12 June 2011


finally get to update my blog constantly.
assignment for this is done
wonder how much is my marks.

really disappointed with my microbiology marks actually though i expected.
hope i just don't screw my physiological paper too.
the lesser the subjects am taking the harder it is
second year of biotechnology is just not easy for a not so smart person like me.
struggle?. oh yeah, ain't easy. i feel really tired chasing it for so long.
i wish one day i just can feel proud and satisfied.

reports to handle. assignments and studies?
sigh. i want things over as soon as possible.
but not my age getting old day by day.
admiring's someones life had been my very best friend lately.
guess this is just my life.

am in love with BEAST.
they manage to fulfill their dream to be a singer.
can i fullfill my dream too?

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