31 July 2008


blog akan diedit dis weekend.
malas wan edit now =x.
vvery sleepy today.

tertidur just now.
sleep till so nice.
my dreamm !
OMGG. so sweet la.
if really happen den shuang like madd ler.!
i wan kenall diarR!!
although not really leng jai butt. !
still ! . =D

last day of JULY.
prepare for de upcoming batter. =S

30 July 2008

28 July 2008

27 July 2008


cut my thumb dis morning.
bleediing non-stop.
hak seii . lols.
i tot over d . den suddenly. OMG. its flowingg. =X . .

wana play piano relax pun susah. ish ish `.
i freaking down ytd .superb alrite .
deres noone i can find to talk too . =( .
all i can , it telling it to myselff .

26 July 2008

fan seii .

whole day chemistry was not so bad after all . = D .
saw manyak ex-skolmate during chemistry class.
time arrangement for tuition is very hard laa.

i got lesser and lesser time to online ad.
miss mee laa ppls.
always tuition.
i only get to online a few minutes to update my blog.
and check my frenster den chao ad.
wanna keep my blog alivee . =) .
online msn ? . my msn gona go rusty soon . =( ..

lots of bengkel coming upp .
dats all i m busy . =S .
so dun worry.
my blog wil alwis keep update.
dun take time to type my things . =D
i type fast okay . =p

i am to busy to bother things already.
de feelings i use to haave on you.
still dere. but not so bothered anymore.
i m saving my energy for my SPM hubby . .
wish me luck kays !
working hard !

25 July 2008


two place in a day. T.T tiring indeed.
sat eevon's car to lrt. and went for martin tuition . physic class.
den went english tuition with chia pei and lup fai at kasturi plak .
tiredd lars . o.O
and on de spot i get to noe . extra class changed to evening.
gekdouu . make my timetable messy.
lucky monday got add maths extra class . can sun bin go sej . .
if not . o.O . !

den nite class went for bio.
new teacher sux.
worst den skol teacher.
i dont think anyone is gona continue dere anymore lar.
omg. so zhaa giler loh.
slang like hell. spelling worst den razazuu . pharmacyst kononnya.
duno how she get also.
okay. tak baik lar talk bad about ppl.

2m0r0 worst shit.
whole day chemistry..
rom 1.20 to 7.30.
kasturi and martin . T.T

i finally founnd another horse.
ho lup fai.
bday falls on de same day as li hui's !
29 JAN ! .
sama gangg ! CHUN ~

23 July 2008

tirreddd . `

just came back from tuuition.
tired siia . ` =S .
damn worryyy.

21 July 2008

20 July 2008


what a liife.
full of despairr.
full of toughnes.
full of sadness.
full of happiness.

i seems to dislike you often. by i hold itt.
whyy ? , i wana voice out.
but it get stucked and wouldn come out.
isit de ryte thing happen ? .
or am i to busybody to care for a friend ? ,
i m just fed up of it anymore.
spm hubby is around de corner and i dont wana mingle anym0re.
all i can think now is SPM HUBBY .
i m realy realy scare.

al i wan is a HUG from you .
from dis time dis moment.
a hug from you would swept away everything . =)

i love you mummy more den anyone else.
nothing is meant in my life . witout you.
teache me how to talk,
how to walk,
how to stand ,
how to read,
when i am small .
always dere when i needed you.
no matter how rebelious i were, u were still that considerate.
helping me and worrying me .
gave me everything i nid to live.
i cant livve without you.
and i live for de best for you. .
you were dere wen i am down.
you were dere to listen wen i needed you.
no0ne can ever replace you in my heart. never.
though i may against ur words sometimes,
but i din mean it .
i study and live for you.
no matter how tough is life.
i still live for you.
cause you are you . de best MUM ever . =3. SARANGHAEYO !

not only my mum, but my family.
so fcuk off if you try to hurt dem.
no matter who de tutt you are.
family comes first .

hes my best friend .
and yes, hes nice. =D

18 July 2008

wu lallaa .

din go skol today.
heard deres whole day ceramah.
i chose de ryte day?
lols .
and even spotcheck . =.=".
sure many things kena rampas.

gonna make sushi later . !
oh yeah . =DDD .

17 July 2008

heavy eyes,

heavy eyes,
cant take it anymore.
keep stomchace dis dese few days.
wthh . what did i eat ? >.<

skols always boring lately.
nothing to do . BORED .

16 July 2008


sleepy today . =S .
nothing to type.
dun inssultt me . =F

15 July 2008

stomachache . grr

everyone stomachache today.
include mee. =(( .
barely can walk and talk and laugh much .
till after recess i felt better lah.

omgg, i nampak dia tadii .
he talk to mee . =)))))))) .

14 July 2008

CHEER 2008

went for cheer 2008 yesterday.
was a blast full dayy.
not bad lar. din expect to go also.
meet up my gal from penang which din meet for 6 months. hahas .
beautiful gurl. =) .
btw, i went with chia pei and den her fren Ariff came.
so i went to walk wit fidelia . since such a long time din meet.
chatted like for hours . walked around.
saw so many chun guys laa.
manyakk loh ! . saw many ex-skolmates ar. tuition frens ar.

super duper manyak hottie. haha`.
saw thomas waiting for gf ar.
saw yee won busy taking her camera taking pic with everyone ar.
ze wei followed ar.
saw tang yang and his gf and gang ar.
saw hong heng ar.
saw mun fai and de gang ar.
so quo kiat and de gang ar.
saw chee fai and de gang ar.
too many too list ! =D.,
and and saw JASON LEE!
dis guy ar ! long time din seee tauu. din change muchh . still dat look . just a lil darker .!
hahas. cus i went to sri kdu area to sit. so manage to see him .

jien was de HOST ! damn cutee lar.
ADAM from malaysian idol came.
malaysian cheerleading perform ! rawrs . =p.
everything overed at 5.30. early one hour .


2nd RUNNER UP - SRI KDU . ( all boys ) ! HAHA.
5th PLACE - CBN .

SBS ? dun ask , hehe .` .
duno what place also . :S .
reach home . den went out again for diiner with dats friends
read home at 10pm . rush my add maths proj like hell.
slept at 1,00 am like dat.
woke up at 5.00am.
have a damn nice nap just now.
very tired.

12 July 2008


blaardyy rushimgg for de damn add maths proj .
monday nid to pass up.
and i just wana continue ni . memang kantoii .
busy busyy . 2m0ro going cheer sumroe.
wahrao . memang no nid do ad.

11 July 2008

martin kasturi

ganti my martin physic and kasturi chem today. grr.
cus of de cheer 2008 i shall say . ? .
and i still stuck for add mm proj.
i duno how to do . T.T
helppp = S .

and and . nothing much happen today . chao .


10 July 2008

add maths proj

picture dat i din post.
MBS carnival . family day as dey name it .

after carnival and TS , went tuition. waited for like 1 hour.
so coloured show phon fingernails. =pp

edited pic with GIMP . still new . wulalala .

finally starting add maths proj. but still blur. >< .

who invented dis damn proj lar.

damn ma fan .

nothing better . to do .

9 July 2008

bla bla .

skol's boring today. as usual . .
teachers not comingg in .
maths teacher alwis giving hws . =SS .

ceramah tunda to after skol till koko . but manage to get out . =)
walked with thomas to lrt station .
sat lrt to pudu.
waited for pooi mun till like 12 mins.
din c her . den ciao . wen to kfc , yong kwong and martin to searh for her.
but takde . so went to library to study .
and after 1 hour pm came.s
said she waited for me for 1 hour . =.=.

LOGA spend me french fries ! hahas. baikkk punyer kawan . =D .
anyone bday lately ??
hahas .`

8 July 2008

nothingg ,

finaly get our class t-shirt.
duno whether i can wear 2m0r0 a not.
washing .
wun so fast dryy gua. =DD .
havent start add maths proj.
geng ryte.
i noe .thank you.
lazy to start . so not me recently .

7 July 2008

past postt .

grr .
add maths tuition damn late .
umaas scare us said day martin got ghost.
dare al of us go to dewan 7 at 9.45
and said de surau door will open by itself. =.=
and talk us a few ghost stories also . =) hahas . siao giler .

and and . i m stil happy. and . . .


6 July 2008


went for physic class today.
den go for chemistry class at kasturi and den came back to martin for add maths xtra class.
yaya, tiring day . i noee `.
bored as well . and saw ho lup fai . =DDDDD!
hahaa .

i miss every moment with you although its little.
watching with you.
talk to you.
chatting with you.
seeingg. you.
missing you.
liking you but never loving you.
de way u walk.
ur style.
ur hair. .
ur kindness.
u are de oni one dat i really like among all . =3.
i just din realise how far it goes. but i just cant step back .
i tot its okay for not seeing you anymore .
but seeing u in such a sudden had made my heart beats faster den usual..
you one of a special to me although i dont know you well .
though we re not realy close friends yet.
but i hope we do . i hope deres chance.
i havent totally forgotten you . i want too let it go .
but deres alwis 70% thoughts of missing you.
i never write this long for liking a person . but you make me did it .
but why you ? .

i really like to noe what others think about me.
i duno whether i am a good friend .but i can be a good listener .
i dont mind sharing problems and tots .
i am a good secret keeper but i m not good ar "pujuking" . sorrie .
sometimes i duno wat mistakes i do . .
cus everyone is not perfect.
time is passing very fast.
in another few more months i cant see sbs friends anymore dat often.
i love my class . yes 5 DAMAR . de best class u ever imagine.
i nv noe whats fun in class without dis babes.
i m just very sad to leave skool.
i got others whom i like too .
thank you for being dere wen i nid you guys . i really appreciate it.
its just dat i am not good in expressing it .
all i can do is to show my gratidute by writing all dis . =).
frenz ever better den boyfriends .
dey will alwis be dere .
GUYS ? . i have good guy frens. and even lame ones.
sometimes, i just wonder certain guys making frens must consider a gurls physically is dat very important ? . i m trying my best to be very careful in making friends.
if you think i m not a good friend , its your tot , and i dont mind.
cus everyone has different tots .

and joveis, thank you for alwis being de mangsa . =p
really thank you . !
kawan baik i . =) . too bad you re too far ! hmpph.

its okay if you not talking to me . or replying my messages.
i dont know whats ur motive of ur first move.
but u making me hating you once again ! . . u re a lame shit arse guy.
dis wil be de first and last ! . tut tut tut .

gets stress up . gives up really easy.
so dont ! . remember dont keep sum si . =) .

thank you everyone .
i m turning 18 another few months.
fast kan. but too fast .
hahas .

and lastlyy .

5 July 2008

MBS family day . TS .

woke up at 8am for MBS family day today.
walk dere . and like very early.
me eevon and chia pei so scare no1 come or change time ad.
lols. like no1 walking after or before us . =.=
but less outsider come ad lohhh.
last year even more . many games and food.
i got 1 coupon and spend it for de ghost hs .
erm, not scary lar.
de ghost grab me from my back and shout so scare me but i got no reaction.
hahahhahhaa. dai sei . =pppp
many time jor . xD
ee von eeven say hi . and all de ghost inside say . why no1 scared de.
failed larr. girl sumore . LOL

den bought ice blended drinks loh.
played dart . hahas . and duno waht de game called. de guli chopstick thing. =D
won a stupid pen .
honestly, quite expensive loh . ==

after dat 3 of us wen to TS
planned to watch moviie . but line was damn longg.
so end up din watch. played bowling . and i WON !
oh yeah . hahas.
den walk around loh.
but ee von nid to go to klcc to meet her family all of de sudden .
so left me and cp .
walk around to find something to eat.
pass floor 1 .den saw CHOON TING ! lols.
really hak seii . gave his bday present on de spott lahh.
den met FOO kua kiat and his friends. saw sbu ben as well .
saw many ppls laas . saw kok ken and yon peng and one more fren forgot his name .hehe

ate at maybrown den chao back to kasturi for tuition.
and saw lim tak jun .lols.
kan i say today i very lucky =p

yes, i really like you . but liking you making me more sad.
i am always in a mix feeling seeing you .
why why why ? . i just feel happy wen see you and sad also .
omg. hop deres no misunderstand
hop i really can be your best friends dat i can share problems with .=)
i suka padamu. <333>

although things dont make out.
but i just hope we can be friends .

watching golden melody awards . =)
jay chou din make iit. ishh`.

4 July 2008

skin changed.

skin changed again . =D .
but still not satisfied . o.O
will soon edit again if i am free.
and i duno wen is i gona be.
havent start add maths proj as well . really doom !

since comp reformat de 2nd time.
program all nid to redl one more time.
lazy to upload pic from hp to comp laa.

and and .
speechless againn .
malas to wake up so early 2m0r0 ler. ><


manyak orang bday dis month
forget to wishh thomas as well wish falls on de same day as shwu ling


going to mbs carnival 2m0ro early in de morning . =.=

3 July 2008

intervensi 2 officially over.

intervensi 2 officially over .
add maths no cooment .
forgot a lot .
no time to revise yesterday .

waited for bus alone today .
but ECLIPSE accomponied me .
lucky i bbrought de book .
and it was raining .
cus dis moment wil occur even often on de same day.

i just duno what to say anym0re.
i will just be more careful.
all i n0e SPM trial is coming.
dats all i care. =) .

dont feel like talking to you.
mood changed wen see you .
how ? . what happen ? why like dis ? o.O

kar meng ! thx for de DVD ! =)))))))))


1 July 2008

killing day over.

killing day over . =D .
i m so sleepy today.
slept so nice during sejarah .
and wen moody after dat .
duno why . =S .

i duno what to say anymore.
speechless and wordless .
keep to myselff.
and shut my mouth.
not so frus . and saving my memory space and enerny.
thats all i can do .

today is de first day of JULY.
and i m still counting.
SPM is around de corner .
its realy fast . i noe .
thankieq for keep reminding me. =XXX.