31 July 2010

last day of JULY 2010

the last day of JULY
finals in a week time. fast? omg.. big question.
this is craazee.
am having sorethroat now. PAIN!
faster recover lahh! :(
sure cant sleep the whole night . thanks to it.
cause it happen last nite.
and i almost late for calculus test today. phew~ i tot i was late.
but theres even others more late. ==

okay. later in the morning. nid to go back to college for that
stupid uni life thing. seriously i really hate this subject that i dont even want to bother about it at alll. its pretty obvious.
and yeah. when i finally manage to get rid the irritating and annoying thick skin male.
here comes a female version. much better. butt ~ ,
not always. college do have many weird ppls. in mine?
i tot i could have a better surrouding.
but really, i dont like my surroudings.
and i still nid to live with which i hope a year more only. :)

hope to bear with it . this is life .:)
not always nice. theres always the sad and pathetic one too.
this life makes me degrade myself. and yes surroudings.
gona challenge that. no more in future. :)
screw up this sem. ain nice at all.

anyway. i nid to stop watching variety shows for now!

wait for meeeeeee ~

29 July 2010


okay. went to that what what musical thing.
am speechless. cant blieve i went there.
and yes i go for the sake of 8 ECA points.
and i bet everyone in the room think the same thing.
oh please. no one give response during the musical.
so obvious. oh well they can quite sing though.

biology test was today.
and yeah am still not satisfied with my marks.
so tricky the questions
somemore say easyy wor MISS LAII AHH.
cheat uss! :(:(

tomorrow calculus test! non-stop.
crazyyy. :( . hope he dont set the question too hard la.

28 July 2010

scared like no one business.

yes yes yes.
my blog is bright. Bright is good for eyes!
you dont nid to strain them :P
right? xD . anyway. am trying to stay positive.
am stress with results. why i cant even beat with that marks?
omg. like that also cannot beat? oni a few marks different.
and i dont like it. i want higher. better and perfect.
i can? :(

no mood for blogging. might not blog much later that.
need to prepare for my biology midterm. den on more paper on friday.
shiited. so many papers.
after one week than finals.
the time is so limited.
this week class all the final classes.
yeah not gona see most of the teachers?
will i ahieve my target? wil see about that.

tomorrow chemistry results.
and i already can feel what's my results gonna be.
hope it doesnt turn out what i felt it would be.
cause it aint good at all.
am scare. really do. results scares me the most.
out of so manny things in the world.
it reflects my future. :(

i miss hangeng in super junior.
i love 13 and always 13 !

26 July 2010


Charice singing is awesome.
i really admire this girl. such a talented girl.
have such a strong voice.
how nice if i have the voice to sing like her.
she's JJANG!. love her new song PYRAMID.
and yes lately she appeared in star king and KEJ Chocolate.
everyone admires her singing ! powerful and strong.

another test on thrus. gahh.
BIOLOGY. yet lots of things to remmeber.
a lot ! (x.
such a killer. and i heard biochemistry is hard.
omg. this is awesome.
next sem subjs hard ones.
and its short sem.
cannot play ad. everything is in a rush.

25 July 2010

Sleepy yet dont want to sleep .

updating my blog at this time is crazy.
shud be sleeping. this is so not healty.
when can i get a proper sleeping habit?
gahhh. so not right.
okay after updating this am gonna get to bed. :)
be a good girl ..

and pretty much yeah. hard to find match mate in college.
really hard. someone or some friends like i can hang out with ease.
and fun and relax and not awkward. i dont have them in college.
not as i have those feelings with my high skol friends when hang out.
maybe its not here yet? take some time then.
not to say they are not good. not to compare.
but hard to get close or get along like i use too back then.
cause of what? (x.
especially when come to work. assignemnt reports.
sinces theres more group work in college. oh well.
i bet everyone who's in college knows whats the problem is.
ryte? :) not to say i dont have assignemnts during high skol.
i do i have. but not as frustrated as i am now. okay maybe is harder.
but i dont mind how hard it is if you take the effort to do it.
at least i dont nid to clear up ur left overs later that.
i tot college students can think more better than high skol.
but guess not. :( . or maybe cause back then i was in a all girls class.
and it rocks. :D . DAMARIANS. communication eaisier? or okay. you know.
dont nid me to mention. sendiri tahu.

am sleepy already. i think i shud just leave my comp on.
and shut down it self when the show is finish dling. actually.
left a little while more oni. gah.
shud i wait or sleep? cant make up my mind!

am still worrying about chemistry overall. still fell i so screw up this sem.
teach me a lesson. more serious in future! :)
Fighting! =)

Blog Edited!

finally i edited my blog. :).
not much of changes though.
but yeah. the header thing a bit ma fan cant find a right picture that fit its size.
hmpph dont have a proper nice beast wan. so just put up FT Island's

hope i dont off the plan tmorrow. :)
i will try my best to target my plan tomorrow.
hope so. keep on fighting!
neway. nothing much to updaate.
finals is around the corner.
shud be studying
anyong ~

24 July 2010


okayy. long time din update.
busy with my chem blog as well.
so gonna edit this blog tonite. :) .
another two more weeks to finals. and yesh.
so dead. havent know chemistry marks.
really scared now. deep scared. :(
doing all my wit that i can now. sigh.
cannot let go. cannot fall down.
its just the first year first sem .

and i hope it will end smoothly. and start a better new sem onwards!
must ad! dont want play so much ad.

nid serious ad. say ni easy. but later sure play de.
keep one study is not my style. i dont like to be nerd.
but at times yes i have too . :)
what to do. education is important now.
witout it you re nothing. but a piece of junk?
nowadays i mean. ppl look down on you.

i may not be smart. but no matter how hard it goes
i dont hope i give up in the middle.

i think thats it .
will be back tonite.
got something to do later. as always on sat! :(
i love yung junhyung~ =3

20 July 2010

1111 posts.

this is my 1 1 1 1 posts! hahahas. what a nice number! .
okay today was epic though.
rush home for piano. as usual teacher late.
notice that i seriously nid to practise my piano skills ad.
cannot always depend on my side reading!
and grade 8 exam is around the corner!
dont wana waste the money !

chemistry assignemnt nid to hand it next week.
and started to redo a little.
which is so dead . :( chemistry this time so screwed up.
seriously. dont know why.
i hope i pass at least one of the tests.
if not am so dead which i dont want too. JEBAL :(
scared la. scare to death. T.T

calculus exam this friday and biology midterm next thrus.
den another week is FINALS ad!
non-stop like WTH! this is call COLLEGE LIFE!
i dont want to flunk any subjectS!
waste money!
i want first class honorrr!
i dont want just dream ! T.T

17 July 2010

Despicable Me ! =3

watched Dispicable Me ! :)
its a nice movie ! laughable and cute!.
next show to watch? dont know yet. waiting for aug and sep.
more shows releasing ~ ! :)
okay. i just screw my chemistry paper today.
never felt so screw up. many questions i dont know how to do.
i dont want to fail chemistry! DNAS! AHHH!

seriously i need to study ad.
i wish am as smart as the others so i dont nid to study so hard get disapointted over marks.
i dont want to be an average student.
i dont want too. :(
i dont want bad results. :(
stop procastinating (x

am sleepy. but i nid to get my ass off to do the report.
and yes the assignment all over again.
DNAS pendrive ! hate you. wana buy new one ad!
make my life suffers.

i need more time ! :(

16 July 2010

won won won !

JJangg ! :) i get to win my Super Junior Repackage album from honeyjoo.com
hahahaha. thanks a lot weii . :)
din expect. i won two competitions in a row.
i wish i was darn lucky like this during BEAST competitioons. GAH .
oh neway. still thanks a lot !

sent my details. waiting for my item to be send.
chemistry midterm tmorrow!
gan cheong ! (x
hope i can do the questions lah.
wish me luck!

am flying right now ~ :)

14 July 2010

weee =D

updating my blog at this time which am suppose to sleep!
oh whoc cares! :P .

i shud be sleeping right now actually.
clss in the morning!. .
shud i sleep ? or stay awakee?
damn it .

oh yeah. i have to redo my chemistry assignment again !
thank you oh thank you. DNAS lah!

damn pendrive. (x hate you. shooo ~

okay. i got nothing else to update.
wish me luck for finals midterms and also
my marks! kamsamida!

12 July 2010

last lab.

today was the last day of our lab session :)
no more labs. no more fuss about lab reports. :)

chemistry lap report marks pretty low. sigh.
biology the same thing.
not satisfied though..
hope i can do better in the upcoming exams . hope so.

everyone was really sleep today.
due to the final match of world cup. and yes SPAIN won the title.
congrats to the team of course.
and darn the octopus. should fryy it and eat!.
and let him give us 4D numbers!
never miss a shot and only once? like wth?
animals phycic? ==
this is so not fun when you know who is the winner already.
so take the animal away the next FIFA worldcup.

i had weird nap dream just now.
maybe i was just too tired i guess.
ahhhhhhh. what should i do now? study?
hope things get into my mind ! (x

11 July 2010

Pictures !

Child of Empire new concept photos !
Arent they just getting cooler and cooler.
i just love this 9 members boyband! Their song and members are Jjang!
And now with the ABS members ! =3 hearted.

awww junhyung's expression here darn cute wei . omg *faints*.
seeing him just that close for once is not enough. cause i have fall deeply in love with him. dont let me meet G.Dragon. cause the same thing will happen. hahahaa ! maybe thats even worse. though my junhyung is more good looking then GD. but GD is still the TOP ! :) .
i wana marry junhyung. :P

gi kwang sleeping cutely.
i got these yoseob's wan too. but lazt to post up . hahas.
since the max is 5 pictures. i lazy to do the second time..
these are some pictures before i doze off..
its really late in the morning.
should have gone to bed.
but thanks to the last minute reports.
still left a little more for chemistry. the results calculation and a bit of adding in the discussions.
stil waiting parts from jest. :)
its been a hectic month.
everything comes at once.
my timing schedule was off cause lecturerr havent comfirm with the exam dates.
i think i shall start reading my biology ad. gah.
hope i can finish my chemistry report in time tomorrow. kamsamida. :)
wish me lucks peepz.
late nite update is spectacular. hahas.

10 July 2010

epic timing~

yesh am freaking in a epic mood now.
assignemnt datelines.
finals coming.
havent finish and yet havent stuudy.
currently doing my reports in a rush.
i feeel so heng. hope i can survive till monday. .
everything is so crazy now. .

no air to breath !. i nid to finish the reports by tonite.
no matter what. if not am so dead.
and i dont want too.
i dont want to screw any subjs that is why am so stress up now.
wish me lucky guys.

yung junhyung oppa saranghaeyo. =3

6 July 2010

piano lesson.

updating my blog before my piano lesson.
still waiting for my teacher.
really nid to patch up with my piano skills ad.
piano exam is so near. and i dont wana screw the exam! .
help me. let me find some time to practise piano please. :(
i got no time for myself.

and yeah. starting it supposingly.
hope dis week at least go with one :) pleaseeeeee! JEBALLLLLLL!
and yesh am a korean fan freak and so what?
hahahas. i bet many fans out there as well.
kaki kpop fans . :P
lets hang out one day !

i nid to start study ad ! must study ad!
but keep procastinate! omg!
why is this happening!

5 July 2010

Biology last lab.

finally found a chinese tutor.
but dont know how much will she charged.
took ages for her to reply my message.
gahh. really hope its not expensive cause i really wana learn! :( .
considering korean language now as well.
omg so many classes i wan take.
hope i can make it lah. i really wana learn these two languages.
read and write. i dont want to just speak.

and yeah. today was biology last lab.
and next week is last lab for chemistry.
and say byebye to lab already. :)
these means finals is around the corner.
so doomed. so dead. need to study already if i wana do well !
ahhhh. HELP. assignments havent finish.

sei mouu. gahhh
this is arse.


4 July 2010


currently at mei yan's house updating my blog.
wahhahaa. last minute decision overnight at her house.
slept late woke up early.
two weekend nights overnite at friend's house.

taking offfffffffff ~
wana go back and sleep :)