28 February 2010


am currently so into FT ISLAND members.
jonghyun and hong ki ! omigosh . =3 loved !
hahas. love deir song and them. than i notice
minhwan is not bad too . but younger than me. :(
ahhh. how i wish he is elder or the same age.
B2ST's SHOCK ! i cant wait. and the teaser is awesome and cool.
gonna pre order the album !
i dont are eeeeee-eee i dont careee eeeee-eeee-ee .
boy, i dont care ! =3
addicted to viwawa's big 2.5 game.
plaay the whole day and din touch my books. which is so dead.
next 2 weeks midterm. omgg.
am really read !

27 February 2010

oh yeah.

my teeth still pain though. wonder if i can sleep later. .
i suppose to sleep now. am actually ver tired.
but suddenly fee like blogging. so yeah. am here now. .
chatting with my ex-primary skolmate shu ping. (=
yeah. so late also got ppl chat with me ma. know lahh.

just now dont know why. out of the sudden i feel not happy.
feel like burst ou. but whats de reason ? (x
i havent study phy yet. and am really scare and dead right now.
i dont wana fail midterm. and i dont wana retake the suubj.
arsewhole teacher killing and torturing us. .
finish my part of the report ad. (: supposingly the inter. do the discussion
and as usual end up i do myself.

next week is the carnival ad. so epic.
anyone wana come? its UCSI minI CARNIVAL.
its on 3 and 4 MAC wed and thurs.
TIME - 10am to 6pm. come okay if you free.
imform me too.

26 February 2010

pain pain and pain


pavi + calvin's hs.

wohoo. . piano lesson in the morning.
than went to pavi a while with mei yand and ee von.
and half way. i went to calvin's house with yee jin.
mostly UCSI mates were there. butt. hahas.
no comments. he datang lahh. apee ni . =p
and calvin's little brother so cute ! =3

tot wana stay longer. but mum keep say jam jam bla bla.
end up am at home now. (x
wana lepak sumore want lohh.
next 2 weeks midterms ad. canot lepak jorr. =(

i nid sto study physic ad.
of not . wulalalla.

and angel . wee wang wang is my fav phrase. =P
THANKS FOR THE RIDE DUDE ! sayang mayak manyak. =3

25 February 2010


its settle or not? aww . i dont know.
but i nid to start doing my report. and study my suckie physic.
i wanted to go back badly today after calculus.
cause i damn tired.
but end up go moral. skip to many classes ad.
hahas. and moral last week no one came. xcept for one person.
hahas . how awesome it is.
STILL CNY LAAH! who wana come lah.

get get getting JIGGY ! jiggy jiggy ! =3
love the songg !
hahas. addicted to rookies songs lately.
and also SUPERNOVA's ! really nice songs they have.
but i dont get why they dont really get the fame.
shud promote them better with those nice songs they have!

okays. i wana play lahh. nono cannot . calculus and physic midterm coming.
study lah JERICA~
i wana go GENTINGG! anyone wana go ?
coem come omce. JOM JOM JOM.

24 February 2010

kyu jong


okayyy. i slept for 2 hours. and today in phy class sleepy like hell and plus i dont understand what he taught. wtf? :( susah la physic. i sangat takut nak study subj ini dah.
calculus lebih senang jika banding lah. apee nieeeee.

forgotten what i wana update ad actually.
and yeah. having international student in a group really bothersome.
and tiring. they dont be punctual . i tot malaysians are already like that.
but theres even *better* ones. just for a exp . i waited since yesterday.
my god. just send to me . is it that hard? that is why i dont count on them riskyy.
sorry to say lah. . if keep on like that, i really out of my wits lah.

i like the way you smile and talk to me.
i like it. though i cant see you that often .
but your smile reminds me a lot about you.

cant sleep.

i cant sleep i cant sleep and i cant sleep.
i feel hot.
close my eyes. and open back.
its already 1.40 am.
3 more hours i nid to wake up.

and about the partayyyyyyyy ~ OMG. =(
i dont know want to go a not.
angel ahh. ! (x
fetch me go i go. :P

23 February 2010


lazy to update but here it is. gotten my physic and caculus test 2 marks.
my physic fail. one more marks to pass. wtf?
hate physic !
calculus pretty satisfied with it. i got one more mark to full marks. :D
happy. wana do better for midterm.
he said gonna be harder !

i miss my friends already.
want to have fun more.
still in holiday and CNY mood.
but yet i nid to study ad.
cannot slack lah.
always also like that. =p
i hope business assigment gonna be FUN though ! (:

neway. i think am gona start my plan by this SATURDAY officially.
and unofficially by this week.
then for one month see how it goes.

and yeah. i saw him today. my reaction was *bend down my head*
*finger cross* . and i think his friend saw. his fren always paying attention to me .cause i think he knows i always paying attention to him.
gah. so not nice already. FDD ad lah !
dis week i saw them at once. =3

but the fun feeling is no more there.
as much as i do have in high skol . hahas.
when i like the guy the feeling . not as excited as i do.
this feeling now . is like. selamba. =p
UCSI not many hot guys la. even these dudes i just like for fun only.
just like that fun and exited feeling when seeing someone i admire.
that's all . :)

21 February 2010

Cho 7 = My Partay

Cho 7
today was the day. . all my friends came over . :D
ex-primary skolmates, ex-sbsians. ex-tuition mates and also collegemates.
thanks for coming guys ! most of you came and make my hs bloom .!
love those amount of shoes at my doorstep. hahas.
i wish i can stop the time and the fun. cause some of you that i din see for years came ytd ! my godd ! . my ex-tuitionmates like i hardly can meet them came ! .
ching hoong and kuan tai ! hahas. babi ching hoong.
din know kuan tai study the same course as me ! :)
and and . ex-primary skolmatest.some i recognise the face but dont remmeber the name. and . jason lee came back. oh boy, you sure do changed a lot kawan !.
my kawan ever since kindergarden but shifted to PJ later that. :(
and and . of course my ex-sbsians. hahas. it was awesome . really. :D
and not to forget my collegemates. thanks for coming. billy manage to get along with my frens. hahas.

and also. my neighbour skol sbu friends and the gang. (:
thanks for comingg . ! and also my sayang angel ! hahas.
manyak sayang for coming. :)
and i dont know what to say about the *MMMMLLLLL* thingg. grrr. xD
yu sengg. who said he from singapore came back . bla bla.
dont know he is telling the truth or what. LOL
he is always the funny guy.
wilfred, edwin and kah yung always the talking nonsense group. =x
and my gang . kinda hope they can stayed longer to chat. but ahh. nvm some other time . :)

about pictures? i dont have the free time to take la. i dont even have my time to eat nicely. lol. walk around. serving ppl. bla bla. mum call. eii jerica . ur friend come ad.? til like 9pm. == . tired though.

hope to invite more ppl next year !

19 February 2010

Cho 6

Cho 6 ..
Mei Yan's partay last minute canceled due to no. of person who going. :(
sister manage to go her brothers ! . ;x
as usual ffkers. and always last min decisions.
not surprise. malaysian .

will be busy 2moro.
and then i nid to study my business and start revising ad
midterms coming ! and one week plus i din touch books.
amazing me . . d. e a d /

i dont like the fact the jung yung hwa is coupling with seohyun SNSD biatch in We got Married. :( but still i nid to watch my yung hwa swettie with . ehem. dont want sayy . xD you know.

18 February 2010


yeayea. dad's friends came for visiting.
non stop chinese new year activity ever since the first day.
have i touch anything for business midterm?
no i did not. . . boring ~
cousins sleep over till sat nite. :D
cool little cousins. not really little. but i consider them little. hahs.

am going to meiyan's partayy tomorrow.
wonder whos going neway.
will update more about it tmorrow nite.
i want to dl musics. :)
and the following dat is my partayyyyy. yohoo.

17 February 2010

Cho Sam and Cho Sei.

Cho 3.
went to Overseas at Imbi for lunch the relatives and friends.
dad's friends btw. my cousin's kids so cute and pretty.
justl like my cousin. she doesn look like her age. and still pretty.
with 3 kids already. wahrao. am aunty ad. :(
foods were a lot . O.O
den at nite went to my aunt's house for dinner.
where most of my relatives gather there as well . :D
the dogs are adorable. =3 .

and yeah we went back home later that .

Cho 4
which is today? relatives coming to my hs tonite. and in the afternnoon went for saundries. for the partay this sat. hahas
oh yeah.

nothing much. and all i know i havent touch books ever since holiday started.
and business midterm is next tues.
which am so dead. tomorrow nid help mum with the cooking.
friday and sat partay. i left sun and monday to study. oh shyt.

i totally giving up on them ad.
dont wana bother much already. (;
that's it.

15 February 2010

Cho Yi.

its already cho yi. CNY day two. . time passes fast?
oh yesh. it is. next week i got midterms.
and am freaking sleepy right now.
gahh. shud be sleeping right now. but but. you know lah.

how much i have collected ? hahas.
oh yeah, wish its a lot. havent really count yet.
i think its enough not to go visiting anymore. lols.
neway. my partay. quite a no. of ppl havent comfirm with me.
can you guys reply my message to at least imform?
its just a ethnice of manners that malaysian barely has it.
its easy. just say yes or no. or i comfirm with yeah later.
gah, not all reply pun later that. like nothing happen like that.
ffkers even worse.

tomorrow reunion dinner again.
gahh. again and again.
been eating for 3 days . wth?
after CNY , its suffering time. oh yea. it must be already.


14 February 2010


May the tigerness year rawrs you till the maximun ! =3
thanks for messages and wishes.

good lucks and future ahead you guys !
Fighting ! :D

havent fix my blog yet.. busy with packing hs and stuffs.
today pai nian sumroe.
later nid to pai nian again.
so maybe when i got time only i fix it.
bear with this at the moment yeah.

my phone kept ringing today.
hahas. thanks lah you guys. those who i didn expect to wish me wish me.
those who i expect wish from didn wish. lols.
what a year. hope to have a great year.
thanks for the message btw ! yau sam laa. :)

looking forward to 20th FEB (=
and CNY is all about food food and food
angpow angpow and angpow.

9 February 2010



Happy Birthday Hangeng

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HANGENG ! loved. omgg. 28 ad =p
hahahs. but i still love you . !

omgg. time passes really fast indeed ! everyone is older a year ad.
more celebrities bday to come ! hahas. on my list =p
and am liking it. CNY another 4 days. freaking fast.
angpaus and food here i come. nid to do extrem diet plan after CNY if not.
my god. hahas.

neway. gotta boy. past my bed time.
nid to study for tests on thursday as well.
wish me lots of lucks kay. (=

7 February 2010

Happy Birthday Yunho

Happy Birthday U-Know Yunho !
he is the best DBSK leader ever!
love his manly hotness looks !

lazy to update lately.
and been watching dramas though i got 2 test papers next week.
calculus and moral . wtf? hope i can do it?. studies calculus ad. soso.
moral havent yet. maybe tomorrow i guess. i got dinner 2moro nite ! gahh !
watched 2 taiwan dramas. hi my sweetheart. show luo zhi xiang drama.
he damn cute the drama! hahas . so cutee!
and also roseate love. not so well known show. but okay lah . not that nice but still wacthable. actors are not that famous. got malaysia actors. henley? the guy's name if am not mistaken. cause i saw him in one of msia drama. but am sure he is malaysia. cause he joined the malaysia singing competition. project superstar ? he is not that looking after all.
but he did some body build up. :D

watching korean drama now. will it snow on xmas?
gahh. song seung ki appear damn short in the drama ! and died ! wth?
oh btw, he is music bank's host. damn cute. hahas.
gonna watch his another drama soon. Triple !
still got lots of drama nid to dl. currently dling concerts shows.
take me almost weeks and whole day just to dl it. ><

wish me lucks got my tests !
fighting !

3 February 2010

khuhyun bday !

screww physic report. got 0 for the first exp . cause late submition. thanks to him for arranging those international students in our group. no brain or dont use brain.
physic test sumore. i dont like physic since high skol. and now i hate it !
hate hate hate.
what is wrong with my blog fonts?
so bigg?

1 February 2010

wee =D

ahhh. 2moro got class ad! . so fast.
time passes really fast. i wana have another day of hols.
physic test on wed. so dead. =x

jerica's vocal isn that good today.
gonna have sore throat soon i guess.

studyyyyyyyy lahhh!
exam exam !