31 May 2008

30 May 2008

driving . hahas`

i drove today.
hahas`. my mum was like so scare.
and i laugh like shytt.
BREK ! BREK ! JERICA ! lols.
i was like wthh. still so far brek ar? o.O
siao se wo .

my sis and bro at de back also laugh . lols.
still not really use to autoo . ahhas` .
nid more pratice. .

but it was quite fuun .
played with rocky today.
cousin's puppy.
so adorable . =)

29 May 2008

chronicles of narnia.

ish ish `.
i cant find a nice pic of william moseley.
okay. hes de next chad micheal murray i m really into .
mat sa leh hot dude. =D .

ben barnes not bad t00 .
hahas`/ . hes speaking deres a bit of slangg . not really ori .
and i forgotten edward's real name.
still searching.
internet connection lag now.
lazyy to waiit . =x

wil post thier wen i found nice ones. =).
mat se leh memang hot . = p .
but chad quite old ad. so next is william but not prince william . =S .

28 May 2008


just back from tuition .
tiredd . =S .
wana continue watch huan huan ai later.
still at de begining.
and i felt its ad nice . =D.
kingone so leng jai.
and he jun xiang so yengg . =DDDDD.
i also wana watch ISWAK 2 !
too many shows to catch upp .

wana watch fininish it by dis hols ! if can . hee`` .
connection line so lagg.
duno can finish a not.
moreover can watch at nite ni .
tomorrow have to wake up early again . o.O
malas lahhs. S.S .


27 May 2008

no tuition.s

finally deres a day.
without tuition.
my so called resting day today. =)
i get to wake up latee . = D .
but tomorrow .
have to wake up early. S.S.
whole day tuition. o.O

i watched kungfu dunk again yesterday.
i have to admit jay is very cute in de show.
he is cool is initial D .
and he is cute + handsome + cool is secret. <3333
that is why he is jay chou . .
i like him since form 1 .
for 5 years i love him . =p.

and . till here.ciao`x

26 May 2008


JAY CHOU ROX . ! <33333333333


my top list . =P

in my top list.
jap, korean , taiwan , hong kong .
deres even super duper more if i wana post .
ahahha `

sis bday. pics.

good news everyone .
thankieq for your blessings. =D D. mwahs. sek sai . eww`. lol.
wen to tuition after dat = D .
finally . get to see orang. . for such a long time .

and ytd celebrated sis bday . cake .

and dis pic . =.=" like my phone so much till camewore. EYH LOGA . I DIN DELETE LA.

i m not a pretty biatch . but i m just being myself. nice internally.
i dont give a damn on what you think .
jerica is jerica. and alwis be .

cousin's cool puppy . OMG. i tell you . although dis puppy stae with us 1 nite.
i hug him and slepp.
damn chun . ! ROCKYYYYYYYY ! cuteeee ~

i love dogs.
yes i do . so cute.
thomas's dog pun chun ,
play wit her today.
she loves me . hahaha =p

25 May 2008

earthquake in china. do you care ?

rescuers continue to find victimes till late night.
are you aware?
read newspapers? . heard de news?
a 7.9 magnitude struck China recently ./ may 12.
many victims involved. At least 8,500 people are killed by a strong earthquake in south-western China . dont you realise how many are dey have been killed ?

A woman mourned over the body of a student at the Juyuan Middle School, which had collapsed during Monday's earthquake. Experts on earthquake dangers have warned for years that tens of millions of students in thousands of schools around the world face similar risks, yet programs to reinforce existing schools or require that new ones be built to extra-sturdy standards are inconsistent, slow and inadequately financed.
Are you aware ?

deres so many victims out dere?
are you totally aware?.
being a doctor is all i wanted to be,
help peoples.
i dont wana be a doctor for de sake of money.
yet for de sake of helping victims.
i dont mind servving dem for free.
i dont mind to volunteer .
is to sad to see young childrens die .
parents praying dat thier childrens will survive .
holding thier children tight to save dem .
husband holding on to his dead wife wishing to be bring back her bodyy.
teacher risk life to save de students.
can you stand reading all dese news ev single day?

i dont have any relatives or any1 related dere .
wen i heard de news.
i felt like i am dere .
praying dem to be more save .
you cant stop nature disaster .
who noes wen it comes ? .
i noe i cant do much ,
just praying dem save . .

help dem . donate . dont be such an idiot .
save dem . deres de oni way you can help .
by just looking pityful childrens loosing deir parents.
parents loosing thier childrens.
ppls loosing thier families. you can make a diferent.


driving exam .

went to watch indiana jones just now.
not my type of show.
but not bad lah =). watchable also . =S.

driiving exam 2moro.
wish me lots of lucks.
spend korang if i pass. =D =D .
to certain ppl dat i janjji ni kay. =P


24 May 2008


let me talk . .
it was a fun outing.
15 ++ ppl went.
TS . me , mei yan and pooi mun watched slit mouth women .
not bad lah de show . watchable . =p
den met up wit mei yan's fren so called named BRANDON. ;p .

after sushi after that. den meet up wit her fren again .
my kawan baru =p . yee won and de gang . =p
den den . go sungei wang take neo prints. =)
i took 3 times. waiseh . ` . hahas. fun lah with dem .

and guess watt. i receive message from baby. <33>
i wana reply but dun lett . hmpph. =p

den after de long time taking picture.
go backk .
and its rainingg .
so ssat monorail to HANG TUAH station .
saw chun dudes. CHUNG HWA fellas.
reminds me wen i m in kasthuri wen i was form 3.
miss my kasturi friends. cute cute . and frenly. =)

and driving lesson in de morning .
later that . went to kasturi tuition den martim back for extra class.
and back home .
every sat is my tiring day. =S.

23 May 2008


i m so gona watch
twilight . !

its gona release 12.12.08 !
omggg. end of de year .
means its AFTER SPM .
i am gona watchhhhhhhhhhhhh !
dun jealous ah joveis =pppp

de edward cullen in de book is way of better den de robert pattinson from harry potter .its my imagination guy la of co0urse. such a perfect guy . =DDD .

mwahss .

kawan kawan i yang baru kenal .
yee won . cute giler.
jason . hahas.
and de other tak tahu name . soriiee . =p

kawan kawan lama i .
comel kan =)

one of de cacated pic . =p

deres like super duper a lot more. lols. lazy to post.

just post nice nice wan siiann .`


22 May 2008

end of diagnostic exam

its end of diagnostic exam . = D ; officially. =)
okay . i m happy.
although its not totally over stress . .
but still part of my burden is release.
wat makes me worrie freaking kau kau is driving.
i hope i can really pass dis time
NO FAILURE ! . haram haram .
if i pass i nid to spend victoria chew and lenrx liew ! =D .
and i dont mind . cus i will be freakishly happy. =D .

and and . i stayed back today to help out de prefects wit teacher's day tomorrow.
de presents were cute and nice ! .
i think this year de nicest . =)
after that, i went to tuition . add maths . =S .
today's new topic was quite easyy .
english understanding . but i am alwis sleepy as usual .

and now . i am back home .
just felt that time passes darn fast .
i am gona treasure every moment in my secondary lifee .
cus i know i m not gona experienced for de 2nd time anymore.
i miss my friends soon ! .
another 6 more months together . and and .
oh who knows wen v gona meet up ever again .

i miss de time v hang out.
i miss de time v were at genting.
i miss de time v chatted.
i miss de time v overnite and bbq at mei yan's hs.
i miss de time v share problems.
i miss de time v tell ghost stories.
i miss de time v have horny jokes.
i miss de time v gosipe.
i miss de time v studies together,
i miss de time v go tuition together.
i miss de time wen v having exam . =)
i miss everything v did together !

honestly for 5 years soon i m in sbs .
5 DAMAR is de best. den comes 4 DAMAR . den 1 Angsana . =)
form 1 class was fun too . . friends in 4 and 5 D .
v consider de most coperative and kind*est*. among de 8 classses.
v got de group works .
so much better den 2 C and 3 C . goshhh.
de worst . sorry to say . i dun enjoy as much as i do now . =) . .
remember u guys 4 eva man .

okay. enough .
5 Damarians. dont cry went reading dis post . =D .

19 May 2008

studyy .

semua orang sedang mengulang kaji.
saya pun terpaksa juga.
ape hendak saya buat.
takde ape ape .

18 May 2008

matsumoto jun . hot dude from hana yori dongo.
miss dat show.
i still havent watch part 2 ! =(

oguri shun from hana yori dango ! cute dude.

zheng yuan chang . i wana watch ISWAK 2 !

its been a time i din watch shows !
i miss taiwan, japan and korea drama.
i use to watch dem during hols.
and now . no time to watch .d =(

jia y0us.

face de darn fact.
i m not really yet .
i am waiting for dis diagnostic exam to over .
i miss hanging out .
i miss everything i did to hae fun.
deres less time for me to play.
SPM around de corner.
when can i start studying ?

when when when .
after dis week . its done .
i m gona continue what i did.
my chem chap 8 sux.
i don understand a darn things . so wtf.
yes . i m worryyyyyyy. freakishly yes.

trying relax and think whatever i can and have t00 .
i guess dere wil be less on9 anymore.
i online to often as well . =( `.

i hardly online evening and afternoon as i realise . =D .
alwyas midnite.
busy maa . =) .

deres too much to think .
and i choose to think one thing .

omgg .`

study jerica study ~


testing .

tiring day

woke up early for tuition today.
wth. sleepy tauu.
actually i dont wan too .
but sighh . what to do.
SPM hubby on de way.
i have to love SPM. to score flying colours . *so fake* .
okay. i love my baby even more too .
dun ask who . =ppppp.

english tuition today and everytime i go also funny.
love de teacher =).

and and . exam havent over.
jerica go study now.

17 May 2008


Tagged by Joveis. <3.>

1. Joveis
2. Kai Jie
3. Lup Fai
4. Mei Yan
5. Chia Pei
6. Pooi Mun
7. Elvira
8. Show phon . =.=
9. Gan
10. Cheryl
11. Vee Vien
12. Vinutha
13. Jay Chou
14. Chen yi
15. Loga
16. Edwin Chea
17. Jun Chong
18. Jin Mun
19. Len Wei
20. Evena

How did you meet [14]?
i dont meet chen yi . hahas. if i do . i m freaking lucky .

What if [9] and [20] dated?
hahas. Gan and Evena ? i dont think so den . =DD D .

Will [6] and [17] date? pooi mun and jun chong ? omgg. tak kenal puun .

Describe [3].lup fai . nice and frenly fren . =)

When is the last time you spoke to [13]?*Jay Chou . lols. months ago . after his concert. =(

What is [2] favourite band/singer?*Kai jie ? i duno leh.

Would you ever date [4]?*mei yan ? NO ! i m normal .

Is [19] single?*len Wei . ya she is .

What's [10] last name?*Cheryl . ying .

Would you ever be in a relationship with [11]?*Vee Vien . and again i m norma l .

School of [3]?*Lup Fai . Confucian .

Where does [6] live?*Pooi mun . pandan indah.

What's your favourite thing of [5]?*Chia Pei . cute and nice . :D

Have you ever seen [2] naked?*kai jie . wth . of cus no !

5 People to do this quiz.
1. Evena
2. Chia Pei
3. Win Loon
4. Ee Von
5. Mei Yan

another week of exam .

another week of exam .
and its done.
my mid term holidays. cant wait .

physic paper 3 today was quite okay lah.
can do so far . :)

nothing interesting happen much.
but i just noe lots of misunderstandings happen cause of exam hints
which i really dislike.

dont judge me if you dont know .
dont missunderstand me if you re not sure.
dont spoit us . pls.
not worth .


15 May 2008

depressed . sad . at too tired.

whats up with everyone lately ?
cause of de tension ?
today EST paper 1 was hard.
and i think dis is de 2nd paper i screwww .
shooot. i was so sleepy to think and transfer de info .

after EST 1 . every one relax.
chit chat . even me. i was sleeping at first .
but such a sudden pooi mun called me . =X.

everyone is having proble lately.
everyone . ? everything.
i m too tired to bother already.
i dont know what happen to you.
but i am to fed up to think of it.
i am an ordinary human.
i got feelings too.
i cant think too many things at once.
i nid to concentrate on my studies , driving . tuitions. SPM !.
and you . bring up problems.
if u re a true and understanding one. i dont think deres problems among us friend . . think twice.
i m not de type of losing frenship.
if i think u re worth to stae. den u re. .
everyone has bad sides. even you have too .
dont spoilt de mood.
i m freaking moody dis days kay.

i am being patient and too nice enough about everything already.

long post today.
suppose to study.
k den . ciaoo . =) .
thx for making me happy .

14 May 2008


i m so sleep todayy.
i slept 12 am . and woke up at 4 am.
after history paper two.
i started to have headache.
i have to tahan till tuition sumore. =xxxx.

reading history really killing me.
make me lack of sleep . =( .
tomorrow EST.
relaxx a biit . :)

wana rest dyy . :D

13 May 2008

sej exam .

updating blog early in de morning . =D .
sejarah exam laterr . :S .

add maths diagnostic

i screww add maths paper today.
sucks. =XXXX.

history tomorrow.

thx for de good luck wish from edwin chea . =)
at least i m not so stress seeing you ad .
i must dis time driving exam ad ! . ;D

11 May 2008

exam mode .

next 2 weeks paper is hard.
wth . taking dis chance to update blog .
history next tues.
havent read finish.
add maths next mon .
my torturing subjs.
omgg. - i m so deaddDD . `

jerica read history !
okay. gtg cia0 `. =(

sej .

i still havent read sej.
hav to read tonite ad.
and and.
another 10minutes i nid to go for tuition.
till 7.30pm.
omgomg. =XXX.

yesterday i was even much more lucky and happier . =).
anyone's bday i miss lately ? = D .

9 May 2008

diagnostic exam .

3 papers down =)
tomorrow is moral .
ish. have to hafal nilai later . =X.

yesterday i was happy.
and today i am even happier . = D .
awwww . ` .

ciao .`
nid to continue study .
just wana keep my blog alive .=)


4 May 2008

whole day out.

tuition was packed today during chemistry . =S.
after martin. went to kasturi for english.
saw jh and i think his gf. o.O
den lepak around chinatown b4 going tuition.
de english teacher was not bad. =).
but journey is tiring . =S.

den after kasturi went back to martin for extra class.
teacher was good too . =D

tomorrow maths extra clas.
so many . due to de mid-year exam . =.=
sien se w0r.

and and .


3 May 2008

bio tuition.

i m still sad with driving exam . =S.
babi . canny and jun chong.
dah lah pass.
i noe lahh pass.
no nidddd sayy mee wann lahh.
babi jun chong.
lost my puncher. =D . .

gek seii . =(.
hemah also . ish is h .` .
now see.
my lovely puncher.
all past for de driving exam lahh.
like me din pass oni lohh. =((
sad nyerrr. and gurls oni 2 person taken de exam in form 5 .
mee and ee von.
guys for 4 ni. canot canot .
i must pass my resit driving exam !!!! .

i was so sleepy today .
not alert de whole day.
pale face.
i just realise. i m out and bz de whole day.
woke from 5.20 till 10.00 . i non stop skolling and tuition.
not bad ryte. hahaa .=p

now finally. i can update.
and and .
tomorrow will be de same thing as well.
9.30 will be out from hs.
till 8.00 reach oni reach home.
whole day tuition.
omgomgomg. why am i so bzz ?
no time for myself to study .
i havent read sej and physic . adoii`.


2 May 2008

leng jai =)

i just watched finish a hokkien series.
TIAN ZHU . so leng jai =p.
very attractive.
he from a bad guy bcum a better guy ad.
but hes father dont blieve cus he stil in a gangster group.
i w0onder why.
cus dis is de 1st epissod i watch.
tertarik with tian zhu . =D.

today holiday.
but yet i nid to studyy lah.
jerica faster study.
dont on9 ad.

1 May 2008

late add maths tuition. tired =(

just came back from add matths tuition.
tired giler =(
and de class was so packed.
de teacher is damn funny.
alwis call out my name out of sudden . hmpph.

today skol everyone is bz with deir hw and resports.
but yet we still chit chatting. =).
ahaha. . cheryl dey all wen for bm oral.
suppose to have ceramah but duno why no1 go down.
so nobody bothered. o.O

tomorrow labour day. =).
every1 gets a day off.
i get i dat rest.
i felt stress wen i see edwin .
mayb cus of driving. hmpph.

i dont wana have troubles anymore.
so i just wana continue be patient. and ignorant. =D.
i think i can let it go ad.
dont wana me myself heart sick . =).

i miss joveis today. =p