31 May 2009

yahhh .

yahhh . so called me before outing .
so long din post pictures of mee.
yeahh cause of stupid blogger .
duno what happen. everything is not back to normal yet .
sadded .
faster come back laaa.

and wtf ? i din noe SUPER JUNIORS 'S MUSIC DANCING OUT MV acted in MALAYSIA ?
come againnnn laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. =(
inlove with BoA as well. am not less laa.
just envyy her.
and and . am waiting for TEMPO 's new drama ! oh yeahhh =pp
and also jae jong's . weeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
sayanggg . =pp

midterm in a week more. ==

30 May 2009

nite at museum 2

movie with ee von and pooi mun today.
watched de nite at museum 2 .
it was nice and funny . =D
everyone laugh out loud. LOL
and yeah . saw sharmini my ex-primary skolmate and my good looking neighbour . kar kheh. =p . at lrt before going TS .
den saw my college frens which one of dem is ee vons primary skolmate.
saw john prakash.
saw chui man ?
saw de sbs napekk. duno his nameee.
saaw many ppl ? =xx

tired noww.
out till now . ==
i wannn suoer junior.

27 May 2009

exhausted .

i need a break .
today wats probs test.
minor mistakes.
grr . fcking careless.
time cant turn back . lalalalla =x

yeah . midterm in another 2 weeks.
hell shit.
OMG . am lazier den i am in high already.
oh dead.
comp cant just get away from my mind . ==

finally found 6 ppl from my course studies biotech.
out from duno how many thousand ppl . ==
and yet, oni one girl .
why girls like food science ?

anyone wana see jolin tsai on next next sat at TIMES SQUARE 7 PM ?
anyone wanna join me ?
i envyy herr laaa!
its promo tour btw. =)
ringg me kayy .

23 May 2009


went to pooi mun house before going sungei wang for k .
ai ling came as well.
den we sat teksi to sungei wang.
actually, we re late for de 11am k section.
so show phon whom reached earlier changed de time to 12pm . lols.
as usual, pm take her time to change. and bla bla. =p.
den finally jin mun and jee ken came . =D
den its SING K time !
i get to sing JAYCHOU's songs.
but too bad. i forgotten most of de lyrics.
dey sing along oni i recall .
too long din listen to chinese songs ad.
instead i sing more fluent in korean ad. LOL.
okay. gonna get back to mandrin songs ad. xD
yeahh . it was crazy dat time.
sang like siaoo . sang til almost sore throat.
and one damn freaking funny thing happened.
me and jin mun so happen to go to toilet in green box.
am pretty sure i went to de NU's toilet. (female)
den wen i went in . i was like WTF? why deres a guy coming out from de cubicle?
fish, wrong toilet meh? i look at "him" and den turn to jin mun.
we like stunned . == .
we wanted to go out ad. den de so called him told us. " u re in de ryte toilet "
we whom still in de syok state. like OH? den wen to the cubicle.
i wanted to laugh out load mann . damn fishyyy.
den after come out from de toilettt.
both of us beh tahann.
laugh like maddd. == . OMGGG. freaking fishhh wei .
honestly that TB looks like a guy. and HONESTLY. shes quite handsome. ==
that's why i tot i went to the wrong toilet. ahhhhh .
FISHHH DOUUUU. i think she also fishh . xD
cant stop laughing although we went back to our k room . ==

yeah, den wanted to watch movie.
but de night at de museum 2 not enough tix for us.
so de guys went to arcade.
we went to eat. half way. dey joined uss.
we were discussing our hoiliday trip.
wanted to go pulau readng.
but buttt. most probably cant de laa.
parents dont really agree with such far placeee .
so our 2nd place is kampar. ==
which pm suggested. if nt fun . she really kena.
den den . dat babi wilfred tan . smsed .
arse. up dere kapp me =PPPP
de whole gang came down kacauuu as usuall . .
edwin, kah yung, chee fai and phun ?
i think dats all kut.
our discussion was interupted. @@
ahhhh . but terpaksa balik later dat.
and lvra joined us late. so din really get to enjoy with us much .
too bad. xD.

yeah . it still fun.
so long din see jee ken and show phon and ai ling .
got so many things to chat.
ghost stories, study life . craps.

and de toilet thing . its really DAMN OMG. ==

21 May 2009

chemistry kills.

yeah. chemistry was killing today.
so confusing.
deeper and deeper. ahhhhs.
comp's test today was quite okayy.
and de so called "leng jai" guy sit directly in front of me. o.O
de nick is given by my frens. lol.
hes just okay ?
but he has hes stylee. COOL ! but kinda short. =p
he look babi HOT from behindd.
love his hairr. but not himm. xD
hes dressing today was HOT as well .ahhahahaha.
too bad oni 2 classes same as mee . =(
ish ish.

met new kawan from cochrane ? ==
finally deres kl lang/ gahh .
deres even one staying at taman dagang.
near onlyy. ==
semua kawan siao siao de. hahhas .
makes me laugh everytime with dem . xD

its killing me softlyy .

20 May 2009

chem labb 2 . =D

ahhhs .lab was fun again today . =P
chee kong makes de surrounding siao. ==
everyone go crazy when hes here.
many students today as well .
seniors find it that my name hard to pronouce.
instead dey giving me nicks . o.O
jelly ? jerry ? my god.
my old nicks are back again . lol .

and yeah . shit tiring.
don't know what's wrong today.
cut my finger. and bleed my toe. ==

shud i buy contact less?
ee von's sis doing promotion lehh.
and deres purple !! ahhh. make me sum sisi pulak.

19 May 2009

HOT guys .

arent dey just HOT? <3
ahhs. wahraos.

i wannnn neww laptopppp. =xxxx
i wan ipodd !
i wan new hpp !
i wan i wan !
i wan jonghyun !
i wannnn ! =ppp

ahhhhhhs. TIRED.
its been a dayy dei .

de spotted guy not so good looking after all. ==

18 May 2009

angels and demons.

god, just back from outing with pooi mun.
went to TS for movie. ANGEL and DEMONS.
indeed, an awesome movie.
de authour is amazing .
great storyline. <3
ate ice cream and cake in a dayy.
wahkaos. hahaha =p

though its just the 2 of us. its enjoyable. =)
bought some stuffs.
met pei jin . outing with frens as well .
hahas .

17 May 2009


ahhs. went to midvalley .
shop for shoe ?
finally found one. =)
de new msn in awesome.
de pop up sign in can changed into my own music.
now my msn everything is my music. =)
oh yeahhh .
but it can get annoyed though.
cause its oni 5 secs.
imagine how much can de song played .

long time din post pic in my blog.
guess cause of de missing fonts make me no mood to post pictures.
wtf. wen my fonts gonna be back ?
or never?
am so wanna watch ANGELS and DEMONS. =D
and and i wana watch zac efron's new movie. =xx
hes so HOT and handsome. haha.

now seems , everyone is starting skol already.
as well as form 6.
heard from jee ken its hard .

it's once and for all already.
i have done my part to make it.
if you re no heart in it . you definitely don't give a damn.
that's really sad case .
as long as i tried, and no damn is given .
i dont wana be bothered anymore.
since the true colours is shown, just that, didn;t know it would be that fast.
at least i know what you re are. its already enough.
no points making a fraud. have you ever wondered ?
whoas, i can have super junior as imagination.
ever since my big day . am already freaking sad about it. duh~ duh~
dont waste my time and energy on such ..
take time to let go . let time heal it . =)

makes everything fine.
you wouldn know what's coming next .
i feel excited everytime i chatt with cheryl.
mayb cause we always have de matched topic to chat. =p
i always feel crazy when chatt wit ee von . cause she's siao . =p
diff ppl have diif chatting feelings i guess? hahhas
and . thanks to all my old-skolmates who's tried to keep in touch.
tanya khabar . bla bla. thanks wei .
got time . let's hang outt ? oh wait. if dere's ffk fellas . kindly inform first dei
keep in touch ppls ! my msn online most of de time.
and thanks for stopping by to chat . =p.
my phone is always on . you can always call or sms me to chat.
unless deres examm . xD

okay den .
up till here.
anyong !

16 May 2009

happy teacher's day

everyone ffk last minute.
due to some "specific reason".
man, if wana ffk nxt time, kindly tell me aan hour earlier or better earlier la.
my god.
oh wait ? next time ? i dont even think dere is anymore. =x
phobiaa ad. .
end up nothingg .

that is why i always envy deir bonds. =((
its hard for me though . sigh.
wish am mini super juniorr. =x .
can never find it easilyy.
dont putt so much hopee though .

tonite steamboat with family .!
yeahh . keeep others away for now !
FAMILYY ! hahas. i love steamboatt .

and btw today's teacher's day .


15 May 2009

no title.

many things to do. gahhs.
midterm in coming
deng, so fast de. ==

today discussion end up chatting . ==
laugh like mad.
and yeha. deres blood donution at UCSI.
lol. weird dou. so many ppl donateeee.
anyone wana go for de prom ?
hoho . de prom is even cheaper den last year sbs's.
should i go ? =P
got partner i go . heee.

ytd, saw see mun wei !
ahhhaa / long time no seee.
she came to ucsi's library with pei yee. lol
ahhhs. 5 DAMAR.

14 May 2009

tagged by yee kee.

1. Besides your lips , where is the favourite spot to get kissed ?

2 . How did you feel when you woke up this MORNING ?
erm? as normal ?

3 . Who was the last person / people you took a photo WITH ?
uhhh, i dont know.

4 . Would you consider yourself SPOILED ?
i dont know?

5 . Will you ever donate BLOOD ?
yea sure. why not.

6 . Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite SEX ?
uhmm? i dont know ?

7 . Do you want someone to be DEAD ?
no i don't .

8 . What does your last text message SAY ?
ohh? i cant remember as i delete my messages after i received. ==

9 . What are you thinking right NOW ?
erm, what should i do next?

1o . Do you want someone to be with you right NOW ?
yeah, AJOO . <3

11 . What was the time you went to bed last night ?
erm, i dont know ?

12 . Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now ?
chew, thailand.

13 . Is someone on your mind right NOW ?
em. yeah ? khuhyun . <3

14 . Who was the last person who text YOU ?
ohh. i dont know ? xD

TEN Lucky Person to do this quiz .
1 . jay chou
2 . hankyung
3 . donghae
4 . khuhyun
5 . ajoo
6 . hongki
7 . brian joo
8 . nichkhun
9 . jaejong
10. yoochun

15 . Who is no.2 having a relationship WITH ?
no one ? whahahahaa.

16 . Is no.3 a male or a FEMALE ?
duhh. malee la.

17 . If no.7 and no.1 get TOGETHER , would it be a good ?
that wouldn be good. hahahhaa. friends is stil can consider. =p

18 . What is no.1 studying ABOUT ?
music? hahah.

19 . When was the last time you chatted with THEM ?
omgg. i wish i could.

20 . IS no.4 SINGLE ?
hahas. HE IS . i want him . =p

21 . Say something about no.2 .
my baby. <3 love him manyakk .

22 . What do you think about no.3 & no.6 being TOGETHER ?
dey are already frens ? . xD

23 . Describe no.9 .

24 . What will you do if no.6 and no.7 FIGHT ?
i dont think dey will fight? dont even know each other. ==

25 . Do you like NO.8 ?
oh i like him a lot . <3

13 May 2009

chem labb =D

today's lab was awesome.
okay. so far its today.
new frens are crazyy and fun . =D
and and .
ommggg. korean ! hahahaa
swee kitt faster introo laa. ishhhh. =p
hes tatoo . my god.
he really got de korean looks. ==
korean stylee. wahraooo . =D

ahhhhhh. reportss. T.T
many things to do. yet so little time.
homeworks. gahh gahh.
non stop class ttodayy,
i just finish my piano lesson.
sleepy yet still nid to continue my homeworks.
a little more to gooo . =pp

still a long journeyy to go .
and so far all de frens i noe.
am de oni one whos not staying in hostel. o.O

11 May 2009



elder den me a year !
omgg . currently crazee over him.
he is freaking H.O.T !
amazing vocal.
cool body build up. so my type. :P
debuted last year.
ahhh. i stil like my other fav artists kay. hehe

10 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day

you re de greatest person on earth.
given me to the world with wonderful life.
given me the most love that anyone need.
you re there when i needed you the most.
you re there when am having my hard time.
never stop helping me. giving me effort not to give up.
never stop supporting me no matter how much it takes . no matter how much effort it bothers you.
you were there to protect me, shelter me, feed me.
where's me witout a single piece of you ?
i would like to listen to your nag forever.
somehow, it feels awkward without de nag. because of you . am everything.
am who am i now . fighting for it.
i love you mum.
thanks for everything.
sorry if i talk back often.
sorry if i did anything wrong.
sorry if i disappointed you.
i hope i will do my best in future.
not hope. promies. =) i dont any of these sorry to the mention anymore.

today is all yours. :D
saranhaeyo amuni.

9 May 2009

AKAI ITO .movie

movie with shu ping just now.
watched AKAI ITO.
erm, its more a less de same as de drama.
not so touching though.
den shop around midvaelly.
den stop by at TS.
boought some siblings pressie.
many people todayyy.
wahrao. when balik de time oni saw leng jai .==
ish ish.

oh yeah, met tan ju ann.
long time no see wei.
wit her parents
and great am freaking tired.
get to sleep 5 hours oni.
stupid . no electricityy. arse . dah lah de whether HOT .!

deng deng .

nice. =D

assignments are so freaking piling up.
and its just de first week of college.
well, better get prepared for it.
saw cousie at college today. == .
discuss a little about asignments.
hard starting.
hard decisions.
cute friends. =)
all kinds as well.
new surrouding .

chatted with my old frens just now.
my god, de conversation make me miss dem so much.
i miss high skol.
i miss all my friends.
when's our next hang out ?
when i can listen to your voices and laughters agian?
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! . its killing.
its so nice chatting with dem again.
about college though we re not de same anymore.
about hot hunks.
hahhaaa. espcially DBSK. DONG BANG SHIN KI rocks. <3
SUPER JUNIOR TOO ! i wana be part of deir FC members ! =(

everyone is asking when's my next partyy.
sorry la weii . i know you guys miss me manyakk.
but my party oni goes on when deres special occasions.
lol. like CNY's, my BDAYS ?
hahas. wait till next year lo kay?
time passes really fast. heee. :D
hope we stil keep in touch by then. =)
sure call you guys de . wana see your faces kan ? :D

chia pei coming back ?
yeayea. long time din see her ad. =x
finally shes back.
but i started college ad.

ariff. GAY are HOT kan.
hahhaaa. antique bakery has nice HOT gays.
ahhahaa. and de guy you show me is not DAT HOT loooooooo.
JOO JI HOON even hotter. =P
dont be GAY la weii.
i will miss de old you . :P

7 May 2009

yeah. it is .

college life
so far okay ? .
so far. ==
yeah. finally contacted jason lee
changed his email but din noe my msn list dun have him till he ring my sis. ==
its been a time we din contact ler.

nothing much to update .
not as much as i use too.
maybe its just a begininng of my college life.
and . havent really get use to it yet . ahhs
no. of readers in my blog decrease !
manee you guys pergii ?
leavee laa some message.
sorry la no pictures.
later la kayy? =)

my fonts are not back yet.
saded =(

6 May 2009

no class

today no class.
head of depart ask to go.
btu teacher say no nid.
so chao back.
ish, if not i can wake up late lo.
den all chaoo.
grrr .


5 May 2009

college life.

at least college schedule settle down ad.
gahhh . make new friends.
yeayea. all not from KL.
i mean mostly. from klang, sarawak, sungai buloh . etc etc
all taking food sc. ==
whos gona take biotech same as mee lah? =( .
i got no class on monday wei.
i oni got 4 days class.
and tues gap is de longest.
dengg. what i wanna do. call my friend drive me to TS lepakk . =P

omgg. i can feel de stress ad. =X
haaaaaaaaaaas. exam next month.
so fast.
asignments is killing.
so fast give aad.
comp lecture sien .
but get to see one leng jaii.=P
finally in few days start college.
maybe de college is bigg . thats why.
saw chee fai . chatted for few mins. xD.
din see yong huan de. hmpph.
even have lab group ad. ==

SUPER JUNIOR ROCKS ! saranghae oppas.

3 May 2009


fonts not back yet.
everything is ready for college.
nid to see head of department to ask about de timetable again.
i nid to arrange my piano lesson !
grrr. de and gaps are huge. ==

watched super junior's a walk to remember.
fanmade by E.L.F club.
my god, so touching weii.
i almost cried.
i wana join de FC laa.
but deres fees. and its in korea . application form also in korean.
dengg. same goes to cassiopea's FC.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. cant dey translate to english as well ? hmpph.

nid to make new friends again 2moro.
hopes its fine.
hope everything goes well.
my WAR has begin.

1 May 2009

joo ji hoo busted.

Whoa. Five people have been busted for drug trafficking, selling, and/or use — and three of them celebrities.

Most shocking is the involvement of popular actor Joo Ji-hoon, of movies Antique Bakery and The Naked Kitchen.

A representative from the Seoul police’s drug investigation department told reporters on April 26, “Joo Ji-hoon was investigated and admitted to drug use.” Joo reportedly bought the drugs — which include Ecstasy and Ketamine — from a fellow celebrity. Two non-celebrity individuals were booked for drug use along with Joo, but the three were not jailed. Police have filed for arrest warrants for the traffickers, movie actress Yoon Seol-hee and model Yeh Hak-young.

According to the police, Yoon is suspected of having received approximately 100 million won ($75,000) from Yeh and others between August 2007 through December 2008. She allegedly traveled from Japan fourteen times to purchase, smuggle, and sell Ecstasy and Ketamine. (Yeh supposedly accompanied her several times.) The drugs had been smuggled into the country by concealing them in underclothes worn by Yoon.

Joo Ji-hoon is thought to have used the drugs on two occasions along with the other reported individuals, at a Kangnam club and at home.

The 26-year-old Joo Ji-hoon shot to fame after acting the lead role of the prince in the incredibly popular teen drama Goong (Princess Hours) in 2006, which he followed with the dark thriller drama Devil in 2007. Most recently, he took the lead in the manga-adapted film Antique Bakery and the offbeat romance The Naked Kitchen.

YIIIIKES. I’m guessing he’ll be dropped from the Tokyo Tower remake now — if not prevented from acting altogether. Drug use — particularly in South Korea — is a big, big deal, and potentially career-killing stuff. Don’t do drugs, folks!

oh gosh,
am a fan of joo ji hoon weiii.
guess everyone remmeber him from de drama GOONG .
he acted in a few movie i watched.
but now, end up he lost hes chances to becum famous.
he receive so many cast from japan.
but now all cancelled. as well as fan meeting.
sigh. too bad la.
now i wonder i can watched his Naked Kitchen movie.
am stil his fans. =)