24 September 2010

busy short sem !

wow its been ages since i ever update my blog.
am really busy with short sem.
everything is so rush.
i dont have much time to study.
cannot i nid to score well lah ! (x .
and monday no class. :)
almost everyweek there one day no class.
this time really got many holidayss. padahal short sem.
not enough time at all. (x

i still regret for missing ZE:A's fanmeeting ~ .
theres JYJ's fanmeeting coming.
i really hope they postpone to december
i really wanna see jaejong and yoochun badly.
ahhhh. jeball :(

i got reports to do.
assignemnts to do.
all need to pass up on the following week.
omg. hectic.
cant wait for my long hols! Seriously !

16 September 2010

BEAST is coming!

gahh, shud have comfirm my IDP long time ago.
now theres more things to frus about!
dont know got time to go a not !

wtff. that university i chose suddenly
dont offer biotech. only till next year sept.
i nid to rush like hell.
and really wtf ! tomorrow i hope to clear things up as sooon as possible! ..

its been a time that i update my blog.
tomorrow is BEAST comeback.
just a ballad song. but i cant wait to listen to it.
i want to listen to junhyung for once not singing rap :)
my man =3
Big Bang is coming back soon too.
two comebacks that i anticipate long time ago
and this two albums i sure to buy.
no doubts. :)

2NE1's comeback was awesome ! :)
they are really hawt.
really like park bom unnie.
and CL the 91 er is so cool.
i wish i can be like her so cool and pretty.
her rappning skills killer.
like GD! :)
YG Family rocks!

wo hen fan ahhh.

10 September 2010


am getting busy.
subjects are harder .
no doubt biotech is indeed a hard course to choose.
wish me luck guys.
this 2 months till oct.
am gonna be busy.
might not update blog that often..

and yeah i din get to go ZE:A's showcase.
what a sad case.
almost get to go. but fren suddenly said cant go
no teman so no go. T.T
pretty disappointed though.
guess i dont have yuan fen with them :(
maybe next time?
i wonder when. sigh

got to go

5 September 2010


whats blog made for ?
blog about daily life. and crap .
release anger feelings.
things that you dont know who you can tell to.
i guess i use my blog as for all these. .
exactly i dont know who reads my blog.
all the traffic thing. is it really my blog visitors?
messages left in the cbox?
which i dont knw.

i finish all my jap drama that i wanted to watch in a day.
before my stress and busy week starts.
since i only got uni chem one and only note.
i just read tru a bit.
and am already like OMG.
hope i can make tru with good grades this time.

theres been many event in korea this two days.
ytd was the korean incheon music wave.
and tomorrow is star dance battle.
i suppose thats from SBS. since ytd was MBC's
isnt that cool? i been downloading it the whole day. gah
hate waiting.

i guess time passes really fast.
can you imagine theres a 2 in my age number next year?
i cant imagine later on it wil increase to 3 , 4, 5, 6 ,7
omgg! i will never end till you die.

i still have lots more to go.
lets see whether i can achieve my dream a not :)

3 September 2010

sincere is not easy to find .

am reallly frus over group members now.
wana find a more cooperative and dedicated members are hard
those who are serious and nt for the sake of finishing it and pass up.
i already screww last sem internal marks
seriously no more this sem.
i dont wana screw my marks anymore. .
just by looking at my group members i feel like bursting out
why biotech ppl so little?
am scared. really do. i dont know what to do anymore.

you found new ones and dumped the old ones.
i dont really mind actually.
but she remind me. i just feel like blogging how bad a person can be.
i dont feel anything on what you did. i dont mind
since initially you dont give me a good impression.
how "natural" a person may be in front of you.
and at the back its like non of my business attitude.
others might not see it.
but i do. but i choose to ignore it.
i already have more things to think of ad.
ppl like you. theres many. shoud not fuss about it.

am i invicible to you?.
if you think you re still right on what you did.
think about it. and put it on me all you wan.
i have met many such ppl.
God knows. :)

gonna be busy next week onwards.
wish me all the best.
sure gonna be a stress on asign and reports again.
oh well. who ask biotech so little ppl .

2 September 2010

Cross Finger

i use to update my blog everday.
but now i just update my blog when necessary.
today the first class for sem 2 year 1 bioteach.
which is biochemstry class.
and the amazing thing is.
he dont provide notes.
he dont provide slidees or anything.
he just talks in class and said that is his notes.
all of us was like WTF? even overseas uses slides to teach la.
if dont provide notes understandable la.
but slides? at least la. sumore talk so sloww like his age.

and and the groups. how long can you escape lah?
hope the new members are fine ler.
i dont want stress about internal marks again for this sem.
i want get good internal marks la.
nak keluar UCSI ni

and yeah i din change the update time for my blog
i been sleeping late for the past sem break.
really really late as in early in the morning.
next week am gonna sleep early ad.
and start studying and everything.
cause since this is short sem.
everything is so packed!
6 more weeks till sem end. i was like wtf? when i been told about this.
no co op for year 1 !
so nov and dec i would be damn free!
any jobs recommnd?
dramas i watched almost finish ad for korean.
maybe by the time the shows already finish upload eps.
hope i got time for jap dramas!

and of course this sem with better results.
i know its hard. and am not gonna take it as an excuse !
nothing is impossible
please dont fgive up. Fighting ! :)

31 August 2010


okay updating my blog early in the morning.
and no i dont wake up early.
its i havent sleep yet!
yesh. rushing to watch my dramas till these late.
as class starts tomrorow.
means i nid to settle all things by this weekends. as next week
i will be definitely busy !.
i still have 2 more dramas.
i blieve i can finish it even before weekends :)
theres still like 3 more korean dramas i havent watch.
too many eps. and i got no time ad.
so leave it for next hols.

later i got no dramas to watch next hols.
oh wait got japnese dramas.
never touched at tall since got so many tawan and korean drama to watch.
maybe next time if i dont nid to go co op.
lets pray and hope i can make it next sem.

so its the last day of AUG.
so here it goes.


30 August 2010


college starts on wed. this is so insane.
am not ready for collegee.
feels like hols is so short.
but this time the sem even shorter.
i bet time gonna pass even faster.
am scared ! DEPRESS ! and STRESS!
even though havent start.
cause i kknow it will be freakng hard.
since the subjs for next sem is hard.
i dont wana screw the upcoming sem again.
i want to get out from my college.
i nid to stress that out !

i dont want all this words come out from just saying.
but not succeding it. jeongmal :'(
this sem will decide i shud go overseas study for my finals or not.
i so fcuking nid to do well.
i dont want to LOSEE!

am not in a good mood now.
no more entertaiments starting from next week
stress tensions attacking next week.
will i make it to my target?
prays and work hard and SMART!
i just dont wwant to give up no matter how hard it takes.

i just wana catch that dream of mine.
and not leetting go.


28 August 2010


omg i got the worst results ever!
how to go overseas with this kind of results?.
seriously if i dont get a better results for my first year .
i think am not going overseas for my final ad. :(
i nid to work hard next sem !
dont want anymore disappointment. :(
heartbreak ~

later gonna watch movie with sis later. watch vampire sucks!
no mood . but sigh. thats the oni time she is free to go
tuititon. . now i watch drama witout realising i skip the whole ep.
seriously no mood after see results.
the suckiest results ever !

i want to do well T.T
babo T.T

26 August 2010


so long din blogg . lazy to blog .
nothing to wrrite.
cut my hair and i dont really like it actually.
makes my hair looks thin.
gonna leave it long again ~ . than the next thing i wana do is perm it.
that would take a long time. but i dont mind ~ :)

skol starting in a week more.
time passes really fast right.
damn awesome is BIG BANG so fucking going to SINGAPORE !
i wan go and see them ! G-Dragon ! WTF
ahhhh he is the only one i havent see him in person !

if possible i wana see supernova too !
omg. to make them come here is impossible.
but miracles do happen ! haha.

i love yung junghyung
remmeber that day? :P

19 August 2010


fwahh ? what a holiday. .
before this i wish to hve hols.
now i feel its bored. but am still enjoying it.
drama a day. really fast.
and BEAST gathering this sunday! wohoo ~ JJANG

i wana blog about something at first now i forgoteen ad.
i forgot how to change ad. later gonna discover everyhing in my whole laptop.
weee. :D .

when the next semester starts.
knw life would get a lot harder.
so i will enjoy to the maxx now.
lfe is getting harder and harder
and am so worried about my results.
dont want any fails ! T.T

17 August 2010


lazy to update my blog lately.
been watching dramas continously.
taiwan ddramas to korean dramas.
loadings normal line not relly fast.
i want better linee. .
went to sing k with pooi mun ytd. and moviee.
airbender? man the show is lameee.
not gonna catch the following moviee.

bought a new laptop . wee. old one spoilt.
finally. :D
boring lah my hols.
drama je bosann.

date me outt.

14 August 2010

Finals done!

okay. exam over yesterday.
FINALLY. i can watch my dramas! :).
still with my taiwan dramas.
gonna finish it tonite.
than my korean dramas! wohoo ! =3

i want to go out though
bored stay at home the whole hols.
wana go for some shopping. !
i wana shop for shoes!
dont know why but yeah.
eehehe. i love shoes.

neway. date me someone ! aku sangat bosan . !


11 August 2010


drama-ing the who freaking day.
whole freaking nite. till 5am. what drama am watching?
Calling Big Star!
Mike He not as leng jai as i though he was ad.
he always have this same type of style. a bit sien loh.
and charlene choi. seriously. i feel . sad for her
all those new taiwanese atress in the drama so leng lui !
compared to her. makes her look like those normal ordinary girls.
the girls in the drama really pretty. much more pretty than her.
shes like. erm. nothing to say. . waiting for the upcoming ep though.

so am currently watching movies.
than gonna start a new drama.
LUCKY DAYS. dont really know the actors in the drama.
heard its nice. so give it a try. ! :)
hope its okay. ^^.

finally. i finished packing my books. cleared all those unwanted books ad.
pack my study area ad. pack my room ad.
thats for my places.
cleared my youtube and twitter list ad.
after finish my taiwan dramas. am gonna start my korean dramas.
i dont think theres time for me to watch my japanese dramas.
piling up. a lot of new jap dramas out already! i want more time
unless i sleep 5aam everyday. hahhaaa! cannot lah!

okay. back to drama.
still nid to study for CAlCULUS this friday! omigosh.
cannot forget about it.

10 August 2010

one more paper to go

okay. two papers down.
and one more paper to go.
paper this friday. this makes me lazeeeeeee around here.
hahas. been online the whole day. :)
anyway nid to get my plan work ad.
i got not enough time.
since its always been such a failure plan.
need to make it work ad! NO TIME! SERIOUSLY! .

hope i din screww any papers.
i did quite badly for biology. gah. too many things to write.
its like 10 essays insted of ten short answers!
CRAP all i can . CRAP all i remember.
Did all the best i can already.
Chemistry paper today was okay.
at least most of it i know how to do.
hope i do it correctly. :)

i will try this week's plan. results on SAT! :)

7 August 2010

two more days.

updating the blog at this moment again.
gonna sleep soon.
two more chapters to go for BIOLOGY.
and its a lot of things to remeber.
hardest chapters leave it for the last..
my cough havent recover. i cant expect myself to take the exam and keep one cough.
gonna do whatever it takes to make it recover within these two days!

gosh so fast two more days to finals.
ahhh. and the line today damn lag.
i got a movie to translate!
gonna ask my sis do ler. wana read for finals.
din expect them to send me at this time.
hope i dont forget it.

neway i got lots of plans for hols ad.
first thing first of course my dramas.
tons of dramas already. shows still i have to wait for released.
so yeah. loving it.

AT 2.30 TO 5PM?
tell my okay. kamsamida (:

5 August 2010

Finals around the corner!

updating the blog at this time.
yeah i know . so late ad. shud sleep early.
more over am not fully recover.
i never learnt to sleep early.
now and than. and i should ! :).
cause its not healthy ! yeayea i know. but hard to do loh.
i get so active at night compared to daylight. help me with thiss. !
i studied chemistry ad. but i dont really have the confident.
omigosh. scared lah. tomorrow gonna start really biology again.
dont know how many times i read. but still not really familiar! (x.
gonna suck up eeverything tomorrow and than !

monday biology paper!
tues chemistry paper !
friday calculus paper!
i din touch anything for calculus at tall.
as usual last minute study.
if possible friday i wana get all my internal marks.
wana calculate a bit . since i screwed so much marks for internal marks.
i really need to do well in FINALS! Hwaiting! =3
after reading chemistry, i really regreted. if i just studied properly.
i could have done well in my midterm. :(
so sad. question was pretty easyyy ! can even get ful marks loh!
now have to stress for finals! SHIBAL!

not gonna update my blog any soon.
maybe after chemistry paper or calculus .
and yes. gonna start all my dramas and shows.
oh yeah. a lists of dramas awaiting me already.
cant wait to watch. :):)
gonna finish thhe the tons of dramas in 2 weeks time!
before sem 2 starts ! cause since its short sem.
theres no time for anything else at all ! JJang!
i dont wana screww my sem 1 results. JEBALLL! :(

off to bed.
wish me lots of lucks for exam okay.
i dont wana let other things screw it yet.
my mind now is all about finals.
others get lost. wont let it affect ! :)

2 August 2010

lucky me.

yeah. that is why i hate sore throat.
cause everything attact at once.
my flu ~ cough. nose block. and its one week before finals..
this is so great. should i go and buy number now? FML.
i want more time to studyy.
scare leh. recovering and yet still nid to study.
what a life.

cant wait for after next week.
i wana do lots lots of things.
time passes really fast.

am sick but i cant act like one. cause i dont wana be more sick.
opstimistic. i will recover very fast! Hwaiting!
ryte? :(

1 August 2010

Aug Day 1

the first day of August.
should have a good start.
and my head sis heavy now thanks to my flu. .
i nid to study.
hope i can absorbed things later. :(
hate this. i got not much time ad okay.
stop doing this.

and yeah finally chemistry assignment is done.
hope the biology wan also.
den everythings is done.
left finals to go ! Hwaiting ! :)

gtg. chaos~

31 July 2010

last day of JULY 2010

the last day of JULY
finals in a week time. fast? omg.. big question.
this is craazee.
am having sorethroat now. PAIN!
faster recover lahh! :(
sure cant sleep the whole night . thanks to it.
cause it happen last nite.
and i almost late for calculus test today. phew~ i tot i was late.
but theres even others more late. ==

okay. later in the morning. nid to go back to college for that
stupid uni life thing. seriously i really hate this subject that i dont even want to bother about it at alll. its pretty obvious.
and yeah. when i finally manage to get rid the irritating and annoying thick skin male.
here comes a female version. much better. butt ~ ,
not always. college do have many weird ppls. in mine?
i tot i could have a better surrouding.
but really, i dont like my surroudings.
and i still nid to live with which i hope a year more only. :)

hope to bear with it . this is life .:)
not always nice. theres always the sad and pathetic one too.
this life makes me degrade myself. and yes surroudings.
gona challenge that. no more in future. :)
screw up this sem. ain nice at all.

anyway. i nid to stop watching variety shows for now!

wait for meeeeeee ~

29 July 2010


okay. went to that what what musical thing.
am speechless. cant blieve i went there.
and yes i go for the sake of 8 ECA points.
and i bet everyone in the room think the same thing.
oh please. no one give response during the musical.
so obvious. oh well they can quite sing though.

biology test was today.
and yeah am still not satisfied with my marks.
so tricky the questions
somemore say easyy wor MISS LAII AHH.
cheat uss! :(:(

tomorrow calculus test! non-stop.
crazyyy. :( . hope he dont set the question too hard la.

28 July 2010

scared like no one business.

yes yes yes.
my blog is bright. Bright is good for eyes!
you dont nid to strain them :P
right? xD . anyway. am trying to stay positive.
am stress with results. why i cant even beat with that marks?
omg. like that also cannot beat? oni a few marks different.
and i dont like it. i want higher. better and perfect.
i can? :(

no mood for blogging. might not blog much later that.
need to prepare for my biology midterm. den on more paper on friday.
shiited. so many papers.
after one week than finals.
the time is so limited.
this week class all the final classes.
yeah not gona see most of the teachers?
will i ahieve my target? wil see about that.

tomorrow chemistry results.
and i already can feel what's my results gonna be.
hope it doesnt turn out what i felt it would be.
cause it aint good at all.
am scare. really do. results scares me the most.
out of so manny things in the world.
it reflects my future. :(

i miss hangeng in super junior.
i love 13 and always 13 !

26 July 2010


Charice singing is awesome.
i really admire this girl. such a talented girl.
have such a strong voice.
how nice if i have the voice to sing like her.
she's JJANG!. love her new song PYRAMID.
and yes lately she appeared in star king and KEJ Chocolate.
everyone admires her singing ! powerful and strong.

another test on thrus. gahh.
BIOLOGY. yet lots of things to remmeber.
a lot ! (x.
such a killer. and i heard biochemistry is hard.
omg. this is awesome.
next sem subjs hard ones.
and its short sem.
cannot play ad. everything is in a rush.

25 July 2010

Sleepy yet dont want to sleep .

updating my blog at this time is crazy.
shud be sleeping. this is so not healty.
when can i get a proper sleeping habit?
gahhh. so not right.
okay after updating this am gonna get to bed. :)
be a good girl ..

and pretty much yeah. hard to find match mate in college.
really hard. someone or some friends like i can hang out with ease.
and fun and relax and not awkward. i dont have them in college.
not as i have those feelings with my high skol friends when hang out.
maybe its not here yet? take some time then.
not to say they are not good. not to compare.
but hard to get close or get along like i use too back then.
cause of what? (x.
especially when come to work. assignemnt reports.
sinces theres more group work in college. oh well.
i bet everyone who's in college knows whats the problem is.
ryte? :) not to say i dont have assignemnts during high skol.
i do i have. but not as frustrated as i am now. okay maybe is harder.
but i dont mind how hard it is if you take the effort to do it.
at least i dont nid to clear up ur left overs later that.
i tot college students can think more better than high skol.
but guess not. :( . or maybe cause back then i was in a all girls class.
and it rocks. :D . DAMARIANS. communication eaisier? or okay. you know.
dont nid me to mention. sendiri tahu.

am sleepy already. i think i shud just leave my comp on.
and shut down it self when the show is finish dling. actually.
left a little while more oni. gah.
shud i wait or sleep? cant make up my mind!

am still worrying about chemistry overall. still fell i so screw up this sem.
teach me a lesson. more serious in future! :)
Fighting! =)

Blog Edited!

finally i edited my blog. :).
not much of changes though.
but yeah. the header thing a bit ma fan cant find a right picture that fit its size.
hmpph dont have a proper nice beast wan. so just put up FT Island's

hope i dont off the plan tmorrow. :)
i will try my best to target my plan tomorrow.
hope so. keep on fighting!
neway. nothing much to updaate.
finals is around the corner.
shud be studying
anyong ~

24 July 2010


okayy. long time din update.
busy with my chem blog as well.
so gonna edit this blog tonite. :) .
another two more weeks to finals. and yesh.
so dead. havent know chemistry marks.
really scared now. deep scared. :(
doing all my wit that i can now. sigh.
cannot let go. cannot fall down.
its just the first year first sem .

and i hope it will end smoothly. and start a better new sem onwards!
must ad! dont want play so much ad.

nid serious ad. say ni easy. but later sure play de.
keep one study is not my style. i dont like to be nerd.
but at times yes i have too . :)
what to do. education is important now.
witout it you re nothing. but a piece of junk?
nowadays i mean. ppl look down on you.

i may not be smart. but no matter how hard it goes
i dont hope i give up in the middle.

i think thats it .
will be back tonite.
got something to do later. as always on sat! :(
i love yung junhyung~ =3

20 July 2010

1111 posts.

this is my 1 1 1 1 posts! hahahas. what a nice number! .
okay today was epic though.
rush home for piano. as usual teacher late.
notice that i seriously nid to practise my piano skills ad.
cannot always depend on my side reading!
and grade 8 exam is around the corner!
dont wana waste the money !

chemistry assignemnt nid to hand it next week.
and started to redo a little.
which is so dead . :( chemistry this time so screwed up.
seriously. dont know why.
i hope i pass at least one of the tests.
if not am so dead which i dont want too. JEBAL :(
scared la. scare to death. T.T

calculus exam this friday and biology midterm next thrus.
den another week is FINALS ad!
non-stop like WTH! this is call COLLEGE LIFE!
i dont want to flunk any subjectS!
waste money!
i want first class honorrr!
i dont want just dream ! T.T

17 July 2010

Despicable Me ! =3

watched Dispicable Me ! :)
its a nice movie ! laughable and cute!.
next show to watch? dont know yet. waiting for aug and sep.
more shows releasing ~ ! :)
okay. i just screw my chemistry paper today.
never felt so screw up. many questions i dont know how to do.
i dont want to fail chemistry! DNAS! AHHH!

seriously i need to study ad.
i wish am as smart as the others so i dont nid to study so hard get disapointted over marks.
i dont want to be an average student.
i dont want too. :(
i dont want bad results. :(
stop procastinating (x

am sleepy. but i nid to get my ass off to do the report.
and yes the assignment all over again.
DNAS pendrive ! hate you. wana buy new one ad!
make my life suffers.

i need more time ! :(

16 July 2010

won won won !

JJangg ! :) i get to win my Super Junior Repackage album from honeyjoo.com
hahahaha. thanks a lot weii . :)
din expect. i won two competitions in a row.
i wish i was darn lucky like this during BEAST competitioons. GAH .
oh neway. still thanks a lot !

sent my details. waiting for my item to be send.
chemistry midterm tmorrow!
gan cheong ! (x
hope i can do the questions lah.
wish me luck!

am flying right now ~ :)

14 July 2010

weee =D

updating my blog at this time which am suppose to sleep!
oh whoc cares! :P .

i shud be sleeping right now actually.
clss in the morning!. .
shud i sleep ? or stay awakee?
damn it .

oh yeah. i have to redo my chemistry assignment again !
thank you oh thank you. DNAS lah!

damn pendrive. (x hate you. shooo ~

okay. i got nothing else to update.
wish me luck for finals midterms and also
my marks! kamsamida!

12 July 2010

last lab.

today was the last day of our lab session :)
no more labs. no more fuss about lab reports. :)

chemistry lap report marks pretty low. sigh.
biology the same thing.
not satisfied though..
hope i can do better in the upcoming exams . hope so.

everyone was really sleep today.
due to the final match of world cup. and yes SPAIN won the title.
congrats to the team of course.
and darn the octopus. should fryy it and eat!.
and let him give us 4D numbers!
never miss a shot and only once? like wth?
animals phycic? ==
this is so not fun when you know who is the winner already.
so take the animal away the next FIFA worldcup.

i had weird nap dream just now.
maybe i was just too tired i guess.
ahhhhhhh. what should i do now? study?
hope things get into my mind ! (x

11 July 2010

Pictures !

Child of Empire new concept photos !
Arent they just getting cooler and cooler.
i just love this 9 members boyband! Their song and members are Jjang!
And now with the ABS members ! =3 hearted.

awww junhyung's expression here darn cute wei . omg *faints*.
seeing him just that close for once is not enough. cause i have fall deeply in love with him. dont let me meet G.Dragon. cause the same thing will happen. hahahaa ! maybe thats even worse. though my junhyung is more good looking then GD. but GD is still the TOP ! :) .
i wana marry junhyung. :P

gi kwang sleeping cutely.
i got these yoseob's wan too. but lazt to post up . hahas.
since the max is 5 pictures. i lazy to do the second time..
these are some pictures before i doze off..
its really late in the morning.
should have gone to bed.
but thanks to the last minute reports.
still left a little more for chemistry. the results calculation and a bit of adding in the discussions.
stil waiting parts from jest. :)
its been a hectic month.
everything comes at once.
my timing schedule was off cause lecturerr havent comfirm with the exam dates.
i think i shall start reading my biology ad. gah.
hope i can finish my chemistry report in time tomorrow. kamsamida. :)
wish me lucks peepz.
late nite update is spectacular. hahas.

10 July 2010

epic timing~

yesh am freaking in a epic mood now.
assignemnt datelines.
finals coming.
havent finish and yet havent stuudy.
currently doing my reports in a rush.
i feeel so heng. hope i can survive till monday. .
everything is so crazy now. .

no air to breath !. i nid to finish the reports by tonite.
no matter what. if not am so dead.
and i dont want too.
i dont want to screw any subjs that is why am so stress up now.
wish me lucky guys.

yung junhyung oppa saranghaeyo. =3

6 July 2010

piano lesson.

updating my blog before my piano lesson.
still waiting for my teacher.
really nid to patch up with my piano skills ad.
piano exam is so near. and i dont wana screw the exam! .
help me. let me find some time to practise piano please. :(
i got no time for myself.

and yeah. starting it supposingly.
hope dis week at least go with one :) pleaseeeeee! JEBALLLLLLL!
and yesh am a korean fan freak and so what?
hahahas. i bet many fans out there as well.
kaki kpop fans . :P
lets hang out one day !

i nid to start study ad ! must study ad!
but keep procastinate! omg!
why is this happening!

5 July 2010

Biology last lab.

finally found a chinese tutor.
but dont know how much will she charged.
took ages for her to reply my message.
gahh. really hope its not expensive cause i really wana learn! :( .
considering korean language now as well.
omg so many classes i wan take.
hope i can make it lah. i really wana learn these two languages.
read and write. i dont want to just speak.

and yeah. today was biology last lab.
and next week is last lab for chemistry.
and say byebye to lab already. :)
these means finals is around the corner.
so doomed. so dead. need to study already if i wana do well !
ahhhh. HELP. assignments havent finish.

sei mouu. gahhh
this is arse.


4 July 2010


currently at mei yan's house updating my blog.
wahhahaa. last minute decision overnight at her house.
slept late woke up early.
two weekend nights overnite at friend's house.

taking offfffffffff ~
wana go back and sleep :)

30 June 2010

BEAST Twitter Uploads.

all these BEAST's twitter uploads.
except the banner ! hahas. thats fanclubs! .
still waiting for all the pictures.
since all the FB is tagged with names in the pictures.
i want witout it ! :) waiting for sze mei ! :D
i din know Petronas Twin Tower was that nice view.
and arent they just cute? they love Malaysia ~ hahahas.
i love them too :)
Why majority idols who comes to Malaysia loves Satay or laksa? (x
hahhas really that famous over there too?
i shall go there and open one shop ! xD then BEAST might come ! :P
okay stop dreaming
and i know lately my FB profile is flood with BEAST names.
i still cant really get over it. let time be. i still miss them.
everytime i listened to thier song. i still cant blieve i listen to that live before.
its just like a dream. and its so freaking near.
i broght my camera but not the battery what a darn arse.
so i din manage to take any pictures. thus, i get to see the whole perfomances clearly.
every single thing. :):).
i still feel am dreaming !
what so awesome is i get to see all my really really really favourite artists ad!
i din know till i start counting.
i seen jay chou in concert before.
i seen super junior before.
i seen BEAST before now ! which is the so freaking closest till you open your mouth wide and eyes big big ! :D seriously i did that till the members ternotice ! :P.
and left G-Dragon i havent seen before.
waiting for big bang to come to malaysia ! =3
then my lists is done. left the like like wan also . hee
i want see MBLAQ if can too !
i wana go ZE;A 's concert if can too ! i wana see 2PM if can too ! gahhh.
money money ! :p
okay. i nid to get things up already.
since i slack so long ad.
i nid to start back my routine and game. :)
get the spritts back if you want a dream come true.
dont let a minor thing let you down.
you can do it ~ Fighting!

27 June 2010


this pictures are just part of it .
i think i got 141 of it from my fren .
and another hundreds more from sze mei.
ahha still waiting for the pictures!
can wait to see them !
okay i shall update about the showcase ..
i reach there around 11am . at kl live. when i reached there.
theres like quite many ppl lining up ad. padahal de thing starts at 7PM.
but quite front . worst thing is the whole management thing sucks like hell.
the lucky draw thing . fans cutting line. pushing the line like no one's business.
almost fainted while lining up. almost feel like giving up already.
thanks to justin lim yee jin you came as well for buying me a drink. sayang ~
and the fans are really crazy. i wana get out also cannot..
start from 4pm like those who sitted started to stand up.
den everyone started to cut line push and cramp in.
wana sit also cannot. keep standing.
den slowly cramp till like sandwich.
stand and cramp like from 4 pm till 7.00 ! wrff wei. i seriously wanted to faint ad.
i wanted to give up at that moment !
but i continued till we finally get to go in and wait at the stairs where. much more air and theres aircond. . den around 8pm plus oni we get to go in.
den crap again. i was like wtf.
and finally. waited like half an hour BEAST came out!
i so fucking shocked ! most of the members look so diiferent in person!
was like so fucking good looking !
especially junyhyung, dongwoon, and gikwang. the rest still look kinda the same.
junhyung! omg. he looks so hot in person! he is not photogenic.
cause he looks bloated in tv. . but in person ! inlove giler! =3
den dongwoon looks as if he is mix ! he loosk so much more better in person!
gi kwang too . more cute . but he is quite short.
dont care either. cause hes handsome face and perfect pax bodeyy is hot enough ad!
dujun darn machho and leng jai loh. hyunseung so leng loh. so flawless loh his skin.
yoseob darn hyper active and cute loh ! omg. i feel like am dreaming at that moment.
but the crowd still killer.
still pushing. feel dizzy my god. den few of the members saw me keep lyying at my frens shoulder. i faster put my head up. cause we are quite near. so have to put our head up.
san fu loh. but worth it laa. so near. i cant stop flashing back the moment they saw me ! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! happy giler.
those lucky fans who went up .really darn lucky and really darn stupid.
if am them. i pok mong loh hou mou. i will ask them can i hold ur hand or what! bodoh fans!
den MC was lamee. security guards are rude. UMM's page flood with complains.
serve them right. 35 fans fainted. many cant get in.
thanks to the "big place" . gi kwang and hyun seung's expresison arent that good whhen they first come out. gi kwang like not so happy loh. den hyunseung got one part he stoopped a while.
omg he seriously damn leng ! =P .
the autograph part paling syok giler!.
din get to give the gift though cause that bitch say she will help to take.
but every single fucking members smiled at me! :)
i stared at them ! den wave then dey smileD! OMG :D chun hor.
junyhung makes my heart melt giler!
dongwoon's smile so sweet! gi kwang smiled cutely! dujun smile happily and friendly.
hyunseung pretty smile! and yoseob ! i paling suka!h haha.
cause since he is the last one. so that stupid fat arse security guard block me so he cant find me.
den he looked the other side and smiled at me and wave ! i was like !!! LMAO ! Wave back and smiled! LUMSEI LAAA!
i entirely go high after that. me and all of my friends. .
we were so tired and exhausted. quitly bought water to drink. .
den started talking while waiting.
like siao lang, all sweaty.
i overnite and ivy unnie's house! hahas.
so many DBSK collections darn many! :)
watch videos and talked till like 6am ! hahahha .
i think can even make it to nikko hotel to breakfast with BEAST.
shud have stayed at the hotel loh!
sigh. too late ad. nvm. :(
din go for the autograph session at ONE U today.
since i got all the members ad.
hahas. but i heard it was better than the showcase.
and everyone gget their signature.
so nice! shud have went actually but since its my dad's bday.
i din go loh. so hei seng. xD
they will be going back tmorrow . as they rumoured the 11pm flight wor.
wonder what they will do loh.
if can i wana stalk them loh. sigh :(
i miss BEAST already.
wish can stop that moment and see them more.
i cant blieve i see all my most most most favourite artstis before ad.
first was jay chou, then super junior now BEAST!
whos next? BIG BANG LA OF COURSE! still waiting for them to come!
i want see kwon jiyong like mad!
ahh. tomorrow clas ad.
lazy. still in BEAST mmood. i superb liek them now. =3
i mean even more.
next i nid to rush for assignments and reports ad.
and study for finals.
fighting for dream now ! :D
anyonghi 1

25 June 2010


omg. tomorrow is the day!
BEAST is here! and tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow! =3.
so excited now.
but yet i nid to finish up my reports! hahahas.
my part done. left the other part. yeah. always like that.
cannot gao dim properly and let me go peacefully de. i know. pity me.
i want group with someone that i can rely . :(

very tired loh everytime like that. have to check.
make sure its right. :(
okay forget it. am in a good mood now.
BEAST! no matter what . am gona get the autograph on that day it self !
and stand in front ! (x
sei dou yiu loh douu.

i din know so many ppl is going !
meet everyone there then !
tomorrow i guess i nid to go alone!
sadded. :( take teksi there? but scare of hamsap teksi drivers loh.
take monorail there like damn lambat loh.
how how? i dont wana sweat on the way there.
see how it goes tomorrow than ! hmpph (x