31 July 2016


Alright, I finally went for class yesterday morning! Initially I planned to go for three hours but I decided not to replace it and just extend it instead. Makes my life easier though, always would need to keep myself on track, tiring. I went for a blood donation after class, my second time for the year of 2016, I should have donate more earlier. Never thought of it though but yeah, guess there's people who need my blood and I should do more. This time I don't really feel dizzy or much, much better instead compared to the first time I donated. Maybe probably because my diet is off and on for this month! Shit, no more tomorrow onwards! I have found my inspiration. 

Went for Korean lunch with le mum and sister, wanted to go to Hartamas for lunch but end up in Ampang due to distance. I wanted to try the Chinese-Korean food there badly but it's too far to take the risk. And right away I am back home, a short rest, I need to head up for another round with the oppas. These bunch has filled me up with all kind of knowledge. Will I be over knowledge? 

I said I wanna tag along to the place they went yesterday, the girls are really pretty! I am not sure if they are natural, but I am envious though. I feel pity for them as well. They look nice though, too bad the job scope is just not right, sadly. Oh well, money is hard to earn though. 

I had a long day yesterday and it's gonna be one today as well. My weekend has always been  busy lately. 

30 July 2016

5 For August

It's a failure for the month of July. I do not know what's wrong with me but it's disappointing totally. In fact, back to square result. I feeling so depressed now. I am gonna take it as an excuse for the blood donation tomorrow. I am feeling really down now though, I was suppose to achieve the total results this month but I failed it. I hate myself for not achieving it. I need to extend for another two months and year end is coming. I am feeling devastated. What should I do to myself?!

Anyway, went to the Food and Beverage Fair with my mum yesterday, took leave just to attend this fair and in hopes to look for business opportunity. Apparently there's only one booth who offers bingsu machine but the machine don't really produce good bingsu as tried. Thank god their office is around our area, Megamall Korea. I often heard of this company. It's not cheap I gotta say even after discount during the fair. Disappointing that it's only booth, there's many other Korean booths as well, in fact, pretty much from snacks to seafood. I wish I have the capital to bring over the business to Malaysia, thinking about myself, I feel so sad and depressed. 

For the past half year, in fact from end of last year, to avoid myself from thinking too much I have been meeting different people from different background. Its's really interesting though. People tend to leave once you got close and cliched with them, it's sad but that's life. It has been happening till now. No one stays. Probably the people I know are not local or to say, about to go aboard to work or study, or to live there. And me? I am still stuck here, though I am the one who wants to leave them most. Left with another half of year from me to decide and apply for scholarship and I hope to really get it though. Now am thinking if I should continue my Korea after this term is finished. Wanna save up some money if I got the scholarship. Let's decide again next month which is soon.

Manage to grab some ice cream on the way. my favourite as usual. It's Yuzu sundae from Texas's Chicken, it's just soso though. Keeping my mind away from things. 

I need to begin for real on Monday onwards. Plans and schedule done and it's time to follow for real. 5 more to go. So near yet so far, let's make it work before the trip and before everyone leaves, like how..... I don't wanna say. 

29 July 2016

the Diet

Today would be my third day of the diet, there's results but I am not quite sure yet, gonna weight myself tomorrow to see the actual results whether this diet works or not. I trick a little during the diet, hopefully it wouldn't affect much though. If the result is good I am gonna continue for another 2 days and start with body toning next Monday. I am also on speed with my essay reading, hopefully by next week I will able to finish reading all the intermediate essays. 

I can't skip class anymore so yeah, which means Tuesday to Friday especially Friday I can't go out supposinly. It has been some time since I attend my Korean class, a month maybe? and I paid for my fees! So yeah, 3 hours class this week onwards. The study more is on yoh! 

I need to reduce my outings but doesn't seems to get it work at all. which means my study time has lessen pretty much but thank god it's still sort of on track though. 

28 July 2016

AT Lost

Yesterday night was a well, some how. I do not know what to say but I do not know how to reply as well. I do not know how to feel as well cause I don't feel quite well as well. What should I say though? Oh gosh. 

I have  tried with the military plan for the first day and it's successful. Hopefully till the end ! 

today is DAY 2! 

27 July 2016


I was surfing for toning up videos when I stumble upon a military diet for 3 days only, people manage to loose 3-4KGs. Is that even possible? Like that's crazy just with this diet in a week? I was so curious that I went to the groceries yesterday to try this out for 2 days to see if it really works, I even stuffed myself yesterday to test the results. I hope I won't regret this cause I increase my weight for the sake of this. My last shot. If it doesn't work, my oats and yogurt diet begins next week with body toning, in fact hope to start this weekend though, need to mark a month work out on my calender to time myself the results. Hope no more beast-full feast! I don't want to be back to the old me. It's pathetic! :(I am giving a month delay till August for my final results, 5KG more to go. Let's rock it. I don't want to stop yet till I achieve it though many has advised me to stop loosing, too skinny is horrid. Pffttt. 

I am still feeling frustrated over the matter that happened last Sunday, I feel so bad and not happy at the same time, I was never really unhappy in the group before, but that day really made me upset a little but I can show or say it out. Cause I know they are concerned with me, it's all my fault that everything has happened. I feel so regret and guilty still though they said it's not. I know it, I am sorry, really do. I can feel the love from you guys. THANK YOU.

I wonder it's a good thing or a bad thing. Oh well, fuck it, let's do the military diet and the toning next Monday onwards! The first day of August! 


26 July 2016

Failed Again

I was suppose to start today but I failed it again, as always and it's already the last week of July! I am not sure if I can the least of the results now! I am feeling so regret and disappointed with myself. Why do I keep failing it? I am already so close to my goal why not achieve it totally? Hopefully today is the starting point, oh please. No more dragging to the next month, it's gonna be end of the year soon. I am feeling worried since I have not achieve anything at all yet. This is pathetic. I hate myself!

Oh well, I only slept for 3 hours went to work and rush back to meet them during the night, just to make sure the atmosphere is alright after the incident and seems like they are okay but not so good impression on him anymore. Hmm. I am feeling like I am caught in the middle again and I am feeling so bad during the morning. Called up two person to talk about it, but now I am feeling much better now. 

I have already skipped the maximum of my Korean class so yea, I need to attend for 3 hours class for a month now. Save up my time and petrol at the same time. Revising back my essays today onwards. Hopefully no more outings during weekdays anymore. Only weekend. I need to keep myself on track with my language studies and also now my diet including my tone up thing today onwards and full force next week onwards, the new month. I need to save money and time. So weekdays is it. I can do this !


25 July 2016


Yesterday was a crazy date. A date turned into a big matter. I was reluctant to wake up but woke up early yesterday and thankfully have some time to do some cleaning in my room but not the floor yet, probably next weekend since I am schedule free probably. Right away head for appointment, from lunch, movie, a tea and till late dinner with the gang. Finally Ampang has bingsu now but it's not so nice though. The milk is not enough. I called the single green tea, it's not so bad after all. At least, the nearest to my place. I don't know the love for bingsu. 

Korean BBQ dinner with the brothers and this is where the overwhelmed stories begins, I was so pressured and sorry for causing all the happenings. I need time to think over or heal. This could be phonia though. I never thought so far, it felt like a dream. At least, will have breaks or normal life from now, even rush back to hear the explanation. What a crazy night. Speechless as well. I do not know what to say and feel as well as judge! 

I am feeling confused now. 

24 July 2016

Crazy Night Out

What a crazy night yesterday! Slept for only two hours and need to rush to Midvalley to manage some meet up. Stayed there for like hours and rush home to grab the cake I left and forgotten then drop my Korean friend at this bar and straight to friend's place. I am basically out the whole day. Even went to friend's place in the morning to collect the swimsuit. I almost forgot that my friend's mum has last stage of cancer, it's sad to see any parents that are in sick. Please be healthy people. I feel their family is pretty warm, uncles and aunties came for breakfast. Sigh, wish I had this blood-related warm family gathering too but too bad. Hard for me. 

Well, Starbucks again yesterday. This time I manage to try the green tea chocolate and it was really nice! :) I have all kind of names from Starbucks. No one really get my name right but yeah, thanks for the drink! :) It's not cheap though. 

I do not know how did I manage to forgot to  bring the cake that I need to go back and grab it but end up the main character can't make it so we made special video for her instead. Had an amazing dinner as well. Friend is a great cook with lots of variety of foods, I am really gonna put on weight! 

His lovely dog, really pretty and cute, she doesn't seems to really fond of me. That is really sad and most of the time she's in the cage since there's so many guest. There's another black poodle as well behind her but can't really see the clear cut. 

Besides, finally I get to go for a swim! Though it's raining a little and got heavier so we were forced to get out of the pool and it was really cold! I was shivering instead! But I had fun and thanks to the lovely instructor oppa. Though he did not learnt long as well. 

I put too high expectation on big oppa's lady. I am not sure if it would be a good choice of partner but my instinct tells me it's not really a good idea but well, guys will never realise it. Girls on girls are always right. Oh well, not my choice or decision or life. Need more meetings for more understanding. Shall not comment anymore. Mouth shut. 

We spent hours deciding what to do after the couple left. End up we went back home instead cause the time is hanging and there's nothing to do at all so yeah. All went home. 

What a day I had. Hopefully today would be fruitful as well. My last day but not too much. Yogurt thing was suppose to start by last week but postponed to this week so yeah, partially maybe I need to succeed the least and strengthen it within two months till September. I can do this baby! 

23 July 2016

Skipped the class again

I skipped my class yesterday again. The second time and I need to replace two classes now. I have been debating whether or not if I want to go but ended up skipping the class. Let's be serious next week onwards okay. This weekend totally the last fun and easy going okay? My diet is a total disaster since last week as well. I am so regretting it. So yeah, closing one eye till this weekend and gonna revamp the schedule for Monday onwards till end of August, hopefully some workout to do. It's really the time to tone up though. Looking horrid now! :(

Anyway, it was a crazy night. Last minute decision to sing k. It's quite pricey for Redbox but they have much more songs. This place is really old, besides updating the prices they should upgrade the system and the place as well. Though I just renewed my for life member, don't think this place would be my choice in near future. It's crazy. 

After the karaoke session, went to my friend's place to help out the preparation and yea, apparently it was my friend's bad day. Car broke down and nothing really went pretty well so we lend a hand. Well, end up updating the blog at 7AM. I need to wake up at 11AM to prepare. This is insane though. I have a meet up to attend and a house party to attend. I am gonna be dead tired but I can't totally sleep now. :( 

22 July 2016

Broke the RULE

In deep shit, I broke the rule again, this is so bad. Why did I do it again? I would have achieve the result if I did not broke it. This is deep shit! Hopefully today would be it! I staying in so yeah, I need to make it! My weekend is gonna be busy again! As always, I am gonna be really busy but I am enjoying my life. That's the most important thing. When I am out, I will try not to spend so much though. I am out of budget now. Next week is my salary week, I need to save wisely. Pffttt. 

The happy feeling when the person you're interested asked you out. I mean, it has been some time though. I feeling thankful and grateful lately. Thank you for everything, really do. I am left with a week more to at least achieve the least result, I hope I can make it. I will begin slightly my tone up next week, after this weekend. For two months, for the sake of the trip. I will make it right! I will ! I need too ! I don't wanna waste more time, I have wasted much enough.

I have finally decided to go for class on Saturday though I am lazy. I have already skipped one class and I shouldn't anymore since I paid for it. I need to keep in pace as well so yeah, need to attend. Moreover I need to collect the swimsuit. I can do this ! 

Today is it, I need to be really strict to be just one liquid for the sake of tomorrow. PLEASE! 

21 July 2016

Mother's Birthday!

Yesterday was my mum's actually birthday! So yeah the cake day, we don't usually separate the celebration but yeah, this time we did it. Even with the aunts. Went to a friend's place for a mini celebration, I forgotten to take some cake pictures but yeah, the latte was pretty good. The cakes were nice as well but I did not try any, can't break my promise so yeah. As long as the elders said nice, it will be since they are good cooks. 

Probably will come over for a second time, a good place and reasonable price though. I don't mind spending on my mum, cause she deserves it. I wish I will be able to earn more money in future and provide even better!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER, you're all I have now. 

20 July 2016

So regret right now

I think I really need to stop with the ice cream and the cold stuff cause I can't do it for these past two days and the results is a disaster now. I am feeling so dead now and so stress! Took me hours and I still can't do it. I am way off my schedule now. I am so dead. I am only left with a week. Deep shit for this Saturday! I hate myself. What was I thinking? Keep repeating the same mistakes. It's already the second half year, continuing what I am doing now is really not right, I promised to have this month as the last goal, I really do not wish to extend it. I am forced to use the three days to gain back the usual results. The will and strength now. I need too. wtf. 

I am really getting fed up with work now. Yet, I still need to be patient. I promised to start today but I ruined it instead. So that's it, forbidden now. Even worse. I need to torture myself. :( Hates. Feeling depressed.

For all that is happening right now, I feel like I am in a dream. I am feeling grateful and thankful. I hope it happens for a good reason. 


19 July 2016

Crazy Day with the olders.

Yesterday was my last crazy day ate to the max and I am regretting it now. Gosh. I need to diet to the max now. Not sure if I can make it in time for Saturday but I need to now! Damn it! Resist or I will regret it. Dinner with the oppas yesterday. The most I had for the week and I am really regretting it now. 

I wouldn't say it's really good from Mr. Dakgalbi but still okay I guess. It's hard to find a good one in Malaysia. After the meal, a short walk and stopped by the newly opened Dalkomm. Coffee at Solaris Mont Kiara! The drinks are pretty good. I never called their drink before and their bingsu is a little different but expensive though. They did everything that I want to do and now I am gaining weight now. This is really depressing and fun at the same time. TIME TO DIET LIKE DEEP SHIT!

After the cup of drink, everyone got bored and not sure what to do, finally decided to head up to Genting Highlands for Starbucks. How crazy is that. Went half way, stopped our car, got a cool breeze and went down for a Starbucks half way. 

I had cold drinks all the way and had a tough time doing it. So regretting it now. Sort of changed my a week diet plan now to have a quicker effect. Damn it. I am feeling so sad and stress now. This is so insane. We wanted to meet the older oppa's lady but guess we do not have fate, hopefully one day.

The end of the fun. Time to stop everything officially. Time to achieve the goal as total and study time! No more fun and save money yoh!


18 July 2016

My last bingsu My last day

Yesterday, well was suppose to be my last feast day before my yogurt diet day today! I will officially begin my yogurt dinner diet this week onwards. Oh please it needs to be a success since my PMS is over and there's no more excuse! I need to finish off by this month! I wanna stop the bad habit really. It's really bad and I need to achieve it by next week. 

I have been eating bingsu since last week and this is really bad! I hope I no longer spending my money on this desserts man. I have been over budget this month and this is really bad. Hopefully this month's salary I can save up some, wait this month onwards in fact! so yeah, I need to stay in on weekdays to study as well.

I need to get myself a swimsuit, just checked it out yesterday and it was quite expensive which I only need a budget one since I don't swim much. 

Hopefully this is my last bingsu. No more I am silently killing myself. Healthy lifestyle and resistance, the will. The day is coming so please bear with it! 

17 July 2016

Broke Down

I can't believe I broke down yesterday in front of my oppas. I tried to resists it after the dinner with my mum, for her birthday but end up I can't and broke down. I feel what the hell right now! Why did it happened? I feel sorry for bringing the atmosphere down. It's my bad for not able to control the feelings. :( 

I was suppose to go for my class but I am gonna officially start it next weekend. I am gonna start my study tomorrow as well. Wait, I think I am going out again tomorrow too. WTH! We are like meeting each other almost everyday! The meetup yesterday was okay as well! Almost everyone turned up. I am happy though to host the first meetup. I rushed back home for mum later that to celebrate with her. Will do the cake later since the actual date is on Wednesday. I spent a lot this month. Hopefully the second half salary I can save. :( I manage to get some yogurt ice cream during the meet up! :)

I am a big fan of this frozen yogurt ice cream! But it's quite pricey. I think I spent a lot on ice cream and I should stop already. Money keep flowing out! I need to save remember! STOP STOP STOP! After the meetup, reunite with the oppas at Pavilion and head to Bangsar Village for a drink and that's where my mood drastic changed and they noticed it. I don't wanna say it but they keep pestering me to say it. I have been holding my feeling for the whole night. 

Instead of having a drink, ordered a cafe latte instead and without sugar. I don't really drink coffee but that night I feel like I need too. I feel sorry now. I hope there's no more. I feel touched at the same time. Unbelievable as well. Let's put it 50/50. 

Thank you. 

16 July 2016

The End soon

I hope this weekend would be the last night out though. I have been out since last few nights till really late. I have not enough sleep and I am forced to start my class next week officially. Wanna regain my normal lifestyle back. So yeah, let's enjoy till the max this weekend!

I had fast food for lunch yesterday at office! Just for the sake of the farewell and I felt so guilty already. This is so sad. I am gonna gained another KG if I do so though. Please stop! Ice cream for dinner, how amazing is that. That's why I don't feel well now. 

The meetup yesterday was epic there were so many people who turned up! I have never hosted such a big meetup with almost 50 attendees. Most of them turned up the best part is! This is so amazing, most of the hosts were there and there were almost more than 5 tables to fit all of us! This is great. I am feeling really thankful! 

I hope in future this meet up would be this awesome as well. Bunch of language lovers in Malaysia! =3 Friendly expats as well. Good good. 

Had a chat with the gang again around my place. This time, both oppas know where I stays now. I can't escape I guess. I need to stay in during weekdays now and out only weekends. I need to study! Too much outing during the holidays! Exam! 

15 July 2016

Life Octopus Experience

Yesterday was a night out again! I slept for only 2-3 hours the night before and out the whole night again till this time. I am very tired actually. Especially I am on my PMS now. Even more tired. The oppas brought us to eat live octopus which I wanted to see for a long time! Cause no one around me eats it so I always do not have the chance to explore it ! Here it is, https://www.facebook.com/jerica.zhuu/videos/10210648249226979/ 

I am not sure how am I suppose to import the video here though but the link leads to it. I never tried it, I do not dare honestly. In fact, I put some in the hot boiling soup to cook it before eating. That's the best I can do though. I can help it. I am sorry to spoilt the mood but yeah, at least the rest ate it. As always, they will do the heavy eating for me. :)

While waiting for friend before dinner, had a cup of coffee because I am too sleepy. 

I never really had hot drinks from Starbucks and this would be the first. Taste not so bad after all Cocoa Cappuccino. Fact, I am still sleepy still. I think I am gonna gain weight, eating continuously! Oh gosh! This is bad! I need to diet not eat and eat! 

Another long night again tonight since I am hosting a meetup, a big one in fact. I never hosted this big before and I am looking forward though. Hope it will run well tonight! Cheers! 

14 July 2016

The Night of Truth

Okay, I thought it wouldn't be that long but it end up the whole night! I had a bad day today, wore the wrong heels which became big during the day and small during the night. I had a bad day in the office, being sound and tease for no reason. I really don't know how long can I stand this. I am feeling so sad that I broke down in the toilet, so much that has been happening. I don't know why that happened but man, that was bad. I realised I can't stand it though. Then went for dinner with the gang. I really do not want them to fetch me back, but seems like I would need them to if I keep tagging along with them. I have got no choice later today then. Soon or later they would know, I have not no options. If I keep going out dinner with them, I am gonna gained weight which I did, I hope this weekend is the last weekend that I am gonna eat. I gained 2-3 KG within two weeks! This is so stressful. 

Went for second shisha again. Well, this time do me no good, I can't go the great effect like the others again. 

I am happy that I know these people. Really thankful. 

Thanks oppas! 

13 July 2016

One More and Back on Track!

Okay, one more to go and back on track. Little bit more to go but today is gonna be a tough one, hope I can resists till the end! I need to make it! Friday and weekend is gonna be a tough one as well ! I seriously wanna make it by next week so I can start up my plan with the yogurt diet. For the sake of the coming plan. OMG. I really need to start it next week, two weeks in time to see if it works. I need to start to do it everyday! MY INSPIRATION! I need to succeed it for real this month! I MUST!

I have another half more year to decide, time passes really fast. I am stressing myself to achieve a goal that I have always wanted to achieve for a very long time and hopefully to totally achieve it by end of this month. Next thing is to find my dream, I need to apply for my scholarship by end of the year. Of  course I hope that I can do it, and hope that everything would be settled down for me to leave. It has been too long. I am tired to always worry and think about it. I want a peace of mine. My hair is falling enough. I am saving still but I want my hair to grow more and thicker as it is! 

At least once in my life time, I wish to wear a bikini, before my body is too late to be able to wear, you know. Oh wait, why am I saying this? I need to maintain than! Otherwise it's gonna be hard! Likewise said and advised. 

12 July 2016

Back to scratch again

I hate it that I have to start from scratch again. I really hope today it would be it though. I am back on track and back to achieving it again. I seriously need to control well. Yesterday was a failure! Tell me how to do it, seriously. I am feeling really stress now. It's so hard but I need to do it. Before the trip. Better this month.

I hope this weekend would be the last weekend that I am always out cause otherwise I would have not much time to revise at all. I need to finish those essays at the soonest. Since I am starting my class soon. My time would be lessen as well. So yeah. Need to manage my time well. Not going out on weekdays next week onwards, hopefully. 

I need to achieve it by this month! 4 more to go. TT

11 July 2016

STOP IT and time to begin

I thought I would have a rest day and also the cleaning day yesterday but yea, I went out during my dinner time instead. I left my ring at my friend's place and yeap collected it and have dinner together instead. I told myself, I need to refrain myself from outing and stay in to clean my house but I failed the mission. Ever since my long holiday starts, I have been eating nonstop, and I gained much weight. I am feeling much regret now. So I need to loose what I gained in a strict way again by this month. Hopefully by August, I am already on my target. I am feeling so stress now. == I hate myself, really. 

Since work has started, guess the meeting would be on just weekends I guess, hopefully. I am busy on weekdays though. So yea, my time would be so occupied as well. I am starting my class soon. The trip is way off on September, the end. The waiting kills though but yeah, at least it's not on August, the Hungry Ghost Festival month. Probably it's faith. 

Anyway, no more off days and it's time to begin the strict plan again to loose it all. Sigh! I am gonna try the old method that I use to do. Oh please. 

10 July 2016

Time to STOP with the excuses

Alright, holiday comes to an end, it's enough with the loose day, I have gained a few KGs in a few days and this is stressing me out. Monday I am gonna begin strictly again. I am worried that I can't achieve my target in time but this month if this goes on since it's my last shot! Feel worried and guilty. I stop cease this bad habit of mine instantly. This is deep shit. I don't wanna extend it for another a month. It's long enough. 

This is really good though and the others were good as well, glad that I have found one good one now. I am gonna come here often to eat this. I have been searching all around for a good Korean-Chinese Restaurant! After the dinner, we actually went to a friend's house for a drink. Didn't really last long though. 

Obviously I am the one took the picture so yeah, me definitely not in it! Probably I wanna keep myself unknown. 

We shared ghost stories and love stories mostly. That's why I like mixing with the adults, they have so much experiences to share! I can learn lots from them. I am feeling really thankful to these big brothers and sister for taking care of me. I will stop instantly this week onwards and resume it. Too much of break during the holidays. I never gonna have long weekends till August though. So I hope it's achievable, wait I need to. what the hell. I am feeling really regret right now, at the same time I need to save money as well! I need to control the desire and resistance strongly again, the struggle. I only have 3 weeks to it. 


9 July 2016

Stayed In for the DAY

I managed to stay in for the day yesterday, was feeling really tired and the least, don't want to go out too much for the rest of the week though. Really planned to go for a shopping later today but feeling a little lazy though. Let's see how later. I wanted to post a picture of bingsu again I had last two days. Cause I forgot to share the picture in my Facebook. Finally a new shop with it. The taste wasn't really good though. It's Green Tea flavour! But the price is reasonable. 

Oh gosh, another a day and I need to start work already. Time passes really fast. I need to think a way to save money. I have spending really a lot lately. I wanna save and save! Wait I need too.

I finished pretty much essays yesterday. Hope to finish at the soonest, I still have 100 essays more to read till next month. Oh boy and my weekend is gonna be really busy next week onwards! 

8 July 2016

The Aunties and the loose. dead.

I thought I would stay in yesterday instead I went out with the aunties and it took me for almost half day. Now I did not manage to read any essays! I am still thinking if I want to resume my Korean class. Lots of spending to do. I am feeling worried though. Oh gosh. Went out to Solaris for dinner. Omg. I am letting myself loose for too much for these two days and I am gonna regret it. Please stop by today already! Otherwise next week is not achievable. I need to try to achieve it by next week, I hope to. 

I still have yet to decide what and where to do for the first meet up on next week. I need to do some research later and get them to do some voting though. I guess that would be much easier. I really hope the tip is a success though cause I really need one right now. It has been so long since I have been to a trip. Sigh. I miss holidays!

I really feel like doing some shopping this weekend, hope the shops are fully open by then. Let's see how. I need some new clothes, new colourful ones.  Woots! 

7 July 2016

The Genting and Durian Day

Oh well, we went up to Genting yesterday night and it was really funny! Friend wanted to enter the casion but he wore shorts, end up there isn't any particular dress code though, I think the rules has some changes!He borrowed two jackets to tie on his two legs to look like as if it's long pants, end up it doesn't matter though. That's so freaking funny. LOL! What a trip though. Played some game and walked around. Went to starbucks to grab some drink and drove back to KL. I am feeling thankful that my wish has been fulfilled thanks to these people! 

Before the Genting trip, we actually went to SS2 to eat some durian. I did not while the rest did, not a big fan cause of the smell. Doesn't seems really good as well though since they are out of musang! It's quite expensive too. The bunch. 

Apparently, the bunch want arrange a day trip, really looking forward though. This is the first time I am going to a trip with a bunch of friends. With foreigner friend that is. Hope it's gonna be promising though. 

There's some problem arise. I really wish it would be solved at the soonest, it has already been a year. We have been sleeping with worries for a year and wish to sleep in peace soon, by this year please? It's gonna be a promising year right? Please.

6 July 2016

Again the Meet Up

My life has been really interesting lately! Get along well with some people that I have only just met 2-3 times though. Life can be really interesting at times. I have been spending a lot lately thanks to these people! :( I was suppose to save up though and now it's flowing out instead. I had my half day of work today and head straight away to Nu Sentral to meet with the bunch. We did not just have a lunch but also had dinner together, for something that I have suggested. I am feeling burden since they always asked me to decide what to eat since I don't need much. I am feeling so sorry now for pointing that out, now they keep teasing him and her. I feel so bad now. I shouldn't have mentioned it. Next meet up if she appears it's gonna be so super awkward though. Oh gosh! 

Again, we went for a drink. I have been drinking a lot lately with these bunch of people! Is it a good thing or a bad thing ? These people really drink a lot and can be really fun at times too. 

Okay, I am suppose to study today, let's finish as much as I could as well and see if I wanna go tonight to Genting Highland tonight with them if plan successful. I am gonna gain weight if I keep eating with them! So yeah, need to sort things out though. I need to loose a little more and I need to succeed it. 

I am really thankful lately for knowing these people. I am still in the midst of knowing them but I still need to be careful. I can roughly guess but I want to be sure of though so yeah, I need to be careful and cautious.

I took some pictures but yeah, lazy to post them out. 

5 July 2016

the Monday Blue

Oh well, I did not had a good sleep as always though I am tired. Yesterday was supposed to watch Independence Day but end up we did not cause we both actually do not really want to watch the movie though so yeah, end up just had a drink and dinner and some chat ~ I feel like I have more things to talk with another person that the person today which I do not know why though. I feel weird. I am more interested in another way. This is really bad though. I feel bad! :(

Anyway, I am having half day off today and head to meet the gang! Hope there would be some interesting activities or plans. I really need one right now. My plans has failed since like last month, I wish to be at least in a trip for 2016 please. It's so hard to arrange a trip with friends, especially the ones around me since everyone is working not like holiday or something. Fingers crossed. 

What am I gonna do for the three days of holiday? Study? EAT? NO WAY! My effort, thinking away to shake myself off of it! I need to loose more not gain. My last month though. I am so close already. So yeah. Let's achieve it totally instead! For the sake of...


4 July 2016

A Whole Day Out

Oh well, was suppose to attend a meet up yesterday but it was cancelled last minute and we were there already. What a messed up arrangement though. This is so irresponsible. The best part I brought a friend, I feel so bad though. Thank god there were others there as well. Otherwise it would be wasted! Some time spent at least. The friend agrees with my opinion. Oh yeah! 

I have always enjoy adult talks, I mean more mature topics. That's why I like to hang out with them. I feel relaxed and comfortable actually but there's still a gap and limit. I can sort of break a little the wall, a small crack probably. I wanna know more, I wish the other way as well. No high hopes. Just let it be.

I am so tired now, was suppose to sleep at this hour instead of updating my blog, I have not enough sleep and have been out for the past few weeks till late night. This is really bad though. And it's gonna be the same probably till tomorrow. Hopefully this 3 days off I can revise as much as I could my intermediate essays! I wanna speak well Korean and I have found some bunch so yeah! 

It's my last full day of the week though I am having half day tomorrow. and begins my long holiday! woots! 

3 July 2016

Bak Kuh Teh & Night Market Meet Up

Thank god that yesterday I did not going out from afternoon, postponed to evening and came back early in the morning! How amazing is that! Dropped by early at Publika to meet a friends to tag along to Klang for Bak Kuh Teh Session~. Finally get to try the bingsu but yeah forgot to take some picture. I wish I hadn't been a big fan of bingsu though. Finally waited for a lady and head to our destination! Forgot to take some picture a well but yeah, the food was just soso and we finished early than we thought so we went to the night market earlier than we thought. The so called longest market in Malaysia now, didn't know Taman Connaught is no longer the longest though. This is epic. 

This was our last round of the day! I mean we drank for like 3-4 hours there with 4 tours and I finally get to try Shisha! But I don't really enjoy it and I can't do the epic mist like the oppa did, I gave up and might not try it again anymore though. Awwww man! .

I feel great yesterday being treated like a little sister, I mean I have always been the oldest it's nice to have oppas around. I wish I am in Korea right now :( 

2 July 2016

Ramadhan Buffet at Parkroyal Hotel

Oh well, yesterday was our ramadhan company dinner at the Parkroyal hotel Hows the food? Wasn't that good or bad. Just normal I would say. Most of the food are spicy and there's not much vegetables. Mostly meats. But the ice creams are cool, probably my favourite. The waffles and pancake is horrible. I mean not nice. I am a big fan but this is not good really. Overall the place is just soso. 

Thanks to this buffet I almost gained two KG! Damn it and now I need to shed it off again! All my effort just drained off. Later today it's gonna be food hunting again. I am so stress now. Oh boy. This is so stress! Eating has been so stress. I am already so close to my goal. Remember this month is the last month?!

I feel so emo lately which I do not know why, probably the lack of sleep maybe? I mean, I don't know why. I have been thinking too much lately. About my future mostly and how to sort things out, how and how. I wish life could be better soon. It's so stress and sad thinking about it. Sometimes, I miss my dad. A man in the house that we could depend on, now we have no one. That's why I always like to mix around mature friends. I wish I had a older brother or sister. Sigh. 

Need to bring my car for a wash and fuel later in the morning. Gosh. What a hectic day. I would be out the whole day instead. This is epic though. I need to wake up early. Hopefully tomorrow I can sleep in a little. 

1 July 2016

First Day of July !

Oh wow, it's already the first day of July, look at how time passed! This is really scary though! I am already in the second half of 2016! I am feeling happy cause I am really close to my goal now! I really hope to fully achieve it by this month! Finally, after for so many years! I need to get back my healthy way soon. Otherwise, I would be bold! PFTT! July last shot! 

I am really looking forward with Saturday but trying not to be too much, otherwise the disappointment would be high as well. So yeah, let's lay low! 

Nothing much to say for the first day, just that I will have a company dinner tonight! GREAT! A day before my big day.