27 March 2009

more picture.

ahhh. jae jong. <3

Lee teukk . <3 de first super junior member i like. before i really fell for hank yung . =P and also de leader and de oldest of suju . i like his dimples. :D

hank yung ! de finale guy dat i fell like siao de. =P .
hearts hearts. chun <3

Dong haee. <3 .kawaii .

how can you not fall for this cute guy ? :D jae jong oppa !

jun ki ! hes great in acting and dancing ! <3

=D. awwwww .
just back from putrajaya.
man, de place is damn peaceful and dull.
many wantans. am like one of de kind.
make till so nice but yet not as fun as kl . .
and yet so far.
who will go dere laaa.
except for goverment crap .
am falling .

26 March 2009


arent dey just freaking HOT? .
how can you not fell for them ? hahah. :=P.
they can sing, they can dance, they can sport, they can joke, they can compose, they can host . whoas. <33>
look at his fit bodyy . O.O.
hahahas . damn HOT HOT HOT. =P .
where can i find han geng's pics ?
huh huh . hard to find weeii . ==.
i wana watch his showw ! AHHHHHHH ~
eps. not complete. BOF eps gona complete soon ! weee .
kim hyung joon ! <3>
people now are terrible.
really. willing to do anything for money.









24 March 2009


time is ticking.
non stop . and doesnt slow down.
om g. a month moree.

life is bored.
no thing to say about.

everyday i see ur smile,
the more i fell for you.
saranghaeyo oppa. ! <3

sapuri - in list drama . grr .. wana watch my kamenashi la babi .
and also over de rainbow.
if cant find proper loading for dis two shows.
i terpaksa use de web so watch . =S

song of de day -
ice cream - mc mong .

22 March 2009

untitle .

aku macam sudah tak kerap update blog dah. =x
sigh. am getting worried about college life.
can i make it ? am scared . i hope stress dun put me down .
sigh, though am not gifted to have bright brain.
am thankful to have such spirit.
i just hope it doesnt stops till the very end ..
always envy those gifted. dont need to work so hard yet so good.
appriciate la peoples. dont so greedy.

finished a k drama in a day.
de storyline is spectacular.
tree of heaven? i saw dese drama in tv . i din noe its nice. so i din bother to watch,
but duno why dis show out of de sudden in my drama list.
so give it a try watch lo. dim chi watch till gan dong.
its not de latest show. but i like de story.
dis show got high ratings at dat time.
omg, am so outdated . =x
one thing i dont like is, the lead actor died. T.T
wana noe more about de story . ? watch it urself ! haha.
if i can ever find such a guy . i would dying to marry him.
oh dream on , deres no such love from a guy . 100 % deres oni 1 % .
so . dont ever wish for it but just keep on dream about it. :D
and i like de lead actor's fit body . sexy giler. =P

what's next before stress life starts ?
everyone is so busy with college already.
sigh. i wonder deres anymore keep in touch exits like de seniors of ours.
keep in touch till now.
dere are great . (:


music - triangle - DBSK, the trax and boA .

20 March 2009

am tagged. =x

Tagged by sarah ch00

Tag 10 human :
1. ee von
2. arif
3. yao bang
4. pui yee
5. mei yan
6. cheryl loo
7. qian yuen
8. joveis
9. shu ping
10. justin lim

Why you tagged him/her as number one ?
- cause shes damn free.

Do you met number 2 before?-> of course . =="

What will you talk when you meet number 3?-> yoooo !

What is the relationship of number 4 & 5?-> kawan . :)

What is number 6 favourite singer?->DBSK . yun ho. =D

What is number 7 favourite TV Show?-> i tak tau. :P

Do you talk with number 8?->on de phone or msn ? o.O

How does number 9 look like?->kawai . hago pretty . :D

Who is number 10's lover?-> am interested to know also . =p

Which numbers are couples?-> jay and me ! haha !




honey and clover

words .

deres many taiwanese dramas eps are not complete yet ler. =x
i finally watched Pi Li MIT.
its really not a recommand show.
i dont think anyone would watch it without yan ya lun.
its quite lame. =="
common mysteries. not really saspen to me.

i am finishing startlit ! =D.
finally. jerry yan . =X
de story quite touching.
no wonder its a hit show in net. o.O
later on . i watching love or bread. if the eps are complete. :@
yeah. back to ttaiwnese dramas.

i wana finish watching everything b4 college. if can.
deres no time for me any more when starts.
hope to finish soon. =)
i am still healing.
i am not who i use to be anymore.



song of de day


18 March 2009


ytd chatted with jin mun on de phone for like one hour . ==
so many things to talk,
i think if meet even more. o.O
miss her laa.
finally shes back. outing session .
tak pernah hang out with her de.

a month more i am gonna go for college le. =(
nid to be physically and mentally ready.
let me enjoy kau kau during de remaining time er.
later i cant sleep late ad.
cant wake up late ad.
will be busy with asignments. exams. bla bla.

good luck and have a safe journey to those whos going for NS 2nd batch. =)
so far as i noe . chia pei ba, =D
good luck weii .
keep in touch during camp.
sms me when possible. =P















17 March 2009

time is ticking.

너 때문에, 어떤일이 있어도 널 포기 못해.

난 매일 니가 웃는 모습을 보고싶어. (왜냐하면)내가 슬플때 날 웃게 만들거든..

de pin yin for it is hard. ==.
i oni noe a few words of it.
hmphh .

i am still holding back.
cant really take it.
dont ask anymore pls.

time is ticking.
no one cares.
so why shud i ?
i am sad and tired enough ad.
that's de limit i wana do .





song of de day - super junior . sorry sorry .

hank yung . <3

16 March 2009


profile stil under construction.
codes messy.
i lazy to continue my skin. ==

15 March 2009

back . :D

i have been dragging my blog skin.
yeayea. =x.
i will continue editingg it okay.
its been too much things to happen.
readers decreasing weii.
manee everyone. =( .
leave la message . hmpph.

now i understand.
when u re down, and everyone's up.
u will always been looking from de up .
making you feel more down. .
sigh . what i did . i m really regretfull. FULLY.

i have conitnue my drama as well.
spring waltz. =)
den later my girl. den later hello miss.
den i am done wit my korean dramas.
and back to taiwanese dramas with finish eps. :D .
in a month more i nid to start my college ad.
so i wana do whatever stuffs in my mind now fast.

i dont do things as de way before anymore.
i dont see things as de way before anymore.
i dont feel things as de way before anymore.
everything is not de way as before anymore.

any march babies that i missed ? =)

song of the day .
purple line - DBSK

14 March 2009

The Wing of Love_For HanGeng_English Sub

i will go on .


wings of love.
hank yung oppa makes me touched.

i can no longer hold back.
i wana see you laugh everyday.
i can smile at least seeing it. =)

dont be nice.
i am even hurtful.

12 March 2009


one litre of tears that cant be redeem.
i m sorryy.
a thousand sorry .
dere wont be another time .

11 March 2009


results tomorrow.
sigh, i am nervous. =S.

many things to do.
yet so little time.

i heart you a lot. <33

10 March 2009


i cant really sleep the wh0le nite.
stomachache like hell.
slept like 2 hours den get up. grr. ~

too many things to do.
yet so little time.
can i have more time given ?
i wana complete everything.
i still left 4 korean dramas to catch.
de buffering is long.
so make me malas. =p . so am watching talk shows now.
funny and hilarious. (:

addicted to super junior . <3
dont you think HEE CHUL looks like de home alone 3 de boyy?
damn cutee weii .
and and . dont you think SI WON looks a bit like wang lee hom ? try to compare. ytd, when watching him with han geng in a china talk show . i keep crack my head thinking. si won looks like someone. FINALLY.i figure out . LEE HOM ! lol.
si dong lose a lot of weight ad. o.O
dong hae chun . :D.
i like han geng . he dance super geng.
and hes chinese ! :P super junior M leader eii .
and deres lots more laa. all also lookable. dancealbe. singable. (:

spm results anothers 2 days.
omf. scareee. nervouss. =x

8 March 2009


what a day.
dont sigh. no . i am not really in the good mood these days.
whyy ? i dont know eithier.
wishing time can go back.
and be the things i wish for.
its already much. de succes is just 10 %.
and i m miserable about that.

i have fallen for you deeply ever since i met you. deeply . that ;
every second that given to me .
i wish you were never a thousand kilometers away from me.
i wish i were by your side when u needed me.
i wish i was able to hold your hands when you re not happy.
i wish i could hug you and comfort you during ur lowest ebb.
i wish i can make you breakfast dinner everyday.
i wish i could see your adorable smile every single second.
i wish i can play with your hair whener i wan to.
i wish i could erase ur image in my mind . but i cant.
i wish i would have met you earlier.
i wish to do every single sweetest moment with you.
i wish you can cook for me too like u said.
i wish you could fulfill your promise for not being a big belly husband .
because of you , i wanted to learn many things.
many unusual things . try my best and not to give up.
even though i feel like too, feel like "wth, its not use, not working. slow. "
but i try my best to go on . thinking of you . makes me everything.
you re de most touching person i met.
i am envies with your determination to go on.
you go tru all ur difficulties to be who you are now.
without de cruel upper peoples, dere will be no you.
and yet now, you awesome, gorgeous, talend and handsome.
how can i resists my love for you ?
i love you deeply. <3>
saranghaee ! J.J ! (:
i heart all his buddies also . ! aya aya fighting !
i wil always support you silently, soundly and forever ! :D

i am gona continue tonite.
yeah, i stop many things.
keep up and down many things.
i hope i can make it b4 college starts.
jia you . :D

7 March 2009

i am better. :D

finally i am feeling better.
from de dreadful sick . arsee.
i can continue my dramas. gahh .
been lackingg .stil lots of korean dramas to catch.

i cant find a reasonable prince for learning writing and reading mandrin class.
price so mahal . duration so long. ==.
anyone voluntterr to teach me ? lol . for real weii .
i can speak better den reading . == .
so ii wana learn to read as well .
and hell yeah . finally a longer post.
at least i am no longer that dizzy when facing de comp with multi body heatt .

SPM results on thrus. 12 march .
am i ready? huh ? i am really anxious about it. =S.
i hope its okay punya results la.
i hope i can sleep during de nite before de day.

my sweetest drugs.
lee ji hoon.

song of de day . - mc mong feat k.will [ love 119 ]
i super like this song. <3>
song just added to my profile. (:

5 March 2009

sick . .

sorry for not updating.
de flu drag me to fever.
yet i m still not yet fully recover. . .


2 March 2009

damn it

thanks to the terrible flu .
my nose looks like macdonald 's nose now . wtf.
sneeze de who freaking day till now.
medicine making me drowsy.
ei. dun laugh k.

i beh tahan liao. TT
laying down on bed makes me think of jay often . ==

1 March 2009

not feeling well .

catch a cold.


dizzy. wtff.
i hate having fluu . grrr
tonite sure cant sleep .

song of de day : danson tang - qing bao