30 November 2008

drivee . finally

wheep . i drove just noww.
finally start driving afta stoping for a long time.
stress sial . xD
must drive more ad like jun chong, canny thomas.
driver pro. ish

grr. stomachache.

29 November 2008


i left picture to post.
cant find my phone CD to dl de system to key in my pic la.
so later kay. :D

ee von, pity you for becoming de middle person.
neway, thx for explaining .
friends ! keep in touch kay. =3

wanted to change de song in my blog.
but turn up i like de song.
i comes with de skin.
not bad.
so leave it dere first den.

edit blog

will edit detailly my blog tonite kay. (: .
wait for me .


watch battleground last week one today.
not as nice as i tot.
dance all so sloww de.
no leng jai . no leng lui ? .
i tink de top list de time i oni chase laa.
now quite sien . =D

i learn to be opstimistic.
accecpt all kinds in the world.
ppl, dont be naive.
learn from ISWAK 2. ;P .

saded .

i m too sad to accept de fact of what dey are.
maybe its just a missunderstanding?
after knowing it,
my heart sank to the lowest ebb.
trying to make out.
mayb dey are not de way i think.
i really duno what shud i think.
did i do anything dat hurt you to treat me dis way?
forgotten? not appriciated ?
am i not worth as a fren ?
is it my fault. ?

i cant blive i cry badly writing dis post.
call me moron,
but i wonder de memories was genuine ?
i really hope to receive a conclusion that everything was just fine.
was just misunderstanding.
mayb de stress de worries makes me think to much,
mayb everything was just fine.
yes, i m thinking too much.
its already 3.50 am.
stayed up late watch it started with a kiss two.

zheng yuan chang is hot.


28 November 2008

cheryl's questions

sorry laa. i think i m not going to do de tagg.
too many ppl too describe.
so i just do cheryl's Qs ni.

1. Describe urself in 5 words.
- i m who i am . dont nid to describe myself laa.

2. Describe me in 5 words. XP
- you nice, pretty , smart and friendly. =)

3. What do u like most about ur face?
- =.= "

4. What would u like to improve most about your body?
- diett !

5. Who is ur favourite artist/singer/idol now?
- jay chou the main . deres even more.

6. Why?
- cause he can be cool, cute, hot, and stunning. hes talented . milion words to describe him.

7. What u'll do when you are stressed out?
- play de piano . listen to music.

8. When u r currently enjoying being alone, what will u be doing?
- listen to music

9. What kind of books do u enjoy reading?
- horror . certain love stories

10. What kind of movies u enjoy?
- horror only. hahaaa . comedies .

11. Movies u hate?
- no ending . lame production , actors.

12. What's ur ambition?
- a succesful person

13. Most frequent word u say?
- duno ?

14. What kind of people u like?
- natural and pure

15. What kind of people u hate?
- dishonest people . cunning.

16.What is the first thing u see in a girl/guy?
- say hi ? no impression ?

17. Current song of the day?
- uhh ?

18. Your favourite quote:
- i love jay chou

19. Your goal for 2009? (Elaboration is encouraged)
- being succesful in college life and achieve my routine.

hahas. answered .
huhu. another day of boringness.
before SPM . you can say i often have books to study.
since its over.
deres nothing much to do.
i sleep de best today.
with no stress .
and no nid to wake up early to study.

remnid me a lot of past.
i still miss jay's concert though.
i bought de FC sit which cause me rm 400+ .
but i feel its worth it.
mayb to certain ppl. de amount money its not worth.
but to me its worth . =)
too bad. cant really take clear pics of him.
but i recorded.
hahha. damn nice. love jay chou laa.
bought many of his merchandise as well . =D!.
his world tour album.
damn chun.
den saw ex-form 5s . phunn zai xian.

i never forgetting seeing lin jun jie !
shake his hand.
see his dimple.
few cm close.
see his smile near. and line up to get his sign.
he look at me.
omgg . melt my heart giler la hee. so CUTE!
dats de day onwards.
i m JJ super fan as well.
btw, he has nice bodyy too. =p .
too bad de album signed is not minee. its shwu lings.

miss all dese so called meeting artist laa. =3

27 November 2008

SPM is officially over. wee =p

SPM is official over. .
wee =p
EST today was okay but paper 2 quite hard.
i get a lot of huggies today . bleikk.
dun jealous. i kan famous. =p

i m very busy next week.
mon - mayb free. but nid pack hs . =( hs renovation. ish.
tues - pui yee bday party
wed - tham 's hang kainess =p
thrus - edu fair
fri - bro bday hang out.
sat to tues - renovation + pack hs
wed - movie marathon.
later dat duno d. =D

fulamak , i m fully booked. so wana date me faster ajak tauu. ;P
pesaran giler. xD

tag i wil do later. lazy do /

26 November 2008

wee wang wang
cant really find nice skin for my blogg.
suppose to say i got many things to do after SPM .
but now i feel like what i shud do already?
too many things till i cant remmeber wana do what.
i have already started packing my books.since hs gona have minor renovation.
see back all de books brings me memories.
no more FORM 5 lifee. no more high skol lifeee. so fast kann.

everyone asking what u wana study after datt.
i most probably biotechh. most probably ni.
and if anyone wana ask me hows SPM.
i ans one shot kay.
SPM was okay actually.
if i really study.
languages and maths was quite okay.
but wen comes to add maths and sc papers.
some paper was okay some was not really okay.
dats all i can say about SPM 2008.

2m0r0 is EST . and that's it. SPM 2oo8 is over.
all SPM candidates is official free from exams.
but though some gona have accs acon, all dat laa. =D
merdeka to me alreadyy. weee =p
peace outtt . =3

25 November 2008

yeah . kawansx.

grr . was suppose to update gradution pic and others.
duno why the heck it took so long.
nvm . i just say without the pics kay ? . =D

SPM second last day today.
i still remember those days we counting for it.
and now, its coming to an end.
its realy sad though.
but what to so.
this is lifee . and it still will go on . and never stop.
today phy paper 3 quite screw.
add maths paper was screw as well. =x
but duh. its already over. cant change it or anything.
just wait till 3 months and thats it.
the start of your college life.
todays post gona be long one.

since i cant post graduation pic yet.
i most friends dat i took picture with kay. later on with pics. =)
start from my class.
each and everyone of you .

chan see mun - bright gurl in my class. cute with her lil voice. our penolong class . =).
elvira - i knew her since std one. guess how long we known each other ? more den 10 years. and its rare to have such long friendships. and we re still how we are . obstacles make us even closer. we understand each other more then anyone do.
heng shwu ling - same class since we re form 2. a bright gurl as well . friendly and pretty. get emotional easily i shall say? but shes really a nice gal. and getting prettier. and prettier.
izzati - always humours the chinese gang is class. she loves to speak foreign languagee. fun with her. and alwis chat about alvin siah . lol. our bio tuition teacher.
loo zhen ying - same class as her since form 2 ? and getting closer every min . very nice and pretty gurl. alwayz joke in class. you alwis reminds me of genting trip. man, it was FUN and spectacular though de trip was kinda scary. haha !
lee vee vien - small lil cute gal . very nice. not to forget she and cheryl alwis go to toilet. till vinuta name dem . pundi kencing . lol. =D! .
phon pooi mun - shes my granny. alwis granny stories. but i may longer listen her grannies story dat often anymore. wish we re studying de same course ? =D.
shes cute and small .
virginie laurency - my ang moh fren . very fierce . haha. but nice gal la.
theresa wee and yeng jye - make dis 2 one shot. always got good to eat. but hey, hanging out with you guys, tuition together was really fun. cop place her and dere. go yong kwong together eat . one table book by us . it was fun .
yasmin - my funnny malay fren. very open minded. not to miss her out in anything . =D . btw, my beloved monitor class? =)
soo mei yan - one tall gal . very tall. very funny sometimes. nice too . and understanding. shes like my mum during genting trip . love hanging out with her. go to her house for BBQ. overnite dere. chit chat in a gang. telling ghost stories . boys. yellows. gossips ? all our gang hot topics. movies ? shows?
victoria- cute librian. shes very nice. hahas. friendly as well.
soo jin mun - she i tell you. very naughty when small d time. now also.
very active. always walk here and dere. funny. lol. easily nervous ? shes a very nice friends.
sim ee von - always get tease in de gang ? hahas. shes one nice gal. good at calculation? =D. always go out .and watch movie. ish .ish.

thats for 5 damar.
dont cry reading de post kay. =p.
i m gona miss you guys a lot.
de group works ?,
joys , laughters , circumstences.
i nv wish it would end.
i really miss de day we spent time together.
study group which turn out to chatting group. lol.
chit chatting in class when teacher is not in.
exam period was de best ! hahahahhaa . no more dis fun already. sigh .
next other den 5 damar. !

chia pei - know her since std 6 ? close wit her ever since. hang out often together. well most of de time lol. cuteeee ? . ahaha. ya she is.
ai ling - frenlyy. and funny. didn get to chat with her much lately. SPM .=D.
len wei - one hell smart gal . damn smarrt . top student in SBS? , fuii .
evenaa - din get to take pic with you during graduation but still i talk about you . shes a very nice gal. helps you a lot. hardworking. talented no matter in arts , musics or studies. english genious weyy. =D.
ashwinie- funny gal. friendly.
qian yuen - din get to know you well . but u re really nice.
hui jing - hahaha ! use to be daniel's fan ? damn tall also. make me look shorrt stand beside her . grrr.
bryan poh - manyak ke ai. always try to remmeber my full name. but finally he remember ? lols. always tok crap with me durning tuition ? hahas. but serioously, de first time i see him . i toot he was malayy. ! =D!. sorry laa.
jee ken . one friendly guy . helps you whener he can. small size though? haha.
but hes really a nice friend.
show phon - funny arse guy. always joking around.

okay. deres many more to say .
but during de SPM periods.
special thanks to jason tuang hon weng and ho lup fai.
jason tuang hon weng ? hahas..
we re chat very often during SPM periods.
talking about our futures? . =D . studies. scorings. tips ! .
most of d time he calm me down when i get stress up .
thx dude. =) .
ho lup fai - always ask me exam progreess after de paper. grr. special thanks to him as well . my comforter. =p . teach me how to study also.
chat about dis dat as well. not to forget. hes very perasan and setia ? kononnyaa. very funnyy also . =D .

thank you to all my kawan.
sorry if i din mention ur names.
too many too list.
but hey. keep in touch kay. =D!.
bought new comp. baru today je explore . so . . take timee. =! yeeee.


24 November 2008

2 more papers.

physic and EST to go now.
pray hard for good results now.
i nid good results . =xxx

20 November 2008

16 November 2008

SPM 2008 !


i no longer no you.
feel unease feeling with you.
i no longer trust you.
have you ever considerate me as your friend ?

it felt like SPM is over. ;D

13 November 2008

6 more papers

6 more papers to go.
wish me luck. =)

9 November 2008

will update graduation pictures after SPM

god bless you . (: