired.

less ppl came to skol today.
malays went for thier ceremony.
and left 10 non- malays came.
me, pooi mun, mei yan, ee von, jin mun, see mun , victoria, elvira . vinutha and vinosha.
geng ryte. i noe i noe.
v dis gang . chatting like orang siott. =p.
de both indians have deir own gang chat as well . =D .

anyway , nice conversation today with you guys.
chat till everyone emo . lol .
sambil buat kerja sambil chat.

came back from tuition. tired betul.
but still nid to go for bio tuition. =(.
i was so sleepy.

i was thinkking quite often.
i duno whether i shall hate you or love you.
sometimes . u iiritates me. but sometimes what u do . make me loves you.
but no matter what it is, u sure alwis be de one i cant avoid.
so i will never let go of you no matter how bad you are.
i still love you since de say i born.
for everything u done.

i lost my tthinking of him lately.
too much too think off.
too tired to think off.
too frus to think off.

please dont ever wear double mask for being a human being.
its tiring and sickening.
and even idiotic.
the two of you is unchangeable and unsaveable anymore.
i m sorry to say so . its the fact already.

23 April 2008


todays driving was smooth . =).
i remember every steps.
no longer nervous .
huhuh ` =).
last lesson more. xD.
exam next monday.

and . anyone's bday dis month dat i missed?
cause i keep feeling deres is.
100 sui song !? who got ?
still need it desprately. TQ. .

i miss hiim .
i love jay chou.

22 April 2008


i saw hiim today..
hes cute.
i saw another hiim today.
hes even cuter.

i get to talk to him a biitt. =).
he said hi . =)
he smiles at me . =)
but i din get to talk to him while waiting for mum at LRT.
i dont have de guts to do so . =(

i just feel when u like someone,
u scare den every steps u take.
might caused him to dislike or anything.
yes, that's what i am feeling now.
i duno why.
but i try not to think so . =x.

i just be myself.
if theres faith, it will never run away.
dont give too much hope in it.
let it naturally be. =).
it will come.

21 April 2008


i m finally free today . :)
deres no tuition.
nethier driving lessons.
and if i m not mistaken .
today is will yung's bday !

have a pleasent bday yah.
older a year once again.

another 2 weeks to diagnostic.
study jerica choo.
study .
dun play ad.

20 April 2008

jay chou new song.

jay chou specially made a song for de olympic.
i love de songg.
superb nice. and and

if got. kindly send to me at MSN. plsss. =)
and thank you .

19 April 2008

driiving lesson.

suppose to be de last lesson for driving.
but i got free 2 classes.
today was okay lah.
better a bit.
try to recall everything once again.
my parking after de 7 sticks memang sucks.
keep forget.
3 points turn was de easiet. hill part was even better den my parking.
its like wth . =XXX

tues de next lesson and SAT de last lesson.
and finally . EXAM . omgg . wish me luck again.
its my driving exam dis timee . =DDD.
i must passss.
i hope i m not nervous during dat day.
and i dun screw my parking part.

let me recall.
go front . reverse till u can c one stick from de back window.
den turn ur stereng to left fully.
den reverse. den go front till can c de stick.
den turn right 2 times . reverse. turn left. front.
something like dat lah.
i cant relly remember.
on de spot i oni can really remmeber .

ee von kan nak exam next tues.
ask her next monday. lol. =DDD.

18 April 2008

birthdays ;

i din update a dayy . xD.
its okay. =p.
and and .
ytd, was chia pei , ai ling and marcus bday.

woould like to wish dem .


older a yearr ad. =)).
tomorrow gona have my 4th driving lesson . xD.
oh yeah.
i m taking exam earlier a day den edwin ! =p=p=p=p.

16 April 2008


went tuition for ganti today.
saw leo and his frens during maths.
bm . was quite a lot of humans.
no mood t0 blog even m0re.

14 April 2008

PC FAIR. at convention centre

woke up early today for PC FAIR.
many things to see. b4 dat me and chia pei went to kasturi for english tuition information.
den v meet up with pooi mun at burger king.
and finally to KLCC.

journey was long. =D and komuter was crowded. iish `
went de first stop was de pc part.
so many ppls !
wuiseh, saw many ppls as well.
saw choon ting, kenneth , loy kuan tai . =).
and one more form 5 gal. . .
saw many cameras handphones PDAs and MP4 .
MP5 out ad. =D. i wana buyy lah ! so tak tahan loh.
i dont care de next PC fair . i m gona buy de mp5 samsung and de sony T camera ! .

and after walking around PC fair . went to food courrt ate spaghetti.
den went back after dat. late and still raining.

i m gona take driving exam on 28 APRIL 2008.
so fast . o.O

13 April 2008


riich kids will always be rich kids.
always demanding though dey have enough lifes.
and happy wans.
get to learn what dey wan.
get waht dey wan.
eat luxury food.
having many things dat most ppl cant afford.
got for expensive classes.
but yet, dey dont feel how grateful dey are.
and demand most of dem time.
kids dese days.

i wana envy dem.
have good gadjets.
accessories, bags expensive cloths.
i cant relly afford to buy so manny things
but i am happy with what i have.
yes, i have always wan to go for language class, dancing class , yoga
instrument class. i noe how much is de payment.
and i wana work hard for it.
i dont feel good using my parents money.
i m not de oni child. but deres 4 of us.
i just have to think of my siblings.
and yes i wan expensive handphones , cameras.
mayb i like to say out and sometimes demand to my parents.
but its just a leisure. i dont really mean my parents to buy it.
i wana buy my fav stuffs by my own . with my own cash . =).

life will alwis be life. deres ups and downs.
i m happy with my life and i dont ask for more.
i dont wana compare my life with de others .
what de point.
make yourself stress instead.
i m happy enough with my family and what i have.
i m gratefull.
i love my family.
i always try my best doing in somethings.
though i feel stress often, i never cried nethier gif up.
i have to concentrate on studies, piano . lately driving.
and thx. my piano exam finally over.
3 exams in 1 month.
u can see how stressfull i am.
and next month i m having exam again if i can make it for my driving exam.
its non-stop life for me. i nv complaain.
how much tuitions , extra class i go.
i nv get much rest sleep.
i dont even noe wens my rest day.
i barely watch tv anymore. cant on9 in de noons.
but nites. midnites. but i am still here.
try to stay happy every momeny.
appreciating every second of my life.
i nv regret why i am born with dis life.
i m not smart. but i m born to study to get what i dream.
i may not be as smart as others.
but i dont compare myself with otthers and try to be humble.

i wana finish drving by dis month.
and i cannot have peacefull rest.
i have to slot in my driving lessons on my free day.
besides tuition and studies .
i got no rest for dis month.
i cant have nap even during evening.
its been a time i din nap.

i really dont understand. really dont.
i noe its wronng wen i c you.
but i keep it to myself instead of voicing out to you.
i scare it may hurt you although it may be ur own good.
i m good at listening and see tru ur characteristic.
but i m laame in expressing iit . i just dont wana make troubles.

i admit i m emo today.
i just really not . uhhm, i duno how to say. but i noe wat i m thinkking.
j u s t d o n t m a k e m e b u r s t o u t o n e d a y.
cus deres many things i nid to be patient at.

bio tuition just over.

teacher really hak sei ngor.
suddenly ask me why.
today was my last class in bio intensive class.
intensive oni marr.
so his form 5 class also.
i like stunned.
duno how to answer him.
lucky dis ask again.
if not i duno what to sayy. =xXX

and and .
tomorrow got class tbhan add maths again.
i must score add maths A
since deres so many class tambahaan lahh.
cannot score really heart sick . =D.

any1's bday lately dat i miss out ?

what a raining day.

woke up early today.
followed mum to de wisma KL.
den right away to tuition.
for 3 subjs berturut2
sien seii.
reached home ad.
get to relax a bit.
but later i got tuition. =(.
i wana make dis as de last day class lah.
hop de aunty give lah.

and and . 2m0r0 mayb going to PC fair.
and kasturi for schedule.
bz bz bzbz .
den later dat tuition at martin till like 6.00.
waiseh, whole day not in .
i m damn bz ladyy.
next fri driving lesson .
oho oh =)))

and now.
i love jay chou .

12 April 2008

piano exam

to day piano exam.
i duno wat to say
not bad not dat good
i nervous like syht.
hand shiver like hell.
cold till feelingless. =xxxx.

examinar was frenly. but still
its examinar. o.O
scaryy. i just wan pass . or even better den dat. T.T

after that, went for maths tuition den BIO.
tired and sleepy.
bio class today half way, blackout.
but come back again after minutes.
bio teacher acting weird in class.
lol. due to de electric problem he cant teach.
andddddddddddddd. de quiz . T.T
de science teacher in universal quite cute. =).
now i think dats de teacher dat ai ling say cute since last year !
awahahaha. i just realise and its kinda too late.

and i finally i m back home.
updating my blog.
2m0r0 morning tuition once again.
omg. what a dreadful life. =(

and yah . i would like to thank to my kind and nice frens who wish me good luck for my piano exam .
thx for remember and being mt fren . =).
THX ! =).

11 April 2008

pian0 exam 2m0r0 . `

piano exam is 2m0r0 ad.
s0 duper fast. =.=
i m ready.
hop not to tersasul during exam.
hop i can answer de viva vise.
and de oral . =). i wan MARKS . grrr .

de trip on wed was quite okay lahh.
but a bit too expensive.

and and and.
he finally talk to me. =)))))))
him again.

i m planning to go to kasturi for english on tuition.
i wonder if i shud go sun , sat or fri ? hmm.


9 April 2008

oh yeah `

today skol. din do much thing.
sienn .`
after skol walted like 1 hour f0r de bus. =(
kesian nyer. =p
saw choon tinng .
walk in t0 skol den walk out.
den walk to his car.
bye to me . .
make me feel like driving .
i dont care.
after piano exam.
i m gona sit for car exam pulak !
b4 my SPM trial ! =)))) . hehe. `

and yeah. i got reply his bye lah.
my hand wwas fulled with stuffs.
so i use my mounting board to say bye instead of my hand . lol.
at least i reply. =p

feels like everyday is raining.
heaviilyy. grrr`
countdown for piano exam..
3 days more.
superb fast. =DDDDD.

8 April 2008


tired to wear mask everytime .
to tired to pretend.
i nid a break.
i barely can smile.
i may seems to be happy.
butt `` .
i m just nothing but a lady.
i dont give a damn wen comes to making frens tru physical looks.
good looks doesnt pay you a good fren.
why choose ? .

i dont wan to admit and i cant.
just dont ask.
sick of it . and pissed of it.
i myself din get de explaination.
why i shud even tell you ?
i just pretend i have noe de truth. dats all.
yes. it is . =(

photo shoot.

wonder wens 5 Damarians. photo shootiing day.
some say 2m0r0.
dat means i have to be present. =D.

chem results today.
so suckie.
paper 2 . omegosh. T.T

everyone busy with moral proj today.
and i m de oni one who pass up for de moral proj .
*clapclap* proud of myself. ehem.`

take a look at.

www.jericazhu-joveis.blogspot.com . =)

7 April 2008

edited pictures.

i miss edition.
i miss adobe.
i nv touch adobe since ages.
i bet i gone rusty in adobe d.
too bz to touch. =(.

here's some edite pic from my fren . ee von.

our genting trip last year.
a memorable 1. =). frens rox !

well, i got no comment on dis. but i like de colours.

piano practise

practise piano just now.
i hop i m ready.
my 2nd and 3rd pieces !
pls make me play well during exam ! ><
my scales. no mistake. pls.
and doom, i keep forgot my diminished 7th . =.=
and its gona exam . T.T

piano piano piano.
must score well arhhhh. =))))))
i din go for extra class SPM add maths today.
sigh.` no1 fetch me.
i oni can go for de 4.00 wan.
but dun feel like going and duno confirm got a not. =D.
so i dun wan goo ba =p

oh yeah. =)

6 April 2008

new combine board !


visit my combine blog ! =))))))


i fell tired often.
not enough rest. sleep.
nid rest.
nid a break.
nid jay chou . :P
waiseh, tiba2. =ppp

he rox.

friends . so ever .

piano exam.
i m not so nervous but still sure theres a little.
i m must be confident. =))) yeahh .

i feel like babbling.
let me.

i wan back de old you .
the one i use to noe.
to every friends of mine, at anywhere.
i would like to apologise if did any mistake.
saying anything harsh.
but no matter waht. we re still friends.
small gas friends is not friends.
if i do something that is not ryte.
step forward to me and tell me as a friends.
dont back stab me.
it hurts to hear words coming out from ur friends mouth.
like me as a friend for who i m not what i am .
i m may not have a good physical look.
but i have de personality.
i can be a good friend. and a bad enemy.
i m willing to share problems with my friends.
i m wiling to share joys.
i m willing to share ur stress.
i m a good listener.
and problems. u can tell me.
i m willing to listen.
no matter u re a boy or a gurl.
its doesnt make any diifference.

friends is always friends it both sides sincere.
boyfriends ? ehe. well ,
for me . as experince and ppl around me.
GUYS ? i can have a best "boyfriends" but not de best " partner ".
MOST guys are untrustable.
sorry no offence. sweet words? BULLSHIT.
DESPRATE GUYS ? freaking a lot.
sincere guys ? NOT EVEN 1 %.
imagain. who u gona pak toh with. ?
wana find a good guy, good looking, good personalities?
so perfect ?
deres even 0 %. just give up.
i shall just suggest you go and pak toh with pondan or not so good looking guys.
majority. not bad. at least got 60 %.
pondan . caring. and not rough.
ugly guys appreciate you even better.
GAYS are de best buddies.
LESBIAN . i duno . =p.

neway. wissh me luck for piano exam. =)

5 April 2008

emo .

yes, sh00t. ii saw hiim today.
ii dun even wana l00k at hiim.
too coincidence ? . ii dun0 whether he recognise me.
and thank g0d de traiin came .
and we re diff traiin . he reminds me too much.
make me think too much.

my whole okay - mood became emo . =(.
i duno what i m thinkiing instead of dreaming.
i got no mood to laugh. joke. smile ?
everything just go dull . uhh ?
`` confuse, .

i got no one to talk too.
i just can blog it 0ut.
talking to myself most of the time . sigh.
what a phathetic liife.


4 April 2008


he became past.
his no longer the one. =)

where were you when i am sad
where were you when i nid you
where were you when i nid your hug
where were you when i nid ur comfort
where were you when i miss you badly
where were you when i m stress
where were you when i m emo
where were you when i m lonely
where were you when i cry
where were you when i nid you by my side
Do you know how much i fell for you ?
Do you know how much i miss you ?
Do you know how much i thought of you ?
Everything is meant cause i fallen for you already.

its coming and you cant escape.

2 April 2008


bm forum was today. s0 scary and so funny.
i screw de oral.
everyone did.
and everyone in class talk ghost stories today. =p
scary but fun .

its april f00l day.
i got prank two times.
by ashwinie and jee ken. iish.
but i manage to prank cheryl loo and lvra.
lvra is de paling big reaction. = D.

every1 is asking me to go to MBS and pineapple combine IU day. but but . i dont feel like going.
and i got tuition. =p.


1 April 2008

wulalalala. `

ii wana hang 0ut. =(.
nothiing to update.
iits april fool tomorrow.
wonder .