31 October 2015

Office Halloween

Halloween at office as well. Better than I expected. Everyone dressed interestingly. Especially my lady boss, as a pirate! There's chef, thief, witch, cat women and so on. I think I had fun actually!

Yesterday was another MLS meeting. My role was only listening mostly to their debate over Chinese language. Interesting though. Wish I studied Chinese when I was young. But thinking about that my English could be bad.. pros and cons.. my English not that excellent as  well. Out of the sudden I got this bad stomachache.. the pain was crazy. 

It's Halloween today. What's your plan for today? Partied yesterday? I am too tired for it. I wanna rest for this week. Too packed these few weekends.

When finally I found someone treating me nice enough, they left. 

Some people really need to hit the wall to learn it right.  They just don't listen or don't really want to listen. That's sad when others try advise something nice.

30 October 2015

Happy Halloween

It's Halloween guys! The company wants us to dress something for today but I am just gonna wear a beanie. I can't find where is my bunny beanie guess I am gonna wear something Christmas feel. At least, I am wearing something though, than nothing. I am wondering what the others will wear! Must be really interesting though! First time, I had this kind of event in the office. Looking forward.

I think my friend has reached South Korea! Oh boy, misses. Manage to chat with him before he takes off a few hours. I know it's must be boring to be alone waiting at the Gate when you reached early. So I offered to kill his boredom. I don't mind though. We manage to chat so much thing though we did not manage to know each other for long. And gosh, he went to so many places! I am so envious, I wish I can earn as much as him too. I wish my country's currency is as strong as his as well. Why am I at this country? Disappointing place. 

Another meet up for today. Wonder who's gonna be there. My second time though. I am tired but I told my self I need to be there full week this week. So I resisted ! 


29 October 2015

Malaysia's Longest Night Market

Long market seems short when you're walking when someone awesome. I am sad to hear that my Korean friend is going back to Korea since he got a job offer. Good thing, but I lose another good Korean friend again. It has been some time since I met one and he's leaving. :( Did not manage to introduce the local much, if we could have known earlier on, I would have brought him to more local places though I am not a fan or familiar myself. Oh well. It's so nice he has an awesome paid job but mad working hours. BUT! He gets to travel around the world basically! I am so envious. I think the nicest I met people are from Busan or Ulsan, the most I met where they are from so far. Gentlemen and nice as well. :) He said he's gonna be in Germany or Australia in 2 years time, maybe me in either these two countries as well! Hopefully, fingers crossed. Always wanted to leave this place. Will definitely leave.

Work. I feel pointless and lost the motivation to go. I am trying my best to find my way, in fact, which is the best way. Still deciding. Hopefully the local currency will be stable at least next year onwards for me to get ready and leave! Patience, good plans and wise decision is all I need next year onwards. I ain't getting younger though! FAST FAST!

Enough for today, I am so close on achieving it. By next week I should be able too. So, no more breaking the rules and continue aggregatively. You can do this. So close to it. Don't let go and give up! Hold on to it!

Hopefully in future onwards, I will be able to meet more awesome people from the past few years. 

28 October 2015

Horror Movies

I just watched 3 horror movies at once! Oh gosh, my heartbeat is fast now. Feeling a little nervous and anxious. It's Halloween man. Definitely, the right time to watch some horror movies. Left with Paranormal Activities and I am done. Malaysia is so outdated with these movies. I watched them even before they are released in the theatre. 

I don't like the weather lately. Rains every evening and almost every night too. It's night to sleep but I have lots to do to feel sleepy while doing it. Manage to pull it through but I need more them. Though I mentioned I need to finish off within next month, I don't think I can finish off this one within this week. Guess I would need to take up a week of November! Nevertheless, I try to speed up though. No more slacking at the moment though it's a little late. But better late than nothing!

There's no results these few days. I wonder why. I need to have it still. I am getting the bad habit and I think I should stop it actually. It's not good. 

27 October 2015

Fed Up

I don't know why but lately I am really starting to get fed up. I am really tired of it but I know I can't. I need to be patient and control. I told myself not to reveal so much about myself but I did and I keep forgetting this? Why? This is sickening though. I am so close to it already. Let's succeed this okay? 

The haze is getting better? I feel it's still bad though but it's the monsoon season now. Wet everywhere. I use to like rain but now I don't seem to like it any more. Ever since the world is so polluted. Rain can even be a killer. Caught under the rain a little and you're gonna catch a cold. This is the world now. It wasn't like this last time. It wasn't.

It's already end of the month. Next week will be a new month which means the new year is coming soon, 2016. This is so scary. I am getting older again. I hate this. Time passes and I have to admit it. I really hope years in future will get really better soon after for what has happened in 2015. 

At times, when I cut some fruits to eat, I would be reminded of my late dad. He use to cut fruits to eat. Always, mangoes or guavas and we ate them together. Could you ever predict and see the future that your love ones would leave us to early? Never. Sometimes, I still feel I am in a dream. What has happened in a blink of eyes? Exactly. Answers? Has yet. 

26 October 2015

More Time

I feel I need more time. I want to finish my books fast but I feel l have so little time to be use. Last night I had a vivid dream again, but this time it's different from the others that I can remember. I had a trip with a bunch of my old high school mate and we went to Korea together. There's one unknown guy whom I do not know who always attached to me. The plan wasn't planned by me but some of the members but didn't worked out. I wanted to explore the place alone. That's all that I can remember. Now, I feel tired though. I woke up intervals to go to the toilet. Probably something I ate yesterday's dinner. 

Even though I am tired, I think I still need to finish the new books by this week, regardless, I will try my level best! 

Monday Blues. 

25 October 2015

Japanese-English Language Exchange

Today was an interesting day. I went for a Japanese-English Language exchange where I can only understand minimal Japanese. Feeling frustrated as I can't understand them well. But hell yea, these locals can conversed so well in Japanese even I thought they are natives! I think it's true passion is really important. Some took 10 years to speak like a native and self learned! That's even more impressive! Will I take 10 years too? No way ! I don't want too. I want to take shorter time. Therefore finding ways to speak Korean even more! There has been quite a few that has advised me to straight away skip the beginner test and take the intermediate level with writing test. I have seriously no confident cause my grammar is really bad! I can't decide if I am qualified to skip a level! Should I ? Maybe I should download the intermediate paper to try after the beginners! So much to do but let me finish the beginners and some old books of mine, Probably by the time, it would be on January. By then, I need to register. This is frustrating. 

I have been meeting different kind of people lately. It has been quite interesting lately. I know it's bad to judge a person by their first look but some of them can be so accurate! I am not saying it's always right but most of the time! 80%! Not judging based on looks or in a bad way. Just for safety in mingling around. Well, you know. I have a really bad experienced. Sort of loosen my trust from the incident. I became from cautious to very cautious in knowing people. I am scared to experience it for another time. It's saddening and disappointing. 

I think I need to start practise my guitar more. I really like to see people play it. Looks cool and nice, really. 

I am officially in Level 2 Chinese! Let's finish the workbook and some notes. So much to do in a niche of time. 

24 October 2015


I have been out for the whole day yesterday and some to be today! I am feeling so tired already! My plan is currently progressing well. I need it to work smoothly for another week and that's it! I mean, not to put a full stop, maybe starting some active activities. Be strong lady! You can do this! You are getting it already! Don't give up half way!

I went for another Language Exchange. But this time it's not just Korean language but multi-lingual. Din get to learn much though. This group is more to Chinese and some other different cultures. Even get to see the same people. Guess I will attend regularly, hopefully though. I prefer the Korean Exchange language. But see how it goes later on. I will be going to another language exchange, this time it would be Japanese! I am looking forward since they have board game and I heard the group is always big! So yeah. Hopefully it would be fun though!

I don't know why recently I decided to attend or join things like this though but I did not regret my decision because I get to know more different people, different culture and widen my social! I think it's actually great! If it would be last time, I wouldn't dare to do so but lately, let's rock it and know people! 

I am starting to learn so many things lately. Two languages with exams coming up next year! Hopefully flying colours! And now I get to learn guitar but I have got not much time to practise. My times has been used up for languages study for my exams! Oh gosh, I need to arrange my time well again. How to slot in my guitar practise and maybe I should start practise my piano again. Otherwise, it would be rusty. This weekend I can't, so maybe starting next weekend. At least. every weekend to improve and maintain, hopefully! Exciting life, getting. Positive! 

23 October 2015


It's Friday, the day in a week that I have been longing for. I am feeling so busy this weekend and I feel I am learning too much thing at once. Wonder if I can cope so much things! I am trying my best and hope I can follow the pace. Feeling exciting and anxious at the same time.

Some times I feel I spill too much about myself. Maybe I should stop though. Otherwise, I might be in danger! Not everyone I do that but still, I need to be careful. Remember? Humans are scarier than paranormals! Better be safe than sorry. Reminder.

Don't feel quite well these few days, the haze is really bad and unhealthy. What's wrong with the world now? People are getting brainless. No one cares about the earth. Yeah, continue what you do, let the world ends, let the human extinct idiots! Don't just think about yourself or just your country. Think about others too. Everyone wanna leave in a healthy environment. Not wearing mask everyday like a doctor! 

22 October 2015


Enough with the sayings, let's work it out till the end. That's the only way though. I keep stopping and resume, that not gonna work at all. Would give chance of uncomfortable speech. So make it work to avoid it. It's on my hands. 

I am quite a quick person, I like to finish my work at the soonest. but that doesn't seems to work here. I don't wanna make it a habit too. That's not really good for future. I am still gonna keep to pace regardless. I hope it will get brighter soon after CNY next year! Woots. 2016 I need to be ready for the following year!

This weekend I am gonna be so busy with activities and I am looking forward towards it! :) Hopefully it would be fruitful instead. TOPIK is getting on pace too! Happy girl :) Wanna finish it fast but at the same time learning as well. 

Chinese has been treating me quite good as well. Can't wait to start my new level and finish it at the soonest. Wanna take both languages exam next year! so I can proceed smoothly my 2017 plan! 


21 October 2015


Gosh, it's so frustrating to wake and know that my floor mat is wet and do not know if my dog pee on it! Why is he so hard to teach? Always remind that he needs to keep outside during the night and when no one is in the house! FRUSTRATING TOTALLY! I need to check my floor again later when I am back. I can't really smell well now though. GRRRR! Calm Calm. Don't spoilt your early mood ! Good day good day!

Why am I dreaming every night ? Am I that tired though? I feel more tired if I am dreaming though. How can I stop it? I wonder if I can that's the first thing. There's few gatherings this week. Still deciding if I should go or I just go on the weekend ones? Hmm?

I really wish to be able to use the language I learnt. Need to find new pen pal friends to practice with. Even with Chinese though. Glad my teacher offered to practise with me! Now hopefully I can improved well enough.


20 October 2015


Time has been scary. It has already soon to pass six months. Have I gotten over it totally? Honestly, not yet and I need more time. Hopefully, time will heal it fine enough. I am very frustrated now. Thinking about my choice. I wonder how's my life like if I were to born in a silver spoon. Would it better or might not? It's always this and that. I think too much maybe, lately actually. 

When I see anyone who has a dull life, I feel like brighten it up a little cause I feel that human only live once and you don't know what will happen in future. Work hard play hard too. Mingle around and get to know people. Life is precious and limited. Don't torture yourself. Open to the world. Don't keep to yourself too much and at the same not to expose so much too. Show when you need to, pretend when you need too. That's life. 

I am starting to get really fed up with work. But I still to withstand and stay positive,!

19 October 2015

Late in Dream

I always have this dream that I am late for something at my dream and lately because I am wearing my earplug to sleep. I am having a pretty good sleep actually. However, I tend to dream a lot though. I wonder if it's a good thing or not though cause it makes me tired when I wake up. Sometimes I don't even need an alarm to wake up and I am already awake. I am always afraid that I will over sleep cause I dislike being late for work no matter how long have I work for a company even for classes before this. I am particular with punctuality. 

No off days from this week and next week. Oh boy, but! I will start applying my leave next month onwards! woots woots! Cant wait and for December as well! Bringing forward 5 days for my Lunar Year ! And yeap, 14 days has started, let's make a success before the next meeting. I see there is hope! I checked out the profiles. I am bad but it's already time. So I need to achieve it already cause next month it's up to it, the dateline!

How lazy am I to go to work but I need too! The Monday Blues! :(

Happy Working peeps! 

18 October 2015

Korean-English Language Gathering

Yesterday was my first Korean-English Gathering. I never thought that it would be actually interesting and fun. I enjoyed myself and looking forward for the next round. But I did not manage to practise my Korean much, instead I used more English. Nevertheless, I get to know more new friends and that's fair enough. :) There were more guys and ladies when comes to event like this. Oh well, guys are less drama and easier to communicate. Lots of  them mistaken my Park Yoo Hwan display picture as me as expecting to have a handsome guy coming. HAHA! That's cute. My name is actually obviously a female name but maybe my picture got them confused. I am so SORRY to disappoint you guys! Most of the Korean thought I am a Korean! Happy to hear that! :P Probably my dressing not my looks. TEHEE! Probably gonna attend for the next round. I hope this gonna be a great start for me despite of all has happened.  

Okay, back to reality. I need to clean my room now and it's gonna be Monday blue tomorrow. Lots to settle. Oh gosh, I want to have a long break and holiday! 

17 October 2015

10 days

Day 1 was almost fully success but please no more solids tomorrow onwards for 10 days. It's just 10 days, the most it would be till end of the month at least! Oh pleease! I need it quick! November is on the way already! I am feeling stress now that my will and passion is not strong enough. It's hard but I need to really withstand it. Just liquids please for the time being. PLEASE! CONTROL! 

My new piece is swell and red and pain now. Thanks to myself for eating something that I shouldnt have and now I pay for the price. Totally regretting it. Otherwise, it would have heal faster. I need to keep remind myself everyday second till I reached 10 days! I really need to. I don't want to regret, really. It's gonna be too late if I don't achieve it at the soonest and I will regret it totally. 


16 October 2015

Not achieving It at ALL

I told myself I would do it today but I did not, I broke that promise badly and this is not good cause it's already mid-month. I am not sure if I am actually happy with my work now, I don't feel motivated and inspired at all. I am still digging with ways to get into another western country. It's hard but I will try to find my possible ways there. I also thought of studying Korean Language in Korea. But, I guess I will see how it goes.

I still haven't finish my list of dramas! I have got no time to finish them. I feel I am getting busier day by day, as I get older. The most important thing, one of the final goal that I need to achieve before hand with my final goal. I am not even half way to it yet. This is depressing enough.

This year has been a tough year. I have met all kind of people, from people that I have known for long and from the people that I just known. What an interesting journey I have been through in year 2015! Indeed, a very experienced year. From sad, stress to happy. There are some things that I do think and wonder about from time to time but I always remind myself not to. I feel sad and wasted and I do admit I MISS MY DAD actually. I never thought he would left so early. I never did. During those period, I was still put hopes that everything will be better, positively. But eventually. I try to smile and be happy and be as annoying as much as possible.

15 October 2015

Dream Makes You Tired

What I noticed is that everytime I dreamt of something, I am tired the next day. Really tired. Sometimes I could even remember the dream, the moment I woke up but sometimes I would forget what I have dreamt. Especially something that is a bit vivid to me. Sometimes it could be scary and sometimes it could be sad. But eventually, I will forget what was the dreamt about later on. I don't actually remember it for a long term. That's quite weird.

It seems that my some of my friends have found their dream job and quite happily working I assume? I am quite envious though cause I am still not. I wish I am one day. I am getting old enough to be stable in my career ad. I don't want to go searching anymore. I wanna do something that I like and stay on for long. Next year on wards is all about action in fact it's starting now. I am anxious and nervous too. But I am not avoiding it and facing the fact now! 

So much to do but there is so little time for me to spend. My weekend, not a single time that I can stay home and finish up my TOPIK like yesterday! I want more time. I need to finish at least more than half by this month! Oh gosh, this is stress! 

14 October 2015

Sickening Failure

Continuously, I am failing it. 5 days became 3 days is sickening and stress. What the hell am I doing? Also, I am spending too much since last month. I should stop everything instantly. I really don't want to regret it. I am left with only 2 weeks to at least. Oh please.

I watched PAN today and seriously it was boring. I am not sure what others feel about the movie but to me it was really boring. The old Peter Pan is even more better, this is so sad. I will never ever watch fairy tale movies anymore. Waste of money and the ticket was so expensive! Should have watched the horror movie instead! GOSH!

Please, this time, Please work. hold it. be strong. 

Super Junior members going to the army one by one. It's hard to get back the same feeling anymore. I miss the old Super Junior as well as DBSK. Everything changed one by one. I wonder how long will KPOP last though. I myself have a KPOP fan for almost 10 years and I find it really amazing that I am still standing strong with KPOP.   

13 October 2015

Off during mid day AGAIN

The holiday this year always fall on Wednesday which is so hanging! Hard for me to apply me leave but nevertheless, I like to apply on Friday and that's the only day I would apply so far unless the holiday falls on Tuesday or Thursday. I have much to use for the next two months. I left with two and a half week for this month. Better nail it man. At least some result for this week! AT LEAST! 

Looking at my TOPIK papers, feeling hopeless. There is so many. I still have 32 papers to do and I plan to finish them by mid of next month. I don't want to rush because I want to understand the papers properly to prepare myself but not too slow like now. 

I am starting to feel cautious when I found people or friends who's a little similiar to some of my thoughts and of course the opposite ones as well. I have experience both in fact and I will be more careful now, nether one. I always feel humans are more scary than supernatural. I think human should be careful and aware with one another than non-living. 

I realise I have no one really to share my deeps with. Not at all. Not to a point at all and when these person will reach me? Will it be anytime soon? It says it will be better next year and I hope so. Wait, it will, be positive and it will ! 

12 October 2015

Say It All Out

I manage to say it all out today! Feeling awesome now though a bit pissed off. I still have lots to say but he ran off. Pfftt. Has been so long since so. Oh well, cowards ran off and has to have their last say. That is what I noticed so far though. That's the only legit thing he is able to say about me. What happens if I successfully changed it? What legit thing he's gonna say anymore? HAHAHA! Wait, I suppose to achieve at least half by this month but only a bit of result. I am only left with this month! Oh no! It's hard to maintain for at least more than 3 days though. I try my best for this week! Full five days! Hopefully I can. Wait, I must, to shut the scumbag! hahaha! Leave him speechless though. 

I wonder what I did in my past to deserve these people around me. I feel sad that it turned out to be this way. I want to lie to myself the positive way but it turned out the other way. I hope what I am having in mind now is wrong but it's quite hard to deny that it's not. That's such a waste to know. I feel sorry for the person. Karma? Nah, human nature is just like that and this is just part of it sadly.

Let's rock it on for the new week! MUST ACHIEVE!

10 October 2015

On Your Own

Do everything on your own is the best. No frustration and nothing to worry about. I am so tired today and I did not have a good sleep. but who else to blame. There's no one night that I can sleep without my music earplug. Sometimes, it just hurts my ear. I am getting fed up day by day. Like I don't wanna care anymore, pointless it seems. 

I don't feel like going out lately. I just feel moody. I need more time.

I am almost towards the end of my Level 1. Entering Level most probably next week already. Not sure today I learnt it fast or time just passes really fast. Hope to finish the exams by next year and I am ready to leave the country, hopefully. 

I am disappointed with humans lately. From weird to heartless mostly. Where are all the nice, sincere and good people? So sick with the world now. 

9 October 2015

Park Seo Joon

Lately I am so into Park Seojoon! He is so good looking. I have expected he would make it big after Bang Yong Kuk's MV! He had such many good reviews after the MV! In fact he's better than everyone expected~! Anyways, there's so many idol dating news and scandals lately. Hot couples, sweet and lovely ones. Sigh, when is my turn? I want a Korean boyfriend! HAHA! I know it's impossible since I am here. The Korean guys in Malaysia is either too old or too young. Barely meet anyone around my age though.

Slowly seeing the result. Feeling happy. Hope to see drastic one in a niche of time! I really hope so. It's coming to the end of the year. So yeah, I need to make it. This year has been a tough year. Probably the toughest in my life though I haven't make it through even half way of my career. I hope I have already crossed it and it's probably one of the end of my darkest life. I would flash back but I always remind myself not to. It's to sad to remember what has happened during my 2015 year. From every angle and I hope time would get better soon. It will. 

All kind of people exists in the world. I wouldn't say I am not one of them. Maybe to some people point of view, I am weird but at least, at some point of my weakness, I admit I am have this weakness and try my best not to show it. As of last time, I would. I have controlled myself a lot ever since. Cause I know how bad it is the karma. So please do good as much as you can, as much as you are living right now cause you do not know what you have done in the past life. Some people may not believe so, but still being good is still better than being bad. some people don't even realise their mistakes and repeat them over and over. I have seen such person, in fact tons of them lately. It's just really sad and devastating. I hope the following year, there will be better person around me. Maybe, at least someone I can count on and trust-able the least. 

It's TGIF! Happy weekends guys!

8 October 2015

Exhausted and tired

I am feeling exhausted and tired today. Feeling so moody as well. Messed with me at the wrong time today. I don't know what's wrong. PMS just over. Why am I feeling so today? Anyway, I feel like getting another piercing this weekend. That's gonna be it. I am gonna do it no matter how much I am scared of the pain. 

Yeap, I have received my confirmation finally after two years of working. I have never received once before. HAHA! This time, I am willing to accept the confirmation but not running away from it. Hopefully this is close to my goals. I am thankful you're willing to teach boss. For willing to learn, I know it's my benefit, that's why I am so. I am looking forward and up ahead for my future as I still consider myself as fresh. No more after another year. I will have my increment as well. That feels good but which means more work to do as warned. 

T-Shirt just had a soft launched. Guess, this weekend I need to find more better ways to promote them. Oh please do well. I need to earn some savings. Oh it will! Be positive! 

7 October 2015

Bad Lead, sadly

Sick of the lead, not someone you can learn much from, totally in fact. That's sad though. No matter how eager I want to finish a complete paper, I feel too sleepy to concentrate, God knows why. It's successfully and tomorrow it's gonna be a little tough but I need to fight this through! Don't spoilt it please. It's raining, the best time to sleep. 

Probably one of my favorites. Best thing about updating with my iPad there's lots of pictures to post. 

6 October 2015

Getting Started

Oh well, I was suppose to start my TOPIK yesterday but I was so tired that I only started a little. To finish two year papers a day is hard since there is two papers in a year. I will try my best still. Seems hard though. I always don't get enough sleep thanks to those bastards every night making noise. When on earth can I have a good sleep? Till the day they get lost from the house? I really wish one day. Almost with a 2 at their age but still a scum bag. What happened to these days teenage? Inconsiderate and worthless. 

Hopefully, today will mark the first day. Let's try to finish the papers within a month, even so the latest by mid of next month. I wanna revise back my old books by end of the year and begin TOPIK preparation by early next year. Hopefully my plan works well! Lots to do next year. It's not just saying not but action already. Tick tock Tick tock.

I lost motivation to work thinking about my goals. I know I can't so I am finding it back. I need to save not spend!

5 October 2015


After two weeks, I am finally able to clean my room and the house! Oh gosh, feel so much better now that the house is cleaner except the mess at part of the house as there is new cabinets currently under construction by my mom. Also, some packing to do. Done my part at least. Clean is back to neat now. I am finally able to start my TOPIK peacefully today. Let's get things heat up! Exciting! Also, continue my plan. One month is actually enough if I am strict to myself. So let's make it full week. Definitely, there will be quick result. I need to refrain myself and be strong and persistent. Otherwise, I will waste my time. Already two more months to 2016. I need to succeed it already! Oh gosh!

Finally T-Shirt design ready and launching in a while. Hopefully it will do well. Will come out some new designs soon. Here you go to have a look. 

The two above is the current finalised design. Same colour comes in two different shirt colours which is black and white. You may place your order if you are reading this blog! Just drop me a message at Facebook/Twitter as badge on the left side of my blog. 


4 October 2015

Park Seo Joon & Park Yoohwan

Finally some drama that caught my attention. Park Seojoon is so good looking and tall! He's really good at acting though. I am glad that he's able to make it through from Bang Yong Kok's solo MV. He's awesome as he is now. He's my TYPE! <3 font="" nbsp="">

I seriously didn't realist that Park Yoohwan was in the drama. I wish he had more roles in fact more major roles like his brother. He's acting is pretty okay too though and most importantly he is cute! <3 a="" able="" actors="" am="" been="" both="" drama="" favourite="" font="" has="" i="" in="" it="" most="" my="" nbsp="" see="" since="" some="" time="" to="">

My drama lists is getting shorter. Update has been slow lately but I still have pile of old dramas to watch still. Wonder if I can finish them today. I think it's impossible though. Just want an empty list on my tab.

Too much for the past two days though. Therefore, halt for the rest of the week now. I need a quick result. No more excuses please.

Finally I am able to pack my room and done with it! Next, would need the clean the floor later today. Oh gosh. FINALLY!

3 October 2015

Never the Same Anymore

It would never be the same any more. Once, the faith and trust has lost, that's it. It's hard to gain them back. Time? I am not sure if time can even heal though. It's too deep to heal. I have stopped thinking about it and it popped up. I don't know if it's genuine or sincere anymore or just an act of concern. I really don't know. I don't feel safe and secure at all. Not at all. I don't feel like approaching or keep in contact. All these feelings and thoughts came in a go. Why? There must be a reason. I don't wanna know. I wanna ignore it. Don't let it shake your heart and decision. 

Forget the negatives, Let's finish summarising it today and pack the room! Lot's of shows to watch and designs to do! Let's keep it going. It's gonna be good. Forgot the bads and remember the goods. To keep in mind to feel better. 

For the period to those who helped my and be there to listen, thank you, sincerely. I really appreciate it. Never thought I still have you guys around after that incident. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

2 October 2015

Long Nap

I barely take naps but today, I was really tired that I nap for almost 2 hours. Feeling awake now. It has been so long since I nap so long. Feeling old now. I always say this, so much to do, yet so little time I have. I wish time was longer. Sadly, it's not.

Off day is nice. Nothing to be frustrated over. Peaceful. I wish there's more holiday for labour too, like school holiday. HAHA! but I guess it's impossible.

Off to a day trip in Ipoh tomorrow and I am not sure to go for the guitar trial class tomorrow. Hmm. 

1 October 2015

Rest Day

I finally get to have a rest day tomorrow. Has been an exhausting week since Sunday! But I still have class to attend in the morning. Has been some time since I went for a karaoke session. Maybe tomorrow midnight if Saturday plan is not on. Can't wait!

Sleeping late and waking up early is so not awesome. Feeling tired now. My eye bags are crazy! Yesterday succeed it! Today I need to, till I obtain the right figure! I NEED TO! Drag and drag for a long time. This is too much. DAMN!

The T-Shirt design and printing came out nice. Really satisfied with the outcome. Looking forward to begin with the business soon. Need to come out with more designs too. Guess I need to explore adobe for a good purpose, need to at least spend a day for it. 

That's it for the DAY.