31 August 2015

Feeling Moody

It's definitely my PMS. I am always feeling so severely moody during this period. Well, session ended early yesterday though. Family member went of for country support later that. I wanted to join to but not so convenient to do so though. Morally supporting here. 

Tomorrow is the first day of September. Marks the official starting point of my promise that I need to achieve. Feeling nervous yet excited. I really hope this time it would be for real. Missed for many years, can't anymore. I feel like going out but I can't, sadly. Just want to have a chat though. 

I had a friend that has the same trouble with me that I experienced. I managed to advise and help as much as I could. I hope his sister manage to pull it through. She needs too cause she's young and bright! 

I try not to think about work when I am home, but it would flash in my mind at times. I need to stop it and enjoy my holiday! Looking at people's profile travelling around, wish I can too, freely. I want to earn more money! Need to look out a good day to begin it! Need to finish what I should too.

Stay happy, Be positive and SMILE. 

30 August 2015

The Family Day

Yeap, It's the family bonding day again and here we are at my home for some Karaoke session. This time, we have slightly more members joining too.. Loving this moment before I get busy. 

I feel so tired today. I slept enough. Probably because I slept late? Been sleeping odd hours lately. So unhealthy. Anyway, watched Sinister 2 yesterday with le cousins. The movie was okay just felt like the movie is repeated from Sinister 1 itself. So predictable scenes and not to exciting. Just the sound effect that scares you. that's it. Just when we decided to watch at Cheras Central, cousin mentioned that the place is haunted. I was like seriously? I really didn't know though. That's creepy!

It's already the 30th. Oh gosh, time. Also, it's the second day of Yellow Clean day. So supportive our Malaysians! Proud of you guys! :) Even our ex prime minister came to support! Thumbs up. Hopes for the better change for the country, that is. 

Lasagna, salad, fried rice and fruit punch for today's meal. Can't wait for this amazing feast from the good cooks. I can't cook myself. In fact, I am such at it badly. I like to eat but I hate to cook. Find it really troublesome though. 

Some people has really thick skin. Speak of words that don't know where they stand. that's really embarrassing and annoying. 

29 August 2015

The Truth

At times, I still think of the truth. Wonder which is genuine and which is not. The solution to it, most of them were right but when comes to the truth of it, I am a bit confused. I really wonder what happened. What caused everything to happen. I just wanna know the reason. That's all I can ask for. 

I don't really wanna talk about it anymore. It feel sad and pity. We did not had much time together. So much I wish I could have done with him and I wish to do with him. to show him. Faithed, they said that I have to accept. He has gone to a better place, without stress and burden and lighter. I still miss you from time to time.

Another few more days to September, and then comes to year end which means my birthday is coming. Another aging year. Feeling old and sad! Watching vampire show makes me feel like living in immortality. 

Finally get to summarise the supplier for the T-Shirt! Don't need to travel so far for it. Now, let's finish the headband. I need to find time for this in future! Hardwork and work smart = SUCCESS! I need to learn that! 

It's gonna be a stressful life next week onwards. gonna be really really busy but exciting hopefully!

Happy Weekend guys! 

28 August 2015

My long weekend

Finally, I have my long weekend but still busy with doing research on things. oh well, wanna do good must be hardworking! Fighting! I was so sleepy yesterday to continue what I should. I feel so awesome now for finally had some enough sleep. Next Monday onwards marks the official day of my starting point. Friends all succeeded it and I should too. Otherwise, how to meet each other one day? Two months are only my time I have and that's it. Let's get the will strong to do it!

Weekend is the only enjoyment I have now. Let's do things right for this round! No regrets! Just be patient and control! 

Anyway, it's already the official day of Hungry Ghost Festival. During those days in high school, this period, we will sit in a circle as a group and tell ghost stories. Those days were awesome. I miss my study life a lot since that I am working now. Time passed so fast and I always say this. I just can't accept the fact cause I am getting older and older day by day and my mum aged day by day. This is sad. Can human be immortal?

I am great sensitive when in people's argument, they bad mouth my family for no proper and solid reason, especially my parents. Don't let me know myself, otherwise I  will shoot you till you cry. Doesn't mean I respect human, you guys have the right to do so. Respect is to earn! I only will shoot people if only I have facts to do so. I won't shoot for no reason making myself a fool. That's my only warning. Don't abuse my family with words, action or physically. I will protect this family, regardless. 

Stay safe everything. Try to avoid late night outings and curse during your outing. Don't say so much nonsense for this time period, in fact should be the whole time. 

27 August 2015


Patience not to say anything about it no matter how much I hate it. Oh well, it's the last day of work for the month of AUGUST! I am so happy with my 4 days off straight! It has been so long since I applied so! Next month is a happy month. So many holidays and I have my replacement leaves! I shall apply next week onwards as planned! I feel I have so little time after work like in split second it's already 1AM. Scary man. Time passes so god damn fast! 

Actually I feel quite fed up with my current job. Being the only person in the company so fast is fine but... I don't know. This is not it but I have to stay on for some time at least. My resume.... The culture is a little weird, in fact funny at times. I am almost invisible to other department. This is so sad. Ethics? I am not quite sure. 

Micky yoochun is leaving to the army pretty soon! Gosh, we all have to wait for two years to see him. Gonna miss him. One of the first few idols that I fell for! <3 a="" candidate="" definitely="" font="" hubby="" nbsp="">


26 August 2015


Just yesterday suddenly I think of him. I always keep myself busy and tired not to think about it. but at times it's just possible to flash back those memories.. I always wonder when I will have the opportunity to pursue my study in the UK in future. I wanna settle down there but it seems hard for non-EU, unless you're extraordinary. but I don't seem to be, sadly. Anyhow, I just wish to get out of this country and live in a better place and I hope one day, I am able too. My lecturer from University here, doing so well with his masters and life in USA studying masters. I am envious. He's an awesome lecturer. because of him, I score A++ for my calculus and algebra subjects. Anything to do with calculation. I use to fail add maths badly in school but to get an A++ in University really surprises me. Guess a good lecturer is really important! Even accounts! It's hard to find a good lecturer these days, especially when you are in Malaysia. 

I enjoy studying, though it's stress. I get to meet lots of different people, even more ever since I started working. Almost two years of working, my life has been a rollercoster and I hope next year on wards everything goes really bombastically well! 

Okay, something I need to achieve long time ago. Let's begin shall we? 


25 August 2015


Disliking the weather lately. Raining almost everyday. Sometimes even the whole day. This is not fun though. Feeling sleepy all time long. I miss the sunny and windy day! The 7th month please over soon! 

Accusation, don't do it before you find out the genuine truth, otherwise you dug your own grave. Even pathetic when you brought up someone that's not here anymore and that proves how unethical the person is. Don't test my limit that's it. Being nice as it is and not when the time is right. 

Life at night and sleep during the day. what kind of life is that?

Hope to finalise my suppliers tonight and start with the next item. oh gosh, I am feeling so busy lately. no time to even finish my textbook! Need to start my TOPIK study next month already. Need to speed things up cause time is ticking!

Feeling motivated regardless! Be positive and it will work out!

Okay, too much for the past week and slowly starting the plan from today onwards! otherwise, it will be hard and I will regret it! I always said so but still doing it!

So much to learn in the business world and it's exciting!


24 August 2015

Raining Morning

It's raining early in the morning. So good time to sleep. How I wish it's an off day today. I am already in holiday mood. Next month would be awesome. So many holidays and replacement leaves for me! Today is gonna be busy day and maybe tomorrow too. Let's settle everything before Friday, hopefully. 

Oh boy, the plan on Sunday is cancelled. Hmm. Guess, I think to re-think what to do during the weekend. Wanna travel far but afraid it would be really jam since Monday is public holiday. What should I do then? Like normal activity, sing k and movie? Wanna do something different what would it be?

I feel it's a pathetic life to play game all day and come back "early in the morning". Sleep during the day like home is just a place you drop by to sleep. What kind of life it that? So pathetic. When friends asked out, the action for preparation is so fast but when asked to pack own stuffs, "oh I am tired, bla bla bla" or "my friends are even better". What kind of stupid reason is that? really joke of the year. 

Anyway, 3 days more to holiday! bear with it bear with it!

23 August 2015

Early in the MORNING

Updating my blog at this time would be my first time. Later today, it will be some supplier hunting again. Hopefully to find something good and reasonable. Feeling tired but I ain't sleeping yet. I am gonna be tired later today too. Manage to re-organised my room! Looks more spacious now. Guess I only can clean the house after I am done with the hunting. Can't wait for my long weekend already! 

Feeling the "omm" for starting this business. Really hope it's a great success this time. I love work with creativity and ideas! I hope this worth it! IT WILL! :) Honestly, I never been to central market! Yeah, am I local? I already thought I am not though. Never thought I am though. 

Gonna post up some garage sale maybe tonight. Wanna clear my old stuffs. While packing, manage to reminisce some old memories. Missing those days. Young, naive and innocent. Feeling so old now. Time passes so fast when you realised. I wish time could stop at one point. Wait, I wish good times pass slower. 

Anyway, time to sleep at this wonderful dawn? 

Have a great Sunday everyone! 

22 August 2015


The room is in a mess! Need to do some spring clean for garage sale!

Walk the whole day today looking for supplier for printing. 

I think we manage to find the right ones ad!


21 August 2015


Yesterday went a little overboard. Totally regret it now. Hopefully today I will not. This is really bad. I felt like my weekend of so little lately. I have to clear my room today to do some garage sale on website. See what I can sell from my stuffs. Hopefully to earn something. Tomorrow I need to run around to check out the printing and shirt prices. I would be really tired tomorrow. 

I want to clean the house as usual every week I do. Don't know how am I going to find some time to do so tomorrow. Unless I push some finding to Sunday. I would probably have. But yeah, I am gonna have a long weekend during Merdeka week before September busy month! So let's settle all this soon. 

All these gonna be it. Gonna learn some editing skills soon. Gonna be a busy weekend again. This is so exciting. I am looking forward since and hopefully there will be cash flowing in. 

Happy Weekend everyone ! 

20 August 2015

Pushed Back

I have made a better plan and hopefully this time it will work. Though I pushed back, I still need to work things out at the time being. Otherwise, it will be harder. I hope within this one week plus, I still can see a slight result, hopefully.. I had a bad dream yesterday. I should stop snacking at night from today onwards. In fact, I should have long time ago. 

Accessories shop not doing quite well. Maybe I should change it to a KPOP shop. Doing some plan now. Looking for a good supplier. Hopefully I am able to find one to do this. Now, it's better to do KPOP stuffs before the heat dies off. Looks of things to plan and work out. Hope to finalise the plan before September cause next month I am gonna be busy! So this means, on weekend I need to do some survey already! This is exciting.

Looks of research to work out. Big Bang to begin with. I am so excited! <3 font="">

Anyway, I should be getting ready for work.

Good Morning and adios! 

19 August 2015

Big Bang 9th Anniversary

Today is Big Bang's 9th Anniversary! Right after G-Dragon's birthday! Time passes so fast that it's already the 9th year and next year would be the 10th! Oh gosh, we grow old together. GD is almost 30 in another 2 years and still looking great! I can't wait for Big Bang's full album to be release! Delay or whatever, I will still wait for it. Worth the waiting no matter. Full album songs are amazing. Great composer and producer. I wanna be one too. 

Two more days till weekend. I can't wait for it already. I wanted to take some rest today too but looking at my emails. I should come I guess. Don't want them to pile up. I have decided to do 3 days straight strictly to see what's the result. It's gonna be hard but I still trying it. I don't want drag anymore. It has been too long and it's bad.. . oh please.

I hope my would will heal by this week. So much activities next week! 


18 August 2015

Deep Cut

I took it lightly about my wound. It was infected actually, so that explains everything, the fever, the numb and the nausea. I knew the cut was quite deep but.. maybe I should have seen the doctor earlier before it became worse.. At least, I don't feel much pain now. I hope it's healing already. 

It's back to work tomorrow. Saw my emails. Gosh, so much to do even just one day I am off. When are they gonna hire another person? I wonder it's a good thing or a bad thing. I wanna be someone capable like my dad but I felt this place is not it. I felt like I am wasting my time but... I want something more challenging. I wanna tackle it. I wanna progress further. I am already old, I don't want to keep on searching. It's troublesome and tiring and not earning big. 

Near year coming soon but there's some things I need to settle completely before it comes. A new goal and beginning. 

The man of my life. HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY KWON JI YONG

No matter how many idols I like, you're still the one. 

17 August 2015


Oh gosh, it's Monday already. My weekend passed so fast. I wish there's one more off day for weekend. I wanna sleep more. I always have this similiar dream but with different people and occasion. I have a trip overseas but I always do not know what's my flight time and tend to miss it or rush the time. This is weird though. It felt so real and the person I am with always almost the same as I remember. I don't tend to remember my dreams though. I will forget once I am officially awake. 

I want this week to pass faster! and comes weekend. Then, weekend ! another awesome family plan ahead. feeling excited. My wound feeling pain now. Maybe it's healing? Hopefully there's no scar! Walking is a little hard thing for me now. So clumsy of me last Saturday. :(

16 August 2015

Piece of crap

Cake baked by cousin in law! I am not a big fan of cake but this is pretty nice. 

Probably we gonna have another round end of the month! Woots! 

South Koreas Independence Day yesterday! Okay, I pretty doubt my nationality. Haha! 

The mouth of the fool who only know how to call people names and laugh at others when he himself a great fool out of all at the end, that's the only name he can only call of my out of appearance. I can change that but your attitude can you? I don't work based on my looks but capability. Let's see how great your attitude bring you. At MATURE ADULT world, you're the type people would avoid and shake their head when they see you. Look yourself at the mirror before saying others. 

Why I need to shift out when the person who cause trouble in the house stays? Your skin not thick enough isn't it.  If people would know, I don't think I am the one people who shake their head. For god sake know where you stand man. Look at the mirror please. The world already have enough deep shit people. 

Oh gosh, posts about these people ruin my blog. This would be the last. Degraded the EQ if I post anymore. I guess I should vent to myself only,sadly. I am gonna protect my importants for these people now and then. I feel inspired and motivated. Ever since I decided it, I felt relieve. Careful and alert. 

Another Family Bonding Time & Motivation

Today was another karaoke session with le family! This time we do it at our home! Plus we had potluck where everyone brought their special dish. Anyway, end of today and time to re-begin my schedule. Totally ruined. Need to prove to scumbags and shut their mouth. I have to do it. I wanted to watch The Gallows but yeah, don't think it's the right time for this month. Maybe tomorrow while revising. 

I knew and I have said so. Shall I be happy when most of the time what I have said is right? Too embarrassed to acknowledge. I wish I don't know them. BUT the good thing of having them in my life that they became my motivation to work hard for my important ones. so yeah. positively. 

These days teenage worthless to know. I doubt I would have kids in future. Too risky. 

I miss Big Bang! I want more of Big Bang! <3 p="">

14 August 2015

Slow Progression

I have been quite lazy to revise for the past two weeks! Oh gosh, my progress is so slow now. I need to speed up. Maybe cause I am tired and sleepy all the time! You know it. I have stopped my green tea for more than a week trying new thing. I guess that is also one of the reason as well. Maybe I will start drinking again my green tea next month. Let's see the result of this new product. 

And man it's weekend soon! I am so happy! I can sleep in or maybe not cause I need to settle my phone bill. I felt like I am maintaining more than subtracting. This is not it. I need it to be fast! End of the month is on the way! This is no good! Why is it so hard for me? Not much effort and will? TT

I wish weekend were longer than weekdays! and as soon as I start working, I felt that my time passes even quicker. This is so scary though which means I am getting older day by day. 

Might be having something tomorrow. Looking forward. 

13 August 2015


Yes, yesterday night my sleep was disturbed again. In fact, it's not just mine but my mum's too. Now, I am tired and sleepy. If you want to practice an unhealthy lifestyle don't be such a scumbag and bring along others too. I really tried my level best to refrain myself for posting anything about it but this is too much and I can no longer hold it anymore and wanting to post all my feelings!!!! 

Be true to yourself? Yea, that's it, continue to become a scumbag like yourself. Listen to mum only? Yea, going out almost every night and come back early in the morning without reporting the whereabouts, thus mum worries and unable to sleep AND making lots of noise waking up the others, that's the meaning of "only listen to mum only".  I thought the English is great when that simple sentence can't even be understood.. I didn't know that kind of life is called "fun & interesting". So typical. I don't know why but I feel great hypocrite and lies. My instinct tells me that nothing comes out from the person is true. not even 20% to be safe. I always say I really HATE "lala", "bitches", "these kind of typical teenagers", I can't believe I am facing it most of my time now. Guess, what you hate, you will see most of the time and that's true. For someone who doesn't has a body like me dressed not so decent. Why? Gosh! What's wrong with people's taste these days? Such a waste. 

For the past days my dad was still here, the elders has been taking turns and tried our best to take care of him when he was sick. I barely even go out and make excuses to stay home. I even sacrifice attending my counsin's wedding to take care of him which I don't really mind cause that's the best I can do at that time. Taking leaves for him to bring him to see doctor, rush home for an event to help out, worry and thinking everyday walking to work from lrt and before sleep. Just when the elders is a little busy at some time, in need for her to take care of dad a while, she went missing when we were back. That's how a grateful person treat a dad that has sacrificed so much. "don't give a damn attitude", even till the very last breath! even DURING the funeral, even NOW. What my parents did to deserve this? Thinking the go cool silence attitude when the elders are clarifying things. Lot's of things I tried to stay silence and cool about it but some things I really can't stand it. Felt like my mum and older younger sister being BULLIED. I know I will put my mum into a uncomfortable situation if I am about to stand out. In fact, it will be a great WAR if I do. Patience has limits and I don't know how long can I hold it. I am not a very patience person. Not even helping out with the cleaning of her own room, THANK GOD, I no longer the same room sleeping with the garbage. When I heard there's a dude who likes her, I was like "seriously", you guys must be wanting to live in my house for a month to be sure of it man? 

What's more I want to say next is even worse, arrogant, manipulative and selfish ego who vulgars his mum like she's no one. Whether he means it or not, I don't really care but GREATLY disrespectful to EVERYONE as if he is the KING of the world. Even if he lost at words, even if it's nonsense he has to finish the argue, he needs to WIN, though it makes him sounds like a FOOL most of the time. Always demands for things and skips class, work. whatever shits. BUG my mum to buy him iPhone 6 plus and promised to pay back, with this working attitude to pay back? Wait, the paid back is the word that I most doubt though. I can't think any good to say. I don't want to say more either. It will just give great anger. 

This is the only place I can vent out. Yes, last time I use to post directly at Facebook but I stopped for a long time caused it's too public. Maybe I shouldn't have posted it there either. If you read my posts daily for last time, I don't usually vent about anything internally on my blog. but this is too much, especially when it involves my parents.  I wouldn't say I am not a great person myself. Like you said I am bossy, and yes, I admit it, but if am like my two girls, who's gonna stand and protect them with these kind of people!!! If there's improved, I wouldn't have been so pissed off!! 

Honestly, if I knew having companions would be this bad and disappointing, I wish to take back my wish. I myself a trouble too but adding on to what's even worse. Can you imagine how hard the life my mum is having now? It was really nice and sweet during those younger days, cute and innocent. I didn't expect growing up will end up this way. When I look at other's siblings, I am VERY envious. How I wish..... I guess I have to just cope with things like go through some "tough life"...... and I hope it worths the suffer...

The most I can say though I wanna say more.. 


12 August 2015

Failed Target

Well, always failed my close target. I wonder when I am able to achieve it. I never had a good sleep for the past two weeks. Thanks to some people who don't sleep during the night but during the day. What a healthy and normal life. People always say kids these days hard to teach. That even made me doubt to have my own children. Even with this era, kids are like this. What happens when it comes to my era? I can see it's scary already. Having a partner is fine but I never really thought of marriage. I find it scary and tight down. Maybe not yet, I guess. Hearing all kinds of things makes me sceptic about marriage and finding a mr.right. that's the world now. It's really hard to find a true love unless you're really lucky. Will I be able too? I always have a unrealistic dream of boyfriend, maybe I should not. HAHA! 

I wish skipping work is as easy as skipping school. Even though, I hardly skip classes during those times. It's just me. I can't help it. Lately I am so into tattoos. Actually quite some time though, just that now I am bit capable to think about it. To go to a good one, gosh the price is expensive accordingly to the design I want and end up, I googled some temporary tattoos to try out first before permanent. In fact, I should achieve my target before a permanent too. Otherwise it will be no point though. OH MAN! 

Business. Expand. What kind I should venture into? I have been thinking all this while. This way wouldn't bring be far and wide. 

11 August 2015


I was so close to my target yesterday till I ruined it. Time is ticking and I have got not much of it now. This month is my final month. OMG! So hard to control it. I need to get back the target today. OH PLEASE!

So much of dream lately. I feel a little tired now. I don't remember them already. I feel a little sad and down thinking about myself lately. for not achieving it for so long while the rest has already done it. What am I doing when I am aging day by day? This is so sad though. I always need to remind myself but when I touched down home, it's the hard part. I know I need to be strong. :(

I wanna type in Korean but I can't remember the keys. I need to start my TOPIK today onwards. Hope it will be fine. So much papers to do from one. Wanna take the exam next year! 

I have got not much to update lately. except that I still haven't update my Korea trip and UK-II. Need to dig out my harddisk for the picture. Hmm. 

anyway, good morning and have a great day! 

10 August 2015

Lack of Sleep

Great, I can't sleep well myself yesterday night. I am pretty sure it's the ice lemon tea and that's how sensitive I am. When I am about to be able to sleep, some awesome considerate people made so much noise at 5-6AM again to wake me up. Different people at each week and yes again those scums, add on. What's more should I say anymore?. 

Anyway, I realise my phone bill is actually quite expensive. I guess I will need to reduce it later today. Wanna see whichever cheaper postpaid plan they have. I hope I am not too sleep to go later. I wanna settle it fast though and hoping the book printing is not too expensive. 

TOPIK exam got me confuse earlier on since they changed the format. So now there's TOPIK-I and TOPIK-II. Two papers in total and Grade will be graded accordingly to scores. So the paper might be even harder now! OMG! Best, there's no more writing in TOPIK-I! ^^ Guess I can take the exam next year! Registration would be probably around January 16 next year. Hmmm. Hope I only need to take two times to finish up my Korean language exam. Hope I can cope too since I am taking Chinese soon. This is getting exciting.. 

It's Monday today. Guess most of us will be having the blues. I am feeling so sleep now though and I had a short while bad dream! I still remember some. I felt like my subconscious mind plotted the story. Scary.

Hungry Ghost Festival is coming. So becareful everyone, avoid late night out! I like late night out but I guess I need to reduce it for next month.


9 August 2015

Chinese Language Class

Okay, I did not update yesterday. I was too busy! Anyway, I manage to find a reasonable Chinese Language with reasonable fees! Like finally. It's not to late to learn. I hope with my ability to speak and listen, I can learn slightly faster. I wanna master this fast too. I always feel intimidated cause I can't read and write Chinese characters. It's at Taman Melawati. It's not that near but not that far too. Hope it will pay off. Gonna start next month! 

Last night we had a home-made family Korean BBQ! Forgotten to take some picture. Was so sleepy and tired preparing it. Woke up early for my dad's "house warming" day. So fast 49 days has passed. Next month would be the 100 days. Sigh. Some times, I still feel like it's a dream. Reality it is, actually. 

Well, it's Monday tomorrow. The blue. Oh gosh, I haven't start revise my TOPIK. So lazy. I NEED TO START IT AD! Since I am learning two languages at a time now. I need to arrange my time well ad.

I hope I am able to cope :)

Anyway, enjoy your weekend! 

7 August 2015


Good morning! Updating the blog early in the morning. 
I dreamt so much lately. Maybe because I have been thinking so much, more even where you are already stress with so much and there's another add on to it yesterday. Thinking about it makes me really angry. I don't know what reason I would not. I don't even dare to ask an inch for my studies since I am working but, I don't wanna talk about it. Felt like life is only about paying huge debts and PAYING THE DEBTS OF OTHERS! We are not even a good shape ourself. Feel so vulgar now. Patience, patience. it's Friday. 

After browsing the net, I realised that there's a few movies and dramas that I missed, maybe caused they don't have subtitles but now I can watch them! This is exciting already.

Oh yeah, I manage to find a Chinese Language Centre with a reasonable price. Gonna have a look tomorrow to understand where and to know exactly where it is too. I have been searching a reasonable one for so long. Most of the places I searched were quite expensive! Learning two things at once could be fun though!

That's all for today. Gonna be back late today. :)


6 August 2015


Lately I have been dreaming, gosh I feel so tired this way. But I can't remember what exactly happened. I can when it's fresh but forgotten long after.

Been thinking a lot about my career. I wanna get in to a good company with good benefits and most importantly, good leadership and environment. I guess that gives a great reason for a person to stay till they retired. The right job! When will it be my turn? For almost a year plus I am working, I either sort of okay company but dislike the job scope, sort of good benefit but poor management and leadership and okay job scope but poor leadership and management. 

I got this article from Facebook and this explains a lot. Turnover high in a company is not just because the employee's fault. It's also the employers too at times. There's always a reason why staff leaves so frequent in a company and yes, this article explains for me. Well said. For us, the staffs, all we can do is just be patient and hope the right opportunity comes, sadly.

Do I want to open a business and be a BOSS myself, YES! I love to manage and plan and executing ideas. Though myself I do not have much experiences, I like to analyse the management of the companies and learn. Maybe some day it would be useful. So far, I have never met any admirable management myself. I wish one day! In near future, if I had the chance to be a leader, I want to be a good one. I wanna learn to be a good one. but how should I go about in being a boss myself? Everyone says I am young, there's still lots of time more but I feel I am old enough to actually start thinking bigger career. Need to really sort things out. I know with the current earnings and expenses, it's totally not enough. I can't stay on like this for the rest of myself. I know I can't stand it this way. This is just not in. Time? Sigh.

Messed up one day. Tight it for two days! 

5 August 2015

Weird Encounter - Day 2

Yesterday was scary, I met a weird person from Facebook. I don't even know her but we have been friends in Facebook since 2010! I think it has been quite some time since I know such weird people. I don't know what I did wrong  that she needs to reply so rudely. What happen to people of this world? Where are all the EQ and ethics? or maybe you can't type English well. Sorry that I can't type in Chinese so you can reply politely, maybe.

Anyway, I am debating wether I should go out this weekend when I have so much to do. Haven't start any of my TOPIKS and search for any Chinese books. Feel like going for book shopping this Friday or weekend. Should I or should not? Will see about it when the times comes. 

It's already mid-week. Two more days till weekend and I can't wait already! I did not had a good sleep for the past few days. I wanna rent a place of my own, really. I can't stand noise and people are not considerate. I am particular with tidiness but can't help it when you're the only one. 

I don't think I can finish my lists of dramas with hundred episodes before weekend. Take my time to watch! :) No subs so yeah. TT

You know, there's a Chinese saying/believe "tou fa" which means you attract lots of opposite gender likes despite of looks or personality. Sometimes I can't understand, in fact I don't always understand this tou fa relationship thing. Despite looks, nice personality, yes I can understand but despite or both, many questions been playing on my mind, what traits attracted the person? I wish I have that kind of luck too. :P 

Heads up! Look forward. Start planning and finding money too! So what you're a gal! 

Day 1 was a success and hopefully this success continues! 

4 August 2015

Gloomy Day - Day 1

Looks like the rain is coming again. So gloomy and sleepy. I wish I have working holiday like school holiday too. I don't have much sleep again and thanks to some considerate bastard. I really don't know what kind of world I am in now. Please don't drag me into your unhealthy circle. Don't be selfish. 

Manage to dig out some old dramas to watch, which I have abandoned for years. Guess I have to watch them without subtitles. Wanna finish them by this week!  Vampire Idol was soso. A little weird but that three models are hot! hahahaha! Kim Woo Bin, Hong Jonghyun and Lee Soo Hyuk! Lee Soo Hyuk's acting improved a lot. They were quite bold during those days, when they first came out. 

I dislike Lee Jung in the drama. Maybe he should just sing. But man, this drama was way back in 2012. They are all quite famous now. Model-turned actors not so bad after all. 

Today marks my Day 1 which I have failed miserably for the past few years. Need to make it happen. Always say so but failed to prove.

The time before I sleep is the time I do lots of thinking and why so? 


3 August 2015

Light Sleeper

I am a light sleeper. I am easily awake when there's little sound and I dislike that fact. As ethics and maturity, it's common sense that if you want to cook or open the fridge in the middle of the night/morning, you should be cautious cause of course there's people who are still sleeping. but this is not it, open and close and making noises like it's a normal afternoon/morning. Consideration? I am really speechless. I don't wanna talk more anymore cause I am really tired now..

It's Monday. Long way to go. I have got nothing to read or revise during my public transport ride. I need to google some Chinese study already. Otherwise I would be bored during the ride. It's not possible for me to do listening during train ride? o.O

No holiday till end of the month. Oh man, this is bored. I was told that there will be new people joining. I wonder. 

I am getting lazy and I think I should not and need to get things done already!


2 August 2015

Outing with LE Family!

Today was well spent! Had BBQ with family at home. We initially planned to have dessert at Solaris Mont Kiara but ended up at Oasis Damansara. Quite a good place for a drink but a little quiet. Maybe cause it's still a new place. 

 The waffles was just soso but the beverages were quite pricey. Later on we decide to go for a karaoke session! Never done it before with such a big group of family. Had a great time! It's so early in the morning now, updating my blog. Suppose to start my TOPIK yesterday too and the plan. Guess today would be the day. It must! It's already August! 

Time well spent.

Good night and good morning everyon!