31 March 2016

Last Day of March

Today is the last day of March! Time is so scary. Watch some China dramas yesterday and noticed that Mainland China's actors are pretty good looking but the storyline is a bit off! That's such a waste and the graphic as well. If they  come out with a good storyline that I think they would do really good though. Actors are pretty good as well. instead of recruiting actors from Taiwan, Hong Kong or even South Korea. I noticed they like to dub the actors despite speaking Mandarin as well. I wonder why, the dub is really good. Sync really well I should say. 

I manage to finish reading/revising all the notes yesterday and it's time for practise till I get my new and last notes this weekend. Hopefully to exchange numbers with the tutors as well! My last class in Ampang before heading to SS2 in May! April would be the exam month and rest month. Oh well, sort of. So much to settle within 2 weeks time, too much. It's so hard to type with long fingernails. Maybe I should cut it after the meet up this Saturday!

I wanna watch the horror movie, it has been some time since I watch a horror movie with friends but apparently I don't have friends who would watch horror movies! This is so sad. I am scared as well but I still watch them. I feel it's worth to watch in the cinema with better sound effect, more scary. 

sometimes, I do wish to meet a least a few friends that I can click with and be good or close friends. Having a bundle but not a single one shows how sad my life is now. When this gonna be real?

Things not fully resolved yet, oh please give us a feedback. Oh please settle before midyear. worried from all angles. STRESSED!


30 March 2016

Almost Done

I am finally able to revise the notes already! Hopefully can finish revise by today or the latest tomorrow, and the weekend is all about practise. I am gonna have all my notes by this Sunday since it's gonna be the last class already. I thought the classes for this month would be a little later but the dates are too early so therefore, decided to continue next month instead. Let myself to have 2 weeks break instead. I have lots to settle within the two weeks! Damn! Where is there so much to do. 

I have been sleeping late too. This is so not good though. I should start sleeping early already and Hopefully this weekend it's the end and hopefully I am able to fulfil the promise. I need to. It's really bad to do it for 6 months. Going bold soon if I don't stop! STOP! 

a little but more to go to my achievement please make it right already!


29 March 2016

A month break

Finally transferred my notes to a bigger file and ready to rock on now! Hopefully I would be able to  finish the grammars by next Friday and revised the papers by next weekend. Some rest for a few days before the actual exam! Fighting! Gonna take two weeks break from language classes before resuming on MAY! I guess I would actually spend those two weeks time finishing my Chinese textbook and workbook instead! Oh well. Wanna masters these two languages well before proceeding with German Language next year! I am gonna self learn this language since it's listed as one of the easiest language to learn in the world. I am already learning the two hardest, hopefully German will done me fine. Can't wait! I love languages! I wish I can learn all at once! 

So fast March'16 is coming to and end and April is one the way which means mid-year is approaching and 2017 is coming. This is so scary. Mid-year has not reached but there's so many misfortune news around the world involving life and death. What happened to the world now? Why suicide bombs and wars? Why involved the deaths of the innocent ones? What have they done? Do they deserved this kind of life? Why? I can't understand, can't at all. 

Need to have a good sleep till mid-April! Hope to do great in the exam! LUCKS PLEASE! :)

28 March 2016


Finally the room is cleaned but it's already so late now in the morning. I should be sleeping. Was out the whole day doing groceries with le mum and that cause the late cleaning. I can't sleep till I cleaned the room, that's why. Still need to sum up a little later today when I am back though. So lazy to go to work. No passion for it, sadly. 

So many people go for holiday and yet, I do not have the chance to travel overseas this year. Where these people get their money? I wish I have sponsor as well. I really wanna travel to get away from things and relax for a moment, will I have it the least by next year? 

I think I need to take the Chinese exam on August. I feel June is too rush and the fees ain't cheap. I wanna do well as well. So yeah, probably be it. 


27 March 2016

Destroying Myself

I am a good girl yesterday for not going out and stayed in the whole day to finish my papers and yes, I did it. I finished all papers. But the worst part is, my appetite has increase rapidly. This is so deep shit. My effort and my hardwork would just drained off if I don't stop! I am feeling so effin guilty right now! This can't be happening! Nothing of my new plan works! I need to resume and I need to do my groceries today! I NEED TO!

Now, I can clean my room and do the cleanliness, like finally! The room has been messy since last two weeks! PEACEFULLY! =3 Gonna brush up my grammar later this. phew~ 

What is there to talk about when I am not out the whole day yesterday? 


26 March 2016

Never Wake Up

Some people just don't wake up from their scumbag attitudes and would or might never wake up from it. I dare not do comment on others anymore as I have the worst of all as well. You don't respect others, you don't expect respect from me as well. I shoot when I need to, I protect rights from whom deserved but rubbish societies like you guys don't deserved it. I know karma would be here, as the matter of time sometimes patience has limits. I have hold on to my patience for some time and just waiting now. Don't wanna add on to time, that's why. Best way to train myself. I really hope these people get their karma at the soonest without dragging along the others. Oh please. I regret for wishing to have more siblings. These are the challenges right now. 

It's sad to know you have these kind of people around you but you have got no choice because you guys are blood related basically. I wish I had a choice, and it's all for the sake of my cherish ones, otherwise, it's all gone and I will not hold on to it. I am tired of waiting at times, but I still need to. Why in these world that these people need to exists so close to me? WHY? What was my past life I wonder?

I am rushing to finish my papers this weekend though I am sleepy. RUSH!

25 March 2016

Jasper Cho

So fast it's already Friday and the weekend is here! I told myself I would not go out this weekend and be good at home to study. Hopefully I can do it. Nah, I need to so that next weekend I would be a little free and it's my last classes for both language though. I would take a break for April, maybe since the Korean class schedule is not out yet. I will resume Chinese classes on May once I finished the book. I don't wanna waste my time doing it here. So yeah. 

Jasper Cho, I recently found out about this dude. From Descendant of the Sun, I rewatched the drama just to find him! 

Isn't he good looking? Damn hot. He speaks so good English, in fact better than he's native supposingly, Korean. There isn't any information about his background I wanna know more about him! He can sing as well! I saw some videos of him in Superstar K!!! Oh gosh, why did he came out so late to this industry, damn! Instead of the leads, he caught my attention! Hell yeah, I am concentrating on the show till the end from now onwards! My ideal man! =3

24 March 2016

Not In time

I wasted my time yesterday as well. Instead of 3 papers I only did 2 and if I did not waste my time I could have finish more than 3 papers. Guess I have to be a good girl and stay in this weekend. I can't go out every weekend anymore, exam is approaching. I wanna finish study by this weekend , on time please! So much to do! I wanna clean my room and do groceries this Sunday as well! Hope by Saturday I am done with my papers. I don't want to rush myself just to finish it, meaningless it will be. Oh boy. I feeling a little more confident, I wanna try getting full marks if possible. 

Hopefully I will not waste any time. Time is so precious! 


23 March 2016

Come Back Mister & Descendants of the Sun

I am currently watching two dramas at once, Come Back Mister & Descendants of the Sun, in fact a few but these two are the best so far among the lists! No wonder they are quite the hit lately. Descendants of the Sun is romantic and sweet, thrilling as well. Come Back Mister is more like a comedy drama. At least, the storyline is not similiar at the same time like they use to. I did not put high expectation so it's quite okay. So far so good. 

 Come Back Mister
Come Back Mister

  Descendants of the Sun
 Descendants of the Sun

Okay, I need to sleep and and continue my papers tomorrow. Satisfaction full filled so I can study peacefully now. Lot's more to do. GRRRR. 

22 March 2016

Some things you can't escape

Last time I use to be ignorant about it and not lending a hand but I am older now, I understand and I would try to lend a hand if I can. The least, I tried to help. I wanna show some effort. I use to take every little things in to account about the scums, but I have learnt to totally 100% almost, ignoring it now. Sort of use to it now. I am concentrating on only two person now. I will try my best to stay as I am or better and being successful in future. If I manage to leave this place, I will definitely bring you guys along if I am capable. I will make sure I am. So that, you will not live in pain with the scums anymore. Positively, the scums became my motivation, strong one even. Thank you for the gift thank you for the challenge.

Finally finish the half till the latest papers, but I have the beginning papers to do. I hope to finish my this weekend so that I can practise my grammar next week. I am feeling so busy! I don't even have time to clean my room and start to watch my dramas that I desperately wanna watch! OMG! HELP! Where is my weekend?! This weekend I really can't skip my class anymore. I shouldn't have last two weeks and now I need to replace two continuous week till before my TOPIK exam. NON STOP. after TOPIK, I need to take HSK. Life has been fascinating lately but knowledgeable. Hopefully in the meantime, I can find some other source of income. 

I hope everything goes well. It's gonna be mid-year soon. I really do hope everything will resolved soon. Please it needs to be. 

21 March 2016

Bigger Dream

Yesterday was a fruitful day, probably. Went for class though I was tired cause there's no replacement for the missed class. I have another two more weeks till this class ends. I wanna round up my papers for next class and focus on grammar next week. Time passes so fast! My exam is around the corner! I missed two classes of my Chinese and I need to replace now. It's hard to find time but I still need to since I paid for it though.

It's late though I should be sleeping but just came back from a tea session with le friend. He shared things that I have thought before, but I do not have the network or courage to do it, not because I am a lady, it's more I do not have the ability. It's good that guys have this intention, bigger dreams, but cautious they need to be. I don't know if it's sincere or not, but I gained more knowledge and meeting different people. It's not a losing situation all the time, just need to be cautious and alert. Oh well, this is life I guess. 

I am lazy to go to work but I need too. That's even more about life. 

20 March 2016

Again, the Korean Meet Up.

Went for a meet up again yesterday! well, earlier today. I wanted to miss this time but end up going. Oh well, turned out well though. Satisfied. Met new friends and get to practise little of Korean. At least, there's something. There's more people as well. I wish at times, they would change the organiser or add another one. It's quite bad the arrangements. 

Hopefully it's gonna be fruitful again. I have no time for the papers again. Damn it. 

19 March 2016

The K session with colleagues

Had a singing session with the colleagues from yesterday evening till just now. It was a crazy session, a good way to wipe away what happened in the office yesterday that pissed me off but end up I still need to do it regardless. Our time was suppose to be till 11PM but we sang till 3AM instead cause there's no one and it's really expensive actually. My another last big FEAST DAY and I shall stop by today onwards! These buddies sang mostly Chinese songs, in fact only Chinese songs. Too bad I still can't read much yet! I am the only one who's singing Korean songs and English songs. Our channel is not quite right though but manage to have some fun still. 

I am suppose to attend class today but I don't think I am going cause I am feeling really tired now. I guess I need to replace two classes next week. Wonder how am I gonna fit my time though. Besides, I would have some time tomorrow to do my papers. Oh well. I should be sleeping now as well too my eyes are so heavy now while typing these. It's my last day. I need two weeks strictly to time and see the results. 

Another more months to go wanna be ready by than, hopefully. 

18 March 2016

All Kinds of People

Not in time to finish my final paper for the day yesterday! But yeah, I am not gonna be able to do any papers today as well since I am gonna be out tonight for a k session with le colleagues. Looking forward though. Must be really fun, I am hoping with the money so much flowing out. I am so tired lately. Forcing myself to continue the papers though I am, gives me silly mistakes which I shouldn't be. I will stop when I need to.. I have 10 more papers to go. Hopefully to finish it by end of next week. Should be able to since there's no activities next weekend. Then I can brush up my grammars end the month and left with 2 weeks of slow and steady final revision for my exam! WOOTS! So fast it's gonna be it! Scary!

I am feeling the blues lately. Feeling worried, tension and lost. Suppose yesterday would be the last day for real. I am resuming the healthy one this weekend. Hope it works for the rest of the two final weeks. I wanna see if it's good though. From myself, from career, from my language, from my house, from my lovely family, from financial. From many angles. My hair has been falling rapidly lately. I am worried and therefore, I am stopping the bad habit, I know the reason is apart from it. 

I really need these quotes in my life right now, to stay strong and keep fighting! Let's keep all the promises I missed. I can do this. Things would get much better soon! 


17 March 2016

Not Enough Time

I have feeling that I am having not enough time lately! I have been revising so much on weekdays and going out too much on weekends! Maybe that's why! Or maybe I wanna finish them fast, as the usual me always in hurry to finish things quick and this makes me feel really tension and stress at times! Also, I walked under the heavy rain yesterday! Instead of worried of myself, I forgotten about my lovely Chinese book in my bag! The bottom is a little wet now and it wouldn't look good anymore once it's dried! I am feeling sad now! I wanted to try my very best to keep the book nice but end up.... I am not sure if in future I would  dare to bring my textbooks to work anymore! Phobia! I love books and I love books that are neat! But now! it's turned out bad a little, sad. 

I haven't officially start my diet, it's like off and on these days. I need to do groceries this weekend. Running out of diet food and keep giving myself excuses! So this weekend is the time. Also, hope to have some time to watch my dramas which I doubt, not till I finish my papers! Exams are coming and I haven't really been touching my Chinese. Guess I am only able to do it after mid-April. Hopefully in time though. Oh gosh. Rushing with the papers on weekdays. I need more time instead! 

Tomorrow would be the night out with my fellow colleague, would be our first time though and I would need to spend a lot for it. I am gonna starve for the next few months and no more entertaiment at the time being. Oh well, I need to study at the time being too! This is crap. I need extra income and I am still finding, it's not easy to find a suitable lately! Time is really bad! 

16 March 2016


I have been dreaming lately though and I was late for the exam, I read in the internet that, this means I am thinking too much before I sleep! I often dreamt about dream like this in the past, and lately it's coming back. Now I am feeling so tired though. Dream can really make a person so tired! 

I broke the promise again yesterday and I make myself late. It's all my own fault! Why is it so hard to follow, I really need to make sure that yesterday was really the last day! It's really bad! I need to follow already despite of Friday! I need to make it for this month the least! Before it's too late. It has been so long though. 

Anyway Happy Working and Happy School Holidays! 

15 March 2016

Car Broke Down

Great, car broke down after dinner! Wasted my time there, instead of finishing my papers and I am so tired to continue now. It;s so hard to catch with time! I feel I have so little time to do my stuffs! I am left with three days  this week to finish my papers most of it, since weekend I would be busy! My exam is in another a month more a less! Oh gosh, after TOPIK it would be my HSK exam! BREAK! 

I am feeling bored and fed up. I wanna hang out more but I don't even have enough time for myself! This is crazy! Okay, I wanna type more  but I can't. Maybe I should update my blog towards end of the day instead of a day after! Maybe tomorrow onwards. Seems more legit with the date of my post! 

14 March 2016

Far Away

Oh well, I only have little rest today. Settle down a little after class today and off to drop my mum at Shah Alam, 40 mins drive, why on earth do people stay so far from city. Sorry, I am just city person. I can't stay so far away from the city. Instead of going back through and flow, take would take me hours, I dropped by at my friend's place! Nice place but it's a little quiet and far though. Awesome hospitality. Nice to keep in touch with friends at times. It's hard but a good try. 

There's really isn't much place to look around Shah Alam, I don't think it's a place that I would settle down but a good place for a gate away from city. I am feeling tired now. I wanna sleep more. Next weekend it's gonna be busy as well. I want a free weekend for once at least. :(

It's work day already. The Monday blue!


12 March 2016


Okay, it's only the first week and I am not following my schedule already. I totally failed it yesterday with a big FEAST with my lovely mother for no special reason! It's one expensive meal but glad she like it! I wish I can do this more often, to spend her, to spoilt her. I am working hard. I wanna achieve it one day. I always my mum's driver when I am home. :(

I think this steam egg is really nice! The best that I ate so far! Thumbs up !  But this restaurant is pretty pricey, though it's nice. Something different. 

Dessert of the day! NANA'S GREEN TEA! I got to say this dessert is nice! Not to sweet and slightly bitter, pure GREEN TEA! Just my favourite! But it's pricey as well. I searched up this on internet, and it's recommended. Indeed it is! 

Okay, I was suppose to be on diet, and yeah. What a disaster day! I gained two kg instantly today! I guess I need to find my way up to loose the weight now! :( 

Again, today it's gonna be a busy day starting from morning till night! I really wanna finish my test papers fast! 

11 March 2016

Hair Fall and I need to stop!

My hair has been falling for the past six months due to my bad habit diet. I should stop already but I have not yet till this week. This is getting back. I should carry on my new diet for the sake of this as well but it's not completely followed. I feel guilty and scared at the same time now. Hair is so important to me, I don't want to go bald and the only way is to resist and stop now!! Or else I would regret it. I really need too. I hope yesterday was for real that I would actually stop doing so. It's a promise. 

I hope today I am able to finish some more TOPIK papers. I only managed to do 2 papers yesterday though I am already in advance. I wanna finish them quick and have a break soon probably. Left a month more till my exam, time passes really fast. This is really scary! I need to save myself. In order to do so, I need to follow my healthy diet from now on strictly! No more the bad ones. I would need to start toning/shaping myself now. It's time! Don't tempt me please. 

I use to think good friends doesn't matter but sometimes I wish if I had some good friends around too. Probably, to try to share my feelings with. After that once, I am phobia with having a close friend. I have been really careful ever since. I began analysing people and understanding their personalities. Ever since, I became good at it. Most of the time, accurate. I wanna prove  that, without you, after what you have chose to do, it would be a wrong decision. I will. 

10 March 2016


Done four papers instead of three and hoping it happens the same for tonight! Hope to finish the papers fast! The way I talk lately, it's a little over I think. I should control my feelings and be careful. Also, less talk about myself! Always remind myself this but still doing so! It's a cautious year. Careful is all I need to be. So much to do this year as well! Hope everything goes well.

I suddenly feel stress about everything today. How to finish this and that, how to stop gain but loose, how to sell off and have less worries about it. I really wish 2016 would resolve everything and 2017 onwards would be a better year instead. I really hope so. I need to be patient and positive, they said and I will be as asked too. Cause the positive brings the good. I will. Believe and do it. 

Hard work pays off and it's true if you don't give up! 


9 March 2016


I was so frustrated thinking methods to escape spending money printing again my past year papers. Then I thought of one thing, why don't I go paperless since I already have the hard copy. I can just close the answers and do the answers at another paper. How silly of me. Save the earth save the tree! I am going paperless! I should have thought of that earlier. I don't know why am I so tired lately though I slept earlier than usual Today was successfully and hopefully for the rest of the month. 

So yeah, here goes the re-plan to match the diet well and I need to add a few more too. Oh gosh.


8 March 2016


Oh well, some add on to my plan a little. But yeah, at least have some time to warm up. I didn't expect doing two papers a day after work would take some time! I wanted to do more but doesn't seem to be able to make it though! I might need to take some time on weekends as well. I try to time myself as much as possible according to my schedule. 

I don't know why yesterday I was quite fed up with everything. Just wanna call it off. Suddenly. Maybe due to the lack of sleep. 

7 March 2016

Time to Begin

It's time to begin. Done with my groceries yesterday. Prepared what I should have and boom, time to start the battle! I am ready to begin it! But I haven't read up how it works. This is exciting and tension at the same time! Hope this plan works! I just have few more to go. Hopefully target achieve within 2-3 months! So far yet so close! 

I finally able to cook the recipe yesterday, turned out to be not bad but I can't eat it anymore after yesterday! Oh well, the others at home still can eat it though. I am so lazy for work today. Always the Monday blue! I wish weekends were longer! Oh grrr. 

Time has been so hectic and packed but I manage to divide my time week. Back from week, straight away dinner, exercise, shower and start with my two papers a day for TOPIK on weeks. Guess I can bring all the papers I have done for teacher to check next week. Never thought of that though. Weekends would be my Chinese study. I can't just concentrate on one all the time. Wanna divide equally! Busy! I can't speed up my Chinese now since it's getting harder. :(

Adios people. 

5 March 2016

Thean Hou Temple

We did not manage to visit Thean Hou Temple last Chinese New Year, but did not expect the decorations are still there and so beautiful! The lightings are so nice. Definitely a good visit. 

Clears off your mind when you are here and reminds me a lot of my father too. He likes this place too.

Finally a Meet Up

Finally manage to attend my first Meet Up for 2016! I missed it for two months. Though there's lesser people lately, tend to leave but end up enjoyed the day. Basically there's no local at all, just me. There's Japanese, Korean, Pakistan, India and Iraq. But yeah, their profession is so much better than mine. Definitely way better. Admire instead, sadly. Good topics and practise for English. Since I speak too much Chinese lately! I wanna attend more often these meet ups onwards. Hopefully. Went for a drink after the meet up since there were so little people! 

This was prepared by our Korean host! These food taste good! I like duck one, it's common in Chinese as well! Yeah, amazing drinkers they have there. Not for me, just a coke. =3 Good girl. It someone drove, we could have stayed longer probably but nice chat though. Luckily I did not leave early, as I plan to though. 

Today I am gonna attend another meet up so yeah, after for so long. I was suppose to attend two classes of Chinese class so that I can have a week rest next week, but I wanna try a class and see how it goes first. So yeah. Mone flyed for the month. 

4 March 2016

Seo Kang Joon =3

I managed to finish two papers in a day on time and with high scores! Happy girl. I am gonna keep practising till I score perfectly. I am sleepy while doing but if I am not, I hope I am able too though. Silly mistakes for most of it. But yeah, practise makes perfect! It's weekend already! Finally some meet up that I missed after for so long! 

I am into Seo Kang Joon lately. I feel so old to be a fan. He's so good looking and he has such a nice skin! Wish my skin as nice as well! Hopefully this one month diet would let me gain back what I lost, my hair dropped so much, showing myself having totally lack of nutrients for this four month, I am not gonna practise this habit anymore. Once normal, I am gonna boost my hair growth next month maybe, regrets. 

No more dramas of him since Cheese in the Trap ended. I am gonna miss looking at him. I can't believe he got my attention over Park Haejin! I use to be a fan as well, oh well still is =3. 

Two more days till epic schedule. Exciting ! 

3 March 2016

No Sense of Regrets

I am amazed with some people that has no sense of regret at all for what has happened. Just amazingly stunned and amuse. But of course this world, exists with all kind of people. We can't always have lucrative people around you all the time. Scums and goods exists in parallel. Accept reality and deal with it. This is life. 

I finally able to start of TOPIK timing! So far okay. I manage to score good. Gonna practise a paper a day onwards. Guess I need to print more, batch by batch since I am gonna do at least one paper during my class as well. Don't wanna repeat them. And the papers are quite repetitive, feel like random pick to do the papers. Oh well, see how it goes. 

Few days more till my healthy plans starts. I mean seriously, my hair is falling much more than before ever since I started diet and it's not a good sign. I hope for a month, I would see good results instead. Just applying stuffs ain't gonna help if I am damaging the internal part of me. So yeah, Next Monday would be it! I need to nail it! HEALTHY achievement that is! 

A day of work and it's weekend. Groceries to do on Sunday. 


2 March 2016


I was suppose to start timing my TOPIK yesterday but I was busy doing nonsense that I do not have time now. I guess I would need to really start by today. So I am able to practise again with more papers. I only manage to revise a little bit of the grammars. Weighing scale KO-ED on me yesterday and yes, I weigh myself every single day to keep track on my weight. I just need to loose a few more pounds and my resolution is accomplished. I am gonna shed these few pounds with healthier style next week onwards. It's time to tone up. I am ready! I wanna make it a habit for the rest of my life and I hope I can do it. I know it's really good for health and I don't wanna give myself any excuses anymore. Fighting! 

I wake up early every single morning in a week. I still need to bear with this the least till early April. Till my TOPIK exam. Hopefully when I continue my Korean class in SS2, there would not be any morning class anymore. Instead of next month, I decided to reduce my Chinese class to four classes a month, this month onwards. Since I finished the 6 levels faster that I thought. Now, I am on higher level syllabus, without romanization! Gosh. Harder but I will work hard. I wanna take the exam on June. Hopefully can make it. The exam is expensive! I will see how it goes after my TOPIK. Need to do well for this as well! 

Time passes so fast. It's already the third month and in a blink of eye, it would be mid-year! OH MY GOD! then it's 2017! that's it month, a year I am more looking forward too. Realising every resolution for real. Getting back my early sleeping habits as of now. :)

Done with my Law of Jungle collection! Watching it soon! =3

1 March 2016

Scum Bags and the START

Well, my whole body was aching yesterday due to the extreme exercise. This proved that I did not exercise much at all! This is not a good thing at all. Gonna rock this habit next week! Till today the body is still aching. Aww man. 

Teenage/generations are really scums. I am really speechless that we are related. Honestly, I wished my mum should have gave birth older siblings instead at least they would fall on a better generation. More decent and mature I should say but what's more can I say now. It's only about time now? I don't remember myself this way when I was a teenager though. Lowly classified daily life activities, treating blood-related people like trash and dirt. Yeap, you got it right. Cold blooded that is with no regrets. I have already forgotten these people for a long time for obvious reason. Despicable and disgrace. Don't even wanna give a glance, not single one. 

Oh well, let's stop the unpleasant topic. It's already March. How was your day for the leap day of the year? You can only experienced it once in four years! Gosh, so fast, it's already the third month which means mid-year is coming soon. Time is scary! 

Patience they said. Definitely a good practise for 2016.