31 January 2010

super junior poster. :(

ohh. watched paranormal activity yesterday nite. .
i cant really take demon movies
those western one. chinese horrors. asian horrors.
any i still can take it. but western demons. i dont know what to say about it.
i will imagine things. oh well you noe. biasa lah.

so after the movie. chated wit billy while.
he offline that suddenly sms me. really get me into heart attact.
so i quickly on the musics . lol.
calm myself down. this first time i watch horror movie freak out.
wth? . okay,i nid to watch more horrors ad !
am not like that last time . :(

ohysic test this weds
i cant can am ready or not ready.
but hope for the best i can say. (=
please . make everything goes wwell.

and suckie thing is. cant get SUPER JUNIOR giant poster.
wtf. so close to get it . am not satisfied with it !
few more turns to my friend only.
neway thanks to her a lot for lining up for me though its an exchange favour still i nid to htanks you a lot . saranghae chinggu ! >3


30 January 2010

physic scary !

omg. i dont know how to do the physic questions.
i cant get the answ. am so dead now.
i dont want to fail phy ~ ! .
so scary physic ~ omgg.

29 January 2010

Jiggy Jiggy.

woke up just nice for piano lesson today. sleep kau kau.
din sleep much during the weekdays. gah.
and i really nid to study physics ad. i heard its hard.
i dont want to fail this paper.i dont want to retake sem ! .
fighiting !

addicted to F.Cuz Jiggy and DBSK's Break Out.
and of course C.N Blue's I am a Loner. this song damn chun.
love it ! yunghwa's rap chun sial . <>

i wana finish report by today. but dont know i can a not.
since i keeep doing other thing while doing report. wasted a lot of time. xD
here goes again . exam coming ahh. faster study lahh. ~ my godd.

28 January 2010

skip class! =S

skipped 2 classes today
business tutorial and moral class. boring ~
sleepy as well.
gahh. melon awards took me dont know how many days to dl. and yet now still in part 2 only gah.

next week test . study study.
calculus is driving me crazy.
wana study it now.
chaos. .


gah. i feel so not ready for this sem
next week is my physic test. de following week is my calculus test and MORAL MIDTERM. which i dont know the hect format. i only been to 2 classes only. and i dont gain anything. hate it.

and yet i still watching my shows. wtf.
i nid to study ad. these words. i haven been saying since last 3 weeks. yet still slacking. OMFG.

yesh, am starting to scared ! wulalallala.
but yet nothing has been done!

27 January 2010

Time Square

okay. my class over early today. its as usuall actually..
went to TS with mum. buy her clothes.
and met tham kar hou. ate SUBWAY. finally. =D
and and. i always cant find the VICTORIA shop in sungei wang everytime i go dere.
oh btw, thanks a lot to MR THAM KAR HOU.
really thanks a lot x1000000000000000000000000000000. <3
you sangat baik ! :D

many homewords and thinggs nid to be doned !
calculus, phy and business evercies !
phy report ! . moral asignment !
this is worst than last sem. ! i prefer last sem ! gahhh.
hate my last sem. i musst pass ALL !

Time Square. supposingly KL high class area.
but now turn out to be LALA SIHAM / *high class* area ad.
ppls Time Square in the US so high class. MALAYSIA's?
speechless and no comment. make it to *high* class area. .
i want to MIGRATEE!
and yeah, * malaysia boleh * . ! ==

currently into JAP songs as welll.
dont know why. starting back to like visual kei. hahas.
alice nine. <3>

26 January 2010

jaejong bday !

love my jaejong HUBBY. <3
love yeah a lots. <3>
older a year ad.

and also

we old together ad. january babies. <3>
sweet nineteen. xD

many jan babies. =D!
my handphone full of bdays. almost everyday for januray.

25 January 2010

white in person.

freaking exhausted.. went out with mum a while . than straight away to bed when i back. my gosh. just wake up now. tired.
waiting my mind to fully wake up and pack my stuffs.

so tired. =x .
next week phy quiz. gah. i guess calculus shud be de same as well.
scaryy lah. havent really study.
and finally i get my business book ad. its in good hands.
woho ~. highlights start ad! =D. .

am so white today. hahas. lots ppl was wonderring.
and i saw FDD aka JH and ML today .
omg. so happy. two at one day. if see KIM lagi bagus. xD
so long din see these ppls ad.
finally today see both of them .! <3

24 January 2010

tired .

so not being myself lately. i have been slacking ever since college starts which gonna be in the forth week of college ad. woho. which means am so dead already. maybe this week phy got Quiz and i havent start a single sheet. i guess i shud start study ad. okay, i have been sayign this since last week. but nothing have been started. and i so notice, my english decrease a lot. ! my god. i speak suckie english a lot these days. that is why we nid english in college to maintain ! and i nid it noww !

besides, main thing i join forum is, yes i love korean idols. and another thing is to maintain my english. sort of essays since i do a lot of typing in forums.

but still . it make mes me from slacking. so gonna stop forum start from tomorrow. and oni forum when free time. =D. i have too . since some forums am incharge. if not i will get fired =D . and i dont want too . xD

will be getting my businnes textbook soon. can study ad ! wohoo .! nid to start reading ad. and phy and cal exer. nid to find ad. wana be hardworking already. *cheh* hahas.

cakap jee. senang. buat susah ~ must do ad lahh. gah.

i wana sing k . but no money ad =x . saving my money back now. for mayb another concert or album. patching it back again . =D. and i so loving my BEAST is the B2ST album. so freaking awesome. worth buying ! wohoo ! <3

woke up early . went to midvalley and then to time square with parents.
ate my lunch at midvalley CHILLI's . my god. the portion is like so freaking big.
i cant finish it. the fries like i didn touch at all. the mash potatoes my mum help my finish it.
ice lemon tea sweet. not bad lah the food. but too big portion ad. doublee. ! ==

walk a whilte in TS ni . nid to fetch siblings back from tuiton. mafan =p.
traffic jam sumore. =D . and back to college 2moro. sien sei . =x

23 January 2010

wee =D

i woke up late today. gah. always do during weekends. not a good thing ? =D i guess i nid to sleep early during weekends and wake up early also. gahh. tonite got dinner. =x. lazy to go.
next week physic exam . omigosh. havent study yet. so dead. has anyone study ad? omg. so slacking again . what happen to me this sem yeah? x

am homealone. wohoo. sis and bro gonna be back soon. and the noisy aura will be back.
and and. i dont even know whos my lap partner for phy lab. havent check. nid to check on monday ad. and yesh ! am getting my book from casey on monday. finally i can read ad. =D
hope i remmeber about it . hahas.

okays. nothing to update more. chas.

22 January 2010

time passes. dont stop and wait for us.

omgs. its 22 of january ad. time passes fast? and yesh . it does.
do you wana stop time? oh yesh, you wish you could. cause i wish i can too . =x.
i wana stop the time where am still eighteen. i dont like when my age the number of onne is turning to two. it means you gonna be old ! =x.
and it will never stop adding. okay, yes it will. it will stops when it knows when. we cant probably stay forever 18. lalala~

watching shows . havent study = so dead.
next week will be busy soon i guess. cause physic lab starting next week. moral assignment.business assignment. and also calculus exercises. gah. many things to do. and physic is hard. omigosh.

i want business textboook !. i want to start reading already. i hope i can get it by next week. cause lots too read. moral want read ad. though its nothing. revised a bit phy and cal ad. so what should i do? acutally i wanted to do more calculus exersice. but since the library just finish renovate. the books are not totally arranged properly. hard to find books. even thou i found its like 2-3 books only. and no really the ones i wana used. =x i nid to find again next week.

even thou the library is so nice now. whats the point ? when the cafe they make makes the library noisy as well ? it doesnt looks like a library to me with those pasar malam noise lah. ~ . even, the place where students wait for bus also builted with my nice chairs ad. upgrading .?~ lallala ~ reason ?
but yet the management still zha dou sei .

really, the world has many nice ppls. really thanks to all those forums subbers. i get to watch so many korean variety shows. these ppls are really nice. though they sometimes can be busy, they manage to sub these shows for us who dont understand korean. dont think i can understand korean fully. cause i only understand basics. dont ask me to sub also . lazyy. and mafan . no time.
and my koreans sucks. i wana go for class ! but far and mahal.
learn myself? no time ! havent even start my chinese class. dont know want to start a not also. feel lazy. scare no time. cause still got piano exam . bla bla. omg. life is so busy .and i dont like it .

make friends with so many from other countries in forums. but everyone is younger than me. i mean most of them. gahh. not same key ad. artists who debut also all around my age. gah ! tak suka ! =p

21 January 2010

bad mood.

today was extremely sleep . .
and . am really not in a good mood. dont know why.
just feel like pouring out my tears for no reason.
i want to know why.
after moral class, anyone who talks to me. i just nod yes or no. =x

i still want to buy the 458 tickets.
sigh. but i bought the 238 already.
i guess its faited. =(

kwon jiyong saranghae.
i nid some time to think.

20 January 2010


dongwoon ! <3>
please be older than me . xD . his smile melts my heart.

gi kwang. my favourite ! his choc abs chun sialll ! <3>

1000th post.

wohoo. my 1000 post.. suppose to reach it long time ago. but din update my blog for dont know how long.
and yeah. finally its my 1000 post.

i feel theres something bothering and am not sure what it is.
super junior concert? am not sure.
studies? been slacking a lot this sem. my god. dont know what happen.
just dont really like the subjs dis sem .
phy is hard. calculus is not easy. but for now still manageable.
i nid to refer back phy again later.
i dont want to fail phy. (= fighting ! :D
dont erase that spirit man .

i tot part of my dream coming nearer. but the nearer it gets.
the further i feel. i just got this feeling. and i got no more strenght to bother it anymore. let it be. but of course i really hope it come true.
its once in a lifetime. and i want it to be a blast. really.
cause its my only idol dream besides him. <3
next its kwon jiyongs. and that's all am asking for it. jebal ~

blog readers are you there? hahas. say something in cbox if you visiting my blog kay. at least i know who is there . (=
am not really in a good mood lately.
worried. but yet dont know what am worried a bout.
time is so packed. that i barely can breath . and think what to do next.
and its only the 3rd week of college.
what is this know?

i hope theres a bright future ahead me.
and i fighting for it no matter what it takes.
am gonnna repay everything back. what you have done for me.
not gonna waste it !

19 January 2010

new skin.

finally the blog is alive. i know how to use the features already.
oh yeah oh yeah. okay . i know finally after ages.
gonna update my blog more often already.
thanks to chia pei for the help.


boring ~

it tuesday already. what shall i say? today's business class was boring.
and calculus is difficult. and many hws.
got not many things to update.
house dont have electric for a while, woke up early. so practise piano. =x
gona exam soon. as well as theory. sick with exams. and yet more to come.

i wana go super junior II concert 450+ tickets and yet still praying hard if am that lucky.
though i bought the 238 ticket already. i still want the exp wan. lol
okay. stop thinking . bought it already. cant do anything,
wish am that lucky.

i wana type long long. but nothing to type. been using too much money during the early months. nid to save money ad. seriously if i dont. i boh lui liao.
no more spending !

18 January 2010

jay chou and mei yan bday .

thanks to dear chia pei for editing this blog .
will discover in it and try to learn.
aku noob dengan semua ini xD. .
i will edit more also . =D.

today outing with meiyan, swee kitt, jit lun, billy, pooi mun, jin mun !.
played bowling with the UCSIsians. lost. and thanks to that i broke my thumb nail.
sorry to keep you guys waited for me.
and i line up for 2 hous for SUPER JUNIOR SUPER SHOW II concert ! and my friends line up for more than that. thanks ah pooi yee and ching yee . sorry for reaching so late..
but somehow , i dont feel as excited as i use too .i m ean like during jay chou concert.
mayb the time havent come yet. wohoo ~ and also i got my BEAST album. its damn chuned =D worth buying. album cover not as nice as G-Dragons. but the photobook is so much nicer !

sayang yoou. <3

sayang you even more. =p

7 January 2010

sleepy calculus.

okay. today calculus class i was extremely sleepy..
my eyes felt like closing every second.
lucky i manage to undetstand what he taught.
and get to ask him questions. xD
really beh tahan. i think if that time, deres a bed. i would just go and sleep straight away. =x

business class no fun ! assignment presetation . wtf?
last sem was selling things. so fun lo .
i joined the fun and helped oout my friends.
if i know i take business last sem ler ! :(
this sem one so boring . gahhh. or maybe this week not all students come yet? oh whatever.

new sem got no hot guys.
even dere is i think dey would be younger den me.
wee wang wang. UCSI leng jai hilangg ad. =p
leng lui manyak laa.

wana go take a nap .
chaos !





6 January 2010

sing k .

ohh. today went TS .
supposingly shopping with pooi mun but end up sing k .
and shopping limitly later that. .
cause we oni got 1 and a half hour to shop.
rush back cause late since me and mei yan got 7.30 class 2moro .
sickening. so early. some more my class 2moro the whole dat til 5pm . wtf.
this sem all the subjs i dont really like especially physic and calculus !
hope i can cope. cause i can feel the difficulty already.

finally bought my bag. for college.
and the sing k not as blast as the red box one .
cause the songs are limited. really limited. red box wan rocks. but mahal giler.
but then have fun kau kau lo .
neway, am damn tired now. suppose to sleep.
i nid to sleep already .

no one get to buy much thing today.
i still nid to go back to sungei wang next week to get my BEAST album.
i might not shop again since i already got everything.
i nid to save money now. spend a lott tru out the last week of holidays and today .
save moneyy ahh. (= dont spend already !

gotta sleep peepz.
nites. :D

its alright jerica. everything gonna be fine.
do all your best. dont think too much kay.
you can do it. opstimistic but not too opsimistic.
no matter how hard the path is. go on ! cause you nid to pay of what ur parents suffer for you. god, give her the strength. (= .
i will do my best. no matter how lowest i am at my ebb.
i will try my best.
of course i dont hope to give. i hope to continue and go on till the end.

4 January 2010

first day of college. last sem .

first dat of college for my last sem . .
only one class since lab havent start yet.
2moro afternoon class.
no nid to wake up early ! gah. but till 5pm. sien sei.
and calculus ! omg. here comes the stress again. hate it hate it .

physic teacher not bad so far.
looks young though. . he doesnt look like malaysian like he said . he look more like a middle east person . hahas. even police mistaken he is pakistan dude.
first day always okay. but when comes to midddle classs.
wouldn be that okay anymore. oh well . its always like that.
use to it already . xD

got pressie from mandy chee kong and nicole !
thankss. love it <3
they know my taste ! hahahas. xD

3 January 2010

3rd Day of New Year

its the 3rd day of new year already.
see how time pass. . really fast. its just like a blink of eye.
omgg. its really wow. cant blieve am 19.
a year more to 20 . yeahh i know. i always mention about age. cause i feel old already .
hahas. i dont like the 2 in front. but yet. it still will increase year by year.
gahh. too bad. human sure get old someday. (=

tomorrow is the first class of my last sem.
you see. fast again . den i nid to go on my degree in biotech already.
omgg. :( scaryy. of course.i hope everything goes smoothly.
and i dont hope i give up on what am going now.
its hard but i must endure it . (=
remember the use to be jerica? :D

so nice to have dongsaengs.
at least there someone call you noona and unni ! hahas.
thanks yoann and cheryl . =p
i wana edit my blog by this week i guess.
been so busy with forumingg.
and finally watched all my shows.
but yet still havent watch my dramas finish. cause of the stupid slow bufferings.

Have a great year everyone .
thanks for all the floods of bday wishes.
i think i receive 100+ wishes .
really thanks a lot ! (=
and all those new year wishes .

2 January 2010

Deajun Festival .

back with blogging peepz ! (=
maybe am not gonna blog as much as i do ad.
just gonna blog if there's anything interesting.
readers decrease.
no mood to blog also.
just leave a message if you drop by kay.
so that i know someone's here.
and i will continue blogging.
about the skin.
lazy to change to new one. ma fan lah. =x

watching the DAEJUN FESTIVAL perfomances
i gotta say SBS is the best performances den comes to MBC.
KBS not so nice. quite bored.
SBS is really awesome.
with MBLAQ and B2ST !
G-DRAGON and the YG Family perfomances really stunning and awesome !
2PM hotties. BROWN EYED GIRLS hot unnis !.
lastly, not to forget, my SUPER JUNIOR ! <3
too bad the members not complete, hankyung was not dere because of the lawsuit, kangin also not dere cause of tat club case.
and as usual ki bum not dere. :(
i wish to see complete 13 members perform. (=

next i wana download the awards to watch. !
okay. no subtitles. .
great . wouldn understand much. but who cares.
my idols win can already. (=
and watch my jap drama.
miss many dramas.

my results released last wed.
gahh. my pengajian get B still though i terbalik my essays !
hahaas. if i din do that stupid mistake i can get at least A + .
sigh. over ad lah. cannot do anything.
new year. brand new year. with brean new start. (=
here i come . ! :D

neway , college is starting on monday.
hectic life again.
as usual . i wana hang out again . :D

1 January 2010

HAPPY 2010 ! A brand new day .


its 2o1o ! . say bye bye to 2009 !
everything is brand new in a brand new year !
hope all the best and smooth for the year 2010 !
2009 was a bad year but its overrr!
so forget everything ! and take the new onee ! (=

am offcially ninteeen ! and am not happy with it !
hahaahahaaa . caused this shows that am gonna be old really fast.
and also . wana wish my idol happy bday as well !




all the best to the idols and me ! (=
hope everything gonna be okay.
i almost got a disspointment thoughts.
but oh well, its new year. and i forget it.
just dont wana bother you anymore !
ITS BRAND NEW 2010 ! <3