31 January 2016

Last Day of January

Wow, it's already the last day of January and February is coming up. I am getting busy already. Looking forward though for today's class later. Hopefully it's okay. Packed with exams till end of the year! Let's rocks this baby! I can do this! Flying colours that is! I need to! 

I wanted to skip today's meet up but end up going. I was so tired and sleepy. I did not really talk much. Too sleepy, hard to mend in though. As usual, nothing special today. :(

I am glad my birthday was well spend =3 I hope days like this happen more often. :'(

30 January 2016

Too Rush

I am to rush with things and I know it. That makes me stress and I know it. But I can't help it. I wanna help to clean the house asap but I will be out during the weekend. I thought of going for a make up shopping this Sunday after the meet up but I guess I can't anymore. I wanna finish cleaning up the house. I can't stand it. I wanted to buy those aloe vera online but not sure from which site should I get and whether they would be genuine a not. I thought of buying them today but guess I need to do more research on it now. Don't wanna regret the decision after buying it. Could be fake ones. 

I don't know why am I so  rush with things lately. I feel so tired. I need enough sleep. Next month onwards, I have no days in a week that I could sleep in at all. Just need to bear with till April, hopefully. 

29 January 2016

Tired. exhausted. ate all the way.

I have been sleeping for less than 6 hours for the whole week. That explains my bad temper for the past few days. Next week onwards I am gonna be early. The study begins. Guess  I need to send in all my papers tomorrow and my registration. Settle once and for all. I am furious since I did not get a reply from my previous email. Nevertheless, I am anxious with my first class this coming Sunday. Hope the structure is good. I spend much for this classes, so yeah. Need it to be worth! I am wondering how am I gonna take two exams at the same time. Two levels for two languages in a year. Felt like I am back to my study life, probably much easier. Maybe I should start preparing already. Woots. 

I am so worn out. The last few days to sleep this late though. It's also cleaning session tomorrow night. My room is in the mess. The floor. gosh and out for the whole weekend. Feeling occupied. 

Probably the only group that makes me high everything I watch their live performance BIG BANG! Also, the only man, that makes my heart flutters when I see him, Kwon Jiyong! =3 When can I meet them in person? I am not sure how am I gonna react! The other time I met BEAST in person, I stunned, hard to believe that we were this close but BIG BANG! I think I would FAINT!! 

For a better future, a change, patience and positive. Start now or it's too late. 

28 January 2016

Asian Families.

I am not really fond that I was born in an Asian family, but I am still okay. Why? Because Asian families are not as affection as the Westerns. They don't say things nicely or in better words. They fuck you with words to piss you off more instead of putting words that sounds pleasant. Overlook the good points and take into account every single bad points you have, like putting salt into the wound, comparing with others. Yeap, that's right. Most Asians adults are these way I can say and patience is the key. I have very bad temper but that doesn't point me as someone scum bag. As such, I am always labelled so for most that I have done, NOT ALL, the least some. That doesn't put a positive spirit to do more or do even better for the labelled, psychologically. I try my best to overlook it at times despite my character. What's the best, they don't talk to you one to one, a heart to heart talk, the problem but continue to blab about it at the back, adding more fire to it when it's already big. I really wish I will not be a particular Asian adult in future or coming time. I know how it feels. How much I hate it, I can't overlook it. I am not good, I know. When you're all worn out after work, this is it. A happy and warm greeting, that is. If it's not because of role, responsibilities and the inner heart, would have distanced far way. I think might eventually will too. 

That's why I am always finding for solutions to work overseas and to settle down aboard. I will lesser account for such thing. No one's life is perfect. All I can do is just envious the life of others. Always. The affection they have. 

BE POSITIVE. CHANGE... REMEMBER? Speak less or none, the best. 

27 January 2016

All New for 2016 before Lunar.

Changed all my backgrounds for the year of 2016! New and fresh before Lunar Year, the actual 2016 probably. Feeling enlighten now. Dropped my professor an email but she's away till next week, what a coincidence.Hope she will be able to see my message and give me a reply! It has been so long since I dropped an email though. I should done it occasionally. 

I wonder how long does the bank take to process the bank in. It has been some time though. I am getting myself ready for this weekend. Woots woots... Curious and furious. I wanna work for an extra income, but everything seems to coincide! I am not giving up, still finding my way. I am sure there is, a legit way. 

Lately I have been into this new YG boybands. 

 I have been watching a lots of dramas lately. Making me feel in a dream of fantasy land. Well, it's okay to dream at times but it might not be able to happen in reality, at least. 

I will improve myself inner and outer, step by step. PROVE~! 

26 January 2016

Cleaning and Zero Results

Well, finally done with my workbook and notes. Did some cleaning in my room but house is still in a mess, my room floor is still dirty and dusty. When can I start cleaning the whole place? When is the renovation gonna finish? I am anxious now. I can't stand the dirty places! 

My black poodle just went missing. Not sure he ran off or someone just took him away. Why the hell did he went? Round the neighbourhood and we can't find him! This is the second time our dog went missing due to the same reason/person! I am not sure to say if this is fate but it's also a mistake as well! What kind of people is this for not feeling guilty at all for losing the dog? No remorseful at all. Bless you man.

I have five more days till my busy schedule starts. Therefore, need to enjoy most during this period. I guess I need to start email to my professor soon, by this week. Hope the bank in is cleared tomorrow so I can send one shot my registration and test to the centre. Then I can finish my lists of dramas too. So much to do in so little time. 

I have not been getting any result this month. this is not so good since lunar year is coming. I am hating it. I am starting to change myself inner and outer. I need to before it's too late! 

Tomorrow? Drama? OR? What should I do? Let's see how it goes. 

25 January 2016


The whole has been so dangerous since last few years. Non-stop with violence, rapes, war and so on. What has the world turned into? It's getting worse as time goes by. This is really bad.

My room is not cleaned yet and I am still rushing my final task now which is my notes. Finally done with my books and I have been writing for days hopefully to finish by today so I can proceed with my plans this week! So packed! :( I don't wanna miss one of them but if I need to, I think I might, sadly.

Just watch the movie The Boy a while ago. Wasn't a great movie nether bad as well. Just soso. There's still so many movies I have not watch and it's not up in the net yet. I guess would take some time then. 

I wouldn't really recommend the movie, but it would be still okay if you wanna go for a horror thriller. That's all I can say. Wasn't really scary. There's a few Asian horror movie lately. Next is the Taiwanese horror movie! Woots! 


24 January 2016

Spring Cleaning

The house is so in the mess since there's some small renovation. I wanted to finish my book today but seems impossible since I can't stand the messy house now. Guess I would need to burn the midnight oil to finish the book and probably skip Wednesday's meeting maybe. I am feeling so busy words Lunar Year! I don't understand why is it particularly so before the festive. Hectic! Moreover the room is in a mess, I need to clean the house in order to clean mine since we re on the same floor! Sigh! this is fuh!

I finally did embroidery on my eyebrowns! I admit I can't withstand pain well. It still hurts though it's not tattoo. I make it a little Korean style. Glad it turned out to be still quite okay. Eyebrowns really play an important role on our looks! I look more brighter now compared to my old eyebrowns! Feeling satisfied and now I have to watch my eating for 1 week.. 

23 January 2016

Lots to go

Well, guess the person shared the same thought as me. I thought I am the only one who thought so. Guess we are at the same level yeah. I know it would be a disaster and if I could stand out early, I would. Really, I know it can't be safe too. I salute you for this long! Amazing patience! If am her, I am already away long time ago with such thing. At least, I have some time to look up for things. I am glad that I am not the one who's abnormal. Phew~ Thanks for the honesty. Appreciate it. 

It's holiday on Monday but doesn't seems like it for me. I have to rush so many things before next weekend. I have so many appointments to go. Oh gosh. I am so not having my own resting time at all. Early for the whole week as well. House is in the mess and I can't stand it. I think I need to clean the place up today itself. I thought of finishing my workbook and notes before Wednesday. I hope I can. I need more time. I wish I have more time. Time is so limited as I get older.

I am starting to concern over my health and skin much more lately. I know my diet is sort of successful but it's no so healthy. I am ready to shape my body. Maybe after CNY I am gonna start a proper diet plan and the shaping. Shouldn't be lazy anymore. Otherwise, I would start gaining weight easily again. Don't wanna spoilt the result. Fingers crossed. 

22 January 2016

In A Rush

I do not know why am I in a rush to finish the Chinese books. I should take it easy. I know I wanna finish the level fast but too fast won't do me good as well. Take it easy man. Otherwise, nothing much will be learnt. As the level got higher, I have more to write and I enjoyed cracking my heard to write and translate from English to Chinese using the right words or to fit the required words into the sentences. I guess the last two levels, I need a little more time to digest. It's almost to my limit already. At least, I am happy that I am able to finish the whole level less than a year. As a Chinese, I think I should as well. Otherwise, I can't count myself as a Chinese but pure banana! :( I have more to learn. Next whole week would be the Chinese week since I have already sum up my Korean studies for my TOPIK preparation. So much to do before it starts and I have so little time. I wanna go for the meet ups next week but I am not sure not. Not unless, till I am able to finish my books, SO ME! HELP! 

It's getting late and I think I should sleep already. I need to fight another day through to finish as much as I could. Please no more dream tonight. It makes me feel tired during the day. After CNY month, I have lots of remedies to start for my skin and health. I want to have a normal diet in another month more. Let's succeed this by then. fingers crossed. 

Desperately need a side income. Introducer, anyone? TT

20 January 2016


I am getting ready for South Korea and at the meantime, it's the opening for New Zealand working holiday visa. I know the work is not gonna be a professional job, probably something similiar to my plan to Korea but I am not ready yet. If I am loaded with money, then yes I can decide now but I am not. I need time to save up for it. So possible, it's only gonna be end of the year. Hopefully, something awesome and fortunate caught up during the journey, probably able to shorten the length of my waiting period. Cause I am getting older! I want the quickest way if possible! I am finding all ways to fit some side income for my weekend. Hard with my limited time, but I will try my best. RM has been subsidising non-stop, going overseas for a person like me this year, not so a good idea yet, sadly. Really. It's gonna take some time for me.

Two more weeks till Lunar Year, my first Lunar Year without my father. I am expecting myself not getting use to it, really. It would be totally different, totally. I hope I can take it during that moment. I can cope with it. It's gonna be different this year, different. At times, I would think. Would life be more different if he's still around? I mean, things happen for a reason. I always seek for answer, but this time, it's not answered yet, still. I don't wanna seek for it anymore. I am tired. I am running out of time. I am tension. I don't wanna feel down or sad anymore. I wanna move on. I wanna show that I am able to make it and to finally say, "Yes, I have made it. Dad, did you see it?". I wish to say it once I achieved everything I should. I really want too. It's not just full filling my parents dreams, it's greatly mine as well. 

I am gonna be so busy next month onwards with class on weekends, work and revise on weekdays. Hope I can manage my time for the meet ups. Also, some side income hopefully. 

I am tired today. I don't know why. 

Good Night world. Positive ~  

19 January 2016

Great, Big hole.

I just confirmed my place for my Korean class, I am getting serious on this now. I wanna make it happen for once, for real. A big hole in the purse now. Let's hope this sacrifice works! fighting!

Cleaned my room till the max, and got back home to see my room in a mess again without notice! Of course that pissed me off, especially when it involves cleanliness! Duh! 

I am always in hurry and I know I need to take it slow at times. Chill babe, chill. 

18 January 2016


I am done with cleaning and everything that I should do. Feeling at ease that the room and house is clean. Now, I can sum up my textbooks study by this week and finish my whole new level next week. Plans changed. Probably start my two hectic class next month onwards. Hopefully just for two months before I reduce my Chinese class till shorter hours. Two more weeks to hectic languages study for my exams. This is gonna be epic. So this week, let's take it a little slow and easy since it's the final. I did not expect to go to the next level for Chinese this quick too. At least just in time to squeeze at end of this month before concentrating for TOPIK next month. Just in time, it fits in. This year would be a rush year, hopefully a fruitful one too! =3 Fingers crossed. 

A little rest till battle tomorrow. I am looking forward for my Korean class. It has been some time and I am curious on how they gonna brush up my grammar since I am not from the zero start. I hope to score well for the exam on April and registration is early this year! Time passes really fast though. 

I am currently watching a drama. Actually all along I am always watching a drama. But finally, this time, this drama, actually touched my heart. It's a little typical kind of Korean drama, but I like that it's meaningful. I wouldn't say Yoo Seungho acting is great but still good in the drama. He probably need to work up on his crying skills but still, managed to make me flow in tears. Thumbs up! He never changed a bit just that he's a little more mature now. Still so good looking. He's the kind that I would want to have as a friend. A best friend. Just gives me this feeling that he's sweet. He lost so much weight. Probably I should too. =P. I wanna have a brother like him. such a loved. 

Well, some dramas before bedtime. I am gonna fight this through for 2016 for my dream! 

17 January 2016

Asian Horror Movie

Has been some time since I watched an Asian horror movie! Wasn't that bad or good. Just soso and predictable. I am looking forward for a extreme horror movie. There's still a lots that I have not watch them yet! It's not up online too. Oh boy. I need to wait for some time then. I was suppose to finish up my cleaning and end up outing. Damn. Let's do it quick tomorrow! 

Some shopping to do tomorrow. Exercise after such a big feast today! Damn it. My results. 

16 January 2016

Lots to Clear

Hopefully I can clean the room and house after I cleared my entertaiment stuffs to my harddisk. Takes longer time than I thought though. I am so sleepy now and I think I need to sleep since I am gonna be the whole day class tomorrow! This is gonna be so tiring. Have some time to finish up when I am back then the cleaning. I am gonna be busy the next day as well! So hectic this weekend. Even next weekend. Skipped today's meet up and I guess for the next week one too. Sadly, too much to do. Rushing all before Monday! 

I am getting impatient but I can't. Oh boy. 

I am happy that he's doing so well now. I am definitely inlove with this guy!  

15 January 2016

Two Days off and Disaster

I took a day off to Sekinchan with the aunties yesterday! Gosh. lots of talk to say but interesting at times. Well, took a day break and the result is crazy enough and I guess today would be partially too as I am not gonna take any next week onwards. Weekend is the hardest part! I need to be strong and passionate! I need too, I only have two more weeks. No more time. Approaching. 

I am so tired though, I wish today was a off day too but there's so many pending work. Thanks man. Thanks. 

14 January 2016

Off Day and Rushing

Today is my off day and I am suppose to sleep now as I need to wake up early in the morning. Even more early during my work times. This is really crazy though. I was hoping tonight I can attend my class along with Saturday so the following week I would have a long weekend. But duh, see how it goes tomorrow. If I can make it home early tomorrow, then I will go. Otherwise, schedule as normal. I am rushing to finish my notes by Friday too so the weekend I can clean the place! My room is in the mess and I can't stand it any longer! GOSH! 

After much research, I think end of the year would be ideal though I wish to be earlier. Taking two languages exams at high level at once shot this year is gonna be crazy. I can imagine myself busy studying for languages after Lunar Year! This is it man, dream it? DO IT TILL THE END TO ACHIEVE IT! Can't just sit and wait, work for it man. Oh yeah, bring it ON! 

Guess, I will need to be patience till end of the year. Oh well, plenty of time for research. 


13 January 2016

I need EXTRA Income

Alright, it's only January and I am all hyped up! So much plan to carry on already next week onwards! I hope I can finish all my Chinese level by March and at the same time I wanna begin my Korean class for my TOPIK ii level on October, let's hope this seven plus month is enough to prepare me for the exam. Next month I need to register for TOPIK i. Much spending on March since I am taking two at once. And I am still thinking if I wanna continue 8 hours a month for Chinese on March just to finish the levels before proceeding with 4 hours class a month! 8 hours on March would actually cut a big hole on my purse along with my Korean class. I need a PART TIME JOB hire me please. I even need to list down what I need to do for each month. Oh gosh, feeling busy already. Especially after the Lunar Year, so let's enjoy the partial honeymoon till the time comes. It's getting adventurous yo! Plans are up baby! 

After October Exam, it would decide everything, to stay or to leave. Wait, the result is on End of November. Damn, which means I need to wait till 2017? Or December itself? I wanna spend New Year in South Korea! Plan is plan. Fingers crossed. Peace V. Seems long way to go but not to me. I feel time has been really short for me. Like it's not enough for me to spend at ALL as I get older. I feel I need to backward the time, some time. Maybe it's time to move up with the plans and future. I am not young any more.  Okay, don't go too far just yet. Let's go step by step alright? Month by month. 


12 January 2016

Exhausted. Overthink.

I am so exhausted today that I can't think right as well. I am thinking too much and this is driving me crazy. but it's better now. I am able to think straight now. I need to sleep soon. I am feeling dreadful. This happens when you do not have enough sleep. You blab nonsense as if you are drunk. It's even worse then you are drunk. Okay, maybe just for me. That's me. I am feeling pathetic already. Duh ~ 

I really wanna rush everything if possible before Thursday. Hopefully I can make it despite not able to finish the workbook by today. Little more to do and the notes writing. I can do this! Let's speed this up! I need to clear my room and the computer! OH GOSH. So much to do and settle time by time! Aren't this exciting!

I really wish to go to South Korea to study. My supposingly this year resolution but it's gonna be a little tough journey to it, maybe not. AHHH!



11 January 2016


I am day dreaming the whole day day. Oh gosh sweet but lame at the same time. Maybe because it has been some time and I am aging. HAHA! Sounds pathetic but yeah, this is the fact. I took such a long nap just now and I think I can't sleep now. This is awesome. I am gonna be dead tired today! 

I really hope this time the resolutions does smoothly. Let's finish this quick before Thursday! Fighting!

It's working day today. TT

10 January 2016

Second Round Genting Highlands

Yesterday was quite an epic day. Last minute decided to go for my morning class then rush home rest a while, and went for the meet up. Apparently the Korean and Japanese clashed on the same day and the time is close as well. Even, the gathering at the same place is close. Everyone is confused which table is which for their language gathering. We often misunderstood as the Japanese meet up! But yeah, I was suppose to attend both but apparently I only attended the Korean one. Japanese one is a little scattered and my friends are mostly not there. So yeah. Amazingly how much I wanna eat the dinner, my ulcer nailed it. I can't eat anything much at all. Just sitting down there and watched them eat! lol. looks pathetic. Last minute decided to head to Genting Highland once again. The temperature is as awesome as the other day! I am starting to like there though.

Saw this Mini Coopers Club on our way out. The cars are really awesome and cute! They parked it nicely as well. We didn't know that the car's owners are actually around the cars. We thought they were just passerby looking at the cars. Friend went in to the car and tried. I think the owner spoke something in Chinese. They didn't really mind since we were speaking Korean and they thought we are tourist! HAHA! That feels awesome. but I really love the cars! =3

Still, there's lots of people. This time no Casino. Just wondering around. We still get lost despite we just went last week. Feeling old and forgetful. But yeah, day well spent. The last outing probably. I will be busy soon preparing my resolutions.


9 January 2016

As Expected

I was able to see this coming so therefore not that disappointing. How not awesome to always get it right. ALWAYS!!! Good or a bad thing? That's why I don't always have high hopes on certain things. Naturally would do good enough. Let's get back to normal routine. Hope to finish my new level books before the next class! This time I will not leave a single blank! I wanna start new level after Lunar Year! Fighting! Hardworking and consistent that it! 

Guess I would be attending full morning class tomorrow which I thought and in dilemma if I should. But now I can attend! And the meet ups too. Guess I still have some time to try to finish the PowerPoint notes before meet ups. I wanna pack my room before the next weekend! It's a messesd now. Haven't clear my musics! Half way! So much to do this week onwards! Keep going though I am tired most of the time. No more procrastinations in 2016! Resolutions!!! 

Night world. 

8 January 2016

It's Getting Closer

Oh well, it's tomorrow and it's not 100% confirmed. Late and late by a day. Am I too pushy or something? Frustrated and Furious now! I have been dreaming lately. Makes me really tired though. Maybe I have been thinking a lot lately. So much to do though. I am at the new level now which mean my online materials would be a week delayed. I can only begin it next month before CNY. Makes sense still. Good thing. I don't know if it's a good thing that I like to complete things in my own plan. Most of the time wether it would be delayed or earlier. 

It's the last day of the weekdays which means it's weekend already! The first weekend of 2016 and also the 8 page of 366! How has your story been doing?! Mine has been doing fine far. Be positive as it goes! It will be good! :)


7 January 2016

Curious and Furious

I am curious and furious with the lateness. A given sign but I dare not say or ask though. What should I do? Let it be or? This is so frustrating but I don't wanna make it sound like I am forcing though. That would be really bad. Or maybe really busy for the return I suppose. I really unable to crack the code as of now! So hard to understand, this is really challenging. Culture and language carrier the problem, the obstacles? I suppose. That's why I need to mix with them of the type more. To understand and to catch their culture, really. Seems similiar but yet not so though. 

I just managed to transfer some music shows and award shows to my harddisk. My musics are the main course. I need much more time to sort them out and my harddisks are running out of space. I had to delete some old files, so sad. I don't watch it over again, so I guess it's okay probably. I will be out the whole day tomorrow again. Hopefully, to be able to transfer out all on Friday and prepare my so wish not last minute call off trip of Saturday. Finger crossed. I would be a little disappointed. 

Good night world. Have a good sleep. 

5 January 2016


I am not sure to say that out of the sudden that I felt really in a bad mood. I am tired. Thinking so much and people placed more salt on to your wound. I wish sometimes, I am in a Caucasian surrounding, not all but most of them are caring and loving. They understand. Ask why and poured with love. Unlike here, putting more salt onto the pain. Sometimes, I hate the fact that I was born as Asian but sometimes I like the fact I am an Asian. I always envious those who grew up in a Western country. Speak fluent English and...... I am already so fed up with it and add on to the matter. That's a good way to provoke me if you're thinking of putting the pieces together. Will never work on me if you think you only put one care on one person and compare us. Makes it worse not better, trust me. The more comparison, the more worst it gets. That's me. 

I feel myself in a mood swing suddenly. PMS maybe? I like to be alone when I am. In fact, I really hope to own a house soon. I hope this year is it! I need to in fact. I can't stand it. TT

I don't wanna put too much high hopes. Let it go and lessen the thoughts. That's what I need to learn to move further. Many people has unwise words to spit out but not to learn from it. Not everything from an so called experienced people is always right.

I miss their concert. A place where I can do not need to think at all and let it all go. I wanna another round of BIG BANG CONCERT badly. Worth spending. 

Did not get Enough Sleep

I woke up really early today, I even woke up at intervals today as well. Despite of the sleepiness, I manage to finish what I supposed to. In fact, more than that. By tomorrow, I am able to finish it. It has been so long since I practise my Chinese writing! Hopefully can resume on Wednesday. Next week would be my last week on printed materials, The next weekend I would be surfing on online materials to study. Hope this works well! Rushing week again for this weekend. Hopefully this weekend, would be the last weekend that I would be spending so much. Time to save on wards for my CNY shopping! 

I really wanna sleep but I need to wait for the right time to sleep though. I don't know why am I doing this to myself. LOL. Hopefully I can stop this really bad habit by end of this month, before CNY and I should do the walking already. Need to save remember?!

I am tired. Watch some drama and got to sleep.


4 January 2016

First day of work for 2016

Today marks the first day of work for 2016! Am I looking forward? I am not quite sure but the journey is gonna interesting this year! I am still thinking if I should register for TOPIK I exam or jump to TOPIK II to save cost. Honestly, I am not ready. I feel that but maybe I am. I don't know! I am still in holiday mood. Today onwards there's lots of walking to do, studying and reading. Everything needs to go on plan and I hope so it will do me good. Oh yeah! Let's bring it on and I am ready for the challenges! Time to BEGIN!

This weekend will be our final meetup. Hope everything will go smoothly. Thank you and Good night! 

3 January 2016

Late and Outing

The second day of 2016, I am out with le family again. I woke up pretty late today. I never woke up so late for so long though. I must be really tired! It's nice when the outing you don't need to drive. HAHA. The cousin picked us up for dinner and movie! Ate Korean food and dessert again. I felt like pretty much the whole week I have been eating Korean food! Feeling awesome since I am pretty sick with Chinese food or the others. Bingsu for dessert. BBQ and Fried flavoured chicken for dinner. Feeling so full! What a feast day again! Feeling guilty. 

We went  for a movie later that at Tropicana Mall. I have never been to this mall at all. Never really get to walk around though but seems a like a decent and nice place. Probably should have drop by longer next time. 

I initially wanted to go for a Karaoke session but I am still tired. So call it off. I have been out too much for the past whole month. Oh well, enjoy while I still can! 

What's next? I am feeling blessed and thankful for everything.


2 January 2016

My Big Day was well spent.

My Day was well spend, the whole day basically! We went to Klang for food spree which includes my bah kut teh, my favourite! Ate so much during the day and went to three places, yet the food from three places manage to finish it clean! Amazing eaters we have. Not only that, we actually went to two temples, almost thought of going to another temple, such a holy day. I did not really take much of the pictures. Nothing interesting to take though but it was a meaningful trip, family bonding, they say. 

After the day food spree, we went to Damansara Uptown for a dessert and yes, look how amazing eater we are. There's always room for dessert. Wanted to go the other one, but end up at Dal.koom Cafe. It wasn't really good and it wasn't really bad either. Just soso and really expensive! The family chatted about what to have, the food spree again today and we end up about having dinner at Solaris Mont Kiara, probably Korean food this time, maybe. 

Later that, rush home to prepare myself for the next round. Sounds crazy, but I actually went up to Genting Highlands with my friend, and yes my lovely Korean friend. It was really an awesome trip, which I did not expect and it was so cold there! We basically walked the whole indoor of Genting Highland and even went in to casino to look around at first but end up invested RM20 to play on those slot machines! We actually won RM30 from it! What am interesting bet for first timers! There were so many casinos and some were big too! Weird thing is there's so many senior citizens! We were surprised! and of course, my hair colour was the centre of attention besides speaking Korean openly. Even, during our dinner, the other tables keep looking at us when we spoke Korean. It's hard to see Koreans around my area and I made it happened. We even went outside despite the cold till my hands were stiff. I really admit that the outing/date was really FUN! Enjoyed! Even get to practise my Korean! 

We didn't even want to go back though most shops are close and end up at Solaris Mont Kiara for a drink with the extra RM30 we won! The cocktail really sucks though. I end up did not finish it. People were still many despite the time, 3AM. Shop assistants were preparing to close the place! Coincidently, the owner of the bar we sat was a Korean, allowed us to stay till finish. Even ate ice cream before our way home. What a crazy and fun day! I am so tired now, and I should be sleeping at this time. 

Thank you for the amazing day. Blessed and thanks. 

1 January 2016

Happy New Year! Happy 2016 ! Page 1 of 366 begins.

It'a already 2016! A brand New Year and A brand new chapter of life! How fast could it be! I dye my hair colour just before hours to New Year. Honestly, I kind regret the increase portions of the colours cause I prefer the colours to be hidden but now the colours are too obvious! Just so not my type being obvious and probably I picked and they have introduce the wrong hair stylists! I don't think she's really good at it. What's with the large patch of highlight behind my hair! I don't think it's nice. My front, my bad, I did not tell her that I want it to be little and not so visible. But.. Oh well. sometime and some point, you need to have something extreme happen to you. POSITIVE. Just waiting the colour to fade off and see how it goes. The colour is okay but the way it was dyed. Not so professional. 

I would be out the whole day today! Next round with le family for my birthday today and Genting Highland tonight with my friend! Hopefully it would be a fun day! Since I did not manage to see the fireworks close up this year! But yeah, this patches up everything. 

It's a New Year. Wishing everyone a great year ahead! Blessed with health, wealth and love! All the way till you aged! HAPPY 2016 ! I am older a year already. Sad.