31 August 2008

cheryl loo's party

12.30 meet mei yan at TESC0 ampang.
bought sushi stuffs.
and realise we forgot to bring de sushi roll and vinegar.
so my mum fetch us to jusco maluri to buy de things.
den cheryl called. ask us to buy ais cream and paper cups.
also bought some balloons and sparkling drinks. =),
junks . jelly. =D!
later dat. mum fetch us to petronas maluri .
cheryl mum's fetch us to her hs.
deres like 8 peron in de MYVI car include her mum.
like, wth. amazing. =x.

those who present during her day,
me, mei yan, theresa, yeng jye, jin mun and vee vien.
her bro damn kawaii =) !.
hahhaa. sis not bad jugakk . =D.
played with them loh.
heart attack, snapp. balloons.
talkinggs. FUNNY =).
her bro name is DERRICK =p

din get to count down cus mei yan's parents nid to go out.
so everyone decided to go back early as well.
around 11.30 .
it was an enjoyable day lah.
friends were funny and fun .
steamboat was great.
her parents friendly as well,
bought a lot a lot of food.
even maid dier pun friendly. =)

am i m just lucky? =P .
trials in a week.
nid to study
wish me luck !


29 August 2008

marathon tuition.

just back from marathon tuition again . (:
freaking sleep during BIO tuitii0n.
lucky exam.
everyone cheatedd laa. LOL!
damn funny giler.
teacher cha00 . everyone take out notes see.
once hear sound quickly keep de notes. !
i lauggh like hell . funny. :D and cute.

saw him today. <3>
kyott .

dear friend's bday today !
mwahhz. =3
i m first to wish her on de exact dayy.
bangga. :P

28 August 2008

education talk .

education booth today.
very lil college compared to last year.
not really interested as well.
as i ad noe which field i m going too.
still, i nid a further exploration.
who noes, deres 0ther better field. =) .

and and.
i cant waiit for sat !
shopping !
omggg ! =DDD !


27 August 2008


so heavy raiin today. =S .

kena raiin . =DD!.
duno whyy i like raiin .


26 August 2008

add maths ceramah.

one word.
lame shitt.
duno what the hell his talkingg.
why de heck din call umaas?
why change?
waste moneyy.
waste timee.
was energyy.

70 + days to SPM. doomeed.

25 August 2008

24 August 2008

makee mee.

a week more to SPM trials.
two more months to SPM.
its getting nearer .

23 August 2008


i jalan dere.
den parents say balik,
den go leisure mall . =.="

am i ready?
partialy yes.

immune to you . lalala =)
i will keep smiling everyday.


freaking no mood.
i din get to study properly de whole damn hols.
tuition tuition.
out out.
wtf laa.
damn worry now.
i bet everyone is studying well now . T.T


what happen to my pagee. =S

22 August 2008








something is wrong with my page codee.


thank you victoriaa. !
decided to replace de two classes on TUES.
going with pei JIN =).
sek sai victoriaa. =p


2m0r0 cant make it to tuition. =S.
mum not well, so dun wan t0 disturb her la.
let her rest.
skip sej and bm ba . =)

huhu, . chatted many things during bio class. =D.

dont damn take me for granted.
being nice person for you to take advantage with ?
since you dont give a damn, why shhud i give a fcuk with it?
hate it when you alwiz do dat.
yes, i m arsing patient. better feel lucky to have me .
if nott. we re not fren also.
you memang make me piisssedd la.

21 August 2008

Green Box

hang out day with show phon, jee ken, chia pei and pooi mun.
went for mooviie
watched 4BIA.
not bad.
worth watching. =)
funny and a bit scaryy.
den went to sing-k at green boxx.
for 3 hours.
finally get to sing most of Jay Chou's songg.
happy nyerr. i smile often when i see him. <33>
superb many leng jais lehh. =P
later that wen back to TS for gasoline.
pooi mun hungry. =.=
and i very long din hang out dere ler.
went back home around like 7.30 .
tired. =S
school is starting.
show phon manyak baik ytd.
once in a blue moon . lols.
so sayangg lahh kay. =D .










do you believe in sceptic paranormal ?
do i ?
is it possible for it to happen ?
exorcism. ?
everyone have the rytes t0 believe or not.
for me, i am either.

have you heard de germany exorcism ?
Anneliese Michel.
have you watched de exorsim of emily rose?
its de remade show of hers.
she faithed .
more den 6 demons posses her..
very sad to hear he storyy.

20 August 2008


woke up early again today. =(
malas ler.
but add maths revision camp 3 today was nice.
umaas damn funny. and gave lame joke.
lols. hes de best teacher i had ever have !
shud have take his class since last year! *regret*

and and *omg* . i saw him . =3
hahas. unexpectedlyy. awww~
v went down from de 18th floor to de ground floor.
broke de records kan . lols.
went to A&W to eat before going martinn.

i din realise i really fell f0r y0u.
wiish to see y0u every m0ment.
miss y0ur smiile.
but dis falling love make me wonder if i shall continue .
deres alwis unfortunate events happen when i see you.
things that i wouldn wan it to happen.
i shud have know you earlier on .
but time wouldn allowed.
i wan to know you now. but i wonder when is the time.
and i am afraid theres isnt a chance.
i can see you at least a glance.
that wouldn make me smile for once. =)

thomas you make me sum si si . =@@ !

next, i found you.
but i am confuse what i feel towards y0u .
i unable to feel what u re thinking .
you re like too far away from me.
though deres many connection.
i wonder whoe the one.

make mee . =pp
NICE DATE as well

20 / 8/ 2008

19 August 2008

hoot dudes.

hot hot hot . haha`.
the click 5 !
omgg . =DDD .
focus on the lead singer.
freakingggggggggggggg CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ~ . =p

m0re and m0re THE JONAS BROTHERS !



studyy !


18 August 2008

0ut 0ut 0ut.

cousin came to stayed overnite ytd.
seems to enjoyed.
our de whole afternoon.
and saw adrian lee and eugene . =.= .

lalala . =p .
not bad la .

i learn to let go things better.
leaving space for my tension.
no more de hard feelings. =) .

17 August 2008

KBU seminar

woke up early for de KBU seminar.
omgg. sleepy giler.
and teacher was freaking late.
half an hour.
shitt . v tot v latee.

dere was like super duper manyak orang dere. .
a thousandd,
all wearing t-shirt.
include me. =.= .
very de DIGI. i noe. ><
manyak cute dudes also. lols.
chung hwas . =D

and den hor saw my ex-skolmates.
waving waving say hi ! lols.
and den hor saw CHEE YONG !!
omgg. he put on weight alot.
talk to him a whilee.
and den he brought me to see JEN JERN which have been 3 years didn meet.
fit and super tall ad. weyhh !
chee yong forgotten my name. padahal, on de jay chou's concert i met him he remmeber. babi betull. =p . miss dem laa !

ovearall de talk was quite boring la.
but de teachers are not bad.
too bad, all at PJ .
too far for me to attendd.

dats all lur. chaos.

16 August 2008


salahkuu .
spelled kawan name wrongg.
its liew shung yat !
hahaa . sorrie ahh !

nothing to update.
arigatoh .

lee chong wei is in olympic final .

15 August 2008

liu song ye.

this post is specially dedicated to my good friend. as requested.
hahaha! . eyyh , i noe . i damn baikk . dun touched kay . =P.

intro intro .
i noe him since form2 ?
i think . as hes really a nice friend .
filled up my boredness .
cheer me up wen i am sad.
talk crap together gether.
din realise, i kknow him for 3 years ad. ~.

nv got angry with me . hahaa! .
seriously dat day he siak me loh.
first time see him so marah. ;D.
tot he marah me also . =D.
as i promise you dis post.
and dont ask where i get your pic from . =P.

i owe dis fella a lot if i get many As in SPM.
and i dont mine owning it if i get de As ! yeahh!

lastly, my good friends i mentioned is .

LIU SONG YE ! pls . make me spell ryte. =P.

taadaHHHHHHHHH~ =)

just being myself.

im exhausted.
really a marathon studying day today.
oh no, shall say every friday.
after skol .
non- stop tuition till 10.00.
feel like fainting todayy. =S .

and i also send gratitude sms to my friends.
thx to those who reply me.
thx for appriciate my gratitude. mwaaaahs.

i am just being myself. dun are what other judge.
cus i m JERICA CHOO ! =)

14 August 2008

mtv asia awards 2008

watching mtv asia awards.
super junior damn rawr~
show luo and leo ku so cuteee.
30 wat wat to mars so hott . !
one republic hotsss too !
THE CLICK 5 even rawr`s !!!!!!! LOVE DEM WEYYY !

bei jing's olympic still rox to me.
proud of dem .

remember ur bday lahhs.
16 septt maa .
so obvious hint liaos. blekk =p

12 August 2008


NS results out.
check tru sms i din get .
hope its permanent den.

nothing to post . chaoo`.

11 August 2008

NS results !

de results is out !
omggg . and i cant load de pagee.
damn itt laaa. ><.

phew pheww.`
make me gan cheongg ni . =S

9 August 2008

mood swing.

why is it have to be you everytime ? .
why why why ?
i cant bear it anym0re.

i miss you .<33>

proud of Beijing's Olympic !
proud of them !
proud of chinese ! =)) . !
it was a succesful grand opening ! ;D .
yeahh !~

8 August 2008


i sangat letih tuition sepanjang harii lahh. :((

today nice date

8/8/2008 !

JUST NOW 8.08 PM .

grr, din get to watch , got tuition. AHHHHHHHHHHH ! .
chi see . =xx .

7 August 2008

tagged .

have been tagged by yee won .

1. What is the relationship of you with them?
friend friend friends . =)

2. Your 5 impressions towards them.
friendly, pretty . ;D

3. The most memorable thing they had done for you?
umm , not yet? but soon . =P

4. The most memorable thing they have said to you?
- umm. duno lehh.

5. If they become your lover, you will...
- take care of her .

6. If they become your enemy, you will...
i dont think this will happen (=

7. If they become your lover, she has to improve on...
closer with me. blekkk .

8. If they become your enemy, the reason is...
nahh .~

9. The most desirable thing to do for them is?
get to know her more.

10. The overall impression of them is...
friendly pretty.

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
hurm? what uhh? tell me. =D

12. The character for you for yourself is?
hurm. try to keep low profiled. calm . patient?

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
prettier . =p

14. The most ideal person you want to be is?
jay chou's GF ! .

15. For the people who care about and likes you, say something about them.
apreeciate u guys man . mwahhs . =)

Ten people to tag.
1. Hon Weng
2. Ee von
3. Chia pei
4. Joveis
5. Phun Zai Xian
6. Ji Yang
7. Wee Kiat
8. Yao Bang
9. Win Loon
10. Queenie

Who is number 2 having a relationship with?
friend .

Is number 3 a male of a female?

If number 7 and 10 were together would it be a good thing?
uhh. i dont think so. LOL

How about number 5 and 8?
friends maybe ? but uhh hahas. not datt.

What is number 1 studying about?
SPM candidate. !

Is number 4 single?
uhh. hahha . duno ask him . =p

Say something about 6?
Ji Yang . ? hahs. looks like japanese guy . friendly and smart . =D .


siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas.
i love dis peribahasa.
hahas =D .

bored day today.
but nice pj todayy .

wana wish my best buddiee .


6 August 2008

pissed piig.

okay damn pissed today.
bladry ass PIG !
pig is her nickname.
look at me with her shyt face cus she got nothing to say.
i m saying what i m ryte.
monkey her la.
bang me during presentation.
for what ? cus u loose? or cus i am chinese ?

really beh tahan her liao.
think we what? her punching bag?
punch anytime wen she moody ? .
kiss my arse la.

ee von quarrel with khairol today.
yeng =D .

damn pigg .make me dulan de whole day.
after spm results , make sure all classes she teaches kena her kau kau .

sorry for all foul . damn pissed with de pigg .

4 August 2008

mood to study gets duller every sec.

i have been slacking for 2 days. wtf .
ape mau buat ni ;
its getting nearer las.
and i have to study according my mood.
lame shit .

i din have a good sleep ytd.
dun wana sayy .
dats de reason why i am absent today. =S.

2 August 2008

525 post

woke up like 7.00 am pluss.
and end tuition like 7.30+
how torturing life is.
sick of continuing dis freaking sien life.
study study study ni . grr.

miss you. <33

1 August 2008

SPM hubby on de way.

whole day tuition is freaking tired.
its like WTH . ~ .
i miss easy life in lower form . grrr`.

i busy till i ignore everything .
dont wana make myself frus besides study anymore.
though you make me feel awkward sumores. but i try to mingle wit you.
i dont wan any havoc since officials exams are around de corner.

i wonder if i have enough time to finish my studies.

i miss my thrusday dream.
i miss him as well.
i admit i fa sin .
but duno why out of de sudden i dreamt of him . =.=
de warm hug dat he gave me . wahrao.
mimpi too much ad.
study study .
i oni can see him during extra classes . =( .

yesterday was umaas bday.
my lovely and spectacular add maths tuition teacher !