31 May 2010

ZE:A is coming ! omg. =3

oh yeah. today is the last day of May.
the plan i started partially succes till i came back.
wana make it fully succes. i came back i beh tahan . went to sleep till dinner time at 7.30.
wahrao this time really late.
but i have a nice sleep. thanks to the weather. =3.
and how am active but no mood.
though of studying. but knowledge doesnt want to go into my mind.
so i start my report den .
and friday is the killer paper. havent touch a single thing. so dead.

Child of Empire is coming to Malaysia.
but i dont know whether its comfirmed a not.
cause i wana go. seriously i dont wana miss it ad.
but i dont know where to find teman go. unless all those forum friends.
i dont mind as long i can go.
hope the tix arent that expensive!.
prays hard that i can go ! :)

all my test is on the 3rd week of june. pehuhuhuhu~
wish me all the best?

today's lab was hectic and not smooth.
and i dont like the environement.
neway, last but not least.

happy sweet sixteen babe.
old already.
dont act like small kid already. :P

30 May 2010

late ~

woke up damn late today.
slept late. as usual.
damn it have to change my sleeping habits la!
not healty.
test is coming havent really touch anything.
how la wana get first class honour or maybe second class honour! :(

tomrorow class till 5pm.
sien dou sei. so long.
calculus test coming even shiiter. havent study anything yet.
chemistry havent print the report.
thanks to jit lun who havent complete his Q 2 and 5.
still waiting. everytime have to rush. lazy ad.
by tonite i guess. sigh.

i want to get good marks for internal!

29 May 2010

out out out !

i went out the whole freaking day.
the moment i woke up till after dinner.
no time for anything! i hate saturdays!
always out out out and out!
cause of siblings tuitoon.
fetch here and there. grr . tak suka.

still left Questions for Biology report.
and i found at that someone signed in my gmail.
wtf? quickly changed password ! curse that arse.

Big Bang is coming back on Aug! woho !
cant wait. gonna buy deir album and deir super show!
talking about that. i havent buy super junior album !
this is the first time am so late.
okay. maybe that's because am busy with my assigments and reports in college!
but the album is sure to buy !
collecting money for everything now.
not enough money to buy so much thing loh.

hope things go alright.
FightinG! =3

Chesmitry Blog

Finally made the chemistry assignment blog.


yesh its not taken. there's no such nerd will put such names in deir blog okay. .
so pm me at msn for the email add and password or whatever.
suggest what changes you want.
i dont know what sumroe to hang in with it .
so please response la sikit.
monday nid pass up ad.
got anything to ask about the blog cant find me at msn or FB
the CBOX is there . dont type anything at the Chemistry blog CBOX . kamsamida.

what the hel? my am blogging about chemistry. wulalalla ~
i cant sleep imsomia.
for 2 nights.
reports havent finish. soon to finish.
i nid to finish it soon ~

procastinating ~

26 May 2010


waaa. i gotta get crazy soon. hate irresponsible and dont admit mistakes punyer ppl. .
never mind. gives me experience how to handle ppl when comes to working life later on.
thanks for it. but no more next sem. :)
whats goes around comes back all around.
you watch out what you did.
its okay you dont want to admit.
ppl with such an ego like you wont admit.
but you will get it one day. just watch it.
sometimes, the world is fair.

lots of things to do. may not have time to blog too.
quizes and midterms in a week more.
havent touch anything. and calculus is next week.
oh so dead. .

never met such a jerk before.
testing my patient.
wow. gona off my limit soon.
dont let a jerk bring you down !
Fighting! =3

25 May 2010

Korean Village.

Oh yes, after calculus the whole gang went to korean village. weee.
thanks to it. i spend RM30 on korean food itself ! the amount of food on the table.
FULL. ! no place to put anything else seriously. dont know free how many sup.
two big plates of doubukgi. dahlah FULL giler.
didn know 5 person BBQ for 11 person it that MUCH ! == lucky din call more than that.
lucky din call 2 pancakes.
we suppose to rush for our biology lab at 2PM.
but yet we still at Korean Village makaning taking time.
and half way wana reach UCSI. jit lun's car overheat. wth?
den me and jest took cab back to UCSI rush for lab. xD
by the time, lab session gonna end ad. ask here and there do what do what.
lucky no chemicals ytd. just drawings. KOREAN FOOD. =3

and shytt. i gtg. nid to finish uni life assignment.
dateline esok ! sstill for one more essay.
den biology report ! ohmygod.
i nid time for chem and bio assignments.
i nid tim to study calculus quiz next fridaY!
so dead !

23 May 2010


many assignments to do.
and midterm is in another a week.
havent revise yet. especially calculus. dont really lknow what he is teaching ..
so dead. uni life assigment nid to hand in this wed.
and i havent even reach to half way. omg. help ! :(

i know life is getting tougher.
bear with it ! Fighting!

21 May 2010


gosh. so many things to do.
bio and chem asignments.
reports. and uni life asignments. kill me..
nid to finish my report and uni life asignment by today.
so i cant start doing my bio and chem assigment.
life aint gonna be easy in future.
susah susah dahulu senang senang kemudian.
am being opstimistic to keep myself up but not down!
nothing is impossible.
i wish am not dead for the calculus and geo subj. cause i dont understand a shy he taught.
as usual nid to revise again ~

the person is such an arse hole. really a jerk.
talk talk talk so big act like doing something like wana contribute something.
but tidak apa attitude. . cakap saje tahu. buat . hangat hangat tahi ayam.
no effort put into it. what a shit arse.
like to find quarrel with ppl talk nonsense irritatiing.
such a bitch. seriously one day that fella gona make my limit goes way off.
makes everyone life hard. pretend nothing happen
never seen such thickskined arse.
always thing itself right everyone else wrong.
wonder whats the stead like about that idiot. pityy.

i just ignore and do myown thing.
all the best for first year degree and first sem !
FIGHTING ! Wana get good greds for internal marks!

19 May 2010


seems like i dont update blog that frequently that i use too ad.
get tired with blogging sometimes. especially when theres nothing to update about.
quizes is in another 2 weeks.
and am still with my dramas. LMAO.
so dead rytee.
degree ad still like that. ish.

loving the MBLAQ new songs.
and also BIG BANG new single !
gotta say YG always releases deir band with nice and awesome songs.
so i have high expectation with big bang upcoming album.
so looking forward to it.

MBLAQ has nice songs too. Y !
the MV is freakishly hwat.
LEE JOON ! OMGG. pengsan. seriously.
his hot bodey really insanee. omg.
thunder so cuteee.
MIR so yeng ! GO look so weird without his facial hair.
ahahahas. his skin so flawless ! my god.
wish i have flawless skin too . :(

16 May 2010

chen yi !

went out the whole day today. gah. no time for my stuffs.
and am tired now.
ate at wong kok with family just now LMAO.
and my two youngest sibling get to buy new gadjets.
chun giler. i also want. but the gadjet i want mahal . hahas.
so next time lah..
my next cravings are IPOD, N97 and PSP. thats all.
as long i have it its doesnt matter am outdate of anything. .

meet babied ze wei at leisure mall ngan family.
ahhahahs. and he talked nonsense. xD.
POPULAR ! . man . am lazy.
the longer i am in college. the lazier i am.
and i cant do that. its dangerous.

and omygosh. chen yi debut as male duo AK .
i saw them on yu le bai fen bai. and he is so good looking !
hahas. reminds me of how i know him.
in taipei family ! that was like long long time ago.
he damn leng jai laa. he lost a lot of weight ad !
so thin ! my god ! but he's partner not so good looking.
and chen yi's singing skill is just ma ma oni ~
not really good to me. just like he's looks and acting ! hahas.
miss him ! and finally he is back !

14 May 2010


ohhh. am so sleepy but i nid to finish the report by today.
left the drawing for results and the microscope label. ! phew!..
and uni life just hand it ! i mean few hours ago. come back straight away do.
i nid to finish up the reading log all 11 chaps by today. wana return back the book.
many things to do !
next week need to start with assingments ad. especially biology. make a video. mafan dousei

sleepy ~ . wan sleep. ahhh.
i want to shout out loud!.
helpppppppppppppp ~
i nid inspiration !

13 May 2010

Happy Birthday Hui Vern. in advance.

omg. many things to do. and i just want to start it today.
i havent finish my uni life reading log which nid to pass up tomrorow.
shibal la this subject. waste my precious time lah ! ish.
report havent start. assignemnts wana start it soon ad !
omfg. i can feel the stress ad.

today celebrated wong hui vern's bday ! early celebration by the way.
and we ate at sungai besi dim sum dont know call what golden.
shared and listened to a lot of ghost stories ! syok !
hope to listen more in the future from them ! hahas.
the NS ghost stories are freaky.
gah. cant imagine if i got NS ~

gonna order super junior's bonamana album soon !
omfg. the mv so fcking cool.
leeteuk half shirtless. omgg ! eyes poped out ! so hawt all of them.
so gonna buy ! and waiting for big bang's album too.
gonna buy it wish big show.
money money money! :(
i want DUIT !

gotta go. nid to finish the damn uni life thing.
anyong! mwahs.

8 May 2010

time is limited.

okay. one more day to relax only now.
omg so fast. monday my battle starts. Hwaiting! .
monday gonna get everything ad.
my biology and chem textbooks.
and also my biology lecturer notes.
wana start reading. hopefully. hahas ~
and also the lab reports . gah. agian. gonna give warning to group members first.
hatee it when things are not done. or not done properly.
this time marks contribute a lot. so not proper works.
i kick the names off. and only give those marks to those who did .

cant wait for Super Junior 4th album ! wohoo ~
wonder how is the songs like hope its nice so i might buy.
and yes i miss my U-KISS CD ! please come out man !
and i spend a lot on albums lately .
i think cause me about thousand already.
guess after big bang's album. i nid to stop buying ad.
if not. broke giler.

loving the drama am watching now.
the actors so cute. ahhas.
my precious child. watch ! love the actors!
song seung ki and one more forgotten his name
tall giler. =3

7 May 2010

MY U-KISS CD! diu !

okay. this is so shyt. am so pissed now.
my U-Kiss CD that i just bought stuck in my dads car.
lucky my GD's cd din stuck if not am even more pissed. .
FML ! . damn it. .
waiting super junior and big bang's upcoming album.
Super Junior next week. wana listen to the song first then oni buy.
den big bang's not so early. a bit late.
and not to forget jay chou ! (x broke. ~

and yeah. another 2 more days for me to slightly enjoy.
and its busy time ~ .
textbooks for degree are really expensive my god.
i can buy 2 albums using the money.
== book oni ma. so mahal for what.

sleepyyyyyyyyyyyyy ~
one class today and its at 8am !
and end at 9.30? wth? waste my time loh.
faster change time lah !
UCSI has the worst management ever~

5 May 2010

FT Island

lately been addicted to FT Island.
hongki and jonghyun ! =3. and also F.Cuz.
cant wait for them to debut in taiwan.
i love the leader jinon ! and also lee u and kan ! hahas.
members rocks!
currently my u-kiss album reach ad.
now i nid to find a day to go there and get it.
gah. how lah?
when i should go and takee? hmph ~

4 May 2010

results not fully released.

calculus results still havent release!
what is going on ?
class started for the second day ad yet no results is out.
this is insanee man.
when can i do my course selection? oh boy.
biology 1 already start teaching today.
wahrao so fast?
hope the group works are okay. if not . i will go pissed.
i want the good grades so dont mess with me.
marks are like life to me.

except for monday. all my classes over in the afternoon.
waaa. nice eii. hahahas. i hope the friday class can comfirm change to thrusday so that i can have one day no class! wohoo. and its friday again ! pls approvee it !
for once mr ong did the right thing but not his teaching.
still soso ~ . havent teach yet. this friday will know. xD.

i guess thats all for my blogging. .
anyong ! love SUPER JUNIOR !
cant wait for their comeback ! so gonna buy deir album ! =3

3 May 2010

my course. first class.

done some research on my course for overseas just now.
gah. i plan to do masters overseas.
nid to do some research though. seen its so soon.
did found a bit. but ahh. looking at all of it . looks kinda hard.
hope i can find job after my course.
god bless me. i wana be like RAIN.
hardwork paid off everything. he is what he is now.
hardwork ! =3 loving the big guy rain! he is a awesome man.

i want scholarship . and i dont think its easy to get..
definitely though. for ppl like me? gah. no high hopes.
and yeah today was my first class for my first year degree first sem.
wth? so fast hor? my god. feel so old ad. now am a junior.
instead of freshie. xD.

gah. am pretty scared actually. heard the course is heard.
as expected.
but wow so less new students for biotech.
countable. is it a good news or what?
as for food scince. hundreds of them? wth?
so many. .

neway. i wish for the best work for the best hope for the best.
dont ever fall.
i hopee . Hwaiting.
am korean. lalalallalla~ *

2 May 2010

college is starting.

oh well. tomorrow is the day.
wish i can know some new awesome friends.
but science field? kinda hard ler.. let faith be. :D
cant blievve tomorrow is the official begining of my future.
wth? time passes reallly fast.
those memories when am in primary or secondary are still vivid in my mind.
sweet and yet bitter memories are hard to erase.
life with ups and downs? are normal . this is called life.
no one's life is perfect . i doubt.

omg. i wana watch all RAIN's interview! but no one post in online or anything/
gah. love his hot bodayyy ! =3. his new song is nice!
but i was hoping for something hotter.
and lee hyori comeback stage is dang ! love this sexay diva babey ~
gosh, i wish college wouldn start so fast.
i want more holidays. . more time.

i cant control the time. but the time controls me.
oh lee joon ! i love you. saranghae! =3
my ninja assasin boy!

1 May 2010

physics pass!

got mostly of my results ad.
thanks god i pass my physics.
so scare i fail. :) burden so much lesser now..
and just bought my G-Dragon Shine A Light DVD!
omg. damn nice lah. =3 worth buying ! for me lah.
while waiting for my u-kiss album. i might be buying GD's CD!
gona have the whole pile collection of GD's solo albums ! hahas.
loving it. but . $$ gonna boh liao.

i dont exactly collect their albums totally all.
those artists i collect from debut till now is. jay chou. the oni taiwanese singer that i really collect. and yeah he got a new album coming up. which i dont know why am doubting if i wana buy a not. cause $$ . cause of GD's DVD . and also for korean i oni collect from deir debut is G-dragon's solo albums and stuffs, BEAST ! i wont miss any album from dis group. and also super junior. :D
theres some other artists i buy unless the musics in the album is mostly nice.
so far i got, SS501 the rebirth album and one more taiwan version, U-Kiss's only love and quite a few i dont remmeber . ahhas. if i get to total up the amount. i think i spend more than thousand on albums itself. wtf? . upcoming albums i wan to get is BIG BANG and SUPER JUNIOR's new album. . albums that i think i wana buy is Jay Chou's latest album and Big Bang Big Show 2009.
oh boy, money flies.

college starrts in a day. time passes really fast .
that it wont stop and wait for you.
nah, finally decided not to watch iron men with the siblings.
lazy. not my top priority show. so. dont bother too.
i wana watch something more horror. so less horror lately.

thats much i blog for today.
glad my english is gettinng back.