25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

didn really update my blog recently.
i wana change to cyworld.
but who gonna read all my korean blog?
lol.. i wana learn KOREAN LANGUAGE ! :(
i want a fun blogging.
i really got nothing to blog during hols.

well yeah , went shopping with family ytd.
walk de whole TS and sungei wang.
my feets . wahraoo . come back damn pain.
bought boots a.k.a gladiator. lol .
which is quite high.
i nid to practise it . hahas. so i can get use to it.
bought a shirt too . actually am already done with shopping.
but wee lalal. xD
bought BEAST album too . i mean order. nid go dere to coollect.
found SUPER JUNIOR SUPER SHOW II but since its just CD . i din buy.
i also ask whether they sell Heartbreaker .
which they got but sold out . gosh, and i buy online. :X
am waiting for YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL cuts arrived msia.
with eng subs ! heeeeeeeeeeeeee . =D am gonna be brokee keep buying these stuffs.
save moneyyy.

piano lesson on xmas.
gah . get to watch MKMK awards just now.
buts 2008. so many artists attend .
but this year not so many. miss out a lot. 2008 was the best one.
later there's JAY CHOU as guest no A Date With Lu Yu . <3
jay chou put on weight ad. gahhh . din get to see him on monday.
cause actually girls reason. * . .

been doing foruming today.
been moderator CHILD OF EMPIRE FORUM.
which is about to debut in few weeks more. <3
looking forward . <3>
active in Suju, DBSK, 2PM, Big Bang, B2ST, MBLAQ and F.Cuz forum.
i mean for now. never know the future. xD .
maybe u will abandone it. Suju and DBSK definitely not .

what's ur wish ?
i wish for a better 2010. everything will be the best.
everything i do will be smooth .
what's yours?



21 December 2009

hankyung dont leave. :(


dont leavee :(:(

SM entertaiment shud changed all de contracts if dey dont

want great singers of deirs leave !

saded to hear that news. .
DBSK like that. now super junior.
heartache. T.T .
hankyung is my favourite in suju !
if he leaves, what makes SUPER JUNIOR forever 13?
pointless already . sigh.

tonite, JAY CHOU will be at pavilion.
cant blieve am not eager to go.
sorry laahhs. first of all it start late.
and definitely over late. and doesnt gurantee i can see him clearly.
unless, its a fanmeeting where i can get signature.
i 100% will go. but just promoting his movie. . .
waiting for his new album.
okay. next year got many new albums. wthh.
big bang ! . i wana buy . :D




20 December 2009

sorry. =(

gahh. suppose editing my blog ? .
use to be good in it.
but now . forget everything.
not so into blogging lately.
but well . will be active back again sooner.
blog readers decrease? =(
sadded. cause of my dull and boring blogg.
watched all my main dramas ad.
so maybe will be kinda free to edit?
lately, de drama uploads are really slow.
sighhh. wonder when i can watch.
i wana watch HOT BLOOOD.
butt then . havent upload finish. :(
i wana be subber. xD . how i wish i can listen to korean . =(

sorry for rejecting all your outings for last week.
my first week of holiday busyy.
am free on de 2nd and 3rd week now. sort of.
i wana go shopping !
anyone wana shop with me ? :D .
i wana shop for bags and boots.
or maybe something else.


19 December 2009

weee . tired.

okay. am exhausted now.
mum drag me to midvalley after fetching siblings to tuition.
till even dey over tuition.
my god.
imagine how longg. =xx
am looking for super junior super show II.
search at 2 places already.
dont have. =x

why these days i wana buy de albums.
so hard to find de ! =x
i think i nid to buy online again ?
gahhhh . mum gonna kill me again.
but i want to buyy.
super junior is going to taiwan to have super show II .
maybe dey wil come to malaysia?
i so gonna go laa.
buy de most expensive sit ! weeeeeeeee =p
see everyone of dem. fwah ~ <3

2 weeks more college starting.
at first felt de hols are long.
now somehow, i feel its gonna over fast.
in another 2 weeks.
am gonna be 19. wth? 19 ?
den 2o? i dont like de no 2 in de front. =x
old old old.
cant denied and stop my age ! grrr ~

17 December 2009

melon awards.

ahh. my youtube back to normal.
but buffering damn slow. sigh.
and ,SNSD swept away 6 awards in melon awards.
what a biatch. ><
tak sukaaaaaaaa . xD . i want super juniorrrrr ! . XDDD

though G-Dragon did win .
butt. hhahaas. whatever.
currenty crazy over jang geunsuk !
omgg. he so hawt.
jealous with shin hye la.
get to act with so many cute guys in de drama. :(
i want too . :(

like that, i wont have bf in malaysia la.
xDDDDDDD . hahahahs.

15 December 2009

stupid youtube and line.

gahh. my youtube is having problem.
dont know what some videos can load
some cannot,
really pissing me off.
suppose finishinng my drama.
gahhh. beh tahann. . .
can youtube faster recover?
or my laptop having problem?
my comp having de same problem as well . omg.
but why others can play?
pissedddddddddddddd offfffffffffffffffffffffff. .

i wana watch my shows.
but how can i if de line is sloww?
T.T cryyy `

14 December 2009

onew bday.


hahas. first was seungri.
nows its ONEW. =D
okay. you re beautiful really rocks.
lee hongki freaking adorable. <3

12 December 2009

seungri's BDAY !



new boy band gonna debut on JAN .
looking forward ! hot hothot. <3>
somehow , i feel dey gonna be not bad.
cant wait for dem to debut. <3

lately, am really into MBLAQ.
they are so cute. :)
i like MIR, Lee Joon and Sandra's Park brother Thunder the most. :D
i like G.O's amaze voice. and cool leader seungho. (:
wana know more about dem. ! ^^

havent start my dramas.
been watching variety shows.
maybe monday ni can start.
musics havent dl finish pun.
wahh . wana start drama ad.
i wana start with IRIS.

11 December 2009

finals over. !

oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah.
happy sial.
many things to do.
wanted to do everything by today.
ahahs. wanted to dl all de songs. but line sloww. =(
so nid to waitt.
gahhh . . bufferings are slwo as well.

how was all my papers?
i dont know what to say.
pengajian am totally dont know what to say.
just pray hard.
accounts as well. omigosh.
cant balance.
and next sem is my last sem.
so fast weii . den first year in bioteachnology. =x .
time passes very fast.

tomorrow morning piano lesson.
wee wang wang .i want to sleep. :(
i wana edit my blog also.
but dont know i wana use de template or blog skins. .
use de template i know it take times.
i wana dl all my musics finish first. (:

any outings ?
dont forget me okays? :D

9 December 2009

sore throat.

gahh. i know i update so early today.
i slept for like 3 hours ni .
thanks to my sore throat and fluu. ><.
tomorrow algebra paper sumore.
cannot sickk wei . =x

i cant dl de songs.
saded. =x
maybe will try on comp after finals.
and de welcome back WON BIN is still freaking hawt.
use to be a big fan of his when he acted autumn in my heart abd yet i still like him though he is kinda old already. 30 + . i dont mind . hahhahha.

i heard many ppl cant balance acccount?
den why they left hall so early?
hmpph. or most of them can?
sigh. if i can balance de full marks lo . :(

8 December 2009

account paper.

cant balance my account.
sadded lahh. :( .
want an A.
but dont know can a not now. T.T
i screww my pengajian am and now.
i dont want account to be that too .
next paper algebra and comp studies.
fighting. ! (=

let's just pray hard and see what's de result like.
hope no C. sigh.

7 December 2009

biology paper.

finally biology finals is over. <3
oh yeah. oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah . .
dling songs . not much update on songs lately.
all i know i cant wait to watch all my variety shows dat i missed.
and den my dramas.
i beh tahan liao .
so damn freaking outdate. grrr. ~
gona update with it .

biology paper was quite okay.
obj quite hard i gotta say.
another 3 more papers. its officially over ! weee =D.
shud be studying accounts now.
gahhh. fai fai over.

6 December 2009

dull and dead blog.

feel like my blog is so dead and dull.
wana change de skin .
wait til my finals over.
omg tomorrow biology paper.
nid lots of lucks tomorrow.
hope i can do de questions. (:
hope i can remember everything i studied.

many shows am outdated.
after finals am gonna be very busy with updating myself wirh korean entertaiment as in dramas and variety shows. miss out a lott ! .
musics am stil update. :)
really like DECEMBER's vocals and musics.
they just debut . yet getting fame in just a short time.
arent dey awesome ? dey are hawt too . :D

MC the max is so dead.
so what if the lead singer has great voice ?
what have he done with his scandal.
really wasted.
hope its not true but . its impossible.

G-Dragon was yesterday . and i cannot go.
he's gonna have another one , and yet i cannot go.
sadded laa. i seriously want to go . :(
heard the concert was a blast. . really a blast.
omg. wish i was dere. GD come to malaysia !
or i go dere and find you . :P
yeah ryte. hope am able too . xD
i hope someone famcam de whole thing laa.a
omg. . GD !
i heard de breath perfomances was splendid. gahhh. damn lurve kwon ji yong !
saranghaeeeee. big bang rocks till the max.

i want more on super junior updates.
and albums and songs.
hankyung and de kawans. ahhahaas.
dey are getting fames in taiwan and china and hk even more and more.
as well as SS501.
hope SS501 concert is comfirm,
cause i wan agoo ..
i wana see every single member of SS501. especially park jung min ! <3

3 December 2009

screw pengajian am.

screw my fcuking malaysian studies paper.
terbalik my darn essay.
20 marks gone.
if she cant mark closing one eye.
den am save.
den gek sam la. .
say bye bye to A.
seriously i hope she mark it correct.
maybe you know. markah kasihan . sigh.
gott no mood to study ad.
coming subjs even scarier. omg .
i wana burst ad.
i dont wana screw another subj.
thanks to my stomachache i dont have an alert mind that time.
all i think of if faster finish it and get lost. and now.
my marks.
de oni subj i tot i might get A .and now i screw it.

no fcking mood.

2 December 2009

ahhhhhh . comingg comingg.

Malaysian Studies Exam TOMORROW.
and i still facebooking today.
annd also downloading musics.
what on earth am i doing man ?
havent finish the last chapter sumore. wth.
so many things to read and memorise . till i lazy wana continue on already.
omiggosh, why do we niid this subj for ?
i stil gonna catch IRIS later.
cause got my T.O.P in de whole ep ! .
its a must watch . (:

watch out what you re talking okay.
be more polite . (:

to all ex-sbsians.
hope to meet you guys after my finals.
omg. din see you guys like ages.
hope am free too . ssigh.

BBQ party on 11/11/09 at station 1 behind punya padang.
from 7pm to 12 pm.
shud i go ?
dont know am free a not.
hui vern's and swee kitt are the hosts i guess.
wahahhaa. that two person . okay.
i will go if am freeee ? .
see who's going la . xD

1 December 2009

you and i .

so addicted with pak bom's YOU and I .
this song somehow. really meant a lot to me.
its gives me a feeling.
a feeling like. something i dream of. but cant achieve it.
this is what de song tells me. i feel comfy listening to this song.
YG Family really rocks.

my phone is driving me crazy.
dl de songs inside.
but doesnt appear in the tracks.
really sucks.
cant listen to my wedding dress and my 2NE1 songs. :(
and also 2PM new songs. grrrr . i wana change phone !

SS501 concert anyone?
i wana go . i really really wana go .
i wana see all of them . all of dem hawt. <3
super junior's super show II is not comfirm . :(
if not i 100 percent go .
sigh. when are they coming to malaysia. instead of always thailand and japan .

okay. i shud be studying.
bcause of phone thing. got no mood to.
gah . really like musics. cant concentrate without it.
if got the chance. i wana give it a try in entertaiment industry.
i really this would come true one day.
i know so that de field or to what am studying now.
what am doing now is my second choice.
for de sake of job.
not so hard to find but also hard to find.
no job in the world is easy to find la.
entertaiment would be harder. many competitves. :(
if i am give a chance . IF .

pengajian am. hope i dont forget everything during exam.
biology and account exam de scariest.
especially biology.
dont know what kind of Qs he will give.
gahhh. what a life.
cant wait til holidays come. :)
i can go wet !