30 August 2009


neway, yesterday's gathering was fun. =D
fun meeting oldmates back.

today went for dim sum with relatives.
den went to kajang's temple.
gahh. i think my skin got more sensitive to sunlight after eating de medicine.
i cant stay under sunlight too long anymore. =x

i bought de contact lens . but din wear.
i tried . but damn hard wei. especially my right eye.
my mum said maybe due to astig. cause cornea not totally in shape.
cant. i wana pratise wearing it again . =x

29 August 2009

super show 2 !

oh, i so fcking wana go.
i wan to gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ~
its TBA. not comfirm. =(

timee. ~

time passes really fast.
another 4 months to 2010.
whoas. and am nineteen in 4 months as well.
then 20, then 21, then 22 .
age will ver stop.
life will always change.
people surround you will never permanently stays the same.
nethier do i .
its the whether they became better or not so good in your perspective.
i do have friends who changed or did not change yet . .
friends who changed drastically. friends who always been the same.
i appreciate and cherish friends that are sincere.
but, it's always hard to keep in touch nowadays. college schdules are differents.
busy with thier own things.
eventually, this friend'ship' will slowly sink.
i will try my best to keep with everyone who does keep in touch with me.
thanks wei . love you guys.
thanks for asking how am i . how's college. how's things going.
really kamsamida. =D .
when can we hang out like we use too during those days?

having gathering with my old classmates today.
okei, am suppose to sleep .but damn it.
suppose to finish my two days one night.
but suddenly. my internet goes crazyy .
gahh .
and my freaking desprate routine keep going on and off.
i so need to get it back . ahhh ~ .
and yeah . i pass all my subjs.
no As. instead all B + s?
what's de plus for?
and . all the marks like few more marks to A . grr ~.
maths . i so freaking pass with the so freaking useless teacher teaching.
i even get 60 + . few more marks to B . again. few more marks.
sem 1 cleared. of course i shud get marks better then this.
sigh. i hope for the best for my 2nd sem. =)
hope everything is fine.
do my best . and . yeah . work heart.

i know my college life is gonna be more hectic.
but . i still need to continue things .
i might be taking mandrin classes. i dont want to be way back no matter what.
i wana read and write mandrin . just speaking mandrin is not enough.
whoas, i notice i speak a lot of mandrin in college till my cantonese like shyt ad.
i hope i can cope . after my timetables comfirmed and everything is ready for college. my mandrin class starts . hope so . =D.
meanwhile, i plan to learn korean language . =DD .
maybe after i graduate. but one fuss is, what if i comfirm doing final in overseas? how am i suppose to learn my korean language? and the feees? == .
i so wanna learn laaa. ` and also japanese. i wana learn what i want before i turn 21 ! =x.
and my piano exam . my final grade. i need to be hardworking towards my piano to pass this grades fast also . =( . if can, i wana take til diplomaa..
many things to do kan .
i found a cheap violin !
am doing my savings to buy that violin ! and i so freaking gonna buy it !
yeahh ! ~

today's post everyone will know what am talking .
hahas. since, i use to post all those entertaiment stuffs.
avex is having audition . wtf . wish i have talent to join . sigh. to bad then.

currently hook up with park haejin and lee seunggi . =D
wee wang wang.
i miss this 3 words.

27 August 2009

family outingggggggggg. `

family outing is hilarious ! love them.
love haejin . de new member. =DDD.
he is so cutee and tall . <33

ahhhhs. i dont wana start college if can . gahh
and btw, boy's over flowers china version.
which is let's watch meteor shower is outt.
do you think i shud watch?
since i watched all de boys over flowers version ad. lol.

26 August 2009

always keep the faith

new sem starting next week . =(
gahhh. so fast. 2 weeks just pass like that.
many things uncleared.
blogging . blogging.
not as active as before.
since , dere not many things to talk about lately.
wait til college starts.
see if there's anything interesting topic .
if would definately be a hectic wan .

family outing is hilarious.
too bad. chunhee and ye jin nids to leave de family.
now with new members, hope its okei .
i wish i can have trips with friends like them
though dere's many works.
but its fun .
really fun . that's what i like about korean.
friends. =) . dey really close to each other.
sigh. they are fun .wish am part of them. =(

sometimes if it's not fated.
just forget it.
and don't force it.
no point doing it.
you won't do anything good.
so let it be.
always keep the faith . =)

24 August 2009

yesung's bday . (:


he looks weird in this pictures.
somehow this is de latest i got.t hahhahaa
hes not bad laa. =)
cause hes part of SUPER JUNIOR ! orr ~~~~

23 August 2009


i noticed i joined to many forums.
wthh . til i dont know which to go everytime.
and which i din update my profile or stuffs.
de oni forum i always go is 2PM 's . ==
and super juniior's .

i joined 3 2PM's forum. 2 super juniors .
1 big bang . 2 FT island. 1 u -kiss. 1 fly to the sky. 1 epik high . 1 XING.
DBSK i cant remember which i joined. cause too many d. lol.
SS501 . am searching for deir forum .
oh yeah, one more jay chou's which i din sign in for decades. gahs.

my 900th post.
gonna reach 1000+ posts ad.
wohoooooooo . ~
XING is back . but not really active in south korea.
so awesome is. de former member dpopper in a new band name D2Y2 .
debut soon. =) 2 of de members is YG enter trainee which almost debut as Big Bang.
not bad loo . under CUBE's . which is JYP sister companyy.
which is also 4 MINUTE's companyy !
wohoooooo. cant waitt to see deir debutt !

20 August 2009

okei .
this is so depressed
and gonna cause milions choas with CASSOPIEA members and DBSK fans.
DBSK might even breaking up if de issue is not settle ?
oh wth, de shinhwa and H.O.T case is back again .
this kind of cause with SM entertaiment will never stop huh.
SHINee which dey said de junior DBSK.
in future, cases like this can be seen i guess.
woooooo ~ .
FC is ad causing havoc.
and boycott. wonder whats SM's decisions.
this is so wtf . DBSK break up ? no way.

G-Dragon solo comeback gonna delayy. =(
everything . as well as MBC. SBS.
some variery shows.
due to the death of some VIP person of the company.

BROWN EYED GIRLS are freaking hawt !

19 August 2009


wohoo . daesung's operation succes.
SS501's news not comfirmed?
lalallalaa ~

shinning inheritance is getting more exciting.
but loading damn long =(
uploaded all de pictures in facebook.
gahhh . settled .
a week more of hols ni .
wthh . results.
scaryyy . must makee it laa . =x

jerica choo hearts kwon jiyong. <3

18 August 2009



G-Dragon's album

cant waitt to listen.
if malaysia has, i wana buy de album !

shittly unbeliveable.
i still can see him though its sem break.
hes with his mum or sis kutt ?
cause dey look a likeee. =D.
O.M.G damn you yuan fen . =P

lee seunggi's drama is addictive.
gonna finish it by tonite.
silent library is hilarious.
laugh like mad.
SS501 news is heartbreaking.

heartbreaking news.=(

am goona be G-Dragons next heartbreak instead of heartbreaker.
hope that news is not truee.
gott. my heart just sank down.
like i cant belivee it ? wth?
them ? no way ? sigh.
news is just a news.
pls dont be truee.
pls clarifyy it .
dont know why am so into the mess though its none of my business.
totally way off from me.
well . what to do ?
why i love them? =(
i certainly hope i dont.

17 August 2009

micky's look a like kid. <3

lee seunggi . <3

he looks like micky yoochun's style.
feel like hugging him !

15 August 2009

889 post.

ahhh. din realise my previous post is 888.
wow, 800+ post ad.
call me geng =p
how long i blog ad ?
2007? its like i update my blog almost everyday.
or two posts a day .
3 years blogging.

am back with myspace.
after for so long i finally remmeber my password.
my last sign in was 2oo7. LOL
one year i din sign in .
lazy to update profile.
ytd, whole nite at 2PM and 2AM's forum .
wonder what to write at my profile. =(
deres sumore many other forum more ==
man man edit laa. chan hai .

i want to go cameron highlands.
who wana teman me goo ?
sure no one laa.
so sien punya place.
sadded =(
tak pernah pegii .

14 August 2009

FINALS officially over.

oh yeah .
final exam is so officially over.
i saw three of them today <3
i laugh out of sudden when saw CML.
blush when saw KIM.
and stunt when saw FDD.
din expect to see FDD and KIM in de same exam hall . =)
happy giler.
balikk meet jugakk . =DDDDD!
wahahahhahahhaaaaaaaaaaaa .
okei . siao .

why is it so hard to call old skol friends out lately?

gonna start my dramaaaaaaaaaas ~ whoooops.

13 August 2009

random pictures.

g-dragon new solo album.
gonna release aug 18 =D
cant waitt !
my current desktop wallpaper.
damn cool.
damn suites surprisingly.

12 August 2009

syok . (:

ahhh . i sleppt kau kau todayy . =D .
til my mum wake me upp .
finally . a nice and comfartable sleep .
i got no mood for maths wei .
cannot must study later.
my worst subj yet i most slacking . =x

finally get to chat with my korean friends ytd . =D
so long din keep in touch .
learn some korean language with them .
okeim i got a lot more to learn .
wthh . =x
i wana take classes !
i wana take japanese classes also .
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .

i notice my blog readers decrease ?
or no 1 leave message as much as before.
that's why i feel its lesser? lol .
i feel dull already .
watching videos already.
BIG BANGG ! wohooo .

11 August 2009

oh yeah .

omiigosh. final paper on FRIDAY !
then its FREEDOM ! today i get to see both FDD & KIM ! <3
i got to see FDD in a closer look . =)
but KIM just in a short while ni . =(
he came in late for exam and went out early..
gahhs .

papers today was okay?
can do ? but not sure with de answers.
i expected harder . =x
but it was okay la.

am so gonna start my dramas ad.
oh yeah .

babi freaking jit lun ,
okayy la.
you did make me feel bad . cause u waited for like more den half hour for to come out from de exam hall. i din noe you will wait. i tot u will go with de rest maa.
sorryyy . :( .
at least i teman you makan . PAID . =P .
but if you waited wit FDD .
i will babied freaking SYOK . =p . <3

10 August 2009

O.M.G . Freaking stress.
Chemistry probs n stats exam tomorrow. Wtf.
Hope comp essential marks 2day is okay. =x
Aku sgt tension sklang!
Nid relax skit ni.
Been checking my fb n blog using phone. Faster. No nid on off comp n convinient!

Hope 2moros papers i can do!
Fighting! (:
Saw FDD 2day. <3
Wonder i cn see kim 2moro a nt. Since i stil cn c FDD 2moro during probs 2moro. Near lagi best. =p

7 August 2009

ahhh, saw KIM TODAY!
O.M.G . He changed his hairstyle! Look way off better!
I wana know him! Gahhhhh..
I jz say so long din see him ad n wana see. Den while walking to fren's hs, he appeared! Omfg.
Am happy! =p so jodoh!
Cheh, jodoh. Ahhhhhhhhh. Koreans ! (=

Exam next week.
Shitted. Cant screw any paper!
Wish me luck! =D
Heard papers were hard. Oh boy.

2NE1 rocks!
I dont noe why like dis girl band so much. I like 4 minute too!
And yet, i dun noe i hate SNSD. Mayb cz dey are nt HOT and act cute. Sorry to SNSD fans. Diff ppl has dif taste mayb mine slightly 'low'. Lalala.~

6 August 2009


De song that i mention .
nice . superb = D
found de lyrics
but not in kanji.
so i nid to translate myselff. wth .

5 August 2009

cozy .

i like today's whether.
rain .
rained heavily.
cold and wet .
makes you feel cozy .
this season may come more often soon .

no more sigh to be.

4 August 2009


entartaiment wil never stop growingg. =x .
keep growing and growing .
artists getting younger and younger.
variety shows always has updates.
almost every month or 2 weeks.
i got variety show to watch . LOL
just have to check de updates. and yet many i havent catch up yet.
of course, i watch de ones with my favourites . <3
yet stil more to go . =D.

currently addicted to hot issue 4 minute's .
goodbye my love . 8eight.
r.tripper's far away .
2ne1's pretty boy, i don't care and fire.
2ne1 is freaking HOT. and young . am so noona and nuuni . =(
i wana debut alsoo . X.X
r.trpper de new male duo . de next fly to the sky ?
wahahhahaha .

chemistry on my way now.
maths havent touch . so dead.
hope everything is gonna be fine.
no more slackingg.
yo hoooo .
go studyyy , gahhhh !

2 August 2009

DBSK hot news.

DBSK issues is not settle.
facts and rumuors are explained more sequencely.
but really wrong .
everything is just guessing.
and dont worrry. DBSK is not gonna be disbanded like deir seniors.
its either dey leave SM and go for other company like YG or JYP
but won do dem much good since SM has relation with de KBS . SBS all that crap . which happend to shinhwa. gahhhs.
faster clear up de problems instead of letting de fans in guessing state !
artists made clearing in de cyworld as well !
gosh , wish i can read more korean .
i wan learn ! ahhh !

wooyongs hypnotized was really scaryy.
and star king really terrible.
wooyong object for being hypnotized . but star king stil filmed it. wth?
de side effect was scary. he can really concenrate after awakee.
and he said while hypotizing . he felt someone holding hes hand . wtf ?
star king been criticized ad . yet still . de same.
de show is even under plagiarizing a japanese game show.
hope wooyoung is okay . <3>

after finals i got many shows and things to do !
weeeeeeeeee =D
cant waitt .

1 August 2009

DBSK hot news circulating aroud .

DBSK is breaking up ?. no way.
SM entertaiment sucks.
take all their profits and oni giving dem lest den one percent profit.
wth ? how less is that ?
slave contrat . really.
jaejong , junsu and yoo chun is gonna do a lawsuitt.
changmin and yunho did not involve.
but wana leave SM too.
damn contrat. i dont wana see DBSK separate !
this is so crazyyy .
well . sm 's president definitely wants DBSK to continue.
dey bring enourmous profitt wei .
who doesnt wann.

gah . lazy for me to summarise de incident dere.
many rumours and stories is still going on.
currently, junsu's dad in representing dem on de lawsuit thing.
wonder what will happen next.
hmph? wonder it will happen to super junior and SHINee ?
still new kutt. time havent come yet.
wonder if dere will be de same incident happend like last time to H.O.T
which force dem to disband. omgg. so suckie.

updates about DBSK more. till de whole situation solves !
wohooo .
junsu . ; i mean 2PM 's . and de thai girl waii.
havent solve as well . JYP wana suee de girl !
wohoooo. she is so dead if JYP does that !
gahhhhhh .