31 July 2009

swing .

can i borrow your shoulders whener i need you ?

am out of mind .
i don't know what's meant by it anymore.
i just don't know.
si beh not happy. =(

30 July 2009

kim junsu . <3

gahh. small. =( . but dey H.O.Ts !

yunho preparing with he's upcoming drama ! wohooooo !
seems changmin has hes own role in a drama too !
now left yoo chun and xiah havent get into acting yet.
i wana see yoochun actt ! cuteee. <3

g-dragon . he is amazing talented dude.
hes like my 2nd jay chou i admired ! wohoooo .
not cause hes looks. but hes talents. <3

lastly kim junsu from 2PM! <33
i dont know why i fell for him instead of nichkhun which is more cute and good lookingg.

he broke up with hes thai GF?
but JYP denies it . why dont he speaks out?
of JYP dont him to do so ?
hey, hes ex is spamming aorund in facebook about him.
WTH . ~
recently, i notice thai guys are not bad. o.O
really, better den malaysians . physically. i dont know about internally.
facebook has many . =D .
really wahrao. din expect .

29 July 2009

no mood.

changes gonna start from next month .
so gonna change.

no mood.
no mood for anything.
i want lee teuk.

27 July 2009

MILK Club.

my feelings and mood now are so strong enough to join Lee Teuk's new club . MILK !
Apparently organised by lee teuk de president.
vice president snsd leader.
manager tacyeon. wth .
SNSD ? wtf .

currently, onew from shinees and micky yoochun were about to be one of de first new members. == . and g-dragon currently stressed enough to join as well.
dis MILK Club mostly for stressed and lonely artists?
sounds weird huh . lol . but i find it cool . =D .
cause dere's lee teuk !
i wish i can understand korean so i can read his blog ! =( .
seems like, deir life is really stress.
sigh, no jobs are easy in the world.

but i really like entertaiment.
sometimes, if am given a chance, i dont mind being an entertainer.
or an artists.
when u re faited to be, you will. so happen, am not . =(

26 July 2009

harry potter

watched Harry Potter. its really disappointed thou.
not as nice as everyone said . boringg ~
compared to other eps.
de previous ones are better .

gahhhs. i wana eat korean food. =D

24 July 2009

a lilttle to late.

yahhhhhh. no classes next week.
except for maths. on tues and fri which is 1 hour and 2 hours oni . ==
lazyy to go loo . but what to do. maths chaa ryteee.
so mustt go den . =x
shitted. really do .

nothinq nice to blog today.
ahhhh, yesterday i get to see CML and FDD . ! <3
O.M.G for the last time ! i meant, for dis semester.
wonder if i can meet them during my next semester . =(
i wana see them every sem ! =SS .
i wan kenall diorangggg. T.T

study la jerica.
finals ahhh.
omgg. keep drama-ingg laa. wthhh .

23 July 2009

be myself. that's all . =)

i will stop trying to sub into it anymore.
its hard. and when it doesnt gets along.
it doesnt. i won't be forceful anymore.
let faith be. let everything happen as normal.
am tired of trying that . .
you wana stab. go ahead. =)
am trying my best to be me. :-D

academics are settled now so far.
2 weeks more to finals.
i dont want to flunk any subj .
i dont wana retakee. wtff.
especially maths. really O.M.G

i beh tahan with de books around me now.
after finals . am gonna clear everything.
keep all those books so that my new sem books can come in . =D.
chehh. and so shit. my new sem class on monday till 8 pm . WTH .
from 8 am to 8 pm. 12 hours in college.
why dont dey put in on wed. so i can go for pasar malam? == .
and sumore so cacat.
everyday got class. and very early sumore. though come back early.
fri most shitted. one class in the morning oni. WTH .
really wth dis time timetable. .

everything is alright.
everything is bout FINALS. now. hoho.
studyyy laaa!
am watching KANG IN's drama now ! romance zero !
wahahhahhaaa. seems funny.
just finish a kdrama ytd. de show was not bad . =D
i finish a 54 eps drama in 2 days.
yeah. call me amazing. =P

old friends. i still miss you all la.
JOM. lets weetttt again .
hahahhaa. keep intouch laa you alll .

21 July 2009

yum chaed.

chemistry class canceled. !
all of us went CAfe near leisure mall to eat. lol.
deres two cars now.
soso. everyone get to go.
i wana go connought pasar malam 2moro.
but so late.
dont know wan go mouuu . =xx .

maybe watching harry potter 2moro also.
see laaa. =D .
heard some friends said nice. some say not nice.
so i dont know wanna watch a not. =x .

wana key in all my camera photos in de comp.
but lazy to dl de system . =x
i dont know where i put de Cd ad.
today maths was quite easy.
and and . i wana watch drama later. =!
weeee =p

19 July 2009


bought a new motherboard.
memory bigger. speed faster.
everyting is awesome with de new comp.
but i cant get to discover.
after TUES. !
after maths shitty exam ! =D.
i cant fail this time !
PASS ! ohh. hell, probs results release 2moro .

finished a jap drama ytd. gonna start a new one . OSEN.
hahas .

SUPER JUNIOR is so awesome and cute. <3

18 July 2009

zac efron is HOT.

he is so fcking HOT in 17 AGAIN..
O.M.G . H.O.T
at frist i craze over chad.
but i feel hes quite old add =P
and now i craze over ZAC EFRON.
ahhhhhhhhs. my ang mohhh babeee. <333
he is so cute and HOTT .~ !
how awesome to date hotiie like him . =D

16 July 2009


dey look so . erm . hahahaa . minho has 6 packs.
wthhh. hahahhhahaa. i tot hes skinny like de others.
but look here. ==
taemin looks like a girl with that hair styleee . ==
currently hooked up with cheongsa. cuteeeeeee =D.
and and also outsider.
hes rap is awesomee. <3>
i havent study for maths.
so shitted.
so many things to doo . time aint giving me any chance.
i nid to pass up 3 works next tues.
and exam . wthhh. on de same day.
why dey like 21st so muchh ? what so special. ?
20 is de course selection some more. gengg la noww.

15 July 2009


wish for something better.
dont you ?
i felt compared . .
am just. hopinggg .
sigh. i dont know.

keep going on .
be like what you use to be. =)


14 July 2009

korean village.

yeah. went korean villaagee eat korean foood todayy . weee =p .
chee kong fetch 5 of us dere.
supposingly eat yong tau foo. but end up eating at korean village.
lol. my god, manyak koreans dere. <3
hahahhas. . ate kroean ais cream.
cupcakes. snacks.
really zha dou . brought back to college to eat sumore.
that's a reason why shouldn a college leave a big gap for another class.
man, we lepak every where ! LOL .
even worse when got a car ! LOL. .
mandy is gonna have her car also.
wahkaoo . lol.

yeshhhhh. thrus morning no class.
i wana watch harry potter . dengggggggggggg!
i wana watchhh ahhhhh.
ahhhhhs. chinca.

13 July 2009

how can you not fall for them ?

micky yoo chun . loveeed . <3

charming handsome cute muscular jae jong ! <33

cuteeeeeeeeeeeee hank yung. loved = D

teukieee. ahahaa. my facebook pet name.
loveddd. <3

Dong haeeee. handsomee. <333

machine dancer eunyuk . <3>
suites him better.

aunty vocalist hahaha. cute. . <3

heaven dongsaeng. <333 KHUH YUN ahhhh !!

BIG BANG BANGG ! g - dragon is so hot and so pretty.
T.O.P is so sexyy and HOT. <3 loveddddddd.

my comp wallpaper. <33 heart giler.

my new hook up korean guy . <3
tall , handsome, dance hotly , and singing kills.
hes voice is sexyy . CHUNG LIM.
newcomerrr. give him some loveeeeeeeeeeeeee.
deres even more newcomer.
dey getting hotter and hotter
younger and youger. all about my age . WTH !
okay, chung lim is not . hes 23. =D