30 March 2010

marks !

oh yeah. finally for my physics and calculus midterm marks.
thanks god physics pass.
now my finals will determine everything ! .
calculus marks. wtf? few Qs silly mistakes.
gah. no time to recheck. 3 hours is just nice for mee ! . omg.
i nid to do faster during finals ad. no more careless mistakes.
and test 2 is next wed ! ==
den moral exam. which i havent start a single thing. so dead.

i miss out a lot of dramas lately.
due to finals is around the corner. am gonna catch up with the dramas and shows after the finals. !
i dont care ee e e e e - ~ . hahas.
kpop i will be back as i said ! :)
family outing i dont know how am i gonna watch.
buffering so damn sloww. :(
wait and wait also that much oni. like didn load at all . wtf?
i have to dl ? lagi slow but watch the time syok lah.

okay okay. i better start studying my physics ad.
chaos ~

28 March 2010


omgg. marks tomorow for physics. (x
scaryy. deep shit. prays hard.

27 March 2010

KPOP i will be back !

i think am gonna let go some kpop updates till finals over.
many youtube accounts have been suspended .
sucks youtube.
so i went out the whole day.
finally back home. and dont know i wil be out again later.
see. how la physics! (x

ggahhh. hatee itt.
19TH APRIL my last paper. :)

26 March 2010

piano !

oh yeah . updating the blog again . guess i got nothing much to blog lately.
oh seriously i got no mood to touch the books.
this semeester like no mood to study. gahh. and also .
i got not much time for my piano practise.
my theory maybe will be on sep if i wana take the exam.
and practical next year. i din really practise at all.
i wanted to stop. but when i think of one more gred left why wana waste it?
am trying to find some time to continue with it.
and when today i finally find some to just for my piano practise.
i notice i shouldn stop at all. i still love my piano.
i played for 2hours witout even realise. hahas. hope i can finish up my grade soon.

am not active in forum lately. due to exams. and not in the mood too.
finally clear up my old youtube playlist to my new one ad.
cause my old account gonna be suspended anytime since i got 2 warnings ad.
blameeee youtube. lol. let lah ppl enjoy videos in youtube..
keep suspending ppl for what. too free ad is it. my godd.
spoilt ppl fun and mood.

am trying to start my routine tomorrow offciially. if not am so dead.
cause its getting crazy now. omigosh. beh tahan ad.

25 March 2010

nothing to update. :)

okays. updating the blog. :) .
finish business in just a day. :):)
okay just read tru lah.
nid study physics ad maa. :P:P

i wana watch family outing two !
but kena delete ad. saded.
today i rajin go moral
dont know for what also. lol.
but also good lah. got tips ! weee.
and also for business.
kinda hope physics have too.
seriously nid to pass this subj no matter what.

24 March 2010

calculus midterm

okay. been quite busy lately. midterm for calculus paper in the evening later.
yesterday i cant sleep. so i mange to revise the whole chapters ad.
so later am gonna take a nap and revise back again . :)
and yeah. since the paper is till 8pm. i can go pasar malam . :):)
hope the calculus paper i can do lahh.
FIGHTING ! . Leeteuk the angel is alway here. :):)
cheh cheh. . omgg i miss SUPER JUNIOR and leeteuk .

finals in another 2 weeks. din start a single shit except for calculus.
and start a bit of business. moral i definitely gonna do last minute study.
like pengajian last sem. and physic din start at all. which is my most dangeroous subj.
i think dis weekend and the whole week i nid to study physics only.
and 2moro and friday am gonna finish up business.
gahh. FIGHITNG ! :D

23 March 2010


Theres more pictures actually. Uploaded in Facebook if you wana see. :)
not many pictures. but quite no. of videos. kinda regretted din buy the rock pitt ! saded. :(
neway, at least i get to see them and enjoy the highness during the concert.
it was awesome one. waited like 1 hour till 8pm for the concert to officially start.
den finally my boys came out ! really OMFG. was about to faint ! (x
all of them came. except hankyung, kangin and kibum. sigh.
nvm i still got the rest ! LEETEUK and KHUHYUN caught my attention the who concert.
SHINDONG was really really cute ! hahas.
and and . ye sung look so much better in person ! =3
eunhyuk was like meters away from me during his rap part. omfg. HAPPY SIAL.
shud have bought rock pitt. so i cant get to touch them and get their throw gifts.
and sides seats can shake hand with then ! OMFG.
i shouted like mad during the concert. till i sore throat.
and yeah . i reached late. so no time for merchandise. even after concert.
theres not much already. and also quite expensive !
and i tel you the beginning on the concert, and when the concert is dark.
those sapphire lights really really nice !
and all those words from SUPER JUNIOR really touched all ELFs !
am seriously proud to be an ELF ! :) . till death do us apart!
leeteuk and donghae cried during forgot which song. omgg. heart teaars apart. :(
and honetly, i fall for zhoumi during the concert. i dont really like him at first.
but then, in person, he looks so goddamn tall and hot ! =3
omgg. am loving SUPER JUNIOR more and more.
lasted for 3 hours. and seriously i dont wana leave la. i want to meet super junior face to face ! :( i wana shake hands with them.
they went to pavilion a whilee the next day. those stalkers ahh. ==
and they stayed at Grand Miliniueum Hotel. They reached at KLIA around 4.45pm. except for si won he reached on the day of concert at 12pm.
they left the next day at 9.30. reached seoul at around 5.30 am. :):)
am like their manager ad ! hahas.
no regrets going. it will be more high if i bought the front sit. but aww. nvm.
my next concert target is BIG BANG ! and this time am gonna buy the seat can reach them no matter what ! i dont careE ! my kwon jiyong there! heh !
must buy near near.
i will try to upload the videos in youtube.
it takes me really long time or the whole day to upload.
so i can upload then i will upload.
if cant, then i leave it . sorry . :)
LEE TEUK i so damn obbessed with you now.
you shud have thrown the show a bit further. so i cant catch it.
and sleep with it all night . day dream . (x gah.

20 March 2010

getting ready. SUPER SHOW II !

gonna be at BUKIT JALIL later.
for SUPER SHOW II ! SUPER JUNIOR you guys rock my world ! cant wait! in another like half an hour more.
will update everything single detail about the concert maybe 2moro kay.
i will be exhausted by then. if i update tonitee.

hope i can get clear pictures of them. :)
even better if i can get deir autographs. =3
wish i think not possible. xD
but never mind. at least i get to make it.

wait for my updates about it kay.

19 March 2010

LG phone!

went to sushi king today . wo hoo. finally.. been waiting.
and yeah. its expensive. ate till rm 110+ =="
pk lohh. saving money to guy LG phone!
wanted to buy very long ad want loh.
waiting the price to drop ! hahas.

suju concert is tomorrow ! wohoo.
cant wait? kinda.

still dead worried about physic marks.

15 March 2010


am scared.
messy feeling right now. .
scared, tension, nervous and freaking stress.
am gonna go crazy.

14 March 2010

physic report finalize.

okay . finally finish my report. hope its correct. oh please. :)
am so worried about my physic midterm marks now.
dead worried till i feel like bursting. (x
its stress. but i aint gonna give just like that. .
no way. i dont want your money you paid just like that.
am not that smart like the others. but i must word hard and smart .
sometimes i wish i can be as smart like the others so i dont need to study so hard and so stress. (x

am gonna go degree soon. hope i make itt . :)
pray hard for me guys. i guess you guys wouldn know who am i when i go degree already. i heard the life then is miserable.
am prepared to face that. no more dramas and forums.
am gonna still spare sometime dling the musics.
after all this hardship. i wana make sure its all paid off.
i really hope i do. :)

am not really in the mood.
thinking about my future.
dont wana let you guys down. really. (x

13 March 2010

Happy Birthday Eli

Pictures kinda small ryte?
ahhas. in the kiss picture. eli in the first one.
he is the same age as meeee officially ad . =33
okay. i woke up damn late today.
really slept kao kao . xD

12 March 2010

report! (x

okay. am having difficulties with my physic exp now.
discussion what to writee? i got nothing to writee? cause theres no error.
i know need to write the dos and donts. but i barely can find any information in the net now. omg. this is so killing. hope that everyone that i ask for it having it. :( oh takde gah wah, nid buat like hell.

i shud start studying today. but again i din touch a single thing.
like exam over ad. padahal finals coming. lol.
i nid to revise calculus ad ! midterm comingg !
hope i dont get to hgih during super junior's concert till cant to calculus the following week hahas. :P

neway. chaos. still nid to do report. wana finish by today.
or 2moro . is a mustt.

11 March 2010

assignments donee ! :)

whoooots. asignments are done ! FINALLY. thanks god.
no more asignments. let report ! and finals are coming.
freaking fast. sigh. say no no no no no . and yeah. moral presentation was okay?
and also businnes assignmen waiting for the marks next week.
hope its okay though. and also morals.
left reports to go. and done . nid to get ready for finals.
and also calculus midterm and test 2 ! (x

no more physics lab ! wohoo. no more waiting from 9.30 to 2pm !
yeshh. can go back straight awayyy. :D . i want to go sing k lohh.
i hate wednesday class cause of the late class. love mon and wed class.
cause over early ! before afternoon . (x as for tuesday class i dont nid to wake up early.
but class over late. nah, i dont mind. :) omgg. time passes. just like that.

onedayyyyyyyy . sleepy but dont want to sleep.

10 March 2010

updated. :)

finally get to update my blog.
been busy with physics.. scare like hell.
hope i pass this midterm. please. pray hard. (x
this is what i only can do now. sigh.
lesser burden for now though.

din miss much thing i guess.
uploads on show pretty slow lately . gah. only star king uploaded.
maybe cause no subs. easier. am waiting for many shows.
family outing, two days one night, idol maknae rebellion, MBLAQ idol show. U-Kiss Vampire.
all havent upload yet. wait wait and wait. ishh. but still good ad lah. got ppl subs for us to watchh. :) patiently waits. wait will i know how to read chiense ! (x

left one more midterm paper. calculus. which is 3 days after my super show II !
one week to study still okay. but finals in another 3 weeks like that. wtf?
fast ryte? still got calculus test 2 weii ! (x omigosh.
time passes really fast. and i will be at my degree ad.
heard year 1 is really hard since what am learning now is too basic.
hope i can copeee. and i tell you . this one year sure pass damn fast one. trust me.
sure damn freakishly busy till time passes like nobody's business. "(

anyone visiting my blog a not ? no one leave message at cbox ad want? :(
blog readers decreased. :( saded.

super junior in another week ! i think hangeng and kangin and maybe ki bum wouldn make it.
hangeng. :( . wanted to shout his namee. but nvm. i will shout khuhyun's name instead. or maybe donghae and leeteuk or maybe heechul ! nah. they probably cant hear me too.
200+ sit is like so far away. still regret didn buy the 400+ . where is all my super junior fans ?
mostly big bang and DBSK fans lah. but if BIG BANG . no matter what i will buy the most expensive want. i dont careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i want to see KWON JI YONG NEAR NEAR ! heh !

7 March 2010

Happy Birthday Jonghyun


hahas. first was hongki now its him. so near.
neway. nothing much to updatee.
heard SHE concert was not bad.
neway. good then.
cant wait for my super junior's concert too.

6 March 2010

study phyy lahh

omgg. got no moood to touch the books.

5 March 2010

yesh !

haaaaaaaaaa. piano lesson canceled.. okay.
this is so great. so many things to do yet so little time.
business now i just have to wait for finals thats all since assignment is over.
and next week moral presentation . den am done. waiting for finals as welll.
calculus still got midterm, test 2 and FINAL ! omgg.
physic left midterm, reports and finals !
ahhh. left to worried about is physic and calculus now.
still not comfirm wheen is the midterm. scaryyy. chap 1 and 2 is coming out.
and its freakishly a lot and hard ! (x .

for now, i will just concentrate on physic till next wed the midterm.
than i revise back calculus.
physics is killing me. and i seriously hope i pass this time. at least more than half.
omg. tru our my foundation year, only this subj stress me up like mad.
and its the last sem. i dont want to retake this damn subj.
i nid to pass ! (x wish me luck guys. seriously. waste of money to retake.
seriously i hope i dont retake.
study study laahhh!

nex month is finals. that means i a steap nearer to degree ad. wtf?
so fast? omg . no time for break at all ? gah? .
i wish everyone the best.
same to me and yourself.


4 March 2010

UCSI Carnival Day 2

today was the last day of UCSI Carnival Day 2.
gosh, i know time passes realy fast again. and yes indeed.
last week we were looking forward to it and nnow its over.
officially over. pictures? currently dont have.
see for my facebook tag photos laah if gott. =P.
today was a blast / thanks to everyone who drop by at my stall ! :)

saw many ppls ! saw jen jern ! ahahas. long time din see him . and yet din changed much la he. :D . saw edwin kahyung kah sing . and i forgot kah sing's name at that moment . sorry adikk . =p . babied dey all come but dont want buy anytiing. sakai lohhh. :@ . keep one ask me to go out yumcha but dont want to buy my stall's drinks ! ish.
haru haru ! HEARTBREAKER. thanks to the DJ tooo .! hearted! so nice to listen the hall for heartbreaker song. =p lim yeee jinnn thnaks for coming ! .

profit not as much as yesterday. dont know th exact valus after they minus the expenses.
and and. hahas. i din know i have a bunch of nice friends. and also fun . :):)
this carnival let me know even more ppl. and i get to see the cute guy the whole day today. *faints* and yeah. am not so into . ohno .totally not into that lansi guy ad. after that day onwards. and its comfirmed. gah. once i dont like that guy. he pops out in front of me inches away every second. when i like the guy , i dont see alll this things happened. idiotic.
he is cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ! i want to kenal diaa. .

got my moral results today. and am not so satisfied with it. but ah. whatever.
its just moral. next week wed comfirm physics midterm.
yesh. OH SHIT. means am really dead already.

UCSI Carnival Day 1

i supposingly updating my blog just now.
but seriously. i beh tahan ad. i came back around 5.30 + ate my dinner.
pack my stuffs . till 7.30.
tot wana study physic. but end up go to sleep till now . ==
so am updating on thursday. lazy to change date. .
really tired like hell cause of the carnival.
and overall its okay. quite fun but really tiring.
walk around and the whole day in UCSI bringing customers.
trade with other buyers. so hahas. everyone see me hold many things.
even help me to take when play games . =p

profit not bad. but seems quite many shops over budjet too. =p.
so today will be the last day of carnival.
another tiring day. and i dont know what time i will sleep later.
how sleepy i would be later. (x
saw mun hoong and keng hong dey all too. but dey came late.
most shops close ad. ish. and we got lucky drawww. just a cheap voucher, chech chech. =p

pictures? hahas. see if my fren got upload in fb a not. (:
and anyone wana come JUST COME TO UCSI CARNIVAL KAY !
come to my shop !

2 March 2010

Happy Birthday Hongki

he is the cutest and the best ! hahas. sayangg ~.
wanted to skip clasees today but end up going it till the end.
call me hardworking fastterrr =p blekk
neway, . nothing much to update.
but my day was not bad.
oh yeahhh.
am watching family outing and star king now ! :D

1 March 2010

oh , the no more CNY.

yeah. CNY is so over. and its just begin.
time passes fast. future ahead. accept it man .
honetly. am really scared what's the future ahead me.
i dont know if i can make it. but i defintely hope theres bright future coming and something that i do not want to regret in my life. .
time moving faster. and my test phy is getting nearer.
i really hope to get at least more than half for this midterm paper.
if not am really dead. . . scared! =x

business assignment carnival is this week.
and yeah. anyone is coming may i know ?
i don really have the mood to blog since am not done with my physic yet.
havent touch a single thing. and i checked my test paper today.
so many freaking silly mistakes ! omg
hate my self. such easy Qs with silly mistakes. waste my works a lot ! . wtf .

sigh. prayy hard. study smart.
you can do it.
dont give up girl.

i will make the money you paid worth every single sen.
mend my words !