30 November 2015

Pulau Ketam & Klang

Oh well, my Sunday was sort of well spent I guess despite the heavy rain. With only 2 hours of sleep, I went to Klang for Bak Ku Teh (Sort of mix of variety of herbs soup) for breakfast! I never had such a heavy meal though but yeah, it was just okay. Not really impressive maybe? How can these people have such a heavy breakfast? Rice? Amazing though. I am not really use to breakfast. Yes, I know it's not healthy not having breakfast, occasionally I do have some light breakfast but most of the time I am just lazy. Amazed me that Koreans can actually eat really spicy! I love spicy food too but they are way better than me. It's somehow nice that they are not picky with food. This would be a bliss! :) 

After the heavy breakfast, we went to Pulau Ketam (Crab Island) for some scenery and local culture. It wasn't really an impressive place but definitely, a good place to understand the local cultures. Even me myself, I never seen much of this before. 

This is the view when we reached the island. To me, it's really dirty and not clean at all.  The place smells and rats are everywhere. Bicycle is the main transportation here. The place is really small for cars. Even for both cyclist and pedestrian. Wasn't really comfortable walking around though. The best part of the trip is that it started to rain once we touched down. Walked a while and we were forced to sit at two restaurants to wait for the rain to stop, ironically. 

Well, the fried oyster with egg, I didn't actually eat it. It doesn't look nice. In fact, they commented that it wasn't really nice either. The best of these kind of food would be at Penang or Melaka, they said. After this light meal, we actually hopped to the next restaurant for a coffee. Well, this is where we sat for hours and played poker card to wait for the rain to stop. Eventually, it did but not totally. There was suppose to be more to it but yeah, thanks to the rain we actually cut down our outdoor activities and went back earlier. Disappointed. I wanna have another round. :(

29 November 2015

Karaoke Session it CEO Neway

It's nice that they have promotion at CEO NEWAY Fahrenheit! but it's a little expensive compared to the other NEWAY BRANCHES. Still, the environment is really nice though. We always can't find the place when we reached Fahrenheit. It's so complicated and confused! And always, there's guard to guide us there. Ironically. 

I had lunch with my Korean friends today. I forgot to take some pictures. It has been so long since I ate so full. We actually ate Dakgalbi! I don't know how to translate it in English but yeah, it's quite nice. Of course, we went all the way from Ampang Korean Town to Mont Kiara's Korean Town to eat it. It's so much better there and there's more choice. Later that, we had a cup of tea at Ampang Korean Town! We chatted for almost 3 hours. That's sweet. 

Oh well, I only had 2 hours sleep for today before heading for a day drip with a bunch of friends. Looking forward though I am a little sleepy now with the rainy weather. Sadly. 

28 November 2015

Out with the Korean Day

Today I am out again. This time, they would be my Korean friends. I am happy to know them though. I can practise my Korean lately. Hope to improve anytime soon. I drank a bottle and a half of cider drink, and I have this Asian-flush for a moment and my body started to have a little rashes! This did not happen when I drank almost half bottle of the vodka! What happened? Too long I have not been drinking or is it because of my diet? I am still curious with what happened yesterday! wasn't so previously. And it's just cider! :( 

Yesterday meet up was quite disappointing so little people actually turned up so I went off early to join my group of friends at Mont Kiara. Which I will be going later again. My 3rd home after Ampang Korean Town! HAHA! How I wish I am actually living near there! It's so nice there. So nice to hang out around there. Sigh. 

I am off to outstation tomorrow. With part of the group today. Hope it's promising.


27 November 2015


Feeling tired already. Continously during the weekends I might need to wake up early though. I would be dead tired next week. So much activities to do lately. This is so exciting though. I am off for today! Today would be a bliss! :) 

My Korean friend who's back in Korea now would go for a UK working holiday visa next mid-year. I am so envious with their passports. Unlike Malaysian's which is so limited to only 2 countries, Australia and New Zealand. That's so sad though. 

I wanna study Masters maybe, hopefully in 2-3 years time in Germany. I hope that I am able to work there after graduated. Hope all this plans works. I need to be ready to face the stress again. Oh boy. 

26 November 2015

Busy and busy

So much activity these days. Have been really busy to catch thing up. I need more time and holiday. Time is so little. And continuously ticking. It's so scary. 

Isn't he hot? He looks exactly like his brother. Obviously you know who. I feels he's cuter even. Park Yoo Hwan! Loves. 

25 November 2015

All Kinds

I am really meeting all kinds of people this time round though I managed to stay slightly longer than the previous ones. This is really scary and frustrating. At first I thought was alright, but I didn't really expect that it would be slow and not so alert with things around. This is getting frustrating already. But yea, they said patience I need to be to succeed. Well, I need to practise from this then though it's hard. Practise makes perfect I guess. 

This habit is really bad, I need to make sure that I do not do it next month. Oh please, make it work by next week and I do not need to. Really hope too though. 

24 November 2015

Did I took the right step?

I just wanna have a good close friend to hang out, a foreigner. I really hope this time it will be worth taking the chance. He looks friendly externally but I am not sure internally. I hope so actually. Sigh. BIG SIGH. Don't wanna put high hopes. 

Anyways, I am starting to feel a little danger lately. Patience and cautious I need to be now. Keep myself shut about myself and my stories. Don't want any deep shit anymore. Phobia. 

23 November 2015


I seriously hate being controlled and question about my daily routines all the time. Even when I am out late, I hate when there's annoying questions threw at me. Why so late you're not back home yet? What are you doing? Who are you with? Even my MUM don't question me like this! Who are you to ask me these questions?! I am starting to feel really annoyed, really. I tried to be as positive as possible but this is a little overboard though. If it's the old me, I would have shoot back a sarcastic reply, but now, PATIENCE, they said I need to be. I am trying my very best to work on that, aite? Do me good. 

Just a day I let it loose, I feel like a gigantic already. This is so insane. Back to the stressful routine, supposingly it would be a great result last week but yeah, it's all ruined. My last shot for this week now. Oh please work this time. It's gonna be end of the year already! TT 

Last week of November, scary! 

22 November 2015


I finally get to have some chat with the hosts. They are friendly and nice! :) They knew I wanna hang out a little, so are they. We manage to have some bonding together! Some pool, darts and some chatting session. Finally get to know them a little more. I get to practise my Korean as well at times. Feeling happy. It's a great time to know people now. I will do my best. I had so much fun today. Feeling awesome. :)

Hopefully to know more awesome people in future. Why every time I met someone awesome, they are leaving soon? Thankfully, he would be back. :P A great chance. Hope we did get a good impression with one another. 

Anyong !! 

21 November 2015


I think the meeting has been my regular thing every week. I get to know so many different people from different places and I am really enjoying it though. I get to know lots of Japanese lately! But today the Japanese people that I get to know is a little bit more interesting! From comedian and to cute Japanese! haha! Okay, I admit when I walked in to the food court he did caught my attention! I was expecting him to come, he was on the phone quite long before coming in. and the best part, he's alone in Malaysia. Time to know some friend! :) 

Another round today. Hopefully as awesome too. Looking forward. Feeling good today as well. Maybe I should take up Japanese already. There's so many people around for me to practise with. I was expecting to practise Korean though. Sigh. Hopefully I can meet more Koreans in future meetings. Really need to practise my conversation and make use of it too. 

The last week of November is approaching. Time flies really fast. This is really sad. December is around the corner. I am already feeling old. Oh gosh. I got to know it's sensitive for the Japanese to ask their age directly. Shouldn't have ask those them just now. Feeling rude. :( 

20 November 2015

Off Day

Finally I am gonna have my off day today! I am gonna have long weekend as usual This feels awesome. I can replace my class on Friday and have a free weekend! Feels good. It's raining so heavily now! Such a good time to sleep. Rain during the night is way better during the day. Oh, I feel sleepy already.

So nice to hear that my friend in the UK there, manage to work in a local company in London as a non-EU. It's not easy to land a job here. I am so envious. That's why I wanna pursue masters, in future hopefully. I have been longing to study masters and settle down in overseas. How nice if I am rich, there's so many things I can do as someone that is not so smart in person, sadly. 

I am feeling less bothered by now, and I am becoming shopaholic lately. Money keep slowing out and this is really bad, I should stop surfing online shops anymore. I need to save up yoh!

19 November 2015


I have been sleeping really late lately! This is so unhealthy and plus my diet. This is so not good. Hopefully I can gain back a healthy life style by next month onwards! woots! Work, finally gonna settle up some things. I can finally focus on the website soon. After so much hectic. What a life. My leave season is starting! Last day of work for the week. Woots woots. What's my plan for Christmas? Will I have a date? :P

I am extremely sleepy now actually, I am suppose to sleep. I need to already.


18 November 2015

Wang Chuan Yi, Kingone

Well, I slept late watching Wang Chuan Yi's latest drama! It wasn't my attention cause I did not except the drama to be intense. All I can say that he can really act, two thumbs up! He may aged a little but he's still looking good as ever. He was my childhood idol and now he still is. I guess I have fall for him for almost 10 years now. Tick tock tick tock. Look at how time passed. I am old now. Wait, we are old now. 

He still look so good right? He's one of my favourite in Comic Boyz. Another one would be Figaro Zheng, whom not so active right now. Those days.

Though I am so into KPOP now, I still remember my roots, the C-POP. I do recall at times though. Sweet. 

17 November 2015

Pray for the World

The world has changed to within ever since 2014. So many unfortunate news every month, every day. It's sad to read and know what the world has become. Terrorist. Attacking one another. That's really bad, sacrificing innocent life. From young to old. This is so heartbreaking. This has made life so unpredictable, maybe I should say all along. Why kill among one another? Blood with blood? Why? How much more sacrifice has to be made? Too much red ocean this year, hopefully 2016 would be a good year ahead. It needs too. 

I am looking forward with the future at times, wondering what would happen next. Time passes really fast. Appreciate your love ones and embrace the challenges ahead. 


16 November 2015

Done with TOPIK Past Papers

I am finally done with TOPIK past papers for beginner. Now, I am going to continue my textbooks. It has been so long since I seen my notebook, Feeling not use to it suddenly. Time to get use to it back again soon. Hope to revise till end of the year and prepare for TOPIK exam by early next year. Look at how time passed! So fast it's gonna be 2016! Another a month more. Feeling old beforehand already! I wish time passes slower though! 

Another week it would be December. Really OMG. This weekend I have been letting it really loose. I can't anymore. So near yet so far. Another succeed result to see this week, please again. Whatever it takes, I am gonna make it work by this week as well. It will, I NEED TOO! I have lots of dates by the end of the month. Therefore, need to be success. Woots! Goals and dreams remember?!

I think I can find some time to finish my long drama lists that I have left  for decades. Like finally. and by end of the year, I can start clearing my computer entertaiment videos to my hard disk for 2015 and welcome 2016! Need to clear some space as well though. Gosh, so much to do, piling up already! 

15 November 2015

Karaoke with le Family

I had a karaoke session with le family last night. This time there's no longer buy 1 free 1 but ladies night. Not so cheap any more. Thought we will be having all free happily. Anyway, it was still quite great still. No worries. 

I actually yesterday's outing did affect a little the aftermath. It's not good I can say, I don't want to have anymore meet ups and trying to avoid but I know it's not gonna do me any good. I try to be patience and smart and see how it goes. This is frustrating. So. 

I am really sad to hear about Paris. So many disaster this year and I hope the nation worldwide do not need to read news like this any more. This world is in great pain. Just love your love ones, treat them well. Now, you wouldn't know what will happened, really. Regret is something you can't imagine, for life. 

14 November 2015


I have been doing some social thing lately. It has been fun. I get to know really different people from different places, knowing their culture and everything. I feel it's interesting. But today, maybe I am tired, I maybe be caught off guard. I was unable to pay full attention with what people was saying though. Anyway, it was good to know people. I have met a few kind of Koreans lately. It's interesting sorting things out accordingly to province. I know who to approach and mix now. Sounds interesting though. I have more to understand about Korean culture, really. I hope by mid year I am unable to at least write my blog in Chinese and Korean, some at least. Fingers crossed. 

I am quite fed up with my work lately. I can't stand the fact that the communication and decision is not so good. I am in a really hard position and I know why the turn over is so high. There's always the same reason for something. Nothing happens for no reason, most of the time. I guess this is it. I can't believe I am already in my 9th month coming to my 12th month, which means a year. There's so much to do. I really wanna achieve a lot more things next year. This year's goal? Have I achieved? I don't remember though. I am almost to one of it. I want to achieve it till the end. Really. 

A month more to go, there's still hope. Let's fight this through. It's gonna be good. Everything will do well soon. Tough time has over. Good time will be here soon. Positive. 

13 November 2015


I recently got some reasonable advice from a very experienced person. Some facts but most facts that I agreed. So well knowledge. Similar and yet different at the same time. Due to this I have been sleeping late and feeling tired the next day. 

Why today no result when there's nothing? What the hell? At least tomorrow there is please. This is getting slower again! I don't like it. Remember the goal? 


12 November 2015

Lot's to Think of

I am so frustrated, So much to think, consider and decide and yet so little time that I have. 

There's always reason for things that happened and I hope the bad turns good and the good turns awesome. 


11 November 2015

Happy Pepero Day!

Here's what it meant by Pepero Day! 

Pepero Day is an observance in South Korea similar to Valentine's Day, but held on November 11. The original purpose of the Pepero Day was to exchange peperos with each other in hopes of becoming taller and thinner.[8] The current purpose is to exchange peperos to show affection for friends and loved-ones.[4]

The exact origins of this day are unknown. [9]The origins are usually traced to a news story set in 1983. In the story, two female middle school students in the Yeongnam region exchanged peperos wishing that they would both become tall and thin.[8] There is some doubt about this story.[4] Some argue that the origin was due to the shape of 1’s in the date (November 11 – 11/11) resembling peperos.[9]While some attribute the similarity of shapes as factors that attributed to the popularity but not its origin.[8][4]

The fad spread with the idea that, for maximum effectiveness for height and thinness, one must eat 11 packets of Pepero on November 11, 11:11am and 11.11pm at 11 seconds exactly. From 1997, Lotte started to use the aforementioned school story to successfully promote Pepero Day. The trend led to other companies creating similar-shaped snacks to participate on Pepero Day.[8] As of 2012, Lottewas making 50% of its annual sales on Pepero Day.[4] As of 2013, several department storesincluding Hyundai Department StoreShinsegae, and Lotte Department Store were benefiting for people celebrating the day while stores such as E-mart and Homeplus were specially displaying and selling peperos on the day.[10]

Pepero Day has been criticized for being a business tool of certain companies and for having high calories which is contradictory to its original meaning. Alternatives include "Garaetteok Day", which promotes Farmer’s Day through exchanges of garaetteok (sticks of white tteok).[8]

It's not quite common here though. But wishing every one Happy Pepero Day! 

10 November 2015

Happy Deepavali 2015

It's a public holiday today! I am finally having a rest day with much frustration with work! I get to sleep late and sleep in the next day! I don't need to crack my head for ideas! blah and blah! I am getting fed up.

I am so close to what I wanna achieve already! I need to do it all the way cause I am seeing some promising progress. Please fight till the end this time. I am getting older and older. Oh gosh, I am worried about today but I need to stay strong! :(

I am feeling brotherly love lately. Feeling awesome. It has been so long since I was treated so. I hope it's genuine and not about my suspicions. I can't trust someone so easy. The world is different now. Take some time to know more would be advisable. 



9 November 2015

Raining Night

It has been raining the whole day. The best time to sleep but I need to get up for work. I can't sleep well. Having bad headache and a little fever. That's the aftermath now if you caught under the rain instantly or maybe my immune system became weak. Yeah, I thought I am still young as before and I am really bad at taking care of myself. I need to start to learn to take some good supplements though. I noticed I didn't take any at all ! I ain't young any more. 

Lately, I have been really busy with language study as well as language exchange. Now, I am starting to re-consider if I should continue learning my guitar cause I have got no time to practise at all. But I feel bad cause since it's my uncle the one who's willing to teach me without any feed. What should I do? 


7 November 2015

My second language exchange

I really can't speak Korean at all. Beginner? Reading and writing is totally different from speaking. I have so much to learn. That's it for the two years learning, the wrong way. After TOPIK papers, I need to change the way I study my Korean textbooks now. I don't wanna was any year anymore. I prefer my first gathering with the language exchange. I miss who I have met the other time. It's always the different people. Just some regular people. But yeah, social ! I am happy with it. Get to know more people.

Hopefully the next meet up there's more people. Maybe more that I want to meet. There's not many Korean girls though more to guys. and why always am I meeting those from Ulsan or Busan? Uh?? Where are those from Seoul? Guess they don't need to be here at all. :P

I need to decide between the three choices, masters, working holiday visa or language study. Which should I choose? Should I just do it all? I am not that young though. That's sad. 

6 November 2015

Super Junior 10th Anniversary

Look at how time passes. It's already Super Junior's 10th Anniversary! Oh my god, my Super Junior era was during my SPM year. Can you imagine how long I have been a KPOP fan? This is officially, if it's non-officially, it would be around more than 10 years! SHINHWA was my first group and Minwoo is the first idol I fell for when I was in primary. When I look back at it, I wondered why I would like Minwoo?! HAHA! Those days! Eric and the others were way better than him. :P

I am starting to think a lot about my plan lately. How, when, what and why? Positive is it. I miss a lot of things. Looking back at friends who are still in UK, I really missed my life there and hoping to go back there soon enough. Seems hard when you re not born in a silver spoon. I have friends who travel to Europe like their second home. Can you image how rich are their parents? The best part is their parents are willing to give so much money to them to spend! That would be a lie if I say I am not envious because I am indeed. But I accept for where I am now though. This is life and it's never gonna be perfect, that is. 

Let's rock on the plan eyy?

5 November 2015

A Day Rest

I wasn't feeling quite well yesterday so I took a day off to rest. The different is pretty much a lot! I felt slightly better though. Toilet has been my friend for the whole night. Slight fever and stomachache. I am not really sure what caused it but my guess would be the grape juice probably. I did not have good sleep lately, that worsen my dandruff and itchiness which I did not have it for a long time. How to get rid of it? I am trying baby oil at the moment. Maybe till this weekend till I switch to tea tree oil if the baby oil does not work. This is killing me though. I am really hating it. 

I felt so lost lately. I know I need a way to get out of this but I can't find it. How, when and will I? I know I need to be positive to be able too. I can't give up so easily! Dreams don't just fall from sky but to work hard and smart to achieve it. Soon. it's gonna be a year anniversary with my current work. This is when there's lots more things to do even. I am prepared for it. Let's bring it on! 

My Korean friend texted me! Oh gosh, I didn't expect it though. I thought he forgot and just a courtesy. I hope he's really sincere. Hope to receive more message soon. He's on his trip to New York! I am so envious. I wish my work has high pay and my country's currency is strong. Sigh. Why me here? Hate it! 

Time to get my ass back work. 


4 November 2015


Oh gosh, my stomach hurts badly now. Thanks to the grape juice. Now I know drinking too much of it is not good. I smell so grapy now! Constantly going to toilet a while ago. I hate this. Regrets but too late. I thought I said I would update my blog occasionally but I can't help it to blog everyday. 

Picture of the day! 


3 November 2015


I am so sick of it that I feel like sleeping in today but I finally got myself to wake up. Just wait and be patient and next week my long weekend starts. I had a weird dream yesterday night and I can still remember it vividly. I was scolded and lectured by my sales manager and I wonder why her. That's really weird though. Not like I was thinking about her before I sleep. Don't see myself dreaming something sweet when I am thinking of it before I sleep!

Looks like I can keep up the pace really soon and I hope so as well ! I will find one day, well you know. Nothing much to say!

Good morning and bye!

2 November 2015

1 November 2015

!st Day of November

Today is the first day of November! Next year is already Christmas! Time passes to fast. I am already close to achieving it. The next round hopefully already the result. I want to say like finally at last. Really with I can said these two words! I am not getting younger anymore. 

Yesterday, spent my day meaningfully. As for my Chinese class, I manage to finish 3 chapters in a class! Woots and I was taught by three different teachers in the class for all the 3 different chapters, I just realised. I can even finish this whole level within a month if everything goes smoothly. and maybe by mid year I can finish the whole level of Chinese! by then, I can start taking up Korean class to prepare my intermediate level at around October! wow, like I can finish everything before 2017, the plan to proceed year. Should be able to. Positive! Need to keep my self consistent! 

While during the night of Halloween, me and my mum watched Paranormal Activity and yea, the movie pretty sucks, ridiculous. After the movie, rush back and had a karaoke session with my sister! What a day! 

And today, I need to clean my stuffs already!