30 June 2010

BEAST Twitter Uploads.

all these BEAST's twitter uploads.
except the banner ! hahas. thats fanclubs! .
still waiting for all the pictures.
since all the FB is tagged with names in the pictures.
i want witout it ! :) waiting for sze mei ! :D
i din know Petronas Twin Tower was that nice view.
and arent they just cute? they love Malaysia ~ hahahas.
i love them too :)
Why majority idols who comes to Malaysia loves Satay or laksa? (x
hahhas really that famous over there too?
i shall go there and open one shop ! xD then BEAST might come ! :P
okay stop dreaming
and i know lately my FB profile is flood with BEAST names.
i still cant really get over it. let time be. i still miss them.
everytime i listened to thier song. i still cant blieve i listen to that live before.
its just like a dream. and its so freaking near.
i broght my camera but not the battery what a darn arse.
so i din manage to take any pictures. thus, i get to see the whole perfomances clearly.
every single thing. :):).
i still feel am dreaming !
what so awesome is i get to see all my really really really favourite artists ad!
i din know till i start counting.
i seen jay chou in concert before.
i seen super junior before.
i seen BEAST before now ! which is the so freaking closest till you open your mouth wide and eyes big big ! :D seriously i did that till the members ternotice ! :P.
and left G-Dragon i havent seen before.
waiting for big bang to come to malaysia ! =3
then my lists is done. left the like like wan also . hee
i want see MBLAQ if can too !
i wana go ZE;A 's concert if can too ! i wana see 2PM if can too ! gahhh.
money money ! :p
okay. i nid to get things up already.
since i slack so long ad.
i nid to start back my routine and game. :)
get the spritts back if you want a dream come true.
dont let a minor thing let you down.
you can do it ~ Fighting!

27 June 2010


this pictures are just part of it .
i think i got 141 of it from my fren .
and another hundreds more from sze mei.
ahha still waiting for the pictures!
can wait to see them !
okay i shall update about the showcase ..
i reach there around 11am . at kl live. when i reached there.
theres like quite many ppl lining up ad. padahal de thing starts at 7PM.
but quite front . worst thing is the whole management thing sucks like hell.
the lucky draw thing . fans cutting line. pushing the line like no one's business.
almost fainted while lining up. almost feel like giving up already.
thanks to justin lim yee jin you came as well for buying me a drink. sayang ~
and the fans are really crazy. i wana get out also cannot..
start from 4pm like those who sitted started to stand up.
den everyone started to cut line push and cramp in.
wana sit also cannot. keep standing.
den slowly cramp till like sandwich.
stand and cramp like from 4 pm till 7.00 ! wrff wei. i seriously wanted to faint ad.
i wanted to give up at that moment !
but i continued till we finally get to go in and wait at the stairs where. much more air and theres aircond. . den around 8pm plus oni we get to go in.
den crap again. i was like wtf.
and finally. waited like half an hour BEAST came out!
i so fucking shocked ! most of the members look so diiferent in person!
was like so fucking good looking !
especially junyhyung, dongwoon, and gikwang. the rest still look kinda the same.
junhyung! omg. he looks so hot in person! he is not photogenic.
cause he looks bloated in tv. . but in person ! inlove giler! =3
den dongwoon looks as if he is mix ! he loosk so much more better in person!
gi kwang too . more cute . but he is quite short.
dont care either. cause hes handsome face and perfect pax bodeyy is hot enough ad!
dujun darn machho and leng jai loh. hyunseung so leng loh. so flawless loh his skin.
yoseob darn hyper active and cute loh ! omg. i feel like am dreaming at that moment.
but the crowd still killer.
still pushing. feel dizzy my god. den few of the members saw me keep lyying at my frens shoulder. i faster put my head up. cause we are quite near. so have to put our head up.
san fu loh. but worth it laa. so near. i cant stop flashing back the moment they saw me ! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! happy giler.
those lucky fans who went up .really darn lucky and really darn stupid.
if am them. i pok mong loh hou mou. i will ask them can i hold ur hand or what! bodoh fans!
den MC was lamee. security guards are rude. UMM's page flood with complains.
serve them right. 35 fans fainted. many cant get in.
thanks to the "big place" . gi kwang and hyun seung's expresison arent that good whhen they first come out. gi kwang like not so happy loh. den hyunseung got one part he stoopped a while.
omg he seriously damn leng ! =P .
the autograph part paling syok giler!.
din get to give the gift though cause that bitch say she will help to take.
but every single fucking members smiled at me! :)
i stared at them ! den wave then dey smileD! OMG :D chun hor.
junyhung makes my heart melt giler!
dongwoon's smile so sweet! gi kwang smiled cutely! dujun smile happily and friendly.
hyunseung pretty smile! and yoseob ! i paling suka!h haha.
cause since he is the last one. so that stupid fat arse security guard block me so he cant find me.
den he looked the other side and smiled at me and wave ! i was like !!! LMAO ! Wave back and smiled! LUMSEI LAAA!
i entirely go high after that. me and all of my friends. .
we were so tired and exhausted. quitly bought water to drink. .
den started talking while waiting.
like siao lang, all sweaty.
i overnite and ivy unnie's house! hahas.
so many DBSK collections darn many! :)
watch videos and talked till like 6am ! hahahha .
i think can even make it to nikko hotel to breakfast with BEAST.
shud have stayed at the hotel loh!
sigh. too late ad. nvm. :(
din go for the autograph session at ONE U today.
since i got all the members ad.
hahas. but i heard it was better than the showcase.
and everyone gget their signature.
so nice! shud have went actually but since its my dad's bday.
i din go loh. so hei seng. xD
they will be going back tmorrow . as they rumoured the 11pm flight wor.
wonder what they will do loh.
if can i wana stalk them loh. sigh :(
i miss BEAST already.
wish can stop that moment and see them more.
i cant blieve i see all my most most most favourite artstis before ad.
first was jay chou, then super junior now BEAST!
whos next? BIG BANG LA OF COURSE! still waiting for them to come!
i want see kwon jiyong like mad!
ahh. tomorrow clas ad.
lazy. still in BEAST mmood. i superb liek them now. =3
i mean even more.
next i nid to rush for assignments and reports ad.
and study for finals.
fighting for dream now ! :D
anyonghi 1

25 June 2010


omg. tomorrow is the day!
BEAST is here! and tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow! =3.
so excited now.
but yet i nid to finish up my reports! hahahas.
my part done. left the other part. yeah. always like that.
cannot gao dim properly and let me go peacefully de. i know. pity me.
i want group with someone that i can rely . :(

very tired loh everytime like that. have to check.
make sure its right. :(
okay forget it. am in a good mood now.
BEAST! no matter what . am gona get the autograph on that day it self !
and stand in front ! (x
sei dou yiu loh douu.

i din know so many ppl is going !
meet everyone there then !
tomorrow i guess i nid to go alone!
sadded. :( take teksi there? but scare of hamsap teksi drivers loh.
take monorail there like damn lambat loh.
how how? i dont wana sweat on the way there.
see how it goes tomorrow than ! hmpph (x

24 June 2010

Countdown to BEAST showcase!

Calculus Midterm is next week and i havet start a single thing.
which am so dead! :(
weekend i wont be able to study some more! omg.
sei mou. ~.
later nid study ad. now i wan finish my lab report and print it out ad.
just wana recheck and add things.

omg. one more day to BEAST showcase! :)
am so excited! no matter what am gonna get deir autograph on sat
cause sunday is my dad's bday ! . i cant miss it either! :(
this is so frustrating. (x
please give me lucks for lucky draw on saturday! :)
hope i get to greet BEAST members !

okay. that's it. i need to go.
i got my translation work to do as well.
this is hectic.
anyonghi ! =3

20 June 2010

Happy Daddy's Day.

doing reports are driving me crazy.
especially grouping with members which are not serious towards the reports.
do for sake of finish it.
thus, i need to recheck the works. make my life miserable.
and double my work. not to say all of them are like that.
just few of them. but still . already nineteen years old.
gonna be twenty next year already.
future is so darn freaking near ahead. i bet at this age. you can decide which is more important? but one thing i just dont understand is. why cant they think of that?
be more responsible at least? think of the others?
one marks contributes of everyone's marks.
so dont just think about of yourself.
for the sake of the marks . yes . i dont mind checking.
but i got things to do too. so dont just always rely on me. . be more mature with life.

i dont know whats the path now. nethier how sure am i .
but am going towards it . hoping for the best. .
one more week towards calculus midterm and 2 more weeks towards chemistry midterm.
i hope i din screw my quiz papers.
i hope i get the marks i want . i dont want to screw my exams. ! jebal! :(

i wana go out and have fun and watch movie.
agahh. one thing is about this saturday.
hope it goes smoothly.
and hope i can get their autograph on that day itself so that i dont nid go the next day.
wish me luck. lots of lucks.

yeahh, blog readers decrease day by day. so sad.
no one comes here ad. and am not active as i am already.
gahh. my life is boring ryte? no pictures.
lazy to upload lah. unless i save those idol pictures online then i will upload. easier.
neway. gotta finish my report.
all the best everyone !


19 June 2010

chemistry quiz.

okay. how was chemistry quiz?
dont ask me this question.
i dont know how to anwer . (x
neither its hard or easy.
so hows its like when the results out..
so whats next ? report and assignments.

i got lesser and lesser things to update day by day.
sienn loh.

18 June 2010

Got my BEAST passes! =3

tomorrow chemistry paper. its the quiz! ahhh!
scared! hope i can do the questions give lah..
after tomorrow i nid to start my reports and assignments . f.
many things to do.
another 2 weeks calculus midterm.
which i dont understand what the heck he taught.
which means next week i mesti study ad. gahhh.

got my BEAST passes! the T-Shirt is so simple
but in white. so okay lah. even better if they can sign my T-Shirt.
gonna bring marker along ! wohoo ~
the Asia repackaged albums sucks quality! my god.
compare to the korea version.
that is why i dont want to buy malaysian made albums.
not worth. :)

anyway, wish me luck for my quiz tomorrow.
doing the best hope the best! =3
mix feeling though.

17 June 2010

miss you.

its been a time since i update my blog.
busy with my college life thats why.
since i have my partially part time work as well.
so extra busy with my life. FML .
Biology paper just over today.
dont know what to say. but hope i din screw it badly.
first 3 question theres mistakes ad. sigh.
so careless. hope for the best. :) wish me luck for my marks
and chemistry paper dis sat ! omg.
havent really study yet. gonna do it tomorrow.
and tonite i got wedding dinner to attend. gah.

and yesh, finally my BEAST repackaged album reach ad.
gonna collect it tomorrow.
and see how its like.
hope the tix are inside and also the white T-Shirt. .
hope i can shake deir hand.
take picture with them.
hug them *faints*
ahhahas. anyway, no high hopes.
but stil wish to. :)

ahhh, time passes realy fast i shall say.
indeed older than i am now.
very long din see my old classmates ad.
lets do some gathering someday. :)

9 June 2010

BEAST pre order howcase tix!

weee. tomorrow gonna go leisure mall buy BEAST repackaged album with the tix and shirt for their showcase! cant wait for it!
weird thing is its on weekdays?
if am not mistaken. .
FINALLY I CAN MEET BEAST! am gonna go early and get nice spots!
excited siall now! .

okay went out the whole day with mum today.
gah. . planned to start my chemistry today.
but failed! ish. procastinating again ~
hate when this comes. aint good at all !

i feel my calculus is so left out behind.
i nid to revise ad.
and hope everything is gonna be alrite.

8 June 2010

hectic life.

FML. so many things to do.
havent finish reading log. dont know how to do . how to do?
reports all half way.
assignments have outlines but havent start.
datelines are getting nearer.
and yet nothing is done.
this semester is really hectic.
no time no time.
i need a break !

heard marks for reports aint that good.
sigh, hope my group is okay . i want get high internal marks badly.
and of course hopefully for my exams.
prays hard*. Hwaiting! =3
think of kwon jiyong! weeeeeeeeeeee.
i love you. saranghae.

so i gonna be hiatus or updatiing my blog once a while due ti my hectic schdule.
so wish me lucky guys.
no matter what it is. its not an end!
Fighting !

4 June 2010


calculus and geo test today. dont know what to say.
last question i dont know how to do. and upcoming things.
theres more to do.
i got 2 banned forum accounts.
dont know who spamm with my acount cause it to be banned.
but i have explained to the admins.
so i hope its okay.
for now, i got no mood for forums ad.
maybe after these sem i continue? maybe oni. ~ .
my SS501 account and 2ONEDAY account dont wana bother much ad. sadded.

what i wana do next. chem report.
and assigments.
thats it. nid to start with things ad. (x
if not life would get tougher!
shud tryyyyyyyy ~!

nothing more ~ chao~

saranghaeyo oppa. ! =3