30 June 2016

Last Day of June - The Fool of Myself.

I have made myself a fool again. Feel like a crap now, probably shouldn't boast about it too much, so yeah. Probably end up with disappointment. Not gonna put any high hopes anymore since I can't break through the wall of these people and this is the second time already. I am tired of it. Just be normal and natural. That's it I give up already. Probably just now my luck. Adios. Sad. Just live with it.

Finally attend the last class for Chinese till further notice. Hopefully to be able to finish the book by end of July and get my relatives and friends to mark them. Let's give it a through. Hopefully I can finish the 6 books by early next year and also to finish the exam till HSK 5! Woots, along with Korean as well. Hopefully by end of the year I can start with Japanese language and German probably. See how it goes.

I feel like a crap yesterday during the meeting, like "Why the fuck am I doing here, wasting my time? Why am I so fucked up here?". Yeah, fuck it with patience man. I have 8-9 months more to go. I am using this time to do a good plan, hopefully it turns out good man. So sick of it and tired as well. 2015 has been not so good, please hopefully the future would be really good. 

I am not doing it anymore. Retiring from it. No, retreat from it. I can sort of guess how they are like ad. Though I hope it's wrong though. Gosh. pftt.

29 June 2016

Second Last Day of June

It's already the second last day of June! Time passes really fast. I am so close ad. Hope tomorrow is it! I will achieve it ! Feeling thankful though. Lately I have been thinking too much, way too much. So much of misses. I try to keep myself occupied so that I would not think too much. Happy thinking about next week, I am only gonna work for one and a half day! A long holiday. Should plan a short trip instead though! Let faith do the plan. Don't wanna overdo it. 

I wish... but I know... it's only me who's thinking so much. It's nothing. Oh well, I think it's normal at this age. Okay, stop it, don't wanna talk about this topic. I dislike it.

I am able to control my feelings better now even when I came across about it or need to talk about it. It's hard at first, but as time goes by, I am only able to talk about it. I am really thankful those who sincerely helped. I just feel like expressing again how grateful I am, I really can't imagine how 2015 was. I never thought I could go through it but I did. I have gone through the most overwhelming period of my life. From, friends, family and career. 

The good is coming soon. It will. 

28 June 2016

Tick Tock

Finally the current mode is back, I really hope today I will not do it again but let's see the results for later today before deciding. I am feeling really envious these days, in fact all the time. Especially since last Saturday. My friends are mostly older than me, cause I prefer to mix with people that's more mature. I don't really like things that are childish though I am still a little childish though, I feel so. I like listening to their experience. Especially for someone that has achieved most of their career. Thumbs up. Wonder why I am born here. I really hate the fact. Working hard and thinking hard of ways to move out from this place.

I am really close to my results now. I hope this week would be it. June is coming to an end, July is coming. The second half year, I wish I will achieve my target the fullest by July. I am already so close, like 1-2 more, please don't ruined it. Please. I have worked so hard for this results, 8 months. I don't wanna wash it away just like that.

I really hope the plans on weekend works. They are the only people relax with. I feel stress free. I don't know, I can sort of be myself, I guess. I am tired of putting a mask around me, acting strong and mature. I am human too, I am tired at times, I wanna to be a female too though I think being a man is way off more convenient. 

27 June 2016

Well Spent Weekend

My weekend is so occupied this week! Another round of karaoke session with le high school friend  than dinner with another high school friend. Finally some bingsu from Namoo in the Park! I saw another Bingsu Cafe as well, need to try it next week! Can't wait! It's not so great or maybe we ordered the wrong one. Oh well. No more second time that is. 

A whole week of work this week and I will have a long break next weekend. Like finally after for so long! I wanna save up my leaves towards end of the year, wanna have long weekends. So probably would take in starting August! HMPHH.

Finally I have new friend to practise Korean with! This would be so awesome. Hopefully comfortably and genuinely as well.  woots. 

26 June 2016

Korean Meet Up At Last!

Oh well, finally some awesome meet up after last years! Awesome people came yesterday after for so long. Never been this crazy for a very long time! This is fun though. Meet up at some place I don't think meet ups are usually held. Meet all kind of people, then dinner at Ampang Korean town! Crazy dinner I shall say. Hosts were drunk and like pfftt, nonsense stories came up. This is like so weird. After the dinner, we went to a short Korean karaoke session! It was quite okay but I just realised I miss out my part for this session. Damn, the dinner was expensive thanks to the alcohols and I practically din eat much! Whatever, no more another time. I din manage to take some nice pictures but manage to met some nice oppas! Finally! 

After the karaoke session, went for a chat session with the oppa! Never expect to be invited but thankful man. Chatted for like two hours at some cafe nearby my area? Many people were looking, maybe cause we look different there. Outstand the crowd. HAHA.

My first day was a success, Let's keep it through! I have stronger motivation now! woots! 

25 June 2016

The will, the challenge. DAY 1

This current method is not working anymore. I need to use back the old method that I use to do, I am not sure what's and hows the result gonna be, will it be as quick as the current one, I am gonna try today onwards for two weeks, see if there's any decrease. I need to be strict on it! This is about to test my will, resistance and how strong I am now. Except for 1 of July, since I will have a buffet. I will try to use my current method for the particular day but if it doesn't work, I need to revert to my old method that is, probably a sign I should stop after 8 months. Not good. Now, I need to train my resistance, it's gonna be hard but I need to stay strong and achieve my target fully next month. The least, by this week. Oh please. 

These are my favourite ladies and they are my motivations! Let's rock it! July my last shot to my exact target before shaping, so close yet so far! I need to achieve it! Fighting! I don't wanna be envious anymore. I am so tired of it, I am actually really tired doing what I do now but now, I need to revert my method, my tiredness would be lesson but my mentality and internally would be challenge. Wish me luck guys for a month the least. Hopefully it would be a success. 

Today would be my outing day, it has been some time since I went to meet ups. Been busy or occupied to attend one. Just got this feeling to attend. I wanted to wear a little tighter today but guess I can't show since yesterday was epic fail. Sigh. Sad. The least, motivates me back to my old method, probably not as risk as my current one. Save money as well. HAHA! 

24 June 2016


It will come true. 





23 June 2016

Old Method

Yesterday was an awesome off day. I get to sleep more than my usual days without worries. Managed to finish all 9 lessons within a day yesterday. Gonna do some intermediate reading now. Hopefully by July I will be able to finish my soft copy study from Talk to me in Korean. Will print some hard copies as well if needed. August will be hard copies once again, from the centre and the one I printed from the website. Hopefully it will be on schedule. Fine for my languages but now it's something else that I need to worry right now. 

I happily almost achieve goal for almost half a year, because of this, I am neglecting and started to gain 2KG. Yes, I am so regretting it right now. I wanna use back the old method today onwards. It's getting bad lately and it's not easy and hurt nowadays. I wanna stop it, challenge with my desire. I wanna overcome it and I hope today would be it. I need to make it. I was suppose to make this month as the achievable month but seems like I need a month more. I hope July would be it, achieved that is. Wanna fight this battle! PRAYS! :(

Today is gonna be a really tiring day since I am gonna replace my 3 hours class and finish off the class next Thursday. Probably will be tuition free for RAYA! Finally some rest from languages! But yeah, would need to get ready for my HSK exam, which I am not even an inch to ready mode. This is sad. I am concentrating too much on Korean at home and Chinese outside. This is not promising at all. Not at all. 

I received a tragic news last few days and actually I am still in quite a shock mode still. I would need to re-flash back some memories, the very first time I started to learn driving and getting prepare with license and everything. There's one auntie at the counter that in-charges with everything, for me, basically from head to toe till I get my license. Well, that's quite some time, honestly, I never really see her later that nor met her anywhere, don't really remember her face but I remember her existence since all my siblings were handled but this friendly person. She passed away tragically in a car accident while crossing the road to the other side to catch a taxi. Apparently, it was a hit and run. I am not sure with the details but it's really sad to hear the news. She was just about to bring her brother's lunch and this happened. I heard that she was a very nice person. But why? She takes care of her brother whom is paralysed. RIP Miss Ong. 

Life is so unexpected whether if you are a good person or a bad person. Appreciate every little bits of life. There's so many unpleasant news since 2015. I wish there will be more good news when 2016 comes. Please. 

22 June 2016

No Results

There's no results for today and it's probably thanks to Monday! DAMN it. and today is the critical day! I need to achieve at least one this week! Tell me how! It's off today and I hope I can deal with it, maybe because I ate too much of cold stuff cause it's getting harder and hurtful now. Also, too much cold and sweet stuffs! I seriously need to cut down before it gets worst! CONTROL! PLEASE! Shouldn't have went groceries with mum and now end up more snacks! GRRRR! Less that a week left, and I am not achieving it totally at all. Feeling worried and stressed.

I have been thinking too much yesterday. Over think probably. Whether it is or not, I have no space to bother anymore. Women's mind is complicated, that's why I hate being friends with a lady now. When you have more guy friends, the ladies would think another way. What does these species of being want actually? I hate I am the same kind of species, so I try not to be the same TYPICAL kind of species! 

I miss the feeling but I do not miss him though or maybe I do but it's not worth the miss. I wish there's second time or more than a second time. That doesn't seems possible anymore. Sigh. I wonder. 

I need to monitor for today and see how it goes. No more back snacks! 

21 June 2016

Became 5

I used to have little more to go but now it has been more to go. I am feeling so regret now. My results has been stagnant, remained the same! This is so depressing, I am left with less than 2 weeks now. I am giving myself an excuse to drink my fruity alcohol. Please, I need to achieve it by next week. Remember it's suppose to be my last month this month? I should be able to fully achieve it by next month! OMG. The shaping has not start yet, I can't start yet till I achieve it. I am feeling so stress now but I am not putting much effort! This week will rule my determination. I need to do it! I NEED TO! 

Some time I do wish to blog in Korean but I don't remember my Korean keyboard. and the font is fading. I should make use of it though. Maybe I should get a sticker or keyboard from Korea! HAHA! I was so happy when my teacher grade my essay level as intermediate which means I am ready for intermediate! like finally after 2 years plus! Let's rock my languages! My Chinese is still on the rock. Damn it. 

I need to control the desire. Please, PMS is not an excuse. I need to remind myself everyday. Need to achieve my target this week. Fingers crossed. 

20 June 2016

Second Last week of June

Here it goes, July is coming already. Tick tock Tick tock. Time is so scary as always. I had the best sleep yesterday, I slept really late in the morning and woke up quite late. I actually woke up a little early but I slept back and woke up late. Finished my homework right away when I woke up managed to finish them within a day! Woots! Can peacefully start my online study tonight ! And it's an off day of Wednesday! Woots! Can't wait for the day to come already. Hopefully this weekend trip will successfully carry on since yesterday so heavy rain the whole day! Disliking the weather!

I am so close to my result and reminding myself everyday I need to fully achieve it by next month onwards since it's possible! It's Monday so yeah, the blue is here. Always. It's Father's Day yesterday as well. My first year without my dad, celebrating Father's Day. I always get him a gift during this day or on his birthday but this time, yeah. I miss him at times, I can't deny that. No one is perfect but he has been a great day supporting the family and I glad to have him, without him I wouldn't have grown so much love for UK and work so hard for it. Finding my way there at many ways. 

Thanks for every thing dad, you have been amazing. 


19 June 2016

Sunway Pyramid

I was out for the whole day again yesterday! Class in the morning then back home, lunch with family and head to Sunway Pyramid for a window shopping, wait not exactly, bought some stuff! HAHA! It has been some time since I went to that shopping centre, walked the whole day and almost the whole mall instead! Quite a big mall actually. Lots of different people as well. 

Planned to go to Fraser Hill and Berjaya hill today but end up did not make it and might post pone to next Sunday instead. Hopefully the plan is able to carry on when the time comes since we are unable to travel outstation now, sadly. The least, a day trip will do us fine. Want a short break from the world. 

Ate too much ice cream yesterday, feeling the odd now especially it's my PMS now, definitely not a good thing but yeah, I should watch my diet actually especially during this period. It's really not good to eat so much nonsense, I am not young anymore and it's important to take notice, I keep saying so but I did not implement it at all, ironically. 

I said I wanted to replace my Chinese class yesterday but end up I did not, the weather has bring the laze out of me. Damn it, I think I need to replace two classes on this coming Thursday! Hmph! Such a hassle now!


18 June 2016

Hopefully I am achieving it soon

Well, it's already weekend. I need to wake up early this weekend as well, probably. Wanna go for a road trip tomorrow. If I am feeling okay, that we might proceed with the trip though, it has been some time since our last Cameron Trip and I am sure there's lots of pictures to post! So yeah! I am excited for it already! Hopefully I am not too tired for it. Wanna travel some where at least with my sister. Woots! Wanna go Genting but see how it goes, maybe next Sunday. 

Lately I am so into Lee Soohyuk again. Probably cause of this new drama. It's not that great but still okay, watchable. It's called Lucky Romance. The drama has my favourite actress as well, Hwang Jeung Uhm! =3 I like her acting, just that ever since after I Hear Your Voice with Kim Jae Won, her characters are all alike in most dramas. She should change a little though and she always get to act with hawt actors! I am so envious! 

Isn't he hot? It's so hard to get a good wallpaper of him, I mean better quality of it. These are the best I have and I shall browse more of him. He's just so my cup of tea! In love!

It's not easy to find some part time jobs lately especially when I am only able to work starting from afternoon on Saturday, I don't mind working the whole day on Sunday but I can't just get a job that fits my time instead. That's too much so yeah, hoping everything would be settle and I can get my extra income on the business, really hope it will be a very good business! 

17 June 2016

Second last weekend of June

Lesser and lesser stuff to update about my life. Just busy revising, not so productive every time when it comes to Chinese, I wonder why! But still need to do better before next week comes, my Korean online study so yeah. Lots more to go to finish my Chinese textbook. Still need to get my workbook and hopefully the next level book as well ! 4 ! Hmm, lots to spend again! Hopefully I can take a break from class next month, I just need the books! 

I have two more weeks to fix things so let's do it right within these 14 days! There's not much time though it seems pretty long!

Keeps raining these days, cold and tired and lazy! HMPH! 


16 June 2016

Slow Results

My results has been really slow lately and I only left with two more weeks to totally stop my habit. This is nerve wrecking! I need to achieve it within these two weeks! 2-3 more to go! Little bit more to go! I really should reduce, though I cut to once, felt like it has increase, I need to reduce, control, this is not good with the increase! TT Though it's less during the day, the night has increase, this is really a bad sign! So yeah, I need to watch out today onwards. Feeling good that I am starting to walk back home but still need to work out the shaping, probably next month? In two weeks time, getting warm up/start up with the walking habit is good, need to work hard even more! Need to remind myself everyday! 

After a giving it a lot of thoughts, I have decided not to proceed with the Tioman trip, my heart tells me now. Feeling heavy cause I am more likely wish to go to Perhentian or Redang but can't afford now, why waste the money when I can save up more for nicer place? Probably just plan a day trip to Fraser/French village. Don't need an overnight plan. 

I am trying to control, all my best during the night. Felt like going out and grab something to munch but I CANNOT DO SO! Waste of money and it would ruin my result so yeah! CONTROL! YOU CAN DO THIS! 

15 June 2016


Lately I am refreshing back a lot of old memories, I am totally missing my memories back then. I enjoyed my study life from young till I am totally graduated from University! I had great experiences thanks to my parents! I can't wait 2016 to over as well, I wish the good is coming soon but on the other hand, I don't wanna age so fast as well. Too demanding. Some goals that I almost achieve this year and about and hope to achieve as well. I have already made some resolutions for my second half of 2016, to totally achieve my desired close goal and too totally stop my bad diet habits, health deteriorating and hair going bold though the fall has reduced a little. I am getting worried and get I have not stopped it. This is crazy. It's about me now. 

I have made some budget holiday plan, and guess the furthest we can go is Pulau Tioman or Pulau Pangkor, but opt out Pangkor since we been there before. So yeah, finalized Tioman as our destination since we have not been there before. Probably will go during end of July. Might book it this weekend probably. This is exciting. Guess I need to apply my leave soon! :) After so long, a holiday would do us good! Can't wait! Hopefully it's gonna be alright! 

Hope I am able to bring my mum as well, but things have not settled yet and I guess she does not have the mood for beaches. I really hope the matter can resolve soon. We have been worrying about it for a year. It's tiring. I hope to hear some good news soon! 


14 June 2016

Out of Plan!

Oh crap! I am out of the plan since last weekend! This ain't good at all. Moreover I am too sleepy to finish it too, can't concentrate so might as well I just finish off my drama! :) I know this is bad but I think I need to finish the exercise by tonight! I need to keep myself on track! I have so much to do and I need to give some time for my Chinese study still! Why am I so slacking these days? This is so bad and I am starting to get worry!

Okay, no more rooms for excuses. Let's finish the homework tonight and finish the revision on Thursday. Friday would be a preparation day for soft copy study onwards. Saturday would be the Korean day, to finish off my homework on the day itself, no more outing please. Need to be on my schedule and Sunday would be a Chinese day! Hope fully it would go on plan, it's all up to me on today onwards. Fingers crossed.

I am so sleepy while typing this. I woke up too early willingly. That explains. Initially doing a plan to Langkawi but the total budget is over my expectation. So probably might change my location to something that meets my expectation. Need to re-plan later. Pftt.

13 June 2016

Disaster and Screwed

I was suppose to stay in this weekend but I broke the promise, instead of going out with my friends, I went out with my mum and sister! Makes no difference, I still broke the promise! I should stay in supposingly! I am so off the schedule now and I eat out throughout the weekend, fuck the weight. I am so tired of dieting and worry about it. That's what I felt last weekend and I so regret it right now thinking about all my effort that I have put. Now, I need to work hard again. Sigh. Life.

I was suppose to stay in and finish my Korean homework and study hard but I went out, great man. I need to take my Chinese exam and I have not start anything since I always spent my weekdays with Korean. I used The Conjuring 2 as my excuse on weekend, but since there's no more horror movie coming up. I should not have anymore excuse and no more outings! I need to save up as well. Oh please already! 

I was thinking of working in cafes like Starbucks or coffee beans, guess I would need to do some research next week or this Sunday. I need to stay in on Saturday in order to do so! To finish my Korean home work on that day itself!!! I need to! I wanna earn some extra income, don't feel what I have now is enough at all! TT 

It's already mid-june. Another 2 more weeks it's July. Scary! 

12 June 2016

The Conjuring 2

I watched The Conjuring 2 with my sister yesterday night and I would say its an awesome movie! Met my expectation. The storyline was okay too, I would rate the movie 8.5/10! The storyline is a little predictable but the scaring parts still got me. I took a hell out of a journey to watch this show, I was suppose to watch in a bigger group but out of plan, I backed out for some reasons I do not want to mention at all. Past is a past and learn from lessons. Mistakes are meant to learn. At least, I get to watch my favourite movie with good seats! Satisfied! This time, comes with British accent! My favourite definitely! For those has not watch the movie, please do! No regrets. I am a big fan of James Wan's directed movies! 

Yesterday was a hectic day, I need to wake up early to attend class and was suppose to attend two meet ups but I did not. Cause I am too tired and felt lazy as well. I am feeling guilty for backing out last minute but yeah, hang out with le sister at some places that I wanted to visit for some time! And here we go again, the bingsu day! Finally able to drop by Cafe Story at last! The ambience of the cafe's environment is good. Good place for a hang out/chitchat but it closes early though. 

I wasn't quite impressed with the bingsu though, it's a little pricey for the quality. I would opt out this place for another bingsu. We ordered kimbab and it did not turned out well as well. It was really salty and I do not really think I would try the rest of the food already. Might be nice aside from kimbab maybe? 

I had the mood to play the piano after some time and yesterday was it. Just feel like want to play. This is one of the pieces I love to play. Hoping that I can play at least once a week. It has been some time and probably I wasn't feeling quite happy for the day. I would do this to heal my thoughts.

Yesterday was a disaster. Just day and my results are ruined, how am I suppose to succeed my result? Oh please stop already! 

11 June 2016

Packed with schedules.

I was so sleepy for the whole day yesterday! Thanks to some people but like mum said, everyone deserves a second chance so  I hold my anger and did not shoot them. I have warned them, if there's second time, you know me. I won't shoot at your face, but those unfamiliar faces who came. Don't get me doing it. I have my limits as well. What's wrong with the generation these days, really sad to say. Probably it's just mine this way, as mentioned before this. I am envious of others, really. But yeah, learning to be more patient and compassionate. PFTT. 

When I just came out to the working world, I don't even dare to surf other stuff or touch my phone much during work. But these day people have such guys, the world now. Even I just came in knowing my uppers do surf at times, I don't do it till time goes by. AND I only do it when I have finished my tasks completely. But, I am just speechless with freshie these days. I use to be one, now I can understand my seniors. But I am sure I never gave any trouble to my seniors. I always try my best! I love to learn, I try to help as much as I could cause I am new and fresh. Lots for me to absorb and learn. 

My day is quite packed today. I am lazy to go to meet ups and still deciding. Let's see how it goes after my class. I am definitely gonna be late though. Since I would need to replace my class. I need to ask first. GRR.

Feeling so thirsty lately. Feeling like drinking cold water and frizzy drink all the time, I know it's bad and I am holding it. 

10 June 2016

Reckless and thoughtless words.

It rains almost everyday lately! Especially during the evening, spoilt the evening/ night plans. And it's always me that feels really cold in the office! :( The results seems really slow lately! I am happy with walking back home lately. I am gonna do it till the end, I really should start my shaping this weekend and slowly stop my bad habit and slowly begin the healthy eating habit. Cutting it one shot, it's gonna be a little hard. I will need to put an effort and try my best! I need to totally shade the habit off my next month! 

Lately, I have been reminiscing a lot back in those memories when I was in the UK. I really missed my life there, ups and downs but the good outweighed the bad, so I feel happy and thankful. I have been looking at pictures of the city I stayed and places I went. I just love the UK. I may like South Korea and wish to go there, but about migrating or settling down, I would still choose UK. I would want to stay there for life. My biggest and ultimate dream. I hope to be able to achieve this dream one day. 

Some people just has these reckless and rude and thoughtless words and actions. Make accusations without finding out the evidence or truth. Can't put words in a better way, not like I have offended the person. For god sake, your age is almost the double of mine but doesn't seems to be fed with proper EQ, sadly! I have no words to describe or to voice out, I will just let karma do it's job. If you think you're so capable, you would have been a higher position at that age and at a better place. PFTT. I really don't wanna say, but sometimes it's overboard. Don't take advantage. Be a civilised human! I feel sad for these people. Went though almost half of their life but... sigh. World with all kind of people. They are just part of it, I have long way to go. 

Research has proven that writing out your feelings helps in stress relieve and yaeh, that's why I have been blogging lately. I don't like to speak out my problems, cause I think I can't really find someone that is able to totally relate in my position. I don't like people know my stuffs too much as well, people that I know. Even the time I had a good friend, I did not shared much as well. I don't feel safe, and the feeling was right. Nailed my instinct right away. Disappointed but lesson learnt! 

9 June 2016


I am so screwed up. I feel it's getting worse, more than it used to be. This is really bad. I need to find a way to solve it by today, otherwise, it would be really bad and lead to no results at all. The least, control it. Strong will. Need to make it. OMG. I am nervous. I am gonna try till this weekend, control. Hopefully to slowly stop it next week onwards. Oh please, I wanna achieve my target this month. Just a little bit more to go! 

I have been walking with my sister back home today, no more taxi but bus. Surprisingly, it feels good. I don't feel tired and it's refreshing, not to mention, it's a good form of exercise as well. Guess I would do it for long term, in fact I can save up a lot as well! I have been spending too much on taxi fares! GRRR! Need to loose the lazy attitude. Since I have not start any exercise as promise, the least I need to walk this much! Wonder when can I start my shaping, been saying since last two months. June my last shot. please. please. 8 months is BAD!

This time, I say it I need to do it. I am suppose to reduce not increasing it. Please, today onwards. The will. Just liquids from today onwards. Even back home. YOU CAN DO THIS!


8 June 2016

Broke the promise

I was suppose to stop yesterday but seems like I would need to continue till end of this week instead, I know it's bad but I can't help it, it has been 8 months, it's getting worse. I really should stop and that's why I said June is my last shot. It really need to be though. I need to make it happen.

Yesterday finally resumed my Chinese class, I was dead sleepy but I withstand it till the end, I really wanted to go back since I am there just to get my book marked. Yet, it's still not finish marked. I need to get it finish marked by this month and I will take a break again to finish my new book, problem is there's no workbook. Guess I need to ask again next week. Pftt. Am I too in hurry ? Sometimes I feel like I am, wait all the time actually. Good or bad?

I am still deciding if I should go this Saturday, since I have so much to do and if I go, it would be a rush after my class and I would be out for the whole day! So should I go? It's two meet ups in a day though. Busy day for me if I would to attend. Dilemma. Grr.

So watching The Conjuring 2 with le family this weekend! I am really looking forward with James Wan's movie! I saw the ratings were good so yeah, can't wait to watch the movie already! HOORRAY! YES! I am a big fan of horror movies, scared but I still watch them. I don't know why maybe I just like to scare myself, pay to scare myself. I need to bring some scarf or blanket just in case to cover up. HAHA!

7 June 2016


Lately, I really feel like going for a holiday! But yeah, I need to work hard in order to do so. Sigh, everything seems to be so expensive!. Definitely not out of the country this year, probably to Langkawi or Redang for this year. That's all I would like to visit for 2016. Hopefully I am able to visit somewhere further next year! Fingers crossed. 

Finally I am on scheduled. Hope to finish quicker instead. I have also found a new way to revise and improve my Korean as well. After this week revision, I will revise my Korean in soft copy next week, talk to me in Korean website, that would be. I heard it's a good side. So after finalising the hard copy revision, the soft copy of the side would be my new method of revision next week onwards! Exciting. I just browsed through yesterday, I saw there's many things to read and study about. Feeling relieved and happy. I rest for 2 months and this is it, I need to be hardworking back again. At the mean time, sort of my Chinese study as well. I am still deciding when should I take my exam.

Okay, I should really end it, no more over exceeds and do it all over again. Yesterday that's it. I will make use of my oats/soyas for the night! Guess I need to get some Greek yogurt as well.

Finally, Chinese class tonight after for so long. Pfft.

6 June 2016

Time to Start

Finally done my chores! House and room cleaned! Feeling refreshing now! It's time to start my revision as scheduled. Oh gosh, I need to replace my class tomorrow. Tiring. Hopefully to finish my Korean revision before weekend. Wanna concentrate on Chinese soon for the exam. I feel I need more time though. Always feel my time is not enough. I wish there's 36 hours in a day! 

I am feeling a little tense to go to work though. Few things to settle and it's not easy, oh well you know. Colleague is on leave today and I will be all alone and boring, as usual. Wait, makes no difference though. 

Be positive and strong! 

5 June 2016

Time to STOP and start saving as well.

Went out almost the whole day yesterday and I said I only would go out today instead. Oh well, I guess I should stay in today instead. Apparently my teacher wouldn't allow me to bring back the whole set to finish off for some reason I can't understand. Sigh. Guess I need to revise the old notes instead, memorise and understand them. Went back home just to fetch my mum to Jaya One to check out the Machine sales, and didn't know we need to line up for it, so we left and went to SS2 for Lunch/brunch. It has been some time since I ate Taiwanese food though. And dessert later that! Finally able to try the new Bingsu in town from Beans and Beans! I ordered green tea and caramel but only managed to take the green tea's picture. The picture tells it all. Not enough green tea for me. Not smooth enough, but still okay. A little pricey compared to the others. I have basically tried all the bingsu in town! Left with One Utama's Bingsu and I am done. Which is the best? Villa Ju's mont kiara has good bingsus from the other time I went there, but I heard it's not so nice lately or maybe depends who makes it I guess? Another one is Owl's Espresso Cafe. They have good bingsus as well. In fact the price is reasonable! Definitely would drop by the second time to try the other flavours! 

I am a big fan of cafes and shaved ice / ice cream. I would only hunt for these places but not restaurants with heavy foods though. I enjoy cold food but yeah, these places will be my last spots. I will need to stay in this week onwards and start saving, have been eating and spending a lot! I am gaining weight already from what I lost and I am regretting it. I need to resume the unhealthy plan till end of the month probably, it has been 8 months I am doing it and I don't feel good. My sore throat has not recover about a week, I will need to start worry if it's not recovering by this week, as well as my swell from the blood donation. I really hope by next month, I am already achieving it and that's it with the bad plan! My last shot, remember? 

After the dessert thingie, went for a stroll in the car. Dropped by a cafe that I have always wanted to try. In fact, this place was not my first choice, Cafe Story is always close when I want to visit. Damn it. The food is just soso though. Nothing really special to me. I don't think I would have a second visit.

I gonna need to try the cafe beside in future. But yea, it's a halt on my hunting now. I need to loose weight already! GRRRRR! 

4 June 2016

Embrace the Memories

Yesterday I was a little emotional, looking back at all my old pictures when I was in UK, I really miss those memories. The memories are still so vivid in me. I have good times and bad times, having awesome people around me when I need them. I just miss those days. Visited to places I love, being able to stay in my favourite country, I am really thankful and if it's not because of my dad, I wouldn't have experience this. At least, I have been there, I don't wanna compare myself but I need to be grateful. This experience of my life had taught me a lot of things, I became more mature and more aware with my personality. I decided to change for the good, am sorry and thankful at the same time. Human do mistakes, but don't repeat the same mistakes anymore. To be able to meet all kind of people in the world, is a bliss. Having friends from various countries, couldn't be more envious with Asian who was born and raised in the UK, which make them BBC. I wish I am as well. Sigh. Life. If life could be better, I wish to visit more places with my own hardwork and I hope this opportunity would come one day. 

I have tones of pictures, but I picked out my favourites! They were my awesome friends that were there when I was having a hard time. I am really thankful. They were there to send me off during my last day in the UK, friend came back a day before just to attend my graduation. THANK YOU GUYS! Most of them are doing quite well now. Happy for them. Wish I am able to visit them one day. 

3 June 2016


It's weekend soon already and I skipped my Chinese class yesterday which I should have attend! Nevermind I will replace next Tuesday one shot! Hmph! Need to get the new books and get my teacher to mark my finish workbook as well. So much to do. I wanna ask my Korean teacher to give me more homework as well, I wanna revise and do more though, wanna ask ways to improve my Korean. Need to clarify the Wesak day as well. So much to think of though. I wake up early 6 days in a week now. Sigh, tiring life but I am enjoying actually.

My grabcar payment still can't go through and I need to settle by this week otherwise I can't use it to travel to my study place on next Tuesday. I need to go to the bank later today to settle this! Gosh! such a hassle having a Public Bank card which I really dislike! That's why I never wanted to apply for one! Oh well, I have got no choice though. 

I feel I revealed too much about myself to someone I don't really know. I do not know the truth and the real person yet, maybe I should do less talk and if I want to, I need to talk less about myself. Spilling too much though. This ain't good at all. I need to be careful from now on! This world has all kinds of people. 

I see when people achieved their dreams, I do feel really envious. When is it gonna be my turn? Will 2016 slowly getting better? Will my career slowly approaching? I will take 2016 as an excuse to brush up my Chinese and Korean, hopefully by next year I can finish up the two languages final exams and begin with Japanese and German soon! So many languages I would like to learn! I just love languages and I want to be a really multi-lingual person! 

I have been really lazy to attend meet ups lately or even arranging one. Guess I will find some time after properly organising my languages classes and revision this week till next week. Should be able to have a stable schedule by next week onwards! Fingers crossed. 

June would be a less outing month in fact for the whole year, I need to save up for lots of things! Less spending already. I have bought all my needs and I should stop spending on the non-necessaries. Things are expensive now and not like my salary gonna increase any time though. Duh-

2 June 2016

Second Day of June

Oh well, my first day was well spent! Hang out with the ex colleagues after work! It has been so long since I seen them, some were half a year, some a year! Look at how time passed! Oh they keep teasing me during the meet up :( Anyway on my way to my old work place, I manage to take a picture of a rainbow! 

Oh well, yes my ex company is near to Petronas Twin Tower, I use to work for a bank before I moved into a smaller company and I promised myself not to go to a small company anymore but a MSC company instead. Oh well, life is short, worth a try at least. Probably my day yesterday to see such a nice and big rainbow! I was wondering why these locals were taking pictures of the tower when they are able to see it almost everyday, and wahlahh is this pretty fella. I am feeling happy already! :) Thank you ! 

When you talked about relationship with a guy friend, I never really had this topic discussed with a guy friend but yeah. Girls are drama, though I am lady myself. Gossips, jealousy. That's why he refer this quote to me today! 

and I agreed to these statements! So agree in fact. That's explains why I have more guy friends around me these days. I have been hurt badly once and that's it man. Girls are just drama bitches. 

1 June 2016

First Day of June

Today is already the first day of June, the official mid-year. Am I looking forward? I am curious as well. This is so insane. Okay, my Public new card is giving me problem, this is so frustrating! I need to solve the issue tomorrow. Damn it so duoduo yeh. Such a hassle, that's why I don't used their debit card, if it's isn't because of work. 

It's already the tenth year for Big Bang and I have followed them for almost 10 years as well. I am a proud VIP. From then till now. I have never changed my devotion towards them, unlike towards the others. I am glad I am still standing strong as a fan as of now. I hope I will continue to be so. 

Besides Big Bang, I am the same towards Block B as well. My devotion towards BEAST has lessen due to certain reasons. Maybe I just love groups that has great composers or close to my interest/style. 

Settled my bill, left with my tuition fees and lrt! I need to cash out later today. Oh yes, I always carry limited cash for myself. The world is not safe though. I am scared to spend off the money as well, it's a hard earned money though. I need to save up already. Over the budget for the month!