30 April 2009


timetable is a crazy wan.
duno whether dey send or check de other one.
my god.
so many clash.
gona go siao wei.
i skip today's orientation . hoho.
how am i gona go for class monday?
if i dont get my timetable?
guess guess i nid to early to ask around . ==
dis is frus.

finally finish what i wana do.
watch all those dramas ad.
left those dramas eps havent complete.
some still de long way.
dl all de songs ad.
feel like dling kat-tun, arashi and news whole album,
see la. kat-tun songs not bad .

man, not in a good mood recently.

29 April 2009

orientation .

orientation was today.
met so many people that i know.
met yong huan, vincent, jo ee. ming ern.
chee fai . ex sbs seniors. ex primary skolmates.
ex tuition mates.
wahrao . even saw louis. forgot his surname.
saw kaijie fren as well.
wahra0 . i went back after de course registration. duh~ sien.
2moro not going .

and arranging de time table is hectic man.
messy. and i cant find my moral and comp wan. wtf
some time clash cause of group one. . which i oni can noe next week.
that's why i dislike lab work. grr.
i heard its tough.
omgg . how how ? aahhhh. relax weii.

and i see no leng jai . ==
leng lui many la. o.O
so far ppls dere are frenlyy.
met a senior which study de same course as me.
she say its okay if you study .
and nids lot of memorise.
no counting is okay to me already. lol.
i rather memorise den counting.
cause my maths sucks shitly.

and yeah.
stressful life gonna start soon.
am i ready?
partially yeah.
nid to wait de lecturer to approve to see de timetable?
oh man, lots of questions running in my mind wei.
college life is indeed not easy
am a young adult . hoho.

26 April 2009

outinggg .

awwww.went out with mei yan, ee von and jin mun today.
watched de show COMING SOON.
not bad movie.
worth watching. =)

went to biotech exhibition .
nothing much.
just dat. deres many type of biotech.
window shoping for gadjets. hhahas.
ahhhh, i wana buy IPOD la !
i want new laptop .
i wan sony wannn . i wan dis datt. =p
iwan new handphone.
hahhahahaa .

chia pei smsed 2day.
whoas, its been a time.
and shes coming back ! =)

just back from buffet as well.
awww. so many small kids and babies.
so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee !
OMGG. i just love kids.
good ones.
not naughtyy ones. argh.

24 April 2009


wanted to edit my blog.
but end up with this skin.
lzy to continue my own skin,
and blogskins skin;s suckier.
gahhh .
lazy to change skin already.

22 April 2009

jae jong !

kim jae jong.
HOT. cute . cool. and perfect. ! <3
awwwwww .

nothing else to updatee laa.

21 April 2009


look at de china's BOF version.
OMG . =X.
de guys are so not good looking.
oni one. and thats oni de normal look .
compared to the korea and other version. ? its way OFFF MAN !
yeah , han geng from super junior was suppose to be de BOF character in de china version. but due to his busy schedule for his 3rd album which is just release last month . he have to decline. i shud say it was the right decision ? HAHAHAHAH. !
thanks to his album. man man man . i hope its not for real ?
hahas. but it seems to be real .
anyone wana watch ? wohoooo.
i wonder if its gonna be as HIT as de other BOF versions.
in NET, de korean version got de highest rate. den goes to de japanese version .and taiwanese. CHINA ? hoho.
man, malaysia shud make one also HOR ? hahahahahahhaa .
who will the de malaysian BOF ? HOOOOO?
lin yu zhong ? zhang dong liang ? guang liang? pin guan ? daniel lee ? WAHAHAHAHAA.
it will be funny though !


donghae !

old picture of him =D.
hahhas. still cute no matter what.
heart him laa. <3
hes so emotional.
watch de visit to SJ dorm.
omg . he so chun.
and he cried talking about his dad pass away cause of serious cancer.
teukie cried too . =(.
deir bond everyone wish to have.
but among girls.
i dont think its easy to have such bond. never see such yet.
but SUPER JUNIOR . its AWWW =)
deres no super junior witout any member of dem.
love dem alll . <3

i suddenly found a drama to watch.
but its 178 eps. ==.
wonder when i can finish .
but lee ji hoon is in ittt ! =XXXX
how how ? xD

20 April 2009


gosh, i finally finish what i wana do ad.
now i duno what to do anymore.
i watch most of de dramas i wana watch ad .
for those complete eps.
exp . those taiwan dramas.
buffering which is so freaking slow.
lazy to continue watch . =x
i watch most of de talk shows ad.
except de taiwan's one.
maybe later .
i dl most of de songs i wan ad.
wahrao . mission quater accomplish.
college life next weekk . dudeeeeeee~!

man, super junior is freakishly funny.
love dem . =)

what am gonna go tonite ?
most probably watching taiwan variety shows kut.
i wanna change my phone laa.
i wan an IPOD.
i wan a new laptop.
i wan a PSP.
i wan a PMP.

i love gadjets laa wei .

buy for me for my bdy laaa.a heeeee!

19 April 2009


awwww. woke up early for breakfast this morning. ==
my god.
why do adults always talk about life.
and how de lifes dey went tru . o.O
makes me even worry about my future.
what my future holds.
cant even predict a single deed about it. scaryyy.
always saying how succesfull a person is now.
doesnt mean it will till de mid age if deres no smart planing . bla bla.
den say so smart also no use.
no practical also no use.
say nowadays working hire so many smart asses useless.
graduate doesnt mean u will do goood work ? yahh.
i hate workk .
always story telling deir life.
deii . i got long way to goo . == .
planning ? omgg. its scaring meeee . i dont wan to married laa.
hahahahahhaaa. always complain after marriage.
but see how happy is the familyy. =P .

when you meet your love one.
you wouldn what will happen la.
its truee =D
when u re inlove you will noe.
i dont even know what i will do.
my type of guy hard to find here laa.

18 April 2009

tagged .

Tagged By cheryl loo :

-At the end of the post , tag 10 people to do the same except the tagger :)
-Continue this game by sending to other people (refer to rule No.2)

Name: Jerica
Age/Birthday: 1 jan
School: UCSI
Elder sister: ME
Younger sisters: sarah, jaynie
Elder brother: wish to have one.
Younger brothers: shawn
Favourite liquids/drinks: 100 +
Favourite consumables/food: anything.
Favourite place to sleep: hahas. am on jae jong arms den. :P
Flying: with hongki. <3
Swimming or diving: both
How many friends in msn: uhhh ?
Loved ones: family. jay chou.
Get kicked on the butt: no ? ==
Allergic?: heavy perfume.
Gastric?:use too
Age of Marriage: ahh?
Children wanted: duno .
Age of death: I'll leave it to God.
Animals in your house: dog fish
Longest fingernails ever kept?: whoas. cant leave long fingernails anymore. T.T
Wanted birthday present:
all my fav artists concert VVIP tickets. yeah !
Q : In your dreams, god makes you a billionaire and grants you a wish, what will you wish for?
i wish for a better life and brain .and talent.
A - Attached or single?:
B - Best friend?:
Me lol.
C - Cake or pie?:
Both XD
D - Day of choice?:
E - Essential item?:
music player
F - Favourite colour?:
G - Gummy bears or worms?:
H - Hometown?:
I - Favourite indulgence:
ice cream
J - January or July?:
Jan duh.
K - Kids?:
L - Life isn't complete without?:
Money and love.
M - Marriage date:
erm, when i get to meet nichkhun ! <3
N - Number of magazine subscriptions?:
O - Oranges or apples?:
P - Phobias:
Q - Quotes?:
R - Reason(s) to smile?:
S - Season of choice:
autumn. winter
T - Tag 10 people:
1. lazy
2. to
3. tag
4. la
5. do
6. if
8. wan
9. to
10. kay
U - Unknown fact about you?:
V - Vegetable?:
W - Worst habit?:
uhh, earplug often
X - X-men? X-women?:
Y - Your favorite food?:
italian and jap food !
Z - Zodiac sign:
horse. =)

a whole new world.

whoas. dl songs de whole day since yesterday.
havent go for jay yet. cause too many weii . ==
all his old songs. =D .

a week more to hectic lifeee.
wtff . ahhhh .
so fast man .
life just a glimpse .
am in college soon. O.O
am a big big girl in a big big world.
not a big big thing .
forgot de lyrics ad.

anyone noe de filipino famous singer?
forgotten her name. not easy to remember,
but her voicce freaking good man .
he won for duno what shit competition at de age of 14.
her voice likee. whoas . ONG sial .
i wish i have voice like hers.
she sang a whole new world with khuhyun !
wahrao. nice weii . even de super junior members cried.
awww teukiee and kang in . <3
cause dat was year 2007.
khuhyun just back from accident . touched*

currently mind highlight on XING . =)
most same age as me. =DD
one younger de den me like duno how many years.
2 elder den me.
shouddn i be dere also ? ==
all so youngg. grrrrr .

17 April 2009

yeah !

i downloaded DBSK complete korean and japanese all albums. =)
gahhhhh. as well as super junior's.
but i cant find super junior T 's first express ?
anyone has itt ?
am gonna go for deir singles .
and if deres time.
am gonna go for other musics. =)
musics rocks.

i dont think deres enough space haaa.
newauyyy. my 800th post . =D
awwww . so fast hor.
hahahaha .
will anounce if its 900 or 1000 post laaa.
its possible =P


yahhhh .
blog blog.
i dont blog that of ten already
nothing much to say if i blog everyday.
i do de same thing everyday.
i guess i need to sleep early ad.
and wake up early as well . =="

if not i will get use too .
ahhhh. anddddddddddddddd .
am bored ad home.
blogger readers decrease as well ? =(

come back laaaaa.

14 April 2009


sigh. fonts not back yet. grr.
a week more to my college orientation.
counting goes on .

am really thankful with everything that you have doned.
but am just not that good in showing it.
de day u send me de message , giving me de couragement.
i broke down . wishing i can turn back time.
change everything in a way that i want it to be. yet . its impossible.
i wish i could have made it.
that's de most regretful moment , the moment am giving to the world.
am just an ordinary lady.
or maybe something i did wrong. yeah . maybe.
am eighteen . its a whole new world. get over it man .
but its not that easy.
try to forget it wishing better futures coming towards me.
however, it comes out in my mind anytime any moment.
didnt dey say sometimes time able to solve it ?
this time, i think it takes longer time.
i hopes its fine after a year of results. no matter how hard it takes.
i hope am ready for it. not wanting to let go . no more.

i wish i could have go for my biggest dream since am small.
but its too late.
at least, am part of my 2nd biggest dream . though its fullfilled.
hope its succesfull. though its hard. still will go on.
make things worth the hell out .
no matter what it takes. i need it highly scored. .
well, my biggest dream, its impossible to achieve right now at this age.
i should have practise it at least when am primary.
maybe am not talented or anything.
or malaysia is just not the right place.
i wish am good in sommething. but i felt nothing .
my passion is slowly decreasing no matter how much i tried to be opstimistic. yet still trying . i wonder how's first day of college.
learning to adapt a whole new life. new friends. new teachers. new environment.
i wish i wouldn grow older.
i wish am forever seventeen or so ever.

am gonna miss the moments i did during holidays.
watching dramas. which still tones more to go.
variety shows. which always cheer me up cause its funny.
korean variety shows are awesome. too bad i dont really understand korean . =(.
i wana learn if given the chance.
theres many thing i wanna achieve.
like, learning the languages i wana learn.
dancing class. composing music . make over.
i wonder when can all this make it .
languages is on the way. just dont hope my busy college schedules ruin it.
composing . i nid to continue my previous composition.
and learn more about compose. dancing class? thats partial.
whether its succed or not. its okay. but if i have the time. i dont mind.
i wish am very hardworking. =x .
piano exam next year? oh god, i scared the fear of being alone with de ang moh examivers again . scaryyy . and ahh. i dont know.

yeahh .
am currently addicted to .
hongki . nichkhun. super junior . and DBSK.

its been a time i dint listen to english songs.
unless am for a ride in the car.

i wan an IPOD !
ahhh. i wana store my berlambak many musics. =xxx .
IPODD. i wann at least 16 GB !.

anyone wana learn piano for interest?
am able to give classes.
but just that, you nid to come to my house . =P.
fee requirements.
but not that mahal la . =D.
nudge me in msn or cbox kay if u re interested.

13 April 2009


my babes . <3
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh .
now i craze over nichkhun's cuteness.
freaking cutee gilerrr. AWW ~

12 April 2009

friends outing .

ytd outing with meiyan, ee von and pooi mun.
i went to shop for my book, ee von shop for her clothes. mei yan shop for her stuffs nd pm shop for her sandals.
walk till sien . ==
met no one . many ppl .
and ytd will be de last day am going s.wang.
its getting a worst place to go .
everyone started college except me. ==
soon la another 2 weeks.

yeah, fonts are still not back yet . deep shit blog.
and dese few days keep raining.
its okay, i like rain . =D.

so over T.O.P .
watching honey and clover taiwan vs now.
wonder i can finish my shows in time a not . grr

10 April 2009

shinee VS DBSK.

i need you amo motae i want you . =D
honja dasi tto cry for you.
honja dasi tto missing for you .

awwww .
i got nothing to update .

will SHINee be de next DBSK ?
whoas ?

is ASIA vs ASIA channeel V.
super junior finally won over NEWS.
although i like NEWS as well. hhaha. sorry la yamapi.
DBSK won over fahrenheit. i mean duhhh. although i like fahrenheit also.
rain won over aaron kwok.
this is also duhhh.
super junior won de first place in music back.
omgg. teukiiee cryy like crazyy. aww. cute =D
hes hardwork as a leader is worth itt. LOVE YOU MAN. <3
most of de crieD. SORRY SORRY is nice. =)

9 April 2009

lucky. <3

FONTS ! wthhh .
neway. my house compound visited by a snake ytd.
my dad was saved by my lovely and brave dog LUCKY.
now hes in de vet for inspection.
cause he bite de snake.
so he might be infected with poison.
i hope hes alright.
hes an amazing guard DOG. saranghaee man . =)
evening i can bring him back . imiss him already.
shiba de snake . arse. i think it went out ad? god, scaryy shit.

i love big bang songs !
T.O.P is so man . =P hes voice hes body . aehhh.
seung ri not bad too . =D
BI RAIN . is amazing as well .
he worked hard for who he is now.
watched hes talk show YSMM last few days.
awww. hes awesome. =) .
have to admit hes body shape is HOT.
dance is HOT.

2 + weeks more to college.
am i ready? =x.

7 April 2009


Tagged by the yeekee .

The person who tagged you .
yee kee .

Your relationship with him/her is .
friends. (:

Your 5 impressions of him/her .
cute. sweet . and friendly.

The most memorable thing he/she had done for you .
uhmm, opsoyo.

The most memorable thing he/she had said to you .

If he/she became your lover , you will .
no way. i like hot guys. not girls. hahas. =p

If he/she became your lover , things he/she has to improve on will be .
treat me nice .

If he/she became your enemy , you will .
buck off . wouldn happen la weii. we are nice. :D

If he/she became your enemy , the reason will be .
no reason . wont happen .

The most desire thing you want to do for him/her now .
JOM, lepak .

Your overall impression of him/her is .

How you think the people around you will feel about you ?
hell i know.

The characters you love of yourself are .
easily passionate.

On the contrary, the characters that you hate about yourself .
pretends to be happy and fine when am not .

The most ideal person that you want to be is .
someone whos talented in everything . at least good in something . and achieve my dream. (:

For people who cares and loves you , say something to them .
thanks for de caring all this long . kamsamida.

Pass this test to 10 person whom you wish to know how they feel about you .

1 . cheryl
2 . ee von
3 . ariff
4 . yee jin
5 . pui yee
6 . pooi mun
7 . DBSK. *heaven's dream. *
8 . ft island *faint*
9 . jay chou *dream*
10 . super junior * how i wish *

Who is no. 6 ? [Pooi Mun]
a friend .

Is no. 9 a male or female ? [Jay Chou]
male. duhh ~

If no. 7 and no. 10 together , is that a good thing ? [ DBSK and SUJU? ]
why not ? i support dis 2 groups to the max weii .

What is no. 2 studying about? [Ee Von]
ask her .

When is the last time u had a chat with no. 3 ? [Ariff]
last nite.

What kind of music band does no. 8 like ? [ FT Island ]
how i wish i knew.

Does no. 1 have any siblings ? [cheryl]
yesh .

Will you woo no. 3 ? [Ariff]
no way. i already got hank yung. =P

How about no. 7 ? [Amanda]
dying to meet them .

Is no. 4 single ? [Kai Li]
i dont know ?

What is the surname of no.5 ? [Joey]
lau . ^^

What is the hobby of no. 10 ? [SUJU]
fool around ! love them . <3

Does no. 5 and no. 9 get along well ? [Pui yee and jay]
no way. 9 is already mine. =P

Where is no. 2 studying at ?
Taylors .

Talk something casually about no. 1 . [pm]
i like her. AS A FRIENDS. =D

Have you tried developing feelings for no. 6 ? [Jerica]
duh, no. i already got nichkhun. =p

Where does no. 9 live at ? [jay chou ]

What colour does no.4 like ? [yee jin]
ask him

Are no. 5 and no. 1 best friends? [cheryl and py]
friends yeah.

Is no. 7 the sexiest person in the world? [Amanda]
hell yeah .

What is no. 6 doing now? [pm]
busy with her current life.



4 April 2009

bday wishes.

SUU JUUU rocks ! <3


i so wana make de fonts bigger.
but i cant.
chi se. =xxx

no titlee .

fonts are not back yet.
so sad. when is it coming back ?. T.T
i sleep pretty "early" dese few days . ==
and due to that i woke up quite late.
i think i nid to get back my early sleeping schedule ad.
grr. if not , i will get use to it again . =(

is everyone okay lately?
been chatting with dose i din contact lately.
thanks for keep in touch ! (:
sometimes i forgot, but u made de move.
i will remmeber you guys. =)

3 / 4 weeks to college.
everyone is asking .
am i ready ?
frankly, not really.
i dont really wana face de stress life .
i prefer freedom. and unstressfull life.
i love to play. and go around.
i dont wana face books all de time.
but seems cant avoid.

hahahahhaha .

SS501 - snow prince.

3 April 2009


fonts fonts !
colours colours !
grrr . dull dull.

migosh, been addicted to new boybands.
big bang is hot. TOP ! <3
2 PM ! nichkyun . <3
i dont quite like shinee members yet.
but deir songs are awesome. =D
dey are too young laa. some same age as me.
deres even one younger den me 2 years.
wahrao. maybe i old ad.
hahahahaha. yea. mmg, am old ad. and entertaiment now needs more young artists for future generations. sigh. why so fast ler. =(

i wish time can stop . or mayb back to past.
so i change everything .
and make things better.


2 April 2009


fonts and colours are not back yet. grrrr .
otoke ? =(
am song addict recently .
keep dling songs.
my 8 GB pendrive is not enought though.
i wana buy hard disk soon ad. =x
more memory.
waiting for price to go down . =D.
so i can buy it .
and save all my ssongs inside.
if can i wan an IPOD ! AHHH ! .
when i am gona have it ?!
i can store thousand songs in it.
i listen chinese, korea, japanese, english . sometimes malay.
whoas . haha. i wan PMP also.
aehhh, i just love gadgets . <3

i feel like everythinng is starting to fall apart.
everyone is busy with thier life.
not much hang outs anymore.
sigh. as expected . .
i miss my classmates.

i dont really like zhou mi . super junior 's new member .
i dont feel hes handsome. or anything.
henry is okay la. at first i dont really like him.
in fact, i dont really agree with adding de 2 members.
but afta watching SUPER JUNIOR M's talk shows in china.
i find that henry is not bad .
hes violin . whoaaa. killer man . cutee sumore.
can danceee. but still i think hes not really use to de environemnt yet.
hes older den me 2 or 3 years ni . my god. got hope. =P
he speak well in english also .
okay. why am i promoting henry .
i still like de old SUPER JUNIOR !
my SUJU list.
hank yung
lee teuk.
hee chul.
eun yuk.
si won.
ki bum.
sung min .
ye sung.
kang in.
shin dong.
zhou mi.

my DBSK list .
jae jong.
yun ho. - hes best fren quite hot also . =ppp.
junsu . - hes twin bro looks more good looking den him in my opinion . =P

din got to know dem well yet. but soon ! hahaha.
and i din noe shinee is so freaking young . o.O
dey look so boyish .

song of de day .

shinee - amigo

1 April 2009

damn blogspot. =x

am finally updating my blog.
and duno why, my blog's fonts colours all gone.
so am been lazy to searh why.
i din, update my blog.
no colours and fonts seems so dull .
anyone noes what happen ? why it disappears?
it seems, uploading pictures is a problem too.
grrr . chaotic. =X .

its april fool day.
am updating very early in de morning.
eahh. =P .
wondering what have i been doing lately?
nothing much , but just facing de comp daily.
am no more watching dramas lately.
watching talk shows more.
might continue with dramas if possible since college is starting soon.

finally i watched BOF. its not bad show.
you can even compare de characters in taiwan version, japan version and korean version.
dao ming shi character - i prefer de korea one. lee min hoo. <3 . den goes too matsu jun . and jerry yan.
ze lei character - i like kim hyung joong. =P den goes to vic zhou and oguri shun.
de other two charater i prefer de kr vs as well.
KIM BUM freaking cute. i wana watch his east of eden . but 50 + eps. == "
another 2 more eps am done with BOF.
overall de story slightly diff. but more a less de same la.

currently hooked up with khuhyun . <3
ahhhhhh. heart him manyak .
god bless him .

song of de day - SS501 . because i am stupid .