24 September 2010

busy short sem !

wow its been ages since i ever update my blog.
am really busy with short sem.
everything is so rush.
i dont have much time to study.
cannot i nid to score well lah ! (x .
and monday no class. :)
almost everyweek there one day no class.
this time really got many holidayss. padahal short sem.
not enough time at all. (x

i still regret for missing ZE:A's fanmeeting ~ .
theres JYJ's fanmeeting coming.
i really hope they postpone to december
i really wanna see jaejong and yoochun badly.
ahhhh. jeball :(

i got reports to do.
assignemnts to do.
all need to pass up on the following week.
omg. hectic.
cant wait for my long hols! Seriously !

16 September 2010

BEAST is coming!

gahh, shud have comfirm my IDP long time ago.
now theres more things to frus about!
dont know got time to go a not !

wtff. that university i chose suddenly
dont offer biotech. only till next year sept.
i nid to rush like hell.
and really wtf ! tomorrow i hope to clear things up as sooon as possible! ..

its been a time that i update my blog.
tomorrow is BEAST comeback.
just a ballad song. but i cant wait to listen to it.
i want to listen to junhyung for once not singing rap :)
my man =3
Big Bang is coming back soon too.
two comebacks that i anticipate long time ago
and this two albums i sure to buy.
no doubts. :)

2NE1's comeback was awesome ! :)
they are really hawt.
really like park bom unnie.
and CL the 91 er is so cool.
i wish i can be like her so cool and pretty.
her rappning skills killer.
like GD! :)
YG Family rocks!

wo hen fan ahhh.

10 September 2010


am getting busy.
subjects are harder .
no doubt biotech is indeed a hard course to choose.
wish me luck guys.
this 2 months till oct.
am gonna be busy.
might not update blog that often..

and yeah i din get to go ZE:A's showcase.
what a sad case.
almost get to go. but fren suddenly said cant go
no teman so no go. T.T
pretty disappointed though.
guess i dont have yuan fen with them :(
maybe next time?
i wonder when. sigh

got to go

5 September 2010


whats blog made for ?
blog about daily life. and crap .
release anger feelings.
things that you dont know who you can tell to.
i guess i use my blog as for all these. .
exactly i dont know who reads my blog.
all the traffic thing. is it really my blog visitors?
messages left in the cbox?
which i dont knw.

i finish all my jap drama that i wanted to watch in a day.
before my stress and busy week starts.
since i only got uni chem one and only note.
i just read tru a bit.
and am already like OMG.
hope i can make tru with good grades this time.

theres been many event in korea this two days.
ytd was the korean incheon music wave.
and tomorrow is star dance battle.
i suppose thats from SBS. since ytd was MBC's
isnt that cool? i been downloading it the whole day. gah
hate waiting.

i guess time passes really fast.
can you imagine theres a 2 in my age number next year?
i cant imagine later on it wil increase to 3 , 4, 5, 6 ,7
omgg! i will never end till you die.

i still have lots more to go.
lets see whether i can achieve my dream a not :)

3 September 2010

sincere is not easy to find .

am reallly frus over group members now.
wana find a more cooperative and dedicated members are hard
those who are serious and nt for the sake of finishing it and pass up.
i already screww last sem internal marks
seriously no more this sem.
i dont wana screw my marks anymore. .
just by looking at my group members i feel like bursting out
why biotech ppl so little?
am scared. really do. i dont know what to do anymore.

you found new ones and dumped the old ones.
i dont really mind actually.
but she remind me. i just feel like blogging how bad a person can be.
i dont feel anything on what you did. i dont mind
since initially you dont give me a good impression.
how "natural" a person may be in front of you.
and at the back its like non of my business attitude.
others might not see it.
but i do. but i choose to ignore it.
i already have more things to think of ad.
ppl like you. theres many. shoud not fuss about it.

am i invicible to you?.
if you think you re still right on what you did.
think about it. and put it on me all you wan.
i have met many such ppl.
God knows. :)

gonna be busy next week onwards.
wish me all the best.
sure gonna be a stress on asign and reports again.
oh well. who ask biotech so little ppl .

2 September 2010

Cross Finger

i use to update my blog everday.
but now i just update my blog when necessary.
today the first class for sem 2 year 1 bioteach.
which is biochemstry class.
and the amazing thing is.
he dont provide notes.
he dont provide slidees or anything.
he just talks in class and said that is his notes.
all of us was like WTF? even overseas uses slides to teach la.
if dont provide notes understandable la.
but slides? at least la. sumore talk so sloww like his age.

and and the groups. how long can you escape lah?
hope the new members are fine ler.
i dont want stress about internal marks again for this sem.
i want get good internal marks la.
nak keluar UCSI ni

and yeah i din change the update time for my blog
i been sleeping late for the past sem break.
really really late as in early in the morning.
next week am gonna sleep early ad.
and start studying and everything.
cause since this is short sem.
everything is so packed!
6 more weeks till sem end. i was like wtf? when i been told about this.
no co op for year 1 !
so nov and dec i would be damn free!
any jobs recommnd?
dramas i watched almost finish ad for korean.
maybe by the time the shows already finish upload eps.
hope i got time for jap dramas!

and of course this sem with better results.
i know its hard. and am not gonna take it as an excuse !
nothing is impossible
please dont fgive up. Fighting ! :)