30 October 2009

dia saya punyer.


up to debutt !

cute ? he is mine. =P

my msn sucks.
keep disconnect and sign in back. fed up ad.
got anything sent to my gmail jerica.cyli@gmail.com
or maybe my facebook . will check . (: .

pengajiam am .
finally i done my part.
report can say finish . but dont know correct a nott . :(
sigh. say stress. yes.
i want a break.

its up to you ad.
i dont wana bother much ad.
i want it to affect my studies.
go on with my life where it use to be.
with none of this shyt.
problem is you . cause no one gotta problem with be.
or other way. up to you . (:

long way to go.
this is just a minor thing. what about de world of working later?
deres even worse.
learn to handle things properly now.
nice experiece. i will know what to do in future. :D.
thanks for de ti yan .

okay. next week algebra midterm .
nid to study ad.
dont wana fail it. heard many ppls fail for dis subj. =x
scaryy .

28 October 2009


damn tired.
i even tot of skipping class today.
but many clss today so cant.
and yet, i still nnid to finish report and pengajian am. .
time is so little.
comp asignment is given sumore.
another burden.

sigh. i want a break.
dont think will have.
next two weeks midterm.
den another 3 weeks like that finals ad.
wthh wei . non stop. chi kek dou .

viki doesnt want to play my tamna the island show.
wtf. pissed.
potong stim .

27 October 2009


tired giler today.
comp studies killing.
pengajian am havent start.
report havent start.
so dead.
algebra midterm next thurs.
all in one. really killing me. .
still yet more to come.
i nid to bear with it .

today dont know why de comp lecture keep changing language.
to jerman language which i dont understand.
den to english . which i understand.
which means. i dont understand a single shyt.
and am so dead.
i gonna gau tim it by dis week. man.
next next week midterm ad.
cannot . i want full marks.
cheh~ full marks. algebra already made so many silly mistakes.
i seriously dont wan anymore more silly mistakes.
and this, i nid to understand and do it !
by dis week ! =x

saw ML . mou meh yan jor.
haha. so fa sam .
yesterday chatted with many ppl til quite late.
mei yan, pooi mun, ee von, zai xian and some college friends. =D
ex-skolmates. many things to talk.
zai xian sklang into korean jugakk ! HIGH 5 ! :P:P

MBLAQ's thunder which is 2NE1's brother is really famous among de members and lee joon cause of de ninja assasinshow. =3

26 October 2009

gahs. skip pengajian am class.
but end up piano lesson canceled. =( .
later got lab.
sienn sien sien .
this evening will have account midterm.
yeahh . am ready !
account here i come. :D
please no careless mistakes eii . =Xx.
finally ! :D

watching a jap drama now.
seems nice .
guys still not as hawt as koreans. =D
xcept for yamashita tomohisa. hes different.
he has nice bodyy. unlike others. wee wang wang .
tonite nid to do pengajian am ady.
havent start a single thing .
and nid to pass up next week.
really habiss.

wish me luck for account exam today. =)

25 October 2009


went to dad's fren house to see the newborn puppies.
freaking cute wei. so small . =3
de mummy also very cute. =)
mayb gonna take one ?
this really reminds me of my really cute puppies i use to have.
really sad need to give them away. =(
dey are really cute.
cuter much more. sigh.
two pass away as i know. arse dem, din take care my puppies properly.
really hate this kind of ppl. wana rare dogs or animals. treat it like a living thing la. grr.

account exam tomorow.
am i ready?
dont know.
wohoo ` . stil dont know when's comp studies and algebra midterm.
comp studies punyer C ++ programming really killing.
wana borrow books to read ad.
if not , mati kau kau kau.

B2ST rocks.
weee .
cant wait for Rain's ninja assasin.
deres lee joon from MBLAQ acted in de movie as younger verison of RAIN.
i tell you . hes is hawt. darn. =3

24 October 2009

G-Dragon album . Bio Asign.

bio assignment kuu . weeee .
chee kong sister lend a hand.. nicer den de before want we did . =D
chinca kamsamida. =)

G-DRAGON albumkuuu ! <3>
cant stop staring and flipping de lyric book.
no regrets .
and i wana buy B2ST jugak. but mini album ni wor.
de songs damn nice. and dey are freaking hawtt . =3 .
koreansss !
neway, i cut my front hair to fringe.
and i dont really like it.
i clip it. and dont know wana put down a not.
i wana wait for it long again.
i dont wana cut my hair i wana leave long long like last time.
i oni alwys keep changing my front hairstyle. .
screw algebra marks.
gahhh. i wana check my problem. what's my mistake.
and no more dean list. =(
i wannntt ! T.T sighh.
silly mistakes really lame and stupid.
today bio midterm. hope i can get good marks.
few more marks to full marks. and you cant get it ?
that's really killer. make me pisseed .
monday acc midterm. dont wana screw anymore.
DEAN LISTT ! i wantt ! =xxx .

23 October 2009


really into B2ST now .
omg. they are really hawt.
better den 2PM?
nah, dont wana compare.
love both groups.
looking forward for more towards Rain's procude.
and honestly, pity Child of Empire. having finiancial problems.
if not dey might debut together . =(

dere also gonna be a new male duo debuting next month !
omgg. seems not bad weii.
both age 25. quite old to me . but who cares.
one of dem seems to look alike yunho u-know.
wahahaha . so awesome.
and. cant wait for xiah's twin, junho to debut.

many people ask me this Q,
why are you so into korean de?
since when you so into korean ?
when ? i like koreans since high skol. form2 i guess.
but more into in when am in form 5.
and now. no nid say. crazee. my songs mostly all korean songs.
thou deres chinese. i even plan to work and study and stay in korea.
hahas. say am crazy. but everyone has diff interests ryte? (:
another Q i can read korean and speak korean since i love dem so much ?
read . yes i can read. i can read any text for you.
but if you ask me to translate its a bit difficult. cause i oni know really basics.
no time to continue. if can i wana go for classes.
can i speak korean language? not really. as i say . basics.
listen? more a less. yea. i kinda understand but not fluent.
i wana learn more ! =3.
i wana keep learning so that i dont go rusty.
and my hp songs. mostly koreans and mandrin songs.
english. deres oni like 3 to 4 oni .

korean rocks . wee wang wang.

watch B2ST mv . bad girl !
damn hawt sial .

22 October 2009

results. test.

gahh. i screw comp test marks.
lost 3 marks for nothing..
10 marks just gone in my hands like that.
10 marks ! . shouldn have changed de ans.
dont know why my hands so itchy that day.
grrr. nvm. stil got midterm .
wana gau tim C ++ programming. dont understand a shit what hes teaching yesterday. like listening to german llanguage in front.
i nid to study comp for dis chap and bio after accounts midterm on monday wei.
and algebra havent announce when's de midterm.
make me scare scare.
dont dare to check marks also.
scare get nto good marks lo . . sigh.

bio exam this sat.
woshooo . dontk now whether to say am dead a not.
heard exam gonna be hard.
sigh. i nid to do well . :)
dont give up .
i can do it. wheres de use to be JERICA ? (:
man,, seriously . am nervous.

omg. wana take a look at my G-Dragon's heartbreaker album ?
wahahhaha. let me finish my midterms. den i take picture post it here okay ? :D.
it is awesome. de lyric photobook awesome.
everything is awesome. worth buyyingg. <3
not regret.
actually, i wana buy B2ST want also.
but its just mini album. so i dont think its quite worth it since am not in KOREA!

21 October 2009

heartbreaker album.



its awesome. yes it is .
sangat puas hatii . =D.

20 October 2009


so exhausted today. slept for 4 hours.
once i come back. lol.
so long din sleep so nice already.
algebra chap 4 is really killer mann.

and wee. am still waiting for GD's album.
xiah junsu's twin kim junho is gonna debut as a singer too !
seriously, i prefer junho den junsu . cause he's cuter !
but xiah is cute too la. (:
big bang has unfair contract too ? hahas.
artistes and companies nowadays.
i wana marry lee seunggi.
he is getting richer and richer with his carrer ! my godd.
he even bought a 3 milion house near lee hyori's
which means dey are neighbours.
how nice. :D i want too . =P .

sat bio midterm !
weee. so dead. havent start study .
wee weee weee .
wonder if tonite i can sleep .
since i slept for 4 hours from de evening. =D

i wanna marry a leng jai korean back xDD !.
i wana work and stay at korea. =DDDD

18 October 2009


B2ST . !
members are expected awesome.
some were trainees under big bang and one day.
one ex member of XING.
AJ . debut as solo before. another one forgotten . lol .
dont you think this group gonna be awesome ? :D
am into this group even before dey debut.
cause of AJ ! . hahas. . deir songs are nice.
din expect.

Lee Joon flaunts his body in a more playful manner during MBLAQ's debut performance on M! Countdown. Although his upper half is only slightly covered by, what appears to be, a regular t-shirt that has gone through a paper shredder several times, the public got the chance to take a closer look at his defined abs as he lifts his shirt while doing a body roll.
omg , dont you think this RAIN produce boyband gona be as hot as RAIN ~
gaahh.boy bands debuting is getting better and better . hotter and hotter.

Lee Ki Gwang (B2ST) bares his upper body for the first time in a scene from the MV teaser of BEAST's debut track "Bad Girl." watch de MV. its really hawt.
drool ~ .

who's abs you tinks it hotter or both ?

child of empire ! yet to debut.
9 members.
cant wait for them as well .
many boybands.
dere few more.
but din really get much attention.
so din mention here.
deres some i forgoteen deir group name.
deres even a solo male singer debut dat caught my attention !
RUN . yeah. his debut name.
damn hot and cool.
will post his picture when i got it . damn yengg.
reminds me of AJOO. so long din hear from him .

17 October 2009

you disappoint me.

i finally understand things. .
i know this world has all kind of peoples.
i met all kinds.
but . sometimes its pretty hard to handle it.
since i got so many things in hands.

mum been always the best.
and i always try my best to think the right way.
always do your best in yourself.
what others do . just ignore.
as long you done your part.
what others say and think about you . its nothing . it matters on you .
not them . as long you know you didnt do it.
why bother ? why make yourself frus for such thing ?
i dont wana judge people that i just know.
maybe some things they did . i dont know. and i dont really know them yet.
am doing my best here. i dont want it anymore.
gonna clear this sem . everything must PASS ! of course if its an A den its awesome laa. (:
i will not let other thing affect me !

sad thing to know that it comes someone near you .
rivers flow in me. no more.
think all you want. i cant change your mind. .
if you tink you right.
god knows why . :)
be myself. :)

maybe midterms is coming . all kind of thoughts came in my mind.
asignments all crap.
everything gets harder.
studies first. . .
am given up on that ad.
dont wana burden myself.
i have forgotten about it already.
thanks for everything .
next post not gonna be all this alright .
gonna be my korean post and college life.

task i wana complete before am 21 or a bit later.
language class - korean . half learning . chinese - learning next year. japanese - dont know when can start.
instrument class - violin ! gonna start it soon. guitar. - learnt a bit flute - wana buy it to learn .
country - i wana go korea, taiwan and japan ! =33 !
okay . this wouldn fulfil before 21.
maybe when i start work . :D

okay. mind is cleared.
must start study ad. weeeee :D
bio killer.

16 October 2009

bio asignment .

bio assignment is almost done .
a bit of modifying and names its complete.
thanks yap chee kong for coming over to complete the asignment !
thanks a lott . (: .
hope we get good marks for this. all the hardworks.

next thing . biology report.
sigh. regreted. but nvm . (:
and also pengajian am assignment.
havent start yet . gah
havent study for bio and acc exam which is next week .
so dead. and many things nid to be done.
i nid more time. ! .

everything is killing me.
i know what's tension long time ago .
dont keep telling me please. =(

15 October 2009

Donghae Bday .

babys bday . <3


sayang manyak manyak .
sweetttttttttttttttt. :D

gah . you re really my heartbreaker.
saw him with someone else.
heartbreaker. :(
dont wan him liao . go awayyy .
stil got FDD and KIM . :P . and and i cant mentioned name punyer.
saw FDD today. yeng siao .
wanted to say i saw him today.
but no mood to talk about him ad.
dont want to talk about him anymore.
hehh . ~

many things to do .
i got no time to think why you did so.
dont wna think what's in your mind.
dont know me long. dont simply judge me.
proves ur coward.
confront me dont poke me.
sadded to know why so .
sigh. world has all kinds.
guess. dont know how many things i have to accept this fact.
but yet i need to accept it once again .
i need to be more careful.
more time and event ahead. !
dont let a lilttle thing affect you !
you got a future ahead ! GOGOGOGO. !
dont give up and frus about itt ! be normal with it. :):)

went for sushi .
that's where i dont feel happy ad . :(
den chee kong came over for bio assignment.
end up disaster. so mayb he's coming again to finish it !
exam is coming. nid to finish it fast wei . .
got reports and assignment. gah.

you dissapointed me.
or mayb i expected this would be happen?
or all along its just fakeness?
i dont know. and dont want too .
just wana concentrate on studies.
more difficulties coming . i nid to handle this well.
dont pretend if you re not.
being the way i use to be.
dont want to say much ,
what you think about me . its up to you.
i dont need to care. i need to be happy about me.
if its only you de one thinking dat way.
why should i care? why make myself hard? kan ? :):)
SMILEEE . weeeeeeeeeeee =p .


14 October 2009


computing test today.
screw it. i lost 3 mrks.
hope my front ones all correct la.
i dont get moderate marks. ! T.T
seriously think about it no mood.
why de tutt i changed the anwer. gahh.
hatee it.

algebra chap 3 and 4 is killing mee.
i confuse ad.
i wana gautim it la.
nid to study bio ad. :(
i wana watch drama.
but no mood too . x.x

get things right.
things are going weirder these days.
i dont know why.
but am not free to bother it.
there's many things to do.
and i got no time for it.

wana finish bio asignment 2moro.
so can start pengajian am.
starting report now as well.
many things to do.

12 October 2009


now i understand the feeling.
but i still can bear with it.
patient. :)
gonna be patient onwards.
no more fatt pei hei.
i notice i loose my patient quite fast compared to high skol after am in college.
need to control it.
omg. i havent accomplish a single thing.
i need to start from tomorrow ad.
cause its gonna be end of the month ad. =(

din start much on asignments .
i think nid too ad.
cause need to pass up in 2 weeks.

11 October 2009

super junior M


this guys are killer. =3
my favourites.
hankyung, donghae, khuhyun and henry .
i dont really like zhou mi . :(

10 October 2009

KIM. <3

i saw kim during test today. =D
omg. i din knw he took algebra as well . <3
tak sangka to see him.
and den saw him again while walking over to the bridge.
taking a trolley with his fren . omgg. so cute.
gahh. not mistaken his fren quite hawt..
i wana know him . :(

damn tired.
walk and walk and walk.
and cant believe i want in to I-SOCKS today.
bought belt and glove . that's all .
scary placee. really .

wed exam.
everything is coming .

8 October 2009

timee ~ =3

time indeed pass really fast. sigh.

am gonna be ninteen soon.

yeah . i know . i keep mentioning this.

cause , i feel like noona.

SPM just over like that .

next year gonna be my first year in Biotechnology.

fast isn't it ?

remember the SPM year or the high school that we use to spend not long ago ?

now its long ago . but i felt like its just over. not long time ago .

i feel confuse lately.

dont know for what reason.

who wouldn want to do well in life?

its just how hardworking you work for it .

how hard you aim for it.

some people just hope, but dont work for it.

what's the point ?

it's not easy as well . i know.

life isnt easy .

algebra exam this sat.

havent study .

and i got no mood to start either.

test test. exm exam.

really tired of it.

asignments? yeayea. more to come.

i know. just let me bising a while . release tension kay.

and i really hate irresponsible people.

grrrr. really beh. tahan.

i noticed my things are likeable. ==

and not returned when asked too .

wohoo ~

i know i keep things well . :P

just return to the owner kay.

i know you know.

don't avoid mee.

you doesnt seems too.

but . i wish to know you someday.

see how lucky i am . (:

thanks for everything.

i regret.

but i stil need to go on with life.

no matter how sad how depress it is.

its still gonna go on .

this is world.

i met many kind of people recently.

shows that i need to be careful in life.

close or far. its just the same.

7 October 2009


gosh. yah, saw him today. :)
awwwwwwws. what he did was cute.
am gonna buy that toy too,
he is using de same phone as me.
he is using de same eraser and pen. :D
saw him two times today.
same class. awww .

i mau beli new bag.
new pencil box.
new cap.
and new shoes.
i want go shopping this sattt . =D

accounts test tomorrow.
weee. havent study .
i need to save moneyy ad.
cannot eat mahal foodd ad.
later cannot go shopping ahh.
save moneyy alreadyyy . !

6 October 2009

this week doesn really seems to be a good week.
so need to becareful on what i do .
really . becareful.
precation is better den cure. :D
whatever de saying is.
i just randomly said.
am sleepy ~
but yet need to study account.
test on thurs.
den say got algebra test.
den next wed got com p studies test as well as 2moro.
den de following week. whole week midterm . :(

getting bussierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ~
chaoo `

5 October 2009


am really tired. slept only for 4 hours.
class from morning till night.
not exactly de wholeday class.
but morning class gap. den evning.
so went leisure makan . lepak . bla bla.
den went CC . spent time .
den class.
ACCOUNTS. finally i understand . =D.
this thursday test .
den sat algebra test.
den after one week midterm.

even planed to go genting after midterm ? siao.
pk laaa. sumroe wana go langkawi/cherating during sem break.
wahrao . my family dont print money la deis .
today also spend over bugjet ad.
i dont wana spend money ad..
save money. LOL.
seriously must already. if not PK kau kau . .

sigh. i wana forget ad.
i know its hard.
but am gonna try . (:

better mood JERICA ! genuine SMILE . (:


biolody reports is killing me.
i dont know whether it's doned a not.
i dont know whether it's correct a not.
i dont know whether it should be like this either.
i scare marks will be low .
yet i dont know what shall i do.
am so fcking frustrated.
its already 12.30 am. and i cant sleep at all.
thinking how's my biology reports gonna be.
first 2 is already disaster.
and i seriously hope this two is not.
kill me.
seriously. i hate this. there's even more to bear.
ACCEPT IT . i feel like bursting out.
cause i really beh tahan ad.
i dont wana screw biology. . :(

4 October 2009

take it seriously.

sometimes that phobia comes back.
really hard to get over it. although its already long time.
it will just haunt me. till who knows when .
out of sudden, i will think about it ? what did i do wrong to get that ?
somehow, even though i know. its hard to accept the fact.
but realise my mistakes. and promise not to repeat it again anymore.
how killer it is . to do that.
when anyone mention it, i will flash back past and get moody.
i know, i get emo easily. my mood is playing over me.
yeahyeah . ==

am getting really worried about biology.
lecturer is really strict.
scare i get low marks for reports.
sigh. i dont want too .
heard that exams he set is hard.
omfg. blurred* .

3 October 2009

pengajian am midterm.

pengajian am paper was today.
not to say hard. not to say easy.
i can only can tell you how was the paper after i get my results.
that's all i can say.
i don't wana judge so early.
scare to judge.
saw ML today.
i went out ad. he stil in there.
thought of waiting for him to come out.
ni i come out , butbut. gahh ~ . dont care laaaa. =x

today is a busy day.
relatives coming over for mooncake festival dinner.
so i nid to layan tetamuu .
tot of resting or napping.
but now. i still have chores to do . grr ~ .
sleepy and tired. ~
sorry if i dont reply you on msn.
or maybe late. cause i wont be dere.

monday dere's big gap . morning class den evening ?
what i want to do ?
go back ?
lazyy. stay back ? do what?
i wana sing k .
i wana watch movie.
what i wana do .
sien sei .

2 October 2009

thank you.

do you see me as in i see you ?
i dreamt something really terrible.
really wish it's just a dream .
maybe i think too much.

thank you thank you and thank you . :)

ever wan a dream come true?
tomorrow is the day.
make it truee .

happy bday liew shung yat !

1 October 2009

i did a mistake.

i dont know what is wrong with me this week .
and i regret for behaving so.
i spit everything out.
nonsense, crap, rubbish and things that i shoudn have ?
i hate it and i dont like it.
i wish i could take it back.
but when it's spitted out . it is. and that's it.
accept it . gah, i dont know why i did that.
and now am regret.
a whole new month. changed. =x .
i dont want a second time.
no more. i will shuddup . remember DEAN awards !
"i i know it's impossible, just let me dream . " . A ++ ? DREAM ON.

this week was a sick week .
i dont like it at all .
my mood was bad.
like i said, i spit nonsense.
and am gonna go back de old me.
a week of this me is enough .
this feeling, have it before when i was in form5.
and again, now. it happened. not gonna let it happen again.
please. cause me trouble. ruined things.
get awayy. ~

i needed time to think.
please give me time.
dont say you dont care anymore.
cause it's important to me.
if it's not to you.
it is to me.
dont be think about yourself only
think about others as well .
am confuse.
am seriously confuse.
i dont know what to do.
i dont know who i am .
i dont wana be me anymore.
i dont like itt.

tell me everything is gonna be alright.
i can make it . and do it.

i wish there's one day.
am that lucky to know you . (:
just at least get to know you it's lucky enough .
i don't wana ask for more.

just feel like saying sorry.
and thank you .
cause. am trying to be de HAPPY always.
i didnt know being happy it hard.
but being sad is easy. way easy.
am tired of being happy . which i hope is genuine.

exam on sat.
havent finish study.
i hope i can finish by tomorrow .
whatt about DEAN's awards?