28 February 2009

no titlee .

ytd nite pasar malam-ed with ching hoong and chia pei.
not much thing to see neway. siien.
din get to see anyone that kenal also . =x .
sell pirateed CDs also getting lesser and more expensive.
now more intro dramas.
which i can watch online free . and also dl. ==.
instead of buying. and also might have problems.
end up i just bought f4, danson tang and da chui ba's CD.
damn mahal tauu . rm7 for one .

today went saundries with mum.
duh~ sis do her braces ad.
sooo . you know laa. dis dat. painn . lol.

ytd nite watched dong ban sin ki's banjun drama.
my god, si beh funny weii . !
deir vacation drama also funny.
i laugh like hell ytd nitee.
damn funny.
jae jong si beh cutee ! <3>
changmin so kawaii and tall ! <33>
yunho. hots with his dancing. =D. and i heard he often get sicks when young. and now ? better though . i bet everyone noe de news but de super glue thing which caused his lifee. TT.
xiahh. okayy laaa. same bday as me weii . bangga :D bsides jerry yan.
mickyy ! hahhaa. he also chunn . very emotional.
all of dem also quite la. and each of dem has deir own attractiveness. <333
dey sing dance and act ! =D .
dey each have deir childhood storyy too . micky's one is sad .
yeah . TVXQ rocks to the max . <3>
GO WATCH ! hahahahaa .

i wana watch kungfu kitchen wei .
i nid to finish pack rooms ad. TT
dad marah eii . dengg laa.
malasss laa . renovate renovateee .ishhh.

song of de day - ti yan . f4

26 February 2009

mandrin class

i wana learn mandrin .
am searching for class around ampang area .
anyone knows ?
anyone can help me find ?
anyone noes can help to intro ?

if anyone noes where i can go for mandrin class in ampang or sumwhere near ampang . plss tell me kay. ! :D

thank you .

lee jun ki is fascinating in acting .!
heart him manyak manyak . <3>

tagged by ee von

tagged by sam pat ee von.
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Se7en facts about me are,1
1. heart korean, jap, taiwanese hot hunks. =p
2. drama freak,
3. deeply music.
4. jay chou's lover. =p
5. loves purple
6. hoping desp rountine is a succes.
7. heart you .

6 unspectecular quirks?
1. nervous when results.
2. sad express by piano.
3. anger express by blog.
4. hate you.
5. love horror stories.
6. adores instruments ? dew.

7 people I want to tag , and my comment bout them.

i am lazy to tag.
do it whenever u feel like to. =D

24 February 2009


the 1st shop of coffee prince .
2 dads and a mom.
beethoven virus .
love strategy - mainland

22 February 2009

The Devil

finish a The Devil.
recommanded show from me . (:
its nicee.
quite sadd. and saspense.
japanese version got also. named Maou
jap verision got nakatsu which act in hana kimi.
while korea version got joo ji hoon whom acted in GOONG. <3
both same storyy la.
but still okay. hit show in Korea. that's why dey make it to Japan version. :D

okay lahh. i will change blog skin . soon ! :D

oh ?

back from midvalley with parents. ==
i drove dere. == .
dere, tot wana visit wilfred. he dont work on weekends.
babi laaa wilfreddddd.
you noe how far is midvalley.
public tranps tiring siao . and long journey.

and and. omg. i saw one cute waitress.
hes tall . nice body. i think hes mix.
looks like chinese. but i feel hes malay.
awwwww ~ he works at Delicious Restoren.
go take a look at him . :P chun :D

midvally manyak he/she . =.=
fuiii~ work and customers also can see.
today last day . TT
i wana buy books. BOOKS !


though we re not close .

i wana change blog skin lahh. TT

20 February 2009


i am finishing GOONG S ad.
goona go for witch yoo hee later. :D
Goong S quite bored .
but when there's se7en . its funny.
de part when he first get into de palace. (: so chuuun weii . heart heart . <3
but GOONG is better den GOONG S . hehes.
if de show without se7en. i dont think dere will be many people watching de drama.
wohooo . kim doong-wook ! <33>

oh yeah, am dragging my Breaking Dawn.
hahas. i still in de part shes suffering from pregnancy.
shes seems so difficult. cause de baby is unique. ^^ .
part is getting interesting and yet i havent continue to finish it .
watching drama and reading as de mean time . wahrao. not bad wei. haha.
take time oni. :D.
besides, am packing de house also. dengg ~ busy sial.
house gonna renovate again . dis time its upper floor. and de wu ding might turn into my room . wohooo ~ hope its a succes ! i wana have my own room . =xx .
so, i will be busy soon . if i decline any invites. sorry kay. but i will try my best to make it . :D .
sick of packing things all over again . dew wei . tiring and sien . ==


19 February 2009

editt .

i wana edit my blog.
but i am lazy.
i wana use original template.
but i am not good in it.
i am use to with de not original template.
i nid adobe =( .
i wana edit my own one.

SPM results soon.
in 2 weeks time ?
i m scared . scared to know.
what yet i still nid to face it . =x .

i knew.
you re always not de good one. .
thank you for being dewing honest peep. :D
ahhhh, why i so high go and care ? :D
let ittttt gooo . :)
from today onwards. i am done with it.
once and for all ! :D .
arigatoh for de ducking truth . :D

kawans ? when is our next outing wei ?
i am rotting at home .

who eats de chili , dey feel de spicyness.
from malay idiom . hahahaa.
i duno de english wan . gommei . =S

18 February 2009

jin mun . max

drama buffer today damn sloww. =S .
nodame cantabile is awesome.
hot dude play piano ? spectacular one .
damn gengg =D.
oh shhooot, my left hand gives me problem.
and practising techinal notes is not easy . dengg ~.
practise till hand tired. fast and yet smooth.
i hope its doesnt stops till exam ends. !
oossssssssssssh ~ ! .

today is my buddie bday .
sorry dont have a proper pic of her.
well get soon when she's back from nss okay ? (:

sayangg . <3>
fastter come back and wet wit mee. :D

its also the korean hottie boy band bday . max !

stay good looking and cool as ever . hearts <3.

anyone's bday coming ?
note mee kay. (:

17 February 2009

stephanie meyer.

another book of stephenie meyer.


wtf . i am so looking forward to itt. its not complete yet .=D.
in de process ! cant waitt ! AHHH ! :D

step 's talk a bit about itt . i heart her stories ! <3

As some of you may have heard, my partial draft of Midnight Sun was illegally posted on the Internet and has since been virally distributed without my knowledge or permission or the knowledge or permission of my publisher.
I have a good idea of how the leak happened as there were very few copies of Midnight Sun that left my possession and each was unique. Due to little changes I made to the manuscript at different times, I can tell when each left my possession and to whom it was given. The manuscript that was illegally distributed on the Internet was given to trusted individuals for a good purpose. I have no comment beyond that as I believe that there was no malicious intent with the initial distribution.
I did not want my readers to experience Midnight Sun before it was completed, edited and published. I think it is important for everybody to understand that what happened was a huge violation of my rights as an author, not to mention me as a human being. As the author of the Twilight Saga, I control the copyright and it is up to the owner of the copyright to decide when the books should be made public; this is the same for musicians and filmmakers. Just because someone buys a book or movie or song, or gets a download off the Internet, doesn't mean that they own the right to reproduce and distribute it. Unfortunately, with the Internet, it is easy for people to obtain and share items that do not legally belong to them. No matter how this is done, it is still dishonest. This has been a very upsetting experience for me, but I hope it will at least leave my fans with a better understanding of copyright and the importance of artistic control.
So where does this leave Midnight Sun? My first feeling was that there was no way to continue. Writing isn't like math; in math, two plus two always equals four no matter what your mood is like. With writing, the way you feel changes everything. If I tried to write Midnight Sun now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die, which wouldn't dovetail too well with the original story. In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and so it is on hold indefinitely.
I'd rather my fans not read this version of Midnight Sun. It was only an incomplete draft; the writing is messy and flawed and full of mistakes. But how do I comment on this violation without driving more people to look for the illegal posting? It has taken me a while to decide how and if I could respond. But to end the confusion, I've decided to make the draft available here (at the end of this post). This way, my readers don't have to feel they have to make a sacrifice to stay honest. I hope this fragment gives you further insight into Edward's head and adds a new dimension to the Twilight story. That's what inspired me to write it in the first place.
I do want to take a moment and thank the wonderful fans who have been so supportive of me over the past three years. I cannot begin to tell you how much each of you means to me. I only hope this note will stop all the confusion and online speculation so that the Twilight universe can once again become the happy escape it used to be. After this incredibly busy year, I am now focusing on spending more time with my family and working on some other writing projects.
Midnight Sun Partial Draft (if you are having problems viewing it, please click here.) This material is copyrighted by Stephenie Meyer. Any retranscription or reproduction is illegal.


June 2008 Update: In response to the outrageous number of emails that I have received with questions concerning Midnight Sun, I talked to Stephenie this weekend and she asked me to let everyone know that Midnight Sun is her next project. She has not yet finished writing it (and there is no timeline set up, so we all need to put a lot of effort into being patient for a while longer), but she is definitely still planning on having it published. And, after Breaking Dawn comes out, Stephenie will have much more time to focus on writing Midnight Sun.


Midnight Sun is an exercise in character development that got wildly out of hand (as do many of my projects).
While I was procrastinating some real editing work (I'm always at my most creative when procrastinating), I started to wonder how the first chapter of Twilight would read if it were written from Edward's perspective. There is so much more to his side of the story than there is to Bella's in that first chapter. After all, Bella only knows that an incredibly gorgeous boy is looking at her funny. Meanwhile, Edward is suffering through one of the most momentous days of his very long life! First there's the shock and frustration of not being able to hear Bella's thoughts, then the wild, monstrous reaction to her scent, followed by the incredible expenditure of self-control that it takes to not kill her... His side of Bella's first day at Forks High School is a hundred times more exciting than her own.
Though I didn't have time to work on it right away, the idea of letting Edward have his chance to speak stuck with me. I couldn't shake it. I found myself thinking his words in the middle of the night and jotting down phrases he would use while I was waiting in line at the post office. As soon as I finished my real work, I sat down and let Edward get his say.
Writing chapter one, "First Sight," from Edward's point of view was an exciting experience; I actually had my pulse racing as I typed. When I finished, I was truly pleased with my creation. Here was the other side of the story that no one knew. Here was the truth of what Edward had been through. I felt like I knew my Edward even better, and I was sure his dialogue would be more insightful in future novels. The end. Exercise over.
Ha ha. It wasn't long before I was thinking about Edward in Alaska, Edward upon his return to Forks, Edward's side of that fateful conversation in Biology... Chapter two started to write itself in my head, while I kept telling myself that I didn't have time to write a book for fun when I had real books to write. (My mother seconded that opinion—she thinks I work too hard).
But when a story demands to be written, there's no way to resist. And the more I wrote, the more I became convinced that Edward deserved to have his story told. At first I was planning to post it all here on my website, but I changed my mind for two reasons, the most important being that Edward's version is much longer than Bella's—Edward over-thinks everything. I'm not even half way done, and the page count is near three hundred. The second reason that I changed my mind is a little bit silly—I just would really love to have a pretty, matching, bound version of Midnight Sun to put beside Twilight on top of my desk. So I'm going to try to have it published as a complementary novel to Twilight. It will take a while, because I can only work on it between editing stints, but I hope that someday I'll be able to see Midnight Sun on the bookstore shelves next to Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and etc... (Fueling my belief that Midnight Sun is worthy of publishing is my mother's about face—after reading the first eleven chapters, she thinks it's magic and says I should go for it.)
And here I was going to write just a short paragraph of introduction. You see what I mean about things getting out of hand?
Because I just can't wait out the years it will take to reach publication for people to begin to understand Edward, here is my original character development exercise, Edward's version of Bella's first day at Forks High School, the first chapter of Midnight Sun*:

oh yeah . thats it ,

i woke up early for piano lesson today..
it went quite well .
i try my best to skip grade 7 to grade 8 to take de exam next year.
i hope to get merit or better dinc in it.
its not easy . i dislike de feeling when am heading to de exam hall.
facing those professional ang moh examiner. stress tau .
and pieces pages increase . oh boy . 10 pages for just a pieces? what about de other two ?
scales speed increasing of course. oral harder as well .
somehow, am not regret taking piano . =) ,
and i love it. de harder it is. de more eaaager i wana go on .
if de fund doesnt declines, i would have take violin and other instrument classes as well .
oh well .

i waking up every morning,
hoping that life will be better then the past.
hoping that something forcunate may happen.
hoping what i wish would come true.
instead repeating the same routine over and over again.
yeah, you can say i am sort of enjoying my current life.
with no worries, exams, assingments, people around problems.
and i admit am enjoying dis moment now.
cause when my college life starts,
my dreadful and stressful life back once again .
facings books all de time. stress out with exams.
busy with asignments. facing other problems as well ?
that's why i am enjoying my current life now. till the maximum .

from that day onwards,
the day of disappointments. fully.
i decided to count on myself. fully .
not a little bits of others.
i hate de feeling and i dont want to have it again .
not hoping others would be good . even a little bit.
the world is fake . evens close wants are doubtadable.
where shud i share my trusts ? .
everythings is covered . and exposed till it wans it to be.
covered and protected. and lastly, you will find out everything is fake.
a laughable stock .

am silence with ur action .
am patient enough .
though deres things that am might dislike .
dont ever aspect 100 % perfection from me.
as you as well are not 100% perfect.
i am being de best i am .
ytd nite, before sleep, i wanted to spit out a lot today when blog.
but deres some has been erased from my mind . =x .

neway . i m going for korea dramas soon . =D

16 February 2009


piano lesson starts 2moro . =S.
its been a time wei .
nid to wake up early.
wahahaha. =D.

Yukan Club
Sensei Wa Erai
My boss My hero
Sexy Voice and Robo
One Pound Gospel
akihabara @ Deep

15 February 2009

NS friends

hurt my freaking finger.
smsed jee ken ytd.
he seems to be okay-lah.
miss him la weyy..
cheryl smsed also . (: . i wana see her soon lahh. :(

and and . jin mun called !
oah, i miss her babily la .
she got many stories to tell.
but time consuming lohh. =x
nvm, wait til she back. we have a long chatting to do . !
NS - kawans . faster come back .

i started reading Breaking Dawn . about de wedding part. o.O




14 February 2009


finally i there's stock for breaking dawn.
gah, popular called up ytd . and i came right away today.
fui, reserved for me. =D.
can start reading already . awwww .

watched one "heart"catching japanese romance drama .
it may look bored.
sound bored or doesnt seems to attract you.
but to me, the story line catched my attention.
of all de romance's one, this story drags me till de end .
imagine u re de character in de story.
what will it be ? what will happen next ? what will you do ?
touched.* de songs in de drama splendid matched to catch the audience.
i am caught though. its a nice story to me.
everyone has diff opinion diff type in a way of watching drama.
but i watch for de best . =D .
and i give rating for de best drama i watched.
shut up when it sucks . talk a bit when its okay.
cause when skol reopens, i wouldn be able to watch dramas that often .



wishes thanks to
thomas wong, yao bang, jon, pei chin, lvra . and so more. . =D.

13 February 2009


yum cha with chia pei and pooi mun just now.
dey see mr kung.
i bring sis go tuition.
so yum cha loh . =D
saw mr umaas. =D.
he lose weight ad .
with his gf weyy . hahahas.

saw so many sbs lang .
look for teachers.
saw mr kung and salihah.
din get to see syed. =(
i think he went back ad ba .

msn buffering sucks also .
keep wan cannot load.
myspace no nid say . T.T

12 February 2009


kat-tun rocks. =D.
i like de 4th guy from de left.
addicted to japanese hunks. :P

i still havent get to know de taiwanese good looking boy band which has dong ban skin ki style. ==

will find outtt .

i woke up early todayy. weeeeeeeee .

sigh, i guess . its already happen.

you choose to give up and that's ur decision. i will respect and go on with my path of life with no regrets . . u worth nothing of trust, cares, self centred. i wish de duration of time would have not affect me at de first place. too soft too soft. i will never miss what u did . .

the gap is further, i no longer know myself and yet you . . sorry.

11 February 2009


i used de whole night to finish this drama. =D
high rating for this show. CODE BLUE.
nicer than de other medical drama i watched.
yamapi damn COOL.
hes awesome.
hes cool and stunning in Kurosagi.
hes funny and cute in Nobuta wo Produce.
hes hot and cool in Code Blue .
conclusion : he rocks .

i woke up late very late dis 2 days.
i guess i nid to wake up early ad. lol.

releasing on july ? fuiii .

10 February 2009

boredasome kills.

nothing is coming up.
seeing my siblings go to skol.
make me wana go to skol also . =(
i miss de fun in skol . hoho .


happy BDAY LEN WEI ! :D

9 February 2009

uncle robert's open house

took this picture at uncle's house.
today was de biggest full moon after many years. =D
its indeed nice if you see .
by picture its not so nice.
yao bang, nahh. see i so good take for you see lohh. :P

phone edited . (:


i am dead bored at homeeeeee.
i want to be busy.
and i don't wan to . =( .
i don't know.

open house later.

visited ? stop by?
leave la message kat cbox. (:

yamashita tomohisa / yamapi . <3

cute hor cute hor. cool hor cool hor.
from NEWS japnese boy band.
he freaking hot in Kurosagi . <333>
in certain angle, i feel he looks like Tang Yu Zhe. ==
maybe bcz of his hairstyle . but of course yamapi is better. :D

dead boring stay at home .
cant even finish summer x summer till now . grr .
spm results ? T.T
i dont know.

its only me who tries to hold this ship, and its just meaningless when noone cares.
i guess i shud just let it go.
maybe it's no point after all .

8 February 2009

Cao ge =D

Gary Chao de. another singer that i gave my admiration too . hes not handsome.
but he sings well . his composition not bad too. i like de liang san bo juliet. with zhuo wen xuan .
i like his voice. and i like most of his songs. most of his songs are nicee.
besides, him dat i have most songs that i like , fahrenheit's lately songs not bad as well.
jay chou no nid to say. lol . =p .
and rynn lin yu zhongg. most of his songs as well. lin jun jie not bad also . =D
female singers ? so far i see, s.h.e songs not bad also.
rainine yang's songs just a few songs nice not all like de others i like.
i like zhuo wen xuan's ping ching ling . =D .
not to forget toro guo wei yun.
ex-energy boy band which is now currenly typhoon boy band.
no news about dem ad. == .
keep seaching. he can speak briliant japnese. <3>
i wan to see him on stagee again !
breakfast dim sum today . =) .with dad's kawan baik since duno how long.
man, dey really can joke. laugh like hell .
de service dere sucks to de max.
as suckies as de restoren i ate during new year eve. =S .
wth weyy, what happen to all de restorens ?
currently watching iryu medical dragon team .
japense drama . nice wey.
so far de nicest japnese drama i watch . hana yori dongo okay too lah.
i dont really like gokusen because de 3 seasons stories almost de same.
just de actors diff. but most of dem leng jai . =p.
wit de hottie jap boy band KAT-TUN ! <33>
songs not bad also . . at least get to learn some simple japanese language.
and entertaiment. besides, taiwan's hong kong's western's . (: hehe .
esok last dat CNY lur.
jee ken, jin mun and cheryl ! faster come back.
sms tak cukup laa. i mauu see your facess. =D .
miss you guys weyy. mwahz.
i heard SPM results in on 23rd FEB .
wtf ? is it for real? anyone heard about de results day also ? huh ?
last week of dis month.
damn fast wey. better get ur mind and heart ready for it.
cause i am not ready for it. =(

7 February 2009

wedding game.

today movie with mei yan and pooi mun.
watched de wedding game.
not bad ba de show. funny . =D
all Asians actors inside. .
xiao gui so gayy in de show . lol.
fann wong very pretty . and christopher. damn freaking hot and man . <3
his body manyak fittt . attractive.
din notice him in normal singaporean drama, but dis movie. i minat dia. (: .
macho man . =P

den stop by at mei yan's house.
play de wii game.
nah, i din really play. xD.
den i left for dinner.
got time yum cha again . =D
too bad ee von cant make. din get to ask why also .

huhu . =D


supposingly i am watching CAPE NO.7 now.
but de subtitles make me headache.
damn tiny and not clear . T.T
i wanna watch laahh.
anyone got de show ? huh huh .
borrow me weyyy . i mau watchhhh .!

japanese dramas now . lols.
eps are short . less den 15 . == .

and yeah zai zai's show with biing bing linger.
babi de bosan and make no sense . ==
hana yori dongo not bad.
de lead actors won many awards for de dramas.
its FUNNY. :D

anyone got CAPE NO.7 movie. ?

6 February 2009

back to past.

today fetched sis to tuition.
whoa, i saw syed anwar.



got time i wana go martin meet all my teachers. =).
i miss umaas also ! =( . ahhhhhh . i miss kung also .
i miss tuition life thoughh.
chaos in skol looking for tranps to tuition. =p
rush to class when late.
stayed at yong kwong when early.
met old clasmates.
met new frends.
kap chai . =p . i miss everyone . .
in hurry for coupons ? lol
back late from add maths class tambahan ? siao weyy. semangat sial . xD.

saw many sbs lang also. =S . went JJ . saw dem again . == diff ppl ler.

anyone miss me lately? nahh, =P.



dont gay with jayy. his gf is de blogger. wahahhahaaa . blekk .


throat is geting better.
voice is not coming back yet.
cough is not going back yet.
i hate itt.

i wana hang out.
and i am freaking bored. =(
everyone is busy with work . college.
sighhhhhhhhhhh .

i miss high skol life though.

3 February 2009

tian gong. cho 9.

pray ting kong ytd nite. =D
will post pictures later . together with de open house pics. hees.
lazyy to upload noww.

so tomorrow it starts already !
before i go for college i wana make it success / =)
wish me luck babes and dudes.
i hope i can do it.


2 February 2009


i miss euuu . <3

will change blogskin soon. :D
busy lately.


Cny open house pics.

post pictures . random ones. =).
i havents upload de group ones in my camera.
i just upload de ones in my phone first .

de baby . cutee . !

neighbour's baby. cute weyy.

ho lup fai . he's de longest i take pic with . ==

syok sendiri dude. ==

Theresa Wee =)

Yeng Jye

Ching Hoong

Hui Jing

Kar Hou

Li Hui

Sherry Lo. i miss herr laaa. :(

Pui Yee

Mei Yan

Shu Ping

de dudes dat left early. edwin and teoo . =D.

the hyperactive gang. =D

from left : jun chong , yee jin , me , mei yee, ze wei, arif
Front : cassidy. sarah, benjamin, kevin yee.
dats part of de open house's pictures.
others later. heee.
ytd open hs again .
all kidies and relatives. ==
so diff from my dayy.
all teenagers. tall tall .

1 February 2009

CNY open hs 2oo9

de party was okay.
many show up. thanks weyy.
thx for comingg .

guest list who camee.

mei yan.
pooi mun.
yeng jye.
theresa wee.
li hui.
chia pei.
pui yee.
sherry lo.
edwin chea.
kah yung.
phun zai xian.
kelvin lee.
wilfred tan.
yu sheng.
lim yee jin.
ngee ming.
shu ping.
mun hoong.
ho lup fai and cousin.
thomas wong.
ze wei.
benjamin khong.
jun chong.
kevin yee.
ching hoong.
hui jing.
tham kar hou.
teo hung liang.
mei yee.
sarah chen.
joane & ceci ? =D

anyone i miss out ? =D

arigatohh .
will post pictures tomorrow kay.
got another open house tonite again . =D

those who overite,
chia pei, ee von and pooi mun.

nice meeting you lim yee jin, mei yee, sarah, cassidy, benjamin . (:

keep in touch yohh !
cheers ; : D

happy CHO 7!