30 September 2008

i keluar de wh0le day wit mum.
wahrao. din touch book since hols start. sei mm sei .
2m0r0 hanging out sumore.
realy wahra0 .

having slight fever.
ytd, terrible flu. thank god. recover ad.

counting on to SPM.
5 weeks more.
to me its 4 weeks. more.
looks lesser to me. =x.

jays's song cheer's me up whenever i m emo or sad.
whener i listen to wu shuang . de song reminds me of de moment during concret.
i miss those time.
where i shout like orang gila for his name.
saying wo ai nie.
de rm 400+ was worth to de max.
saw manyak kawan giler. FC yang friendlyy .=D.
i just mis those moment. hes just too perfect.

i also gonna miss all my moments at school.
another 2 more months i am leaving skol.
i m leaving 5 DAMAR.
those moment we have,
class party, acting, singing, fun, co-operations, sometimes arguments but alwayz manage to get back together fast.
when i am emo, theres friends who care .
thanks la shung yat . =) . thx thx a lot a lot ! =3.
and of course, we must keep in touch though we are not together dat often anymore.
memoirs i have now, i shall treasure it.
dere wouldnt be such a nice memory in college life. =) .

thanks for everything .
sorry for any mistakes i did.
hope i m forgiven . =x.

29 September 2008

jay capricon

yes, everyone heard.
jay chou jie luan's 9th album had released. =).
i ordered as well . and cant wait for it.
i wan de rubik desparately.
i love de kewl calender . <3>
i listened to all his new songs ad.
all nice to me . its JAY.
what can you say .
i love de song dao xiang. <3>
happy and kyote song ! =) .

fall for dis dude since i was form one.
collect ever since hes 4th album.
still searching for his old album though .
never felt regret buy all his original albums.
worth every singls cents..
support him till the end. ! .
love him laaaaa <33333333333333!>
i take him as my inspiration.

dont critise him if you dont like him.
everyone has thier ryte to like who dey wish.
dont give a damn if you dont like.
cause i love him . so what'?



din do much today. :(

28 September 2008

add maths seminar

tuition de whole dayy.

i wana change blog skin .
but it dont let mee.
sadded =(

27 September 2008

sangat letih

saya sangat letih tuition hari ini.
sakit perut lagi.
terpaksa skip class maths. :(
rindu kat mr kung. lol.

fine fine.
english back.
went sejarah ni with vee vien .
den add maths . last min decide to skip kasturi english . =x
very sieenn laa.
2moro whole day sumore

ii will change for you . <3

26 September 2008

trials offcially over. oh yahh . (: .
but spm not over yet.
skip tuition today.
wahahaa. sleepy and tired.

hols still niid to study . =( .
tues frenz plan to eat buffet.
but quite expensive ler
and and jays album i ordered ad ! weeeeeeeeeee =p
cant waitt. ! i wan de rubicks ! XD.

cannot play anymore . :(
exam week was quite fun..
dis exam link me to many ppls. and friends.
friendship become closer.
and of course fun .
one thing i m gona miss after leaving this skol is FRIENDS :)
skol will never meant to be fun without nice and chun frens :) .
i m having fun during exam though its kinda stress.
with everyone.
i even remmeber de exam sits for dem . lols.
let me list.

chan see mun.
chin mun tou.
heng shwu ling.
ME ME ! =p
lee ve vien
loo zhen ying.
pooi mun
ee von
jin mun
mei yan.
sry nuryanis.
theresa wee.
tan yeng jye
lastly but not least.
kai xin .

members dan gang gang 5 DAMAR.
de class who won 4 times for class terbersih.
de best class who won for kata hikmat for hari kemerdekaan.
de class who won for last year's kemerdekaan act.
de class who won for last year's cheer comp among class.

see how lucky am i in this class. =D!.

24 September 2008



can never find such a fun and nice class.

21 September 2008


exam exam.
killing papers.
study study .
nothing to update.

20 September 2008






study jerica
i did not i realise i have been thinkking of you lately.
more than anything else.
i am willing to do things for you.
after this moment,
i m confuse with myself.
what to doooooooo?!.
i wana stop knowingg you.
but it kills me.

seized my feelings pls.
i willing to do too much for you.
let me do what i want.
and let de moments i wish come.
plz. i dont want to have disaapointent.
wana noe you even more.

omgg. dont kill me noww.
kill me in another 2 week to 3 weeks time.
pls make it work ! PLS!

19 September 2008


ii am happy wirt iit.
i wish to freeze it.
i wish i can stop.
i wish you wouldn noe yet.<3
you so sweet.

duno what to do. =D.
continue with desprate routine.

exams ! =(



13 September 2008

saddedd =(
can waste de time first maa?
i reallly dont wan laa.
i dont wan disappointment. =;(
i wishh all dis moments can just freeze dere.
i really really doo . :(

screw bm essay.
bi was okay.
upcoming week exam.
add maths.
sejarah !
est =D.

10 September 2008

9 September 2008


wil not be so often update blog for 3 weeks.
so watch me out after 3 weeks kay.
mwahzz .

so if i forgot things. .
pls pls pls
ring mee.
my hpp .
my msn if i am online.
for my friendster. =)
or even facebook kay.

8 September 2008


i noe i noe .
post getting shorter ryte.
busyingg laah.
spm trials at the corner ad.
after trials lah kay. =D.
longer one .

its too fast.
immune to your character already. .
dun wana care anymore.

i fall for youu ! <333
miss you .

7 September 2008

add maths extra class.

finally went for add maths extra class today =).
a usualy tot was many.
but appear to be okay lah =D!.

6 September 2008

mr GOH.

raining de wh0le day today.
trials in 3 days more. =( .

stayed at yang guang so called studied. =D!
end up chat a lilttlee also lahh.

5 September 2008

marathon again .

tuition tuition.
trials next weekk.
oh dudee.
oh habiss,
ohh my god.
its ad at de corner.

4 September 2008


sleepy in class.
teacher has been asking why absent.
trials next week.
so doom.

2 September 2008


sleepyy today.
din get to sleep properly yesterday.
vomitted badlyy.
and stomachache.
lucky make iit to skol and tuition today. =S.
as i promised dem to come maa.
tak akann ffk . =) .
me kan baikkk . ;D

trials next week .
am i ready agaiin ?

1 September 2008

out out out.

out de whole day ytd. =D.
went to 1 Utama.
one hell big areaaa.
i m gona go dere after SPM!
drive dere ! =)
make use of my license ma ==.

i m trying to get into you.
but you are like getting away from me.
if that's it, i m gona stop my good deed.
u make mee. and i m off my patient already.
you make me dissapointed duo duo . =(

nid to study . lala~