31 January 2009

cho 6

forget to wish everyone .

HAPPY CHO 5 & 6 !

may de luck stae with you forever. :D .

yoohh . =D

aku terbangun awal hari ini. =D
bangga . heee.
stupid fluu. lucky recover ad.

when comes to it,
everyone runs away, thats de killing heart and eye. =(
i am at my lowest ebb at that point. speechless.
maybe its just actiing all along.
maybe its just pretending all along.
maybe its just not reall from de beginning ?
i don't know . and i don't wan to know.
happened is already happened. face the fact .
world with all kind of genes.
and finally, this, i see all de real ones. =)
maybe its a sign . ? if it is , i am thankful instead of sad? anger?.
i understand already . dont be too naive. . my life has just begun. .

i wish i can act how i feel sometimes.
instead of pretending nothing. and be happy when i am not.
happy go lucky rytee. yeahh . i m always opstimistic.
that's why . i will continue to be. and keep up with my upcoming life.
pretend nothing saddening happen . =)

today is the day.
all my kawans will come over for open house CNY.
weee =p . saya boleh meet dengan semua orangg. : D.
de long ones that i din meet.
often meet. etc etc .

thanks to bloggie .
i can blog what i feel . =)
feeling better now. i love you bloggie. =p .
instead of finding someone to talk to ( duh ) , my blog has become my companion. yeahhhhh . : D
remember, i am happyy . yeeee +D


ytd movie with ee von and pui yee Underworld 3.
not bad show. but not as nice as i expected. .
well, met up with de rest,
hj, kar hou, cp, pm, yk and gan & ns fren ?
ate at gasolinee. chit chatted. and met vvien and kai lyn?

den wen to buy my key chain . finally =D
pm drag to buy jacket which is kononnya my bday present.
end up i paid up myselff. sat mongg . T.T
i am buying bday present for myselff. syok sendiri. since dis year bday so zha pek.
hoping from family not so shang . =D
familyy on wards . =) wonder hows my next year bday with new college friends?
i dont hope its disaster as dis year .
aku tak happy with bday dis year. eighteen weyy. =(
i dont wana be planner anymore. since i got no planner always.
new year. new lifee . weeeee : D

esok open house.
takpe jerica . (:
happy kannn .
can meet everyone finally.
gonna take lots of pictures together.
with every single one.



29 January 2009

Cho 4

its CHO 4.
today just when to cousin house.
dinner dere with dem. everyone. exactly like a one big family.
that's what i always like about CNY.
gather with familyy. HAPPY . KAI XIN. <3>

went to JJ and leisure mall with mum before that.
wanted to buy my breaking dawn.
no stock again. dengg. =S .
i miss reading weyy.
i miss story books.
nid to get some to read ad. but dese days hard to find nice storybooks ad.

neway, HAPPY CHO 4 !

happy bday HO LUP FAI !
happy bday LI HUI !

28 January 2009


today went grandma house in de afternoon . =D
hong paus again .
den came back . rested =D
next stop .
i watched de korean mnet km awards ?
de subtitles in chinese.
duno what de heck dey talkingg.
just see de humans dere. O.O
korea guys memang chun giler. .
super junior . si beh diao.
epik high songs si beh nice. wonder girls bu chuo also .

dinner at dad's kawan baik bro house. quite big. =S
listen to adult's chat not bad also . :D
de tea dere very nice. ==
den drop by at dad's kawan baik's house . LOL
stay up till 10.30 pm. ==
dey chatted so syok.
us . sit dere and listen .
de snacks entartain us. lol. and de puppy very de ke aii . !!!!

jay chou very de filthy richh.
he just bought a mercedes latest sport car for duno how many milion.
and he has many cars already . manyak kayaa . ! =S
hes at combodia for his latest movie. =3
which will be release next year. == have to waitt .
hes interested in directing and acting in drama.
wahrao, jay chou memang jay chou .
and i cant wait to watch ! support jay chou's ori . =p
and and i wana buy his special dvd lahh !
i heart chou jie lun ! <3>


27 January 2009

today just viisited a house. .
guest coming tonite.
i sore throat ad .
CNY~ too many nice food to eat . xDD.
ish ishhhhhh .

got some pictures.
will post later.


26 January 2009


its officially CHINESE NEW YEAR peepz.
family reunion was okay.
but de service in de restoren sucks.
but de waitress quite cute. :P

tomorrow will be de whole day pai nian.
as well as cho 2 and cho 3 . as usual.
cho 4 and cho 5 might have also guaa.
sure tired. ==
but can get red packets wor. :D
have to repeat Gong Xi Fa Chai tomoroow many times.
in many houses.

would like to wish everyone


nin nin yao kum yat. (:





good luck in everything .
mwahz. (:

25 January 2009

CNY eve

random skin change for CNY . :D
to look new.
afta CNY will change another better skin . (: .
its ad new year eve. hoho .

wishing everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVE !
tonite anyone praying ?
cause i will :D.
so will stay up quite latee.

24 January 2009


2moro is new year eve already .
so fast .
today decorated the house . =D.

my life is boring .
i am waiting for red packets . -=) .
wohooooo .

lama tak jumpa dis dude. =D .
cuteee .

23 January 2009


busyy .
room timee.
CNY in another 2 days.
so freaking fast.
and i m not looking forward to it ? =S.
hectic dayy . grr ~

you re no longer de one i know.
but i still manage to seal dis ship.
so it last.
i dont know why i did that.
but i don't want anything unhappy to happen.
live with a happy life.
is always the best thing to do.

i miss you lately. =)

22 January 2009


nid jaga house again.
down stairs sumore.
imagine i dont have laptop.
boring to deathh.
why koone show buffer so babi de longgg.
i wanna watchhh laa.
currently watching pages of treasures as well.
not bad baa.
quite funny .

not all furnitures in yett. wtff.
i nid de comp to shift down ryte away laa! =(
tak akan nid wait afta CNY.

things faster finishhh . =XXX

21 January 2009


wulallla. CNY coming .
am i in the mood ? oh heaven, duno .
not as excited as previous year i shall say? :D
so fast hor. CNY ad. officially eighteen sumore. dengg .
but no more under 18 movies. :P
oh yeahh . . .

just back from dinner .
siienn . bored. men. bosan .
house havent pack finish . ==
how how .
nid pack fast jor .


i wann fahrenheit latest songs !

i wann lin jun jie latest songs !

i wann da chui ba songs !


20 January 2009


yeah . its him.
i wana collect all his albums.
old songs nice. new songs too .
talented dude that i fell for deeply . <3>
plays piano when he was 4.
mum found dat his talented in music.
thus, he gave him piano lesson.
bcum piano genius in just teens.
composing musics . wahrao . for jacky cheung, aaaron kwok . etc etc.
countless. his songs mostly his masterpieces.
lyrics by best partner fang wen san.
dis two dudes make perfect pieces.
i admire thier work.
i love thire work . =D!.

18 January 2009

hs packing.

been packing my hss .
leii lei leii . still got lots more.
cant continue my drama . mean girl ah chu . =.=
tak pee. faster faster finish pack .

today is my baby' s bday . hahaha u u noe .


heart you manyak manyak. sorie no pic. =D.
i guess u guys noe how he looks like la.
using laptop no pics here.
so random wish .

I LOVE YOU . :D <3

secondly is my bestie bday .


i jealous . same bday as jay . =p

heart de peoples bday today.
lots of luck .
good luck in de year 2009 .
miss me love me . :P

17 January 2009

hang out.

just back from pavilion with mei yan, ee von and pooi mun.
watched dark room . no comment show.
our show kinda late so we ate pasta and walk around.
mei yan and ee von watched bedtime stories which is earlier so dey lefy sin when we walking around. left me and pooi mun.
dim chi, so a guy pass by. i look at him ? so familiar.
he saii HI .oh ! KAI JIE ! hahahaha. i miss him la. =p
he look better though. cuter.
afta movie, meet up with de 2 fella.
ee von insists wanna see himm . LOL
yeah, went in dere. hes just ryte at de counter. wtf.
i dun dare look at him. duno wan give what expresioon.
but dey say he keep looking at me. ==
sigh sigh. kj kj . i like his smile ? hahaaa =p

later dat, all of us ate ice cream.
den ee von mum and sisters came.
dey watch movie also . de movie dat i wana wactch. cape.no . 7 ! grrr.
den den , v sat teksi . chaoo lur.

saw one guy super familiar.
he look at me like i m familiar too . i look at him like familiar also.
lol. twice . but still i cant figure out.
hes quite cute. =p

nid pack hs add . =xxx

16 January 2009

ke aii . chen yi.

andy chen yi . cute horr? <33

camera shit . haha .so a bit blurr.


syok gila watch sweet relationship drama.
den oni realise video uploaded to ep 6 ni .
denggg . T.T.
mysoju . de veoh cant play in msia. T.T
youtube not complete.
gek seiiiiiiiiiiii .

sigh, so i watch mean girl ah chu now. =.=
got chen yii . =3

dis weekend nid to pack house ad.
renovation almost ready.
gonna be busy shit.
CNY coming. things not yet ready.
so i might be superb bz soon .

15 January 2009

tagged by yeee mun

Directions: once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose any people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (”you’re it”) and to read your blog.you can’t tag the person who tagged you. since you can’t tag me, let me know when you’ve posted your blog, so i can see your weirdness.

#1 i love jay zhou jie lun !
#2 i love tang yu zhe !
#3 i love zhou yu min !

#4 i love kingone !
#5 i love zhen yuan chang !
#6i love show luo !
#7 i love aaron yan !
#8 i love super junior !
#9 i love tvxQ !
#10 i love zhang dong liang !

#11i love lin yu zhong !
#12i love dean fujioka !
#13i love jonas bros !
#14i love big bang !
#15i love bang bang tang !

#16i love L ! =p

i would like to tag :
anyone who wanna do ba. (:


wo hen bu kai xin . =(.
i guess, this is the first step i have to face.
too fast? i dont really think too.
i learning to accept. just the matter of time.

i miss your smile.
i gain my smile back when i see you.
whenever i am not happy, ur smile brightens my day.

thank you for those who being dere.


i am watching sweet relationship currently. =D.
finish rolling love ytd. not bad ba de show ? =x.
i still can finish summer x summer.
cant find de eps. wtf.
i havents finish wei xiao pasta also.
hhaha. kinda sien.
watch gong zhu xiao mei show half way also . =D.
fated to love you lots of ppl call me watch.
but see laa.
4 shows in KIV. . watch my main dramas first. =) .
2 more to go .

14 January 2009

tang yu zhe

what i like about tang yu zhe is. he has hes style.
that makes him attractive.
without his current style, hes nothing but just an ordinary guy .
i dont think hes suitable for acting.
don't know whyy. . prefer him singing ?
or acting in comedy . instead of cool . =D.
rolling love show is just an ordinary show.
wouldn say its nice or vise versa. =x.

13 January 2009

wish to see you again

yeah i finish de show already !
its worth watching.
one of de best show i watch, besides hot shot and miss no good.
damn touching weyy.
zai zai damn ke ai . <3>
finally. =D.
nice show .
i wanna watch rolling love now.
tang yu zhe and jiro wang is in de shw . =p

12 January 2009

zai zai

i heartt hiim duperr.

hahas. just a random screen shot while waiting for it to buffer.

but still i nid to continue watching 2m0r0.

laptop manyak lagg. =xxx.

de show rocks.

這裡發現愛 / Zhe Li Fa Xian Ai

i m watching zhe li fa xian ai.
not bad de. =).
funny . and touching.
i like de friendship part between zhou yu min, kingone wang and ken zhu.
lols. two favourite actors inside.
sure to watch ad la dis show. =p ..
zai zai damn chun . <3>
kingone funny. =3.

i hope dis week schedule works

11 January 2009


just back from temple.
remind me of new year is coming.
very fast . very .
i bought my new clothes long time ago. =D.
whats my plan afta new year?
no idea. i wanna start school.
de overseas thing is very expensive.
i nid to choose either to united kingdom or australia.
i am not going to choose de rest i guess.
at least, australia i got relatives dere.
as for UK, all by myself. =x.
but de expenses damn expensive. siao de.
now nid to research de U dere goood a not. =S.

man, i miss he's smile already.
so sweet. so cute.
he remember . i hope.
i wanna know you.
i wana be friend with you.
when ? =( .

10 January 2009

education fair.

just back from education fair.
went with cp, ev and pui yee.
saw elvira, ex-skolmates (primary), hui jing + kar hou, theresa + yeng jye, wahab, rafidah. bla bla. many.

finally decided to go UCSI.
for my foundation and biotechnology course . =)
will start on MAY. registeer in APRIL.
well, a long way to go . =D .

aku nampak segi cute guy lagii.
very cutee laa dia. =p.
dis time i din kacau. heee .

9 January 2009

yum cha

just back yum cha with mei yan and pooi mun.
lols. den kit jai came along.
he very cute laa. hahahahaa.
he start to worry about his studies ad. =D.

but din stayed long also la.
wish time can stop . =x
yum cha at station cafe at pandan indah.
de waiter quite cute.
de person sing on stage also quite cutee . =)
and yer, one of de waiter wink at me . =.=
leng jai jiu okay laa but mah mah oni . =p

pooi mun, since you are chaoing.
wish you good luck in college life at utar kampar kay.
hope u get to noe more friends dere.
sayonara. !
keep in touch.
call back everyweek , =p


Corner With Love de show not bad.
eveery ep has nice idioms. =)
romantic and sweet.

wo jue de wo genn ni de yong ching yue lai yue yuan .
ni hai zhai dang wo shi ni de peng you ma ?

friend is leaving to kampar soon.
everyone. one by one.
hard to contact.
i miss Damarians.
faster come back from NS.
we hang out. =)

8 January 2009


i wish i can be part of you outside .


i feel scare when i see you .
i feel nervous when i see you.
i feel stress when i see you.
i feel sad when i see you.
i feel emotionless when i see you.
i go speechless when i see you.
i feel moodless when i see you .
i don't know..
i guess it take time .
i must make it bef0re my college life starts..
no bef0re.
its not like i am gonna see you later that.
but when i think about it.
i feel sad . downn . =( .

wish me luck then.
i hope i can do it as fast as possible. =x.

i miss cheryl loo.
i miss yong huan,
i miss jee ken.
i miss jin mun.

when can i see u guys again . ?


7 January 2009

edu fair

anyone ? teman me go klcc edu fair ?
huh huh ?

temann me go eduu fairr seyyy.
dis sattt . =D

genting pictures.

random genting pictures.
my 700th post. =)

de mr scarf guy i mention . <3
wilfred help me take. but not clear ahhh. :(

dont ask where am i . i am de one taking de pictures ma. i kan baik . =D
de fireworks pic that i miss .

6 January 2009

sorry . hehe.

okay . i termiss out yao bang. =xx
yao bang did wish me bday wish .
sorry ahhhh .
dont saddd la.

say thank you to you duo duo loh. =p




aku sudah balik .
dont ask me hows de trip.
its really wtf.
first dat was okay.
watch movie den crap in my room.
watch IP man with wilfred, kah yung and yun soong.
cp and kelvin watch wat papa wat mama.
kian wee come in free for de papa wat mama show.

afta movie nite walk.
damn cold.
de boys si beh ai che mamak food.
den eat breakfast, lunch, teatime time, dinner , supper.
really scaryyyyyyyyy ~.
eat a lot sumore. wahrao .
all come into my room a while chit chat bit. play card.
den wilfred and kelvin stay on chit chat.
yun song came a while.
till 3.30 am ni sleep.
nah, i din sleep well also . woke up at 7am.
cnt realy sleep . o.O

2nd day. outdoor indoor parks..
get to play at 2.00pm ni cus of de terrible mist.
dats de time i damn emo.
wtf weyy. damn ngam my "aunty" come. dulan.
but get to play most of de games la. =D.
dats my main point going to genting.
and dats where i met my MR. SCARF handsome.
o m g . FREAKISHLY CH U N ! <3
love at first sight. awww ~ .
wilfred si beh funny. =.=

indoor game during nite.
walk around.
and ya diao . mamak again ..
wilfred beli teh o for me. and he finish up for me also. lol.
dey EAT again. when u see dem eating . you dun feel like eating also . =.=
kah yung is always bz with his phone.
den dey convince to go starbucks.
drink . chat. talk crap . till 1.30 am . =.=
drank hot capppucino . yun song help finish again. =.=
and kelvin lee damn waiii sei .
kah yung always talk prawn . + yun song + wilfred.
disaster . singing = raining.

today . =.=
nothing much .
even de last day i get to meet my MR SCARF handsome. <3
he damn cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee laaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

i si beh sleepy now .
sleep oni for 2 o 3 hours berturut2 really bunuhing.
walk also no strength.
this year genting trip no comment.
upload pics later.
din take many also la.

i noe i keep using si beh .
cus dis genting make me si bui beh tahan.
babi wilfred spread his crap to me.

si beh desprate de ren .
yeryeryer . really sibeh.
really beh tahan . . lucky i ader patient.
lucky ader i .
so beh iratating. yeryeryer.
wa zhin beh tahan.
lucky sudah over .
okay. i siao ad. .
cause i am sleepy. x.x

bu yao suo bie ren si ni zhe zhi dou chiang de ren..
gau da0 ni zhe zhi hen dio lian . =.=.

4 January 2009


going to genting another half an hour.
pooi mun ffk us again.
as i said. either later or ffk us.
my prediction is always ryte. =.=
use to with dis fella ad.

will update more when i am back.
hope i can take more pictures kay. =)

CHEERS everyone . !

3 January 2009


might not update blog for 3 days.
when i am back .
i m gonna edit my own template. =D
hoho .

blogskins no nice templates ad.

thx for de blated wishes.

koh carmen

sorry i forgotten who else ad. =D


its already 3rd JAN.
so fast sia.
tomorrow is the day to genting.
will be back on tues. =D .

i hope de trip will be fun.
still i wish it was 5 Damar peepz.
but all seems to be busy .
go for NS. college . =( .
what a life after SPM.

stomachache. =xxx


2 January 2009


things that i forgottem redeem. .
my house of wax from ee von.
which she borrow since duno how many ages.
but still havent return.
and even lost de cover. =.=

twister from pui yee.
always forgottt.
xD .

1 January 2009

ribuan terima kasih.

thx for all the bday wishes.
sorry din get to reply.
all messages come in once.
so i do not noe who send first . =D .

special thx to .

x. Joveis . he wish me four times. thx ahh . mwhaz. =p
x. Lau Sheau nie
x. kar meng
x. Pei Chin
x. Esther
x. Tham Kar Hou
x. Hui Jing
x. Pooi Mun
x. Chia Pei
x. Pui Yee .
x. Elvira
x. carmen
x. ee von
x. mei yan
x. victoria
x. pei jin
x. shu ping
x. ashwinie
x. my family =)
x. MIA - college even send me bday wish . lol.
x. ming hoe
x. diane
x. yun song.
x. kian wee.
x. keng hong
x. ee yan .
x. Wilfred tan
x. Jamie
x. reymend hark
x. ceci
x. denise angus
x. esoon
x. wilfred - not sbs . xD
x. joong sern.
x. tan kai shuen
x. wong kah hung
x. melvin - y sun
x. ariff.
x. yee kee
x. ee leng
x. sherry lo
x. yee mun .
x. yvonne wong
x. izzat

tell me , if i miss out ur names tell me kay. =D
SAYANG banyak banyak .<3

Sungei Wang Countdown.

ITS 2009 PEOPLE ! .
just back from sungei wang countdown..
it was a blastful nite.
and i am a year older ad.
call me da jie . =p

okay talk about today's outing.
chia pei's dad fetch me at 12.45pm to lrt station.
den meet up pooi mun dere. as usual shes freakishly late.
den met Jia En .
we sat monorail to TS . . bought tickets.
wathed Diary Of The Dead and Bedtime stories.
while chia pei went to watch IP man with Arif.
me and pooi mun's show was at 4. so v shop around to buy shirts dis and dat loh.during movie is de best part.
while buying drink . when we re in .
saw thomas wong, ze wei and kevin walking. LOL
den den saw jun chong plak.
den den saw canny and jia en plak.
den den saw chia sing and zai xian plak.
i noe i manyak you yuan with dis fellas.
den jun chong spend me drink . haha. sort of. =p
den v got mess up with zai xian and canny's popcorns, moneys and balance.
lol. during cinema. si beh you yuan.
too busy sorting de balance. din realise thomas and de gang sitting de same row. =.= i was wondering why de guy beside me keep looking at me wan.
when i look, wtf . thomas wong. xD.
and conclusion de show is blardy boring and not scary .
waste money. . besides, jun chong and fren sit back row, zai xian and gf sit front row. kelly and canny back sekali. hoho.
all kawans sit near near. lol. damn zha dou .

afta movie, meet up with chia pei and arif.
walk a while. den pm saw her fren . forgot his name.
what what horny. lol. sorry. really forgotten.
quite cutee. =3 hahas.
5 of us eat together gether at old town coffee. .
den when pm and cp wana reload hp, saw kai jiee . i like wtffff.
with gf . lol..
he said HI . =) . awwww .
den v chao watch bedtime stories.
de show is funny. =D .

afta moviee ,meet up with pui yee and show phon .
den COUNTDOWN 2009.
din really get to see de artists.
but kena spray badly. =.=
damn show phon. ish ish .
saw manyak leng jaii laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
omgomg. hahhahaha . =p
de fireworks are nice.
din get to take pics cause of de crowd.
waiting for pui yee to send.
and on de way. saw kah yung and kah sing.
meet up with theresa , yeng jye and sis.
saw shan huay and jacky.
spray to the max. =D
din see lup fai. tak pegi kut ? lol.
den balik loh. not so crowded though. .

and i babi the eighteen ad.
no nid ma fan go for under eighteen movies.
can go cluubbing ad . =p.
what else i can do ad? lol .
whats my resolution for 2oo9 ?

do well in college life.
make many friends in college.
get a hot BF. =p .

my bday wish . =D
same as succes in college.
and de rest shhhhh. cant tell . =p




hearts . <3

HAPPY 2009 .
may de year filled with splendid moments.
llove you guys . =3.
keep in touch. good luck to everyone . mwahz.
more updates coming soon . a new year ! yeahhhhh !