29 June 2008

beh tahan liaoo

saya sangat beh tahan ad.
my patient and feelings have limit.
dont over board meee .
dont make me burst out.
last harsh arse sayings.

iirresponsible . many times ad.
keep advice alwis still like dat.
wonder how gona survive after college.
dont wana say who la.
my frens reading sure noe who geh lah.
hopes she reading also .
make her wake up .
think before you do . dont so terburu2 lahh.
omg. seventeen siaa. =.=

i didn meant to hurt you.
i am just speechless.
cause i have too much to think.
i duno what to do anymore.
i miss you .
llalallalala = p .

add maths proj .

add maths proj have to pass up next week.
and i havent start anything.
omgomg. good gurl kan .
intervention exam 2m0r0 ler. =SS .

and and .

28 June 2008


what did i ate ?
stomachace de whole day.
iish `. beh tahan liao ; .

still cannot find sui sui skin .
why hokkien suddenly. =.= .
find . nice nice skin . lols.

27 June 2008


headache with de template now
cant read chinese de.
will try to change it t0morrow nite .
my comps internet is still upgrading to de latest one
dats y lagg.
make me gerramm .

bio teacher die his hair and spike itt
tak chun dahh =p

not ready for intervensi .=(
moody as well.


profile under construction.
stay calm . =D


26 June 2008

my jay chou piano sc0re book.

i just remembered someone borrowed my jay chou piano score book and never returned to me since last year. .
wtf .
i damn pissed now.
lucky i remmeber now.
if not till next year i also wun get back .
and its jay chou . i must get it back.
and i still remmeber who.
i hope she still remembers and can find back de book.
if not i m not curse her fail SPM kau kau .
dun make me.

goshh. marah betul lah i think. wen think bout me.
pray shes having it laa.
since last year weyyh . so wthhh lah weyy.
feel like stranglee her! GRRRRR!.
and i m very sure its her !

23 June 2008

= D.

tomorrow skol got a trip to olympia college .=) .
i dont feel like going btw .
but force too.
and flu getting better.
but a bit dizzy . =S .

22 June 2008

not feeling well

feeling terible.
very freaking bad fluu .
make me feel heavy.
din get to study today
nothing seems to absorb im my mind . =( ,

watched long khong 2 today with jee ken and pooi mun .
many disgusting scene . but not really scaryy. lols .
blood all along.

worry ,
awkward feeling lately about you . dun noe why.

21 June 2008

lei se ren .

tuition de wh0le day again .. din make it to chemistry today.
but manage to patch up during Mr.Goh class .
hahas` . same speed. so i went BM. den went to Sj /
elvira came during english at kasturi.
after kasturi class, saw mun hoong and keng hong and de gang.
den tiba2 ho lup dai call me . LOL
if he din call i think i din notice him as well . haha``
no more subash for him . =P.
saw wilson on de way to toilet too . lol
said hi weyy. =p

den later went back to martin for chemistry mr goh class.
planned to watch long khong 2 with jee ken and pooi mun tomorrow.
i will be dere after my physic tuition .

i sitll havent start add maths project ,
i duno how 2 start cus i duno how to do .
can anyone who finish ad send to me ?
lols .

u re not de type i can chat with,
u re not de type i can share feelings with.
u re de opposite of me.
u re not a sincere arse.
u re not as nice as i tot .
u re not helpful .
u re not concertn alwis.
u re not a good person in certain perspective.
u just iritate me sometimes.
but i ign0re. .
cause i m have to much to think.
and i threw every unessary things.
all in my mind now . SPM . my hubby.
hes coming damn freaking soon.
gona show him de best.
SPM i love you . OMIGOSH. =S.

and and de TAGS.
i cant copy laa.
chia pei and ee von if on9 copy paste for me laaa.
malas to rewrite weuii . =DD .
kay kay. ! ?
thxx `

20 June 2008

long time din update =D

long time din update ad.
soon , deres even less time to update ad.
spm trial is coming .
spm also coming .
aww aww`.
damn iitt.
so fastt .

today was parent day.
mum came f0r de report day.
iwent back early.
and de makan .
den den went JJ !
bought eclipse ad . finally.
i reading half way j0r . =).
oh yeah.
still not satisfied with de EDWARD CULLEN in de show. =p

you disappoint me again . =(


15 June 2008

add maths whole day.

went f0r a movie today.
no endingg.
not much suspense.
but not bad laah .
still can watch . =)

den after dat went to martin for add maths class till 6 .00 pm
super duper full .
wahra0 . packed giler .
but teacher very funny . =D

i am very scared . ='(

13 June 2008

fruss .

aku tengah frus ni .
chem tuition dun0 wana take lee chen ming a not . =S .
he damn mahal laa. i mean de tuition fee . =.=
but i wan him to teach plak . grrr`.
but most probably wun take him geh la.
so mahal. manyak cant afford.
so decided . tak nak pegi laa. =( .
kekal je razazu .

i just realise i m too busy with studies and stressed till i forgot every burden that i use to have. mayb cus i learnt not to bother much . which wasting my time . and ad hopeless . i duno what to say bout you . but just feel every minute together is just so not real .
but whatever la. i dont wana bother ad .
use too emo it everytime.
now i dun wana care what u say or d0 anymore. dun wana make myself stress and FOOLED ! =). JeriCA OPSTIMISTIC and MUST GO ON ~ !
i trust myself and what i do . i do everyting not in a bad purpose or mayb just an accidently.
you just not dat understanding enough and "FRIENDSHIPALBE"
i stae on with my principle. dun like it . fark off.
i oni give my trust to those who is worth it ..
i give my kindness to those i feel worth too and trusted me. . and thank you for those who do . =D .

results really amazing sux. SPM around de corner and wtf am i doing.
de big ass pondan napek ferry cut my marks for MORAL. from 70 + to 40 +.
i was like WTF ? in my whole damn freaking life. . my moral was never dat LOW ~! . .
feel like slapping dat na pek face. arse la.
i hop de reshuffle timetable change him awayy. bengang tgk gila .ISH !

aku sudah tidak suka padamu =p .
u re not de person anymore ?
i can feel itt.
wish jay chou / wang chuan yi by my side holding me .
HUG me =)
its all a dream . too sad. =p

diagnostic results.

fui` . diagnostic results all get ad.
paling teruk add maths and moral .
paling tak puas hati is maths and english .
paling suka is bio chem sej bm and physic . =p

stomachache de wh0le tuition just now.
T.T . ate wrong se wu i think . =S.
sure de canteen food.
an ti - canteen ad.
dun wan go dere buy food liao.
ish ish `.

and and . SPM another 4 months .
which is 120+ days more . SUPER DUPER SHOOT.

10 June 2008

papers . diagnostic .

my english paper sux . de worst mark i ever get.
even teacher surprise .
wthh is wrong with my englishh . T.T

maths screww as well .
many darn careless mistakes ! ish ish ~
bm was quite okay lah.
but not satisfied . =(

9 June 2008

zhai zhai darling bday today =)
27 years old ad .lurr.
have a splendid bday .
wish he could see dis . ! .
mwahzz .! <33

results today.
omg omg , de fear has come once again .
hate de feeling . =S

8 June 2008


i duno whats wrong with me.
but i m moody.
cannot laugh cannot cry . cannot do things in good mood .
ape hal ni ?

skol starts 2m0r0 . wtf .
seriously i dun like going to skol.
cus to0 early.
and i nid to study. study study .
getting ready for SPM .
this shows that SPM is even nearer and dats what i hate.
cus i m not ready for it . =( .
why why why ?

7 June 2008

pooi mun's party .

party just ended .and i just reached home.
latest who arrived was ai ling and elvira. haha` .
i m not de earliest nethier de latest ba . =) .
played water game after eating.
quite OKAY-LAH game . not exciting enough.
nataneal and show phon kena kau kau by me.
but i kena pulak . =.=" .

later that, went back to de hs.
cut cake. den played another game.
i din played.
funny . but i yet i not really interested. o.O
dats all de progress of de party.
i just cant wait till SPM end . =)
i miss my parties. =D .

here are some photos i took .
dn have my pic la.
i din take. hate my phatheric fringe. =p

pooi mun friends

bday gurl cake . =)

bday gurl . seventeen babe soon .

her neighbour , grandma and friend . blue shirt chun =PPP .

opps. out of place but nvm laa. my younger sis bday cake . =) wahlah.

de friends .=)

nataneal perasan giler. =.="

show phons hairr.
extra added on it. =P

and finally my fairytale end =D.
time passes very fast and i have to accecpt de fact .
how much i hate it but i nid to be strong. =)
so . late d . nitezz.

wang chuan yi hubby 2 . rox =P .
mwahzz . <333>

public holiday.

its public hols today. :)
no tuition finally.
and went to pray my grandpa .
early in de morning.
take a nap just now.
not so sleepy liaohs. =D .

later got party to attend.
its pooi mun 's bday party.
its not her actual bday .
celebrate early . =) .

skol's starting next monday.
good luck in everyting friends. =).
good luck in de coming exam.
SPM trial around de corner .
jia you . ! .

6 June 2008

darn hairr.

my hairr .='(
i cut 6 inches short.
and and . i am not use to it.
my straight fringe look dont suites me.
CONCLUSION . : dis time hair style really kills me.

have to wait till my hair long again.
and cut it myself . =.=
really dun like de straight frinnge. or maybe to short ?
ish ish`.
got party to attend sumore. o.O
clipp iit lerh. =D .


5 June 2008

seminar sux.

sorry to say.
seminar today sux.
left early to go to tuition.
300 limited seats.
and came for today was about 20 + .
wtf . so lil .
and so darn cold . freeze to death.
maths teached all simple wan oni.
wth laa. wasted my time. wasted my sleeping timee. grrr`.

went for physic and add maths today.
len wei met many of her primary friends.
everyone felt cold today. = D . raining season maa . .
i also loh. hahs`. and i m very sleepy.
flu getting better . = ) phewww` .

saw yee won leng lui today during physic class. haha`
eyhh, if you see dis dont perasan tauu =p

4 June 2008


just back from tuition.
din make it for maths today.
class was packed.
many orang. =D .
so skip lur.

tomorrow going seminar organised by MPAJ.
hope its good lar.
its oni RM 10 . =) .
for 3 subjs.

and . i sneeze de whole day .
make me no energy. .
headache. ish ish ` .

3 June 2008

tagged . ; D

tagged by chia pei .

1. How would you define sexy ?
= sexy ? . someone dat looks hot ? gorgeous ? wonderful physical appearance ? . but i dont find it sexy if de internal is not sexy . =D .

2. What is more important to you ? brains or beauty ?
= of course brain . =) . ren bu ke mao xiang . =D

3. What are you addicted to ?
= i m addicted to jay chou and wang chuan yi . =3 . and of course my music and instrument lifee.

4. Given a chance, who would you wana be one day ?
= Jay Chou or Wang Chuan Yi girlfriends . =DDD D.

5. If you had super powers , what kind will it be ?
= succes in everything i do . =)

6. Imagine if you are elected as queen or king of the country, name the country.
= dont wish for this .

7. Now, describe how your country looks like .
= hurm , i dont know ? . peaceful nature. without sound and air pollution . what i l0ve. romantic and beautiful nature.

8. How would you like to look and be 10 years from now ?
= 27 years old ? . being de person and dream that i always wish to be with no regrets . =) . thats me after 10 years.

9 . Where would you like to be right now ?
= in de arms of Jay Chou / Wang Chuan Yi. holding me tight and warmth.
love dat feeling . =D

10. Tag minimum 3 peoples.

i) Mei Mei
ii) Evena
iii) Wee Kiat .

why why love

finally i finish why why love . :)
nice ending .
and touching one .
i did cried .
but honestly deir cries in de show quite fake. =p
but still i m deeply inlove with WANG CHUAN YI .
deeply envy HE JUN XIANG.

i wana watched ISWAK 2 de.
but but . i dont think got time to watch ad.
hmpphh `.

today sis frens came over for her minor bday party .
not many though .

songs songs songs.
pls pls pls make me concentrate.
make me tough .
make me confident.
make me hardworking.
make me do what i wan .
make me smart.
make me calm .

H U G .
warmth and tight H U G .
nice to be H U G dis wayy .
save H U G . =) .
deres longer time to dream of dis .



2 June 2008


chatted with sherry de whole day on de phone . =)
long time din chat ler.
chat till like 3 hours.

gona finish huan huan ai tonitee .
hope so =D .
wang chuan yi s0 leng jai .
mike he jun xiang so yeng .

1 June 2008

add maths seminar .

i m lucky wit what i said on my mine today. =) .
wonder if its true a not . = D.
seminar was okay today.
but kiru's class was quite bored.
and lucky he give de talk after umaas.
and din teach much . o.O

raining heavily today. =X.
cold during seminar . . not de same group aas SBS gang . =)

our story has end .
and begin with a nice story .=)
you re best . FRIENDS . =D.

NS results dis month .

i duno how i am feeling now.
confusee. really confuse .



focus on wang chuan yi =pppp .
he look PERFECT in de show . <333333>
back t0 hiim again . superb . =DDD .