30 September 2009




dont forget to register to vote.

if can , dont vote for Girl's Generation . =P


saw KIM today .
yuan fen . (:
hope to see him more.
saw CML also.
both in the same class . wahkaoo .
wan mei . if got FDD. lagi wan mei . =P

Biology reports are killing.
comp studies is more killing then algebra and trigonometry.
ohh, wth .
pengajian am midterm this sat. oh shoot.
havent start a single thing.
gonna start later. =x

today mood not really good.
sorry if insulted anyone.
sorry. just feel pissed off today.
for don't know what reason.

yeayea. sweet sixteen ryte? ==

27 September 2009


i nid to study ad. havent start a single shyt.
this is so not me.
grrr ` .
wana start bio later. BIO .==
pengajian am exam !
omg. in english. nid to struggle a bit.

i wana go genting end of the year?
anyone? huh huh .
so long din go for a trip ad.
wana have the fun with friends ler.
go with meeeeeeeeeeeeee ~

my internet connection is freakishly slow.
dl musics.
take almost de whole day.
wthh. sadded =(
gahhhhh . load pages also freaking sloww.
beh tahan liao .

26 September 2009


yumchaed with jinmun, ailing, eevon, showphon , chia pei and kelvin lee.
called a few. some din make it thou.
then went to leisure mall .
for a walk . dudududu ~
Ai ling. !
manyak lama tak jumpa..
i waanted to sing k .
but. too exp . :(
other time?
have to wait till end of the year, cause midterm next week.
and after midterm, assignments deadlines.
den finals. non stop . T.T

lab on monday
gah. dont really like bio lab.
prefer chem lab.
sounds more interesting.

i promise i will complete de task by end of this year.
where my finals end.
which is my sem break . :-D
i promise for real now.
am starting now.
i see nice ... ~

25 September 2009


hongki . i somehow feel he looks like clown here. =p

XING member. forgotten his name. =xx
i felt the gap .
i don't feel comfartable with you.
thou you make me happy and angry in times.
i feel confuse towards you .
dont know whether to like you or hate you.
sometimes you do things that makes me touched.
sometimes you do things that makes me dislikes you .
you making me confuse.
i dont know what to do . :(
i once said that its been a time i have that awkward yet excited feeling.
now am having it. and its not the same as before.
i use to catch and know all . now its not an easy thing.
by just admire you from far. hoping and hoping.
natural be ? . dream come truee? pehuhu ~ .
i don't think that's possible.
classes can get fun sometimes.
but can be stressful at times too .
peoples are increasing. stresser is increasing.
why you always wondered i am doing something in colege?
cause i dont really study at home. not like i use to be when SPM.
i wanted to start my drama. but . its 30+ eps.
scare i cant finish in time. cause midterm is next week .
you see. dont see in me as i am a studious geek .
i want too . but am not like others. with bright brains.
score A ++ in exams. i wish i am too . reallly .
my mood been swinging all the way.
i can feel really happy at times.
really moody at times.
don;t know what's wrong.
again and again . i dont know who am i anymore.
heartbreaker. . .
i can breath no more when i see you
out of sudden my hands are sweaty.
my heartbeats increasing.
felt like floating.
what does it says to you ?
have you ever wondered ?
i only keep those whose worth keeping.
you changed to negative.
i changed you to negative.
dont take me easily.
dont judge a book by its cover when you dont know what's de content in de book.

24 September 2009

BLOG edited.

FINALLY edited my blogg !
satisfied . =D.
edited my links as well.
if you notice de forums site.
almost all i got user.
dont ask me how i manage to keep myself not to be emiminate in de forums.
hahas. cause i dont know how i do it also.
dere's at least more den 20 forums i joined? .
i often visit 2pm's super juniors dbsk and DNT .
hahas. quite some also i visit.
if dere;s no updates i just go to another forum ~ .

sat exam postpone to dont know when . gahh . ~ lucky.
cause i havent study yet. phew~
acccounts . aigo~ finaly okay (:

and and today i saw KIM ! omfg.
i bet with swee kitt say that.
today am gonna depend on my faith whether i can see him a not.
dim chi. saw him go CC !
hahahaha . at first i saw de korean girl.
usually with de korean girl is de other fren or KIM.
den i look back. saw KIM ~ ! <3>
went to that CC ! den mei yan bought her duno what game. ahh` .
cut his hair ? . shorter . gah ~
sigh . sigh and sigh.

one more week to midterm .
oh leele.
i wana go genting ~
after this semester ! :D .

T-ARA ft Supernova - Time to Love.

23 September 2009

Key Kim Bum's bday.

weee =p lazy to upload de pic from laptop.
so randomly pick this.
he's de one with de blonde hair . <3
aku sangat suka pada dia.
hahahhaa. =D.
He's 18 already.
same age as meeeeeeeeeeeeee. weee =D
but . koreans dey counted it as 19 . ==
lalalla ~ who cares. xD
not younger den me its okei .

damn sleepy today.
comp studies is a killer subj also.
sat exam.
watched my queen.
omgg. DA MOUTH 's harry in de drama !
he is korean-taiwanese-american,
i wana find out more about him . but but .
cant find. grrrr.
oni get to find de female lead singer in de band.
which is japanese. =x.
leng luii loo . (: DA CHUI BA rocks.
if can i wana buy deir album.
oh yeah. i havent get G-DRAGON's album yet.
cant find it else where.
and i asked midvalleys shop.
dey said . dey did asked to order.
but duno why dont wana send here.
so am doubting to order de album online a not.
i scare dey dont send here.
den my moneyy flyy ~
howhow ? i really wan de album . T.T

currently craze over DNT.
love deir songs.
and also SHU-I. !
new boy band.
damn nice songs.
wish dey have more songs . =D.
fighting ~

22 September 2009

shortest time.

omg . its been a time i din update my blog..
seems so dull.
midterm is coming.
and am still watching drama.
wthh . really got no mood to study.
accounts is driving me crazy.
another 3 more months to new sem.
so fast. too fast.

G-Dragon smokes?
who cares?
i still like him though.
oh no, i stil love him .
somehow, i feel he changed after his solo album.
sigh. i miss de Big Bang's GD !
yunho's drama released.
gonna wait till de eps complete oni i watch.
watched east of eden !
PARK HAE JIN 's drama ! omgg. he is so cute in the drama.
and de show is superb.
darn . must watchh . really worth watching
KIM BUM casted in de drama also.but just a few eps.

having exam on sat.
grrr. next sat. and de following sat.
really wth ryte?
SAT also nid to wake up early .
watched TSUNAMI as well !
not baddd. =D
go watch ,

16 September 2009

grr ~

nothing to update.
midterm in another 2 weeks ?
so dead.

gahs. i got 4 assignments in total.
wtff . so many in one sem.
siao eii .
wonder algebra has one a not.

i wana change blogskin.
but lazyy also.
see la. 2moro i change. =D
if am freee.
or got de intention . =p

bio lec really no comment.
like to lan lek nvm .
sumroe talk crap for at least half an our before a class starts.
its every class also like that.
gahhhh . pengajian am is boring.
but since its in english.
its not gonnna be easy. =(

15 September 2009

KIM . <3

today i super hyper in college.
cause i saw KIM ! <3333
cant blieve i saw him dis time.
ryte in frontt on meeee. lam seii . =p
why is sweet kitt have more yuan fen with him den mee.
grrrrrrrrr ~ . OMGG.
today 3 fellas kena kau kau from me with KIM . =p

many hws .
gahhhh .

14 September 2009


gosh. i cant find a better picture of amber member of f(x)

i wana cut like her frount hair.

damn yengg. .

de girl on de 2nd row.

i wana keep my long hair.

but cut liker her front's .

i wan some cool hairstyles.

but i cant really find a proper pic.

any suggestion ?

amber's hair is slightly like hers.
i just wana cut my front hair like that.
not so short. ==

13 September 2009


i need to take de comp and laptop away ad.
keep playing wei.
din touch books since college starts.
midterm another 2 weeks.
study la JERICA.
subjects harder la this sem.
issh. ~ macam mana i mau tahan?
ajar mee ?

DBSK's case result will be out soon.
HOTTEST boycotting 2PM if till jaebom comes back.
gahhh. i wana boycott too . =x.

am currently crazee over DNT.
new boyband debut last year.
same as SHINee.
but not as famous as dem.
i like deir crazily pretty songs.
reminds me of SHINee noona neomu yeppo.
many girl bands debuting . =x
i want boy band.


10 September 2009

am not who i am ?

everything has changed. .
i wish i can turn back time.
and bring everything back .
called puan wong just now.
miss her wei .
my former sejarah teacher.
which always crap stories with me.
help me with koko's marks.
she an awesome teacher. :)
too bad she's busy.
didn't chat long . i know her life is not easy.
she always say so.
that's why she always ask me to study well.
and be a succesful person.
don't give up no matter what it takes.
life is just like this .
thanks teacher. :) . i wish you better in life. you re doing not bad now. :)

i seriously don't know who am i anymore.
back in high school, okay. yeah . i admit dere's times i stress out cause of SPM.
but i get over it. and almost everyday always seems to be a fun day.
giggle around with friends. smiling around. lalala ~
talk talk and talk .
ghost stories. teasing ppl. like there's non stop activities.
games. story tellers. gossips. go tuition together.
always go kelam kabut find transport to lrt.
scare late. scare class cancel. find time ganti. borrow friend's notes.
know friend's from other schools. even kap chai together . :P
i miss those moments.
somehow, there's certain days i admit its not fun or nice to remember ..
but always, happy moments more than sad ones.
i use to be opstimistic.
but not so now. don't know what the heck happen.
trying to gain myself back.

i should have just accept that as life goes on.
things wouldn be the same way as it use to be.
it just change. things don't stay the same.
tougher life comes.
though i may not be as cheerful as i use too be and always..
life still has to go on . continue and with bright future.
sorry if i have trouble you .
sorry if i have hurt you.
saying it out its better than those who gossip at the back of you.
this kind of people is coward.
maybe no one notice, but i myself notice the difference of before and after.

don't come near me if you re not sincere.
i don't need you to pretend.
if you re not tired of wearing mask everyday, i am.
and i need a break .

9 September 2009


its really tiring. .
tireddddddddd . ~
sm entertaiment's new girl group f(x) is not bad.
better den SNSD.
and all youngster.
chew~ am old ad. =x

8 September 2009

dont leave 2PM

kim hyung joong has swine fluu. =(
omgg. faster get well soon. sadded.


dont leave 2PM!
stupid antis.
arse dem.

7 September 2009


great. pengajian teacher said can take diff group ad.
so nid to drop and add subj again.
2moro wana see de head of department and explain to him.
den oni i feel better.
why always last minutes?

today biology is tiring.
thank god its oni one month twice.
but i feel chemistry exp is better.
more specific instructions.
and yeah. not so strict. =x

midterm next month.
wth, damn freaking fast ryte.
deng deng.

4 September 2009


done . that's it.
am dropping compting studies.
go for calculus.
oh gosh, algebra and calculus.
all add maths subjs. shitted.
hope i can cope . .
this semester is so not gonna be easy .
short sem . many things to do .
yet time is so liittle as if its not enough at all .

am sick of the feeling.
really tired. and saddening.
scare and fear.
come on, everythings gonna be alrite.
you can do it.
where's de use to be Jerica huh ?
be opstimistic. =) .
dont give up so fastt. wo hoooo ~
after everything settle by next week.
i think am not gonna online so much.
time limited you know.
i got many assignments and exams.
Jerica is busy till end of the year . =D

everyting settle.
now notes .
i need to settle everything by next week .
gahh. ~ what a college life.
one year gonna past.
currently addicted to G-Dragon's album.
cant wait to buy de album .
wohoo ~ cant waitt to get my SS501 album as well.
omg . am so broke.
keep buying album.
how am i going to super show II ?
whos gonna teman me ?
sure no one lo. see, disappointed again .
i dont wan loo .
i wannt to goo.
i wan see SUPER JUNIOR ! <3

i still havent buy FT island latest album and Big Bang's .
i think i cant buy ad.
so broke. sigh . SHINee wan also .

2 September 2009


finally watched G.I Joe.
not bad . but still cant be compared to transformer.
de korean guy is hot . =D .
although he's a bad guy dere.
hes abs . wahkao .

sick of the timetable.
really tired today.
come back straight away sleep.
sleep so nice.
timetable not settle.
i dont wana take to calculations subj dis sem ah.
stress enough ad. =x

1 September 2009

semester two begins.

yeah . today's freaking class was early. lazy to wake up .
but need to .
timetable problem again.
2moro need to comfirm things .
gahh. groups. .
hope this sem gonna be okayy. ~
i can feel the stress ad.
i dont think am ready . shiitted.
i have too .
o.m.g . today a cute guy talk to meee. =)) .
he's first sem i guess.
foundation in sc as well ! hahahahaha. shud have talk to him moree ! ishh ~
shud have ask him what course he wana do later that.
if biotech . CHUN ! haha .

today saw my FDD . <3
lam sei .
and arse jit lun. lamee way.

went to Neway for K . hahhas
den back to college for biology.
sang kau kau =D.

tomorrow is the hell open gateee.
listen got dont know sifu on tv.
strongly advise.
remember prevention is better then cure.
you can be lucky once. but not always.
you wana believe it or not . its your busines.
just don't talk nonsense and bullshit.