29 April 2010


am so emo lately. no mood for anything.
routine stuck for dont know how deep shyt long.
hideous now. and i dont like it.
keep one say wana start but always failed.
gah gah gah.

still got lots of dramas.
i mean korean dramas. japanese dramas.
din really touch. not much time.
and line pretty sucks.
so yeah . that is why. theres still more dramas left.
save it for my short sem? hahas
oh well.
am gonna be stress and busy soon.

28 April 2010

oh yeah.

finish all my taiwan dramas. except those dramas that havent finish upload.
my more than dozen korean dramas. many havent upload.
and some link having problem.
i got few havent watch. but many eps! and the link is driving me crazy.
oh well, started my jap dramas. but not really interested in it
wanted to watch my variety shows. but dailymotion not showing any response.
this is really driving me crazyy. hate dailymotion.
they cant upload it to youtube cause of the suspended thing.
this is so killing.

and now about the orientation . no one knows whether its a must to go or not.
i dont know am going anot. but maybe yes.
cause i wana know whats the progress. but its really wasting time. maybe i just go a bit late.
oh wait . idont even know what time and where is it. gosh.
UCSI. really has bad management. and the dateline for paying the fees is on 3rd May which is soon. wtf? i nid things clear now.
results most probably tomorrow.
omg. nervous. :(

my future starts next week, and i really hope everything goes finee.
i wana change my life. this is not really the way i wanted.
i wana turn back time. and make it a better way.
but since its already happen. all i can do its continue on .
and hope life would get better.
thats the most i can do. :)
hope for the best. doing it for the best.

and yeah. thats it.

26 April 2010

viikii problem!

gahh. viikii plug is driving me crazy.
cant watch my korean dramas ~ wtf ?
shouldn have update it. gahh. pissed off now.
watched half way den cannot watch ad.

anyone how knows how to solve the problem.
please tell me kay.

25 April 2010


am getting bored staying at home.
anyone to hang out with me? .
i want to go out. but everyone seems busy. gah.

watching pasta now. ;) not bad drama though.
make me want to eat pasta ! xD
next drama might be obstetrics and gynecollogy.
title sounds complicated. sounds like am gonna love it. hahas

slept at 5am ytd and woke up at 12.00pm
terrible sleeping habit. and yeah watching drama.
i dont seems have other much thing to do . gah.
bored. besides drama. and am really lazy to forum . ~
still stuck at SS501's.

24 April 2010

the crazies.

went to TS / sungei wang/ low yat with the sista.
watched the crazies.
it was an okay movie. quite exciting but ending not that nice.
but oh well.
later that went to sungei wang to buy my BEAST album and pre order of my Shine A Light DVD
nid to wait for 2-3 weeks. gahh. hate waiting.
and the website i use to buy my u-kiss albums sucks.
till days ad din give me any comfirmation . wtf? .
might as well go store and buy oni.
by next week they havent give any comfirmation.
am not gonna buy anything from there anymore. thats it. lousy service.

tiring wei. so long din wallk to hang tuah ad. sumore so HOT!
sweat like hell ! :(
TS is so not my spot anymore. those ppl there. ==
no comment. nothing to say.

gah. degree gonna start in a week more.
scared. :( gonna meet new friends again. i hate it when this comes.
guess i nid to face it . and do it. and yesh . i hoope everything is gonna be alrite.
prays hard. my toughest thing in life have come.
i hope i can cope.
hope my last sem results was okay.
results releasing soon. wtf? calculus teacher say oni 20% ppl got A .
den i dont think am one of them. sigh. of course i do hope so. :(

wishing all the best.
dont woorry. everything is gonna be alrite.
remember ur big big dream? :)
dont let it fall. catch it no matter how high or far it goes.
dont fall . cause you dont wana regret in the future.
keep going no matter what this world tells or acts towards you.
appreciate it. :D Fighting !

23 April 2010


oh yeah. today din go out. cause got piano lesson.
and and. yeah 2moro go TS with sista.. gona order my GD DVD!
wohoo ~ and SHOCK album ! :)
cant wait. maybe watching mviee. the zombie show. dont know what name ad.
shud be quite nicee! :D

nothing to update.
but lets sing k one more round ! ahahas

22 April 2010

Red Box the Gardens.

ahhh. sang k with the girls.
cheryl loo, Vvien and Mei yan. :D
it was fun !
sang mostly korean songs. some english and chinese songs.
some how, i felt theres not enough timee. ahahas
wish it was longer !. oh too bad.
wana sing again though !
lets go ! :)

waited at ktm like one hour kononnya sudah rosak.
so finally decided to take cap to midvalley.
even cheaper when we take cap to TS ! GAH ! :X
shud have take the cap earlier. so we dont nid to wake so freaking long.

so after sang k , we walked a while. den KOREAN FOOD.
and my good. that shop ! from big portion bcome so small PORTION
mahal lohh. some more food no nice ad ! (x
i know ecoomy is bad. but if this continues, no more korean food in midvalley.
den walked a while. talk talk . ate ice cream.
vvien fetch us to lrt station ! :) thankieq ~
reached home like 10pm.

and yeah. am really tired now. feel like sleeping.
but i wana continue watching my drama ! (x

21 April 2010

sleeping hours.

oh yeah . i think i need to change my sleeping hours ad.
i slept at 5am ytd and woke up at 1pm today.
wahraos? dailymotion loading so suckiee lah.
still havent watch finish my two days one nite.
and havent start new drama . links few broken. wth? gah.
still got lots of dramas to go. :(

results are next week. oh shtyed. i seriously hope i pass.
gosh, i feel time is really limited.
i want more time and i wish i can stop time.

gah. 2PM's forum so strict. lazy want to log in ad.
SS501 forum now. :)
shud b quite long in the forum ad. cause many topics. :)

cant wait for 2moro ~
hope its fun ~

20 April 2010


weeeeeeeeeee. i feel bored at times when am waiting for my dramas to or shows to load. and omgg. kwon ji yong so leng jai. cannot . have to stop foruming big bang ad. xD. beh tahan see the pictures. currently at 2PM's fourm . :)
cant see my kiseop. sadded. cannot get signature. so dont feel like going ad. only VIPs. :(

tomorrow probably there;s outing. like no one comfirm with me.
Thrusday outing is on . everytime theres outing. no one would personally come and comfirm.
oh well, malaysian style. last minute. or dont give a damn.
everytime am the one who planned or comfirm.
again. malaysian style. yeah i dont have malaysian style. :P
i must comfirm . and make decision fast. what style? korean? wakakka. xD
how i wish am korean. (x

off the hook ` xD.
any awesome dramas to intro ? besides hk dramas.
not really into hk entertaiment. ^^

19 April 2010

Semester 3 over !

FINALS is is offcially over babeyy ~.
hahahas. its FREEDOM timee ~ wohoo.
started everything i wana do ad.
wating for my U-Kiss order comfirmation.
maybe Wed go to order my Shine A Light DVD.
and if i really can get it. am BROKE.
damn freaking mahal. but cause its jiyong. i dont mind :)

paling chi kek is. the last 1o minutes when i checked my graphs.
i find out that i drew it wrongly? i was like WTF?
faster correct just nice when they say put your pens dont.
am down with my correction . ahhas. phew~ that was close.
lucky i got checked back if not marks lost for nothing . .
next week orientation day and results week. omg. scary.

checked on my twitter updates. :)
facebook is getting boring and boring ~
am in big bang FORUM noww ! wohoo
looking at all those awesoem picture.
make me wana faint ~
TOP and jiyong so leng jai and cute !

updates more to come. :)
watching Super Rookie now. kinda old drama.
2 years ago. but nvmm. Eric from Shinhwa is in it. =3

18 April 2010

new skin.

oh yeah. edited my blog finally. hahhas,
i love the new skin and . love the new header.
and love the new profile picture ! G-Dragonku. ! hahhas .
and yeah. tomorrrow the last paper.
and am gonna do everything that i planned to do.
i might be buying SHOCK album and U-KISS album tomorrow.
and i wwana go Sungei Wang to buy that G-Dragon Shine A Light album using my own savings.

and yeah. so . back to forums and dramas. which i already started even before exam over.
lol. gonna change the songs too .
and else thing. :)

15 April 2010

oen more paper to go ! :)

wohoo. left one more paper. and am done. but i havent touch a single thing yet
gah. nid to start study calculus tomorrow ! :).
i feel like its holiday ad. and i feel holiday like so short.
2 weeks oni. gahh. i want more. :(
started watching my drama ad. hahas. HEADING TO THE GROUND !
yunho really cute in the drama. gona finish watching by today.
than next drama PASTA ! dont know nice a not. but seems okay ler.

i tot of buying many things. i havet buy shock album
lazyy lah . maybe after settle everything oni i buy. dont want rush. :)
G-Dragon's shine a light also i dont know want to guy a not.
so expensive . maybe or maybe know?
i nid money ! :(

were asking me how is physic finals? the killer paper?
everyone asked me i just gave an expression.
i dont know what to say. really. not to say i cant do. but just dont know my answer is right a not. physics is always like that if you re not so good.
prays hard i pass for this subj ! dont wana retake sem !
i hate the feeling when taking results. :(

neway, settle with the edition if my forums.
my god, i just notice i joined too many forums ! lol.
and some not active . feel like delteing my account. but cant ! :(
and after calculus finals gona start my foruming also.
tons of forums. (x fighting ! xD

CRAVING FOR K LATELY. wahahaha. ring me if wana K ! :):)

12 April 2010

albums ! =3

Business exam later at 2.30. and am still updating my blog here.
hahas. okay. this is insanee.
and and H-Logic rockss ! LEE HYORI you go girl ! .
she always the sexy dive of pop ! wohoo . =3
love all her songs.
and rain new songs not bad too. but expecting something cooler.
aahhas. oh nvm he is still hawtly beast.

am seriously going brokeee soon.
G-Dragon's Shine a Light. i dont know want to buy or not. cause cost me about RM200+
and also Shock album gona buy after exam. U-Kiss dont know am going for the fanmetting a not. Big Bang's album coming this summer. Super Junior's new album on May.
of wtf. all my favourite artists album gonna release at the same time ! :(
save moneyy. and i still nid to go sing k ! hahas.
shopping ! i nid $$ !

okay then. wish me luck for my paper today.
its business. and the scary paper of physics in on wed !
Fighthing !
the dongsaengs are really cute ! =3

9 April 2010

3 more papers to go.

okay. moral paper i down.
i dont know how well did i do. but i did my best ad.
see how high marks i get ler..
next paper target is business. :)
Fighting ! :)

okay. am pretty worried about physics actually.
but. i must make it. !
oh yesh ! :D

7 April 2010



saranghae. =3

4 April 2010

jacob ! =3

omigosh. this is so not cool. exam is coming. . test and finals ?!
crazeee. physics is scaryyy. ! :( . hope i pass this subj !
gahh. i dont wana repeat sem.
will be hiatus a whilee. .
will update more later kay.
i know everyone is busy with exam.

neway. watched CLASH of the TITANS!
not that nice but not that boring. so its just an okay movie.
almost the same as pearcy jackson.
omgomgomg. jacob allen able is so freaking handsome and hawt!
he has taken over zac efron in my heart !
my TOP ang moh now ! wohoo ! :)

1 April 2010

boring ~

gahhh. finals is next week.
calculus test 2 probably the same as well.
wtf? so fast hor ?. today's april fool day.
i dont feel any april fool . not like i use to in high school.
since class over early today. went back straight away after class.
den nothing much ad.
FINALS is coming ! goshh. (x HELP .

physics is driving me crazy. really crazy. i dont want retake waste my time for this subj. so i must pass this subj ! grr . and and.
yea . i saying i will go on with my routine. its like quarter failed.
so . WTH ! cant resists. damn hard.