29 November 2009



TOMO lefttt . :(

ninja assassin.

finally watched ninja assassin . :D
not to say its really awesome.
but i still can give high ratings.
cause the show not bad.
RAIN BI is really hawtt. <3
his choc abs. CHUN giler.

lee joon is de show. damn funny.
i like the lee joon now instead of that.
he is lucky to get in the hollywood movie.
and he is freaking hawt .
thank god. he recoverd from swine flu. <3

okay . my finals is dis week.
and ytd de whole day, i went for movie.
and come back watched movie.
omgg. so dead.
dont know what happen to me.
i nid to study ad.
pengajian am exam dis thurs.
and i havent start a single thing.
omg. god bless me.
nid to start with that subj already.

account. am not ready.
feel like so doomed.
i dont really understant de depretiation, bad debts and accurals.
sigh. how howhow.
i want an A . :(
and because of my "hardworking" and playful attitude.
deres no more time for accounts.
no more in next sem.
if not . i will be DEAD !

neway, its THAM KAR HOU 's bday !


27 November 2009

24 November 2009

i hate you billy.

i hate BILLY BOEYY .
sei hamsap monkey baboon pigggggggggggggggg sakai.
i hate you for startingg thisssss !
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !
i hate swee kitt, jit lun and alvin !
froggggggggg ganggggggggggggggggggg. hate you hate you .

algebra test 2 not bad today.
can do (:.
next week thrus is pengajian am finals. wohoo.
so dead. havent start readingg.
haelleluyah. am falling falling.

no long post la.
no thing to say.

23 November 2009

such world such ppl .

account asignment done.
and now comp asignment.
next week finals. wtff ~
so fast.
time flies.
today acc class hectic sial.
walk here and dere checking for ans.
at last wrong and nid to change.
gahhhh .! babieddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ! damn boh song.

almost burst out day.
always think its right.
sum more stil got face to talk so much.
omg. skin really thick laa.
such world with such ppl.
i just shuddup. dont wana take out all my firree.
seriously, no more next time . i dont want de STRESS anymore.
gahhh. . i met all kind of ppl this year.
yet more to come.

test 2 for algebra tomorrow.
wish me luck (:
hope i can do it.
gambatehh !

21 November 2009

beh tahan

omg, really beh tahan.
so many shows i wana watch wei.
but finals around the corner. .
SS501 ! super junior's ! MBLAQ !
omgg. IRIS ! you re beautiful. hot blood.
after finals am gonna busy with all this.
cause i really beh tahann ad.
i wana watch all my hotties.

i havent finish studying biology .
so dead. =x

20 November 2009

finals coming .

dont live a life with full of lies.
it aint fun at all .
i know a lot of things but i just shuddup. .
live honestly . its always better.

after looking at the pictures.
i feel like going genting.
i miss my genting trips.
gahhh. miss my friends.
miss the fun,

i dont know i can finish study in time a not.
omg. tension now.
gonna be outdate from korean entertaiment a while.
wil be UPTODATE after my finals kayy.
musics and everything . include varieties and dramas !
gonna edit my blog as well .
i miss out a lot of thing ad.
so am gona patch it back after finals which in a another week.
wtfff .

19 November 2009


comp asignment havent finish, .
next wed have to pass up.
havent even start a single thing. :(
habis . really .
account on the way.
and monday nid to pass up.
wth .
next tues is test 2 ! omggg. T.T
tension la akuu.
so many things to do.
den the following midterm . omgggggg
am so not ready yet.

havent start study a single thing.
especially biology . =x
i wana pass this sem !
gambatehh lahh. !
hope report marks okay laa.
omgg. sigh. am nervous yet scared.
i wana score good grades in this sem la.
but am kinda scare with biology now.
de marks de worst compared with other subjs.
yet its important for biotech,
i really nid to work hard.
i got 3 subjs safe for finals.
aiming for A if i can . =). if cant, B + also am satisfied.
algebra midterm marks havent released. so i dont know am save for finals a not.
hope i am !
all i know am not save for finals for bio.
i just got pass for misterm. T.T
reports and asignment marks dont know yet. omgg. scary laa.

okay . wana nap.

17 November 2009

scary yet weird day.

migosh.. comp studies marks today.
i got 35/40 ! weee. satisfied. :D
if i din do de 3 marks careless mistakes.
i might get 38 ! regret sial .

bio damn sien today.
kononnya deres gonna be bat.

aku tak suka dia dah.
dont have de excited feeling when nampak dia.
wee . find new one ?
UCSI hidden lengjai . din see him else where ad. =(
though height problem.
but physical . <3

gah, today a hei ren asked for my no.
wth. gave him fake one la of course.
who wanna give . ==
swo scary . now you know why i wana avoid dem laahh . grrr .
how nice if not hei ren ask my no . instead of hei ren . =x
okay. finals another a week.

G-DRAGON rocks !

16 November 2009

lazy to update.

gahs. long time din update like that.
busy? sort of . and lazy to update.
nothing interesting to update.
and i hope i cant finish study intime for finals.
and i blardy happy with account marks.
i got full marks wei !
40 / 40 . :D
first time in my life i get full marks.
if not always, few marks to full marks.
certain subjs . not all . please. am not that smart . which i which i am . :(

watched de movies i wana watch ad.
now waiting for finals to over.
and movie marathon !
and trips. bla bla.
wanted to watch my variety shows.
but lines sucks..
load so freakishly slow.
download music also freaking slow.
can sudenly lag and stop. den diao lo.
so many songs to dl more.
gahhh. when good lines gona come back.
msia lines just sucks.
japan and south korea are the top countries for de best internet line in de world. now i wana migrate to south korea. really want too . :D!

why koreans so hawt?
why lahh. why ask am single?
ask la malaysia guys .
lol. why dont you guys be as hot as korean styles ?
lol . =P
i like lee ki kwang now. B2ST AJ ! <>
hawt sial. abs hot sial. omgg. <3

okay. i nid to start study ad.
so far i oni touch algebra and accounts.
de rest din touch at all .
am so dead.
i know.
dont remind me.

12 November 2009


watched PHOBIA 2 today .
5 stories in one movie.
i gotta say de movie is nice !
exciting and tension and even funny. (:
nice moviie. worth watching.
i wana watch 2012 nexttt .
i heard de show is not bad.
more new movies coming up.
but my finals coming in another 3 more weeks. wthh.

ninja assasin release on 26 NOV , which means i maybe cant watch cause of finals
sadeed . :( i wana see lee joon and rain bi . T.T
my two hotties. xD
all i know. there wil be many awesome movies to catch up . weee :D

ate sushi today till like 40+ . omg. really pk.
first time eat so exp . kill my purse wei.
next week onwards oni can bring rm2 to skol everyday. o.O
later boh money . xD

11 November 2009

nail it for life.

i wont forget what you have done.
never ever forget .
i will pay you back what you did.
am officially hating you idioitt .
at first am doubting . now am notttt.
touching de thing i love? you so hatred. .
always saying others. but not urself.
no goods about you gonna make me love you back again.
get lost. i dont even wana see you .
everytime i tink about it. i felt rivers flow in me.
and i always nid to hold it/
i hate you . you can pretend things did not happen.
BUT I CANT ! everytime i see you . i see that incident.
i just cant erase things that happen in front of my eye .
stunned. wasnt able to help.
if not because your de source, i so dont give a damn.
you wait. its gonna be my turn soon.
and am gonna make sure that day comes no matter whats !
i cant take it anymore .

you tried to make me feel better.
come one, no use. am already eightteen. am mature enough to think.
dont think you can erase it from my mind.
its already nailed. no poiint doing anything .
i know what you been tru.
and am gonna make it all easy for you when de time comes.
because of you . am who i am know.
and i didn stop ryte dere. no matter how much it takes.
i will go on til the end just for you.

comp studies midterm just over.
paper was okay.
hope marks wil be okay.
am satisfied with pengajian midterm marks. (:
one of de highest / :D
sleepy. but i wana complete tasks.

neway its minwan's bday . from FT ISLAND.
lazy to find his picture xD


8 November 2009

elvira bday

HAPPY BDAY elvira .!
sweet eighteen. .
big girl already. (:

nid to start study comp studies ad.

chaos ~

7 November 2009


felt like this blog is so dead.
comp studies midterm on wed. and i havent touch a single thing.
so dead. really dead.
i dont wana fail laa. my god.
stress la. gah.

why have i been doing these past few days?
i dnt know what am doing also.
am really good at wasting time on somehting that's not important.
of course you would think i might be watching drama.
but i stop la. caused another 2-3 weeks in finals.
nid to study ad. gonna watch after finals.
am gonna make it in this sem . i must make it . (:
wish me luck . (: .
tons of drama. u-know drama eps done ad.
others havent check yet.
now waiting for super junior - M 's happy camp and day day up to finish sub.
i wana watch that..
lately, i have been watching AST'1's videos.
i miss them laa. TOMO's korean improve a lott. hankyung shud as well go and improve his korean and host a show also ! hmpph.
hai ming also lo . =x.

now is my lil bro's graduation day.
omg. remind me of mine . i miss FORM 5 friends.
but i dont miss the pressure life.

ee von went to thailand already.
jit lun going bali tomorrow.
who else going overseas?
oh yeah, my piano teacher as well.
i wana go too .
i wana go to KOREA ! <3
can i ?

4 November 2009


very upset wit bio midterm marks.
boh mood already. :(

3 November 2009

yong saeng bday ,

two of my TOP COMBINE members pictures.
enseng. and one more i forgotten his name . thou he's de first member i like when i first met this group .

HAPPY BDAY YONG SAENG. cant find his solo pic.
de right one is him. standing. =3
thrus algebra midterm.
so dead.

1 November 2009


i felt extremely weird today.
totally no mood for books. .
dont know whether my lab report correct a not.
comp studies cannot understand.
havent study for algebra exam.
i feel so burden.
i keep doing nonsense today. gah .

today i finally found de china boyband which i asked since last year.
its TOP COMBINE. consists of 4 china members from super boy show. and one korean. i tell you . de korean member past i really sad . :( .
i cried watching de video. shows that, no matter what happen in the world.
never ever give up on life. cause dere are others life who are worse then you .
at least hes somebody now . all the best dude. =3 saranghae oppa.
i stil treat him as korean thou hes in a china boyband.
his mandrin still not so good. at least he can understand and speak a better now . :D
i wana join deir forum subbing team. (: weeeeeeeee .

its better if he enters korea industry entertaiment since its stronger dere.
china ? i mean , it has big market. butt. entertaiment stil not as good as korea's. .
but . korea wan is kinda hard to get in unless u re really good in both dancing and singing or you re really lucky being spotted. (: . and its even better you in de famous company like SM, JYP, YG, DSP ? . you wil get fame faster. those companies . really . teraaa ~ .

conclusion . i got no mood today.
i think i can sleep well too.
i nid to touch books ad.