29 June 2009


whoas. TRANSFORMER 2 was hell of spectacular !
high ratings man .
10/10 . =DDD.
my highest rating ever . freaking awesome.
graphics was great. really great.
storyline. whoas. fantastic.
no wonder the movie has high rating till now. =).
i admit dis time TRANSFORMER 2 really grab my attention.
i seriously wiling to buy the original DVD . :D
megan fox is sexy and hot. am not less alright. =P
sam was quite okay. hes not hot but he looks cool in de movie. <3

today's exam was soso . =x
dont know what to say .
hope de marks will be okay le. =S

i can start my drama ad !
arhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. BLACK AND WHITE here i come .

i wana edit my blog as well.
but i dont know how to start.
cause i dont know how to use de ori template. lame. =d

28 June 2009

onew and taemin .

tae min from SHINee . <3 isn hes cute?
ahhahas. okay.hes younger den me a year. deng lo .
cannot like him . =(
nvmm . i got jonghyun and minho from his band. =PPP

hope he get well soon . ONEW from SHINee. <3
music back incident was close one.
thanks to khuhyun and si won . super junior rocks till the max. <3

exam 2moro.
wish me luck.
last paper .

27 June 2009

KPOP news

i just watched golden melodyy awards wit SUPER JUNIOR !!!!!
OMGGG. babied chun weiii.
dey sang and dance ITS YOU and SORRY SORRY.
freaking arse COOL.
sungmin din get to dance.
he hurt hes leg ytd in music bank if am not mistaken,
cut hes leg. T.T
at de same time ONEW from SHINee hurrt hes leg while performing JULIET. sadded =(
and and he fainted while de ceremony wana end dat time.
cause of de incident.
where, de light almost fall on him where si won and khuh yun quickly grab de light.
just that one of de light drop beside him.
due to shock, he fainted . hes ad hurt. and kena shock lagi. damn unlucky.
hes famous for hes ONEW's condition.
not only this, he fall from hes dorm stairs. broke hes teeth.
suppose to recovering. but hahas. ytd . was such an unlucky thing to happen
hope he get well soon. saranghaoe oppa ! <3

SUPER JUNIOR is gonna have SUPER SHOW 2 !
omgg. its next month . wtf wtf wtf. i wana gooo ! i wana see dem.
are dey coming to malaysiaa ? huh huh ?
am gona save moneyy now. !
ki bum hurt hes legg . =( cant join de super show .
so dere will be 12 members oni . tak syok lo . =(
complete members nicerr lo. too bad.

SS501 is coming to malaysia end of de yearrr !
am comingggggggggggggggggggg !
hyun jong . hope he get well soon. =)
grandma pass away recently. got depressed. =( sadded too .
he pengsan also . due to high fever.
terpaksa postpone thailands activityy . =(((
kim hyung joon is freaking CUTE.

FT ISLAND is currently at singapore now.
wtf lo. why dont come to malaysia ?
so near oni loo . T.T

i read so many news ytd.
dont really remember all .
joo ji hoon finally send for probabtion and a year jail.
hes a damn arse. spoilt hes own future.
dah lah yeng. take druggs. damn pandai .

i wana dl music !
on mon i wil start ! after my last paper . =D
and and continue my drama ! =)
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =p

am gonna edit my blog at de same time.
chia pei if i see you online i ask you gah. :)

26 June 2009

games .

its been a day.
changed my wed probs and stats exam to monday.
gahhhh. =S
went to eat A&W today.
so long din eat le.
but .okay. dont even wana mention what happened in CC.
if jit lun mentioned it inn hes blogg.
am so gonna hit him on monday. ==
first time in CC
siao giler.
all guys . oni 2 girls. and all playing dotaaa . ==
sienn lo .
i played left4 DEAD !
weeee =p ; i wana dl de game and playy. :-D
i din noe plant VS zombie game is so addictive.
lol. i keep playinggggggggggg. =S
and its getting harder and harder. ishhh.

i wana watch transformer 2 ! =(
siblings watching now.
and me ? dont know when i can watchh. T.T
i heard de show was awesome. =S
jealous. i wan watch !

25 June 2009

chemistry exam.

chemistry exam was soso.
dont know whether to say its hard or easy.
dont know whether to say i can do or cannot do.
see the results ma know lo.
next tues comp ess. results. deng . =xx
scareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .

today was awesome.
saw CML in library. <3
my view so nicee. hahahas. cant concentrate while studying . =x
and andd. OMGG. i finally say mr KIM !
de korean dude ! he looks hotter ? =P.
so long din see him lo.
i wana see him more ofen. and of course i wmau kenal diaaaaaaaaaaa. !
and and . i saw my hearty super junior video today. <3333333
happy giler . i super hearrt super junior.
in fact more den DBSK.
hahahaha. i still love DBSK la. instead of "like".
wana edit my blog soon. =)
been boring with this blogskin kan ?
its been a time i din visit ppl's blog.
and my cbox has less comments den before.
feel like am getting inactivee in blogspot. =xx

monday last paper.
i wana watch TRANSFORMERS !
siblings watching 2moro.
i cant go =( got piano lesson.
i wana watchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
everyone said nice wor.
shud be nice laa . TOP moviee wor.

MEI YAN is back .
omgg . lets hang kai.

cheryl loo. when u freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
JOM. lepakk laaa.
i wana hug you lehhhhhhhh. =P
i miss your shoulder. =P

21 June 2009

four leave clover lost . =(

anyone saw my four leave clover?
my godd.
i lostt itt
i keep losting things this week.
i lost my pendrive cover.
i almost lost my mechanical pencil.
and now i lost my four leave clover key chain.
sad giler la weii . =(

20 June 2009


shud i change my blog name ?
mayb i dont nid too.
just let de fonts b de way it is .
too sad.
cause i lazy to imform eveyone.
and i like my blog's name.
i wish de fonts wil come backk. =(

but gonna change blog skin.
where can i find nice ones?
i wana use de ori template.
but i dont know how.
anyone can teach me ? or any recommandation ?

reports nid to be done .
everyone after next week .
yeahhh . =D

today maths test sucks like shit.

18 June 2009

will i make it ? =)

i think am gonna change my blog's link .
if de fonts doesn comes back next week.
gonna do it after my midterm.
wana take de whole freaking dat do edit and update everything .
shittly, fonts not bad ever since de half year , diao .

am stil regret thou it past quite some time.
when thinking about it, wondering why it happened.
what did i do ? . maybe its somehow a payback.
often felt scared and worried.
but yet i still need to continue with my life.
sometimes feel like stoping, but wouldn wont too .
its not easy thou . but i wan to go on .
and have back my spirit that i always had.
i wonder am able to continue having this spirit.
am tryingg. sigh. =x

am disappointed as well after de incident still.
it was my so callled big day ? and its like . wtf .
what are this kind of peoples.
after that day onwards, am feelingless.
trying to feel comfartable whenever around them .
i tried my best. tried to seal the gap .
but no one cares. as if am invisible.
not a single touch is given .

everyone changed. the world changed so much ?
so does humans. but, how much can you bother?
how much can you mend to make dem not to change?
how can you tried so much to get back de feeling when you re always with dem ?
time fades everything . really.
humans surround them changes more a less as well .
sometimes, you cant say much . but just continue to be.
i have lost the feeeling i use to have wit you. miannee.

i dont update my blog as often as ever.
i feel my blog is dull .
i wanna change everything after midterm.
gahhs. time is so limited.
i wish i can buy time.

i wish i can have someone that i can lean against whenever am not happy.
knowing that there's still someone cares about me.
blast out everything . i somehow havent find such close friend yet.
maybe yet to find ?
or anyone wana share my burden ? :P
i love leaning on peoples shoudler. my bro always de victim . :P
but not comfartable thou. hahas. not broad enough . xD

can i make it till the very end .
i hope so .

17 June 2009


fonts are not back.
shud i change my blog's link ?
oh .wth.
lazy to . nid to imform everyone man .
grrr. babi fonts.

i wan colours . !
midterm next week.
shooot me.

12 June 2009

swee kit's bday .

yesterday went to NEWAY near leisure mall's.
it was a so last minute decision wei . ==
everyone skip comp's class. oni me and nicole lee went jer.
like so siao siao . xD but sit at de bak la.
so an escape half way class as we did. =DDD
den later that went library for discussion for our assignment.
dim zhi. discuss till jit lun and de gang camee.
talk talk den end up duno why go leisure mall eat den sing k .
tot wana watch moviee. but time all very latee . tak ngam.
end un sing k . lol sing till 7 PM. =DDD!
and and . so hei sangg. go and walk buy poker card. ==
me chee kong and jit lun pegii carii where around leisure mall got sell.
cannot even find wwhere's 7 11 till we bought ad. == ish .
sang and playy like mad. xD
it was swee kit's bday . =DD
HAPPY BDAY SWEE KIT ! blated. heeee .

yeahh . i get to sing sorry sorry . weeeeeeeeeeee =p
i even bought SUPER JUNIOR'S ALBUM AD !
so happpyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! hahaha . got poster and mouse pad as welll.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYY .
i wana buy DBSK wan also . but but . pk laa. sumore buy contact lens . wahraoo .

midterm post pone to next week . grr .
maths is scaryy. =(

8 June 2009

yong tau foo . =P

brought college friends to eat yong tau foo today.
lols. tot it will be long.
but end up quite fastt . cause ryte away we reach dere.
dere's place to sit ad.
and . swee kit marlene bought durian back to hostel . ==
hahhahas. wonderrr .

mid term next week . wohooo . T.T
maths is so dead? .
ahhs. chinca.
my life is getting *borederr .*
i din talk about de friday yumcha thing ?
yea, i back early . around 10.30 pm.
my mum was like? whoas so early wan ? lol.
if i noe back late a bit . =p
kelvin lee and show phon showed up .
edwin, kahyung . and de brothers came as well.
it was not so . no comment .
not so . how to say. nevermind . i miss the olddays.
i wan more partayys.

everyone hope for a better day.
better achivements.
who doesnt? i aalways hope am as smart as others.
so i wouldn nid to struggle to study . read.
disappointment. and no more.
no way .

its hard to put a genuine smile .
its really hard.
smile whenener can .tryting to put a smilee . =)

5 June 2009

oh yeah .

maths is driving me crazyy
what the shit de teacher teaching.
have to readd addd.
mid term next next weeek ahhh.
omgg, dat guy caught me todayy.
shit, hahahas. duno how to see him next timee.
later he sure perasan ad. =xx
so long din see dat korean dude KIM.
later gonna go yum cha with kawans. =D

3 June 2009

midvalley outing with the gangg.

ytd went to midvalley after comp class.
hahhas.replace our maths class on fridays.
supposingly, we wana use de time to do chem and computing assignment.
duno whos suggestion end up to midvally to eat korean food. LOL
went to the shop that marlene chua said de korean boss very leng jai .
but end up not leng jai de . to mee laa. =pp
those who went . me, chee kong, swee kit , marlene, joyinn . alice how. lim jit lun .kononya miah ? LOL . nicole, wendy, elaine. and some i forgoteen de name. hahaha.sorryyy .
after eatt korean food ate ice cream playy.
chee kong intro . but end up he got not enough money to eatt. LOL.
den den . later that miahh spend everyone BIG APPLE ! weee= p
but dat time everyone full ad. still eat. =D .

ahhhh, den went back to UCSI for chem class.
everyone tired giler. xD .
sleepy. cant concentratee. hahhahaas .
first time hang out with college frens . =)
they are funny and fun . crazyy sometimes.

and report marks for chem sucks ler. sadded =xx.
ahhhh. 2moro got chem quizz.
WTF . i dont wana screww againn.
its awfull .grrr .
midterm in a week more. T.T
wish me luck ?

1 June 2009


back from movie with siblings.
wacthed de monster VS alien
and terminator.
de first was quite okay la. quite funny though.
but not my type of moviee.
am giving freaking high rating for dis show.
its an awesome moviee . MUST WATCH !
i have been cathing dis movie since de first movie released .
it would be better if arnold acted in itt.
he did acted. but just a minor character.
and kyle reese in de movie is babi HOT .
forgotten hes real namee.
but hes CUTEEE . ! <333
everything is spectacular in de movieeeeeee . worth wathing moviee.
it probably has movie 4.
cause skynet is not over yett.
ahhh. cant waitt. =P
next moviee. HARRY POTTER in Julyyy. !
oh yeahhh .
yet more to come . =D.

okayyyy . i wana go for holiday.
but college hols in killing meee.
i wana go koreaaaaaaaaaaaa !
i wan see SUPER JUNIOR !!!!!!!!!!!
i just bought super junior's super show ! weeee .
saw deir album . but din buy . cause din bring enough money.
and since it has many covers.
i can decide which one to buy.
feel like buying all of it.
same goes to DBSK's .
i just love them a lot .
am waiting for jay chou's movie as well .
ahhhh . YET MORE TO COMEEE peoples .