31 December 2008

new year .

still blur case .
duno wana go where.
ish ish.

yesterday chatted with sherry on de phone till 1.45 am like dat.
hour plus. =p
sambil online discuss ab0ut todays countdown. xD .
damn frus . o.O

today is de last day of 2oo8 .
2m0r0 is de new year .
damn fast.
as well as my bday also.
lagi fast . old old . =x.


30 December 2008

stupid cruchyroll

finally finish JJ lin show . =)
so i am not handsome.
quite funny and bored. =.=

damn crunchyrol.
make me cannot finish my summer x summer.
wtff la. keep one cannot load. ish.

so i decide to watch corner with love first.
den if cruchnyroll back, i m gona finish s x s.
and den watch rolling love . =D
weeee =p.

almost dere. i wana finish hana yori dongo and death note also.
i noe i noe . outdate.

PMR results.

PMR results is today.
wonder hows de candidate results.
i dont wan to take my SPM results la.
damn scaryy . =x.

stupid crunchyroll. alwayz got problem.



anyone going countdown 2009 ?
i nid transport back if i m going.
anyone can fetch ? ;P

sigh, bday coming.
i noe 18th bday is important
bt de fcuking renovation kill my parteyy .
yes, i wana hang out if can,
all busy with thier stuffs ad.
i guess i nid to wait till my 19th bday. wtf
saded 18th bdayy .
no cake ? oh wtf with family got ba.
but i wan with frenz also.
i wana make a wishh. damn emo la .
damn dulan laa .

si beh bo engg, =(

29 December 2008


finally get to finish miss no good past few days.
and watching i am not handsome now .
wanted so finish summer x summer
but duno why crunchyroll cannot go in . grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !~
wasting my time. ishh.
if not, im done with s x s .

i m missing NS ppls already.
sigh .

countdown no0ne can fetch back ma?

28 December 2008


b 0 r e d .

you moron . get lost . dont wanna bother yo0u anym0re .

27 December 2008


next year no bday party for me.
damn renovation.
sigh. all left for ns . or start college already.
will be my lonely 18th bday..

its my 18th . yet so dull .

daily routine is hard to continue lately.
wtf . i nid to continuee.

26 December 2008

sunway lagoon .

just back home from ee von hs .
sunway lagoon todayy rocks.
those who make it,
me, mei yan, eevon, cheryl loo, theresa week, yeng jye and yeng jye sis.
me mei yan and ee von reached first as ee von's dad fetch us dere .
so we went in first. v started with dry park which is de amusement park sin . =D
played almost all de games. de 360 degree games rocks kau kau man.
den went wet park !
dats where v met up with de rest. =)
den play together gether.
den pooi mun came at 3pm . =.=
siaoo de.
saw yon pheng and margaret as well.
met new friends. haha. tak sangka same agee. =p

not many cute guys. but many hot ang moh guys .
chun giler.
body cantek fit sial ..
by de time manyak orang came.
v all also played most of de game ad.
my a bit dark ad . wtf .
face red . skin burn jor. iiishhh .

all end at 5.30 like dat.
ee von's dad fetch us to her hs ..
stayed till 10pm den went back.
chit chat bout de guy gang talk to me just to wana know ee von . xF.
really wahhraoo .

no pics. too busy for pics.

ns people wana chao 2m0r0 ad . T.T

cheryl loo zhen ying - gona miss you badly laa. gona miss de day v hang out 2gether, chit chat in class, go tuition 2gether , sms-ing 2gether , chatt . etcetc. too many too list. i love you laa.better keep in touch with me afta NS ahh. today was damn fun . =3

shwu ling - gona miss everything about u . =)

jin mun - dis gurl . too many too say . i m gonna miss her hyperactiveness . chit chat. activities. many siiaa. =3. love you too . =D keep in touch ahhh .

evena - gonna miss ur arts . =p. ur stories, chit chats . everytingg.

gan yong huan - kawan kelakar dan nice i . . gonna miss ur comments . ur smile. dont emo la kay. SAYANG ;D . will always remember you de. sorry din get to meet you up . wil keep in touch with you ahh. dont forget me jiu can de. hmpphh/

good luck to all whos going for NS first batch kay.
just remember to ring me when u back kl ah.

lots of love .

mwahzz everyone.

25 December 2008

genting highlands


wanna go ?
inform me at de cbox dere kay. =D
all welcomed.

excited .

tomorrow's outing make me excited .
and no mood to continue watching my show . lol
dis is de show draggggggg me for days to watch or i m just busy for dis week ?
ohh tutt la..
i still got corner with loveeeeeeeeee ! =333
AEC now doing. babi .
cannot cannot.
must watch it b4 de tv release !

2m0ro goona go sunway lagoon .
wheeee p .

Merry Christmas

its Christmas .
MERRY xmas ppls ! =3
din make it for countdown yesterday . huhu.
wait for new year den.
2009 countdown got GOLF and MIKE .!
i wana see golfffffff. !

23 December 2008


Miss No Good show loading is driving me crazyy.
draggg so longg. if not i ad fininish de show by 2day. wtf la .
i wanna watch Corner With Love lerrrrr.
babi babi.

but de show is really funny .
ep1 also laugh like shit already.


boredesome makes me update a blog more den a post . wth ..
jay <3>
i am trying to get back everything.
but everyone seems to be so busy to even give a damn.
i am tired on handling it anymore.
i am giving my last shot and that's it.
sorry .
its just make me sad.

b0red .

b 0 r e d .
kills man .
watching Miss No Good currently.
de buffering is so freaking slow. =.=
make me impatient already .

iwana watch corner with love later dat.
ish, damn loading.
xmas is around de corner . hoho .

22 December 2008

blog changed

blog page edited.
got de ryte song for my blog.
but cant find de song in web.
song is on my phone.
using laptop tak leh nak upload . !
grrr , esok i letak de song here.
love de song.

dou niu . yao bu . yao .

finally finish dou niu yao bu yao.
man, damn touching punya story.
songs nice also. =3 .
he jun xiang damn yeengggggggg . <3
heart heart .

watching miss no good now . lol
ranine look very sam pat.

21 December 2008

wee =o

i wana watch pages of treasures ! =xxxx


20 December 2008

f4 / =3

suddenly feel like typing about my "use to love" taiwanese boy band.
before i fall deeply inlove with MR. ZHOU JIE LUN.
i was attacthed by dis boy band F4 .
were crazy over dem but not as crazy as i am towards hubby jay . =p
i bought dier album, shows , merchandise although jay chou's more. =D .
my favourite guy in de group was zhou yu min . =3
i use to super like him last time. now also la. =D
dis boy band never stop to catch de Asian's attention. amazing.
new songs are still as nice as de old ones.
and yes, i am back to de old boy band f4 again.
jay chou is still my top priority. =p .
i craze over F4 before jay chou.
woohoo, but din get to go to thier concert cus dat time i m stil too young to go all dis crowd places .

hahhahas. whatt ?
i got many favourite male artitsts kay.
uncountable. taiwanese, koreans and japanese.
u cant even count.
HK. okok lah. i found a new artist dat attracts me.
neh neh, de show in astro on demand . de PAGES OF TREASURES ?!
i like de 2nd bro !
but i dont have de channel. i wana watch de show ahh !
anyone noes any web to watch tvb shows ? huh huh ?

found 2 new groups dat i nv seen b4 also.
good looking dudes though.
forget de band name ad.
gonna find out,
one of de boy band got dong ban shin ki's style.
song also not bad. =D
hot too . xD

f 4 member - zhou yu min . cute =3

wu jian hou . - hot body huh . coolest.

vannes wu - looks like korea dude. =p

jerry yan - use to hate him. but currently like him cus of de hot shot show ! =p
dis guy has de same bday as mee. =DDDD!

i cant find a nice pic of ken zhu's. so sorryy laa kayy . =)


wullalaa. =D.
Dou Niu , Yao Bu Yao .

de basketball is not as nice as HOT SHOT.
but hebe is very pretty.
lee wei not bad.
but look kinda old in de show.
mike he as usual always act as rich kid son. cool cool.

sorry to turn down the invites.
dont feel like going.
no mood to . =x .


19 December 2008


my 669th post. =D .
wahsei, so fast hor.
soon gona be 700 .

been packing de hs de whole day.
didnt get to watch drama .
manage to finish hana kimi taiwan version in a day yesterday . =p
dun really like de ending.
prefer de jap version .
jap more leng jai and more funny .
waiting when hana kimi 2 gona out.
jap is waiting for taiwan to make de production first.
but taiwan havent make any steps yet.
so together gether wait lo. xD .

starting summer x summer.
seems boring geh. 3 more shows.
de other shows dun have complete episods yet.
so dun wan watch first.
afta taiwan dramas . i wana watch korean dramas ! weee =p /

18 December 2008


boring .
everyone busy working.
and me.
at home.
cant work . T.T

17 December 2008


twilight and transporter 3 movie with hon weng today.
i m not really satisfied with twilight though.
not as nice as i tot .
but still okayy laa.
for those who din read de book woould think de show is boring.
i tak syok cus noe de story line. noe wat is gonna happen next . lol . so tak syok d.
de cullen family is hot. love de family.
everyone single one has good looks .
alice is very pretty.
bella not bad. edward is not de guy i one. but quite cool geh.
carlisle not bad . esme . rosaline . duduudu .
3 credits for de show den. hahas.
ending ni i quite like it. and i dont like de jacob. ewwww .
de book jacob is 100% better .

met yong huan afta movie.
tak nampak i . babi . =p
saw yun song and family.
saw pang ka chun and family.
but din get to see him again. =(

breaking dawn out of stock. wtf.
nid order . AHH!

16 December 2008

graduation pictures.

brown sugar macchiato.

watching brown sugar macchiato reminds me of life during high skol.
sweet ones. =) .
all youngsters .
waiseh, my high skol over already. =S

start start.

15 December 2008



watched finish brown sugar macchiato in a day.
de show actually is quite boring.
but de 6 characters in de how makes de show funny and interesting.
funnyy laa de show . xiao yu . omgomg. really look alike him.
if his face not so chubby, nose higher, taller.
fulamak really look like xiao yu.
ao quan ! hahaha. with his big ears. so cuteeeeeeeeee. =3
lum sei laa de 6 characters .

i finish 4 shows in 2 weeks .
gona watch hana kimi and wei xiao pasta later.
i noe i outdate.
now catching back de shows loh.

14 December 2008

tagged by yvone.

Tagged by yvonne :)

(1) : For those who got tagged,please write the answers in your blog.
(2) : Forward this tag to 10 people.
(3) : Inform the 10 that they are being tagged.
(4) : The 10 cannot decline the tag.
(5) : Those who got tagged must specify the person who tag and the place where the tag been received.
(6) : Those who got tagged will receive a special blessing.Let the fun begin.

NO 1♥
01 your nickname : jer / rica / zhu
02 age : 17th years old !
03 DOB : 01.01.1991
04 Zodiac Sign: capricon
05 interests : piano, musiic. ;D

NO 2♥
01 crush ? : uhh? is xiao yu consider ? :P
02 are you in a relationship ? : I'm single and not available. xD!
03 live in happiness now ? : dunnow ? ;S
04 if god gives you unlimited courage, what will you like to do ? : score good grades ! (:
05 if one day, the one you love confesses to you ? : duh, accecpt him la. =.="

NO 3♥
01 the one who tagged you is : yvonne
02 she / he is your : Friend. :)
03 how is she / he ? : Friendly. xD!
04 how long have you been knowing her / him ? : dunnow leh.
05 what do you think of her / him ? : kyoot. (:
06 what will you like to tell her / him ? : support JAY ! hahahhahaa.

NO 4♥
01 your favorite show : taiwan, korean, japanese and certain TVB dramas! =)
02 your favorite music : Jay Chou lahh. duh ~
03 your favorite season : autumn is my favourite. =P
04 your favorite cartoon : tom and jerry . wee =p
05 your favorite person ( the one you love the most ) : keluargaku .
06 your favorite color : purple .=3
07 your favorite country : taiwan , korea !
08 your favorite weather : windy !

NO 5♥
01 if the god gives you three wishes :
(1) wish dat i m genius .
(2) talented in everything .
(3) meet all my favourite artists .
02 are you a single-minded person ? : uhhm, am i ?
03 your most unforgettable and memorable memory is : School life . xD!
04 are you a person who full with confidence ? : uhmm, most of de time no. :(
05 do you like to smile ? : of course.
06 will you choose to give up current living status ? : uhmm,, not really.
07 what kind of life do you hope for ? : the life dat i always with too .
08 是否横刀夺爱才是爱: depend whos de person ? =p

you tag :
1. ee von.
2. mei yan .
3. hon weng .
4. chia pei .
5. yee won .
6. elaine .
7. wee kiat
8. yee kee
9. cheryl loo
10. evena

13 December 2008


very de boring laa.
cant work cant go out.
keep pn watching.
waiting for it to buffer also sien ad.

edu fair 2m0r0 duno wan go a not ler.
see whos goin ler.
like no1 go geh. =S

12 December 2008


phew, dis time i really broke de record.
woke up de latest in my life. 2.30 .
guess what time i slept?.
7am ! pehuhuu.
what i do? finish my hot shot ! xD.
okay lah de ending.
i just realise i fell for jerry yen already, babi.
he look damn hot in de show lah..
cant blieve last time i hate him de.
show luo damn silly in d show loh.
wu zhun no nid say. damn yeng with de tatoo.
eyes also nice. so attractive. =).

okay. i can start love or bread ad.
annd and found another basketbal show.
hon weng kai siu wan.
bull fighting
never gonna stop watching dramas yet.

11 December 2008

inlove .

woke up at 1.00 today.
late huh. slept at 4.00+am plus.
watching hot shot.
crazyy shit. wana chase de eps . =p
getting more interesting.

went leisure mall later dat.
too sad. breaking dawn out of stock. wth .
get to buy twilight de movie version cover.
left 1 more book and i have de complete version.
cant wait to read la.

later dat, went to secret recipe to eat.
my eye jumpy de whole morning till i eat my lunch.
dats where i realise why my eye jumpy.
it was him. =)
din expect to see him ?
yeah . afta he pass by , my eye ryte away stop jumpy.
wat i felt? stunned.
dun dare to look . all i did just smile.
looking back . and i din realise he pass by again till he walk pretty away ad.
i am speechless.
really speechless .

besides, on tuesday i guess,
saw kai jie.
v weent to de same area for dinner.
hes lil brother is even cuter though dey look alike.
i noe he saw me.
but i dun dare to turn back to look at him.
duno why.
hes history. =D


hope can finish hot shot by 2m0r0.
getting more excited . hahhahas
din noe de show is so nice. =)
den start my LOVE or BREAD !
weee =p

10 December 2008


wo ha0 fan le.
suo ran SPM guo le.
wo chong che ren jue de
hai you hen duo dong si yao fan .
da xue dou gau hao le.
dan shi hai shi jue de hai you hen duo dong shi yao zhuo.
ren sen zhen de shi hen chi guai .
shi dou bian le.
peng you dou bian le.
che ge zhe shi kai shi.
jiu jie sou ba . =).
wo bu rong yi fan qi de .
kao zhe zhi . ! jia you !

hot shot

finish watching ISWAK 2 ytd.
dun really like de ending. but okay lah.
started hot shot at de same time.

de show is superb.
jerry yen look so much better in here compare to meteor garden.
i from dun like him also admire him ad. =D
he has nice bodyy . lol. but kinda old ad =p.
luo zhi xiang no nid say la. like him all along. cute giler.
and and. wu zun look more cool and good looking in dis show also.
dont really like him in hana kimi .
but dis show i kinda attracted by him.
deres even more hor dudes la.
just duno deir names.
de songs in de show cool also. not bad. nice ! =D.
overall nice show . better den ISWAK 2.
funny also leh. lol.

watching bang bang tang show at de same time also .
the legend of brown sugar chivalries.
uhh, no comment on dis show though many leng jai also.
cause quite fake laa de action.
wang zi ok oni lur.
ben quite cute. but small size..
and i dont like Ya Tou voice.
irratating shit.

after all dis show i wanna watch Love and Bread.
i noe taiwan dramas non-stop .
later dat korea dramas and den japan dramas.
HK dont really like to watch.
but see la. got time i watch . (:

9 December 2008


many shows to catch up .
and website buffer is very slow.
not as fast as youtube already.
but got subtitles.
so sacrifies lo .

gona finish 1SWAK 2 tonite.
nite buffer faster.
currently watching HOT SHOT.
wth, de guys are hot ! .
weee =p

i wana watch HONEY and CLOVER .taiwan version !
anyone got ?
tell me ASAP tauu.
ii wana watch !


8 December 2008


i give return back what you did to me.
you dont give a damn.
i dont give a fcuk.


bloody frus shit la now.
so many things to do . yet so little time.
i cant watch twilight on wed cus of de damn renovation starts 2m0r0.
kononnya i nid to stay to pack or help.
shit laa.
tunda to next wed wtf.
later no more in cinema ad. babi laaa. grrr .

genting problem also.
dunnoe where everyone go.
i cant book . not enough age. wth.

damn pissed off now.

7 December 2008

zheng yuan chang & tang yu zhe.

cute dude.
hahaa. i felt yan ya lun not bad in ISWAK 2 lehh. :D .

zheng yuan chang is freaking cool and cute in de show with his short hair.

i duno whos dis dude. but super chun . =p

tang yu zhe. babi cute and cool.
omg nice body he has. =x
i just wish nothing more than dat.
just just . i duno lahh. =( .
fake me . ish .


i am dreaming badly now.
i hope its real
i hope i m not dreaming
i hope i m at reality.

6 December 2008

PWTC edu fair

went to edu fair just now .
with chia pei and meet up de rest.
mei yan, ee von, cheryl loo, arif, kar hou, hui jing and pui yee.
den met theresa , yeng jye and sis.
even met kah chun and some universal peeps.
met chee yong and jen jern. chat with chee yong.
well, heell yaa . he change his phone no. now ni noe. xD
bak to 016. lol. good..

went mainly to UCSI and IMU.
asked about biotech.
pretty comfirm ad la.
if can i wana further to biochem or bio med afta dat ni .
2m0r0 wanna call up my counsellor to ask.
hope i made my ryte decision man .
and i found out that IMU has medical biotech but oni dis college has la.
so a bit risky. =( . sigh.
college life makes me frustrated babi.
i m pretty comfirm gonna start study on MAY la .
wanna work i guess . and duno laa. .

and and . de SEGI college guy damn cute laa. CHUN i tell u . =p
i kinda like play with him laa. xD
when he brought me to the counsellor which i dun really wan to ask.
but duhh~ who cares . xD
hes a bit short for a guy laa. when standing beside mee . =).
our conversation .

segi guy : come follow me, i bring you to the counsellor.
me : orh ? okay okay . ( followed him )
segi guy : nehh, saw de gurl with tudung wear specs . ?
me : huh? where ? so many siaa.
segi guy : nehh. de one standing dere de. ( stick his head closer to mine )
me : uhh? where ????? ( heart meltt =p )
segi guy : de one standing near de booth de .
me : ohhhhh, saw d . thank you .
segi guy : thank you . ( smile - comel ! hahaha )

actually i dont even noe who he meant.
he tgh bz with others also.
hahaha. so i just chao like dat =P!

so we all wen de mall to eat.
PIZZA HUT ! hahaa. me and chia pei shared a couple meal.
de rest shared something big which cannot finish at de end also. =.="
den aftta dat all chaoo lo .

dear gan, so sorriee laa cant make it to ur partyyy .
thx for finding tranport also ahh .
realy thank you laa.
end up i din goo de.
my hs really farr de. so later mafan de rest ahh. so din goo ne.
my mum suddely bz siia. SORRY !
but i still will give u ur pressiee de.
before you leave for NS !
gona miss you when u go NS.
no more comments with u in frenster.
no more joking with you. yerrr . =(

dear pui yee also,
sorry laa . suddenly cant fetch. and make you mafan find transport.
really paiseh.
and make you sien during party also.
no1 teman. =x
nice chatting with you la . ^^

5 December 2008

movie with siblings.

just back from watching BOLT with siblings.
not bad punya cartoon.
de dog very cute.
funny and quite touching.
cant blieve i watched cartoon. =.="
spend my bro cuz hes bday dis sun .
spend my sis cus her UPSR got straight As .
hmphh .

ytd, waste my credit terforwad message to ppl. wtf.
so not gona sms and play game at d same time ad.
first was cp .
2nd was him. hahaha. he called me.
make me realise how long i din see him, talk to him and hang out with him. (: .
thx to the stupid mistake .


later going out. =D
buy books or mayb wacth movie.
2m0r0 yong huan's bday party. duno i m going a not ler. =S .

let go everything .
thinnnk possitive.
i forgotten what i wana pose. =(

4 December 2008


pics taken during yestersay outing.
havent upload me and mei yan's neoprints. xD


yesterday was hang out day with tham kar hou, kelvin lee, hui jing, mei yan, ee von, ai ling, pooi mun, pui yee, chia pei , kai lyn and elvira.
everyone watched QUARANTINE xcept chia pei and kelvin lee.
dey watch madagascar 2.
de show not as scary as i tot .wth .
stupid thriler.

later dat sing k .
sing till 6.30 pm. xD.
but i chao at 5.30 like dat ad.
went sungei wang to buy bag.
kar hou really wear de shirt i ask him too .
he still owe me BASKIN ROBINS ! . ishh xD.
everyone went high during sing k .
and NEWAY cheat us.
so damn expensive.
songs sumore little. dat place will be my first and last place .
sucks like shytt . mic always problem sumore.

reach home like 8.00 ? ,
fetch kar hou back . and saw ai ling .
dey sang till 7pm . xD
back ad chatted with pui yee on phone.
suddenly she tell me start mac intake nid to chatch jan intake punya course.
lol. i kan chheong. faster call alvin siah later dat ask him.
we chatted like 1 hour . .
my bio teacher . (: . he explain a lot of things to me. really gan xie him.

i nid to decide to take which intake already.
i desprately wana go.
but i scare i wouldn be as fun as last year.
sigh, many things happen in a time.
i really cant bear it anymore.
dis feeling is even worser than de feeling b4 SPM.
friends changing out all of the suudden .
and i finally understaand why.
but is it rasional to do such way? . how phathetic.
showing me, you nothing than a good friends.
wasting my energy trying to keep dis frendship.
very disappoinet to know de truth . lucky shit, i still have other frens.
dat it better to keep in touch with .

too many things happen and nid to be done in such a short period.
makes me even stresser than before . .
i guess i nid to relax and forget everything dat makes me down.
no one dat i can find to talk too.
such world with such situatiions.
i nid to accept the fact.
its just the beginning of my life.
and i will not give up and stand till the end no matter what.
i dont give a damn on what otthers say.
i give what u give.
i treasure friendships that worth treaaasure .

damn moody,

2 December 2008

pui yee's party

just back from pui yee's party.
tak ambik gambar laa.
reach dere like 7pm cus of de stupiak charity ppl came late to take de stuffs.
it was BBQ. and sum other food.

played water . i kena blast teruk by mei yan .
ish. . babi tham kar hou.
tak basah.
cakap manyak-manyak.
splash me water kau kau sumore. =S
jun chong eatt ni . lol.
gan and rohen also. xD
all din bring clothes . if bring jiu habis. =p
kena dem betul2 !

2m0ro hang out day . ;D

1 December 2008

tang yu zhe

see my baby. so leng jai . hes TANG YU ZHE darll !

smiling moon .

saw de moon today?
nicee . (: .
its like smiling face . so ko ai .
2m0ro pui yee's bday party .


finally upploaaded my pics . =D


aku sangat heart TANG YU ZHU and ZHENG YUAN CHANG !

watched ISWAK 2 . till episod 10 ni . ish.
long way to go.
still got 5 more shows . xD
wonder when i can finishh.
dey melt my heart laaa.

babbi hp lup fai.
noe laa you gonna go genting.
happy laaa.
babi babi babi .
feeling hitting him.
dont let me see you !
grrrrrrr ~!
tak ajakk sumore.
talk manyak manyak lagii . =xx